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Thursday, 15 March 2012


Image result for Charles Allen Jr. missing

Charles Allen Jr., 22, in 2007, is still missing. He had a legal name change to Neo Babson Maximus. He was last seen on Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 at about 3:00 a/m in the area of College Lane. At the time of his missing status he was a Senior at UMASS Dartmouth College and is extremely intelligent and personable to the point of being very persuasive. Neo also was known as one of the best video game players in the world.

He played in numerous competitions and was an extremely gifted player. He also suffers from manic episodes and could possibly have relocated to another state in the US or possibly even on the streets. His family loves and misses him very much and has been searching for him since the day he went missing. He also is a very avid Tennis fan.

They ask that anyone with information to please contact the number below. Neo would be 26 years old in 2011 at the time of this posting. He is 6'0" and weighed 175lbs at the time he went missing. He also has light brown hair and brown eyes.

His website is:

Facebook page is: “Help find Neo Babson Maximus aka Charles Allen Jr”
IF INFO CALL the Dartmouth Police Department at 508-910-1735 or 508-910-1776

Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



15 th MARCH 2012

Currently there are many requests for Tarot and I am working my way through them as quickly as I can. I have been asked to look at Tarot for Charles Allen Jr. Please note that if family or relatives have not requested this Tarot they may contact me to have it censored on the blogger.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate by Law and therefore I would ask that you go to factual sources of information.


As many will know when reading the Tarot on the blogger, Tarot gives all sorts of different information sometimes background and circumstances can show. Some information is not made public or we find out about it later but in this first card we have a problem.
According to this card it seems that Charles was unable to defend himself for some reason or could not stand up for himself.

It seems that there is more then one person around him so whether this is actual harm meant or just people who quarrel or make life difficult for him I am not able to clarify. It just appears to me that he was going towards town or a town center initially and something might have got out of hand? I feel as though he might have been forced to go somewhere. A vehicle here is 'stopped' or halted and may be damaged if we look ahead to the page and knight.

There appears to be tremendous quarrels and arguments where someone is stamping their feet and demanding. If there is a love link here then this would be a tempestuous relationship fueled with problems and arguments or it could be someone he knows. The feeling is opposition very strongly and I will say this is not a good card to start with.

I see some kind of embarrassment on this card but I cant place why there would be but Im seeing some kind of indecision here that created problems for Charles. It is a card that makes me feel he was attacked in some way. There is a 'hill' significance on this card. I feel as though he might have wanted to 'escape' from something or someone and was not able to do so?

It may not be physical attack but the feeling is not being able to stand up for himself so he must have been opposed by something or someone here to put him in a difficult position? A male or even female acting very badly and a possible ' tool' might show up. Tool could even be a gun.
All I see is 'indecisions' and making the wrong decision. Sports elements come up early in the wands on 5 wands and it may be that embarrassment or a feeling of failure came from his sporting connections?

This card as a general rule is always South but reversed might suggest a road name or a starting point. I see someone being threatened or feeling threatened in this card and fighting for the sake of fighting so its either him or someone else that brings about big arguments or quarrels that is around his disappearance date or might be the cause of it?

Charles might seem full of bravado but it seems to me that there is some inadequacy to that so perhaps he had to put on a front in a difficult situation?.

Perhaps he was having difficulties for a seven week period? Things just getting worse as the days passed? There is a 'fire' element in this card which I will mention but it could simply be referring to heated situations.

Were there problems over a car, arguing in a car perhaps? as we do have sagittarius attached which shows humans/cars/vehicles. 7 - 33 - 6 are numbers given with this card to consider. Problems may have been brewing during the times of 12 of August to the 23 of August. Because of the indecisive element it makes me think that he did not think something through and therefore someone could have taken advantage and got the upper hand.

Did someone take a driving test? I am seeing some kind of situation whereby confidence is lost somehow and being embarrassed or feeling a failure over something. It might be something to do with work/vehicles or even relationships I feel they could all come up here.
Did a vehicle go over a hill?


This card is primarily East OR even East in a name/route. Water rocks stones riverbeds riverbanks, names with water can all come up here and a strong sense of the colour yellow. Generally this card is about survival instinct and if there has been a disaster it can show someone who gets into better health. However, tarot is past present and future and I am not clear where this card can stand amongst those time epochs.

If he was beaten down he was the type to get back up and get on with things even knowing he has had narrow escapes. However, it too can represent places near railways/trains/airports, forms of travel and having those elements in the area that he currently might be situated. Tunnels can also come up here and wells. whether in name or actuality.

I see that this is another case where something is 'covered up'. That could be Charles himself or evidence in this case that prevents police matters from uncovering situations. I am seeing the word DAY which could be significant. There may be military connections.
These numbers may be significant 64 , 10 and 1.

It may suggest that the location is not permanent therefore could suggest 'moving' or he either moved or has 'moved' from original placement or place. I also think that someone is avoiding police/legal matters in the situation.

Two people may be useful to knowing the location of Charles. I also have quays, or quayside, or set of keys. There maybe some kind of 'musical' or entertainment connection?


Regarding finding Charles and general Tarot for him this is only a very brief synopsis to put something out there that might help. I will likely have to look again in the future if Charles is not found. However, this card gives me an 8.

2008 has been and gone but might say things were found or something found at that time it may also give as long as 8 years to be found too or within that period of time which seems quite a stretch. This is a north card but reversed might represent North West or South.

This card seems to tell me that details need to be studied a lot harder with reference to finding Charles, if he has been found it will probably be telling me I should have read an article to know that, but if he is still missing it does appear to indicate that either school, farms rural land or military links might be useful to finding him.

I feel as though much more studying of the original details is necessary for some reason perhaps something has been missed? were there any information sources of CCTV anywhere, re checking things could help perhaps. Also perhaps working buildings or working business's may come up here that are no longer in operation. They might be in the vicinity.

I will look again if nothing alights before the summer but hope something here might assist. Please bear in mind this is very brief tarot and may need me to look at aspects of it again.



I needed to come back here (also requested by family for an update)  to Charles Tarot as there has not been a map posted due to maps  all being relatively new on the blog. Quite a few cases will need a map. At the moment, it is difficult to say how they are going to assist. Sometimes when I pass the co ordinates to Dee we have come very close to the area the person has been found and other times not as close as had been hoped. It is all very experimental at the current time.

However, the point is to keep going and keep trying because it just takes time and patience to break down areas.  However, I always try to make sure that I make a point that Location is NOT guaranteed but MIGHT be useful.  Please remember to read the following in CONJUNCTION with what is already written as it is simply an extension of each of those cards.

Where Charles is concerned, I need to go back to his three cards. Its best to stick  to them and see what we can try to pull out.
Obviously the main brief of this card that I wrote initially (7Wands rev) really is very much my original thought.  It is trying to tell us what happened and in this card surrounding Charles/Neo is a situation where at first he feels threatened as you can see if the card is upright he is defending himself but those feelings can become actual when the card is reversed. 

People as many as 5 or 6 even may be ready to get a bit of revenge or have some kind of battle with him and basically if they catch him he will be in big trouble.  Theres more of them then him or someone is far stronger. There are so many ways of looking at this card because they can incorporate such a lot of Charles/neo personality - the sporty links are here and very strong, but though he should be confident about himself he doesnt seem to be at times. 

We can also see a situation where theres a fighting just to fight altogether its true to say that wands cards reversed can be difficult, they could involve violence but dont forget this is a 7 card and we will have to think cleverly in order to escape.  The card can tell us quite a few things and indeed the journey is here but first of all this is a 7, it is reversed and for that reason I always think of a 6 too because its reversed we must include a 9. They could be routes, distances or timing and they could also show a period of weeks when things were not going well for us or that we were feeling burnout or fatigue or just felt a bit overwhelmed and needed to get away.

I have read some of Charles/Neo story since the time I first wrote the Tarot and I do feel that Tarot has expressed quite a bit of the situation. Perhaps not in every detail, but this card firstly given is a quarrelsome card.  I automatically link this card to the Chariot which is a vehicle for protection but that does appear to be reversed and we know his car was found so it was not available for him to use when he needed it. Of course it could be that he got out of it quick and ran. Of that I cannot be certain as Tarot cannot give every little detail only glimpses.

Generally the direction on this card is South we know its a threatening and vulnerable situation and we know that we seem to have a 'hill' here or the sensation of being up high.  North East comes up here and we also have South already mentioned. We DO need to be careful of reversed cards in case the direction also reverses to South West. However, when they go on a map they go as pinpointed co ordinates so should at least show an area to look at .
We have the name Michael here? there are Keywords that can be applied to a map that Dee will understand when she puts the co ordinates on there but they come up in the form of descriptions.
Vicinity, Landscape or connecting factor Keywords possibly describing places or attempts at names are linked primarily to heat and fire. Stables/horses open fields and lands or upper rooms if in buildings.  We also have these keywords students in college or university, wool, drapers and church links. Sweet Smells. Some connection to burns or scars. Possibly someone with auburn hair and a beard.

As a person description or still as keyword vicinity description we have someone tall and large, ruddy dark or tanned complextion, light chestnut hair. Strong and able person.
We also have more keywords which could produce vicinity information but comes in a person descripton of someone with round head, prominent eyes, strong large and tall, fair or sandy hair, glint of red with curl. Baldness comes up. Colours red yellow gold and orange.

More links and descriptions go to royal names such as king princess etc theatres, public buildings, monuments public halls auditoriums, parks, palaces castles and forts. Places hard to get to deserts forests where wild animals might be.  Also heat fire chimneys. In furnishings we have a richness to them.
Bees or sunflowers? Halls and dining rooms.
All of these keywords may link on a map.
Other thoughts are that there might be a river not far away with a bridge over it.

Names such as Laurel, Bow, Arch, Attic, Vine, Alexander can show up in areas.

Our next card was the 10 of swords which is a pretty auful card to look at but its very dependable how it is used.  This card was selected in the hope of getting some kind of current location.
The number here is either 10 or 1. That could be route, distance timing or have another significance.  Water rock stone, canyon, tunnel, con, can all be part of this card. Note that it is not night time it is daytime.  Therefore we are looking at Dawn.

In this card it suggests the aftermath of a very difficult situation.  Please read the information in conjunction with the second card information already written in the original Tarot as it will all apply.   Its quite obvious to me that there was some kind of catastrophe and we might have had a lucky escape. That having been said there are degrees of illhealth here and I know the swords cards can involve unpleasant things but the main point is to look at location.  

This card is often very contradictory with many readers as it can show someone who got out of a very tricky situation but if I promised that and it turned out to be incorrect I would feel quite auful. So we have to just understand that its possible that things were very threatening for Charles/Neo and just keep our fingers CROSSED just like the man in the card that we managed to get out of it because Charles/Neo has a survival instinct and one hopes he used it.

Meanwhile location is going to show airports, railways or golf courses somewhere around in the vicinity. Sometimes they are names of roads but I put them and we have to see what happens on a map.   Because we have swords we have to think of anything that is sharp or a weapon. Again that can be anything from guns, needles, knives, scissors and they can be actual things or names of places.   

If health problems could be back spine and head indicated.
This card is an East card and remember all directions could even be the name of an area such as East ......something ..... or the actual wind direction. It can also represent West.

I have water and two islands.  A feeling of something wrong with the 'eyesight'. Hazel eyes or word Hazel.
Twins or Twin. Might refer to Charles having two names.

Problems with the nervous system, psychological afflictions, disturbed imagination and mental illnesses.  Again Keywords here would be hills and mountains, high places, barns/ storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries/ studies,  walls , the hall,  money names such as bank, or different types of coin.   Bedrooms, computers, grandparents are all linked in to this card as are windows and places up high.   Colour Gray. Shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts.

A Milestone (meaning a mile?)

Revenge, rogues, burglary, aftermath of arguments. Turning around - turning point - hart or heart.
Silver, Black, Jewel, Red, Roses, music.
Connections to church, cemetary or stone.
Numbers 64, 10 or 1.
Red light.
Ring circle or crown.

Possibility of being in a breakdown state and needing counselling. We can end up prodigal and feel we are not a good student.

Lastly the 8 of pentacles is a card that deals with search and find. It can suggest places that have already been looked or places to look and it can also suggest timing for when a person can be found.  This is a  North Card and the 8 is a number that might be applied or a number 7 as a distance timing or route. This could also connect to a car.

Please read this card in conjunction to the original tarot posted.   Here we have dropped out of school.  Insecure both physically and mentally.  Cant 'face the music'.  Bearing in mind that all of this tarot is past present and future I can only record what Im given and cannot always say which card is going to be the more fruitful when it comes to search and find.

In this card we 'dont want to work in the normal fashion' we want to make money by easy means or quick means, I call it quick cash.   There are concerns here about debts, money owed, or even ransoms.  South and South West can appear on this card but we must take note of all the directions that are given.
Schools and colleges come up in this card, we may be a distance of 7 or 8 away or just have to bear those numbers in mind.

Keywords for this card are  places that are low down and near to the floor.  Agriculture, storage, harvest, dairies granaries brewers, cornfields, hayricks, greenhouses. Places that might sound a bit like barley, wheat or peas, cheese or butter.

Links to study, accountancy, tax, insurance policys or storage. Libraries, book cases or where items for reading and writing may be Computers, office areas, finances and book keeping. Medicine or drug stores.  Sewing. Places to store or repair items, wool, tools, spare rooms in homes.  Pets, small animals and vets.

Lies or perjury.

Shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys,  tennis courts.

This card is generally thought to be a YEARS card and could suggest 8 years.  As it is a reversed card which would suggest the year of 2007 it could be saying 8 years from then or just that there are delays because we need to research places and look for fingerprints.  Perhaps footage might come to light on CCTV? or perhaps K9s were used or are to be used.

A wednesday is significant. 

Perhaps a dark haired female who gives information but it might not be correct.

Fields and Farms/Farmers can come up in this card and abandoned properties or shops or business places. Bird, Manor and Hood.
Short cuts.

I will post a map one Dee has put the pointers on there so please check back.

Please remember that Tarot only presents POSSIBILITY and NOT fact. Hopefully something might help  I always feel it is possible to find people but to do that the search must go on and in Charles/Neos case thats all I can suggest.  Hopefully something will help but nothing is guaranteed.
Tarot is past present and future, please remember when reading.




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES POSSIBILITIES  all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

Show on Google Maps

Show on Google Maps


  1. could you please do another tarot? also i wanted to speak with you in regard to your work how do i contact you?

    1. Tarot has been looked at once more today and a map will be posted. I hope this will help. My email address is in the readings section but it depends upon who you are and the nature of your enquiry as I do not discuss cases randomly with members of the public. I am sorry about that.

      If there is something you wish to share however, please feel free to do so.


  2. I have reposted this comment here on Charles Tarot Page.

    Hi, my name is Brittany Allen. I am the sister of a missing person named Charles Malcolm Allen/Neo Babson Maximus (Charlie changed his name shortly before he went missing.) Someone must have sent a request for him because I was given a link to a tarot "CHARLES ALLEN JR « Thread Started 15 th MARCH 2012 at 5:15pm »" I found it very interesting, because many of the cards mentioned things that had happened in the time leading up to his disappearance which, up until now, haven't been discussed in the media or otherwise. Although the tarot gave vague descriptions, as I was reading, I knew exactly what it was referring to. I was hoping to have a follow-up Tarot done for him. The last one ended with, "I will look again if nothing alights before the summer but hope something here might assist. Please bear in mind this is very brief tarot and may need me to look at aspects of it again." I'm not sure if another Tarot was done or not. I may have just missed it. Thank you for everything. on PLEASE POST MISSING PEOPLE/ CHILDREN TAROT REQUESTS HERE

    Brittany Allen

    on 06/01/13

    1. Hello Brittany, I note that you have written a comment in the requests section which I have again posted here.

      I will look at Charles Tarot again as there may be other help factors that I can post and possibly a map. Please give me some time to do this.

    2. Brittany..I just watched the Disappeared episode about your brother and I just want to say that your family (including Charlie) are in my prayers..I hope it has a positive ending for all of you. Also just curious about the possible sighting of your brother when he supposedly knocked on a couples door at 4 am in the morning asking for help back to campus...Did the police bring out K-9 units to see if they could pick up on his scent from there or at least prove it was him at the door?

    3. has anyone checked the gaming world?
      many blessings

    4. Thats what ithink it had to do something with hisonline games "must check out throughly"

    5. Thats what i have been thinking it has to do something with his gaming world check throughly

  3. I was wondering if you have looked in the periodic table??

    1. yes, I think this is important. He did not mentioned it if it was not important.

  4. you should have kept his hard drive.i think you have been told lies by the law.i wonder why.e mails just dont my own opinion.neo got very close to something big.big enough for higher ups to do a cover up.i hope im wrong.

  5. id like to know the significance of his reference to periodic table, we use it in medicine, i noticed krypton is an element made with neon, neo... krypto is classified information ... i believe his message was encrypted, to legally change your name involves money and time with the court, hes hiding his identity, i believe hes alive but hes not going to surface out of protection to his family.. i live in Texas, just intuition. I pray for his safety and peace for his family and his sister, i know it must be hard.

  6. what did he ment with the Periodic Table of Elements ????

  7. wow, I just saw an episode on TV about Charlie Allen and decided to see what other info I could find, this is fascinating. I really hope they are able to find him.

  8. has there been any recent updates to this? I just actually watched the disappeared episode for the first time. was curious and hoping the best. His one buddy bugged me on the show, alot of um's when describing that pizza moment?? Could have been nerves. who knows. best wishes to the family.

  9. Was their a unwanted pregnancy?

  10. The periodic table thing, my biggest question. Neo Babson comes up with a series of numbers when put into the table NE=10 O=8 BA=56 B=5 S=16 O=8 N=7
    If googled it comes up as a place in Cali. I strongly believe the periodic table is coded somehow with his new name. Charlie seems very intelligent

  11. Maybe something I say will spark a clue in the mind of another. I'm far from a conspiracy type either. On the periodic table Ne and O are numbered 10 and 8, two numbers I believe we're mentioned above in tarot. If you put them together to create Neo, the # is 110. The element attributed to 108 is Hs or Hassium. A very rare seemingly nonexistent element. I also am very familiar with the game Half Life. Half life may also have some tied meaning to the periodic table. If he was as intelligent as I believe, he mentioned the table on purpose, I have similar conditions with anxiety and borderline manic depression, I always make more sense than most others. He's out there somewhere, I personally believe he hitched a ride but anything couldve happened afterwards. I wish the best, L.V.S. - Philadelphia

  12. Could you please do an update on this young man, my mind keeps wondering at the thought of his name? Any new update to what happened at the time of his disappearance or whether he is alive?

  13. i have just wached programme and this is now dec 2014 what happened to charlie cant find anything on here

  14. Can you do another update? it s Feb. 2o15 the program was on again...Tarot said maybe 8 years? This would be the 8th year...Also I think it is something he hacked into also that he wasn't suppose to and found out something or ripped off someone or a Co. online? Please continue your Tarot research... :)

  15. I think Neo is in the U.K (England).

    Check the to area's of interest on the maps. They are surrounded by town names that are also towns/places in England.

    Manchester, Portsmouth, Northampton, Worcester, Hartford, London, Plymouth, Boston, Newport - All places in England.

    References to Airports and travel throughout the above. Has the possibility of Neo leaving the US been explored?

  16. Gaming name maybe??? Very interesting...he is bi polar and if he thinks these things like being in danger or his family will be in danger he will stay hid.... i believe it is more to do with mental illness... he is very intelligent but mentally that movie...cannot think.of the name but that guy was a genious but also mentally insane. I pray he is found..I believe he is alive!

  17. Questo ragazzo non riesce ad accettare i suoi limiti. Ecco perché ha la malattia bipolare. Non ci riuscirà mai e sta scappando da questo. Ora che cresce sempre di più sarà sempre più legato a questo problema e fuggirà continuamente, mentre l'orgoglio e la rabbia lo divoreranno. Vagherà per le strade e sempre in luoghi diversi e lontani. I suoi familiari devono rassegnarsi.
    Sarà Dio a metterlo in ginocchio.

  18. I finish watching the episode about your brother missing. I spoke to a friend of mine who's an IT guy, he said with today techology it's literally impossible to delete anything from a hard drive . So I'm suggest your family press hard to get the FBI involved , so they can have an MIT student who is an IT student or person to review the hard drive for the family .( the hard drive might hold the answers about his disappearance )the sister mention that the Facebook was deleted and Charlie claimed he did not do it I am sure by contacting Facebook to look into your brothers account to see the exact time and date that it was deleted. May also hold a clue .. I find it almost impossible with all the technology we have today that we are not able to find out little details like this. All this sounds suspicious about not finding any importance in his hard drive .. Hmmm I feel your brother might be correct he might've ran into something suspicious it's cost his life or maybe his hiding for the family's safety . Please continue to do everything to find your brother there is questions that are not being answered!! There's a piece of the puzzle missing I feel someone is afraid to go forward and tell the truth . My prayers are with your family and you may you find peace and hopefully your brother .

  19. 66+704''@704ga704**1988

  20. Can't they find the ip address of who canceled his facebook account?

  21. I'm just now watching the Disappeared episode. As soon as they said periodic table - first thing I could think of was that he had a book or similar on that topic. I feel whatever he was talking about has to do with this book. Maybe something he had written in the margins or ... With the amount of time that has passed, I don't know if the family has kept any of his books (or anything written) - because I believe that is the key. Something he had written in the book. Or papers he had kept in the book...


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