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Wednesday, 20 July 2011



Family hopes new clues will surface
By KATHY GILBERT, Staff Writer

The family of a man missing for the past 19 years still has hope that someone somewhere can shed light on his disappearance.
David Vernon Lovely was 20 years old when he went missing somewhere between Fort Bridger and Baxter Road east of Rock Springs.
Lovely's sister, Cynthia Lundberg, now lives in New Hampshire.
"It will be 20 years on Aug. 5 since he disappeared. The family doesn't know if he fell victim to a crime or if he disappeared because he wanted to be lost for some unknown reason," Lundberg said.
The story of Lovely's disappearance is baffling. Although the last time his family heard from him was Aug. 5, 1985, the case didn't come to the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office until nine days later when some campers found an abandoned motorcycle near Baxter Road. At the time, the late Jim Stark was sheriff.

Deputy Mike Atwood called dispatch on Aug. 14 with a report of an abandoned Yamaha motorcycle. Former detective Mary Louise Barneski heard the radio call and remembered a teletype she had seen about such a motorcycle.

Barneski retrieved the message which was from the Lancaster County, Neb., sheriff. It indicated the motorcycle belonged to David Lovely who had become separated from his family during a cross-country move.
According to Barneski's report, Lovely's mother, Ellen Lovely, was driving a large U-Haul truck and he was was driving the motorcycle.

They were moving to Massachussets from California. Ellen Lovely told Barneski they stopped every 30 miles to check on David. When they got to Evanston, Lovely's mother and sister wanted to stop but he wanted to keep going.

He left the two, telling them he would wait for them at a rest stop further east.
They never saw him again.
The last time he was heard from was a call to his aunt, Barbara Janiak. He told her he had had trouble with his motorcycle and pushed it into the Bingo Truck Stop in Fort Bridger. A "rough looking" man on a motorcycle worked on the bike and "fixed it better than it was," Lovely told his aunt.

He also told her he was afraid of the man who fixed the motorcycle.
Barneski, now remarried and living in Nevada, recalled the case and the mystery that surrounded it.
"It seemed that the family was pretty close and I really don't think he disappeared because he wanted to," she said.
She added the case bothered her for a very long time.
"We rode the area (where the motorcycle was found) with ATVs and searched all around there. The keys were left in the bike and it had a half tank of gas. It was in running condition," she remembers.

However, no sign of the young man was ever found.
Sheriff Dave Gray said the area has been searched extensively over the past several years for other missing persons. As far as he's concerned, the case is still open and if new information comes available, the investigation will be reactivated.

"I know it's hard for the family, and I'm sure there are bodies in the desert that will never be found, but I hope David Lovely is one of the missing that assumed a new identity and is alive and well somewhere," Gray said.
Lovely would now be 39. He's 6'4" tall and weighed about 160 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

If anyone has any information, they should contact the sheriff's office.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are premeditated but Tarot can pick that up. It doesn't mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 20 JULY 2011 at 2:42 »

There has been a request on the blogger to look at Tarot for David Vernon Lovely. There is quite a lot of information here already . Tarot looks at past present and future and can often shed a few glimpses on what may be the circumstances. Tarot is NOT 100 per cent Accurate and for this reason it is always wise to read factual sources.


Asking what happened to David, I have cast the tarot for the date that he was last heard from which I read as the August the 5th 1985. From this card I am just going to give the emotion that I have here. I am being told that David made a bad decision, a faulty choice and he realized that he had been foolish.

What he was foolish about I don't know, but I am linking in to his picture and what this card is telling me personally. This card shows a Cliff but when its reversed it can be called a Rock and this boy was at Rock Springs. This is all past tense, but the main point is that this card is confirming matters and that is what we need in order to look further.

The fool has a normal direction of North West. When this card is reversed it can become very difficult to make a decision about direction. Reversed might show a spin of the compass for example it might be giving us South East just as it appears that the Fool is looking or it could be North East. I have no real pull to decide which.

What I am seeing is sore feet and limbs and I actually get the impression as you will of 'falling through the air' which could indicate a tumble or a trip/fall.

This card shows someone setting out on a journey, therefore we know he is journeying on that day, but when it is reversed that Travel has come to an abrupt halt and for some reason it is being put down to that bad decision a pure folly and a feeling of foolishness because the person feels that they should have thought it out but at the time did,nt really feel initially there was a reason to fear.

The original report above does indicate that David did express fear, and when the Fool is reversed it might be telling us that his naive feelings must have turned to fear because he has felt some kind of warning or caution. This card also tells us that he would have trusted the wrong people. So that in itself brings someone else into the picture but we cant see them in this card.

When the Fool is reversed it also indicates that if he had any belongings with him or possessions that they have become 'lost'. If he had money, it would have somehow have been lost or taken from him WHATEVER, he had it no longer if he was in possession of any.

Therefore so far we have a bit of an outline that seems to link with the original story here.

If we look next to the Fool we are going to find the Magician. The Magician is famous for making people disappear AND things disappear. Now if David is sitting at the edge of a road with sore feet it would indicate
he was not on his bike. The report tells us that someone was fixing his bike therefore he was in contact with somebody as indicated by the Fool but not identified or seen in that card.

The Magician when he is reversed is a con man. We know that David is not a con -man, for one thing he is the young fool and the Magician is an older man. It does not feel particularly likely that this card is representing a woman. The Magician has 'tools on the table' which would indicate perhaps a workshop or a place where tools are used. We know somebody was fixing Davids bike and this is the handyman card , the Man with the Tools. However, that Man with the Tools is reversed. Later we run into the Lovers reversed which can also indicate three people and one a stalker but Im not sure that is the way to look at all this.

The Lovers reversed is also difficulties in family relationships and wihilst immediate family might feel all was well, the Lovers links back to the old homestead. That makes you wonder if he had an inkling towards where he lived as there is a link to childhood and youth. It does not feel to me as though a random killer popped up but obviously Tarot is not 100 per cent and because of that all this writing is a case study ONLY so that various thoughts can be considered.

The Magician reversed is not far from the cliff which is the same place identified in the Fool which is also a Cliff, when you reverse both the cards you get a rock. So, Rock Springs is identified here as being a place where David was conned by a man who was using tools. This card is known as the life and death card. Because of the con element here, and thief, and the trickery in this card, there can only two scenarios , one that David made a decision himself and the story about the man was not true, or two, the story he told about the man WAS true. There is hidden truth and cunning in this card and also lying, but who lied to who? and if the bike was found the word thief is inappropriate unless some of his belongings were missing. David did have money on him, but I wonder if he he had money in the bank?

This takes into account the story given. Now we must move on to see if this can open somewhere into a bigger picture.

I decided to move the the date of David disappearance to the 6th of August because I wanted to see what I would be given for that day. I have received the World card reversed.

The World card has a link to the number 30 and can seem to describe a CIRCLE. Looking at the Map I took into account the details of the Magician and The fool both have cliff/rocks/water.

This could or might fit the area that has been mentioned in the News report. However, I also note that fool is reversed and could 'tip' the person off the Cliff, I also noted that The Magician Card has a Table. Thinking about number 30 I looked on the MAP to see the areas that are being discussed .
Where David disappeared, where his bike was found and I wondered whether the Area of Table Rock and Tipton on Route 30 might be useful. This is a very difficult situation trying to name a place with Tarot, very unenviable.

However, The World card shows a 30 and then takes us back to the Fool so - perhaps those areas might have some significance. The worry is always providing a goose chase as Tarot is not an acceptable method of 'finding somebody' and very rarely can it produce names of places or pick out the exact spot, it really would have to be a Miracle. I never rely on Tarot to give me place names but this is a case study and perhaps those areas were part of the route in some way. North South that appeared could show someone going up that route then possible coming back down again.


However, further processing of David's situation also gives me the Page of Swords and this card is well famed for airports and it is an East card. It can also cover rail travel, hills, open landscape.

This Card is reversed - and though it seems to point to the Airport there is something 'not right' about that. His Bike was found near the Airport as we have been informed.

When I ask when David is like to be found I am given the Two of Pentacles.


The two of pentacles can show a lot of activity, juggling things around - through family friends and general life sources for information but it suggests taken one step forward and two back which starts to make the find negligible or without a result. But really that is unacceptable to think a child can be lost all these years and no clue to finding them. This card and the Sword card leads to the Water, the Bike was found near the Airport at Sweet WATER .

The Ace of Pentacles is vegetation, but that also is reversed, everything is reversed standing on its head tipping all the facts upside down. The Ace can show a vacation and reversed it could suggest 'not personal' hence the campers finding his Bike. Now I find it very strange that tarot wont force itself forward. I wonder if its because he was nowhere near there , the bike might have been but Tarot has lost track of him. He does not appear to be linked here because the Knight of Swords could be a biker and again it can still represent flying things, plane swiftly in the air.

David had money on him, did he have need for documents to fly somewhere? OR is this Airport significant in a different way. The World card with 30 upon it could be stops of 30 miles that was being undertaken during the trip.

Going back to the two of pentacles reversed and looking at the run of of pentacles it may be pointing to no reward. Which might suggest that either a reward has not been put up (I don't know whether there was or not) or perhaps there is no reward in seeking him.
There was a reversed Emperor in the cards I was looking at and I seemed to pick up an ex authority figure and a male figure who may have died.

I also note that there is a working with youth here with fits the county sheriff of those times. However, the more I am looking at this I am getting directions North/South and keep wondering if the Route 30 Road was important. I hasten to add, I am not familiar with the maps of this area.

This Reading for me is more of a case Study. There is an indication here of 'cover ups' but the entire feel was that this young boy was very eager and ambitious to do what he wanted to do and I have the feeling of opposition here here. I will keep this up as a Case study and return to it. This is a very old 'cold case' but this boy is still someone's child. I have spent four hours sitting contemplating the Tarot but find it only gives to me exactly the pointers that we have had. The only card that stands out is perhaps the three of pentacles.

This is where young people learn or train to either behave or have some kind of learning programe and it feels charitable to me. Not exactly a church organization but I get the feeling of a a 'church operated' place. The word BANK might mean something here. The building could also represent a place with Archers as would the Ace of PENTACLES too and looking on the Map there is an ARROWHEAD SPRINGS.

I am drawn to all those areas. Maybe a Riverbank there . Looking on a Map again, we have the Greater Green Intergalactic spaceport. and a very large River area. I don't think he is anywhere near where his bike was found, but the airport pulls through, I am wondering with all the things I have seen whether the area near this Spaceport is more what the 'airport' signs were giving to us.

Tarot may be seeing routes and just the scenery that I cannot put together.

The overall feeling is that David could be deceased, there are cards to suggest this, many insecurity cards with reversals. I understand the family were moving but there are very few reports about David's background, people he knew, his father? no mention here. I feel it is a delicate case and I feel him near a building and somewhere that is very green and vegetated. The other thing that stands out is 'no money'.

I will continue to pull this all apart and go over it. It is full of false leads and I think that is why it has not been a success in finding David. He seems to have had a strong tie to his old family home. I also feel at some stage a 'secret' was not kept OR a secret might have come out? B and J are what I have.

I will pick this up again at another stage but leave it as a read 'study' for the time being as this case also tells me that David could have been found under Two Years. Or, that Two years might have been significant. One of the things that truly 'bothers me' is when I get pointed to something and the image does not fade - and in this case its that BIKE. The Bike is the clue to everything .



  1. This reading is absolutely fascinating. I realize the somewhat "abstract" nature of Tarot in many cases, and that it is by definition a subjectively interpretive process, but you raised many interesting points and questions, and identified some tantalizing potential connections. The last paragraph alone of the reading literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up....

    I hope law enforcement there in and around Rock Springs, Wyo. is aware of and will choose to ponder your words. David's family too. I hope some family member of his might see your reading and be willing to offer a bit of interpretive input, perhaps corroborating your insights.

    I genuinely think (or at least certainly hope) that your reading might be the first step in unraveling this mystery once and for all. Thank you so much.

  2. Comments from David Lovely's sister ("klovely") appeared on the Websleuths website last September:

    "I'm David's sister - thank you for posting the information about his disappearance and for caring about him. To clear up some misinformation:

    - David, my mother and my sister were moving from California to Massachusetts

    - my mother & sister wanted to stop in Evanston, WY not Evanston, Illinois

    - it's approx 60 miles from Ft Bridger, WY to Rock Springs, WY

    - in the last phone call David made to my aunt, he said when his bike broke down, he had to push it to the truck stop

    - he initially feared the man who fixed his bike but that after the other motorcyclist fixed his bike he thought he was OK

    - the man who fixed David's bike did not charge him for the repair - there was no argument about pay

    - David had blonde/light brown hair

    - it wasn't 9 days before he was reported missing - it was approx that long before the sheriff's dept found his motorcycle, abandoned w/the key in the ignition

    David was initially afraid of the man who fixed his bike. He did not approach this man - the other cyclist approached him & offered to look at his bike. He fixed it on the spot & it did not require parts or a lot of labor. David was not mechanically inclined, he didn't know what was wrong with his bike or why it was repaired so easily, without parts. He was not charged for the repair. It appeared that whatever the problem was, the stranger fixed it.

    David disappeared just before his birthday, Aug 29 and it has now been 25 years since we've seen or heard from him. We love & miss him very much. Again, thank you all for your help and thank you for caring."

  3. Thank you for posting this from the family. I will have another look at David's situation as time goes along. I wish I could promise accuracy but I never can in any of the readings. I have to follow what I get and hope that some of it might assist. Just sometimes something turns up that might not have been thought of before, but I will continue to try to offer as much as I can get.



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