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Saturday, 2 June 2012


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BARABOO, WIS. (STNG) -- The Sauk County (Wis.) Sheriff's Department has concluded the majority of the search effort for Buffalo Grove teen after more than week scouring the Baraboo River and surrounding area, a family spokesman said Wednesday.

Investigators found Lee S. Cutler's gray 2007 Toyota Corolla, a backpack, clothing and other personal belongings in Fairfield Township, Wis., but have not located Cutler, a Stevenson High School senior.
Dan De Grazia said Buffalo Grove police will take the lead in the investigation because Wisconsin officials are confident Cutler is not in the area along the river.
The search effort employed foot patrols, ATVs, planes and helicopters equipped with infrared scanners, sonar and cameras in addition to dive teams in the river.
"The family is having a hard time adjusting to the news," De Grazia said.
Cutler was last seen dropping off a friend at 9:50 a.m. Oct. 20 2007 after attending a party the previous night. He failed to show up to his part-time job at Rock America in Vernon Hills, where he was scheduled to work at noon.
He also failed to show up for work at a Vernon Hills clothing store and his locked car was found at a rest stop near Baraboo on Sunday morning, Oct. 21. A search of the nearby rugged countryside uncovered the backpack and blankets, and Sauk County Sheriffs police also announced the discovery of an empty Advil bottle and letters on Oct. 24.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following




2ND JUNE 2012

I have been asked via the blogger to look at Tarot for Lee Cutler. I managed to find a very nice picture of Lee which gives me a great reflection of his warmth and sense of fun.
The details regarding Lee that are on the internet are published above. Tarot brings past present and future trends forward and may mirror some of that which is already known but hopefully it may give us some other clues. We can but try! Please read all tarot notes so that you understand how it works and bear in mind that it is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law, so always look to factual news sources for reliable information.


This card is almost self explanatory, UNLESS it is reflecting what could be already assumed. Here instead of having safety Lee may be having difficulties with water. Water Rocks and Stone are on this card so it would imply that there is a danger with water here. I think it is possible there are three people around at the time and perhaps nothing may have been said about this unless it is mentioned somewhere in reports. You see two people walk off or they are somewhere around and one of them could be in the water. There is a feeling of this being unplanned, there might have been arguments or some kind of warnings 'not to do something' but its whether they went unheeded.

I sense very sticky mud, muddiness is very strong in this set of cards and there is a Riverbank and a hill or word Hill. I see Lee somehow besides the Riverbank or perhaps in the water itself. I feel he might have knocked his head or his back was hurt/bruised. There is some kind of depressive feeling on these cards but it could also be some kind of amnesia? I feel as though there might have been some rivalry between three people, perhaps there was a breakup in a relationship whether friendship or love and its possible that an argument was settled but that there were very big arguments or quarrels at some point. I also see medication but I just call it Drugs because it could be marijuana and whether for medical purposes or not the word Drugs comes up.

I think that evidence has been cleared away and witness statements are corrupt. A cover up is what I see. So something clearly must have happened that has been somehow distorted. I might be wrong but that is my interpretation of my cards. I feel that this card though generally gives us East is showing us a 9 or a 6 whether route or for another reason but North West comes up here either in direction or name of place. Maybe someone came from the North East? I feel there is some throwback from a relationship somehow here and I am feeling he could have been in the water. Theres also a feeling that someone 'returned' something or someone 'returned' and I cant quite place this.

Logically boats do appear in this picture and who knows if there was one except to say that the boat is removed and one would only be going into water in that case. So that is really what I am seeing here. There may be breathing problems and even a sprain or sprained ankle. Hills, uneven skyline, springs, fountains any any water elements can be included here. Wells, deep Mines, quarries, land thats been 'recently dug' can come up too. Also a feeling that our travel and exploration have been aborted.

Im also getting Spring again and water that is near a conduit head or channel.Even tunnels or wells could come up so its the feeling of rocks stone water as strong elements. Part of me wonders if there is some roguery or thief around or someone with bad intentions as I would not see this card as a suicide card particularly, so I dont think its that I just feel as though he was spied on or there was some rivalry somehow and three people involved.

I feel like he 'couldnt move' or was 'stuck' but with the return on the next card I wonder if either someone put him somewhere or took him somewhere else? its possible I suppose. I feel as though he wanted to get away for a bit in order to get over difficulties and disappointments also a feeling of being 'locked in' or cornered in some way. I assume he DID go to the river? OR perhaps that was not even true? or perhaps he was stuck in that mud because I did see frustration and a lot of anxiety here.

If that was the case his health might have been threatened because this card does tell us to heed warning signs and take care of our health or find a solution to the problem we are in. There does seem to be a blanket here at some point. Someone trying to lie low from the law here. But I do see some kind of real deception going on but cant put my finger on it?


Here I have an 8 for route or direction and notice this is someone making money outside of a town. So outside of a town with business buildings can come up here but then so can farms, schools and various properties. Maybe in names of places as Tarot cannot 'say' a name. But here this card shows North perhaps a place with a money name? but school names seem to be strong?
I am wondering at the back of my mind whether there is a school link? or something to do with someone at school/college/university or if it really is just a name.

This card can talk about buying and selling or learning a new trade so perhaps college or university? Primarily we are looking at work/business type places, properties like that, such as farms maybe but in the landscape too.

I also think there should be some attention to detail regarding fingerprints. I think something should be studied. I see a property that is empty or abandoned. Maybe its for sale? Im not sure how it fits in but also there is a dark haired girl who is very pretty? Im getting South West now so this all needs to be linked in some way and combined despite this card showing a North element.

Again Im seeing money links, like BANK, or word BANK - storage places, agricultural perhaps in nature, cornfields etc hayricks and also drug stores come up. Im also seeing 'study halls' offices books pens, links to financial accounting/ tax affairs or just getting that office vibe. Also places which have annexes to them. Pets, like dogs come up here perhaps two dogs and someone walking along? and for some reason the biological home comes up too. ?
A 'G' name comes up again with the word BANK.


This card gives us West and also the number 13. This could be seperated to be 1 and 3 or be number 31  or 4 which may have signficance as to timing or routes.

I see dishonour and vice here and insecurity with a female who could have poured some inspiration out perhaps. Again see the water in this card and it could even suggest under water but I cant be sure of that. Suicide tendencies can come up here because of relationships or lovers or it wants us to think that perhaps. Again this is tricky.

But there is a problem with relationships and it does show on these cards and shows a severence from our home and family. I think there is a lake here in this card and it could be where boats go but I just feel that without it in the picture even though it showed earlier it might be showing us that boats COULD go there.
Im being shown July? or number 7 here and that there will be a 'namedropper' so that sort of implies that someone who knows something might come forward regarding Lee and him being mislaid 'for a time' until that happens.

I think a woman is keeping secrets and maybe she is gullible but obviously that is deception which can be clearly seen in these cards. A female is a good storyteller but how truthful is she, and who is she protecting? Someone is being deceived.

This also is referring to a fair haired woman, could be someone blonde or the word FAIR. So perhaps as Fairfield Township is linked to Lee then there is some deception about whether he can be found there or not. There is an 'M' or a 'W'. that might help and perhaps a 'white bridge' with a building near the water. Water is most definately either the name of a place or where he is likely to be found near. I also think the direction NORTH is important. Being near the 'ground' or 'underground' or in the same sense, cellars/basements could come up.

Perhaps Tarot is reflecting the indecision about whether Lee is in water or not, but the main thing is to try to get as many clues as to WHERE he could be . I hope Tarot can help in some way though I think that there is a very deceptive element here in some way involving others. I think he fell out with friends and the feeling I have of him is being 'imprisoned'? locked in some point.
Did anyone check his school? or school grounds? because schools and even teachers can come up here. So perhaps there is a link back there? or to someone?

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate in every single way but maybe something can help?


This is the area that Lee disappeared.
The most comprehensive Guide To Devil's Lake State Park and it's associated prop...


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps





Stichomancy offers this extract regarding Lee's disappearance.

Mistress Wilding by Rafael Sabatini:

it may be that she was a thought beglamoured by the danger in which he stood, which seemed to invest him with a certain heroic dignity.
"Ruth," he said at length, " it may well be that that which you desire may speedily come to pass; it may well be that in the course of this rebellion that is hatching you may be widowed. But at least I know that if my head falls it will not be my wife who has betrayed me to the axe. For that much, believe me, I am supremely grateful."
He advanced. He took her unresisting hand again and bore it to his lips, bowing low before her. Then erect and graceful he turned on his heel and left her.

Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of finding Lee.

Soul of a Bishop by H. G. Wells:
ever. Amen."
Then he looked again, as if to look once more upon that radiant vision of God, but now he saw only the clear cool space of the cathedral vault and the coloured glass and tracery of the great rose window. And then, as the first notes of the organ came pealing above the departing stir of the congregation, he turned about and descended slowly, like one who is still half dreaming, from the pulpit.
In the vestry he found Canon Bliss. "Help me to take off these garments," the bishop said. "I shall never wear them again." 


Oct. 19 Lee Cutler attends a friend's birthday party and spends the night. He is reportedly quiet.

Oct. 20

9:50 a.m. - Cutler drives another friend home. He is reportedly quiet. Cutler never arrives to work at Rock America in Vernon Hills.
12:30 a.m. - Tracking of Cutler’s cell phone indicates this is the last time it was used.
1:41 p.m. - Cutler visits Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Oct. 21
1: 41 p.m. - Cutler's car is found at a rest stop in Baraboo, Wis.

Oct. 22
A.M. - Cutler's yarmulke, love letters, pants, and keys are found in the woods.

Oct. 26 - Cutler's wallet is found in the Baraboo River. An empty bottle of Tylenol PM is found near his car.

If you have information about Lee Cutler, contact Buffalo Grove Police Department, (847)-459-2560.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following






I have hoped to get around to some cases here on the blog that do not have maps or finer detail. I do not always get the time to do it and I know it is important to try to find that time. Lee has been a 'big case' in so much that the mystery involved has piqued many peoples interest.  I have done a brief outline regarding him but Im going to see if I can put a few extra elements that perhaps could try to give a few more pointers. Im not sure if it will help or not so there are no guarantees and we might not be any further forward but I will see if I can get anymore with each of the cards of the original reading. Lets see if it might help or jog someone into forward thinking.

The best thing to do is to read each bit of extra information alongside the original Tarot as all the information of that card must be combined with these extra thoughts.  The first card Tarot gave to us was the six of swords.  It is going to give us all the previous information but it is also going to give an East direction or East in a name or place.  It is a number 6 but also could be a 5 or a 9 and those numbers can often represent routes/roads or part of the numbers of such but also distance and timing.
Mostly the swords can show unpleasant things so no point in glossing that over. Troubles, violence, wranglings, arguments, altercations, depressions and just about everything that COULD be on the negative side can show up here.  Because of the fact that it is also a mentality card it can often be the suit for depressive situations or what might appear hopeless situations. The mind can be the enemy. 

However, at the same time it is the suit for weapons and 'nasties' so we cant discount that.
This card is not showing a 'forwarding address' for Lee. When we get this card it shows a kind of passage to safety when its upright, almost like, you can leave your troubles behind but go forward to higher ground and get out of the 'crap' in your life or any dangers or things that trouble you. Note that this card is reversed so it can seem that Lee is bogged down by things - even if its the aftermath of a situation it is just hanging around him mentally.  This card can actually bounce off previous cards that show people passing over or someone who might have passed over, thats the kind thing too that can upset a person even being morbid about death or imagining things let alone contempating it.  So he could have been at some point in his life where things were taken very seriously in his mind .  Then again Tarot could reflect 'what has been said about him' as it can show a lot of factors that are past present as well as future. Its just sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

But true to say things dont look hunky dory in this first card. The indication here is that the person just wants things to 'go away' so that life can begin anew. In some respects, perhaps Lee wanted to move away from the past, get rid of old baggage and/or if there was turmoil or arguments he wanted to have no part in that.  If he had been attacked it would show him wanting to get free or release himself from it because that is what this card is indicating. Whether he needed to escape relationships or found he could not it is showing that turmoil here.

If for example he was coaxed to be with somebody and leave things behind he would have had a lot of mental indecision.  It really can be a 'few' things that can come up with this card you see.
The really nasty side of this card could show rogues and bad people who can do you harm and I seem to see a K initial here and perhaps a Lock and a key or quay. I can only give all as I do not know which or whether that is a place name or person initial or what it might be for but there are two people perhaps that have not given advice about Lee and maybe they could have done. Or perhaps there are two people we do not know about who somehow are connected to him and his fate in an odd way.    Sometimes there are religious elements here whereby someone is religious or was religous but really they turn that religion on its head and act pretty immoral.  There are feelings that if he maybe looked up to a situation or a mentor that there were some elements about it/them that were quite the opposite to how you would think it/them to be.

An example would be someone who morally puts a face on and they are nothing like you thought them to be.   Theres a kind of anti element there a kind of going against the grain. Can be an ex teacher or ex religious person or someone who is religious and goes against that completely. Its just one of the things that could come up. Obviously have to mention the word Church because maybe thats a name of a place or a landmark.   Theres a feeling with the 6 and 9 that reminds me of a stalker element - possibly being stalked but by someone possiby outside the family circle. I just see some kind of contrarities around family or some connections there. 

It depends who Lee called family besides his own.  I might be wrong but theres a love over duty element here some kind of choice that had to be made but still that stalker element that I feel I can see.  That 9 just bothers me because I feel I do see him going off on his own but then I feel he sees someone he has not seen in a while maybe because there is often a man with a beard that can turn up in the 9. Ok its not always the case but this is also the camping ground card you know?  so this person I think would be an older guy - and he might be a bit 'odd' - Im seeing the 'dark' here because I can see lights being lit almost like Im looking over a lot of lights.

Alternatively, we could use the words Bright, or Light, summit, mountain peak or Hill here. Maybe they are useful names.  Somewhere off the beaten track comes off here and a bridge perhaps. Also even being hidden or concealed might be the case .  Railways, airports and golf courses water cement stone rock canyon and bluff might be all words to consider or actual places that surround vicinity.

I did say East for this card and this card can suggest danger in journeys by water and reveal coastlines or water lapping.  There is also some kind of proposal made here and or some kind of confession that could be about love but it has some strangeness about it because its a do or die type of thing.  I keep seeing 'baptism' ???  comparing directions and information in the original reading and combining them we also have North West as before.  Here we lose our belongings and we know that belongings were found of Lees near the water  We also have notes/messages which we also know were found so that all fits in quite well.  

Initials B J D and R come up here too whether people or places and the name Will or Mill.  Some kind of handyman/caretaker/mechanic or salesman is what I have in card description but who knows for sure?  Spring bird ditch and hollow come up and vegetation/roses.   If I were to take this forward a bit I am seeing someone who commands respect someone non biological like a boss, step father type just someone who gets a bit over the top and a bit tyrannical.  Thats how a person would be if we cranked forward a bit and then we get that stalker type element and after that it all gets a bit murky and I start seeing dental and bones and the colour white.   

But you know they are all 'things' that are floating about and do not come through as 'actuals' so they could be media talk.

What we need to do is not push forward to those elements but note that they are 'there' in the ether so could be public suggestion or white noise. One thing apart from what I have given in the first card in original tarot is things like attics roofs and bedrooms come up. So I will mention those.
Heres a description of person with beard - Small dark eyes, midde type stature, pale complexion, broad forhead, black hair might be messy, biggish ears, thick lips and nose, beard or stubble maybe shaved this off and just a shadow of it, not a nice person, broad large shoulders. Someone looking downwards.   

Someone a bit envious maybe even jealous?? or revengeful? Getting the word shin or thinking they stoop or something.   Seeing deception and lies or some kind of deceit.   The 'thief' element that can come up in this run of cards could suggest an abduction and moving things about.
Was there a secret friendship or relationship that needed to come out into the open??  There could have been some betrayal and wanting to escape that situation because I feel there is a spying element here maybe even a dark haired girl could come up but Im seeing the passing of a person or even two or if thats not the case a relationship break up or divorce something of that nature.  I feel like evidence is cleared up and some witness statements might be false. 

There is also something about either someone who is released from prison or perhaps some 'bad person' as there is something about a legal case but I dont know what it is a lot of information that comes from the cards and I really dont know the 'ins and outs' of the story to piece together what it could all be about.  I often find with the cards that just writing what I get is the best thing and then those who are closest to the events can see what Tarot is saying all I do is deliver it.  Hopefully correctly but mistakes can be made in interpretation.  We just have to see how it all works out. Dont forget to read the first card again with what Tarot already told us and then link this in.

Already I gave the 8 of pentacles and it has come to us upright. Number 8 would or could once again be considered roads or routes or part of the number and this card is generally always considered North.  It would ultimately in this run of cards show a new location so I am not feeling that Lee would be found where his belongings were found. So far he has not been.  I do see grandparents on the cards but I dont know why they appear or a family property but maybe its indicating a new home or some family home but I dont know whose.  This card is a music card and its also a card that shows us out of town or on the outside of town.  Names or actual places such as farms and college/university could come up in names of roads.  Also something about dogs.

Now on this card and run of cards we have cameras or film. Dont know why - but there are also fingerprints. There are military/soldier elements too and someone with an expensive black car. A businessman I think.  I get the word 'diamond' coming up here.  So perhaps a working business is showing up to me, or financial accountant as Im seeing figures here and finances. No idea why.
Nothing about this card tells me anything negative. Its a physical card but I have been given this for location even though aspects of movement/location are shown in all the cards so you have to read carefully - this is a tricky enterprise trying to work out whats what.

I can see bicycles or motorbike and green spaces but also waterside here.   Some kind of teamwork between three people too.  A place where the jobless go and a market place.  An apprenticeship an a new career. Now whether this is real or not I cant say but all these cards are prosperity and show new opportunities for work and finance as a rule.  I wondered about the army or a soldier with these but it could be hearsay Tarot is picking up so we have to go back to the actual elements that might describe a place instead.

So we have North initially and the number 8 -  see Lee out of town and isolated. Words, manor, mission, hood, falcon or bird name could come up here.   Someone who sells something, or getting a loan or credit and a dark haired girl here.   Im seeing a teacher too?  OR name of teacher comes up and school names.

The word Ginger.

Im seeing arts or artist and painting. Rural elements.  Perhaps foundations of a building too - where was his school/university?

Getting West either North West or South West.   Seeing 'science'? please read all the information about wind power, windmills, barns/outhouses sawmills, airports or any names that sound like that as well as college/university and farm places names. (might be a farm to market road).
Bowling alleys and Tennis courts can come up too. 

The last card is giving us number 13, 31 or number 4. The number can be split too as a 3 and a 1. As before they can be routes, timing or distance. But note that 4. That is going to be reverse and will show a 4 door car. It also shows that unpleasant character that I have pointed out. Something White can come up.

Much of what I have already said for the Queen of Cups still is very much the case so no need to repeat it.  The swords can show seperation and cutting and scattering that may not be the case it could just be showing Lee in various places ie movement.   In this card he could be 4 from the water or 13 or 31 away from where his car was.

This card shows what areas have been searched it is the search and find card after all. It is a West card again and a W or M is on here.  Water is too and submergence is often suggested with this card but its not always the case.  There could even be a container in this card.  Its a difficult one.
Fisherman can come up here but so can plumbers and anything to do with water.  So can the name or word GOLD.

There is certainly an untruthful woman who is a good storyteller but thats about it - how about the truth then? the truth aways comes out in the end you know and keeping secret or putting up protection is not a good thing to do is it?

This is someone CLOSE not a stranger.
Its someone who reminds me of the Copenhagen Mermaid.  Lure you in and then drown you - not literally but whoever it is 'aint telling' - but might drop names of people.  Im seeing someone pretty insensitive here.

I see a basement/cellar or a place where it could be near water or place named after water. The word Clay and the colour BLACK.  Damp boggy ground, ruined buildings, lakes, or a place that needs redecorating or might be empty or abandoned, maybe even the words 'snow or ice' could come up.  I feel restriction.  See north facing walls.  We definitely do not know the whole story thats for sure .

Was there someone who was pregnant?

The sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, etc. Basements, cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water or names of water or related can truly come up. It could be reflecting the searches of water but I have to just put what I have.  North here as well.  So North West.  I will pass all this to Dee and see if another map can be made up which might show some other areas.

Swimming pools can also come up even water tanks or waste disposal like sewage sites etc. Fields fountains and highways.   The word Ruby or someone who wears a ruby ring.  Someone who has an office.   Ive mentioned a woman here but might even be seeing a gay man or an ex teacher mentor or clergyman?  Words like church, bishop, priest etc could come up. Possibly the word Stone.

Grey Beige Silver and white as colours.

Bear in mind someone who gets drunk maybe drugs here.

Also seeing a Monday as significant.

This card suggests that Lee can be found when its reversed theres could be delays.

A fair haired person who is fat or plump.

Maybe something will help I am not sure. Some of the Tarot will pick up on hearsay, it picks up everything sometimes even future news reports but we have to see.  I hope to post a map soon.
Please read all the information together. No guarantees of course as Tarot can only give possibilities.





Ive just realised there is a Diamond Lake Road in Vernon Hills and Diamond Lake has that area been checked out? 

Also wondering about 80 route HAZELCREST Illinois nr Stepfathers school on at least a 3.1 mile radius because that is on the Grand Army of the Public Highway 80. Note that Airport Road goes off there Northwest of  Gary.  That route is interesting and possibly around the old family home.  As Lees Step Dad owned a boat which I have just discovered (called MY BETH) I feel this boat should be looked at. I note this boat was kept near Hidden Hills and the route 83. Has to be checked out as this is in the tarot and unless Tarot is just 'picking it up as white noise'really it can be overlooked. At least a radius of about 1 - 3 miles - as Fox and Pets are in the area as names and a fox appears on the very next card to the six of swords and boats were mentioned so it has to be done and all offices/areas connected to the step father to be sure that all that can be ruled out.  Possibly also Crystal Lake area. There are a few areas of interest with the numbers that come up. Nothing guaranteed as many areas can/do fit descriptions. Please check back for another map of possibilities.


Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.



Hello All, I wish I had good news regarding Lee, but all I can offer is this report as its all that is on google news as I try to update cases here.  Its also last years report. 


Constable: After 10 years, Buffalo Grove mom believes she'll find her son

Chicago Daily Herald-17 Oct 2017
His mom reported him missing to the Buffalo Grove police that afternoon. ... We love Lee and miss him," says Irving Cutler, the missing man's ..


  1. I think its pretty clear...i'm somewhat of an intuit, and it breaks my heart because i relate to his personality type so much. i believe evidence points to him taking the pills and drowning in the river, and his body wasn't recovered plain and simple. from what i heard of this case, he had a girlfriend in the past who he was very serious about but she went away to college and they separated, the story goes that he was very affected by it, amongst other things inside him that he had trouble expressing. its really, really sad to me. he seemed like a person the world would have needed to be around.

    1. I feel the same way. Additionally there were no sightings of him after he bought medicine at Walmart which leads me to believe he bought the meds to kill himself and then enter the water to drown.

  2. Actually, his girlfriend and he were together until he vanished. They were the same age and were going to be heading away to college the year after he disappeared. This is very interesting, but I still don't think I believe what the Tarot cards have to say.

    1. He was referring to his very first girlfriend not the current girlfriend.

    2. He had a previous gf who left and went to college she wanted to get married and Lee broke it off cause he was still in high school and didnt want to be married. He then started dating another girl.

  3. There are 2 different girls. One was older and she went away to college. Younger girl he got with afterwards that he was with until he disappeared

  4. I don't believe that he died in that river... watch the "Disappeared" TV show on his case.

    1. I agree. They looked in the river. I wonder if they ever followed up on the possibility he went to Israel and joined the IDF. Very easy to do. I know people who have. Israel is very happy to take in Jews.

    2. His wallet, containing his identification, was found in his pants in the river. I don't see him traveling to Alaska or Israel without his wallet. Unfortunately, just because the police's search didn't find his body in the river, it doesn't mean he's not there. Why buy pills if he was planning to go to Alaska or Israel? It doesn't explain his purchase of the pills and the empty bottles. Unless he was a cruel person (and the profile does not suggest he was), why would he purposefully leave clues behind suggesting his death and then run off to Israel or Alaska? The only explanation that makes sense is suicide. My heart breaks for his family.

  5. I do believe he has died as I do not think this much time would have passed with no word from him if he were still living. But I, as well, feel very drawn to this young man and can certainly relate to his mothers pain. How very sad. I wish they could find something out for the sake of those who loved him...if nothing else.

  6. LEE CUTLER - updated 4th September with map possibilities.

  7. umm read much...theres been like 70 young men drowned by the smiley face gang in the great lakes megalopolis. lee is for sure one of their victims. lol, joined the israeli army..talking about crasping at straws.
    the fact that he left his car at baraboo, wi (the place where thad lives,the kid that got his legs broken by an older boy and whos grown up to be quite a psychopatch himself.
    the smiley face gang cant be caught, though, because some of their members are the highest of the high society's children.
    they would never admit to it. even if the body count was 500.
    no, no way, my precious little child did not do it with his other filthy rich friends.

    1. AKA the drunk off their arses accidental drowning murders. This smiley face gang is a crock of shi*. I think the SFG may have been involved in the Natalie Wood drowning too!LOL Here is a clue for you, when you get stone drunk, you should really rethink your decision to swim. Lee Cutler was not murdered, and he wasn't drunk before he died, but his trip to the pharmacy to purchase otc meds played a part in his death. It was clearly suicide by drowning. His body was never found because it got lodged somewhere in that river. Many people have witnessed individuals committing suicide in rivers and their bodies never turn up. It happens quite often, even in smaller rivers. I hope he is found alive by some miracle but it is highly unlikely. We need to do more for individuals suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Edward Copala

  8. i think he set it all up to make people believe that he committed suicide...but really he joined the army...

    1. The army would not accept him if he were mentally unstable as he was.

  9. If you lived in the area as i myself do, this tarot card rreading would make total since.

  10. 7-23-2013 I watched Lee's case on the disappeared show very sad something a mother fears is her child missing or dead I think he did leave all his belongings to make the police and others believe he did die or maybe he did join the IDF or he could still be out there somewhere not keeping in contact

  11. Hmm i think it sounds deeper than that possibly a mix of relationships and sexuality the story almost tells itself he frequently spoke with truckers and random people maybe college people

  12. why did the mother stay married to such a vile man? maybe he had something to do with it, but the secret died with him.


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