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Saturday, 18 August 2018




Trevor Michael Nichols – Missing Veterans
22 Jan 2018 - Trevor Michael Nichols is a Specialist (E4) in the U.S. Army who went missing after last being seen November 17, 2017 at Fort Drum, New York.

Missing: Trevor Nichols - Home | Facebook
Trevor Michael Nichols Last seen: Nov 17,2017 at Syracuse NY Age at disappearance: 24. Height: 6'2" Weight: approx 200. Left behind his cell phone and Id's..

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following



18TH AUGUST 2018

 Hello all, I have  been passed this case of this young man who has been missing from 17th November 2017.   I am a little  confused about dates because I understood it was the 17th he went missing but then another date appeared as the 15th that he went 'absent from leave' and then I had another date around the 18th - ideally it would have been better to have had accurate dates.  When I dont have them it can put the Tarot out slightly but Im going to have to go with the 17th. Right or Wrong. 

The other thing writing this case is that I have FOUR cards and not the usual three. The reason for this was my own mistake. I asked Tarot WHY this person went missing instead of WHAT HAPPENED but when this happens I know I  am meant to see something and I think I have so I know not to question when this occurs as obviously I might have missed something otherwise. 

This is gong to sound VERY convoluted as there will be a lot of descriptions. None of the descriptions are likely to be understood. I explain in Tarot that these are for Map purposes. Dee knows what they are and we both talk in a 'foreign tongue' when doing Missing Cases. Its all cryptic but we know what we are talking about. So you dont need to think that its all a mess. I assure you its not and it makes sense in the end on the map. 

Ok that all being said. On to the reading. Before I do go on to this reading there are lies so because of that there may be misleading directions. We are told to go one way but in fact I am not feeling we should be going that way at all. 

The first card which I should not have got but through my own fault ended up with is the EMPRESS. This card wanted to tell me something and I asked WHY this man went missing and this is what I had. 

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Here it is. The Empress card, this is MOTHER or wife/partner or another lady who might be pregnant or has children. She is homely and she is sitting there quite comfortably letting us know her status.  So this presumably is the reason he went missing. Now I will tell you that the card that shows us where this man is is in this run of cards. You cant see it but I will show you as the cards unfold ashe appears in the location card.  It is possible there are other people involved in this disappearance but I put that as a possibility at this stage. As my first question was WHY he disappeared  this card represents  the reason why. Your looking at it. THE EMPRESS.  This card is WEST in direction or name of area.

This first card we see the reason is a MOTHER figure whoever she may be. It is just a mother. It could be a pregnant lady too...but not guaranteed. 

The number is 3 so that could be a route number or part of a route number or area , distance, timing or have some other significance.  On this card we have Spring, hollow, ditch, orchard, bird, 244. We also have a blue shield and possibly flowers like roses. They may not have any significance but I mention them. We also have a someone who is holding secrets back. Initials B.J.D.R could be pointers to this and we may have some apartments. We dont know the whole truth so we know there are lies. Something is being withheld in information.  Either that or something is written down and it has not been found.   

We also have a mechanic or handyman - possibly a vehicle but I cant picture that as I mention it as its not in front of me, Im just seeing someone who 'disappears' and Im seeing a road. Maybe on the side of the road...I also have someone who is setting out with a bag...I see this bag and Im getting the sense that he needs to be careful what hes doing and where he is going . I see a dog but I wonder if its more a sign of 'be careful' or to go with caution?.  

I just feel that this person I see could be Trevor and he is just having to go from one place to the other and is getting ready to do that. This falls neatly into this story doesnt it?   Even though we have the  Empress in this card, I see there could be a vehicle but....I cant pull it into view.  I may see someone linked to the colour BLUE and possibly water. There may be drinking here? I also see two places or maybe apartments and/or a bridge. I feel like 'I cant see properly' or maybe its another way of saying, we are not aware of everything as some things are hidden from us. I also see the word MILL or WILL. I think someone is a bit of a conman. Theres something untruthful. I see a new location. IF there is a car Im getting Door 4.  I also have someone who may wave from a window and I have the name BETH - I also have 28 days that are a bit odd ? that something in that time is 'not quite right'.  I do feel Im seeing two places or two locations ?  seeing parenthood, land and farms or agricultural land.

Colour Orange. Butterfly Dove Eagle and Pelican. I may be seeing a crossroads or a 'crossing'. I have the initials here of N and G. Yellow Amber and Apple. I see someone trying to balance life to make things easier.  Setting out to try to do this.

Person description which can also often have place names within Tall slender person, round face, attractive clear complexion, possible pimples and dimpled skin if older person. Fair hair, could wear it up or down or cut it . . Cold person who laughs might be a drinker or see drinking. Person who is a bit forward. This card suggests a female around somewhere, not sure if first person is her or not but further description shows SOMEONE else as well perhaps? so maybe not the same person, because this person is not tall, white complexion but with a darker tone dark eyes, round face, light brown hair, got a wondering eye, very amorous like looking good and seem to see flirtatious nature here.  Feel like some jealousy though this is 'company keeping' so maybe should not be considered a romantic threat ? not sure, but its supposed to look innocent? drinking and music here. Maybe entangled love matters.

Places given (for purpose of map for Dee do not worry if you do not understand). Consider light and air as ideas of place or the word HIGH or UPPER - linked to being high off the ground. Mountains Hillsides. Windmills, windpower, hunting hawking, air fore bases airports, high communication towers. Sandy gravely ground, saw pits, wood stores, barns, outhouses away from other buildings.   Looking high  ceilings, ventilation ducts, upper rooms in houses if in buildings. Attics.  Wardrobes. Gardens fountains, bride, or names of bride , bridal. Fair. Bed and Breakfast. Dancing schools. 

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Going on to my normal 3 card reading, asking what happened I received the Star card. This card is all about self doubt. It is a very insecure card and shows that a person feels that there is just no hope. Theres a lack of faith or a blind faith that just feels as though hoping for something is useless. This card really makes me feel that the person is mentally pressurized.  I feel as though something happened and someone 'didnt mean it' maybe something occurred by accident. Im seeing a true meltdown. I feel as though in this card  the writing is on the wall. It seems that a lot of things have fallen apart. There is a sense of depression here and a feeling of loss of some kind. 

There is also a feeling of no escape and I feel as though I should be looking hard at this card and picking out not just 17 but 71, 7, 1, 6, 9,8 are also numbers that we should take note of as part route numbers, areas, distance timing or have another significance. I feel like we are looking back and wondering if we could have done things differently. I feel as though looking back to the 8th maybe? Im not sure, maybe  a week earlier perhaps? I feel like we have to ESCAPE get out of an unhealthy situation we need time to recouperate, get some rest, think things through just relax somehow.  So much on our mind.  

But here I do see a pond, water, maybe its just emotions but this is a water card. We have lost our way we are actually lost. Is it lost emotionally or in actuality. Does the word Star and Water have significance ?   Its like in this card we have a blind faith hoping things might be ok? but so much doubt about things too.  I just feel LOST I really feel LOST in this card. This outer darkness that is here. Drugs, intoxication , drowning in things.  I might have seen building foundations. Im not sure . Rubble is what I see. Is it real or is it how someone feels about a situation?  perhaps thats it?   We dont feel optimistic, every thing is in a turmoil but yet there are new beginnings ahead but we are just not feeling that ok about it. In this card I see a kind of delay, something that is prolonged. I also want to point out an area called DEFERIAT on the map and STAR LAKE and the WHEELER SACK AIRPORT.  Just thoughts that drifted in but not necessarily for a steadfast reason.

I see possibility of a conman, being taken in by them perhaps a thief ?  or a scammer. Something or someone creating restrictions. Some kind of loss through lack of Judgement and possible onset of  mental illness appears to be here. I did wonder about PTSD. I see so many emotions flying, feeling angry and stubborn and needing to keep that under control. Not accepting help.  It makes me feel depleted writing this...

I see West or North West this can be wind direction or part name of places. 

I have long descriptions here of people and places. I do think there are 4 people OR a group?  some descriptions might repeat but it will show the same person popping up if that is the case.
First we have a strong bodied person. Not tall. Long face, prominent bone Structure, clear complexion, hazel eyes, seemingly honest, sandy or dark flaxen hair ( note FLAX).

Shins, ankles, bones, teeth, joints skeletal structure, circulation of breath and blood mentioned here. Body is cold and dry, middle height, pale complexion, muddy small dark eyes, broad forehead, blaack or darkish hair perhaps, thick lips and nose, rare or thin beard, stooping, broad shoulders. Envious jealous person. Suspicious nature, speaks badly of women is a Liar always got something bad to say. Not contented person. 

Places deep wells, quarries, mines, land recently dug. High up. Hills, uneven land. Eccentric skylines. Roof, attic, high up in buildings. Water supplies, natural or manmade water supplies perhaps, fountains springs. Vineyards , taps showers, power supply area.

Colour BLUE or light BLUE. Ash . Black. Saturday, Deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, , church-yards, ruined buildings, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or muddy places, wells and houses or offices.

Then we have WEST in wind direction or name place. Person description (may be same people as previous described in other cards (or not) Tall straight body, thinness, long arms, dark hair, good eyesight, Hazel eyes ?  quick reflexes and mental alertness. Can be male or female. Cold and dry. 
Seeing someone involved in trickery, and perjury. A basic liar. Perhaps same person or not . Tall straight thin. High forehead, long face, no beard, brown hair but plenty of it, olive or chestnut complexion. Possibly shifty.

Places. Hills and mountains, high places, barns and storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries/studies,, chests, drawers, coffers and places where money is or kept,  treasuries, purses, wallet.  Somewhere bright/airy. shops, markets, fairs, schools,  halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts

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This card has been pulled for location. It is a zero or an 'O'. It is sometimes thought of as no mans land, or a road - farm to market. Cliff, Rock and Dog link. A crossroad, or crossing but seems like 'the open road'. Going somewhere, setting off but not particularly looking where we are going, so is there a destination on this ? 

North  and North West. ?  between towns/places? DOG/WOLF.

Below very similar descriptions coming up as we read in the reversed Star card above. 

Person description of place names. Cold dry body, middle height, pale complexion, small dark eyes, broad forehead, black hair, thick lips and nose, stubble beard , broad shoulders. This may be another person, but we have someone who is strong and sturdy, not particularly tall, prominent bone structure. Fair complexion hazel eyes, clear complexion, sandy or dark flaxen hair. Honest disposition.
Getting a reference to  shins bones, teeth, joints and skeletal structure, something relating to circulation of the blood and breath.

Place descriptions. Deep wells, quarries, mines and places where land  has recently been dug.Words such as upper  or high or may be  high off the ground or above the general eye line. Hills, or land that is uneven or with eccentric skyline. Roof, attic rooms, eaves, or places towards the upper part of the house  if inside buildings. Locations likely near natural or man made sources of water supply, fountains or springs, vineyards 'taps, showers and may extend to places where all power supplies emerge. Deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, church-yards, ruined buildings, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or  muddy places, wells and houses or offices. These may be names of places within descriptions.

Colour blue, and sky colours. Diamond and Marble.

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Lastly will Trevor be found? Yes he will. Sooner then most think. This is like 'the house on the hill' but its near an airport. This is the Search and find card. Anything here could have been said, done or to come regarding speaking of searches or what might have occurred so far.  But its a positive card. I see a fence, or the word Palisade or a palisade,  someone with head injury maybe perhaps even their neck - from the shoulders up , I see maybe behind something, out of the way, maybe hidden. 

Number 8 may be useful here  East, South may come up.  This card may point out between places but I see a test and challenge in finding him. There could be some trickery or some kind of disguise here of some nature. Im not sure in what way. I just cannot always grasp the exact situation but the arrows represent travel and its air so I imagine there is something to do with an airport. Also construction elements might show up as might  'red tape'. A spokesman is here.  I feel as though I should be saying Veteran and Military elements. Laurel, Bay.   I get December and I get August. I do not know when that is...we are in August now. I cannot say if it would be this month we do have an 8 but that 8 could be anything. It could represent timing distance as well as months or weeks or longer. I can only leave this.  

God bless the forces. They go through a lot. They have to face much discipline and see things nobody wants to. Think about all the young troups that go off to do their job for the country. I have no idea how this Tarot will help or even if it does end up being useful. Please combine the cards. If I have left anything out I will come back and write it in. At the moment I hope for the best for this young guy and whatever has happened here, hope it can all be resolved.   I do see the word DEFENCE here. So lets see what happens. He will be found .   Please remember I cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy. I only can write down what I FEEL may be a situation. Nothing can be verified unless news reports arrive that support or dismiss Tarot efforts.


19 AUGUST 2018

Maps are compiled following Tarot suggestions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. They may touch upon areas connected to other people linked to the case. Please bear in mind that maps cannot be guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.




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