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Thursday, 6 January 2011



Mesa police Hugh Turner

Posted: Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mesa police are seeking the public's help in finding an 85-year-old man with dementia who is missing.

Hugh Turner, a 5'6" white male who is 150 lbs. with balding white hair and brown eyes, was wearing a tan hat, navy blue jacket and tan pants. He was last seen going for a walk about noon on Christmas Eve and has a heart condition that requires medication. His family is said to be concerned for his well-being.

You can contact the Mesa Police Department at (480) 644-2211 or another local police agency if you have any information.


Cynthia L. Caron


LostNMissing, Inc

Cell: 603-548-6548

Office: 603-965-4621


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started Today 6 January 2011 at 22:08 »

I have been asked via personal messages to look at tarot for Hugh Turner who has been causing a lot of concern for his family and friends.

Tarot will try to produce some information that will give glimpses past present and future therefore some information may already be known in the press. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate but may shed light on what might have happened or try to pinpoint where Hugh is. Please look to other sources for factual evidence.



This man has been suffering from insomnia.This is also a completion card therefore it seems to me that Hugh had been feeling unwell for some time. This card very rarely shows it but it can show overhearing confidences from another room. It can also be showing us that Hugh was very upset about something mentally, feeling bad or feeling guilty and basically was assaulting his own mind. This man may have been close to his grandmother in the past or a woman who he still feels very deeply in his heart. I feel as though his memories are playing him up and it distresses him from time to time. There is nothing on the card that shows he has been hurt by someone physically at least not in this card, the only thing that is hurting him here is his mind.

This card has a zodiac blanket and can pinpoint the end of the year so it times very well with the end of the year though I feel something specific has been on his mind from the 9th month. Therefore in September it feels like 'he has done something or has some problem' about September or the month of September that he feels guilty about or just worried about and this kept him awake at night. I just feel as though there was something that he just didnt want to get involved in, whether it was overheard words or some situation, he just wanted to blank that out. This card can represent a death or catastrophic loss but does not indicate whether that is actual or whether it is something on someones mind. Maybe Hugh wondered about his health and felt that he was dying. This can truly be just concerns in the mind but I put forward what tarot tells to us.

The Eight of Swords previously seems to show somebody who feels they are a 'hostage', that they feel trapped but it could all be in the mind , but I just feel as though he was in a situation where he just felt trapped. There is a bedroom in the 9 of swords and that would not be there for no reason. So I do have to mention this. I dont know if this man spent a lot of time in the bedroom or not.

The 10 of swords shows someone lying on a bank by the river. I dont know if Hugh was a big reader or whether he took books out with him but this seems to hover in the back of my mind. I also think he had an incontinence problem that was upsetting to him. In the 8 and 9 and 10 of swords the person appears to be alone. Swords are communication and the mental intellect and I think this man felt he was alone in his mind and greatly troubled with something.

At the present moment, I dont feel very comfortable with what I see therefore I am not wholly positive about Hughs health at this time. This card shows this man in the East Direction on this card but West is mentioned possibly as a start of point or it could be the other way around. There are two people that have bothered him and they are not nice. If anything has happened to him it is two people who have caused this but I dont see a physical thing on this card, what I see is a 'mental' thing and it seems to me he is worrying about peoples problems that he just cant change.

I do sense fear and I do sense anxiety on this card. So if this is just a mentality thing he was either worried about two people he thought were going to attack him, or he is just generally upset and anxious about two people. This card can often show a priest or ecclesiastical lean, so whether this is about morals or principles I am not quite sure at this stage. Sometimes a person feels something is wrong but cant do anything to stop things happening.

Theres something on this mans concience. This card shows that someone might have done something or knew something or discovered something as someone is digging in the ground but there are two people here. There are four hands and there is his hand - he is stopping the four hands by holding it out. This could be something in his mind where he is trying to keep thoughts away or its actually possible something may have happened here and this man was attacked. Again the card appears to be more a communication/mental type of card which can show problems in the mind, but we have to consider this both ways. It could be memories or it might be the situation.

Dishonesty lying and slander might be something that could affect Hugh.

There is a great deal of depression here.I think of Roses when I see Hugh and I feel like he was defeated by words that bothered his head. There is more psychological suffering with this card then there is reality. He seemed to have some conflict in his life that other people in his mind made it worse because they tended to oppose him and his thoughts. I think it made him unhappy. But, I really think he was close to somebody and when he thinks of them it really upsets him. I dont know if someone was buried that was close to him that he often went to visit ?? It makes me wonder if in his mind he was trying to get close to them? He definately was upset and worried about someone he cared about.

Asking where Hugh is, I am given Temperence.


This card is showing me a situation first. Its telling me about sides of families that did,nt mix or might have fallen out. I am given a name here MICHAEL. It might be a place or someones name. This card shows somebody by land and water. So did the 10 of swords. The 10 of swords directions would indicate East. I have already shown a direction this might have gone but East is in the 'mind' therefore he might have headed that way. Temperence has no directional quality. It only seems to show land and water and a kind of anger which he is trying to balance. Temperence has number 14 attached to it.

The sword card shows black at the year end. He could be in the same area which I believe is 'mesa'. Looking at the Map and following through with the swords. I think hes gone towards the Golf course near to water. That will be where I see him. Temperence has 'wings' and there is an Eagle named Road nearby. I cannot guarantee names and places. 14 suggests, 14 minutes away, 14 feet, 14 yards etc. Or it may apply in some other way.

The 10 of Swords shows swords in a back and there is a saddle back street. I would have thought he would be found in the vicinity of these areas.


Again asking when he will be found we have another Major arcana card and I find it hard to get days on these or times but he does,nt like matriaichal influences and seems to me like he wanted to get away from some kind of pressure in his mind. Feels as though he was thinking of his mother or a mother figure or someone he was close to.

Maybe even 'looking' or thinking he was going towards being with a special person who he cared about. The Empress has a 3 on it. The emperor next door to that has a 4 on it. So he will be found within a 3 or a 4 I would have thought. Previous to the Empress is the High Priestess which gives us a B and a J - not always significant but I mention it. Im still getting Roses or Rose.

The Empress actually does have 244 days so I dont know how that breaks down whether its actual days to be found or whether its 24 days or 2 weeks OR even hours.. But if he is,nt found soon it might be in the Spring. There is also a YELLOW TRIANGLE that I see here.

Regarding Roses, there is an East Rosedale Street. No idea if this is useful or whether any of this will point where Hugh is.

Thats all I have for Hugh. I hope this turns out well and I hope this helps in some way. This is a very BRIEF synopsis designed to help uncover some preliminaries. I cannot guarantee full accuracy here but offer what I have on this short session for Hugh with tarot. I will look again over this reading and see if there is anything I might have overlooked shortly.

There was an ecclesiastical link/priest - possiblity of a church such as Mesa Palms in E.Thomas street.

There really are quite a few clues but it depends which one is the right one if at all. I do hope for a resolve here. He should be found before Spring as the Empress is reversed.



I have been posting a few cases up today and many alerts and back checking as I have  quite a few cases to update. There are so many now its easy to lose track. But, I felt I had to come in here for Hugh because I remember working on this case.  A lot of things have changed in the last couple of years where I have been working a lot harder on location to try to give as much information as possible.

I must put some more information here for Hugh because I am able to do that now but just reading this through I realised that in the first card there are water elements (a lot of other things too which I will come back and post) and there are also links in the second card to chefs/cooks/restaurants and in the third card spring ditches hollow etc.  I need to look at these cards again individually but something jumped in my head and likely I could be off beam.
However, East Rosedale road when going East which my first card does will take us to North Power Road but just before there is a Chefs place and I realised that might have been a marker especially as below that area is an area called Summit on the map.  When I look to the East there is Saddleback Road but also there is a canal that runs right down the side of North Power road and its called Fannin Macfarland Aqueduct. Our first card could actually show that as tunnels can come up on this card. I need to check tomorrow and will post back but meanwhile heres a link.  It might just be that Hugh was tracked to that area by Tarot and hes not there now but I have to give it because its possible that its important.  

I will of course come back and put all the information of each card down here so that we can have a better picture Tarot takes a lot longer now with all the added info, but that information has been valuable sometimes and I dont want to leave it out.  So this is why I need plenty of time with cases nowadays so that I can back check the older cases and bring them up to date. I still think of Hugh and his lovely face so I am still 'with him' and rallying to get something done to find him.  Back A.S.A.P.

Central Arizona Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Central Arizona Project (CAP) is a 336 mi (541 km) diversion canal in Arizona in ... and the Salt-Gila Division was renamed the Fannin-McFarland Aqueduct. ... happened to GOP since Goldwater", Arizona Republic, retrieved 2010-05-12 ...




Hugh Turner has been missing for some time and as his case was written at a time that Dee and I were not working on maps I think I could update here with a few extras and hope that the map is going to help.  I do have other cases similar to Hugh where there are no maps but I am trying to rectify this situation time allowed.

Going back to Hugh. I would like you to keep in mind the original reading so please refer to it and also combine what I have written previously with these new additional bits of information. Perhaps they could help but as usual I cannot guarantee anything. Its just a case of 'if you dont try.....' 

The first card I had for Hugh is number the nine of Swords.  Referring to what I have already published this card is going to give us East and as you can see there is some amount of distress in this card.  It is possible that as we have links to the next card that Hugh could have fallen down but I think I need to mostly try now to concentrate on not so much what occurred but where he might be so looking at this card, we need to consider the 9 and routes timings or distance that might relate to the 9 on the map or part roads with that number in them. Then East as mentioned which could be an area rather than a direction - either or - we are looking at somewhere there might be railways, airports, golf courses somewhere in the vicinity and not to forget that this is also a card that could bring up cement, stone, rocks, tunnels, canyons and even water.

But lets see. We are also being given West.  We are being shown areas that might represent any of the following descriptions or even have part of the name mentioned here so Im being shown hills/ mountains, high places, barns/ storehouses maybe the word corn and grain or places where you would keep them a kind of 'sounds like this'. Libraries come up as do walls,  halls, playrooms, chests, drawers or links to money or where it could be kept ie BANK or purses or wallets.  The next card would show a kind of muddy riverbank so bear that in mind.  

The idea is to try to show us the word HIGH or UPPER or bright and airy places or words pertaining to that.  and 'airy'. Shops, markets, fairs, schools, halls, bowling-alleys,  tennis courts are all linked pointers.

We also have someone described here but in truth it could be one or two words for place names but we are being told someone with or without glasses not sure which Im afraid - tall thin body limbs hazel eyes. Dark hair.  Sometimes the swords can show up the Heart or Hart but they are cards that can show mental problems, confusions, illnesses, but also deception can come up and cutting or seperations.  

There seems to have been a PLAN in mind with this first card but I see some kind of argument that has occurred  and there are three people??? one splits away and then I see going near or by a church and then two people standing near a river which looked a bit ominous.  I feel the shops are here and that he was coming back probably from the shops as there is a return or a feeling of 'movement or being moved'  there is often a fox depicted on the sword journey here.  Then somehow I see him 'stuck' or even tied up or bound just not able to move really .  So I just see some really difficult situation here but going East seeing those railways airport or golf course  and looking back to the West.  Im also getting a kind of 'twin element' so not sure about that in terms of map but we will see.

Colour yellow.

Thieves can easily show up or rogues.

The word dove or wool?

Then I had the card Temperence which is number 14 so 14 or a 1 or a 4 or number 5 could also be a route name or part of one, a distance or a timing.  Here we have the name Michael (I think after the first Tarot was written it was reported he was spotted near a place callled Michaels) all the same going further with this card it can represent restaurants, cooking or the word cook, even drugs and drink might come up on this one but certainly food can come into it. Carparks might too so supermarkets might show up the problem is that I see some kind of unhealthy situation with two other people. Chains and bondage come up here - dont think the wrong thing but its like someone wanting to get out of a situation but could even suggest something clandestine.  Whatever the case this particular card we have here is going to show the word mountain or hill land and water. Even Oil or metal/steel  could come up here. Often yellow or yellow type of flowers could describe an area. Something triangular or a center?  The word Bright might come up.

Generally I would think of South in this card but I think its South EAST.  Now on a map when the pointers go up its all we can do to put all the areas because it could be that Hugh was originally East and then he went South East or the other way around so you see its not easy to be absolutely sure.

But, this card is going to give some descriptions at least.  Now whether is a person or there are some key words in here for a place again is not guaranteed which but the description is given as someone tall and large. The complexion ruddy, dark or tanned. The hair is often light-chestnut and we think of someone strong. I have underlined the key words that might apply to 'places'.
As for actual place descriptions we are being given somewhere hot, heat and fire appear here.  Anything that might describe horses or stables even military ones - high landscape fields and barren places too hills etc (I think I mentioned saddleback as example of a named place if you read the original reading) and there being the idea of space around but also that heat feeling or the word burn or fireplaces.  That just has to be names perhaps that could link in?  A university or college is also in this card or even students from there -- but perhaps its a landmark?  Doctors can come up and all names of ecclesiastical men/women such as the word priest bishop church etc.  Sweet smells, blue purple or yellow or green showing.  Someone might have a beard here and be a bit on the fat side?

Lastly we have the Empress at number 3 and she is reversed so we have to look at numbers 2 and 3 I would have thought.   This is a card which is really tricky as it is also reversed but is likely to talk about the search of Hugh and what might have been done and also what might be done or what might be to come along with when he would likely be found.  I remember thinking Spring as a name or timing. He has not been found yet though. However, we do have a 14 above perhaps that could be this year?  well I must not speculate there but this card is giving us a number 3 or 2 and we would be looking at routes timing or distance incorporating those numbers.  I should mention that I can see something written down. I did think that before and was wondering about BOOKS or libraries as this does appear to link in to the first card. Anyway, there are places or people with the initials B J D or R  and I do feel as though a wallet or something should be found a lost item if you like.  Cliffs might come up or rocks or areas that those names come up. Having said that when I look at the Empress I think of ditches , hollows, gardens, orchards, roses or fruit of some kind.

I also see a vehicle that might have come off the road or a train.    This card is often a pregnant woman or someone who has 'lost a baby or child'.  ?  But as a search and find kind it could be that the period of intense searching might have diminished somewhat. However, there must have been many areas searched and I am going to list the possible but also within might be places that have not been searched so its a gamble but worth printing.

I will mention with that number 5 above that we might have to consider the word LOCK - QUAY - KEY or the letter 'K' might come up.  I do see some mismanagement of money/financial issues so I do need to put that out. There is possibly a woman here who is unconcerned or cold hearted.
There is also an N or a G and a feeling of danger. The word 'Apple'.  Hearth and home come up.
I get West here. Im shown places that are airy and spacious could be fields or hills but mountains and hillsides are shown. Windmill comes up so does wind power or places that process that, hunting, hawking, air force bases, airports, tall communication towers or the word upper or high.  Also we have sandy gravely ground, saw pits or saw mills or places wood is cut or used/stored and barns/outhouses not really near other buildings.

If the inside of the house comes up then  we are looking at roofs, attics, ventilation ducts, or rooms within rooms such as wardrobes.  Im seeing women here possibly even a music link or something to do with painting (ARTS? ) or jewelry.  Getting a Friday for a significant day for whatever reason whether news or otherwise and also need to mention gardens, fountains, the word Bridle or Bridal, the word fair or lodgings, beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes.

It can all sound a 'bit much' but this is the search and find card and you would be surprised where people look. I feel that there could be something questionable around a church or someone who is even church going who is probably 'far from holy' maybe they like a drink or smoke? perhaps I am seeing something or someone ex christian here.  Whatever the situation I think the Empress tells us that Hugh WILL be found the question is when?  I think in some ways my head is telling me that if he was found - someone might not tell us or doesnt want him to be found maybe it would benefit them??  It is tricky but I will ask Dee if she can put all these descriptions on a map and lets see what kind of area we really do come up with. It might help. Hugh needs to be found and Im glad I managed to get back here to update to get a map.

Im not going to comment on Hughs health.  I dont want that to be the focus of finding him so please remember to read everything I published originally above and then combine it with these few extras which Im not sure whether will help or not and also check back for a map. Lets see how we go.

Remember also Tarot is past present and future and these updates are based on the cards of the original reading so everything stands as written previously simply take time to combine the information.



Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.



When writing the Tarot I take very little information in about a person just the basics. For some reason I did not know that Hugh Turner, was the former CEO of the Northwest drug company! I wrote the Tarot with the understanding that an elderly man had just disappeared without knowing his previous connections.  A revelation to me really - because my swords would point out in the early section possible Drugs and certainly in my second card it can signify that as well. I might need to ponder!    I am wondering about Midland and going towards Texas or some link there also Big Spring.   I might have to come back on this as its made me 'think'. 


  1. Using other mystical techniques, several of our group have also thought the canal that runs along Granit Reef Dam road and then enters a tunnel to the SE of the dam might be of interest. Strong feelings of water, tunnel, underground, darkness. We have suspected for some time that Hugh was involved in a car/pedestrian accident and he was dumped someplace that was not discovered by the search teams. Yesterday while at Granite Reef Recreation area, just NE of the dam, two of us god a strong 'vib' and recalled Hugh; it is possible he was left in the river at this point and ended up in the South Canal and then the tributary that runs along the dam road and into a tunnel with unknown exit (?).

  2. Granit Reef Rec area
    (access to river): 33.514380, -111.682461

    Begin of aquaduct: 33.512162, -111.687461

  3. If it helps, SRP (water utility) diagram of the underground water storage facility in the area of Granit REef dam:


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