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Sunday, 9 December 2018


Very difficult headlines popping up regarding Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle Im sure you will agree!  I personally do not really want to focus on negatising this couple as so many are apt to do though I have done a reading or two on them some time back.  I really am seeing how some of the points that I saw earlier are coming into fruition now. Pointedly the change of location also as both are due to move to Frogmore Cottage at Windsor.

Most people are focusing on sensationalising any and everything to do with the Royal Family and not least this alleged 'feud' that is brewing between the Royal Brothers . I have seen the most horrendous comments and meaness aimed at the Duchess and I see that Harry is being hit out at too but I think the female population were not that happy when our wonderful Batchelor Prince found himself a really beautiful wife.

I really think perhaps it would pay anyone to look into their astrology more to understand their personalities and at least have a little bit more of a view of the challenges they have to face before throwing stones?

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I turned over a card for Prince Harry as I recall the last card I posted for him was quite a while ago and it was a swords card that seemed to suggest he would have to pick his battles!  I said that I would return and write more but I somehow never do when I feel the card is going to play out on its own...I think this one did. I really do not feel I needed to add to it and Im almost glad I did not.

I have the Temperance card today for Prince Harry. I honestly hope that he can hang on through any annoyance that might be swirling around at the current time.  All things will pass Prince Harry...! but its important to take note of this card.  This is a time when annoyance could really escalate and his emotions could feel somewhat out of balance.   It wont be because he does not have feelings or thoughts for others BUT he does have a life to live.   It must get increasingly hard to keep reading headlines that poke away at situations daily that get blown out of proportion.

Prince Harry is growing up.  I wonder if people can just PLEASE let go of the image of the younger man who was more fancy free.  This is a grown man who has to contemplate a whole new set of responsibilities that will be coming into play as well as his thoughts about his first child ahead.  Its first time everything in that department. First time married, first time a father and after what seemed to be a quick courtship in the scheme of things, a fairytale wedding and all the interest the public has had in his wife the Duchess Meghan it must have been rather a shock to realise the reality of it all.
Most people really should think about those kind of things. Prince Harry does have a privileged life, that much is true but he was born into it and he has to deal with that. It definitely has its downsides as well as the ups. That is for sure.      

This card Temperance has come out reversed. Its not always the best sign when this happens because it shows that he could be feeling a slight lack of control at the current time. Its also possible that he is not taking 'wise advice' about ways to go forward though I cannot elaborate on that at this time.  There is a feeling of being disgruntled  and blowing hot and cold about certain issues and Prince Harry needs a certain amount of space from time to time. Prince William most definitely is one who prospers from 'me time' and also likes to get away from the Maddening Crowd at times.       

I feel somehow that Prince Harry does not want to live a mechanical life. He really can go against the grain at times but this is largely due to the fact that if something does not fit his sense of logic he is going to question his own idea of practicalities.   He is actually quite a logical person but he also has a bit of devil may care button which really should not be pressed too often!

The press are insisting there is a stand off between the two Royal Brothers and their Brides and actually there are fundamental differences between Duchess Meghan and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.  Meghan is a LEO but Kate is a Leo Rising..interesting? it should be. While Kate is not openly flashy and takes a more sophisticated style with a more demure appearance, and while Meghan is much more show stopping in her tastes and styles, they are both used to being looked at and do attract much attention.   Would a little rivalry be in play? possibly BUT regardless does it really matter; ?

William though seemingly much 'quieter' and also one to take a bit of press bashing, is actually a very diplomatic young man and will make a very good leader. He is a very good character and also very inclined to just speak the truth no matter who it might hurt , not in a bad way of course but as diplomatically as he could probably put things.  He really does not like conflict and Im sure he has not set out to stoke any fires.  He may perhaps have stated things in his life that just hurt the ears of those who might not wish to hear that truth. Prince Harry and Prince William can be quite moody people in their own right too. Even as I say that I think who isnt??  do these people have to be perfect all day long to please the masses? I dont think thats possible anyway.

This card however was for Prince Harry and I really feel the best thing for him to do at the moment is take some time out to chill down and not react.   He is not losing his sense of humour and he is not losing his sense of fun, he is simply becoming more aware of his place in the world and becoming a father.  He is protective yes, Im sure that is the case. You only have to read back on the Tarot already posted to know that Prince Harry is pretty much down to earth in many ways and just as likely as anyone else to feel grumpy if there are pressures or problems that need solving.

Both of these Royal Brothers have a lot of childhood issues to heal. You may think there is no revelation in that. I agree but they really do need to heal the inner child.   There may seem to be some cold shouldering going on but the astrological charts show me that Duchess Meghan and Prince William can actually have a good relationship though there could be some dis-ease from time to time.  By June next year  you will see a whole turnaround in that respect.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are going to be like any other couple with a first child. If you are a female reading this, can you remember what pregnancy was like - did you feel great every day? I doubt it. There is going to be periods of loneliness at times while Meghan struggles with a few thoughts and the enormity of having a child at a late age.  Even though she is a very beautiful woman, she is an older woman and there could even be complications with that.  I think Tarot wants people to 'have a heart'.   

Prince Harry is having a few control issues with personal and business relationships at least, this seems likely at the current time.   He and the Duchess have a lot of plans they want to implement. They DO have to be careful that they dont wrap a huge fantasy around it though as it may not all play out the way they 'talk about it'.   I think the Duchess Kate and Prince William will step up more. They have a very important role to fulfil in the future. Prince Harry really is not 'that important' in the same respect. Prince Harry knows his brother has been groomed to be a King.  Prince Harry has to take a totally different role and he and Duchess Meghan have to find the route for them. There can only be ONE King between those two.

I do think Prince Harry needs to keep a lid on the 'fuse' that could get ignited within him now and then and I do think that he feels out of control of 'whats happening' sometimes because things are just happening in front of him and he has to go along with these as they arrive.   A lot of changes to deal with.   We have not lost the humour of Prince Harry but we have to understand that he has a lot more on his shoulders now then ever before.   He loves PRIVACY and he will try to keep that if he can. Royalty never really has a right to it due to the position they are in being 'public free for all' but at the same time, as human beings, they should be respected as much as anyone else would like to be about the deeper intimate sides of their lives. 

I do think that something very much like an ending or profound event in April (yes it could be around the birth time) will crop up. Again Im not quite sure what it would be . It might be just as simple as 'the end of one chapter of life'.  Prince Harry needs to use his logic over any emotions. It is very important that he does not make any critical choices that could affect him later. His mood probably is currently somewhat 'off' at times . Im sure he would probably like to sit under the lone pine I spoke about just to get a better hang on everything thats going on right now. Time out I feel.

He definitely does not seem to be able to control some matters and that will annoy him considerably . Its just that he has to keep a lid on his reaction. Thats the main issue I see with this card reversed. Prince Harry is not a desperately dominating person but he has his own VIEWS. Many see Duchess Meghan as very dominating a character but she is actually very warm and loving as she has Cancer in her chart. She likes things to be pleasant and does enjoy the limelight so if she is dimmed in any way it will actually rob her of her natural character and even that could cause a little tension. She is accused of 'lapping up all the attention' and I actually feel that is unfair. Both herself and Kate are important females that draw the crowds. They are THERE to attract attention and to perform royal duties as a matter of their roles.Both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have a little feisty side to them. 

They may even have a few words if not now perhaps 'sometime' but I do not think Prince Harry looks for confrontation deliberately because he has the ability to put the fire out in Meghan with carefully chosen words  . He is a man who can be very much in control of his relationship if he chose to be. What I am saying is that Prince Harry is not a pushover and the Duchess also can certainly speak her mind if/when she wants, though there may be one who dominates more in their relationship. Prince Harry is not as talkative as Meghan but they both have a lot of very common emotions. They really do YET at the same time they are very different in some outlooks.  You need to read my other Tarot and Astrological takes on that.  Like any other couple not every day is sugar and spice and that is because they are NORMAL and the public just likes a bit of gossip to bandy about with.  Duchess Meghan is very cool calm and collected when she wants to be and she will be if she wants to hide her feelings. She chooses to turn a blind eye when needs be too. It is sometimes the only best choice. I genuinely do not think its a smooth road ahead for them as previously stated in my readings but where there is a will there is a way.  Duchess Meghan needs a lot of approval...Prince Harry is not as good at that as time marches on as she might like but it depends how they handle that between them. Like I said they do have their fundamental differences but with work and patience that can be overcome.

Both the Duchess's will have a bit of competition between them regardless of whether it is obvious or not. They just will and that will be whether its unspoken or not.   There is jealousy hovering around but I cannot point the finger at where that is coming from only that I did spot this in the mix in previous Tarot.

There are some issues that Prince Harry is indecisive about.  Perhaps the enormity of all that has happened over the last couple of years has hit home. Its a lot! a great deal to contend with. I think that even though the press are deliberately causing mayhem about these two Royal brothers and their brides, it is very deliberate to try to set them apart.   Prince William ultimately is destined to be King. His brother Prince Harry, a totally different role but if anyone thinks that the bond between these brothers is going to be broken, they are much mistaken.    Though their lives give them privilege and comfort I really would not wish to be in their position at all and certainly not one of the Duchess either.   The speculation about the four of them has been utterly horrendous and it has not gone unnoticed by me how cruel people are too.  There should be some dignity that they are allowed to have I feel but being who they are it must be all in a days work to expect the gossip bombs to go off continually.

Prince Harry is a fine person. Right now though, some of his emotions are all over the place but quite a few of those are just natural and to do with upcoming events. He must sometimes sit down and wonder what hit him

I do feel there will be some huge difficulties for him and his wife. I also think that there could be some serious 'lull' moments between them. He must try not to get buried in all the 'stuff' that is occurring and that which is to come. He and Meghan also need to be stay realistic about plans. Plans are always made to be broken, even for a Royal.   I really think the Planets have gone Haywire this year....and I have a feeling they are not going to settle down properly for a while yet. So hold on tight its going to be a bit of a wild ride.


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