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Sunday, 4 December 2011



Missing: August 24, 2004
Missing Age: 31 Years Old
Sex: Male
Race: White
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs.
DOB: 01/14/73
Missing From: Waterbury, CT USA
Call special tip line with any information..... No matter how small......203 530-9135

TATTOO’S: A tattoo of a blue cross with the name Pruitt in the cross on left forearm, a tattoo of a blue cross with an orange outline on right shoulder. His left ear is pierced with a small diamond.
William was last seen at his residence in the vicinity of the 100 block of Holly St. in Waterbury, CT

Here is a full link to the situation regarding Billy.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




I have been asked on the blogger to look at Tarot for William Smolinski. There are a few details online as this is rather an old case insomuch that William has been missing since 2004. I cannot promise the accuracy of all the details of Tarot but I will just give what I have and hopefully something might assist. Tarot is past present and future and therefore shows only glimpses of each period and we must decide how it fits together. However, it is always wise to go to other sources of information for factual events.


I feel this first card for Billy (I will call him Billy as he is known as that to family and friends) is confirming what I feel could be part of the situation he was in when he disappeared. Here you can see an Emperor and an Emperor likes to be boss of his own empire. He likes to judge fairly situations and he likes to have authority over things in his life.

This card can represent partners too but I see anyway a little pattern here which I will show you. In the beginning to get here to this Emperor, we see that Billy is walking off to the North West. A dog is biting at his ankle and it shows the dog trying to 'stop him' therefore it does figure that the dog 'stayed behind' as he is not walking as the companion but is behind Billy. It looks like Billy did set out on foot and I dont really know if he was totally focused on what he wanted to do because in this card it shows that the person is not really thinking straight and does not have a true plan, only that they are 'setting out' in that direction.

Now the next card is William himself. The Magician has Will on it and Intent. So William did intend to do something. He seems to have 'all his tools to hand' - now thats possibly symbolic because in the fool card we do see him 'taking something with him' I dont know what but he seems to have something on him. In the Magician card, we are told it is 'tools'. Though what tools could be Im not sure. But the Magician is intent on doing something because you dont carry tools unless you have a reason to use them do you? That is how it appears at the moment.

Then I see that there is no explanation left behind him which is what everyone is now aware of - no reason to disappear? But there is a reason but its a bit of a secret that has not been told. This secret is to do with B or J - or D or R or any combination of those letters. They could be places, people but initials of them.
There are three moons on the High Priestess and often that can be a sign of three deceased.

Therefore it seems to me that there was a reason that was not on the surface as to what has happened to Billy. There is a woman that usually has dark hair in the High Priestess card . There are two buildings here on this card and it seems this woman symbolically sits between them. So therefore a woman would figure in this situation. Now the Empress and the Emperor are a couple.

They walk side by side as a traditional couple the Lovers. Everything just seems to be normal with these cards, there is nothing adverse, there is nothing negative, there is nothing here that suggests anything untoward. Except perhaps the High Priestess, because that is the only card that holds a secret or shows someone who is withholding information.
So we see this situation as reasonable EXCEPT for the High Priestess who is clearly Key in this disappearance in some way.

Someone here might have wanted to get married because the Heirophant shows a pope and tradition and conventionality and before him are two people. The two people are the KEY - so it seems to me that there are two people who may be aware but it comes through the woman. Equally advice might have been sought about a difficult situation from some Billy might have trusted?

Clearly Billy had plans that he intended to carry out - he obviously inititally was not sure how he was going to do that but the Emperor tells us that he does have the ability to carry them out. Lets hope this Emperor is Billy and nobody else!! The Emperor is connected to the number 4 which could be a four door vehicle it could also be a number 4 for another reason or perhaps it is a home with the number 4 or a route. But it is there.

There is also a connection to the Hanged man who is hanging in suspension in the 12th card which follows the form of justice. The hanged man is often connected to trees but also water. Somebody needed to justify a situation then? somebody wanted to 'right a wrong' perhaps they went to face the music? confronting the situation perhaps? It seems that there might be a somebody who challenged him as a rival. Certainly the Emperor will likely show us that one partner or person is attempting to dominate the other.

As an aside a mentor might have come into his life and a new job might have been on the cards or offered so I should say this could be a premise for him also going out that day as he may have had a job that the was asked to do for at least four days. Clearly something happened during this .
Now that we see this situation we need to see what else the cards tell us for advice.


Here we have the King of Swords which attempts to tell us more and describe somehow where Billy might be. The King of Swords is near the mountains. It is generally known that Swords cards are East or that EAST will figure in the name of the road/route etc. The number I have is number 15.

This King is seperated from the Queen, breakdown in relationship is clearly marked here - and a female is picked out quite clearly. On this card and on the first card I have MUSIC - this is really difficult for me because I am not sure what places would represent music to Billy but I am giving it anyway - something about 'music and dancing' if there is such a place that represents that name. The Queen of swords can be a harsh card too because it can show a woman 'sat on a child' which keeps it out of view - it can also show a couple who die one before the other which is rather macabre really and I dont always like to point that out in this card because it can be such a good card offering great clarity into situations as a rule. But the Knight of swords is overpowering and can be someone with a vehicle who rides rather quickly. It could be a motorcylcle or something that is 'quick' it is often known also as an aeroplane though that would mean airports.

This sword card shows clearly a complete journey of quite an argument that has occurred between two people - over three people involved. This resulted in seperation and Billy going his own way. I always worry a bit about the swords because swords are also cutting instruments. They can cut through the truth and they can cut in actuality so one has to be prepared to understand that swords can actually mean sword itself.

Places that are mountainous, rocky, cliffs, water riverbanks are all parts of the swords card or areas that are named in that way. It seems to me that Billy is in such an area. I do feel that when we get the King we have to look at the 10 and the 10 shows someone who has possibly been injured. Clearly when you look back at the swords cards you may feel as I do that one cannot get injured by oneself when there is shown some kind of 'standoff' or argument and being overpowered by somebody else and a possible third person.

I cannot say who this is or the complete scenario but that is what the cards are telling us in a fashion. Being overthrown by someone else and being near a riverbank or somewhere as described in the King of Swords and the number 15 being important. I think there is a lot of deceit in the sword cards, some really sneaky going on in the 7 of swords in particular and you can clearly see three people in the five of swords and someone trying to get away to safety out of the stormy waters that is obviously going on mentally.
So do I think there is foul play? Well, there is deceit, in these cards about Billy's location and there is also some kind of secret or withheld information regarding a female in the card of the High Priestess. One should not jump to conclusions but this all seems to stem around broken relationships.

The page of swords can s how us railways hills airports and also vehicles of certain descriptions but it can show someone again who overpowers us and its almost like maybe feeling attached and having to defend oneself. So I am not sure how serious this is but I just give what the cards say and obviously hope something somehow falls into place.

Strangely though the King of Swords is someone who really identifies with their WORK. And it seems to me that Billy is somewhere he works, or goes to work or went to work or lastly was offered to work. This appears to be an 'independent job'. This could actually mean that he might be 'at that place' wherever that is and unfortunately tarot cannot name places only give ideas.

It was definitely a 'new situation' that I seem to see so likely a 'new place to work'? Did he ever work on the railways? We seem to have quite a bit of information but this information is scattered over past present and future and we must be careful not to read bad things in or make accusations but just give what is said by Tarot and be discerning when reading it. I feel Billy had a new BOSS.

New work and somehow I feel that is where he is located. Firstly I have North West and Secondly I seem to feel East comes up in a name or a place - it could be a direction theres no reason why someone cant go one way and then end up another. But we will look at the next card.


I am rather surprised to see this card, because I have asked Tarot WHEN Billy will be found and this card is giving us again the B and the J - these might be initials that could help to find him. This card is a number 2 - therefore there is a choice here of two places perhaps. Here we have two buildings or apartments or even two high pillars, perhaps even a bridge could be those pillars it is difficult to say exactly, but the colour here is BLUE.

The Previous card shows us William the card before NORTH WEST - and following the High Priestess we have the Empress. This is number 3. This can show three people. Or just a three on its own. But also it can give us Spring or the name Spring or Rose it can also show us hollow enclosures, it can show us the outdoors meadows, vegetation and also some kind of 'shield'. The shield might link to a 'secret' . Two people hold the key. The number 28 seems to be important and this card shows a kind of hostility when we ask about finding Billy. Somebody is keeping their own council here .

I have a connection to Water which is also in the Swords cards - and I see a MIRROR or a reflection but cannot place what that is saying to me but this card is a lady with dark hair who might rather Billy was not found and that nobody asks.
This is a brief outline of events and it might make sense to someone and there may be something here that might help that I am unaware of. I hope somehow it does.

I would never jump to conclusions when it comes to sword cards as they can be 'mental difficulties' which means things people feel in their mind - and upsets and difficult thoughts can be part of the swords cards too. It is not always wise to jump to feelings of badness but all I would say is to read the cards and those who have more knowledge of the situation might be able to understand more and get some clues from this. I truly hope so.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I accept that my interpretation can be imperfect on occasions. However, hopefully there is something here that might assist.



Suspect in Smolinski disappearance arrested for allegedly making ...

Torrington Register Citizen - 13 Jun 2012
... a suspect in the disappearance of Waterbury resident William Smolinski eight years ... Smolinski, of Waterbury, has been missing since Aug.


  1. Billy Smolinski's family pushes for further searches in Shelton (video ...
    6 Apr 2012 – Bill Smolinski sifts through bones (Found by a friend) in the woods behind the home at 69 Wigwam Drive in Shelton, where the homeowner ...

Escaped Informant in Billy Smolinski Case Found - Business - The ...
12 Jan 2012 – Escaped Informant in Billy Smolinski Case Found ... that prompted a massive search for the remains of William “Billy” Smolinski Jr. in Seymour.


Only info I could find updated.

Billy Smolinski Case Figure Going to Prison for Lying About Location ...
Published: Monday, January 14, 2013 ... DERBY — On what would have been William “Billy” Smolinski's 40th birthday Monday, a man accused of lying to police ...


What Happened To Billy Smolinski?

Waterbury Observer-31 Mar 2018
But Janice and William Smolinski, and their daughter, Paula, don't believe the Waterbury Police Department has pursued these leads aggressively enough.


  1. Suspect in Smolinski disappearance arrested for allegedly making false report DEE HITT

  2. Couple Desperately Searching for Missing Son Updated: Thursday, April 18 2013, 10:36 PM EDT Whenever there is a missing person, chances are there are relatives desperate to find them. But when one Connecticut couple went searching for their missing son, they wound up becoming a target themselves. Nine years after Billy Smolinski vanished; his family is on a desperate search to find him. When Billy Smolinski disappeared from his small Connecticut town nine years ago, it took three days for police to begin to search, but it took no time for relatives to take the lead. "We started making up fliers and started posting em," said Bill Smolinksi, Billys father. Their flyers not only described their son but offered a reward for his recovery. But soon, their desperation made them a target for retaliation. Their missing person posters were coming down almost as quickly as they were going up. "As we were going down we looked and saw a poster was being torn down and I said, I know I put a poster there," said Bill. The Smolinskis couldn't understand it until they began watching and rolling. From a distance, they watched as the driver of a school bus stopped and ripped the posters right out of the public spaces. The driver was Madeline Gleason, Billy Smolinski's former girlfriend who, at the same time she was dating Billy, had quietly been dating someone else. Gleason told police that she felt harassed by all those posters and soon her mission to remove them had become as aggressive as the family was determined to post them. The fight had become so fierce that the Smolinskis became a target themselves. "I had a phone call at home from the Woodbridge Police Department and said I'll give you two days to turn yourself in as a criminal," said Janice Smolinski, Billy's mother. When prosecutors dropped trespassing charges against the Smolinskis, Gleason struck back with a civil suit. The woman who police had questioned about Smolinskis disappearance was accusing his parents of defaming her. A judge ruled against the Smolinskis and ordered them to pay Gleason $52,666 in damages. The Smolinskis were in Baltimore this week where a new team of attorneys are preparing to battle their case before a higher court. Billy's family members have stopped posting the flyers while they prepare for their appeal.

    Read More at:

  3. To drive the original Route 15, face North on East Street in New Haven, CT, USA. Just noticing a link between the # 15 and the direction EAST, you noted in the Swords card. Do you get any vibes on this location?

  4. So I google maped East Street in New Haven, CT, USA, and it is interesting that there are train tracks one block over from it. Also, Mill River is right past the train tracks.
    What feeling do you get on this area? I may drop an anoymous tip to there hotline, but check it out first. The FBI got involved in this case and spent time digging up land in Seymour, Ct, but nothing was ever found. This area of New Haven is associated with East Rock, and if you look on google maps you will see actual piles of rock near the train tracks. You noted in your spread that there was something about a rocky environment, water, and railroad tracks. I heard peopel have been dumping bodies in this spot for years It is kind of ghetto. Please look into it. Regards.

  5. This area in New Haven, CT is know as EAST ROCK. The Mill River runs around it. It contains the imagery you speak of in the SWORDS cards. The mountains, the cliffs, the rocks, and the water element is all there. There are a lot of areas by EAST ROCK and the MILL RIVER, that are undeveloped and people would never go there. Junkyards are there also. It would be an ideal place to dump a body. Also the # 10 is associated with this region as ROUTE 10 runs up into the Quinappiac River. Any thoughts on this at all?

  6. That's near where his ex worked, and this reading points to her, as it's very unlikely that she's innocent with her being against all those flyers and posters for Billy, and I see two other males involved in this too. Chad Hanson isn't one of them either.

  7. Northwest may take you near Black Rock Park, specifically a southern wooded portion near Echo Lake Road. There's an old, over grown road (deleted from the maps in the early 2000's). Bacon Farm Road I think it was called. Everyone keeps saying Shelton/New Haven, but I have read a lot of false leads were given.

    I used to hike in there when I lived in Watertown. A LOT of strange things in that forest(a cave in the ledge with someone's personal effects, marijuana plants in a clearing deep in the woods etc.)

    We hiked from Veterans Park up by Chimney Road, on, coincidentally, a day in early August 2004, got lost and ended up on (what I later found out) was Bacon Farm Rd. We eventually came out on Echo Lake and walked back up the hill to home.

    A couple of years later, someone I knew went hiking off of Echo Lake with her husband and INSISTED they turn around and leave. She was known for having strong, psychic impressions. A couple years after that, I was told this story and how she was convinced Billy was in those woods.

    To date, I am not sure if investigators have searched there. Currently, however, multiple 'no trespassing' signs have popped up. I noticed this when I started hiking Black Rock again last fall. After seeing what I had seen and hearing what I had heard, I took the advice and stuck to Hop Brook :)


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