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Wednesday, 16 November 2011



MT. PLEASANT, IOWA -- The mother of a missing Mt. Pleasant woman has posted a Youtube video plea for help finding her.
The Mt. Pleasant Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating a missing Mt. Pleasant woman.

Jackie Douthart was reported missing to law enforcement officials on Sunday, May 22.
Douthart is 24-years-old, five feet, four inches tall and weighs 120 pounds.
Douthart, who has brown hair, was last seen wearing a zebra-striped shirt, a black vest, blue jeans and flip flops.
Read more:

Missing woman’s family still hopeful after authorities find “person of interest” dead

2:21 PM, Jul 8, 2011 | by Kathryn Stinson

A man Mount Pleasant Police identified as a “person of interest” in the case of a missing woman was found dead following a June 29 police shooting and standoff near Kingston, Ill.

Benjamin J. Biggs, 24, was the last reported person seen with Jackie Douthart, a Mount Pleasant woman missing for nearly two months, Mount Pleasant Police Chief Terry Sammons said.

Authorities had sought Biggs for questioning. Mt. Pleasant Police are now working with the Quincy Police Department and Illinois State Police as the investigation continues, Sammons said.

Read more:

If you believe you have seen Jackie don't take any action, but get as much information as you can (e.g. license number of a vehicle, exact location of sighting, activities individual involved in) and contact the Mt. Pleasant Police at 319-385-1450 or the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation 1-800-346-5507.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



16 NOVEMBER 2011

I have been requested on the blogger to look at Tarot to see if there is any advice that can be given for Jackie Douthart . I am assuming that Jackie is still missing . Jackie disappeared 22 May this year 2011. Tarot cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy and may only provide 'glimpses' or 'trends' for the past present and future regarding Jackie or whatever may be around her. Please therefore go to factual sources for other information.


My first card for Jackie is not the best of the pack showing that for some reason Jackie could not stand up for herself. She was faced with hostility and could not decide what to do. I am feeling with this card that it is a 'hostile majority' rather than just one person which is really what it seems to suggest.

Im somehow wondering if she was overpowered by a group of people. When we look at the five of wands it shows us that she might not have been in the house as the four is reversed which can show our homestead and the five itself is having a group of people around you that can be negative towards you. The six by itself also can show possibly going out of the town.

It is a feeling of being ambushed by other people. It could just simply mean that a group of people did not agree with her 'leaving' somewhere but it might have been her choice to do so.

On the other hand it can simply show us people attacking her for various reasons and being outnumbered by them. The eight of Wands would show her somewhere rural but it is also a card that makes me feel that where she wanted to go was 'delayed' therefore was she stopped from going somewhere or doing something of her own choice? Either that or people disagreed with her decisions ?

The very basis of this card is feeling embarrassed and or wondering if we are going to fail at something but also being surrounded by quarrels and perplexity. Im feeling as though she was being made to feel indecisive about moving out of somewhere or going somewhere that was just not what others wanted?

I have to say others because that is what the card seems to show, but you know, it could be less then a group of people, even one person. The feeling is pretty strong though. I just feel as though she could not defend herself against that kind of opposition. I do see a lot of jealousy further in the cards too and just a general feeling of negativity around her.
Even with the page of wands reversed we have someone who has been 'stopped' from going somewhere. So this is looking pretty much the case here. There are also possibilities of 'sex and weapons' in the wands cards so we do have to be aware of this.


Im seeing in this card a total feeling of rejection. From what I am getting this girl had a good feeling about relationships and even possibly the thought of getting together with someone. It was a lovely foolish feeling that I see where she might have been in love with someone. It might have been a fresh relationship I am not sure but there is a feeling here that she wanted to be with someone and the three of cups shows that she might have had some plans for October Im not sure if that was this year or year before or that October has something to do with things - Halloween in particular. Perhaps she was pregnant, perhaps just feeling jubliant about a love affair, the feeling was good.

But you can see that if she had attended a party or got together with someone or even a small group that she is feeling pretty rejected in this picture here of 4 cups. This is someone who is refusing something or does not want to 'know' . I get the feeling that this woman was left very disappointed about love for some reason and mightily upset her. Often this card can show someone being offered something like a drink, but in general its just being offered something but being refused. This is either Jackie or whoever she was with or whoever was around her.
This card shows WEST or that West is in the name of the place 'where she is supposed to be' .

The other initials and clues might be M - W - also a 'water name' or place near water. A Tree name often comes up in this card too. Also an island. Regarding ISLAND it can represent also someone on their own.

I am not feeling she has left the town where she lives because we still run into the ten of cups further down the suit so number 4 might be a marker or route or even four away from home. I often see a bridge and stream with the 5 of cups again, it could be the name of a street but I can never guarantee location names so all I can do is write more or less what I see. I can see that there might be a building or a small shed/keep/or somewhere like that possibly near water or in a place with water name. For some reason I am sensing a lot of apathy in this card and boredom.


This card also gives us a number 4 so this is a clear number that should have some significance. Its either a door number, number on a car, route number or has some significance here. I really dont like this card very much because it shows authority on its head. Authority will have a difficult time to find her and might be lacking the confidence that they can find her unless she has already been found which could explain this card but I am not aware of that at time of writing.

The other thing about this card is simply that this whole situation could be around three people. I hope everyone close to her is trying to help to find her and that nobody hinders this as I can see some kind of blockage here and possibly something wrong with witness statements and even possibility of someone covering something up?
Is there a step father in Jackie's life? I just wonder as the Emperor can tell us this.

In general this card cannot command respect regarding finding of Jackie but only because people have lied about certain elements of the story. I have to say lie, because clearing away or altering evidence or covering something up is not exactly a good way for a person to be found and that is what we have here. There are some problems that I can see in the immediate family also though I am not sure what they are. It seems to me that Jackie had some unrealistic expectations about romance. Perhaps the person that she cared to be with was not going to be the most suitable person.

I do seem to feel a triangle of love here perhaps I am wrong. However Jackie seemed to pick up unwanted attention too and this could have created a lot of problems for her. It is possible there is a car involved in the mix and it could possibly be red but only because the Emperor has that as a predominant colour. I see a very bad temper with a male here, talk about tyrannical he is very over the top.
I hope the Police do not lose confidence when looking for Jackie.

I personally can never guarantee what I see is correct and most of the time there are details that I cannot supply but I seem to keep feeling that there is something around a home environment that was a problem. Also there is a very small possibility that there could be a hotel somewhere connected but this is not something I would swear to. Anywhere there is a canal or enclosure I would look. Any red car connected to her I would check. The direction is pretty difficult with the Emperor as he is on his head here which could mean South. But I cannot be certain. North or South or North West or South West perhaps. I really dislike reversed cards for direction .

I think Jackie has lost some of her belongings . Im getting some connection to her childhood in the six of cups and Im still feeling she could be somewhere in her own home vicinity. The Emperor reversed can link someone to their vehicle or someones vehicle. Again this is just a very very brief reading looking at the surface of things but I will come back to this situation with Jackie if she is not found . A four number might help but a dominant figure is not helpful.




« Reply #5 on Jan 14, 2012, 7:03am »

Jackie's Tarot has been updated today 14th January 2011.
I have now printed this from my forum below.


NOTE: In these card it is difficult to know who they are referring to. I could say BEN but it could be Jackie or someone else. I just try to give what I see and I have to just leave it written.

I said that I would look at Ben Biggs as this was a query to me in Email.

Now firstly, this man is not here anymore. I have to look into his eyes and get what he can give me in messages through tarot. I find it hard because when I look at him I see a person who I cannot judge. I cannot judge the deceased I almost feel it is not fair.

However, Ben was connected to Jackie according to the above report and all I am going to do is just meditate and see what comes up around the date Jackie was considered missing.

Tarot is past present and future and I do not know what era any of the information refers to despite what I ask. So I will write things here and then it has to be decided by others who know more then I do what to think of it.


I might just be picking up vibrations from Ben himself but this is a very 'defensive' looking card. This person is looking over their shoulder and yes that could be a gun in their hands but they are defending themselves in this pciture.

For some reason I think there are three people. Two against one perhaps? A break up? is this a breakup in romance? or is there a third person here in the middle? This card can plunge us into the middle of very dark problems theoretically because we have someone who is slain or has hit their head or has some kind of back/neurological problems ( sometimes even mental disease caused by depression) and there is a car in these cards that 'breezes about'. This could be describing what might have occurred with Ben himself.

But though it homes in on that - we are getting other bits and pieces here like 'trying to flee for safety' and I do have water either in a name or place or even by the water . Its possible there is a riverbank. I see that there are two people who may be deceased. One first, then the other. The Law is strong at the end of the road of swords - legalities, complications all very strong and it seems that all there was to look forward to was the Law, a Judge legal and police matters.

It seems that Ben must have known what lay ahead.

The thing is, I dont see suicide here so nobody did that.

Drugs are here at the beginning of the swords and this must link to Ben. I see someone who is 'blindfolded' they are blindfolded by the water, or they were hoodwinked by somebody.

Is there a third person caught up in a triangle relationship or something to do with three people? because the three can show that someones lover has gone astray perhaps. The next card is showing me being'withheld' again Im seeing a church either in actuality or as a name of a road. Did I say that before I will have to look.

Meanwhile there is a lot of deceit in these cards and double dealing going on. Ben is talking about himself. You must trust me with the tarot because I do not choose these cards they select themselves and I read them. What comes out, comes out cards select themselves when you touch them because they are working off meditation and vibration of the picture that you look at. This guy is talking about him and as far as I am concerned I dont know anything much about this story. The truth is I never know much about any story because I have so many cases to write for and I just cannot let myself get deeply entangled with the finer detail. It does not help when reading.

So my thoughts are that Ben is prepared to talk and actually regardless of what he was like, whether he was good, whether he was bad, he is talking to me. I like his face he has something in his face that tells me that there is another side to him. Perhaps everybody looks at the dark side? When people do bad things it is thought that there is nothing inside them that can radiate anything but there is another 'him' in there.

He could choose not to talk in these cards if he wanted to but he has guided me a little haphazardly to tell me the basic of what has happened and I see that this does match somewhat.

So I need to see if he can tell me SOMETHING else. I dont need a repetition of events or we wont get anywhere.


Hes telling me he killed himself there is suicide in this run of cards even if there was not in the other. I am getting drink/drugs very strongly here. He is telling me that there is a woman who is insensitive. I am getting that somebody had a lot of problems at home and they could not get on with people at home.

He said he could not face the music he could not turn himself in.
I think there is drug smuggling.

Did not ring him...

Not part of the ring?

Love affair has broken up. Promising love affair no new beginnings, it cant go anywhere - lovers fall out - disunion - a lot of jealousy and gossip. Someone connected to a lover in the past something here about children was Jackie pregnant?

Was he with her on the day she disappeared? I am not sure about that I might be wrong but people must be thinking this but I am wondering if it is not the case?

When I ask if Ben was with Jackie when she disappeared I have the 10 of cups which is normally yes, but it is also a card that says someone is in their original town or their own home. Then there is something unexpected happening did one of them have a new relationship started up with someone else or some problems that people did not want them to be together?

This man has too much to say - I am getting pieces, there is something here about someones aunty or relative and he is saying they dont know it all, they dont know all the things.

I want him to just steady the thoughts but I get that he is saying that 'there was no choice could not stick around' he was not happy having to leave things he loved but he had to go and I feel caught up in some emotional feelings that are very stong.

I dont know what to feel here but whether this guy is bad or not he is very emotional He did not want to go to Prison.

West is the direction he is giving me. OR just WEST for whatever reason. I dont know what else to ask him.

Was someone planning to get married or was there a baby due at some point? He is pointing out that 'something unexpected happened' .

I am not going to be able to piece this all together so Im just going to keep writing because its like entering someones head where they know all the story and you are just catching the end sentence but, the Ace of cups is telling me about aproposed new relationship. So there is a new relationship for SOMEONE and it is glowing and happy and rosy very much something that could lead to marriage. There is some celebration and something about October here.

Three people celebrating or something about a baby again.

I am seeing a possible party or drinking and someone is refusing something or refusing to do something and its ended up really unhappy - seems to be to do with a loveri n the past and there was no choice left but to just go, just leave.

Now I am just not sure whether its him or who is being spoken about here.

I feel very much sorry because if you look at these cards you do have the cups which were promising but someone had to teach someone else a lesson perhaps -

I forgot to say that - about the new relationship there is an M or a W here. I dont know if it is initials of someone or not.


I asked if Ben knows where Jackie and look what I have - this is a new relationship card - a proposal here - something about care providers or people that would look after you. Dormitary - ??
Counsellor - other women?

Another reference to October again. There are waterfalls, water places and names in the Ace of cups and a union in the two.

Doctors - the doctor? - was there an abortion? or the threat of one? He keeps telling me HOME - Hometown. Jackie is in her hometown and I have mother and father here.

I need to break from this because its really erratic and very emotional. Can you feel that as well?

Is there somewhere with the word East another water connection and church or cemetary in names.

Im going around in circles here. Im getting the same things.

I will leave this for the moment. I need to break off.

I want to tack something else on here It looks like WEST and EAST have come up here for some reason. In the page of swords Ben is going East but looking back West.

In other cards we have West but moving East and then we have West again. So I will point that out. TAROT is not 100 per cent accurate and I may have things mixed but in there somewhere are things that Ben wants us to know.

There may be a 'bridge' and water and maybe even a small building nearby. I think someone had to forgive and move on.
This is a relationship thing. Maybe someone did not want to get married or engaged? Asking forgiveness here and a lot of sorrow.
(maybe, 'its water under the bridge now')?

Something about a Garden/hometown. Somewhere familiar and West??? Children in the cards or talking about youth. Something about flowers and pots. Someone else is walking away near a building which is someones home?


It seems I have missed news regarding Jackie since the writing of the Tarot. Below it appears that two children found bones which are now believed to be Jackie. Tarot had children in both of the 'find' cards which not only showed in Jackie's Tarot but in Ben's Tarot also.

I do not have a true confirmation yet whether the find is Jackie but I will try to see if there has been any update. I am posting this news today 8th June as I have only just spotted it.

Incidently, the page of SWORDS actually gives us Railways or Rail travel and I did not mention it which was remiss of me but I am often under pressure and write only a brief reading. In this case I should have given all the details of the cards but somehow I omitted that. Its one of those things but Tarot is not at fault it was my fault for overlooking this.

Meanwhile my sympathies are in full to family and friends.



  1. Remains of Jackie Douthart, missing Iowa woman, believed found ...
    24 May 2012 – (CBS/KCCI) MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa - Human remains discovered in March by two children riding their bikes are believed to be those of Iowa ...
  2. Human remains found in ditch could be one of two missing Iowa ...
    19 Mar 2012 – Investigators are looking into whether the remains are those of either Jackie Leigh Douthart, who disappeared in May, or Elizabeth Syperda, ..
Two children riding their bikes from Lockridge to Rome along Old Highway 34, about 10 miles west of Mount Pleasant, saw an object in a ditch between the road and railroad tracks on Saturday evening, investigators said. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a human skull. They notified their parents, who came to the scene and then called police.

This report belows seems to indicate that it is Jackie that has been found.

Jackie Douthart: Body found in woods identified as that of mother, 24 ...
24 May 2012 – The remains of Jackie Douthart, pictured, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa were ... Family's agony as mother, 24, found dead in woods a year after she ...

Children riding bicycles along a rural highway about 10 miles west of Mount Pleasant discovered the skeletal remains in a ditch on St. Patrick's Day.

Tarot has pointed out a TREE name. Jackie was found under a Cedar Tree. The M is likely Mount Pleasant.

Agent: Remains are those of missing Iowa woman

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:08 pm

Skeletal remains discovered in southeastern Iowa in March are believed to be those of a 24-year-old mother who vanished last year, but how and why she died may be never known because a key suspect committed suicide, investigators said Wednesday.

Division of Criminal Investigation special agent Jeff Uhlmeyer said investigators were confident the remains are of Jackie Douthart of Mount Pleasant, whose disappearance one year ago Tuesday haunted her friends and family and frustrated investigators.

Family members remembered Douthart as a mother, daughter, sister, fiancée and friend and said, "we have missed her energetic and fun-loving personality every day."

Children riding bicycles along a rural highway about 10 miles west of Mount Pleasant discovered the skeletal remains underneath a cedar tree on St. Patrick's Day.

Uhlmeyer said the identification was based on an examination by a forensic anthropologist, who determined they were consistent with a female of Douthart's age and height who died last summer or fall.

He said family members also identified a ring, a wristwatch and fingernails discovered with the remains as belonging to Douthart, who vanished after a night out with friends. She was reported missing by her family and fiancé.

Skeletal remains linked to 24-year-old

Jewelry found helps with identification while awaiting results of DNA tests.

Related Images:

MOUNT PLEASANT - Absent DNA evidence, state and local authorities are confident the skeletal remains found by two children in rural Henry County in March are those of 24-year-old Jackie Leigh Douthart, a Mount Pleasant woman who disappeared last May.

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation special agent Jeff Uhlmeyer said during a press conference Wednesday jewelry found at the scene was identified as Douthart's by family members.

The identification of the remains was based on findings by a forensic anthropologist, who authorities said determined the remains were of a female, between the ages of 24 and 32, with a height of about 5 feet, 3 inches to 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

The time of death was estimated to be during the summer or early fall of last year.

"All of these being consistent with Jackie Douthart's," Uhlmeyer pointed out, adding the woman's family members identified a ring, a wristwatch and fingernails found near the remains.

Investigators have not determined how Douthart died, but Uhlmeyer said they suspect foul play.

During the investigation, authorities collected items belonging to Douthart, hoping to create a DNA profile to compare with the remains. They also got dental records.

"The DCI crime lab made several attempts to develop a DNA profile from the skeletal remains," Uhlmeyer said. "However, due to the bones being exposed to environmental conditions presumably since last summer, nuclear DNA testing failed to develop a DNA profile."

The remains are being sent to a laboratory in Minnesota for mithochondrial DNA testing, which could take six months to a year in an effort to link DNA from the remains to a sample of DNA from Douthart's mother or daughter.

"In addition, a forensic odontologist is continuing to examine the skeletal remains in hopes of identifying the remains through dental records," Uhlmeyer added. "The remains will be maintained by the state medical examiner's office until mitochondrial DNA testing is complete, at which time the remains will be released (to the family) for proper burial services."

Tuesday night, Douthart's friends and family held a prayer vigil in Mount Pleasant to mark the one-year anniversary of the woman's disappearance.

"At the time of her disappearance, Jackie Douthart was a 24-year-old mother, daughter, sister, fiancee and friend," her family said in a statement read during the press conference. "In the last year, we have missed her energetic and fun-loving personality everyday."

The family expressed their appreciation of the support the community has given them, and the professionalism of those involved in the investigation.

"This is not how we would have wished for this to end," they said. "Our hope was that Jackie would be found alive and happy. We ask that we be given time to grieve this great loss in private."

Authorities said two children riding their bikes from Lockridge to Rome found what they described as "a white object" lying in the ditch between the roadway and the railroad tracks on Old U.S. 34 March 17. After realizing the object was a human skull, the children called their parents, who in turn reported the matter to the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Local authorities along with their state counterparts searched the nearby area and found additional human bones.

During the course of the investigating surrounding the woman's disappearance, authorities said several individuals were developed as persons of interest, but through interviews and polygraph most of them were eliminated.

Benjamin Joseph Biggs of Mount Pleasant became the primary person of interest after investigators learned he was the last person seen with Douthart shortly after midnight on May 22, 2011.

After interviewing Biggs several times, authorities continued following leads. Biggs, the investigation indicated, had met Douthart a few days prior to her disappearance.

On June 29, 2011, Biggs stole an SUV in Quincy, Ill., and led police on a high-speed chase that ended deadly.

Tom Miller, a Quincy police officer working security at the airport stopped the vehicle, and "gunfire was exchanged," said Police Chief Rob Copley.

Copley said Biggs "backed his SUV into" Miller's police cruiser.

Miller was shot, but his gunbelt stopped the bullet.

During the pursuit near Kingston, an Adams County Sheriff's deputy was fired upon.

"The subject pulled into the Kingston FS plant where he tried to hide the vehicle and flee on foot," said Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer.

After crashing the SUV near the town, Biggs ran.

While checking a nearby house, gunfire was exchanged, and Sgt. Joe Lohmeyer was shot in the chest. The deputy, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was taken to the hospital for observation.

"He (Lohmeyer) was very lucky," said Adams County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Fred Kientzle, describing Biggs as a "violent guy."

Police later used a camera to check on the suspect and found he was not moving.

Lt. Brad Lacey of the Illinois State Police said officers re-entered the house and found the suspect dead, with a pistol nearby.

"The cause of his death is from a gunshot wound to the head," Lacey said.

"As a result of an investigation by the Illinois State Police and findings from an autopsy Benjamin Biggs' death was ruled as a suicide," Uhlmeyer said.

Authorities had offered a $2,000 reward for information about Douthart's disappearance, and friends and family members used social media, and flyers.

Douthart's family thanked investigators for professionalism as they "worked on answering our questions and finding Jackie."

Uhlmeyer, the lead investigator, said the case presented "a large amount of stress and emotions" for everyone involved.

More than 150 leads had led them nowhere, he said, "other than the person we zeroed in on," which was Biggs.

Uhlmeyer said they will be continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Douthart's disappearance and death and urged anyone with pertinent information to contact authorities.

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