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Wednesday, 5 August 2009



I have written reams of tarot on Madeleine so much of it that I dont even know which part to begin setting down here. So I decided not to for the time being. All my work is dated and recorded in time and month since 2007 and I will post what is relevant when this case finds its closure. Either that or you might be reading a few miles of text!!

I do have some particular points about this case that I could make here from the tarot and which I have seen in a repetative fashion. I speak as I find so I will just make a few points that struck me.

Tarot seems to have pointed out America since September 29th 2007. I have never been quite sure whether that is where Madeleine was or whether there was an american person in connection with the case. However, it was a sticking point. I also have had the word ILLUSION constantly in the tarot which is quite worrying because it gives us reason to believe that we are not exactly looking for the right girl or indeed that there was something about the case that was never quite correct in the first place. There has always been a very curious situation with the tarot that pointed out two Madeleines almost like Madeleine was a rebirth of herself. I never quite understood that - so Im not quite sure how I could even elaborate on that.

Thoughts that appeared in tarot regarding the time it might take finding Madeleine were three years or when she was a teenager, the latter I seemed to see in a dream. However it all remains to be seen at the present time although I still think there is something very strange in all this as at times it appeared to me that she was not lost at all but had been 'rescued' or 'taken' from a situation which could also be the meaning of the three years. I dont want to sound vague about this, but it really has been the most difficult case. In any other situation I would have thought the entire case did not add up but I dont say that in detriment to the parents, its just the way it sometimes comes together in the tarot. It appeared from tarot that the disappearance of Madeleine is in connection either to a family member, distant relative or a very close friend, or someone who was known to the Mccanns themselves. Thats a very unfortunate point to make but tarot has presented that more times then I can count and I am assuming I have to accept that there cannot be smoke without fire here. 

We are talking about a really spiteful case here and someone with more then a mission of revenge based on jealousy. I have always felt that there was an outsider to the Mccanns that was very impertinent about any 'rise' they might have had with home or employment. You can guarantee someone was not very happy with them but only they know why. There is also someone with a very 'moral stance' who may be in the picture somewhere. I think there are discrepancies with the overall story but I would rather leave that as a !!! for the time being.

Meanwhile little Madeleine is out there somewhere.  I know also that even though Pyschics are not really considered the main type of people who could find Madeleine, I have always felt that someone who is psychic will offer up some vital information. I do hope this is true. I also hope this horrendous nightmare comes to an end and Madeleine is found.

Tarot may not be significant in all its findings. However, there always seems to be some very relevant points that do transpire to be accurate. No seer can be accurate 100 per cent but they can hold clues that sometimes are very helpful.

There has always appeared to be a 'mystery' priest/religious factor/convent/church or nunery sensation in this case which did come up in very early days with the tarot. It just may be someones puritanical attitude but all still remains to be seen.

I will attempt to find my relevant posts for Madeleine but will try to show some proofs that I have had to date and come back to post them.



Quite often the tarot has revealed situations in advance.

Meanwhile, in respect of the 'new lead' that has been in the press today I actually do remember seeing this in my tarot so I will leave that below as it is a legitimate insight from a month ago which is backed up by current news.

This is the reading I had on 9th July 2009
9 July - Maddie tarot
« Thread Started on Jul 9, 2009, 0:38 »

Perhaps this card is suggesting that some of the Private Investigators ideas are turning into something seems that this card is saying that the Private Investigators might throw light on something else - something new in the mix - so perhaps a new thought is on the way - maybe its something we might get to hear about - so perhaps
, just perhaps, a new lead soon?

News Report 6 August 2009.

Victoria Beckham 'lookalike' sought in Madeleine McCann case

19 August 2009 tarot Madeleine«

Thread Started Today at 17:32 » [image]

I thought I would have a quick peep seeing that people are wondering what is going on behind the scenes in Madeleines case.

This is a confirmation of Abuse and lack of strength. I think there is a real feeling of draining emotions here. Its not a nice card. I see a strangling sensation here where people are being forced into a corner they feel they cant get out of . This is because of other peoples dominant behaviour and its a feeling of being caught unprepared for certain things and worrying about a loss of reputation.

It really feels like deep hardship and sorrow here. Im not liking this very much but thats what Strength reversed gives.

Theres a horrible bitter taste in the mouth - bad words spewing. People are spiteful jealous and need to be firmly dealt with. A feeling of being utterly worn out here but being told here that you mustnt give up dont give in to the badness. Mustnt lose your nerve.

Problems being pointed out on financial levels being accused of cashing in cashing up - not pleasant at all, very domineering attitudes are forcing this thought. Unreasonable demands seen here and selfish attitudes delays and all sorts of stuff that is so wearing.

Looks like some reality is going to have to be faced here somewhere along the line.

The 8 in the card reminds me of having to 'face the music' not pleasant stuff guys. I think this is one BEAST that is going to be really hard to control Im afraid.

The Chariot comes before Strength card which shows there was a lot of movement going on then this horrible situation of negativeness described in todays tarot. The next card we are going to meet is the Hermit. Thinking things out alone and trying to cast light on everything. Maybe best to keep your own counsel in this card and not let everyone know whats going on.

That Hermit is a completion card - so thats got to be next up in some way or other. Looks like the current problems might turn into a sudden flash of insight - Hermit with his lamp shows people seeking and finding but we have not come to that yet.

If you cant control the beast you have to get out of the kitchen. Something will be afoot I think in September.


Its always great to report good news - and Kate and Gerry have won a particular Battle with Mr Amaral which you will note the date is SEPTEMBER - I leave the details and the tarot below that also relates to this.

Kate McCann makes emotional return to Portugal -

Kate McCann today in Portugal (Pic:AP)

Kate McCann made an emotional return to Portugal today for the first time since being quizzed by police over her daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry went to the capital, Lisbon, to update their lawyers on the search for Madeleine, who was three when she disappeared in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Although her husband has been back, this is Mrs Cann's first visit since

I have worked for the best part of two years with tarot for Madeleine Mccann and all members of the Mccann family who so tragically were seperated from Madeleine when she disappeared in Praia De Luz Portugal in May 2007. Its been a hideous time for them all. There have been many websites who have publically condemmed this family not caring what they said with their misguided assumptions and caused a great deal of pain - upset - and forced actions on the side of the Mccanns themselves. These hideous websites have been closed down one by one and even though they reappear they will continue to close. That was not the case until recently I understand.

I am very pleased today to find an update from Kate Mccann on their SPECIAL Madeleine website

I note that the tarot has captured perfectly quite some time ago that the Mccanns would have some victory over Mr Amaral and his claims and desires to spread those claims through writing books and in turn receiving a great deal of revenue.  I hope that the future will bring Madeleine home. I have kept the light burning for this child and her eventual return. Hopefully tarot will continue to provide us with insights that come with results such as these here below have proven to do with Kates latest News.

Gerry & Kate's Message: |

Go to the above link and scroll up and hit UPDATES to get the message below

September 13 2009

At the start of August this year, our investigators appealedto the general public for more information following a credible account by a witness. This related to a lady acting suspiciously in Barcelona on the 7th May 2007 in the early hours of the morning. Our investigators received approximately 1000 emails and phone calls following this appeal and have been busy working through this information. Thank you to everybody who passed information on to our team.We would like to encourage anyone who may still have potentially relevant information to come forward. It is important to note that although the witness thought that the woman in question may have had an Australian accent, it ispossible that this may not be the case.

At the end of August, we learnt of the discovery of JayceeLee Dugard, 28 years after she was abducted at the age of 11. There was nothing new here for Gerry and me, as we have been told of many cases of missing children who have been found years after they were taken from their families. It is important though, as it emphasises yet again how vital it is to never give up on missing children and how criminal and unjust to assume they are no longer alive. A missing child cannot be expected to find their way home, we need to find them. It is tragic and heartbreaking to think of the life which has been stolen from Jaycee and her family. We hope and pray that they will be able now to find the happiness and peace that they all deserve.
Last week, a judge in Portugal decided to pass an injunction against Goncalo Amaral's book and documentary in which he insists that Madeleine is dead and implies that Gerry and I were somehow involved in her disappearance. Nothing can be more soul-destroying for a parent than for somebody to ‘write off' your missing child (for whatever reason) without any evidence to support such a theory.

The anguish and torment that we have suffered as a result of Mr. Amaral's unfounded claims and actions has been immense, compounding the pain and sadness we feel every day without Madeleinein our lives. Madeleine deserves so much more than treatment like this. She is still missing and we will never give upon her.
It is important to remember that the good people far outweigh the bad, even though those with cruel intentions can bring you down. Every day we still receive a small bundle of supportive letters to our home and kind messages via the website, as well as positive words from passers-by. Aftera ‘not so good' day, it is this kindness and solidarity that lifts us up and keeps us going. To those people, we are so grateful and we will never forget the great benefit of simple human kindness.Thank you from all our family.

Tarot had seen victory for the Mccanns against Mr Amaral here are the tarots below it initially referred to a court case and also told us that there would be other surprises in store. Im pleased that the Mccanns have been able to STOP this book and DVD that was being distributed


« Thread Started on May 17, 2009, 2:41 »


Asking Tarot about the news regarding the suing regarding Amaral I see stability and security on the Mccanns. This card is a card of gain and benefit. It also stands for security/ steadiness.

They know what they are doing. It is also dangerous to cross a woman with a falcon on her arm.

Have you ?

The Mccanns will use their resources wisely and their foresight.
There is an accomplishment for them here.

They have finance at their feet and plenty of it. Does the lady in the picture look bovvered? NO she dont look bovvered does she? So it looks like there is everything to gain here and the solidarity to go ahead.

Bear in mind this card is a NINE - NINE is a completion. The Mccanns intend to stamp Amaral OUT. That is exactly what they are going to do once and for all.

Dont you know a Falcon will NAIL DOWN anything it goes after. It usually wears a hood. Hoods cover surprises. The Mccanns will go with more than one surprise up their sleeve. This is no time for slip ups so the falconer will be very careful and handle the bird with complete supremacy.

As Mojo said, “Falcons are wild creatures and master hunters. To tame any bird of prey to hunt on command takes incredible discipline and patience on the part of the trainer. There must exist absolute trust between the falconer and her bird. One single slip up could result in disaster. The expert handler exudes confidence at all times in the field of play. It is an amazing sport”

It is about successful relationships, personal and mathematical.

A five of wands reversed suggests the fight may play out. It could be that someone does,nt like the opposition and backs down. The queen of cups comes forward for Amaral suggesting that he feels some sympathy for Kate Mccann. So is someone going to back out of this because the Mccanns are in it to win it and it will be perfectly plain that is what their intentions are.

The five of wands is like a sigh of relief after conflict and struggle but Victory after obstacles are overcome.

One side may think they just dont have to prove anything anymore. So does this square itself off?

The Mccanns ( see card) are expected to lay down and 'take it' but as you can see those sticks are not touching them.


Is Amarel telling the truth in his book?« 
Thread Started on May 17, 2009, 4:57 »


Not according to this card.

This card is the Ace of Cups which is the commencement of a relationship, a beginning, the start of a journey to unfold. It is an igniting spark.

When you reverse this there is NO spark there is nothing there.

This card stands for cancer scorpio and pisces. In that book would be a dwelling place - cancer - scorpio - secrets - and pisces which I relate to Kate the mother. Turn that upside down and any allegations in that area are unfounded.

This book is 'uncontained emotions' - written to create disruption and unhappiness at least that is what it appears to have done. It has unstable desires in it and wishful thinking about a relationship - ie - what happened to Madeleine.

This book is rushing into things which are premature. In other words it is emotional thinking based on little facts and surmising. This card relating to the book shows situations or relationships where none exist.

Therefore this book that is being published everywhere is containing information based on emotional summisation. In other words, it cannot be concluded as truth.

It is full of inconstancy.

What the future holds for Amaral - well a lot of people have faith in him but the Two of Swords shows that what he dishes out he will get back and this is like a catch 22 situation. The conflict will go on unless he decides to balance. He needs a good job, finances etc - does he take another route with this theory of his or does he decide that it is,nt going anywhere. There is a professional suicide attached to this card and possible dishonour - its an impasse so it will be interesting to see what Amaral does because the more he insists he is right he will face fierce opposition. He has to balance that thinking and either sit still and do nothing or consider that he cannot win either. He also has to come to terms with the fact that a man has influential protection in his quest for help. That sounds like Gerry to me.

If I were Amaral I would sit down and turn a blind eye because he does not see everything clearly yet he has put forward his thoughts - I think the two crossed swords will prevent him and push him into a situation where his back is against the water. Will he sink or swim. Neither he does,nt go in the water, he sits on the bench with his blindfold on and his crossed swords. He thinks he is hoodwinked but he can take that blindfold off if he wants to theres nothing wrong with his arms - so I feel he has placed himself in this position by not thinking things through carefully.

Two of swords is air - he needs to temper his thoughts and realise his opponents.
The two of Swords is a card which tells us that enmity does not last. This card shows us that it is about Amarals book and that he is convinced that he is doing the right thing to fight the powerful and the wicked. However, there seems to be a stalemate here.Two of Swords signifies wasted time with unimportant details and the futility of procrastination and can be cloudy judgedment. That is why I think Amaral has to have balanced thinking. If two sides are equally matched then how can enmity last?




The sun has published this picture of a little girl in Sweden who they have thought could be Madeleine Mccann.

Madeleine McCann News Update: Girl in Sweden

I have been writing quite some time for Madeleine and most of the writings from Tarot are concerned with past present and future. The tarot has pointed out a 'car show' which is mentioned in another tarot - but more importantly it did pick out SWEDEN in this Tarot below. Tarot advised us to 'move away from Sweden'.

It is not really my opinion that this girl above is Madeleine Mccann and nor is it the opinion of Gerry and Kate Mccann. Below I leave the accurate tarot pointing out that Sweden is indeed mentioned and the date of that tarot to show that tarot has given us this future sighting but also appears at that time to 'dismiss it'.

27th September 2008 Madeline and release
« Thread Started on Sept 27, 2008, 15:30 »

In this card I see Madeleine being released. For some reason I see something about the 'wrong direction' lies deceit and some kind of agreements made in bad faith.

Some quarrel of some nature has been resolved but there is some tension in the aftermath....

Someone mentions idea what that has to do with anything, but I put it here as I have not got a clue. As the card is reversed it is negative to Sweden ?.... Away from Sweden or something like that.
Overall regarding Maddie and being 'released' there is a period of frustration and impasse in negotiations or discussion

Theres also something 'superficial' going on, so I am not all that taken in with when she is released. By this and the word imposter again...I am getting the feeling that when she is released and the circumstances, the truth is not being recorded...again!! In other words, nothing is how it seems...

diplomatic protecting power relationships

* Sweden is the protecting power for the United States, Australia and other Western countries in North Korea for consular matters, "with assistance from Germany as needed." Previously Sweden was the protecting power for the UK in Iran following the Islamic revolution (and briefly after the Salman Rushdie affair, shortly after the two states had restored relations). In the Second World War Sweden was entrusted with representing 114 mandates for 28 countries.

NOTE: AWAY from Sweden.

Parents say 'not Madeleine'

Madeleine McCann News Update: Girl in Sweden : In Entertainment



Portugal trial of officer in mccann case postponed‎ -

Heres the current news and Im pleased to say that when tarot was written in May this year it told us about a standoff kind of situation and I really think it is reflected in the news report link above. Please SCROLL up this blog for MADELEINE MCCANN and read the tarot of 17 May 2009 about the court case and how it links to this report reflecting reasonable accuracy.



Madeleine police files under wraps

Madeleine police files under wraps - Yahoo! News UK

Sunday, January 3 09:26 am
Thousands of British police files detailing the hunt for Madeleine McCann will not be released unless those behind her disappearance are brought to justice.
Senior Leicestershire Police officers have remained tight-lipped about their role co-ordinating the search for the toddler since she vanished from a Portuguese holiday resort in May 2007.

The following tarot from December 2009 does seem to incorporate accurately the attitude of the Police in the report above from 3rd January, but comes out in the 'first person' in order to 'read' the vibrations. I am not sure about the American connection but it has shown itself several times and always been in Madeleines tarot!.


« Thread Started on Dec 8, 2009, 14:15 »

Wondering once again about when Madeleine will be found and a quick look to see what tarot might give to me I receive a reversed High Priestess.


This card relates sometimes to spiritual deception.

It basically tells us that if we are asking if Madeleine will be found it might help if we were not left being constantly confused with being led away from the true path.

It seems to me that there have been numerous internet stories that have fallen short and really had people racing from one idea to the other. I know it is not worth pursuing some of the stories because having asked tarot about them I kept getting a 'No'.
I have always had the link with America and that still remains. It does,nt show in this card but its just something I will continue to repeat.

What it is really telling me is that NOTHING is Hidden to be found.

But this card though it declares that also shows that deep secrets are withheld.

So that again tells me plenty on first glance.

Really, I know that its pointless to say this but its down to the person/persons who know the truth to stop messing people around.

Its not that Im being rude or impatient but not everyone is going to keep up this charade forever so somebody had better spill the beans. Because tarot tells me looking at this matter and asking this question from tarot is a waste of time.

How can you ask if someone will be found when clearly they are not hidden and there are deep secrets about this being withheld?

The more we accept superficial knowledge with regard to finding Madeleine the less judgement we will be able to make.

This card upright is considered a Mystery when you reverse that there does,nt seem to be any mystery to finding Madeleine and its that which really is the key to the whole matter.



Madeleine McCann hunter Kevin Halligen remanded over fraud case ...

Halligen's firm, Oakley International, was used by Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, for around six months last year to look for their missing daughter.

The Washington-based firm was paid about £300,000 by backers of Mr and Mrs McCann to help in the search for Madeleine, who went missing from an Algarve resort in May 2007 at the age of three. secretive nature of the security and intelligence community provided the perfect cloak for the talented Mr Halligen. It is a world where people do not talk openly about their past exploits, because they are frequently matters covered by the Official Secrets Act.

I did have references to this situation both in Tarot and ICHING some time back I give you a a couple of references one linking very similarly to the word 'Oakely' the name of the firm mentioned in the above report and another to the fraud though there were many other mentions in the tarot over the time of writing them. There was a reference to uniforms and also to spys. Mr Halligen is connected both to America and also to uniform/military and wasted valuable funds fraudulently. The insights also gave us an accurate physical description of Mr Halligen.As tarot is past present and future you will see these readings were from some time ago yet alighted later.



« Thread Started on Jan 15, 2008, 14:31 »

there appears to be something with the fund that someone somewhere is gaining from and they have sat back and known of it. I do not know if it is being syphoned away somewhere, I am not sure if the Mccanns have the precise figures as to how this fund is being shared out and to where payments have gone in ACTUAL bookwork figures. If they do not know they should look. However, it would not surprise me if the figurework is the work of someone who has other ideas about it. "

TAROT 20 March Madeleine FUND

« Thread Started on Mar 20, 2008, 1:16 »

If this is a man and not a situation this is his physical description.

Physical Description - Dark brown hair, gray/hazel or blue eyes. Has authority over others activities. Could be father, husband, employer, teacher, lawyer, doctor, professional advisor.
This person is likely to wear business suits or uniforms. He may even have a collection of old relics that he likes to buff up.and put on display..likes structure and routine

This card is very strange is,nt it?...Does it suggest that the funds are blocked from going where they are meant to be going?....Is the fund preventing something rather than helping it?


« Thread Started on Jun 4, 2008, 23:58 »I also have an old and ancient Bridge. I dont think either Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is? and likely I am linking them wrongly - maybe its all wrong - I dont know but let me leave it here because I had America in my mind from some time ago.

« Thread Started on Jan 13, 2008, 1:36 »

I see a Man who collects trophys on the wall - he has worked hard to get them. He is an older man. He is connected to the Military - uniform - he dresses very smart if not in uniform a very smart suit.

3 october 2007

This person is detached from 'others' and in effect is almost like a spy - there are secret communications going on behind what seems like an ordinary person who is appearing to 'blend in' so they may go undetected but at the same time, gathers , receives and gives information -




***Thought I would upload Tarot from 22nd - 25th December 2009 here. ( I have included corresponding tarot from 2008 regarding the Sniffer dogs which links also into the 13 January report.

Tarot tries to pick up aspects 'past present and future' - unfortuantely I cannot always rely on which part of these time pockets tarot refers to, all I can do is write them down and hope something turns up to substantiate them.

I am posting more then one tarot here from my tarot threads off the Missing Childrens forum.

Tarot of 25 December 2009 ( SCROLL DOWN) seems to link in with the current news report of 13 January 2010

We believe Madeleine McCann died in family's apartment, detective ..

The Police are of course the people who are supposed to 'aid' the Mccanns in finding Madeleine but their work was called into question many times. I feel the frustration in this tarot about the case and I see Mr Amaral comes up as the person who is considered as 'exploiting for material gain. After all this trial is once again to attempt to stop Mr Amarals Book.

(Firstly, please note these two Tarots from 2008 that I squeeze in that pointed out inconclusivity with the sniffer dogs )

20 April Tarot. Why was death scent picked up?
« Thread Started on Apr 20, 2008, 14:48


Its a question we have all asked. Do we believe it?...NO, we dont believe this as in the case of Madeleine being dead Why? Because the card is the moon. The moon deceives and gives false illusions. It warns us of dangerous or perilous times however, and intrigues of all natures. The CRAB on the card is a hard shell with soft insides - we could relate that easily to DNA . Bodily fluids that come from the inside...and there are two dogs that bark at the moon - I think of the sniffer dogs here - They are NOT barking at the crab, they are barking at the Moon and the moon is secret hidden enemies. However, this card links to the Hebrew letters Qoph Back of Head 100 which means that there may have been an injury to the back of Madeleines head. That of course does make a scent available.

In some variants of this card we see a woman walking by the moonlight with a dog, I dont know what makes me think of Jenny Murat here, but it I feel that Madeleine was moved towards HER direction and by someone - could be man or woman. The card shows a woman holding a little quarter moon...but I cant be sure. I am not implicating Jenny Murat - I am thinking about her walking her dogs at night and the direction in which Madeleine was taken and it was towards Murats house whether because it goes to the sea I am not sure.


This card suggests someone who went into a boat...a woman? was present.

Madeleine Mccann suffered at night from bad dreams because of hostile environments. People here always arguing. I still see alchohol in this card and I feel someone was drunk around Madeleine.

There is a story connected to the Moon card as an example. It is about destructive relationships where there is a possibility of a woman or a man who want to leave each other...and the question that comes up is ' what about the children - what will they do without their father' - at this point something emotional has to be done to prevent the obvious....

It is my view it is possible that someone was arguing...Madeleine was removed - not dead - removed - because it brings the TWO PEOPLE together when the 'relationship' was dead or in serious trouble I recall writing something about this wondering if this was done by one of the parties to keep the other person with them.
There are three person has removed Madeleine to help the other person keep this 'relationship' together...death scent? - I dont see death here, I see deception - lies - illusion.

Im sorry, but it really appears that someone close seems to know who took Madeleine because one of them 'consorted' for it to occur.

Madeleine was taken by someone close to her out of fear and worry about what they would do without the other partner. Yes an accident may have occurred..not death..
(I will add here, that it is not clear who the partner is - it may not be what it appears to suggest)


TAROT 20 March Did the cadaver dogs find DNA
« Thread Started on Mar 20, 2008, 1:43

According to the question asked of the Tarot with regard to the Cadaver dogs. I have the Lord of Defeat which of course is the 5 of swords.

What this card would imply, is that the Cadaver dogs did not find Madeleines DNA. That appears very odd but if you look at this card it represents chaos driven by disputes and complications. What it shows is that there have been very many disagreements over what the dog had found. This card, because it is classed as the Lord of Defeat is showing a negative response on the DNA but I will look again. This card can also point our sabotage therefore it can imply the DNA was planted. However I will look further.

Having reasked this question, I have the seven of wands reversed which shows a failure to stand up for convictions.

Therefore it was stated that the cadaver dogs found DNA belonging to Madeleine but actually, there is a great embarrassment about that because it seems that maybe DNA was found, but this card tells us that it cannot stand up for fear of failure....therefore the results from the DNA and Cadaver dogs are INCONCLUSIVE.

Link News report below from -13 January 2010 to link with 25 Dec Tarot.

We believe Madeleine McCann died in family's apartment, detective ..


« Thread Started on Dec 26, 2009, 3:55 »

Briefly looking at Madeleines situation today I received the three of wands but this was reversed.

This is about 'sunken ships' and wasting energy and action in short.

It can really indicate a lack of cooperation, wasted efforts, delays, or bad luck or obstacles from outside in commercial or communication ventures. Trying to find Madeleine is like having a creative block or some kind of wall up to try and break through and it just makes it really difficult.

This card tells us to be able to find Madeleine one has to be open to receiving help and input from others, but know at the same time that opposition may come from a person who exploits other people for material gain. There is the possibility of betrayal of an enterprise by a person who had the power to aid it. We are warned also not to put expectations too high.

It does seem to show us that we need to be more realistic about looking for her. Well as it tells us of a waste of energy and being realistic it really still makes me wonder about this 'looking for Madeleine' which I have pointed out before. . This card tells us we have to deal with difficulties in the exchange of goods or ideas or with matters of trust.

Looking at that - it seems to me that someone has been quite deliberate and 'thwarted attempts ' to find Madeleine, but with the charity mention I have thought that finding Madeleine had something to do with Brian Kennedy. Some forum members will remember me writing that. I only mention that because he has backed the Mccanns with his finance.

Altogether though this is an odd card and I would like to remain hopeful.

Perhaps everything should start again from scratch - I still dont think the search in Portugal was amazing , it was pretty half baked in my view and hundreds of excuses why this and that was,nt done and what seemed like pretty shoddy police work.

I would have thought that the Detectives would have gone over old ground - perhaps thats a good idea?

They might even find a boat that was sunk - because it seems to me there was one.

Here are two Tarots for Madeleine for 22nd December 2009 here they are below - whatever I write in tarot are the trends I see - they may be 'part of circumstances' around the issue or connected in some way. Please bear that in mind. I do not claim I am 100 per cent accurate.

The tarot below is currently UNCONFIRMED.



« Thread Started on Dec 22, 2009, 4:20


I asked Tarot is Madeleine is currently alive. I received this card which is the reversed Chariot.

Most people would say this is a very negative card to receive with this question. I cant seem to see any 'rescue calvalry' being needed or required with this card at the moment. It could mean there is no need for that which might make me feel optimistic about this card.

Chariots upturned often suggest 'car crashes' which can be literally translated or just mean the whole situation is like a car crash. Messy and complicated even. Its like applying energy needlessly almost.

There may even be a failure to face reality with this card too but it sits between choice and strength. Its always possible that Madeleine is alive but as the car crash element is there I still feel as though we are in COMPLETELY the wrong direction about this case and this question.

Its the kind of card that you CAN PUT RIGHT if you want to you know? but unless the question is relevant to the subject matter we are going to get a result like this.

I often wonder WHAT questions we SHOULD be asking but certainly where this one is concerned it seems like there is a waste of energy in doing so.

So I feel quite 50 /50 about this one today because its neither a yes or a no - Im sure you will get the same impression as me.

The question is likely - is this question relevant?



« Thread Started on Dec 22, 2009, 4:28


The Tarot below is UNCONFIRMED

I ask if Madeleine has 'been found' and I get this wonderful picture of the Empress who is the mother figure and a door with the number 4 on it and 244 days as timing .

I have a FRIDAY connected to this card and the planet Venus which on this occasion I feel may simply associate with Love.

There is action and initiative on this card - and the elements of Earth and nature connected too. Usually the Empress is linked to the number 3 overall.

Mostly this card is connected to the Spring months but Autumn can sometimes pop up on this card.

So it does suggest between those times that Madeleine would have been considered to be found?

Venus on rare occasions is the door to 'the vault'.

So I think Im looking at a church again or someone/someplace where one would be nurturing.

This card can tell us about charitable organisations like orphanages or someone involved in them.
Anyway one thing I can say is that a close friend of relative possibly female is linked to her. I have always thought that personally. It does,nt seem to answer the question, unless of course thats the person who she is with or who finds Madeleine.

The opportunity to find Madeleine would have dropped into someones lap. Its not a bad card - I think we have to consider counsellor, nurturer or someone linked to charity/orphanage or something like that - or perhaps we will hear from them in some way. Cant be clearer then that Im afraid.


UPDATE 21 February 2010

I am posting an update on Kate and Gerry Mccann along with recent tarot for the
10th of February which declared a victory for them in the banning of Mr Amarals book and a lot of emotion for Kate. This couple have been through so much and Madeleine has still not been found. It makes me realise that we all have to work MUCH HARDER to find this little girl to get closure to this issue. I will continue to keep 'looking' via tarot and hope that something in the time I have written for Madeleine does ring a bell eventually.

Heres the latest story and
accurate tarot in this particular issue.

Victory for the McCanns as judge upholds ban on book claiming ...

18 Feb 2010 ... Kate and Gerry McCann have won a ban on a book claiming that their missing Madeleine is dead and they faked her abduction.


« Thread Started on Feb 10, 2010, 17:02 »


Theres a lot of force in this card regarding the banning of Amarals book. I wondered if the Mccanns will succeed in getting it banned and that was the actual question I asked.

I notice that Amaral has mentioned fighting this all the way to the European Union and actually I have noticed that this card can represent this having come up in the past though that was a new revelation to me at the time. You learn something everyday with tarot.

Because of that it makes you wonder if it might go that far because this card is about the HIGHER POWER - it does seem to me that its a card that has to take all eternal views into consideration -

Either way, it does seem to me that against enormous problems and quite a lot of opposition its possible the Mccanns can get the book banned - because the Chariot upright overall is strength to conquer - in other words thought of as a victory - but its still possible that a lot of push has to be involved to get this resolved in the Mccanns favour.

So Im keeping my fingers crossed here and Im going to go for a YES and hope Im right. I think Kates emotions will be a big factor in this decision.

One other thing, there does appear to be a lot of protection in this card and perhaps that could also be another reason why it could turn out in the Mccanns favour?


UPDATE MARCH 10th 2010

There has been recent news of NEW SIGHTINGS in the newspapers regarding Madeleine and this picture above was recently released here is the report.

Tarot did see in advance possible new information coming to light. I leave extracts of the tarot which I do feel refer to the above picture and information. The Mccanns have not been pleased about certain informations being publicised in the news - all this information of course is posted on the Internet on Google. The report shows Madeleine in Dunedin in New Zealand and tarot sees a foreign element involved. The other connection to this foreign element is a Portuguese prosecutor who has been releasing reports.

There was also this news in relation to the above report.
Yahoo news. March 2nd 10:50 pm

New details about possible sightings of missing girl Madeleine McCann are being released by a Portuguese prosecutor.
Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said there were 'quite a few potential sightings, I'm told'.

The new evidence is due out ' because four British newspapers have applied to the State Prosecutor in the Algarve", he cont'd.

Brunt said: "( the Prosecutor) has in these last few hours released details and information that has been given to Portuguese Police since they closed the official investigation.

Below my findings do seem to point out connections to the above posted information.

"I still see something on the internet - Im sure I mentioned this before but I just do see something that may come up. It might be posted by someone who is not nice or it could be to do with someone who spends time on the internet. ( I know we all do) but this is in connection with Gerry and kate and I assume negative messages about Maddie? or something of that ilk.

It could even be another picture or something where someone says they have found Maddie but it is,nt? Im not quite clear about this yet.


24 JANUARY 2010 MADELEINE TAROT (Extract from this tarot)

Normally the knights are about travel and travel into foreign country in this card, however this is reversed and it makes you wonder if its the opposite or whether its a withdrawal from that country. There seems to be some problem with travel on this card and some kind of 'miscommunications' going on as swords do tend to be air cards which are about communications in general. .................
It is the card of a reporter as well, someone who is spreading bad things - and that bothers me so Im wondering if the internet needs a good shake down because its possible that Madeleines picture could be on it. I do sense a foreign person - in this card ................Sometimes because there is a horse on the Knight, its taken for some kind of vehicle hence the travel link, but there is also the air link, so you could think aeroplane.....

UPDATE APRIL 10th 2010

Todays News is an update regarding Madeleine Mccann and a tarot from May 2009 that seemed to
validate todays news, that Hewlett, if he had known anything would not give up his secrets.

Here is todays story 10 April 2009.
‘Maddie perv’ dies with his secrets Published: Today

A PAEDOPHILE who was a prime suspect in the hunt for Madeleine McCann has died - taking any secrets he had to the grave.

Convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett, 64, died of throat cancer and was cremated at a pauper's funeral in Germany four months ago.

Here is the tarot from May 2009.

25 May Does Hewlett know where Maddie is ?

« Thread Started on May 25, 2009, 15:50 »

I asked the question because of all the latest reports. I have already done one tarot on this man Hewlett.

According to tarot, when asking if Hewlett knows where Madeleine is tarot tells us to 'look for synchronicity'.

When we receive a magician we have to understand that a Magician can make things look what they are not.

Magicians play tricks, they make you believe something yet they themselves know how things are done. They know that what they show you is not the case.

This card though is a card of manifestation, it is also a card of extreme intelligence and it is also related to the number ONE.

88 DAYS is also attached to this card though for what timing I am not sure how that would connect right now.

Because this card is a card of vulgar trickery, people will want to fathom out those tricks because it seems this man holds some information back. The one in this card links to initiation - and seems to tell us it is the right direction.

The right direction could possibily be supplied by this man Hewlett. Perhaps he is aware of something that can lead to Madeleine being found. He has not been singled out for nothing it seems. However, this is the card of ILLUSION too - its a manipulating card which can make the magician shallow.

So perhaps it is a card of little depth to the question and perhaps no affinity can be attached to this.

So what I would think about this question and this answer is that perhaps it is the right direction to follow in that the ball has now started to roll and some news and facts have been unearthed, but to expect this man to tell us anything...Im feeling that might not happen. He is going to keep his secrets of his tricks to himself?


I suggest you now read the latest post on Madeleines case and Mr Hewletts son you can find it on this link - it seems to validate the above tarot.


Also 'relevant' tarot -

25 May Tarot TO 'WHOEVER'

« Thread Started on May 25, 2009, 19:17

Do we wait until the knight expires on his four of swords?
Did we wait until we knew he lay before we came forwards?
Did we feel that after travelling long the time had come to rest?
Did we think that this would be the time that we could choose for best?
Did we think the guilty could go free to let innocent not be jailed?
Did we think we could delay the news until that one was frail?
Did a church or hospital become the place for our illusion?
Did we know we could escape some truth by pointing out confusion?
Did we think it is the only way to exonerate ourselves?
Did we think that no one can penetrate our finger pointing tales?
Did we travel long and hard and wait for what we want to do?
Did we think that best was someone else so it cannot be you?
Did we think we get our own back and why not - we cant be cheated -
Did we think it is the only way that Justice can be metered?


...."Lie low that thou do not be discovered and go not until one can be sure the coast is clear....."


Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I have had many insights into Madeleines case. I have been working to try to upload everything to one blogger just for her. This takes time and I have other cases to read - but will link it to this blogger when I eventually upload everything.

I have had quite a few visitors looking for Madeleine insights so I have posted the most recent one below. Tarot cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy. Everything it gives us is within the time region of past present and future and tarot can pick up anything whether false or true from the media or whatever is going on 'out there' The reading below trys to express where she is.
TAROT CANNOT BE CONSIDERED AS 100 PER CENT ACCURATE.PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


« Thread Started on Jun 27, 2010, 21:27 »

Here is an interesting card. Yes we have seen it before a few times. Sometimes reversed and othertimes upright to different questions.

This is a FOREIGN person card or 'FOREIGN'.

As we have asked the question where Madeleine Mccann is would it then be telling us she is either with someone who is Foreign or that she is in a foreign country - it is after all one of the keywords to the King of SWORDS.

I will first settle for the fact that she is in a FOREIGN country.

Foreign means, a place that is not her origin.

The country she is in is connected to POLICE MATTERS - one might think of Portugal again perhaps considering that it was there that these situations developed.

She is also connected to AUTHORITY in that Country as this card is about Law - AND Authority. It is a place that would be connected with 'darker skin' rather than fair people overall.

This card is also the Prince of the Chariot of the Winds and I connect this to aeroplanes. Therefore I think she is in a foreign country near an airport OR connected to Airports.

It is possible that this airport could be used for Military aircraft. I cannot suggest that as definate but I give what this card gives to me.

Aquarius rules this card meaning AIR - swords also mean Air and Communications.

We also have a link to 'armour' on this which with the Air sign is the reason I have suggested Airport particularly as there are also 'butterflies' on the back of the King of Swords Chair. They fly.

Further information from the King of Swords could throw other ideas into the air.

First of all we have to stick to the word FOREIGN COUNTRY because this is definately what I have been given.

Secondly, its just interesting that this card can give to us LAW, LAWYER, DOCTOR, SENATOR, JUDGE.

King of Swords has the keyword POWER attached to it.

The King of Swords is connected to TRAVEL and because of this I link Madeleine to somewhere that TRAVEL is prevelant.
I also see that there is NO WATER in the King of Swords, therefore my first thoughts of AIRPORT seem to be my first choice of where she may be or what she is connected to.

I also link Madeleine to computer technology, science and modern techniques of communication This is all part of the KING of SWORDS and also linked is the possibility of a child custody Battle. Considering that the King of Swords gives us a JUDGE - it could be that she is held in that kind of situation.

This all comes within the King of Swords.


From the above report it appears that Madeleines Uncle John Mccann has quit the fund. In the above tarot for June 30th 2010 - there is a little reference to change in family finance and the Autumn months. It makes you wonder whether that little line is connected to Mr Mccann's departure. As tarot is past present and future one can only record things but not know always whether to write in past present or future tense.


Madeleines case has been a huge source of concern for my forumers on our Missing children/person forum. Many insights are there that are not posted on this blogger. Here below is the most current insight posted today.

« Thread Started 30 June at 3:39 »

Asking about the possibility of Madeleine being alive we have a very strange situation.

Iching for example suggests that this is a difficult, dark situation. She will not be allowed to let her light shine and will have to hide who she really is. This would require perseverance until a better time comes.

There may come a time that there is a moment when everything is balanced. But the balance is very delicate. It requires caution and hard work to keep everything from falling apart.


According to tarot - this card above is the reason WHY Madeleine would have to hide who she is. You will notice immediately that it links directly to the Iching .
The supporting pentacles card appears to be for the 'Autumn' months and I do remember mentioning Autumn before in a tarot regarding messages for Kate. Pentacles can also signify an embarrassment or some concern about health and/or finances and perhaps the need to juggle these things.

Because this two projects obstacles and difficulties for the future it does seem to suggest something is hindering the process.

As you are aware it is the Summer that Madeleine disappeared and not the Autumn - yet it seems the Autumn has something to do with the reason why there is a balanced standoff - and it is that which is producing the possible embarrassment and worry regarding the healthiness of either the situation or Madeleine.

I always have thought of this card as a 'change' . So I think its quite possible that things 'changed in the Autumn' and because of that is the suggested answer for our question as to why Madelene would have to hide who she is. Perhaps even 'Family' change connected to finance? The health connection could suggest that it is associated with her health and well being?

This is starting to sound like she may have a new identity. If that is the case then we have already covered that in the tarot and possible might be the reason she 'cant be found' or appears to be hidden away.


Madeleine McCann

If you are a regular reader you will know that I have written hundreds of insights for Madeleine which I post on my missing childrens forum.

Over the time since this lovely little girl has been missing, she has had hundreds of supporters and nearly 500 on my forum - there is a faithful group there everyday always hoping to hear some good news that Maddie may be found. During the time I have written for Madeleine I have tried to post just interesting things here on the blogger, and some validations of the tarot I have seen with news reports to match them once the information shows up that tarot may have alluded to.

Just lately there has been another report that matches some tarot from 2008. I will post it below, its rather intriguing.

Thank you for your constant support of Madeleine and all the other children out there. They need you .

I have 'borrowed' a wonderful signature from one of our lovely members - you can see how much she cares for Madeleine and let it be a message to keep looking everyday.

This latest report seems to talk about a letter that was sent to Mr Hewletts son. Below that are extracts of tarot that seem to allude to a letter or document and could very well be pointing out this latest news a couple of years ago.


Published: Today
MADELEINE McCann suspect Raymond Hewlett confessed on his deathbed that he KNEW what happened to the little girl, The Sun can reveal.
In a letter to his estranged son Wayne, he denied having anything to do with Maddie's disappearance.

But he said he knew she had been stolen to order by a gipsy gang who kidnap children for wealthy couples unable to have kids or adopt.

Hewlett, a serial paedophile seen near the spot where Maddie was snatched in Portugal, said they had a "shopping list" of potential targets - such as a little girl with blonde hair like Maddie.

Private detectives working for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry are "extremely interested" in Hewlett's claims.

A source close to their ongoing investigation said: "What he says fits the No1 theory, which is that she was stolen to order."

Hewlett died of throat cancer in April, aged 62, after persistently refusing to meet the McCanns' detectives.

He became a suspect because of his appalling record of rape and abduction of children.

And he was living as a nomad in Portugal with his second family when Maddie vanished from the McCanns' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Hewlett's letter to builder Wayne, 40, was delivered to the son by a mystery man - thought to be a solicitor or a private eye - a week after he died.

Most of it was an apology for how his vile crimes had affected his first wife Susan and Wayne.

But then he went on to write about Maddie, who was nearly four when she went missing.

Wayne, of Telford, Shropshire, said: "It was a bolt from the blue and I shook when I read it.

"He stated he didn't want to go to his grave with us thinking he had done such a horrible thing.

"He said he had had nothing to do with taking Maddie but did know who had.

"He said a very good gipsy friend he knew in Portugal had got drunk and 'let it out' that he had stolen Maddie to order as part of a gang.

"My dad said this gang had been operating for a long time and had snatched children before for couples who couldn't have children of their own.

"Maddie had been targeted. They took photos of children and sent them to the people they were acting for. And they said Yes or No.

"Dad said the man told him it was nothing to do with snatching children for a paedophile gang or for a sexual reason.

"He said there were huge sums of money involved. And he totally believed what this man was saying."

The account fits with others surrounding the Maddie mystery.

Several strange men were seen taking photos of children around the Ocean Club resort in the days before she vanished. And The Sun revealed earlier this year that a British expat thought he had seen Maddie in a white van driven by a gipsy couple the day after she was lost.

Wayne, who had no contact with Hewlett for nearly 20 years, said his father's letter seemed "very genuine".

He added: "I don't know if this is what happened to Maddie or not, but it does make sense. I can't believe he'd go to those lengths to make up some elaborate lie when he was so weak and ill."

Wayne said he considered going to Kate and Gerry with the letter but was worried it could cause them more heartache if it gave them false hope. He added: "I actually burned it because it unnerved me so much.

"To have a letter from someone you hated for so long was just mind-blowing. I couldn't deal with it."

Wayne did not contact The Sun about the message. We learned of its existence through a friend.

But now he intends to sit down with the Maddie detectives to tell them everything he knows.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: "We are extremely grateful to Wayne for coming forward with this information and the detective team will be interviewing him as a matter of priority."


Please read this tarot below and compare with todays news report above.


 Tarot below is uploaded from my forum with accurate date and time of posting reflecting trends past present or future.
23/24 May 2008 Talking with Madeleine Tarot
« Thread Started on May 23, 2008, 23:29 »

A strategy is being mapped out by a crack team of specialists, people on the job to find Maddie. This mission WILL be completed with competence. Yes it will. The situation is in capable hands and the mission will succeed.

Im being told about a man who works in construction , hes going to move on to other adventures but he is there to give some kind of message, he breezes in, drops in like a stone out of the sky, he is a bit of a nomad, he travels does this man, goes here and there and everywhere, he seems important for some reason.. He was never going to be there forever anyway...this is a real outdoor person, might even be interested in archaeology though I dont know what this has to do with anything - does this relate to no stone unturned? Is this the final furlong, I feel it is, I feel this is the last stone to be unturned... someone will say something and he might not be able to be found afterwards because he just does not seem to be in the same place....his words...his words are the message, the courier...he might just have 'come across' Maddie by accident, but hes going to say so...thats what I feel this card is about.

Its like 'hes passing through' and what do you know? he sees her...thats
what it feels like...


« Thread Started on Feb 29, 2008, 2:05

The man at the centre of Madeleine is probably a TAURUS ( bull)
IE: KING OF COINS.This card belongs to the Court Cards of the Tarot and is known
to be The Builder


TONIGHTS INSIGHT 7 August Empathy.

« Thread Started on Aug 7, 2008, 0:41 »

There is also part of me that has been given a strange scenario where someone takes the 'can' in this case, but actually the real perpertrators walk away But is it a perpertrator, an abductor, a paedophile? I cant feel or see this because Madeleine Mccann seems to have always been connected to someone she knows in some way I have seen a love and a degree of pride with the person/persons around her so I have seen protection on her part but most
certainly she is not for public viewing


TONIGHTS INSIGHT 7 August Empathy.
« Thread Started on Aug 7, 2008, 0:41 »

I was also given a sealed letter which has shown up before and also with other psychics but the key in all of this is a matter of identity. I really think there is something wrong with Madeleines identity whether it was tampered with or whether it was changed is still just beyond my grasp. But there is a document that has revealing information in it and I have reported this in tarot myself.

also in that tarot is this quote.

Madeleine gave me rented homes/holiday homes and taking over territory so that led me to think about gypsies or travellers and she gave me this again. I still cant think of her as an urchin somewhere scratching around with a bunch of gypsies...though travel has figured very much in her tarot over the last year or so.

In the same tarot ......

This case is circles but the reassessment of it to understand anything is at the start and everything that is here and now is not the answer and I know I repeat what I have previously posted re-mentioning this. If the beginning is reassessed - the answer is really is,nt in anything that has followed and is clearly overlooked. The sealed envelope has something to do with this.

Dont forget - Tarot gives a series of MESSAGES and not everything in one tarot sitting is for the same time period or linked together. In each tarot sitting we are left to work things out even though we are given answers.

Tarot 17 April Madeleine
« Result #1 on Apr 17, 2008, 2:37 »

Madeleine has told me there is a written message

..she keeps telling me about messages in writing...theres letters to start ...

heres going to be something on paper written somewhere, I dont know where , I dont know what, a book, a letter, an epistle, something but I dont know annoying to not might be an official statement of sorts or something that is important that is like a legislation

8 August Freelance Insights. Empathy
« Thread Started on Aug 8, 2008, 2:28 »

There is a peadophile man who has some information. The information might have to be a SWOP or exchange of details. Madeleine not with paedophiles, but paedophile man can give some detail but wants something in return. Amsterdam highlighted for a reason...Amsterdam could be what is being said but not because Maddie is there - its a detail being given for something ELSE.

I really think it is just a coincidence more then anything else because of the rest of the tarot description but Hewletts son is called Wayne. Here we have Waynes initial but messages get muddled up sometimes and the whole tarot does,nt fit together but perhaps its bits and pieces I have not put together properly?????


Where are you Madeleine?« Thread Started on Sept 14, 2007, 17:55

This person has had damaging memories, hate bitterness and felt revenge. The revenge has burnt itself out now.This person is looking at future potential happiness now. It is a friend of the Mccanns. Someone who is prepared to forgive and forget now. This person now welcomes the friendship of those that hurt them as their friendship is now previous to this person. They have forgiven the ones that hurt them. This is a respected person who has had much grief and hurt. Madeleine brings purpose and inspiration to this person.

This person is living somewhere WEST. This person could write poetry. They are filled with warm feelings of love. This person has a 'host' in their mouth..this person could be very religious or have had something to do with religious, spiritual. A round circle with a cross in the middle - a cup with the name M or W on it is symbolic meaning only. Ace of Cups.


Curious really. I have made another comment on my forum about the 'burning of the letter'. I will not be putting that comment here at the current time.

Lets just say one thing here - Lincoln had a very famous 'phrase'.

Edit - quick update. 2 September 2010

This is curious.

This report is from a DUTCH newspaper regarding Wayne Hewlett and the
'letter' - I was skeptical about the 'burning' of this and it seems there is no mention of that in this report whatsoever!!

Tarot seemed to point to Amsterdam being linked and a paeodophile with information.. It is a Dutch newspaper that brings this information - and confirms much
of the tarot that has seen over two years ago.

8 August Freelance Insights. Empathy
« Thread Started on Aug 8, 2008, 2:28 »

There is a peadophile man who has some information. The information might have to be a SWOP or exchange of details. Madeleine not with paedophiles, but paedophile man can give some detail but wants something in return. Amsterdam highlighted for a reason...Amsterdam could be what is being said but not because Maddie is there - its a detail being given for something ELSE.



You might find this tarot very interesting from 2009 . It talks about Mr Hewlett and points out more or less exactly what we are learning now from the new report regarding the letter to Mr Hewletts Son. Its quite true that Mr Hewlett most definately did not tell publically what he knew and he was reported to have died with any knowledge he had just as tarot saw. - but apparently he told his son. Furthermore tarot appears to describe that Mr Hewlett had held information back - and indeed if this letter turns out to be a valid account - tarot was very accurate. I have uploaded it
below from my forum


25 May Does Hewlett know where Maddie is ?

« Thread Started on May 25, 2009, 15:50 »

I asked the question because of all the latest reports. I have already done one tarot on this man Hewlett.

According to tarot, when asking if Hewlett knows where Madeleine is tarot tells us to 'look for synchronicity'.

When we receive a magician we have to understand that a Magician can make things look what they are not.

Magicians play tricks, they make you believe something yet they themselves know how things are done. They know that what they show you is not the case.

This card though is a card of manifestation, it is also a card of extreme intelligence and it is also related to the number ONE.

88 DAYS is also attached to this card though for what timing I am not sure how that would connect right now.

Because this card is a card of vulgar trickery, people will want to fathom out those tricks because it seems this man holds some information back. The one in this card links to initiation - and seems to tell us it is the right direction.

The right direction could possibily be supplied by this man Hewlett. Perhaps he is aware of something that can lead to Madeleine being found. He has not been singled out for nothing it seems. However, this is the card of ILLUSION too - its a manipulating card which can make the magician shallow.

So perhaps it is a card of little depth to the question and perhaps no affinity can be attached to this.

So what I would think about this question and this answer is that perhaps it is the right direction to follow in that the ball has now started to roll and some news and facts have been unearthed, but to expect this man to tell us anything...Im feeling that might not happen. He is going to keep his secrets of his tricks to himself???



This following tarot is quite stunning. It is from July this year. It accurately points out someone with the name
W - and talks about Paedophiles and drinking. This is completely relevant with the latest news report about Mr Hewletts son and what he has to say and.....his name is WAYNE.


« Thread Started on Jul 27, 2010, 4:23 »

When I look at the card for Madeleine I am getting the letter W which has absolutely no help references with it, except that it represented a new beginning.

I am still of the impression that someone thought that Madeleine would be better off with them.

There is a king of cups in the cards which is worrying when its reversed because you do think of peadophiles or pretty sneaky type men or women who are up to no good and like a drink or two -



8 August Freelance Insights. Empathy
« Thread Started on Aug 8, 2008, 2:28 »

There is a peadophile man who has some information. The information might have to be a SWOP or exchange of details. Madeleine not with paedophiles, but paedophile man can give some detail but wants something in return. Amsterdam highlighted for a reason...Amsterdam could be what is being said but not because Maddie is there - its a detail being given for something ELSE.

Tarot suggested on 8th August 2008 (above) that Hewlett wanted to exchange or swop details for something.

This report tells us that tarot is correct. Hewlett wanted thousands of pounds to give information and the detectives refused. See link below. -clue.html

But he vowed
only to reveal where he was the night she went missing if he was paid thousands of pounds.
Kate and Gerry McCann’s private detectives refused the request.



I have written hundreds of tarot reports for Madeleine Mccann which are on my forum for the Missing. Today we have had a new news report regarding the Mccanns in their search for Madeleine and I looked at the pictures on the link ( you can find it below) to ask three questions that everybody will want to know. I have given an extremely brief synopsis of what these cards have given to me. I still ask everyone to support the Mccanns and still look for Madeleine along with all the other children and people lost in the world today.

Tarot is NEVER 100 per cent accurate and I ask everyone to read but take a second opinion.

The tarot below is in response to the latest News report.



« Thread Started Today at 17:58 »

Todays News report in Novembers current Madeleine threads I posted the latest appeal. It is already mentioned on the forum.

I looked at the pictures there from the Suns Newspapers and I asked why the Mccanns need more money in respect of Madeleine?

Tarot gave to me the seven of wands.


I asked tarot if the Mccanns knew where Madeleine was and Tarot gave to me the Four of Pentacles reversed.


I asked tarot where Madeleine was November 3rd 2010 and Tarot gave to me Judgement reversed.


Now I will go through these questions and write what tarot has said .

The First Card asking why the Mccanns need more money is because they have to 'fight off adversity'.

This is a wands card and the fire of Wands is action. It is very suggestive of someone literally fighting people who are brandishing staves at them. The obvious answer is that they need the money to gain a victory and to beat the oppression. This is not a seeking card though and it is also next to the eight of wands which shows some very swift activity during the period of possibly eight weeks that might be from the time of this card perhaps. There is also a dark haired person mentioned in this card - though I have always seen Wands as Red headed people so not sure why dark hair is mentioned.

The fact that the person who is standing on that hill fighting people off is wearing TWO different shoes shows there would be likely TWO different reasons for this finance being required.

The person on the hill is the person who is the one with vantage point. It makes you wonder whether thats the one with the red hair???? (Still a puzzle about dark mentioned here)

This money is to allow them to take a stand against struggles.
Or to stand against or stand up for themselves in the face of someone ELSE?

But this card can be like a boss at a rally, like a team member who has to get others together to go out and fight so its to rouse up the support.

That would make sense when we think of getting people to stand together for a cause. So this card does seem to bear that out?

So I will leave that as being the reasons for the required extra finance.

Next up we have the Four of Pentacles which came as the answer from tarot as to whether the Mccanns might know where Madeleine is.

Well if you put that card upright it shows someone hugging material matters to themselves and in the reversed cards they are simply letting material matters go.

What that could mean is that there is a lack of something that is dependable or reliable. So they may not know where Madeleine is. That card though is MONEY that is what pentacles are - material things. I dont know but I guess a human is a material thing too - ?

If they did know where Madeleine was then there would not be any more money in the pot is another way of looking at it as reversed and upright this is a 'closed wallet'. But we have asked about Madeleine and not money and when this card is reversed it shows that they have LOST this person OR the person is lost to them and there is 'no money to keep her' OR for her upkeep?

We could look at the next card and see if it throws any further light perhaps and that would be the 5 of pentacles.

The five of pentacles reversed shows that there is no help given and that these two people are 'on their own'. It does suggest that Madeleine is lost to them therefore and that they dont have enough money to find her.

Looking at the third card Judgement reversed is asking where Madeleine is todays date.

Judgement sits between the Sun and the World.

The simple answer is away from the family and the world means not travelling or somewhere the world is upside down which could mean Australia or places the world is reversed.

Judgement itself can represent the sins of the past, people from the past, keep turning up. There seems to be no escape This could also not be about people but about illnesses that keep reoccurring and could show the person with a health issue, near a hospital or someplace regarded as a 'recovery' place for sick people. Sick people can be on this card.

This card can suggest that Madeleine is no longer with us but when its reversed shows 'no interest in the spiritual' this card could show that she has moved on because the past held her back. It could show being reborn to a new life.

They really may have lost Madeleine as I do recall a new identity and name for her.

But this mystery will continue until we have real concrete answers.
I will also mention that Judgement itself reversed is scratching its OWN head and saying well, I dont have any true clarity about this.

Judgement is all about tombs and the dead and people coming back from the dead when you reverse that Im not sure if someone can come back. So this is very stark tarot today it could mean that Madeleine is 'dead' figuratively ie, her being Madeleine Mccann in name but that she has gone forward into a new life as someone else. Again all I can say is that tarot will recognise the name but does,nt seem to 'have this name' to be able to talk about her.

If she is allive - she is,nt called Madeleine and I did forsee this quite some time ago.



Mr and Mrs Mccann are writing a book on Madeleine - here is the news report


Please see below that tarot did indeed see the Mccanns on a book signing tour in May 2008 uploaded from my forum. Special thanks to Lil for finding this tarot amongst the many tarot articles over the last three and half years. What this shows us is that tarot can write events with a time pocket that can show up quite some distance ahead so I am pleased to find this event has shown up albeit quite some time later.


12 May Madeleine Tarot received this morning
« Thread Started on May 12, 2008, 13:59 »

Let me tell you one thing, the Mccanns are going to go on a Book signing tour.. Wait and see....will we be told something before then? I mention this all the same the tour will take them around the world. The world is a 'quick' card its a successful card and I feel it is very positive indeed.



NEWS UPDATE 11/01/2012


Madeleine McCann hunt has cost £2.5million so far
Exclusive by Martin Fricker, Daily Mirror 11/01/2012

Read more:



Principally West direction. Places exposed to light and air or high off the ground. Places where the air is clear and sharp, ie, mountains and hillsides. Other thoughts, windmills and places that deal with the processing of wind power. Places where hunting and hawking is used - air force bases, airports, and high communication towers, sandy and gravely ground, saw-pits, places where wood is cut or stored, and to barns or out-houses away from other buildings.
If inside buildings, near windows or off the floor towards the ceiling, ventilation ducts, the upper rooms in houses, garrets, chambers and rooms that lie inside others, such as walk-in wardrobes.


Countries that could come up in the course of events:

Higher regions of Austria, Alsace and Arles in France, Estonia and Latvia, Lisbon in Portugal, Frankfort and Spires in Germany, Vienna, Thebes in Greece and Fribourg in Switzerland.

Footnote Empathy:

There are certain things that have always appeared in Tarot regarding Madeleine that were unexplainable. Firstly my first thought of Madeleine was a Castle. This was completely clear to me and was also confirmed by another Psychic colleague who also saw this 'castle'. It may have been symbolic but curious that two people received this almost simultaneously.

The other link was America which did come up in the form of Kevin Halligan who it seemed turned out to be a bit of a rogue regarding finance. However, it is interesting to note that much of Madeleines Tarot kept presenting virgins/births/rebirths/marriages etc. It brought up much conversation about IVF and whether she was 'another persons egg' to which they later wished to reclaim the child. Much conversation has been covered with Madeleine in general.

But I also feel that Virgin Birth could also relate to VIRGINIA as a location name and it is thought that Kevin Halligan had a ranch out at Great Falls in Virginia. So one might wonder again whether that was just a connection to him.

Horses and farms have been seen in the Tarot in the past but Tarot picks up all kinds of connections rather then be able to name a location itself. It seemed Madeleine was also linked to a hearth, fire and home. The Mccanns did have a picture of their fire mantel with blocked letters of Madeleine put on there.

Tarot seemed to have picked up news stories in advance but whether it has hit her location at any time is unknown. It seems to me that Tarot has mostly told me that it is a secret. The initials B, J, D and R have come up very strongly as connecting factors but to this day there has been no recovery of Madeleine. Tarot pointed out a very long time ago that there is something wrong regarding her identity using the word 'imposter' . It is all still very much the mystery it was and appears to remain that way at the current time. I am not sure how the truth of the matter will be broken but maybe one day it will? It seems to me that Tarot picked up many things but one factor has always been extremely prevalent and that is that Madeleines disappearance is linked to something in the past and that person/persons responsible are either known or linked to immediate friends or family.


A record of information/timelines is kept updated on this blog.

Gerry McCanns Blogs by Pamalam


Madeleine McCann case should be reopened, says Met

READ MORE HERE - McCann case should be reopened, says Met

Police release age-enhanced image of what missing girl might look like now, suggesting evidence that she might be still alive
Madeleine McCann

McCann aged four, left, and how police think she may look like today. Officers believe she was abducted by a stranger. Photograph: Teri Blythe/Metropolitan Police/PA
Scotland Yard is calling for the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance to be reopened, as detectives revealed there is evidence to suggest she might be alive.
Senior detectives within the Metropolitan police have been reviewing the Portuguese inquiry into the girl's disappearance for a year. On Wednesday – as the fifth anniversary of her disappearance approaches – police released an age-enhanced image of what she might look like now.



Madeleine McCann: Portuguese police refuse to reopen case

The Guardian -
Police in Portugal have refused to reopen the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The decision came after Scotland Yard urged authorities to resume their investigation and released a new "age-progressed" image showing what she might ...


  • 28 Apr 2012 02:00

Maddy case must be reopened: Cop who led the botched Portuguese hunt calls on authorities to act

Goncarlo Amaral is being sued by the McCanns but even so sided with the couple after Portuguese authorities refused to reopen the case

Maddy case must be reopened: Cop who led the botched Portuguese hunt...

Click here to find out more!
  • 28 Apr 2012 02:00

Maddy case must be reopened: Cop who led the botched Portuguese hunt calls on authorities to act

Goncarlo Amaral is being sued by the McCanns but even so sided with the couple after Portuguese authorities refused to reopen the case

Was it Maddy? Woman says when she reported sighting to cops she got no response Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are following up on a potential sighting just days after the youngster went missing.


    UK News :: Madeleine McCann file kept secret - Breaking news from around the UK.

Whilst looking for news for Madeleine, I also spotted this news below. From the very outset of my Tarot I was given America and how odd that this gentleman is saying similar!

Burnley psychic in hunt for missing Madeleine McCann - Strange ... › NewsStrange But True
10 Jun 2012 – A BURNLEY psychic medium who helped the FBI catch a serial killer has spoken out about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.


New Report Finds Madeleine McCann Could Be Alive—And Living as Someone Else’s Daughter

A report by a former British police detective finds McCann, the four-year-old who went missing in 2007 during a family holiday in Portugal, is likely being raised by another family as their own.


  1. Madeleine McCann mum becomes ambassador for missing people

    The Sun‎ - 2 days ago
    MOTHER of a 3-year-old girl who vanished in Portugal in 2007, is beginning a new role as official ambassador for the UK charity Missing ...


Madeleine McCann 2012 reported sightings « McCann Exposure ...
17 Jul 2012 – Madeleine #McCann spotted in Harvest Foods, Grand Coulee Dam, WA... in May of 2007 and now she has been seen in Grand Coulee Dam, WA on July 11 2012 ... A witness announced itself at the British police and indicated shortly after this disappearance to have seen a similar blond girl in Spain – in ...

Steven Johnson - McCann Exposure: Exposing myth, distortion ...
17 Jul 2012 – Madeleine #McCann spotted in Harvest Foods, Grand Coulee Dam, WA... Cops took my girl's clothes to see if they were Maddie's ... In the badly-written note, he said: “If the police have any proof, it's been falsified. ... McLeod, 45, from Stornoway, Lewis, was sentenced to 15 years, while Terence McGurk, ...


Bode was so convinced the girl on his Lufthansa flight was Maddie, who disappeared from Portugal in 2007, he immediately contacted the British police.
“The woman at the hotline said it is on file, but that’s all she said.
“I’m mainly interested in the family getting the photo, but it’s difficult to find a channel through which to contact them.”
When the Olive Press contacted British police about Bode’s report, they said: “At this time we cannot find any record of his information.”

Madeleine McCann probe may be wound down

Met Police Commissioner indicates investigation into disappearance of Madeleine McCann may be stopped.

24 Aug 2012



  1. hi
    are you going to draw another card for madeleine ,

  2. i'm making a video for her, on youtube.
    i really want her to come back home, with her family. she deserves a better life.

  3. There are tarots from 2007 on Madeleine that I have written but so many to print here. I will try to upload a few more.

    The main findings that come out very frequently are based on my findings on this blogger. Not much varies though tarot did pick up a few other things that were going on. I shall try to post some examples.

    I do find the case of Madeleine peculiar in truth but I dont lose sight of hope in finding her.


  4. oh i am so sorry for your daughter i hope you find her the 1st time i read this i nearly criedc and good luck in the futre xxxxxxxxx

  5. are you still searching for maddie?

  6. Yes I still write for Madeleine as she is an ongoing case.


  7. I read about your tarot card readings, The Magician coming up on the Madeleine McCann case, etc. Synchronicity? How bout many synchronicities...? Enough so that it almost scares me. And I hear/see dead peeps, so not just any ole thing scares me ;~)

    Sometimes a person is holder of a secret simply because no one else knows; not realizing they have a secret til later, when they realize that no one else knows, or maybe after a poet like me reads the beautiful poem written by Simon Armitage, The Beacon.

    It seems I am the one with a secret, I am the Beacon.

    Who will listen though? In the meantime I've been laying low alright, so as not to have some silly skeptic demand a psychological evaluation or a supernatural demonstration (always be careful with that one.)

    To beautiful Miss Maddie, I am the American woman.

    Ms. M, in AZ
    (Will check back for new comments soon.)

  8. MS.M in AZ.

    There will always be skeptics, but a thousand skeptics cannot take away a 'gift'.

    Take heart.


    1. Thank you again, so very much Empathy. Your words & messages are a great lift to my inner spirit. Relocated recently for work opportunities, to the best of the west. Lots of horses, farms, mountains, clear fresh air & wind turbines. And you're right, the town airport is used primarily for military aircraft. #1 represents Metatron; I had a major near-death experience during that bad car crash, but archangels in force made sure I came back (rebirth) & I've been "re-virginated" for a couple years now. Priorities have changed & well worth it.
      Light, Peace & Joy to you JNL.
      Secret Lady M aka American Girl
      (with patience up the wahoo!)

  9. And now Amaral's book is on sale again...
    I came here to read about Zahra but Madeleines case has always worried me. I do not believe she is dead, I hope and pray that she will be found.
    I have enjoyed reading your insights, thank you

  10. I have updated Madeleines tarot 3 November 2010 it is at the bottom of the above tarot readings.


  11. Intuitive thoughts say she is now dead- connection to bookshop in Madrid- mountain tours, mine shaft
    links to pedophile ring

  12. Hello Empathy, Please will you be so kind and ask the Tarot again, if we will get answers to Madeleine? Will it come to light what happend to her? Will Mr and Mrs McCann have closure? Or will she return back with her biological family? And also, when? Thank you very kindly. from Lizy

  13. do u still think she is in America?? there was a news article released talking about Maddie being in America heres the linkk -->>
    I feel u r in the right direction here, please continue to do readings on her, I dreamed of her being found, she was around 9 or 11 she looked older she still had blond hair and she spoke another language. ( do not take this into consideration though, I might be wrong)

    1. Your not wrong,madeleine is coming home when she is 11years old xxx always believe in your gut feeling xxx the world can have 2 Christmases this year xxx

    2. Madeleine would be 13 now already 11 when you posted this statement, do you mean when 11 yrs missing justice will be served. Something is is in the air

  14. will you do tarrot again for madeleine mccann please empathy when you have a minute i know you have done many over 4 yrs but a fresh look who knows what might appear please look thankyou

  15. Yes, please do another reading as I am finding this very interesting. You keep re-iterating that you do not think Kate and Gerry are guilty of anything but then your readings are telling another story funnily enough. For example, you say the money from the Madeleine fund is being used to fight something, when in fact the McCanns are using that money to sue anyone who says they are lying. So it seems you are right on that for example, but it does not reflect well on the McCanns in my view as the money would be better spent actually looking for this little girl instead of lawyer's fees. Maybe they know there is no point looking for her. You obviously are big-hearted and do not want to be nasty about people who have lost their daughter but my experiences of human beings allows me to sometimes think the worst of them. Keep up the interesting readings! Best wishes.

    1. I also read into Empathy's readings the same as you, she hits spot on, but as a lot of people have been fed by the Media it would fogged up any genuine readers visions.
      It was Admiral that got crowd funding via the public & only last week (sept 16)the McCanns were out asking for donations to the fund as if they have to pay their court cost they will only have £46.000 left of £5.000.000 , I sense a Panic in the air & I do wonder if their appeal to Supreme court is not going well

  16. Thank you for your comment.

    What I have actually maintained is that the Mccanns did not MURDER their daughter and were not guilty of THAT. Many rumours have insisted they did but tarot disagrees with that.

    Regarding the funds, tarot pointed out a huge problem with these as it felt there was some problem about where they were going. It later transpired that Kevin Halligen who was procured as an investigator to find Madeleine was using this to spend on his own luxuries including a house in Grand Falls Virginia.


  17. Yes, there is the Halligen fraud, but a far more obvious misappropriation of the Madeleine fund is to use it for legal fees, which is what the McCanns have been doing from the beginning. I think those decent people who have given to this fund would be shocked if they realised this.

  18. It has been essential to spend funds on legal fees since certain individuals have been doing things which would have compromised the ongoing police investigation. They had to be stopped in order for the investigation to proceed. The mccanns absolutely do not wish to spend essential funds on this I am sure but have no choice with the huge amount of negative sensationalist opportunist hoping to make a quick buck out of a missing child, regardless of the consequences to the case. Empathy what are the tarots saying about Madeleine this summer please?


  20. Hello Empathy, I found your site by chance while looking for information on Lisa Irwin.

    I wondered if you were aware that four members of the McCann group set up Robert Murat and if you are also aware that held in the secret PJ files there may be information that proves Madeleine was not left alone at night ..there was no neglect ?

    Also are you aware that Fiona Payne admitted in her rogatory statement that one of the group each evening did not attend dinner due to sickness. If ALL children were together and an adult away from table each evening we then have a big problem...No Neglect so no abduction !the abduction is alleged to have taken place in 3 minutes with McCann, Wilkins and Tanner all in front of the apartment.

    All of this information can be found in the PJ Files.

    1. Yes this is very interesting thank you for telling me.


    One more point of interest Empathy.

    The cots, seen in seperate rooms the morning of May 2nd by the cleaner. Link to witness statement.

    There of course would be many reasons why a parent would change cots from room to room. The Fact they denied doing so to me raises a red flag.

  22. And yes JNL, Miss Maddie has another name. Long ago I gave her another, like a nickname. I too use many.

    Perhaps Captain Wales is interested, the Apache helo pilot in training. If he's still in the Yuma area, I am not far.

    Light & Peace to you JNL!
    American English Lady M


    Madeleine McCann case should be reopened, says Met
    READ MORE HERE - McCann case should be reopened, says Met

    Police release age-enhanced image of what missing girl might look like now, suggesting evidence that she might be still alive

  24. Hi Empathy

    Tarot talked about ORANGE could it be GRANGE ???


    1. orange!! A GIANT ORANGE

    2. Orange...or could be on the range...

    3. Okay, okay, I spotted the ORANGE highlighted "buzz" words several days ago. Takes some time to pore through the miles of posts here. Couple years ago printed 58 pages for us girls. Do you really have hundreds of pages, miles worth, on your member's forum for Miss Maddie?
      ORANGE has BIG-TIME dual meaning to us girls. Orange has always come thru, a word repeatedly written in 4yrs of journal notebooks & other notes...from the beginning, with the major chunk of details in a filing folder and stored in a manila envelope the metal closing clip long broke off of.
      And oh yeah, ORANGE highlighted "sniffer", followed by 5 "dogs". My sniffer is sensitive too. And I've been known to speak dog. Heck, I've been known to teach dogs a little human spoken language. At least 5 dogs were not barking "bullshit" at me, they were barking "bullshit" with me, my back-up singers, my choir. (Was funny as all get out!)
      I'm backing the 5 ORANGE cadaver "dogs" and their sniffers. From personal experience, there is no mistaking the death scent.
      Empathy, on Aug. 5th, 2009, you posted "...I'll be gone fishing a long time no doubt-" Yes this fish went fishing for Robert William Fisher, starting early 2010, and it's been long enough.
      Orange and Blue (her team's colors).
      Yellow, recently painted yellow; that small guest house with inside stairs going up to the front door. Your drawing of that guest house is darn near uncanny. Waaaay protected in that house; unexpected security, quite the neighborhood watch!

      I love the neighbor's backyard blue star.

      YELLOW is good too, a good sign.

      Purple is good too please, with sparkle...I'm still a chick, nerdy but purdy!

      Bless your heart JNL/Empathy.

      American Girl (Still, with secret up the wahoo!)

    4. Or even Orange County, a very affulent area of USA

    5. Valencia...oranges....
      And an old & ancient bridge nearby.

      Thank you again, <3 Marvin.
      Secret Lady, American Girl

    6. Yes I do have 'miles' of tarot posts on Madeleine. Let me know if you want me to spend the time to post them all - ?

  25. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could please do another reading for Madeleine.

  26. Hi Empathy.
    i was wondering if you've picked up on hypnotism in any of your readings?

    1. Dunno exactly if Empathy and/or the Tarot cards picked up on hypnotism in the readings. There is a Tarot posting that quite possibly is referring to affects on a person by something similar.

      The body/mind has an array of self-protective mechanisms. When truly needed, instantaneous protective mechanisms can be so instantaneous that it can take awhile to realize how you & your mind/body responded in protecting the integrity of your mind/body. EDMR can be one of those instantaneous protective mechanisms, protecting immediately to get thru the event. Not all emotionally traumatic events have the same emotions involved.

      For some of us, there is not enough hypnotism in existence to make us forget. Not enough alcohol, not enough drugs of any kind, not enough tranquilizers.

      Pure unforgettable beautiful love.
      THE most powerful force in all creation.

    2. Just as an aside - people who 'want to forget' are afraid to live. We have life challenges to face and help us evolve. It is too easy to block out unpleasant things and does not solve anything.

  27. Dear Dear Empathy,
    Do believe us girls figured out the "castle" part.
    My middle finger, my EAGLE has been known to land on a map. And that it did. (Most commonly known as map dowsing.)

    Am at a loss for words right now...

    Thank you again so very much Empathy.
    Us Secret Girls!

  28. My Dear Empathy, youre work on Maddie is incredible and has now got me thinking about her a lot, It may be coincidence that Halligan (who deceived Kate and Gerry) lived in Virginia USA and thats what tarot are indicating. The Virginia link has come up once or twice...I may be wrong there. I hope little Maddie is found alive and well and returned to her family very soon. Could you please do another reading for her Empathy love n light Sandy x


  29. My spouse and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking into your web page again

  30. It's a shame you don't hаve a donatе button! I'd most certainly donate to this superb blog! I suppose for now i'll settle fοr booκmагking and addіng your RSS fеed to my Google acсоunt. I look foгwarԁ tο brand nеw updateѕ and will talk about this blog wіth my Facebook group. Τalk sοon!

  31. Hi I аm ѕo glad I founԁ уour website, I reаlly found уou by mistake, whilе Ӏ waѕ looking on Goοgle fοr something еlѕе, Regardless I am here now and wοulԁ just like tо sау thank you for a fаntastic post and а all round entertaining blog (I also love thе theme/design), I don't have time to look over it all at the moment but I have saved it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the awesome job

  32. You delete what you want?? hmmm, Not bashing anyone BUT that child is dead, there is proof. So sad that everyone wont let her soul RIP.. This has gone on long enough already, The sniffer dogs dont lie, come on now, and the MCcanns left all them babies by theirself in a different country what GOOD parent does that, they are not good parents.

    1. I think your comment is worthy of publishing as you have an opinion and a right to that. I was referring in my comment to RUDE comments and comments that suggest MURDER by the parents. That is slander and cannot be published here by law. I think also that you should read my tarot carefully clearly. It is a known fact that I do not support any parent that leaves their child alone for one night let alone night after night and my views on this have been public for five years.

      However, I only write what I have from the Tarot and it is not up to me to point fingers at people. You read as you find here.

  33. and of course you wont post my comment becasue you dont want to hear the truth, RIP Maddie, you are in a better place and always protected by God since your parents left you alone and a horrible accident happened. Justice has no time limit remember that Mccanns

    1. Of course I will. Truth is not truth unless truth is produced. I write from an ubiased standpoint at all times for all cases therefore your comment is irrelevant as to what I think. I write what Tarot gives and that is it - period. I write for hundreds of cases and Madeleine is one of them within the five years I have worked for the missing. You may post exactly what you wish here and your opinions as long as they are not slanderous so thank you for visiting and for your opinion. Every opinion is valuable regardless of whether it holds weight or not eventually.

    2. You say you don't point the finger, but you have made reference To Snr Amiral many times with a negative view. Now he made £360.000 on his book but can't spend any of it as all his assets are frozen & have been since 2009 to date Your not being impartial as you fail to mention Kate's book & them paying out of the funds £500.000 to a PR company to keep them on the front pages, I guess not to search for their Daughter, but to get the donations. The fund has been published & I read it dont add up. Kate was supposed to put her book sales in the fund, but when it was announced Op Grange was finishing, it came out that the McCann's would transfer personal money from the sale of book into fund, do they think people have short memories as they seem to have. Now if you were innocent tell me why would you refused a lie detector or would only do one if the rules they laid down applied of which the expert said it was impossible. Also I dont see the word murder here, only in your post.
      I admire what you do & from what i have read I cn see you have hit the nai on the head, but you like many others have been brainwashed this the intention that was set out to do, for the first was to say the shutters had been broken for the abductor to get in, the next example a photo put out all over the world of a 2 yr old girl instead of a 4 yr old.
      Your stance on cadaver being planted is typical of people wearing rose tinted specks
      I do not have your insight or gift, but i was supicious from the start & I never took looking into this case until Oct 2013, I have received a sog & within the song it tells a story, the child has her wings & I think you know that as you have not blogged on this case since 2014, also in you last reading says you are not seeing something. I can see from the outside looking in & I can take everything you have said but it is not as you are reading it. There are many clues that you predicted that have come right, but not in the McCanns favor.
      Maddie will never be found she has been cremated either with the old lady or flown home in the private jet & had a back door cremation, remember Kate phoned her friend in UK at the crack of dawn while on hols, The friends husband was a Pathologist. We all know that Dr's watch each others backs & a dodgy death certificate is not hard to get if your a Dr of Death. remember McCanns had free use of Sir Philip greens private Jet, lets hope he is as Charitable & gives back BHS staff their pensions he embezzled

  34. Hey there! I've been reading your web site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  35. Dear Dear Empathy,
    Wanna' let you know with regards to Miss Maddie & your card readings; I do believe I'm at the "Virginia" part, since I'm currently staying at "The Virginian Lodge." And how I look forward to the most important part, remeeting again. Plus, he is the one, that will help me with the completion of my mission.
    Fishing has been back-burnered for some time now.
    Thank you Empathy, for your incredibly accurate tarot readings on Miss Maddie McCann. I'm ready for the final part of my mission, it's just taking a ridiculous amount of time.
    Thank God, He blessed me with lots of patience...secret!
    Many Blessings to you Empathy,
    Secret American Lady
    (P.S. You do celebrity tarot readings...and I get lots of dead celebrity spirits visiting me!)

  36. Dear Dear Empathy,
    How I'd like to be of more help in missing children/persons cases, be of more help to you in the work you do on such cases.
    But until my mission with Miss Maddie's case is complete, I am being held so many ways. And although my face may have a smile & others think I'm fine, the truth is I am so very sad and my heart aches. Moving on with my life has not been very productive, not much at all.
    Again, yes there are two of us that re-met. And until we re-meet again, I'm just mostly so sad inside myself and simply continue from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, taking each moment, day and week as it comes. Brighter days have got to come for me soon. Thank you so much, for reading my messages.
    Light & Peace,
    Secret Sad Lady M

    1. Secret Sad Lady M,
      It is everyone's sadness here. Helping others helps remove the pain for now. I believe she is still around. It is amazing how people can hide. Someone with money or someone who knows her,has her. It was a remote place. Most abductors look in big cities or off main highways for abductions.She is with someone who loves her as much as her parents do.

  37. That child is somebody elses baby that they took back, because the maccanns betrayed them.

  38. please do a reading to actually focus on where madelaines body is! There are only 2 scenarios, Jerry and Kate, obviously lied and repeatedly and many of their interviews gave so many answers which are believed because of their social status. It will be better to bring everything to a close and feel peace.

    1. You are obviously not familiar with my work for Madeleine? I have written hundreds of Tarots in her respect. There is no point writing the same things over and over again. With Madeleines case there is only ONE thing anyone has to do and that is WAIT. Its a waiting game as simple as that Im afraid. There are also dozens of cases pending here and I will be dealing with them first out of courtesy to those who have been very patient.

      I hope this helps.

  39. waiting, one only waits when one is expecting a certain something to happen, could she possibly be in a coma, from an accident and looked after by somebody elsewhere, so that the maccans would not be blamed for sedating their children so that they could have a good time. What does tarot pick up on that idea Empathy.

    1. There is no concrete evidence to prove anything regarding the Mccanns - evidence has to be validated with fact. Reading the facts of this case one can only make suggestions in the meantime until validation of thoughts becomes available. That has not occurred as yet.

  40. this is all rubbish, she is dead, get real, find the body the maccans put in a grave.

    1. Can you CONFIRM this is 'all rubbish'? I dont think so as Tarot has clearly outlined situations that have occurred at a later date. Furthermore, you are accusing a family of disposing of their daughter. Do you have proof? please provide the validation for that and remember that your comment can be considered defamation and slander.

  41. I am spooked Empathy. You do a tarot reading for Madeleine a couple of days ago and today there is the article in the Daily Mail that claims Madeleine could be in Russia. This is on the same day as the asteroid is alleged to have caused all that carnage in Russia....

    In fact there seems to have been alot happening around the world this week the biggest piece of news being the Pope's announcement that he is retiring :-/

    Lil x

    1. Thank you for letting me know Lil. I have updated with that News report.

  42. i pray Madeleine is found soon. This breaks my heart, my daughter is 3 y/o and I cannot imagine a greater horror of not knowing where my child is. God desires all to be saved. (1 Timothy 2:4; and 2 Peter 3:9) The missing children cannot escape on their own. They can only be set free through the name, blood and authority of Jesus Christ, in prayer.

  43. Me again...

    Gerry and Kate McCann were interviewed on Andrew Marr's show this morning, relates back to the findings of the Leveson enquiry and the press:

    McCanns decry Royal Charter press regulation 'compromise'

    Lil x

  44. To ALL interested parties:
    Believe you me, Miss Maddie is NOT in Russia!
    Just because I'm "holed up" in my own personal Siberia, DOES NOT mean Miss Maddie is literally in Russia. Get real folks!
    Yes, I SAW her standing right next to me, the beautiful spirit she is. She is with me often, in spirit kinda'...mainly cuz she's been designated an angel.
    And when the most important one comes thru in physical body, then we'll get down to serious brass tacks.
    Secret Lady M, still secret as ever.
    (Practice the secret of mother nature...patience.)

  45. Oh by the way Empathy,
    This Secret Lady is done with her stay at the Virginian Lodge, though still hanging out on Virginian Lane at the local library.
    Done at the Virginian Lodge also includes done with any lame example of relationship with a big liar! It was no relationship at all; he should wish.
    As for the one in the South looking to the North, that makes perfect sense to me.
    And this library has been well known to keep an eye on what people are accessing online. That's a good thing.
    You are absolutely awesome Empathy!
    Love, Light & Peace to you,
    Secret American Girl

    1. Madeleine McCann is in Boston Martha's vineyard with or close to her surrogate mam jennifer

  46. Dear Empathy,
    In reference to the bald/balding man in the south:
    Do you feel he's directly south looking to the north or could he be in the southeast of a particular area and looking towards the northwest? I'm wondering if it's a more regional/local thing, or if he's further from my location. I'm sure this is the one that will bring cooperation & teamwork, among other wonderful things!
    Light & Peace,
    Secret Lady M

  47. Well Empathy, looks like I'm very soon about to start a drive south, to return to AZ. Hopefully the bald man & I will get it together this time, maybe for Easter!

    (Empathy, I sure do seem to pick up on you plenty. Could be angels, guides...a little of all of the above.)
    Thank you so very much!

    Light & Peace to you always,
    Secret American Girl

    1. Hello thank you for popping back in. Safe Journey to AZ.

    2. Hello Empathy,
      Made it safely to AZ, however, it's not been pleasant being here in AZ thus far. That's putting things mildly.
      Wish I had better news to share, but I tell it like it is.
      Still Secret Lady, as ever
      (Practice the secret of mother nature...her secret is patience.)

  48. i have regularly read these posts over and over again over the years, they change very subtly in text and information, this is surely ment to mislead the reader and hide what is clearly wrong. By way of interest, i myself had some tablets prescribed for sleeping, but the chemist would not give them to me as a lot of parents were giving them to their young children so that they would sleep, it all seems very suspicious to me.....

    1. There are many Tarot reports for Madeleine and many validations for the events that have occurred since her disappearance. They are what they are - all I do is write down what I get - the future has to take care of the rest.

  49. Do you believe in karma surely if Madelaine is ment to be with her mother, she would still be there as part of the family. Why has she been given to them under special medical care, obviously loved. Why has somebody else got her, is she actually ment to be with that person instead of the birth mother.

    1. If I knew the answer to everything, there would be no missing people.

    2. The tarot is spot on and so close surrogate mother took her back. She also had the twins for them she was PaiD for Madeleine when she wanted paying for the twins there was the problem Maddie had developed pediatric cancer and were negotiating to get out of paying her the full amount agreed she always kept in touch and visited Maddie a few times they developed a close bond .Portugal was where the meeting took place ...tarot fill in the rest c if you can I have managed to discover the truth with the help of certain poi

  50. Hi Empathy!! I've been very impressed with your readings. I hope you continue helping families look for their love ones. May God Bless you.
    May I ask, When will you draw another card for Madeleine?
    I hope she'll be found soon. She deserves to be with her family.

  51. please draw another card for madelaine.

  52. Hi Empathy! Just wondered if you had read the now released police files and what your views on them were?

  53. Hi Empathy, I just found your page. Is it possible she is reborn. You mention a number 4 in one of your post and when read that I felt maybe she lives her new life at door number 4.. The feeling was strong. I have had a vision which I have not really spoken to anyone about as I don't believe anyone would understand. I am happy share this with you if you think it would be appropriate. I am not sure how to deal with it or even if it was real.

    1. feelings are strong for good reason.
      As for visions, as Empathy well-knows, are not so easily accepted by others, including law enforcement. They may be more accepting of "family visionaries" and/or "economic visionaries"..than you or me having a dream vision foreseeing a young man's fatal hit &run. You're quite likely to have far more details than actual eye-witnesses at the scene. When I attempted to speak with traffic detectives about the dream vision I had as such, two detectives were anxious to schedule a meeting with me the next morning...but spent the entire time taking turns interrupting me. Never did get to provide them with the many many details. BTW - The likes of Dateline & 48 hours has shown episodes featuring an event that brought rescue because of details provided by a woman that had a precognitive dream about a car crash. It was because of the woman's dream vision that rescuers were able to find the vehicle & get injured to ER in time.
      ( may seem as though a person's vision & the details are being ignored, disregarded, not considered enough to reinvestigate a case because of arrogant abuse of power, money & social status. As an example; multi-millionaire realty magnates...yep!
      Secret American English Lady M

    2. Ok so this is a long time after you posted. Dear Anonymous your vision ties in with mine. I had a vision at the birth of my daughter which I do not talk about. We have lived at number 14 and number 4. Ive had physics approach me about my vision without prompt. If you want to discuss let me know for what I saw haunts me and I also keep quite.

  54. Please, draw another card for Maddie...

  55. It warms my heart to see people actually care and help others selflessly! Your readings about this girl are very interesting. I hope maddie is rescued soon! Paige Valisa Johnson went missing at 17, no one ever talks about her anymore, disappeared 3 years ago. Everytime I see her face I just feel like she is being held somewhere and needs help! I know you are very busy and you get a lot of requests, please keep Paige Johnson in your thoughts during your spare time! I'd go out looking for her, but I dont know where to start!! Thank you for all the help you do for missing loved ones!

  56. It warms my heart to see people actually care and help others selflessly! Your readings about this girl are very interesting. I hope maddie is rescued soon! Paige Valisa Johnson went missing at 17, no one ever talks about her anymore, disappeared 3 years ago. Everytime I see her face I just feel like she is being held somewhere and needs help! I know you are very busy and you get a lot of requests, please keep Paige Johnson in your thoughts during your spare time! I'd go out looking for her, but I dont know where to start!! Thank you for all the help you do for missing loved ones!

    1. Paige is absolutely in my thoughts. I have worked very hard on trying to find Paige and I agree a lot has been dampened down about her also I think her mother had her declared deceased without her being found. I think parents have their rights but I always think until a person is found there is no proof they are dead or alive. Just my thoughts on it.

  57. hi empathy, well a lot of info is comeing out now in regards to maddie, a report 1 day ago said the man they were looking for to question re maddie has passed away in a accident however it has come to light that he had been granted a presidential pardon some years earlier for other charges. Just a note I have been reading lots on social media in regards to the first nanny, apparently there where claims they had a nanny who was to go with them on holidays and she didn't go as she had a family emergency and had to return home. The statements apparently were nade in the beginning, however the nanny has since not been heard off and question have been asked as to if she was a family member from Canada and why has she not spoken out , been interviewed or heard of in the press. I do relise there are many stories circulating but this is one that people are asking, who is / was the nanny from rothly who was to go on the trip with them. I have also read a report from a friend of the mccanns that states they tried for 6 years to have a child before maddie and had to try IVF.

  58. Why is everyone hiding who the nanny was? Has she really gone home, is she the IVF donor, and has her family taken M This is speculation, but she has never come forward, she's always been ignored it's as if she never existed.

  59. their are a lot of people asking the same things, speculation yes, but the speculation would go away if she just came out of the woodwork. also a lot asking wouldn't be a good character witness for them, so why has she not spoken, interestingly she apparently came from Canada, where kates auntie lives and they had made many visits too. Another interesting fact the same auntie was visiting in England when maddie went missing and flew out with kates mother to go to them when they were told the news.

  60. Well surely the police would have asked the Maccans the name of the nanny and they would have details, addresses and references provided for her. Why have the police never said who she was and surely the Maccans and their family and friends would have met and known the nannys name, what about the nannys taking the children to play group or was the nanny hidden away for a reason.

  61. In the beginning they said, the reason they left the children alone was because their nanny from home was supposed to de the trip with them but had to cancel the day before due to family problem. The owner of the local hotel stated that they only ever left the children with the nanny or family when at home Police have found and interviewed . Two former babysitters have come up for maddie and both where teachers from her preschool, 1 suddenly stopped babysitting when maddie turned 3 and then the other started, the first one is now actually married to kates cousin.

    1. \Very interesting information and to all who have commented thank you all your posts and reports help to build up a good picture. Thank you.

  62. Here is the proof

  63. Priscilla from Seattle13 March 2014 at 08:21

    Empathy, I've come across the Russian man named Sergey Malkinka, a computer programmer who was working in Portugal, and had connections to Robert Murat while I was reading Madeleine reports. Evidence also revealed that he made a call to Murat at 11:30 pm after Madeleine disappeared, and had his car burnt down with the the words "talk" in red paint. Can tarot provide any insight on any potential connection Malinka may have?

  64. Empathy please will you draw a tarot pack and search for Madelaine in Canada.

  65. Please do anotjer draw regarding madeline

  66. Please do another reading for madeliene



  69. Good news in May xxx we are going to see the headline we have been waiting for xxx

  70. Hello! I stumbled upon your comprehensive site. I'm curious, and maybe the tarot can reveal, if the people who have Madeleine actually know that she is Madeleine. I haven't followed this case very closely, and therefore couldn't recognise her if I saw her in the street. Maybe those who have her don't even know it's her.

  71. You should draw a card asking what her surroundings look like. It may help pinpoint her current location?

  72. This is quite plausible.

  73. You are a very intelligent individual!


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