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Thursday, 13 October 2011


VANDERHOOF, BC – A reward of $15,000 is being offered by Dawn and Eldon Scott, the parents of missing Madison (Maddy) Scott, 20, for information leading to the safe return of their daughter who was last seen on May 28 out of Hogsback Lake, south of her hometown of Vanderhoof.

“We are hopeful and continue to believe that someone out there has the information we need to bring our daughter home. Please, search your heart, search your mind and review your memory and call the RCMP with any bit of information you may have,” the anguished parents said in a video statement for help from the public on Tuesday.

“We love our daughter. We need her back home. We need to find her. Please help us,” they implored.

The RCMP is giving the investigation top priority.

A massive police search effort together with volunteers is currently underway for Maddy’s new IPhone with a bluish green or turquoise shell/skin cover and her large bunch of keys attached to a Ford truck key, possibly on a black gothic-theme lanyard, last seen in her possession – items which police say can materially assist in locating her.

Anyone who may have seen Madison or may know of her whereabouts is asked to contact the Vanderhoof RCMP immediately at (250) 567-2222 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



13 October 2011

I have been asked if I might look at the Tarot to see if there is anything that could give clues as to what may have happened to Madison who I shall call Maddy during this reading. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and often gives information that seems jumbled initially however, it does try to show us glimpses of past present and future events . The order of these events I cannot be certain but I will write what I am given. Please remember to visit factual sources of information meanwhile, I hope Tarot can produce something that might help.


When I received this card having meditated on the wonderful picture of Maddy above, I thought 'huh'? Why this card - is this what Tarot wants to show me? But then I realised that this must be the right card because the previous card is the Hermit and this categorically shows 'campsites'. It is understood that the party that this young lady was going to was campsite orientated?
So, Tarot throws me a loop, because this card is all about something 'lucky' happening. As you are aware I would not have thought going missing was lucky and that is why I said to the 'huh' when I sighted this.

The Wheel of Fortune is a destiny card. This card is a number 10 card and it can represent going on a trip. Looking at the cards this follows the Hermit so it appears it must be the 'next stage' forward so the point is am I looking at travel and a car - this card seems to represent some kind of turning point in her life. I really felt that this was a strange card and I wanted to ask again just to makes sure that I was picking up correctly.


So having a reshuffle I produce the two of cups. This is meeting a kindred soul , two people that clearly like each other and at a party which would be the three of cups. I feel as though when I look at the run of cups that its possible that there is some rejection in this next card the four. Whether Madison rejected someone or someone rejected her is not quite clear, it may be something simple as rejecting a drink or something being offered.

I can see the water now as Cups are Water and I wonder if Madison wanted to go home? I seem to see her walking away from this water by herself. I might be wrong because I feel as though this first card of luck and destiny was a huge change to her whole life . That evening would have changed her life. The Justice card that would follow the Wheel of fortune seems to tell me that this is a girl who can easily see the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

She sems to want to do only what is right. Justice though can mean 'justice of the peace' and the Ace of cups can be an offer of marriage but it could just be a new love interest and I rather feel it is more that and sharing a drink with somebody - I have no idea whether this young girl had a male in her life or whether that is known - but I just see this huge leap towards happiness.

These cards are not bad cards. Not that I can see here. Maybe the eight of cups is telling us that though she did not want to she decided to leave those she loved to make it on her own. However, it would seem strange as she apparently left her truck and tent at the site.

The Two of cups however does come before the party and I wonder if she expected to see this person there and perhaps they did not arrive hence the disappointment and the apathy on the four and the five of cups. These things are possible and actually might further explain why I felt she walked off from this body of water and on her own.
All of the cups card can hold a lot of emotion and a lot of water too.

I am seeing a house not far away - and I am wondering if she went there? I see an older female and a male both seem grey haired so Im taking them to be older. I do not quite understand why the 10 of cups is usually thought of as a family home but for some reason it is here and it appears to be WEST? I feel like there was some unexpected news that was to be given to a family member? I will re consider this once I see the other cards but I see a need for forgiveness required?


I have this card for where Madison might be. This card is normally South but it is reversed and sometimes this can give us North instead. What I note about it is that it is not far from a building or a hotel/motel. The 5 can show us sports/fields and I am sensing some kind of concern or some kind of stress in asking this question of the Tarot.

I feel there is some kind of legal conflict attached yet cannot be sure what and also there appears to be some trickery or even some kind of deception of sorts but I cannot put my finger on why at the moment. I feel as though three people have done something to try to thwart opportunities of finding Madison near the water .

Im feeling that 'how odd' kind of sensation and strangely I had that 'huh' moment come to me again and Im just not sure why Im feeling that. The six of wands reversed takes us away from the town as I always read it that way and I am back to that hill that I saw near the 'house' earlier.

I feel like someone could not defend themselves over something and if nobody is injured in this card I feel that someone just cannot stand up for themselves in a situation as no messages have been given or come forward? I also think there is something about a car. Was there a car accident or someone drinking and driving here? Again you see I have this sporty element with a man under 35 who is either blonde or with red hair. Is this the person that I am seeing her with earlier? I might need to think about these cards because again, someone is not saying something about where Madison is but they know without a doubt.

Has Madisons truck been looked at? perhaps its not her vehicle that I am seeing at all but another one. If it is another one I would have thought the colour MIGHT be red.

I also want to caution that the 5 of wands is showing the reward money. I can see a lot of disunity and chaos for some reason within this financial matter again I dont know why but I have to point it out because its here on this card. Someone might even pretend to say they know something and they dont and just want the recognition of knowing something but do they?

I would caution over the reward money as it will bring out the worst in people and that is a bit sad if you ask me.
I think the wands card reversed is actually giving me a possible NORTH direction. I see travelling North and under Mars that can be difficult . The vehicle Im feeling is most likely red so I will mention this once more.

There are going to have to be some changed plans regarding finding Madison because I think its possible she is not where people expect to find her. Im not seeing her near the water because the three of wands is showing me that or there is something going on where there are tactics used to sway judgement perhaps .Major disputes and arguments and frustration with the current situation is going to come to the head.

I see 5 people in these cards are they arguing? Im seeing legal proceedings and lawyers here. There will be a lot of obstacles to finding Madison but eventually Im hoping there will be some victory here. But does that tell us where she is?

I dont see her 'in town' I see her outside of town. This is agricultural in a way - and for some reason in finding this young girl you have to make sure 'you dont get your fingers burned'. I hope I have the right link with tarot. Time will tell but there will be a lot of contradictions as to where she is at the current time. There may be a delay in finding her.

I also need to study the Map.


Asking Tarot WHEN Madison will be found Tarot tells us it is good advice to suggest a FIVE. Thats interesting as our last card was a five. How perplexing.

At first I thought I was 'stumped' and realise there is a STUMP road on the Map North of Hogslake but just because I have felt that does not mean this road name means anything. I could really have that wrong. I will need to think more . The Heirophant does give us a Map though and a Key to it all is two people. The Heirophant can be a priest/pope/religious person or ceremony.

It may also represent learning teachers and schools. However, the significance is that it lays next to the lovers card which is a family card. I have seen a family in the tarot. Im going to say 5. I dont have a direction either not on this card but we are asked to take inspiration from the five so Im wondering if this young girl is North? I do see South initially but travelling North. The world card also links with the first card the Wheel of fortune which is travel/trip and out in the big wide world. Normally I see this as a good card but if the five of wands is reversed it might take the world with it which casts some disappointment.

Taurus is linked to the Hierophant which is generally May. May is when this girl went missing so I would find it odd that it suggests that May would be a time for her also to be found. However the Wheel of Fortune also carries 12 with it and 12 could mean a year.

I may be wrong about all this but perhaps Im not, perhaps she went missing in May and was found in may and that is why all the contradictions and legalities start to loom. After all if someone is missing and presumed not found and it transpires that they were found, that might cause quite a rumpus.
Taurus though significant also has March attached to it and I see Authority with that.

I am going to have to re consider these cards. The Lovers card can give us two options or two paths to follow or maybe its a 'towpath' but I have some connection to the West where by the Lovers card will represent a choice . North West?
This is exceptionally brief as an outline and I do not see this as being an easy matter. I will be looking into this further to get a more defined view. Before I close this Tarot I just want to mention that The Emperor next to the Heirophant shows the possibility once again of a a four door car that could be red.
It might be significant. I see Authority or boss or father figure linked to this. I am also seeing FIVE again ? 





 I have been asked for an update regarding Madison Scott. Updates are only really carried out when all requests for new cases are completed and right now there are many pending cases. However, some of the older cases do not have a map and I do try to get around to them to give more instruction with the Tarot and location. I see we do not have a map for Madison and I am looking at the cards that have been presented for her to see if there may be any more information.

I generally only produce three cards for a brief overview and the first card made me feel I should look again hence the wheel of fortune and the two of cups. To me the first card was telling us about a trip or journey which would have a fateful outcome. This card would indicate her going camping or to an area of that kind because our hermit can show that but it can also give us the impression of going somewhere that is high? such as a Hill or a Hill name. This would also show up in the find card too. Roofs, attics or up high perhaps a mountain can come up here or mountain name.
But lets just give the 10 or a 1 to begin with. These might be routes or have another significance.

To me its like going on an adventure that I see and remember Im looking at the what happened card so it will probably be giving information linking to that or the start of events. This card would show the original Journey to be heading South or South East and if there is a person attached here then the description I would give would be well proportioned body and face, probably tall and large ruddy, dark or tanned light-chestnut hair.

What I actually see is heat and fire so whether that is an actual 'thing' or whether it describes an area or vicinity I cannot be sure of but places/vicinities can be considered to be 'sounds like' or landscape so names/places connected to horse names, or stables, open fields, hill and land that is high. Or as I have mentioned attics upper rooms or anything to do with heat such as fireplaces or chimneys, hearths. Tarot cannot say the name of places so it does describe the name or what is around or could be linked.

The colour White may come up as can dental matters or bones as can 'roses/flowers'.

Because I felt the first card just gave us a journey I looked again and picked up the two of cards which I felt was some kind of union. Does anyone know if Madison scalded herself or burnt herself? I will just mention that as the two of cups can also show the sign of a doctor so I will just put that in here. Hopefully also there was no unwanted pregnancy here for someone.

Looking at the two (and some information may be repeated from my first reading in any of this second look) there appears to be five lakes or streams, an M or W a bell name could appear. Also a Tree name and a white bridge with a building possible with a red roof near water. These are possibilities of places or names but are water linked and seem to be WEST or have a west name. The number 2 may be important here as it could be to do with another person or link to a group of friends partying or drinking or meeting up. Alternatively there is the pregnancy consideration but initially it did seem like a get together from some kind of invitation or proposal which might have been a social invite but could include romance . Certainly Im seeing someone here with a warm attachment to Madison.

The only thing is that there is a turning point in the first card and I dont know if Madison was going to 'turn around' for home. The reason I say this is because the home card also comes up again in the cups cards which is her home town and this two of cups can show having met somebody but connecting them to home? even bringing them home or bringing someone home?
So I just leave that because it could mean one or two things here. I actually dont see her with a group of friends I see her with someONE regardless of their being a group mentioned. I hope that is understood.

I am also seeing something about a pair of shoes. There may also be a 'container' in this card so whether that is an actual container or one wants to 'contain' two people or a love affair I cannot be sure.
Regarding this card it is a male and female. I am seeing a home sign here and someone who could be Madison or another female - description would be Small stature, round face, pale complexion, small eyes, heavy breasts pair shaped body and Im seeing 'mother' attached? There is a feeling of either intoxication or drugs? But maybe its medicine? Here we are being given North. Where the starting and ending points are can be put on a map but its deciding WHICH are the starting and ending points and that is not clear until we have a map to look at it. I will ask Dee if she can put the tarot pointers down and that way we can have a look.

However, we have a lot of water here and so for names of places or as an actuality we still have to consider sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, or if Madison is in or around a house, cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water.

Looking at the five of wands it reminds me of a group of people or some link to at least five people where there are quarrels and arguments and possibly even back stabbing and violence could come up but so could legal issues or courts. But this card can represent delays also so maybe being waylaid on the way to somewhere or just in general being apprehended? What we have to look at is the fact that the wands are reversed so it is going to create some kind of situation where there are arguments or fights. But its a location that is required and initially these cards do give us a South pointer or that South comes up in a name. I generally get the impression of sex and weapons in this card but its not always the case but it is a hot card and can suggest fire or burning.

I think if Madison wanted to change her plans somebody got nasty and possibly even violent and wanted to object to that. A link here to the North East and somebody who may be described as fairly large, with a round head and prominent eyes. Strong and active body, perhaps even sporty, body building or who likes gyms, or perhaps we are looking at a sports field? someone larger or taller then average, borad shoulders, narrow sides. Fair or sandy hair but perhaps even glints of red with a natural curl. Hair is thick and can grow quickly but perhaps even so this person is bald or had hair like this. Redness in the skin makes me think of anger aggression and temper.

If we were to look at possible places linked its the description that might give the name of a place and that appears to be either actual or soundslike, majestic places, with royal type names such as Lion or King etc, but theatres, laving buildings monuments public halls, auditoriums, parks palaces, castles, forts can be linked or come up in some way. But also places that are hard to get to such as deserts and forest areas where animals roam around. Should Madison be near a house/building I keep seeing some connection to heat and fire like chimneys or something like that. A building would be very nicely furnished if that was the case though?
Again the word Hill seems to come up at some point and its even possible there might be an airport in the distance.

I think everything has to be taken into account with the first reading as I did mention possibility of hotel or motel too but as Tarot cannot name places we just have to give what we can. The number 5 is on this card and must be considered as being there for a reason whether its a route distance or has a connection to 5 people I cannot be sure.

Our last card is also a 5 which is where/when we may be able to find Madison. One could think of the 5th month ie, May but the 5 may have other connections. The Heirophant does show us two people in particular, the letter K or some reference to Keys or Quay comes up here. It is also a church card and may show church links or even a mentor or teacher can come up here too.
But organisations that are linked to spiritual/religion and teachers/schools can come up. How that links I have no idea but all I can do is give it. What I see here is also a link to the father or family card and there being a fork in the road and a mountain name. ? Something white may show up again that link to dentist/dental bones etc.

South East is strong in this card and so is the throat neck and shoulders and possible something connected to Music. Maybe the fact that we have mentioned BELL? However I am still seeing someone described as having a well-set stature, possibly short, with a broad forehead, large head the eyes, mouth and lips prominent. Dark hair or complexion black, rugged hair and gross hands.

Searches probably near places that include names of horses or stables . Farm land or pasture land away from other houses. Perhaps single storey places such as garages/ mobile homes, sheds, outhouses, storage places, bungalows, cottages etc but the indicatios are more to lower rooms or cellars or somewhere low down in those places unless there is a name of a place that an aptly follow these type of descriptions. I also see a car which MIGHT be white or vehicle that is white and really there is a man who lives on his own ? He might be older. However, gardens and trees can come up as can twin peaks and a mountain.

Will she be found - yes there is an indication she can be but its just following the right advice. I seem to have some kind of family links for her but whether that brings her closer to home or not I cant be completely sure.

I will post up a map once I have passed these details to Dee as she will put the key factors on the map and perhaps we can see where we are. Perhaps looking to a school link too as I am sure I saw a school the first time around. Anyway we shall have to see what transpires and ultimately I will be back here to post a map.  Please bear in mind I cannot guarantee that everything I have seen is absolute but maybe it might help in some way.


A map is now posted below but I did wonder about Kitimat?  Location is really terrible to pick out but its possible there could be links so everything is worth mentioning.Certainly nothing can be guaranteed when maps are experimental at the current time.


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps



Below is the only news I have been able to find at the current time. As the Heirophant can also bring up the letter 'K' quay or Keys and with the Royal Name I did wonder about Israel Keyes in this case but it is not exactly rocket science to wonder that as of course he was linked to Canada. Its also a thought rather than anything else. Burns Lake is interesting as an area due to the Kelway Road (K) and there being sports reference, motel and auto buildings but again I simply need to reconsider all the information.  You see there are court elements in our location card and legal matters/police matters. Buildings do come up somehow or at some point.
I will consider this Tarot again as it is an older case.

Highway 16: Serial killer being hunted in Canada after 40 young ...


Investigation into missing person matter of Madison Scott continues
30 May 2013 - File # 2013-05-23 2013-05-23 05:57 PDT. On Saturday, May 28th 2011, Madison Maddy Scott disappeared from a party at Hogsback Lake, .

1ST MARCH 2014

This area was suggested as a thought.



 Click for Details

I just thought of Madeleine and drew a card on her wondering about where she might be once again.  I do not often get the time for updates but I felt pulled.  The first card I was given was the 8 of swords reversed and decided to draw another which was then the 8 of swords upright. Either way this is the card that wants to pop out and show itself.

There is a number 8 on this card which would correspond to the card of strength and show us barren land with a stream running through it.  On that card we see a 'brown mountain' if that has any significance but at the same time you can see in the eight of swords a feeling of being bound, tied up, imprisoned, stuck or caught up.  It is a card that often has a home or houses/dwellings or buildings somewhere in the background so could be trying to give a name but also the feeling of fences or just being near water.

My sword card, can sometimes show names or even actual airports or places that show the word air or again words that refer to upper or high up.  Air is a lifting name.  Water, Stone, railways, tunnels, the word canyon or bluff can come up in this card too.  A Bed or even a bedroom can show up and any names or anything relating to grandparents might show too.  It very ambiguous to try and describe a place where someone might be.  Often I look back when a person is found and see quite clearly what name Tarot was trying to give but at the time its often hard to name a place.   My card shows unforseen consequences, so it does not seem to me that Maddie made her own choices as to where she is, but I could be wrong.  There is a strict kind of feeling on this card. The word imprisoned or prison comes to mind which could be being withheld by something or even someone as STUCK is also a big word here that often encapsulates this card.

The oddest thing that I feel about this card is that when I look at the surrounding cards I can see 2 people who seem to have watched her or know where she is.  The seven of swords is often linked to the word FOX.  It is also a card that can represent shops or tents in the background as it is often used for both descriptions.  There would have been tents where Madeleine disappeared of course but maybe there are still some clues around that for some reason?

This card is thought of as an EAST card. Either East in a Name or in a place/road.  A hill or mountain seem to be associated. Also West comes up which you should treat in the same way as an actual direction or in a name place or road.

I feel as though there is a whiff of scandal somehow.   I feel with the two of cups which shows a union of 'true love' and then a group of people that someone undesirable was present.  I note on our Map that we have Fort St James and really the STRENGTH card can give a 'fort' so whether that is a possible location or not it does seem to appear.  There is a Stones Bay Road there.  I note my East and West signs and could not find anything on those but my card is an AIR card which is often North so that could take us to some kind of link at Fort St James.  Anyway I thought I would just make a mention even if it is not going to reveal enough to help.  Of course my card can also show being in two places and swords can also be 'cutting' cards. I do feel Police strongly around the issue or it being linked to 2/3 people. Perhaps something happened to them too?  A water name or water might come up.



  1. I just went to the website set up to find Madison and it said the campsite at Hogsback lake is located about 24.5kms SE of Vanderhoof (Madison's hometown) down the Blackwater rd.
    "Blackwater rd" gave me chills because the water I felt she was in at some point is very dark. Tarot are you getting anything with this "Blackwater rd" ?...

  2. I find it really hard to 'name a road' Beetlebrow. I have quite a few thoughts on places but really Tarot can fit a few names if I was honest with you.


  3. Would you consider doing a update on Madison Scott.

    A Friend

    1. New cases are a priority but I will look at Madison's Tarot to see what can be produced in way of a map.


    2. MADISON SCOTT - Tarot updated 4th September 2012 please check back for a map to be posted shortly.

    3. how can I see the map

  4. very disturbing someone put 3 bullet holes through madison scotts banner pic.

  5. It is unfortunate the lack of respect one has for hurting families. Whether it was intentional or not, it was uncalled for.

  6. any new information on madision scott as of 4/2013

  7. Is there any new information?

  8. 7/19/2015. Still no Madison Scott. This must an incredibly sad time for the family. I sincerely hope the family gets the closure that they so need. :(

  9. I just finished watching the disappearance of Madison Scott. My prayers to all that loved her.God Bless Madison wherever she is

  10. Well, I could be wrong. It is the 5th year she has been gone and they are doing a poker run may 8th to help find her. I hope they do, so the family can het some closure. I was the person who commented about the mountians

  11. can you plz do an update on maddy?

  12. I pray for the Madison Scott family this story is so disturbing here in the u.s.there is so many missing people cases monthly in our national parks forest very similar, many have suggested there is level in government knows why but will never disclose the truth to us

  13. This may just be a 'shot in the dark', but have you considered The 'Lion's Gate Bridge' and are there any 'quays' or 'keys', for that matter in and around Vancouver? Just a thought.

    I've never been so I don't know the area too well, but I do know a bit about the general geography of Vancouver ....

  14. Will I find Madison G Scott

  15. Hi, would you do another reading for Madison Scott? She's been gone for so long now, her family, I just can't imagine. I panic when my daughter is late home from school or seeing friends. I truly hope they find her no matter how, just so they can bring her home and to give them some peace in their hearts, they must feel like there is a tonne of bricks sat on their shoulders 24/7 this whole time and I just wish they could have some good news, something to give them hope, something to give them happiness, something to give them peace. I'd love to hear another reading and see if there is anything new you can tell us?
    I wondered about telling another family about you, they have a missing sister, she went to the shop and never returned. Her car was found near the coast about 30 minutes away from her home, but there is no proof that she drove it there, only a video of her car moving but the camera wasn't good enough to get a clear view of the person driving. She was in Ireland and her sister and mother are so broken hearted. They have lost their father, her mother is suffering with cancer and is just trying to hold on so she will see her baby once more. However, I don't want to sound like I'm intruding by telling them about you so I'm not sure what do to. There is also another missing, a man who just got up one night while his wife was bathing, he got in his car and just disappeared. He was suffering from depression and they found his car 150 miles away, but no sign of him. They have done searches and his posters are shown online, in magazines, newspapers etc. but so far nothing. Someone did mention that he could of been seen in Spain, Malaga however I don't think this has been confirmed. I also thought about telling his wife about you too but again I'm a little unsure.

    Many thanks

  16. I saw a vision of wetness and dark and black mud. Underneath something but not dug down. It's been passed by. Black mud.Smells like solfur.


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