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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Donna Jou, missing person bulletin; photo: Orange County Sheriff

19 year old, San Diego State University student Donna Jou has been missing since June 23, 2007. Donna Jou was last seen at a party held at a Los Angeles home rented by John Steven Burgess. Burgess is a registered sex offender.
Investigators believe Burgess, a registered sex offender, picked Jou up on a motorcycle earlier that day near her Rancho Santa Margarita home, Amormino said.
Jou met the man on the Web site, Amormino said.
The day after Jou left for the party, her mother received a text message from Jou’s cell phone saying she was coming home, Amormino said. Jou, however, never arrived. (San Francisco Chronicle)

If you have any information regarding Donna please
contact your local police department or call:
Los Angeles Police Department at 213-486-6900

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


29 October 2011

I have had Donna Jou's case Study passed to me to look into with Tarot. Much has occurred in the situation regarding Donna and there are many reports on the internet but I just want to look at this with fresh eyes. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate nor does it guarantee any solutions or absolute 'finite' details. What it can do is look over events past present and future and give a synopsis of what may have occurred and offer advice to it. Tarot is not the best divination tool to name LOCATIONS but it does try to give us descriptions and point us the right way. Its not always easy to get that right but I always put down what I have.

Please always go to factual sources of information if you are studying any particular Missing Person Case. Tarot will reflect some facts already known as it delves into the past BUT may reveal other things during its journey through the tarot. Some of tarots information can come to me 'scrambled' but I write what I get.


With the first card it looks as though I am getting similar confirmation from the past 'as the story that has thought to be known' This Two of Cups shows us that there is a disunity here of two people. It looks to me as though one person had over estimated an infatuation or new love interest. So one person was more interested in 'getting it together' then the other and clearly wants to withdraw from the situation. There is a party shown on the three of cups where people are raising their cups and drinking - having a good time but it could be that Donna is leaving the party due to unwanted advances or because she did not like the party atmosphere.

I am definately seeing 'crossed desires' here so you know there is a rejection of committment towards someone who wants to get to know you more.

Perhaps it could also be seen that someone did not want Donna to leave the party , hindrances and obstacles are here so that possibility is also up for examination. I dont think she wanted anything to drink and she is being offered drinks here or even something else. If she had a drink I am feeling she felt she had enough. The run of cups that I see without explaining all of them is ending up with drugs, bad intent, possible smothering, malicious and devious cunning.

Cups are all referencing liquid, whether water/drink/drugs but they are emotional cards reflecting feelings/sensitivities/love and all emotional matters. This being the presentation from Tarot I think it fits quite well with Donna's circumstances of where she was. How it ends up however, is not the best situation because it is showing someone who knows they cannot have the other person.

They cant force the person to fancy them or want to be with them and on the other hand they dont want to let go of the fact that they do want them. So that is a powerful emotion.
Generally cups are West and a lot of 'water names' come up with them but this card is reversed and could be South West .
I feel as though I am seeing her West , there could be a little building near water and possibly a bridge too.

It could be describing the name of a place but Im feeling it is in 'familiar territory'. Lake/water and boats can be seen in the cups cards. I also see that there was a message to the family and I am seeing a motorbike and going towards Mum and Dad. This to me seems to be 'after' the party. ? as the party can be seen in 9 of cups so thats a bit strange.


Asking where Donna is at the current time I am getting the Ace of Cups reversed - this card again is a water card and has an M and a W on it. It is trying to tells us that those initials might be significant as to where she is. As you can see it seems to slip right in with the first card. I am feeling that this card could be South West. Often I go to the end of the pip cards and that would be a 10 .

This could show 10 miles, route 10, or distance of 10 from what could be the family home. Equally it could add some 'zeros' onto it as it is is telling us that this might NOT be in her original town so could mean Southwest from where she lives and the area she lives.

Tarot cannot tell us whether the 10 is miles or what it is significant for but we have to take that number and go with it. Reversed Ace of cups can show something under water and fountains/waterfalls can all come up on this card. The little Bird can sometimes be a clue also, but I am going to look at other questions in regard to Donna as we are not getting much further on what has been surmised, except perhaps direction and a couple of initials.

The ace of cups also shows us 3 bells but is telling us they are 'not the type that ring' so it is for something else here perhaps the name Bell might be useful? This water area or place may be in a vicinity where there are hills not far away. This card can tell us about a 'change of position' so where she was she might not be now it seems she could have 'moved' from there? The Ace of cups might show a river/rivulet rather than ocean when its reversed and we have to bear that in mind.

Trying to find where Donna is is almost like 'unrealistic expectations' . The ace is also connected to 5 and there is an area near BELL with a road with the number 5 'santa ana freeway' not sure if this is useful or not or whether it is in any way going to be helpful or accurate as an area to consider? Perhaps its an area that might emerge in some other way but I am not sure of where Donna disappeared or where her family home is and will have to check on that. Tarot is not best for location even though it really does try to help?

Another road of interest could be 'firestone blvd' possibly because of the 'stone' element prevalant in the ace of cups and also reversed we do not have a spark PERHAPS the area of Downey too? since Aces do have their 'ups and downs' emotionally ? maybe some connection at some point to these areas? Therefore symbolically it could form these words. No guarantees are offered on these ideas as that is all they can be presented as and not actuality or FACT.

With the reversed cup I am looking at 'water poured out' so I am not quite sure that this girl is IN water but it does seem to suggest that water could possibly be in the vicinity. A cup is dry when its upside down . There is a container in the Ace of cups but again Im not sure how strong that is when the ace is reversed. I am getting 'puppy love' but there is something wrong with it. I am being told to go back to the time when this girl 'left home' as it is referring to something when she left to go the party?

One of the oddest things that came to me even in the first lines of the tarot was 'did she go to a party at all' did someone try to stop her going to a party? did they pretend that they were really nice and friendly and attractive and turned out to be someone completely different? Something is not sitting right and its something you feel but cannot quite complete in the mind. On the surface I have written what I have but there is an underlying 'something' that is being overlooked somehow.
The Knight of cups shows lakes boat and travel - the King of Cups shows water and a red boat BUT these are reversed elements and any travel to these areas or in connection seem to prove negative?

The Ace of cups shows something on WATER but not underneath such as a vessel . This card of the Ace can also lead to 'drains' where water passes through but does not fill up. But I am getting a concentration of cards that appear to relate to situations and people connected to Donna at the time and it seems to flood in. The problem is I dont know if I am getting the WHERE factor yet.


The cards once again give me the 8 of cups regarding this girl and finding her. This is not an easy card and you will notice that everything is drugs and water. The idea of barter and sale is on the Ace of cups - usually a healthy card upright but reversed it is very difficult to ascertain whether someone is healthy or not.

What I would say is that a person is connected to drugs if a person is still with us and contained in that kind of environment. Of course this could be totally wrong but this card leads once again to the King of Cups reversed which follows the Queen. I am not exactly managing to get away from the cups in any of this reading. Water seems to be there all the while.
Finding her seems to suggest that its a lost faith. The 8 of cups reversed does not help us much and nor does the 7 of cups which is throwing up all the options and choices you can care to mention.

The only thing I could suggest is an inlet/cove and not moving away from that or somewhere near the water or river? The number I have is 8 and it could be that she has moved? so perhaps she was 'somewhere in 2008' but is in that place no longer? all I seem to have are drugs/drink and nothing else to get me out of the cycle.

I always wish to remind people that Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate. This is also a very brief outline of what Tarot has given me on first glance and I will need to look at it again to refine what I have seen. I sometimes miss things on a quick glance. Please make sure you read other documents or facts and refer to them for source. Tarot cannot guarantee anything it gives to us it just tries to make suggestions.




The only news I can find for Donna is this report below.
Please let me know if there are other details since that time.

Donna Jou's killer arrested in Hollywood | burgess, jou, donna ...
Jul 24, 2012 – News: Donna Jou's killer arrested in Hollywood | burgess, jou, donna, ... in missing-teen case to be released · Timeline: History of Donna Jou's ...


Missing Donna jou - Speak Out - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Patch
Posted by Reza Jou, June 13, 2013 at 11:27 am ... My name is Reza Jou, I am the father of missing Donna Jou ( ), who went missing form ...


  1. Donna Jou Burgess,Gets,Years,College,Students,Death Burgess Gets Five Years For College Student's Death

    John Steven Burgess, a convicted sex offender, has been sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the death of 19-year-old college student Donna Jou. Authorities say that Burgess and Jou met on Craigslist before heading to a house party where Burgess injected Jou with a deadly mixture of heroin and cocaine.


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