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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON - (Blessings to Michael) updated tarot

The WORLD is still in love with the exquisite magic of Michael Jackson and always will be. His essence is undeniably intoxicating, and Michaels aura like a warm jar of pure sweet honey will pour over the wounded souls of many who learned that he died on 25th June 2009.

We all hurt on that day.

It was a mere coincidence that I wrote some general tarot on Michael on March 16 this year, in fact, well over two months before we heard the dreadful news. I remember also writing some tarot for President Obama. At the time, I wanted to put some general tarot about people who are in our everyday lives for interest and reading. What I had given to me about Michael I simply wrote down and I will print that with authentic dates of posting.

I grew up like many in the same era as Michael - it was like sharing world space with him - we get to rely on what is dependable and Michael was a dependable artist for most of his life and very present in our own. Today I wish to send blessings to Michael wherever he may be in our cosmos - if anyone ever deserved to be free - it really was him. So my own tribute is to say - Thank you so much and in his own words - 'love you more' from everyone that he thrilled and brought happiness to all around the world - the greatest GIVER in history of Charity and pure Kindness, an example to everyone and the biggest loss to all in every way. May his music and legend live on and forever in our thoughts.

The cards do seem to point out the disappointment of not seeing Michael on stage on his comeback tour - they even seemed to show this with the sentence of this diminished popularity at time of reading - it just seemed to me that somehow those concerts were not going to happen. I still find it incredibly hard to believe how much impact Michael has on peoples lives but I know it would never have been the same without him. On hindsight, looking at the tower card - it is a bolt from the blue and it is a tremendous card of shock and surprise - I think that card was not only regarding Michaels life but also the effect we were to encounter. I did,nt realise it then, but I see it clear as day now. Its a classic example of Tarot telling us what it WANTS us to know as well as dealing with the question that was presented. This truly is proof of that without a second doubt.

Tarot Michael Jackson
Mar 16, 2009, 11:19
Asking about Michael Jackson this card rightly points out his fall from grace and bankruptcy issues.

This card however was to attempt to ask if there was any truth in stories of child molestation. Its a question many have wished to know and this card shows a fall of Adam. It does not however imply anything about Michael but more what he has been accused of.

This card tells me that he has an obsession with children - but this obsession is rooted in a form of spirituality. If I were to look at this card and want a clear view of Michael I would say that his childhood being robbed gave him the need or obsessive requirement to be able to live it through other children. There is definately a spiritual quality about Michael and all his talk of God is according to this card quite true. However this card shows me that there is an ignorance and unfortunately the nature of his obsession has allowed those who cannot transcend certain paths of thinking to feel that he has done very bad things.

It shows me that his old life has been cleared away, as he has received more than a tremendous shock - in fact being accused of the things he has been accused of really was an unexpected shock. If this shock was unexpected it does not really tally that he was doing anything considered wrong does it?....This card shows me that he needs to rebuild his finances as his tower has been all but destroyed. Two figures thrown off the top can only suggest the young boy and himself that was the down fall of Michael and from then on all his life has been rubble. I also think that there was a payout that was almost 'taken' from Michael because of his high profile - to argue would have dropped him in even more of the EYE of the public as being guilty. I feel that this card has given us secrets revealed but that comes through breaking down the tarot and in the rubble there are no secrets just a crashed life.

Because of the spiritual aspect of this card I am not feeling that Michael is the culprit that many have purported him to be. He certainly would not be able to revive his career if this was the case. I think he has been somewhat a victim of obsession however and feel he has had to be faced with the real world over this and would must LOOK acceptable. Definately a huge impact upon him I feel.


Asking if Michael will be popular again, Michaels efforts will always be compromiesd by traitors and saboteurs - the heavy weight of what he is accused of is not going to be vanquished despite everything. The fences are down now and he has overcome much ill health, but it still remains in some aspects and I do feel that he will not fully regain the popularity he once had though he will try. His own will falters against it at times but the blocks are removed and it is his chance to try at least. The nine is a figure of completion and as you can see the nine is reversed and therefore I do not see the completion of his popularity - he will never regain his former honour and ill health might also stop shows in his current tour.

Looking at the future, unfortunately there is a feeling of slight deception here - for Michael it is the hope of turning the tables in favour of their honour - but I wonder if he is going to be accused yet again of copping out. That would be a shame but it may yet arise.

In some respects what was taken away from him might be given back or he will take what he feels is due to him?

I also feel that Michael will attempt to move permanently to another country it might even be the UK - because this card can suggest a move and a significant one. Stealing away from where one lives is a good description of this or going away from the place from where they came - however this will be done visually but with intent.

Michael Jackson has to be strong to be away from friends and family but he will have to cut ties to his past and live elsewhere in order to get his life back on track. There is a hospital visit for him in the future possibly at night and I also see some form of theft which may be arising. He has to take care of his valuables in case someone wishes to relieve him of them.

I also see him linking up with someone but actually Im not sure of that person and whether they have his best interests at heart. Someone like Michael is actually quite vulnerable despite being so well known - theres always one shark in the ocean and unfortunately they always seem to swim his way.

I wish him well -
Re: Tarot Michael Jackson
Jun 27, 2009,

Last night I asked Michael to connect with me and he gave me TEMPERANCE. Temperance proves a connection to Michael as Temperance is connected to the archangel Michael and I knew there was a link. I wanted to know what had happened Michael gave me temperance again. 
...The archangel Michael is shown on this card. He is wearing the white cloak of purity and wisdom....".

Im not going to tell you ( AND ITS NOT A COP OUT) every question I have asked him. What I will say is that when I have asked him what happened to him he told me it was a 'combination of factors'. He also gave me the Caudecus symbol for doctors and the four of swords for tomb and the King of Swords also for doctors.

Michael Jackson was angry at the combination of factors that was going on in his life. He did not agree to the TRIAL of gigs that he had placed upon him. We already know that but I am telling you what he told me. He also spoke of a law trial, police and doctors and being away from his children and whether he could cope with that. When I asked him where he was he told me he was with his family. Todays news is that his body was released to his family.

There are things about Michael that should not be asked at the current time. There is a justice here that needed to be taken care of. I told Michael that the whole world loved him and would miss him. What I received from him is that the world did not know who he was. He said people could never truly love him unless they got to know HIM.

I also had a six of pentacles reversed. This six of pentacles is quite a serious card when its reversed. I have said that people will take from him and likely that is the case. He is concerned at the moment about the finance for his children and a lawsuit pending or to come. Though I was not going to write anything more on Michael I know I have not written everything that I have seen.

There is a serious issue regarding his fortune and those that spent his money.


Michael Jackson kids still poor on paper: Paris says she'll move if ...
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But one thing Michael has said is that he will RETURN within 7 days.

Now you might think that is mad? No it is,nt its begun already.
Michael Jackson was denied for years his splendor his brilliance and his credit to have influenced current stars who blatantly copied him. Its a compliment of course - but his light was taken away over allegations which were NOT TRUE. He told me there was immense jealousy in his career and spoke of someone close to him in his 'final hours' as his " brother ".

Michael will be more than posthumous - but dont think you will know everything because the High Priestess reversed will dominate all matters that are never to be revealed.

Michael is adjusting to changes and like I said before THEY CANT GET HIM NOW. Its time to be remembered and not pressurised into being something you were rather than something you became. I simply see Michael in two worlds.

I wanted to leave this because Michael still 'talks'

Michaels death will be considered an 'accident out of the blue' as that is what the cards have shown. Whether this remains to be the case or not the future will reveal.

Re: Tarot Michael Jackson (Snippets from the forum)Jun 30, 2009, 2:31 »


There seems to me to feel a numbness in the tarot. Its as though there are things there but I cant get them out. I probably need a few days to dissociate myself from the shock of it all to look properly and more accurately - but I have seen a 'requited love' . Im not quite sure if thats the right term or not. There was a bully around Michael - a real bully. 
In Michaels case this person/situation turned up at the end of his. There is someone here or is it someone or a situation? it came up before after his death, JEALOUSY a big big word - Queen of Swords reversed shows a fanatical jealous situation or person - it could be either or those two things but this is jealousy beyond jealousy. You dont mess with the Queen of Swords reversed - it looks like a Queen is a woman, but thats very debateable - and I cant say if its a male/female or situation as I have said so please bear that in mind, but what I can say is that this is not a nice card at all.

The situation shows overweening ambition and a violent and abusive person. Or that the situation shows that. Either way.

This card is cold, unforgiving - pushy aggressive - malicious and bitter.

Thats quite a force isnt it?

This card can suggest a lack of love in the past has caused a scar.

How deep that scar is and reasons for it can be finger pointed but - the card is there whichever way you look at it.
I had hoped somewhere in my heart - crazy slim hopes that somehow Michael had just opted out and skipped off somewhere. I have not even been able to write down what I was thinking because it was mental and totally something that would annoy and hurt - but there is a hole somewhere in me a piece I cant figure.

Sometimes we can hope so much for someone that we dont really read the writing on the wall
If Michael had opted out I would have said good luck to him and never blamed him for it regardless of the 02 concerts and whatever else, this guy deserved a break from entertainment pressure - he just could NOT take anymore....can you imagine being in that situation where there was just one tunnel to walk along and no left or right?  
.....'writing on the wall' - Im feeling there is something around the OFF THE WALL album because there is a picture of Michael with writing on the wall behind him. (symbolic?)
Regarding the Queen of swords -this could be a question of VIEWPOINTS - someone or a situation that could not accommodate someone ELSES viewpoint. A bullying situation /scenario/person - did Michael decide to say NO I have had enough?

The time doesnt feel right - there is a blockage here to looking in my head or is that blockage there because its a barrier zone?


“I like to create magic…wonderment, excitement, the unexpected, escapism, creating something that is so incredible, an illusion…creating something that will blow their minds,… giving them so much more,…excellence…I love doing that…there is nothing like it!…”

Re: Tarot Michael Jackson Jul 13, 2009, 13:34 »

This is a very important symbol. It is the infinity symbol.

And Im leaving it here because it is a message regarding Michael.


"They say there is nothing more refreshing then a cup of tea."...

Here are some other findings which I will place here. Some are repetative so it seems the messages I have had are re-telling us. I feel it is ok to write these. These too are genuine dates from my forum and again they relate to past present and future you will see events are repeated for significance as they show themselves again. I cannot say I understand everything I get, I just write it down anyway but I am being mindful about the content at the current time.

One has to bear in mind the events could be past present or future and I cannot claim 100 per cent accuracy on any of these writings. They may refer to Michael or people around him. 
Jul 13, 2009, 12:38 » 
Looking at the date of this post - it is nearly 3 weeks that Michael 'died'. Tarot told me Michael would 'return in 7 days'. I wrote that down because number 7 is important.

I was being given a parallel to jesus - a wake up call - which I did write in posts here because that is what I felt - nothing I can do about that. It was there.

I had such a problem with what I had seen that I had conversations with tarot only to show me happiness and love after a terrible catastrophe. A property that was being built or had been built - a home if you like with garlands at the gate which came to me in the FOUR OF WANDS. 


This card to all tarologists is the 'THE LORD OF PERFECTED WORK' which tells us that someone should sit back and enjoy the rewards of their labour. It suggests family bonds - reunion and homecoming and 'ships coming in' - this would suggest that inception of action and energy produces good results.

I wanted to know why the Jackson boys wore yellow ties and this is what I was given.
I have three years in my head.

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree its been three long years do you still want me
If I dont see a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
I,ll stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me
if I dont see a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.

The Runes gave me a tree that does,nt die. I thought about whether I was told the Money tree would,nt die. I was struggling hard with all my thoughts because one cancelled out the other because I knew death and rebirth leaves you right in the middle and thats where we have been.

I was told not to press the matter further. I wondered why- its not something a tarologist can just accept without that question. I am still editing my writings before posting them here.
Michael has the ability to bring religion home to people in a very big way - not named religion but the basis of human decency.

I will sit back now and watch his work unfold - he is a genius and perhaps he can show the world what MONEY CAN DO TO PEOPLE - because he knows about the vultures at the pot.


New courtroom drama over Michael Jackson - Los Angeles Times
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Ive constantly gone back to look at the Sabian and work I have done on Michael sometimes sitting up very late and the impression I have for him is earth and spiritual values - he seems to be between the two. If you ask where someone is and they appear to be between these two levels one could feel that perhaps he is in a coma. That is what struck me. But what exactly is a coma? its a sleep state as far as we would be concerned.

Tarot is so symbolic that it could suggest someone living a life but a life outside of a life - almost like they dont exist. In other words, they do exist but to others they dont exist.

I looked at Sabian and I know that it is very easy to misinterpret everything and the ICHING especially when I know I dont specialise in these subjects. However the feeling I got was the necessity to 'put things in place' because Michael was unable to cope - but there seemed so many messages which I could,nt link together. I wondered if they were seperate.

I seemed to understand about a meal he had with the family. The father seemed to take the lead and I felt that perhaps some decisions might have been made to help Michael.

I cant put words into the meanings of what I received but can only hope to surmise that what I feel might be what it is telling me.

I had something about learning to live without the children - this was briefly touched on in the original March tarot - I have not been able to decide whether something came up regarding the children and it was suggested that he could not cope alone with them. There was also another child mentioned but for some reason I thought it was a baby he was going to adopt. It may be all that has happened as I know this was in the press.

But - I feel as though there was something powerful going on between two people. Perhaps only two people know the real truth here about Michael.

Michael kept himself away from his family but for reasons of his own. He seemed to have had some kind of message on the day that he 'died'' - at least thats what I seem to gather - a message that came as some sort of shock or surprise but in tarot I had seen a mailman - so its someone who brings some news or something with them. Thats what mailmen do, they deliver packages or letters - the mailman in the tarot might be a phone call even but either way it is some form of message.

I then seemed to see some rapid action and a rapid journey. All of which I have said could relate to Michael and the Doctor and then the 911 call. But I have nagging feelings about it all. I feel some sence of unease - I feel it because I dont think people are supposed to know the true happenings.

The money to be made is money coming home for harvest. It is all Michael lost and more. He will recoup everything that he has lost.

He described Neverland as a place for black and white children to play - he has a moral stance about innocence in this and I believe that. He does confirm it is a strong factor to what happened to him and I think that is an affirmation we all know by now.

I have had something about Bahrain. I did,nt know that the place that Michael visited there had a monument of a shark in the ocean. Its like a statue and a landmark yet I saw this in the tarot in March. I was shocked to see this and understand that the connection was there.

On the one hand I felt I was a stalker asking about Michael and on the other hand I wondered if he had a stalker so it was mixed feelings here.
sabian tells me that Michael is close to his daughter. One cannot know exactly whether that is in actuality or not as he is not alive according to reports. Or perhaps sabian tells us that this is his condition that he feels in spirit.I asked if Michael was really in that coffin and I was told that all the toil was put in but not the glory.?

Here are some thoughts I have taken from posts. I cannot write them in full because I may be WRONG.
I am told of fallacies and fantasies and am left between this earth and spiritual answer

I also asked Michael Jackson about PRINCE the singer because Michael wanted to top the competition and I found his answer very funny..should,nt laugh and I dont think Prince will mind!!


My spiritual sporting blood is up! I am more than equal to this situation.

« Thread Started on Jul 14, 2009, 0:53 »

When I asked about Michael Dying he gave me this Iching below. It seems to suggest that the papers would go wild giving information and disinformation he is telling us to be WARY of some of the reports.



You are being motivated for change and, although you may not be absolutely sure which direction you will take, you are listening to messages that are around you. Look further within for the change in direction you need. Dramatizing one's situation can lead to overreaction, but doing nothing can lead to inertia.

The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking out of constraints. Messages and news that awakes. Revolutions. Social or emotional causes. Printing presses. Publishing. Big announcements.

The Caution: Being argumentative, noisy, disruptive. Demanding change. Selfish agendas. Misinformation and disinformation.

I asked Michael what is the truth and he gave me this about a circus. I dont know if he was involved with circus animals? But perhaps he got hurt by one of them? OR it may suggest he was genuinely unfit and wanting to prove himself against that knowledge and falling foul of it? So it may mean either as we are shown that he was not prepared for something here - we have to take that meaning and think about it. Interesting but LEO is also a LION. Im not wonderful with Sabian so I welcome anyones thoughts as I am more in tune with my tarot.
What is the truth Michael

LEO 23

You may believe passionately in what you are doing, but in order to show others you may put yourself at risk to present your feelings boldly and skillfully. This done correctly will impress others, but be wary of running into the ring unrehearsed. Being well trained and fit and ready helps a great deal in this situation!

Defying gravity. Controlling one's animal instincts. Courage and mastery over one's powerful energies.


Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour ... - Cirque du Soleil
Welcome to Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour show by Cirque du Soleil. An electrifying production that unfolds the creative mind of Michael ... Jul 17, 2009,

Many years ago I read Moonwalker and in Moonwalker Michael has 1998 and a dropped line and star on the end. It is the same symbol that is next to his everyday signature. This means something though I am not sure of what. I thought at the time that he had predicted his death or downfall in 1998.
I feel that I get the impression of 'the black sleep' - a coma induced condition. I do not know if any of the events or actual or whether they will just be suggested? ONLY that they may come up
Jul 18, 2009, 12:42 »

I dont know what anything means. It may mean something or it may mean nothing. All my thoughts are past present and future.

About a drink. I saw a kettle and a drink, I saw 'people who do not spill their wine in shock because they are aware of illusions' whilst others run and raise an alarm.
There is a drug that is banned in America called Rhyphol it may be the wrong spelling but it is a date rape drug. This drug can cause all of the symptoms and even death. Loss of conciousness etc and it is something that someone puts in a drink at a party.

I saw this but did not know if this was connected to Michael but it keeps coming into my head. I only had the drink given to me but when looking up drinks that can harm I saw this drug and I wonder about it.

I also had a chariot that tips over . A chariot that tips over is a car that has an accident but it may also mean a form of travel. I had Raido - and this rune tells us about a vehicle. These thoughts are there but as yet they are fractured and I dont know how to put them together.

I do feel something is wrong but I cannot see it as yet. Maybe Im feeding off emotions?

I think about the trophy room and what it means?

Jul 23, 2009, 13:14 »

I also note in the news as I write this today that there is a child being spoken of as a 'secret son' I realise I did see another child or baby. Some say this boy looks like Blanket. I think there is a good likeness. I have not worked on this aspect yet regarding the secret son or details about him at the current time. I wanted to add an edit here - as you will see its just a few minutes later if you check the edit time below. I have not thought the man at the 02 was Michael - I think I have said this anyway - it does not appear to be him and I have mentioned this on the forum.
The child OMER is not mentioned in the press until near the end of JULY - the insight was received much earlier as can be seen in previous posts. Strange also that Omar was present in 1998 which is a year I have mentioned in the tarot .

Michael Jackson's 'secret son' would be welcomed into the family, says brother Jermaine

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:19 PM on 23rd July 2009

3:15 am – August 4, 2009

Looking at the tarot for Michael, I am still of the impression that we have to let him go. Everything I have been getting is pointing to that . The main message has been to let the past go. I dont think that is any clearer. There was another message I received twice before and I will repeat it again but I am always concerned that if people read anything I have written that they really do read what I say in the
context it was meant. Often people might twist things to read it another way. Please try to focus on what I write and not what you THINK.

It is always important to put that across. Everything I write is plucked from
past present and future I have no control over that and I do not claim to be 100 per cent accurate. I am quite sure there may be odd mistakes in my interpretation or they might be events said or brought to light or said by OTHER people that show themselves in the tarot.

There may be reasons why some things are thrown up but they might be past events that mingle in with what I try to get as a current event. Please be aware of that and also that the events I see in tarot are not meant to form a story but try to throw light on ISSUES - that may have presented themselves so again I have just done my best to interpret these things but am aware that the events could be from any time period.

One thing that may have not been mentioned in the press that I am aware of is a a possible accident connected to a vehicle with wheels I do NOT KNOW if this has anything personally to do with Michael himself or if there is any significance to it in anyone around him at any time. .

I do not know if this will show itself in further reports or not but it came up in tarot in July and it reappeared here again. Once more I will say that I do not know if this has anything to do with Michael himself, but it may be to do with someone around or connected to him.

Tarot is very symbolic and we have to be extremely careful on interpretation – I have tried to just give the information that has come.

There may have been a possible estrangement with family that might have been self imposed because there were too many demands on Michael himself. He could not reach the demands.


There was also a situation going on about a blonde child or young blonde person.

I saw a document or a letter or a contract that was produced – but there was something about it that brought a kind of shock/surprise which possibly contributed to the events that followed. I also feel that someone may have been 'watching' Michael from a distance but again I am not sure who that was or why. Tarot saw Michael in a dressing gown? receiving a message whether in person or on paper. A messenger in tarot can be either. Messengers can also be telephone calls.

There is absolutely no indication in the tarot that Michael committed suicide. He may have genuinely had a bad back and been in pain in the period before we heard the news about him. However tarot could just be picking up tabloid gossip.

He had burdens placed on him that were far too much for anyone to carry. When I say this I mean it. I also seemed to see that Michael may have been surprised about a child . This could be about a child that was,nt seen for some time? Someone might have been asked to take responsibility for this child.

I do think the Jackson family have tried to help Michael – I think Michael had a problem with religion which ostracised him from certain people. He was not prepared to do what other people wanted him to do with religious matters.

At the current time I have Michael 'healing' . Its harsh but people have to let go of crushes and childhood illusions of an idol. It is,nt even fair to say that because I know there are those who would be hurt by it – he wanted to be seen as a person. Perhaps some have already realised this but it must be understood once and for all. Michael comes to me by way of the RED CROSS – therefore he is 'healing' slowly - this can be a spiritual thing.

I think there might be further negative situations that might be coming out in the press in the future. I see in my own mind a picture that Michael was 'imprisoned' there is some kind of reality to that whichever way you want to look at it. Theres a feeling of not being able to go back or go forward.

Michael Jackson should never have been an unhappy person – it would have helped if people had not preyed on his generosity but that is a fargone statement now. People who knew him best are silent for their own reasons. They are not going to get involved with the 'fuss' because when you get involved with the 'fuss' it lets people push buttons. Tarot tells me they wont allow their buttons to get pushed and they cover themselves in armour. Rightly so.


Investigating the situation around Michael I am squarely given the MOON. This would suggest visually that Michael has passed over – the Moon represents dangerous and perilous times but also it represents the UNREVEALED. Some people are barking up the wrong tree on the case of Michael – and the real truth slips silently under cover. (I am feeling that the tabloids are presenting this information and I have edited this tarot today to make a point of that)

I really feel that Michael could not live up to what everybody wanted him to be . Tarot suggests that he had the character of someone who is nosey and funny. Hands in every pie and inquisitive and fascinated by everything. Michael was absolutely enthralled by anything interesting to him. Some things would be more interesting to him then most but if he found something he would spend hours on that one thing working it out.

Tarot tells us Michael was the most insecure person and unable to actually feel that he really was the Michael Jackson up there in the lights. 

It was almost as though that was the public persona and what you really have is someone who is a totally different identity. Tarot shows and supports a possible declined interest in creating music. (This may have just been periodic to be fair) - Loving music, but possibly 'over the initial magic of producing it' what else could he produce to top what he had already done? It was time to move on and gravitate towards other areas of interests. The FILM that is coming out – thats very interesting – there is a special message about that.

Tarot tells you to 'roll the film backwards'…that is a very symbolic message .

Michael appeared in the tarot laughing. He is basically a naughty little boy – and he knows it. There are areas you have to apply that to and all these messages are seperate – not to be stuck together to form some story or explanation to suit – they are glimpses and snippets.

Remorse is let go of. Michael Jackson is free. Like I said before, if you love him you will set him free. Dont cling – I sense that he is ridding himself of bad karma others may have placed on him and he should be allowed to do this. Nobody should ever get stuck in the past. The future is not yet but the past is dead. He cannot move backwards or forwards he is stuck between those two worlds right now. Only understanding can set him free.

I did seem to have some connection with Golden Gates which made me think of San Francisco so I dont know if he had any plans there before Junes auful news, or whether it was a place he linked to for other reasons. It may just be the GATES that is the message here.

Another snippet I had seemed to be the closeness he had to Paris. I think there was something special there not to single her out particularly but that was seen clearly.

I also think there was someone with RED hair that comes up but not sure of the significance of that.

Michael began his journey at 5 years of age with all the responsibility placed on very small shoulders - I hope his journey now brings him peace and happiness he so deserves it. I leave for Michael this last card in this write up. He would have liked it.

I have tried to re-write this tarot to incorporate the glimpses I have seen. There is more but not necessary right now. I will only write here what I feel is ok to write. Please do not write and ask me any questions. I will update appropriately what can be said.


9th August 2009


I received this card yesterday. This card is printed the right way up but in fact I received in reverse. This card shows something very incomplete but I also have an impression it is from 1979 - 30 years ago. I am not quite sure yet what this card has been telling me but it is something about 1979. This was the period of time the OFF THE WALL album was made and I know I have had two previous references to it. It is also the time when Michael Jackson broke his nose and had to have some surgery to it. I just feel Im suppose to link to this and cannot understand yet WHAT!!! 

When a card shows itself with a couple of repeated messages received beforehand to the same time period, then it has to mean something. Perhaps I am just not to know? The date and timing of a world card is 30 years - this card is reversed so I am going backwards with this date of time to '79 - I feel there is an incomplete journey being given to me.

I also turned up another card - and I seem to have 'loyalty to family' and scandals that people are not supposed to know anything about. I received the king of cups here related to that.

I have a sibling rivalry here that is/was strong. One took a career that the other felt pushed out - I do feel I know and understand this but the card is also telling me that 'he wont have anything bad said about his family' so Im a bit non plussed on what to really do with this card yet I was given it. I really think a lot of things have been smoothed over for a very good reason here - I am not feeling Michael Jackson in spirit like everyone else either - I have to say I was more than alarmed to see those 'calling up his spirit' then putting it over the internet - Im perplexed about that. But then I just accepted that Michael was in TWO WORLDS. Its such an ambiguous statement from the Temperance card which can also mean ' cooking' that I just have felt the need to just hang back.

I did think about Tatum 0 Neal recently as she was connected to the period of 1979 but I still fail to pick up on what Im supposed to understand. Maybe I have missed the point somewhere.

I wanted to add other thoughts to this card because Michael would have been into his solo career 30 years ago and this card could represent someone living in quite a small 'world' bringing in money for the family. I wonder if it is an echo of the past here but I wonder too why I only had this card yesterday?



...".if you really want to know about me, there's a song I wrote, which is the most honest song I've ever written. It's the most autobiographical song I've ever written. It's called, "Childhood." They should listen to it. That's the one they really should listen to. And thank you for your support, the fans around the world. I love you with all my heart. I don't take any of it for granted. Any of it. And I love them dearly, all over the world....."

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for the world that I come from
'Cause I've been looking around
In the lost and found of my heart...
No one understands me
They view it as such strange eccentricities...
'Cause I keep kidding around
Like a child, but pardon me...

People say I'm not okay
'Cause I love such elementary things...
It's been my fate to compensate,
for the Childhood
I've never known...

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
Like pirates in adventurous dreams,
Of conquest and kings on the throne...

Before you judge me, try hard to love me,
Look within your heart then ask,
Have you seen my Childhood?

People say I'm strange that way
'Cause I love such elementary things,
It's been my fate to compensate,
for the Childhood I've never known...

Have you seen my Childhood?
I'm searching for that wonder in my youth
Like fantastical stories to share
The dreams I would dare, watch me fly...

Before you judge me, try hard to love me.
The painful youth I've had

Have you seen my Childhood...

10 August 2009.

Asking about Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. I was given this Rhyme.

Mary had a little lamb
its fleece was white as snow
and everywhere that Mary went -
her lamb was sure to go!

UPDATE 12 August 2009

Specifically I have felt very cautious on my writings in this section on Michael. People are still asking me questions and at the same time I have felt the need to try to refrain from answering them directly. It is not that tarot is not turning up answers - its simply that the answers are not to be written. I did warn about that at the beginning of this blog.

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However, I did ask why Liza Minelli made her statement regarding Michael and his autopsy. It was a quote that threw many people when she declared that 'all hell will break loose when the results were known'. Those results to date have been sealed.

What I will say about this is guarded. But I have received the Sun card on this question. My thoughts and feelings about this card are very warm. I also saw this card for Kenny Ortega and I do feel I understand it.

What can be said about this is something I have picked out before in this tarot on this page. I am feeling that possible the autopsy may reveal something that would question a situation around Michaels children. 

I also think that as I have received the Lovers today on two occasions that there was a time ( and I cannot confirm when this was and wont) that Michael had a choice between Career and Love. Now people have to understand about the word love. It may not necessarily mean love in the romantic sense it may indeed be love of family. So Im going to be as cryptic as I can and deliberately so. 

Michael may have chosen love over duty. Michaels love for his children surpassed anything else. Anyone that doubts that is completely out of line. He would choose the children and he would choose Love. I have thought for some while that Michael may have rekindled a romance with someone from the past. I did mention 'requited' love earlier on in my findings. I also feel that its possible some decisions he made did not meet with approval either - in fact it may also be possible that there were some people close that felt incredibly let down because he is a valuable asset and some may have been left to make the best of what there was left.

It is very hard to write what is in my heart here because I feel that a line has to be drawn. I do not know at what stage these events occurred tarot will not tell me that but will only reveal snippets to me which I have to decide for myself hence why tarot is not 100 per cent accurate.

A child has been very strong in the tarot and it has been quite difficult to place how this child is connected but Im not digging into that. If that comes to the surface then it can do so without any promotion from me.

We have a very strong Gemini tendency in Liza Minellis statement. I think that is quite enough about that and Im prepared to say little more here.

I see Kenny Ortega as a very bright and vibrant man, really quite luminous and very 'flashy' in a nice way. Exhuberant and very involved with his work. I think he has had quite a few difficulties to deal with and solutions that have had to be forthcoming and quickly. I know that he would have had to be very circumspect for many a good reason.

I would consider that Michael does have quite a bit of faithful friendship and that would be important so least said soonest mended. For some the sun shines bright with regard to Michael but for others it has scorched a few business plans.

I really think that anything shocking should be kept well under wraps.

Going back to 1979 I see a connection with Michaels surgeon there and I think there is a specific reason for this. I do not see the need to follow through with that so I will leave it there. The reference is not about the surgeon it is a cryptical situation.

Cutting ones nose off to spite ones face comes to mind.

The thought that comes to mind over and over is WRITING ON THE WALL - and I still see this.

The significance of this is the cryptic symbology of tarot. If Michael left any notes someone should have read them. People should never underestimate Michael because he was nobodys fool. He may not always have been in control of things. 

People did things to him that he could not do anything about, but to all those who have done anything to him that feel that there is a way out of that, there is not. Michael will have his day - because unfortunately that is the way God works. Two people in particular are aware of what this might mean.



Bizarre notes left by Michael Jackson reveal his state of ... - Daily Mail
13 Sep 2009 - The 50-year-old singer left a collection of post-it notes on his bathroom mirror listing his 'wishes for the world'.

Michael 'fell off the wall'. Thats all I can say on this.

One seperate message and dynamic which I do see is that Michael was in some kind of 'triangle' situation or relationship that may have created difficulties.


August 12 2009.

The wheel of fortune tells me that in what would be the 56th year of Michaels life his destiny is fully met. Peter Pan and all the wonderful characters he saw in his head is almost a living reality a living film of events. There was also a turning point for him at 29 - Michael was lucky to survive the period of when he was 29. His entire life changed at that point and so did his destiny. departure has upset many people - its almost like he was kidnapped away.



I have supported Michael Jackson fans since the day he 'passed'. I have a forum especially for them which I opened in order for them to have somewhere peaceful to go.

Many fans were so distraught and some were threatening to end their lives. I wanted to make sure they were safe . I had many queries about Michael Jackson and what started out as a 'few tarot readings' went into more then I can count - possible over 150 I am not sure now! Though I do not write very much Tarot for Michael these days, its because the fans that I got to know are 'healed'. They are now looking logically at the situation but of course skeptically at all the happenings around the time MJ 'passed'. In general, they seem happy and the forum was designed to give them a place to heal and move on.

As we got to know each other it has turned out to be a warm and caring friendship for us all.

You are welcome to read the Tarot .


The world shall miss him thats for sure.


By law all tarot insights must be declared as 'for entertainment only'. I have to comply with the law and write this as a disclaimer to anything that is written here.


  1. What a sweet and funny man, he will be missed for sure.

  2. Empathy, I was hoping you were on the forum..I am wondering about the 'two worlds'..Could this mean that Michael is stuck between this world and the next because no one is letting him go?..I want him to be at peace..Does Tarot recognise death and what does death mean to Tarot??..The spirit lives on so there is no death really..Only the physical death of the body.I am hoping that when you feel it is the right time you can answer my questions..Thank you.

  3. I have now answered that for you x


  4. the accident with wheels could it be princess
    Diana i know he was close to her at one point

  5. i didn t understand the last reading specially when the lover card appeared, someone told me once that lover card also means someone mother´s love?? is it right?..if it is so Katherine image emerges into my mind....could you asnwer me this empathy? thanksss..

    1. The lover card is a choice between Love or Duty and can also mean family.

  6. Dear Empathy,
    Michael has a face of an angel, and a heart of gold. My heart has been so tight these couple of weeks. So confused... OOHH SO SO SORRY I forgot to mention first that you have a wonderful webpage Empathy. Sometimes I dont think about what I say. Please forgive me. Thank you.. Take care. Libra..XXX


  8. Dear empathy you have such a beautiful soul. I am normally reticent with sites such as this, but your love just pours out. I had a conflicted feeling when MJ was reported passed, one was of healing in limbo. I also saw a picture of a Buddha, so I smiled when I saw the one on this site. I see him as knowing, more than anyone realised. I also see water around him. Thank you beautfiful soul. Writing to you is like being enveloped in peace.

  9. Wow,so many of these make such perfect sense.
    I will elaborate more on our other site,ok?
    But so right on if you know what I mean.

  10. Thank You Empathy for sharing your gift of Tarot with the rest of us and for giving us an insight into this whole situation surrounding Michael that is very telling. It is beneficial to be reminded of the importance of letting go so that he can be at peace with these circumstances, whatever they may be. He deserves the peace that he never had, WE OWE HIM THAT and much more. It's our turn to give him what he so selflessly gave us, JOY & HAPPINESS. Where ever you may be Michael, my hope is that you have found your bliss, love, joy & happiness forevermore.

  11. Empathy, can you shed any light on the new Neverland documentary? Seems like the same two boys accusing him again.Will this ever end?

    1. Hello, I have just put a short Tarot post up in reply to you .


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