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Saturday, 8 January 2011


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You can order a Personal Email Tarot Reading from Empathy wherever you are in the world!
Learn about your future/finance/business/love relationships
Many happy Clients and Testimonials - Accurate readings
and genuine help and counseling from a leading Tarot Reader



How is life treating you? Do you have a pressing problem or is something worrying you? I might be able to help you. I have given many personal readings over the years and try to get to the bottom of the problem and give you the best of Tarot's advice. If you would like to consult me please follow the instructions below. I hope that I can help to ease your mind and put a new prospective on whatever is troubling you.  You can order an emailed Tarot Reading from me from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Please remember that when you consult me for a reading from this page,  it must be for a personal reading only . All requests to do with Missing Children and People are free if requested by Parents only. Please make a separate enquiry for Missing Persons and if you are a member of the public you may be required to donate for the reading.
I hope I can be of service to you as I have for many satisfied customers. I am available to read for you any time of day or evening and will provide a full detailed report relating to your queries.

To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you. Please note I do not provide refunds on block questioning or on any of my readings. Readings are paid in advance and are received within the time value given. Should there be a little delay anticipated, you are sent a progress report to inform you of the same.


SINGLE QUESTIONS  £7.00 each (British Sterling)  Readings sent direct within 24 hrs. (currency converter supplied below).    
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you.

A FULL TAROT READING  - regarding Love, Finances, Work, General and Spirituality The most thorough and  popular reading that incoporates the questions you wish to ask and also is presented with a six month astrological forecast trend. It aims to provide long awaited answers to your queries and problems and is sent to you direct within 48 hours of payment. Many happy customers recommend this 3 hour reading.
This Reading is £40.00 British Sterling.  
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you. Reading returned within 48 hrs.

  ASTROLOGICAL REPORT - (Personal Trends - Covers 6 Months)

Please pay the equivalent of £12.00 British Sterling (currency converter supplied below).  
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you. When I have received your payment I will email you for your Date and Time of Birth, Town/Country.


A 'new' reading supplied by Empathy that is designed for all those who just wish to know about their love prospects with another person. Complete with trends and tarot /astrological factors.  Please pay the equivalent of £12.00 (British Sterling) - currency converter supplied on this page)
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you.


A 'new' reading to help people who have problems understanding themselves and what they are 'supposed to do' in life.  This report helps you to understand yourself and gives you ideas of what you might consider to incoporate in your life regarding your vocation. A very helpful reading for those who need a good bit of inspiration about 'where their path lies'. Please pay the equivalent of £12.00 (British Sterling)
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you. 


This reading looks at your past life, what you may have 'been' occupationally and how to learn the lessons your past has taught you.  Please pay the equivalent of £12.00 (British Sterling)
To PAY for your TAROT READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you.


This reading is monthly giving you a full Tarot Horoscope reading for your month ahead. It is emailed to you 2/3 days before the beginning of each month.  I am only able to offer this reading to a limited number of people. Please contact me on my email for further information and if you wish to take up this offer. 

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NOTE: To PAY for your  READINGS please email me for the paypal link and submit your reading request.Thank you. If you wish to have your reading the same day of payment please add £20.00 for an instant online consultation.

I have had many satisfied Clients who have consulted me with their problems and to who were given very detailed and informative readings.

Below are just a small example of the comments that they kindly have written to me.

Tarot really can help you with your problems and identify the right advice to give you. If I can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to request a reading.



Hi Empathy,
Thanks so much for doing this for me, you are spot on with everything you say, I gave you very little to go on and I am amazed at what you came up with.
« Reply #53 on Mar 12, 2008, 1:47 »

Hi Empathy
A very special thank you to you for doing this reading. I am definitely not upset with you! I do not want to have what my cards reveal "sugared over" if you know what I mean.
You have been amazingly accurate, especially with regard to situations at home.
« Reply #55 on Mar 12, 2008, 8:41 »

Hi Empathy,
It's funny you should come up with that, because in my son's last job he had been promoted to on that you mention this
« Reply #62 on Mar 12, 2008, 23:49 »

Morning Empathy

Thanks for doing this so quickly. I'm gobsmacked :o.
Have you met my must have....the reason for his indecisiveness is just that: perceived lack of knowledge as well as the fact he underestimates his ability when it comes to his job; this new opportunity is in the same line as he is in at the moment
« Reply #205 on Apr 22, 2008, 5:46 »

Hi empathy

Thankyou so much for giving your time to give the reading.
I can totally understand everything you have said with relation to me....
« Reply #69 on Mar 13, 2008, 14:45 »

My word Empathy you couldnt have got that more spot on!
Reply #80 on Mar 20, 2008, 15:43 »

Hi Empathy and again many thanks taking time to answer
so quickly. You are so right with your analysis !
« Reply #101 on Mar 23, 2008, 20:21 »

Hi Empathy, A THOUSAND THANKS for your answer !
As I'm writing to you, tears come from my eyes thinking
that you truly contacted my mother ! The detail about
the neckless and ring proves me that she was here with you !
All you wrote is perfectly right, personality and way of
« Reply #164 on Apr 3, 2008, 8:04 »

Good morning Empathy,
I have no words Empathy and don't know how I could
thank you for your work and answer you gave me !
« Reply #166 on Apr 4, 2008, 7:40 »

My kitchen improvements you are right about too i've been doing a battle with housing association for nearly two years
« Reply #170 on Apr 4, 2008, 22:04 »

Thanks empathy!! :-*

WOW!! You couldnt have got that more right! I have been very indecisive about work and what i want to do and spookily enough i have been thinking more after the summer holidays and then look for a 6 month contract for which i was doing before, customer services/admin/general office clerk!! I have done this before and loved it!!!
:o Very accurate empathy!! Thanks for doing it for me ;D
« Reply #896 on Mar 17, 2009, 22:56 »

Empathy, THANK YOU ;D
Yep, you've hit the nail right on the head
« Reply #835 on Feb 6, 2009, 9:58 »

My God. You are an amazing person! I am taken aback by your answer! You have mentioned things that I truly did not think to mention to you! Thank you very, very much!
I am just astounded. I am tearing up now. You're a keeper!
Thank you again. God Bless You!!
« Reply #791 on Jan 16, 2009, 1:59 »

Thanks Empathy and WOW! That certainly is very true.....Thanks for doing this Empathy. You really are amazing with your tarot and very accurate. xx
« Reply #773 on Jan 14, 2009, 9:27 »

Disclaimer: The Law requires that all psychic readings are to be considered as 'for Entertainment purposes' only. 


  1. Hi Empathy. Many heartfelt thanks. I was simply blown away by the accuracy of your reading. I wasn't expecting such detail, analysis and advice. The truth is upto now I have always been a little sceptical. You told be things about my life you could have never known. I will seriously take your advice on board. Many many thanks for you advice and direction. Kx

  2. Hello Empathy,
    Thank you very much for the accuracy about a reading you did make in August. I did ask you to look at the cards for my daughter's new job.. The cards did tell you it could be difficult because she loved her old job. She didn't know I did ask you to do the reading till she told me she resigned the new and still will stay at her old job... I am proud of you, you are amazing. I know the cards do tell this to you, but.............!!!!!!!
    I will keep in touch.
    Kind regards with love from Holland

  3. Dear Empathy,
    Thank you so much for your reading. You amaze me with the accuracy of your insight!
    I don't know how you do it, but am grateful for your words.

  4. Thank you for your patience with my questions Empathy Your reading was excellent. You were right about the past and I know what I have to do. Your reading has answered so much for me.
    Gordon H.

  5. I have to say Empathy that you were right on about my question regarding my "relationship" with a certain person. As ashamed as I am to say it, you knew without me telling you that I was involved in a clandestine affair. And the things around it have already blown up, you did say you didn't really think it would work out. You're amazing!!! Now can you just send Mr. Right my way lol???

  6. I just want to say that again, you were right on about a situation in my life. I asked you about finding a job after being notified of impending layoff, and tarot said quickly and I would likely have 2 offers. I received one offer Friday morning, then an immediate and much better counter-offer from another employer within a day. Thanks sooooo much for advising me this would work out! I have tons of faith in you!

  7. My reading was very true! Thank you Empathy.

  8. I have had many reading from you Empathy ' my guiding light' and every time you come through for me.

  9. I stumbled upon Empathy when looking to see if any new info has been updated about a local missing boy...I don't watch the news. I found empathy and couldn't believe what I read what she wrote about where she believed he might be. It was exactly the same area and since I live here, it's my neighborhood, I can confirm that her insight was amazingly accurate- and this is NOT where he went missing. A little further away . Sadly, he has not been found and as far as I know, this area has never been searched. Anyhow, I needed some questions answered myself. I've used in-person and online psychics and empaths. I had a feeling Empathy might be quite good. Wasn't yet ready for the full tarot but I am now! I got an Astro chart done, it's been a VERY long time and Empathy was friendly, communicative and responded quickly with the reading. WOW- spot on! And I got A LOT of information for about $15USD! I wouldn't hesitate using Empathy again, in fact, I will very soon have her do a full tarot. I'm always skeptical about paying that much online, I have used online psychics and empaths before but short reads, lower cost so not much to lose and although I've had some accurate responses, I can usually ditch immediately the readings that just seem like garbage and usually are...without losing much financially. But Empathy seems to be very talented and the work she does for free to help others, I highly recommend Empathy. I will post again about my tarot reading when I get one. THANK YOU! ~Kristie

  10. Thank you for your Tarot advice Empathy. You have been right for me before and I your guidance is appreciated.

  11. Empathy, the last 3yrs of my life have been gut wrenchingly painful and yet beautiful as well.
    I Asked a question for you to read tarot regarding my future and the answer that came through was confirmation of what my gut was telling me all ready ,which made me appreciate my intuition again and embrace "myself" . I'm on track and exactly where I'm supposed to be, my divorce, my ex , that relationship wasn't a failure , it was a step that was required to get me "here" so I'm thankful for it. Your reading of tarot was so honest and skilled. The straight forward approach and your classy ethics was wonderfully given to me , felt like sharing a cup of tea with a friend.
    Kerri reading requested & received on Oct 2,2012

  12. Thanks Empathy, for the accurate reading! You said many things that hit the nail on the head. I will cherish the advices and may God bless you for your kindness.


  13. Many thanks Empathy for your reading. I am amazed how much information you got from my question. I am taking your advice and staying on top of the situation, which has already moved part way to resolution. I will let a few of my friends know of your fantastic gift as I know they would love to contact you.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us!

  14. Thank you so much Empathy. Your reading has given me a good wake up call and it was exactly what I needed. I found a lot of meaning in the reading, and it's just amazing how much of what you said resonated with where I am in my life right now. Not enough words can express my thanks.

    And thank you for being so incredibly helpful and sincere, and replying so promptly to emails! And thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world - what you are doing here with the missing people is so incredibly noble.

  15. Empathy you are the best! You are always right on my questions (and I've asked a few lol) and when I ponder upon the cards Tarot gives me, there is always very valuable information, wisdom, and insight in each one.

    You never gloss it over, I totally appreciate the straight-up answers to my questions, and you are so communicative! You have blown me away more than once with Tarot's advice and I would never ask anyone else to read for me!

  16. "I found that Empathy’s reading was so accurate with the use of words that I felt tears in my eyes. The advice and different perspective that I was given really touched something deep in me, that I felt a shift, an alignment happening within my body, that hope opened up, like a part of me was reawakening. There is such a deep practicalness and directness about the reading, which I was very grateful for. It was uplifting and encouraging, and came at a time when I was feeling rather unclear and ungrounded, and likely to do something on a whim without thinking it through. The reading brought me back myself, who I am, and simple things I can do to feel more satisfied, and gave me that extra dimension and perspective to see outside of the situation. I truly recommend it for anyone who feels drawn to it, and that you can trust the integrity with which Empathy shares her gift."

  17. Hello empathy
    Thank you very much for your reading it was spot on. This is the second time I have had a reading from you and you was excellent then as well. Thank you once again.

  18. Dear Empathy;

    I came to you almost three years ago because I had some doubts about a relationship that I was just beginning. You had been helpful to me in my job search prior to that, and I sought your advice again. The card drawn was the 7 of Swords, reversed, and this is not good. Your advice was that this man was 'not free to love' and probably 'deceitful', an 'unworthy and untrustworthy lover'. You told me communication would be an issue, but that this man would always apologize, have an excuse for everything and I would believe it.

    I ruminated on the advice but I did not heed it. I didn't see the evidence of any of those traits. But three years later I can say that you were incredibly dead on in your prediction. Not only did I discover late in the relationship that this man had lied about being divorced (not free to love and deceitful), he was an incredible liar with a narcissistic personality disorder. Unworthy and untrustworthy does not begin to describe the deceit, lies and unfaithfulness that I suffered from this relationship.

    I wanted to tell you of this, as I am just beginning to put the pieces of my life back together. The reading was ahead of its time, and sometimes the tarot does not give us the answers we want immediately and in the moment. Nonetheless, it was precisely accurate, every word and although I was not strong enough to heed the advice; I am deeply grateful for your gift and your advice. Should any client of yours have their doubts about your readings, please direct them to me!

    In Kindness,


  19. Hi Empathy,

    Thank you so much for my reading and astrology report! You've given me so clear insight on what to focus on. I really appreciate that!

    Blessings and thanks,

  20. Empathy, you did a reading for me April 7, 2009. I came across it three years, one month and one day later. I asked the questions that i could come up with (a friend had given me this reading as a gift). I didn't really have any real questions at the time, however, in retrospect all the questions did have importance and the answers you gave, were eerily correct... Thank you, everything turned out or is turning out just as you said.

  21. Thank you very much for my reading.
    You are spot on.
    You hit the nail Thanks again. I am sure i will consult you again in the future!

  22. Dear Empathy,
    Thank you so much for my reading, I was blown away by your accuracy. My question consisted of one very short sentence and I was truly amazed at how much infomation you got from this. I did not give anything away yet you seemed to know it all !! The information was so spot on and the advice was honest and kind. I will definitely consult you again in the future and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
    Thank you so much :)

  23. Testimonial:

    Dear Empathy, thank you so much for the reading you provided me. As in the past, you are always dead on in your readings. After a year of being unemployed and looking for work I was getting desperate. I asked why I wasn't being selected for hire and when I would find work. Your reading encouraged me to be less formal in interviews, to relax and that something would come along in April or May. You also told me it may be a step down, and not exactly what I wanted, but it is work and to take it. On May 29 I was finally offered a position, which was a step down but that's ok. I took your advice and strived to be more casual in the three interviews with this company. I thank you so much for your advice and your gift in reading tarot. You brought some much needed calm to a very fretful situation. Blessings to you Empathy.

  24. Dear Empathy,
    Thanks again for another very helpful detailed reading.
    Everything you say makes so much sense and I'm going to take all this good advice on board.You have an amazing gift and I am so glad I found you - one in a million !!
    Lots of good wishes to you :)

  25. Thank you Empathy. Another direct hit on my problems you are very gifted intuitively and have helped me again. I will follow your advice.

  26. Thank you for your prompt service Empathy. I feel I know you as a personal friend and felt your warmth and concern. You were highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed!


  27. Nailed it - again! Thank you!

  28. Thank you Empathy,
    You have answered my question and confirmed my feelings regarding the situation.
    I am in awe of what you do for people with missing loved ones.
    Sharing your gift...with such insight and compassion.
    Thank you..thank you.I will be directing many people to your website. Thanks again..Your time is so precious with the amazing work you do! Thankyou for being such a personable person and sharing your extra insight with me. I will be contacting you again soon


  29. Well, that's very interesting, thank you! It's funny how the Tarot tells me stuff that I already know deep down but don't seem to realise it until I hear/read it. Great stuff, thanks Em. :-)

  30. Hi Empathy,
    I just had to let you know the more times I re-read your reading the clearer it became. You have picked up on so much!! I am not only amazed at how much of your reading makes sense,I am truly grateful for your insight and advise. You dont just 'read'cards you clearly tune into the person you are reading for and make it a very personable reading.I have posted your site on my face book with a message regarding the amazing work you do!
    Your words of encouragement and wisdom have been a gift to me.

    Sincere thanks Empathy,

  31. Good morning, thank you for my reading, it was very accurate.

  32. Dear Empathy, I really appreciate your honesty, professionalism, efficiency and everything you have done for me, i will keep you posted as soon as i have any news. God bless you!

  33. Thank you empathy your readings are amazing and I have found them always to be spot on , thank you once again x

  34. I truly am amzed at how you confirm my thoughts through your readings! Thank you so much Empathy!
    I have refered another friend to you as Im always so impressed by your readings!Thank you pleased with the reading.

    Best wishes,

  35. I was amazed at the accuracy of your mc stay reading. As you pointed out...November and the number 13...the precise date that their bodies were the motorcycle that you sad.,

  36. Empathy,

    Thank you so much! Everything that tarot said is 100% accurate. Everything it said was exactly right.

  37. Thank you so much for such a detailed, caring and compassionate reading.
    You hit the nail on the head with regards to how I'm feeling.
    Everything you said makes a lot of sense and will take on board of all of this.
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year x

  38. I can't seem to get to the area where you order a reading... I tried right clicking the tarot image, but then a window says "function disabled!", and I tried clicking the "click-me link" but I don't get anywhere... is there some glitch with the website?

    1. Hello, Im sorry you have encountered problems. You are on the right page to order a reading. Just scroll up this page and decide the reading you wish to have then read down the page and find out how much you need to convert the currency to - from your currency to British pounds - once you balance up the correct amount between the currency - click the donate button left click and a form will open and you place your amount in there and fill in the form. Its a very simple process. It is best to left click not right click as that will open things for you. I hope this is helpful to you but if you have any further questions please ask and I will return here to answer you.

      Alternatively you can email me at if you need that further assistance.

      Many good wishes.

  39. Every reading I have had from you empathy has been amazing ,you blow my mind how spot on you are.thank you so much x

  40. Thank you so much empathy, very good and accurate reading, i appreciate your help in this matter, will contact you for future readings! Thanks again

  41. Thank you empathy , the reading was spot on x

  42. Thank you soooo much for the reading, Empathy!

    Can't express in words how happy and grateful I am for it now.
    Your every word simply stuck deep in my heart.
    Thanks to your reading

  43. Thank you for my reading. Unbelievable,everything u picked up is me right down to the t :).i will definitely be in touch again and have recommended you to my friends :).
    Thank you again

  44. Thank you so much for the October reading, Empathy.
    First of all, your September reading has helped me a lot to predict things how it would go.
    What I can say is that your reading was really amazing!
    I'll keep your every single advice in my mind for the coming month too!
    I'd like you to continue my monthly reading

  45. Thank you so much!!! I feel more at peace now things seem more clear.
    Your reading is so accurate I cannot thank you enough :)

  46. Hi Empathy -
    You nailed it!
    I very much appreciate your thoughtful and insightful analysis of my situation and look forward to asking more questions as I ponder this situation further.

  47. Hi Empathy - have just received your reading and I am absolutely blown away by the accuracy! Thank you so much! Everything makes sense - thanks for your time and effort.

  48. Hi Empathy
    Wow, just wow. I know deep down you are right about so many things mentioned. The information you mentioned was spot on .
    Thank-you, thank-you so much. I hope I can consult you again at a future time if need be.
    You really are gifted.

  49. Just wanted to feedback that I previously ordered 1 tarot question from you in April this year. The advice given by Tarot was amazingly accurate although I couldn't confirm it until recently

  50. Thank you, that is such a lovely, uplifting reading!

  51. Thank you for the wonderful reading. As I read through each paragraph, I found myself saying a yes & a yes each time all the way to the very end. I can say that your reading is actually an imprint of my existence.
    My best regards & enormous praise for ur insights & helping the most desperate to track their loved ones

  52. Wow. Everything I needed to hear. You are amazing. Thank you. Lee.

  53. I'm really disgusted by your post about Jennifer Ha. She was my friend. You don't know the circumstances surrounding her death. I do. She committed suicide by jumping off the Glen Jackson bridge. Don't give people false hope by claiming she just took a lift with someone and went south. Who writes that shit??????

    1. Im afraid your comment is on the wrong page. This is my personal reading page. As for what you have said here Jennifer Hadoes have a reading on my site and this reading was COMMISSIONED BY A PERSONAL MEMBER OF HER OWN FAMILY. I really think you should apologise before coming here and abusing my service which incidentally was FREE for that family. Thank you.


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