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Monday, 10 December 2018


Hello All,

As you know I have recently completed a reading for Prince Harry and for some reason found myself later looking at the charts of  Queen Elizabeth his Grandmother. I would imagine predictions and insights for the Queen are abundant and plentiful already, but I thought I would take a quick look.

I actually found the Queen's charts quite fascinating. She is quite an intense character in many ways. She is actually destined to be who she is. I do not see anything written in her charts to the contrary. She really did have to take on a maturity very early in life and put her whole self into it. It is quite admirable and her charts show many strong traits. It is no wonder that she is the Queen. It makes sense with even scant reading let alone the study of all her planets. 

The Queen has worked very hard over the years and she has shown a great sense of discipline and duty and not shirked her role in any way. She is quite formidable to most. If anything, the Queen has such a strong persona it is often very difficult to penetrate to the person underneath all that. A lot of people might actually never really get to the bottom of her and least of all break down layers to even understand her. 

One of the most intriguing elements I found in her charts was her psychic ability. Who would have thought it? but it seems the queen has an instinct about things and she picks up on vibes very quickly. She is also a very generous woman but she does not suffer fools gladly either. There were one or two areas of her chart that I found a bit contradictory but she does have to be two people, her own self and her public self though they also merge which can be a bit confusing. 

The Queen has a very pointed sense of humour and a great sense of fun. She really likes to be very comfortable or get to know a person before allowing them 'in' thats if she does at all but knowing someone for a period of time 'being comfortable' is actually quite a good sign that she is feeling ok with that person.   She has particularities about organisation. The Queen is terribly organised about things and she likes to keep it that way. I do not feel she likes working in a mess and is unlikely to work in any kind of disarray.  I think that would irk her. 

I sometimes realise how many years she has been The Queen. I wonder if we all take it for granted that she will always be there?   She has reigned a very long time.  She is a humanitarian and a kindly woman it seems but she does like to have her own way of doing things. She is incredibly artistic and her sporting pusuits and her military time was clearly charted. Her relationship with Prince Phillip was destined and she was destined to fall in love at first sight at a young age. She was destined to be important and her life would have needed to have counted for something. The Queen is pretty fastidious and rather a perfectionist in manner, she could almost be thought of as being too stoic or even too serious. However, that is not ALL of her qualities. She is warm and kind. She may at some times have been taken advantage of, but the Queen is not a pushover. This is a lady who is capable of outsmarting, outwitting, out thinking of anyone because she really is quite ahead of situations at the most times.

There are so many fascinating sides to her and the bit that we cannot see is almost like a little secretive person that is not for personal curiosity. The Queen probably knows that she can be quite different to how others perceive her and there are even times that she allows that to come to light. For one thing her sense of humour is very strong but very quick. She is not at all a stick in the mud but she does have her boundaries.   It was a very interesting time learning the Astrology of this very magnificent woman. To live her life as she has done to most people would really be ultimate sacrifice. There is more to being the Queen then wearing a very beautiful crown and robes. 
I thought I would draw a card for her to see how the future fares with her .

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Tarot gave to me the 8 of wands reversed and it occurred to me that maybe this is not the best time for her right now.  When I saw this card I just felt 'squashed in and a huge desire to break out of a rut' OR just change something because everything was getting just so much of the same.   This card really does DELAY things WHATEVER it touches. I think I felt a sense of restriction or frustration around the Queen at the moment. I almost felt like she wanted to just have less duty and more light hearted situations to stop herself feeling buried in the midst of current atmospheres.

I felt as though she might not want to 'go far' or that she wanted to be more in home surroundings or what is familiar or just have the comfort and safety of that , shut the problems out even. I felt also that duties, obligations, responsibilities and work heaviness was taking its toll a bit on her at the moment. I felt as though maybe she would just love to break away for a little while and just do as she pleases but that there were a lot of pressing matters floating about right now. 

I felt also that the Queen might have a need to talk about SECURITY at the current time. I was not really sure whether that was personal security or just general security. 

These wands are great cards they are full of action and vigour and this card in particular is a great card to have BUT it is reversed. I wonder if the Queen is just feeling overwhelmed or just bored with certain situations or issues at the current time. Bored is such a terrible word to use but I couldnt think of another word to take its place.   I feel as though there are moments when she really would love to just lift all restrictions and just feel a bit free of pressures. 

I could be wrong but that is what I was feeling.   There could be transportation problems around her for some reason or other too. 

The odd thing is, even though this card delays matters, I felt as though she wanted a change herself , perhaps a change of location or wanted to make some changes herself with the home even if its just to decorate.  There was just something about this.  I realise that a new home has been forefront for Prince Harry and his Duchess but this location change I had in the Queens reading so I have to mention that or there is some problem about a new home or change of location. Again I cannot decide if its the Queen herself or her grandsons affairs.   I think it could come for the Queen too though. I feel as though she wants more space around her and maybe its from people ? maybe it is different surroundings? 

I really feel like the Queen does not want to be involved in other peoples complications. I believe that she could get very impatient if irritations continue to crop up and this card is showing jealousy, possible relationship upsets, maybe domestic or marital in nature, disputes, quarrels and even blow ups or argumentative situations on the horizon. Maybe a third party situation, or trouble maker in the mix. It is possible she could be feeling  very frustrated and irritated. It could be because there are situations that she wants to work out but there is some slow progress to that or she could be continuously running into problems that are caused by others. I do see this becoming rather tedious for the Queen. I could be wrong in this of course because likely the Queen has many issues she has to deal with. This card however, does show an irksome vibration though and it might be in her sphere.  There could be some unfinished business and the Queen just has to try and draw a line under it. 

So this card? I dont think its the best one but maybe its just the planets at the moment creating a bit of havoc even in Royal homes!  I think the Queen could lose patience with it.    I feel a tiredness in this card too. The Queen always has work to do and because she is very dutiful it is easy to overtax oneself. She is being advised in this card not to rush to do things and not to panic about things either. 

Anything mechanical or perhaps even to do with electricity might come up and even possibly stables/horses. I feel as though there is either an indecision about something looming  or an unexpected surprise. Im not sure if that is a good surprise or not though.   Maybe there is something where the Queen is caught off guard?   Later on I see some competitiveness as well but I am not sure from what area that is stemming but it almost feels like a brawl or some kind of protest. Again Im not sure how this can be defined.   If there are problems the Queen is in the frame of mind to sort them out and just be done with them but I feel as though something stands in the way of that so yes I feel some form of frustrating situations here. Not that they cant be resolved but just that they stand in the way of just being able to flow and get on with other things. How annoying for her.

Maybe there are problems hanging around that the Queen felt would sort themselves out without her having to wade in there but that may not be the case. I did wonder if it was anything to do with the gossip that has leaked out about the Royal brothers. It just seems like a bush fire that could cause her stress and more like an uncontrolled bush fire. I.E. once ignited its hard to put the flames out. This would not be the best situation for her if that were the case.  She could do with a huge bucket of water to douse the troubles. Anyway I do feel a slightly tense and possibly tricky few aspects for the Queen or at least around her at the current time.     

I wonder with this card whether she would just like to escape from any problems and just have a bit of peace in her head. The Queen does not like unpleasant situations nor would she welcome any form of confrontations whether they involved her or not.   I think at the current time she would rather just have life rolling along in a more peaceable manner.  She might even decide to try to ignore certain issues if it so suits her. This card can even talk about Quarrels, disputes and jealousy in the workplace with staff stepping on each other to further their careers.No end of drama might be on the horizon. Lets hope not too much.

I am feeling that there is some problem or delay in paperwork or something of that nature too which is a bit of a melting pot.  I think the Queen could be put under a bit of pressure with the atmosphere around her and she may have some nervous energy she has to take care of. I actually do think the Queen sometimes finds some things utterly draining and wonders about it all sometimes and her own energy levels. She is an amazing coper but even she needs some good wind down periods and particularly as she has got a lot older. Who needs problems over the general running of the business that she still might be doing.      

I would have liked a far better card than this one but if all these things can be righted it is plain sailing for plans and investments and luck.  Right now though it must feel a bit like crash and burn. The Queen needs to have some comfortable and less frustrating situations so that she can concentrate on keeping herself well and dealing with the BIGGER issues or areas that she wishes to put her time in. There are always lots of things the Queen shows interest in.  Important post or communications might even go astray, get lost or just be difficult to find .   This card also points out that there is discord in the workplace even between staff or management that causes delays and and setbacks to the normal flow of business.  Oh happy days ? perhaps not the best at the moment. 

The Queen like any person could have her patience well tried and if it is pushed too much she may just shut down on whatever is creating this and dissociate herself from it.  Some things can just get too much.   Of course I could be reading this wrong but I think toleration points could be breached if insufficient warning breaks the Queens patience and creates disharmony. I doubt this will be tolerated for very long at all if in fact it is present. 

The Queen likely needs to take some time out for herself!   ANYTHING to do with transportation could be a problem. Goals anything that should be going forward is having the flow of movement disrupted. Lets hope that things get better. 

Reversed wands really can be such a nuisance! Sometimes they are just blips and right themselves but when in this position they can just cause a stink that nobody really needs. Wheres the air freshner!!  

Next year the Queen is very likely going to fall out with someone around her and a distinct cooling of association may be afoot.  I think once the Queen has been annoyed she does forgive situations but she really does not forget. She does not suffer fools gladly and at her time of life, lest we forget, I think she would prefer LESS fuss around her. 

I may have to come back and draw another card. I will leave this for now. 



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