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Tuesday, 2 October 2012



A five-year-old girl has gone missing from near her home after she was spotted getting into a light-coloured van that drove off.

April Jones was playing with friends in the mid Wales town of Machynlleth at around 7.30pm on Monday 1st October 2012 when she went missing.

Dyfed-Powys Police confirmed her disappearance on their Twitter account.
At 10.40pm they posted a statement saying: "We are increasingly concerned for a missing five year old, April, who was last seen playing on her bike in Machynlleth at about 19:30hrs.
"April was seen getting into a light coloured van that drove off."

Search Under Way As Girl, 5, Goes Missing

This Tarot was written privately earlier and put in my Tarot forum Library in case it was requested. I felt it would be!  However my notes are very brief and I did not look into every avenue and know there are various pieces of information I have missed. 

I will leave this here for a week as I have wondered if it would take up to 7 days preliminary to find this child. If this child is not found by 7 days I will update this Tarot as this is a simple overview.  I also have other sidenotes in my forum (all dated) BUT as this is a child I really do not want to complicate or send people all over the country looking for her. I would rather just place here what came to mind.  Tarot zoomed in immediately to how she disappeared therefore the first card might reflect more of that situation but perhaps there are more key possibles in the second and third card that might trigger some info. 

As always please take note of the purpose of this blogger and understand that all Tarot is not guaranteed but is an offering of possibilities ONLY and I am prepared to be wrong.     Below is the dialogue of my private reading before this case was requested.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



« Thread Started Today at 2:38pm »

This gorgeous little girl went missing on 1st October and everybody is so absolutely worried, including me. I have not been requested Tarot on this case but I feel I should make a few notes behind the scenes so that if it is requested I have some information from Tarot to offer.


This particular card is reflecting the situation I feel as this card is linking in to the Ace which to me next to the two are bikes. That would show us the fact that this child was innocently out playing on her bike likely with others. However I am seeing her going outside of town, there is a G name here and the word Bank. 

This card can reflect school, teachers, and study. It can also tell us that there are financial elements here, so was someone offered money? 

There is a dark haired person here and by all rights this card can show someone who is known to April. It can also refer to North, Fields/farmers etc and 'crossings'. A person that is dark haired with a vehicle that came to a stop. The vehicle reference is already known. I then see an abandoned building or a place not open, not tenented?, a property that is considered 'rural' . Possibly somewhere you carry out 'business'.

Someone else helped?

Seems some kind of links to finance though has there been a ransom asked?

Some feeling of the word Key or K or Quay? Church or pope reference. Art and drawing here?


Staying with the pentacles cards, here we have the King of Pentacles reversed. Now this card is normally North but it has come out reversed in this reading. There is a bit of concern here.

This card can take us to buildings. I have a link to church/schools colleges shops and tradesmen.
The North and the South East come up - the card is reversed so South West also can be here.

There is a person here described as having a full, strong and well-set but possibly short stature. Broad forehead, large head prominent eyes nose and lips. Dark hair, complexion, hair black rugged and gross hands. Bitter, and angry person might be some kind of revenge? Takes his frustration out on others. Still some kind of manipulation regarding finance? or work?  Possible fingerprints? sometimes photography can come up or cameras.

Places that sound like or link to stables /horses and cattle or . Farm land or pasture away from housing estates. Single storey buildings, such as sheds outhouses, bungalows cottages, or even low rooms or cellars. The name Taylor? or tailor?

Other considerations for links to names or situations, places Gardens, fountains, bridal-chambers, bed and breakfast or lodging houses (rented rooms) beds, hangings,dancing schools, wardrobes.

The word Manor or a bird may come up. Rural surroundings. Number 14 or 41 or 5 for route or for other significance.


This child is involved in a situation of complete deceit and deception. This shows a kidnap or abduction while two other people knew about it all along. Was this some kind of game plan or something to do with finances? I am being given the number 7. 

I hope even though swords are months that this is 7 days but I cant promise that at all. There is a futility about this girl being found and I hope it is on the side of the abductor and not on the side of April and those searching for her. Church names come up here and it seems to me that this could be to do with a divorce or a seperation and finances? 

There is a clear altercation on this card or someone who has had some kind of quarrel with someone else. This card is going to show shops and places like that, I have no idea why shops are coming up but also references to fox, camp, fort and military references. Not always the case regarding military references but I give them anyway. I need to look at a map and soon.

Meanwhile, I see this girl tied up or 'stuck' in a situation. There is a building near land/some water and I have a prison here in these cards. I do not know how that would figure but it seems 'imprisoned' comes up.   Tie might show up as I say Taylor and wonder if its an attempt at a name?

I am sure this is not random this is a plan to get this girl by three people. I might be wrong but thats what Tarot gives to me. I have a link to Black, Jewel , and something silver. I see 'dancing' which sounds ridiculous but it has come up twice. Someone wants some money from someone. This is outright thievery.

I can see railways, airports rivers , rock water or near water (or name of) and stone in this card. (Swansea link)? Also the word Bank or River bank. There is also something to do with a Bedroom and/or grandmother/grandparent not sure how that will equate in the long term.

I will just jot these quick notes on my forum but I will add to this once I have looked at a map. The last direction on this card is EAST but THIS GIRL WILL BE RETURNED she will be found.
Stolen property comes up not sure if that is to do with the child being the stolen one or other things but I see a return of the stolen in this card and an apology.

As soon as the Police close in this will be over and they will.
North West comes in here. I cannot say all the starting and ending points and need to look on a map. In fact there are lots of other things that I could write but I am just going to brief this.

Names vicinity descriptions that might link to deep wells, quarries, mines land that has recently been dug. High land like Hill or names of Hill. Uneven land. Even valleys might come up or parks. Airports, attic rooms the roof or upper rooms like bedroom. Fountain or springs, vineyards. Some kind of water elements and possible links to power supplies?

Other possible description of person/persons strong, sturdy body short in height, long face prominent bone structure. Hazel eyes? Sandy or dark blonde hair. Not sure if this could also describe a place in words. We shall have to see. A Saturday comes up .

Rural aspects such as woods, valleys parks and also churches show up here. There is someone with a really bitter twist to them. Yes she will be found but thats a sword card so I would suggest there is depression here or some upsetting events. That might just be how the people feel about this case but I leave it anyway.

NB(Tarot has now been requested) 

Other notes : A library and town center/shops? Gold names, gate or money names.

Fair in a name or place? St Brides Major? Blackhall Road? This is near an Equestrian center. This is near Ewenny Road. Please do not take locations LITERALLY the map is large and location is extremely difficult and in early stages of working out.


Just a short note to say that I have intentions of updating this Tarot as mentioned before but I felt I should leave this until 7 days have passed. I did not write up all the details from the original Tarot as I only jotted a brief outline in my private Forum Library.   

This case was not requested at the time hence I did not publish my findings until such a request was made.  That allowed me to  offer up my brief notes for publishing  but it does not constitute an indeph reading and some details may be missed out which might have come to light now.  

Meantime, Location is not guaranteed regardless of NAMING or SUGGESTING places. Tarot can truly mean somewhere else entirely regardless of anything I may suggest. Please be mind of this as some of the descriptions of Tarot could widely describe many places in the area.   They may also LINK TO PEOPLE or CONNECTIONS they may have. Caution is required with all descriptions.

Location is something that is a problem but I am working on it but in general I offer an over view of various ASPECTS that may be of use. I do not guarantee them and this is specifically mentioned on every Tarot reading.  All I can do is give what I get but that does not mean I have the ability to track down inch by inch a missing person. It would be wonderful if I could, but this Tarot is an EXPERIMENT on this site that is requested by the public or families who are willing to understand that.   I will do an update as promised.


Original Post date/time from Tarot Library.

« Thread Started on Oct 2, 2012, 2:38pm »
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This gorgeous little girl went missing on 1st October and everybody is so absolutely worried, including me. I have not been requested Tarot on this case but I feel I should make a few notes behind the scenes so that if it is requested I have some information from Tarot to offer.


This particular card is reflecting the situation I feel as this card is linking in to the Ace which to me next to the two is bikes. That would show us the fact that this child was innocently out playing on her bike likely with others. However I am seeing her going outside of town, there is a G name here and the word Bank. This card can reflect school, teachers, and study. It can also tell us that there are financial elements here, so was someone offered money? There is a dark haired person here and by all rights this card can show someone who is known to April. It can also refer to North, fields/farmers etc and 'crossings'. A person that is dark haired with a vehicle that came to a stop.



Unbelievable, but this news report has just come up on Google.

April Jones: police arrest 46-year-old man

Channel 4 News - ‎30 minutes ago‎
Police in Wales searching for missing five-year-old April Jones say they have arrested a man, aged 46, in connection with her disappearance and have recovered the vehicle they were looking for.

 Here is a note from my private forum:

« Reply #3 Today at 2:56pm »
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Aberystwyth is near water.

Missing April probe: man arrested

Mr Bevan said: "We have arrested a 46-year-old male from the Machynlleth area who is being detained at Aberystwyth police station.
"We made the arrest just outside Machynlleth and we are hopeful that this individual will assist us in locating April, who is still missing.



 April Jones: 46-year-old arrested over abduction 'knew family' minutes ago
Detective Superintendent Reg Bevan of Dyfed-Powys police said shortly before 5pm: “We are continuing our investigation to find April, however ...

 April's family knew arrested man

April's family knew arrested man


  1. Not sure where you are from or how your knowledge of the local area might impact on your reading. You say many interesting things. Of particular relevance are your references to: crossings , separation and a vehicle known to April (the man arrested is named Bridger, it appears that he had recently separated from his girlfriend and that April knew him). Many other things from your readings seem to lead to land running down to the river Dovey (Dyfi) from Cefn Caer, the site of the old Roman fort at Pennal.

    1. Thank you for this really helpful information. (this has been posted over from facebook).

  2. Do you think April is alive I have a feeling that I see little April walking behind the police in sprit for

    1. I would never discuss life or death issues for a little child such as this with Tarot. I think it also creates a lot of negative energy and distress for the families so I concentrate on search and find and circumstances as those are the most important issues to parents. I know other people are different but it is not something I feel that is conducive to keeping up moral. Thank you for writing in and I hope you see my point of view.

  3. When do think she will be found ?

    1. Hello Jodie, at the moment I have suggested either 7 days or could be within 7 months as swords are months BUT 7 is the number I have. I have intended to look at Tarot on 8th October as a week will have passed if she has not been found.

  4. Re the money, it seems elaine griffiths (ex with the 2 children) and her now husband had a £1k pw for a year lottery win in 2009. To be fair, after a wedding and being unemployed theres not likely to be much if any left after 3.5 yrs and 7 kids between them

  5. I keep seeing April in a car garage or some sort of lock up, I think she is still alive but she's tired and thirsty.
    I hope she is found soon

  6. Another person on the internet has claimed "Forge" is important. You also keep mentioning Taylor or Tailor, the number 7 and a place of business.

    From a simple internet search I was able to locate a property in the town that has Forge in the street name, Taylor in the person's name, is an address for a place of business, appears to have a shed/outhouse in the back and a telephone number where 7s are very prominent.

    1. Forge Road is posted on Tarot's Google map. If you click it and look at the directions down the right hand side it is highlighted there. I dont know when the other person posted their information but it was here all the time. However it is good to know that the same location has been pointed out .There is not guarantee that this is a 'location for April' though as it is simply trailing Tarot's thoughts and one has to wait and see if anything will add up at the end. Thank you for your comment and your thoughts too because they are very useful to know.

  7. I have a holiday home down there and am familiar with the area,There is an area near Newtown called Blackhill Wood and a place called Blackhall SY16 2LZ on Dolfor Road, it looks like a manor black and white.There is also another wood close by called Pen-y-banc Wood also another building is called Dingle Hall.It is easy to get here by car from Machynlleth.It also makes sense to hold the little girl outside her home town where everyone is concentrating on.Hope this is some help to you.Ps there is an equestrian centre not far from here.

  8. I was searching for info on 'Artists Valley', knowing its somewhere in the Machynlleth region - given your reference to art/drawing. On googling - came across this blog. It mentions a place call 'Bron-yr-Aur' cottage, in the area (something to do with being a Led Zep fan). But the word 'Aur' is welsh for Gold; which you mention. Please have a read and see if anything there would provide any clues. Not expecting this to be published, but trying to help and thinking of local info (though am not that familiar with area).

  9. Welsh/local info.
    Artists Valley aka Furnace (ref to art/drawing); garage in Furnace called Artists Valley garage
    In brackets the welsh word, note sometimes the word is mutated in welsh
    Bank (Banc)
    Key (allwedd, goriad, agoriad)
    Quay (Cei)
    Church (Eglwys)
    Fox (Cadno)
    Black (du, ddu)
    Gold (aur), Silver (arian) Money (arian, pres)
    gate (gat, iet, clwyd)
    Mansion (plas)
    Town (Tre, many places start with Tre .... e.g. Tre's Ddol a little village on the A487 between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth)
    New Quay - Cei Newydd is south of Aberaeron (about an hour from Machynlleth); a harbour/seaside town
    There are a few harbour towns (quays) along the west coast; including Aberystwyth, Aberaeron, Cardigan

    1. Just spotted that Quay is 'cei' - that is very useful to know. Thank you so much.

  10. You mention St Brides Major, Ewenny rd, equestrian centre and the word fair. I live in Bridgend, not far from St Brides Major. google maps does show all these close, except "fair". Also, I see it is not marked on your map, any thoughts?

    1. Location is so difficult! I make suggestions I feel MIGHT be useful but often I find that it is somewhere else entirely. Unfortunately it is still very experimental with location names and I think that Tarot does best with descriptions for others to try to recognise. Horse names could be as simple as the word, saddle road, or spur road or bridle road, thats how tricky it is.


    Reference to Artists Valley and the Dyfi area, around Machynlleth

  12. Forge in welsh 'Efail'
    Old is Hen
    Old Forge = Hen Efail

  13. Hello Empathy & thank you for your reading.

    I wonder if the Tarot picked up on the "past" when showing you the reference to "Taylor" and/or "TAILOR".

    The 1st Dyfi (Pronounced DOVEY) Bridge was first mentioned in 1533, by Geoffrey Hughes, "Citizen and Merchant TAYLOUR of London" who left £6 13/4 "towards making of a bridge at the toune of Mathanlleth".


    1. Hello to you. Yes Tarot is past present and future and as you will see from the notes before the reading, it can pick 'anything' up. I am not sure how this word will transpire but your information is great. It might be Tie to or Ty, locations are only coming in descriptions and also I have not written all the information to this Tarot because at the time it was not requested. They were just brief notes. I will come back and write more if this child is not found in 7 days from date of Tarot.

  14. I am not sure if my other post, posted as I was signed out. All of the possible locations is it possible to notify authority? I know tarot cannot be taken as a 100% prediction and a LOT of people are sceptical when it comes to spiritually matters but even if ONE person searches or investigates these locations.. no matter how accurate they are it's got to better then not saying anything at all? Praying for the safe return of little April <3

    1. Rural aspects woods and valleys do show in the Tarot but we are talking about WALES which is absolutely full of them. Property does come up and one is being searched currently that fits tarots descriptions. Whether that yields this child remains to be seen. The police are all over this case and I know they are going to do a TOP job.

      I trust them and they dont need me for their search they will have this under control.

    2. Yes I noticed that property being searched and noticed the woods in the background, one of the key words I received had been "woods" when I asked where little April was.. but as it's been an all day thorough search and nothing has been found I am wondering if that is where she is. Yes they are doing an excellent job I am just worried that they'll check certain places too late.

  15. My 'contact' showed sand dunes & large beach area then up a grassy hill with footpaths where walkers go, where some things have been hidden. Possibly Aberdovey area.

    1. Your 'contact' meaning????

    2. Aberdovey is the 'bird' in Tarot.

    3. Dove - Bird. Yes that could equate the Bird in Tarot but the area is in the news maybe Tarot saw that. Location cannot be confirmed in words only descriptions but the area does come up. Thank you for your comment.

  16. is coral classed as a jewel

  17. I am not here to answer comments for a short while but thank you all for writing in.

  18. Hi Empathy

    I enjoy reading your posts - you should know that Mark Bridger is a camper / caravan user

    I have read your posts and was amazed to find the following -

    Garreg Goch Caravan Park

    Black Rock Sands
    Morfa Bychan
    North Wales
    LL49 9YD

    Garreg Goch is a family Caravan and Touring Park near Black Rock Sands beach at Porthmadog, North Wales.

    The Caravan Park offers Static Caravans for Sale, modern Holiday Caravans for Hire, Short Breaks and Touring Pitches for Seasonal, overnight and Motorhome customers. Pitch facilities include 16 amp Electric Hook Ups and Water Points.

    Garreg Goch is an ideal base from which to explore the beauty of the Snowdonia National Park, with Portmeirion, the famous Ffestiniog Railway, great Golf, Fishing, Restaurants and Sandy Beaches all close by.

    As a 4* Visit Wales and David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award winner, Garreg Goch is immaculately maintained and has modern park amenities including Shop/Reception (open daily in main holidays), clean Toilets & hot Showers, new Family Rooms and a new Launderette. There is also a modern Childrens' Playground. All the park's facilities are now fully accessible, including the provision of a modified hiring caravan.

    A vast panorama of Snowdonia awaits visitors to this corner of Wales. From the beach the scenery is spectacular, with majestic mountains, rolling sheep-dotted hills, forests and winding rivers. Looking back from the hills the Llyn Peninsula is stunning, its sheltered bays and wide sandy beaches are perfect for Bathing and Watersports. The town of Criccieth has beautiful Beaches overlooked by a picturesque Castle, a wonderful sight when silhouetted by the sunset.
    Also nearby, Borth-Y-Gest has a quaint bay, backed by dramatic scenery, with some wonderful coastal walks. Whether viewed from the window of the Ffestiniog Railway steam train, by car, on foot or on horseback, the beauty of the landscape is breathtaking. Alternatively, some visitors like to relax sea or river fishing, playing golf, or quad biking, all available locally.

    Found it amazing how many of the tarot leads appeared within this brief description of the site!


  19. After reading everything on here, especially the Taylor link, and Forge, this does have links as seen on Google maps, but then I noticed than another poster had already mentioned the exact same thing! I was also about to comment on the very many 7's in the telephone number.

    Thanks for doing what you do, I really hope she is found safe and well soon. x

  20. Melinbyrhedyn, Melinberhedyn (E-bound), Cadfarch < empathy please could you do a search of this area
    as this is where i am drawn to
    kindest regards


  21. this area maybe of interest too

  22. Thank you for your comments regarding 'areas' of interest. I think leaving them here might help for anyone who is reading as once I have written Tarot details I put them down but I cannot claim to be able to look at an area and say that is where a person is. All I can do is write my part and hope it helps others who themselves might recognise the area.

  23. I will not be printing comments/suggestions at the condition in which April will be found.

  24. if you google map = Melinbyrhedyn, Melinberhedyn (E-bound), Cadfarch,you mentioned Some feeling of the word Key or K or Quay? Church or pope ,This card can take us to buildings. I have a link to church/schools colleges shops and tradesmen.this will take you straight to a church,carrying on round the bend heading straight instead of following the road round along to the left are a few cottages,you mentioned Single storey buildings, such as sheds outhouses, bungalows cottages, a property that is considered 'rural' . Possibly somewhere you carry out 'business' also Places that sound like or link to stables /horses, well on the first cottage there is a sign with a horse shoe with a property business advertised ,it was mentioned April was seen getting into a light coloured van that drove off! opposite the cottages to the left is a light coloured camper van ! this maybe totally irrelevant but with all the information you have from tarot just seems to fit p.s don't feel you have to post this just wanted you to look if you have 5mins spare

  25. Have you tried to contact the Ceredigion county authorites in Wales with your information? Even if they may not validate a tarot reading they might still search in the areas you mentioned.

    1. No I do not contact anybody. Tarot is written when people ask me to write it but like everyone here, I cannot be sure of location. Location is something that can only be described in Tarot and it can also set off some wild goose chases too because often it can be read and then misinterpreted as certain places by readers.

      For example if we have farms mentioned with April, we could think of Cattle and places that are to do with cows/milk etc and then we could go from there to suggest Cowbridge or places with the word Cow. But all the other elements of directions need to fit. Tarot is very infant in locations and it is only in recent months that maps have been supplied in the hope that they might cover an area that might be useful.

      I know myself that I have thought of many areas that might fit the Tarot at the current time from directions or its suggestions but I cannot tell you how accurate it is and it would be a waste of public funds to approach councils and police with this kind of information. I have to be responsible in what I do and I do that by answering peoples queries but I do not go to authority and insist they read what I have been given.

      The only validations that Tarot can have realistically is if or when any information comes forward to back it up and that is why it is an experiment as if this happens then we can start to feel perhaps it is useful and helpful.

      I hope this answers your query and thank you for writing in.


  26. after reading the information empathy has provided i found this empathys info>I then see an abandoned building or a place not open, not tenented?, a property that is considered 'rural' . Possibly somewhere you carry out 'business'.Places that sound like or link to stables /horses and cattle( smithy can be short for blacksmith). Single storey buildings, such as sheds outhouses, bungalows cottages, or even low rooms (this cottage could have been described as a ruined building at one time)i did ask spirit what was the first letter of the place april maybe Y i heard,.in welsh the meaning of Yr-efal in english is The smithy.just trying to put information together not saying the people who own this has owt to do with aprils disappearance..when I google mapped and looked at the smithy opposite it is a white camper van parked!! was there a light coloured van that was meant to be involved with her disappearance????

    1. There is a caravan site near Trewain.

  27. I think so much of Empathy's work here has already proven to be accurate. I carried out a remote viewing when April first went missing and one of the images I saw was of a man's legs with camouflage trousers and black boots - when the police annouced they had arrested a man wearing these clothes I realised (after a period of self doubt) that there must be something in this method of locating missing people. I have many more notes from the remote viewing but as Empathy points out - the descriptions could fit several locations and be interpreted in many ways. So for the first time ever I sat down with a crystal and a map and the crystal got very lively on a stretch of road between Llangadfan and Llanerfyl. There is a big hill and a cluster of trees with what appears to be cottages or outbuildings. I wil try and post a screenshot here if I can work out how. I agree that the last thing you want is to send people on a wild goose chase and I could be deluded but if anyone lives there it would do no harm to check things out.

    1. Sensible opinion. Tarot cannot give a location only describe. Dee has made up several maps from the Tarot but they cover a wide area. ALL could have possibilities. You also have seen very much the same thing but the problem is that it could fit a few places and hence why I do not feel location is going to be easy to pinpoint. Tarot does not claim to be ale to do this but the hope is that as an experiment it might help but there are no guarantees.


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