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Friday, 22 July 2011


Below is an account of two young woman that went missing in 2005 sent to me from one of my Forumers Cathrina. Cathrina has been very concerned about the case of these two young woman as it appears that very little has come to the surface about them. I have looked at tarot as promised and have set out what Tarot gives to us and of course will hope that it might help in some way.

I have asked about both women at once focusing on the day that they disappeared. That day was March 22nd 2005. Some of the information may belong to one of the women and not the other as Tarot is linking them both as a missing question. We already know from the last line of Cathrina's information that one of them had trouble with relationships. Cathrina does not say which but Tarot will give its view past present and future. This will include some of the information given as Tarot confirms parts of the past as well as the other two epochs of time. Tarot is NOT 100 per cent accurate and interpretation cannot be relied upon as the plain fact. However, I offer what I have received and this may or may not assist. It is always wise to seek out facts of a situation from other sources.

Cathrina's report to me on the Missing women.


Maryri Rahmanzai 29, mother of 3 did live at Naarden, the Netherlands (25 km West of Amsterdam) till 22 March of 2005...
and Samina Achazai, 33 yr and mother of 1 living at Huizen...9 km from Naarden.
Samina did visit her friend Maryri. After diner they left the children at home, did take the car for a drive/ride in the neighbourhood... ( a VW Polo RL-62-HD , grey/green) and would be back within 1 or 2 hours.
They didn't take with them a purse-ID-money-handbag etc... nothing... only the car.
They left and nobody didn't hear or have seen anything of them.
They didn't left any sign, disappeared like air.

After 6 years it is like nobody cares where they are, nobody knows where to start for searching. The kids do miss them very much.

The police did search for them at the Gooimeer (a lake nearby)
and a fairway (Muidertrekvaart) from Naarden to Muiden..
They don't rule out an accident or murder, because of relationship problems of 1 of them....


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 22nd JULY 2011 at 1:23 »


The very first card for both women is the Empress reversed. We already know that these ladies went for a drive and left behind their children. This card can represent a lack of motherly nurturing' so we could identify that they were mothers but without their children or that something is amiss with their 'motherhood'.

However, before settling on that I would look to the other cards. The Fool card plays a part in the journey that these women would have taken according to the facts. It would show them 'going somewhere, but, at the same time there is a strange feeling of folly and indecision on this. Therefore is the fool telling us that they didn't go anywhere? Who reported them missing and who said they drove off in a car?

Well, the Fool can tell us that they might have driven off or gone somewhere but at the same time, it can suggest something about that journey whereby they were on foot. The Magician in the cards can be considered so many different way but it can represent not having tools. We are told that they did not take anything with them so the Fools bag would be empty or the items that one would take on a trip are 'lost' to them.

It has been checked that they did not take items that would suggest as stated they were going on a journey. Therefore Tarot comes in and has identified that much. I want to just move on past the High Priestess for a minute to look at the fact that the reversed Empress sits next to the reversed Emperor. There may have been a secret that came out and it might have been to do with one of the mothers or even the children but what I see is that someone cannot command respect and this actually appears to be a male/father or authority figure. A B and/or a J might figure somewhere in place name or initial.

It seems to me that somebody has advised these women, or even one woman advising another but the advice is poorly given and should not have been followed. It feels to me as though they had a stalker or that there was three people in a relationship or three people here somehow.

This car they were driving is reversed with the Chariot and that can suggest going off the road somewhere out of the town. but it is not always an accident or going off the road, it is often about ESCAPE. So these women may have decided against better judgment to escape a situation. I see isolation here in every way. Somewhere out of the way but there is a 9 attached and one of the woman appears to have lived 9 km from the other and I do feel that this trip was fated.

It seems to me that someone had a debt to repay, or that someone felt that there was a debt to pay. A debt to pay can be a moral thing or actually something financial, which of these options, I am not quite clear but the Emperor reversed is someone who would be tyranical and very angry or someone probably Male who commanded a certain amount of respect. It could also be an ex partner or even a boss but which?

I look at these women and feel that they may have had to follow a culture and it could be a 'cultural thing' that might have created a problem here or even something that is not considered a traditional pursuit. When we talk about 'stalker' in the Lovers card they themselves might have been doing the 'staking out' or someone stalked them. Again this could be to do with family matters or that a third person was somehow a problem in a relationship. They might have been tied up or simply in an impossible situation that they could not get out of, basically, I see them stuck.

This could refer to the car going off the road. So it is a picture of variation but it is trying to give us thoughts on the matter. One of females clearly wanted to be out of a relationship which comes through in the Devil card and again confirms initial information. This relationship is considered a bad one for her and the chains needed to be broken. This could be a 'family thing' and that etiquette in a family or culture in a family was compromised and it appears to show a lack of self control and inability to cope with the situation.

It seems to me that there could very well have been an accident from what I can see on the Tower card or getting into a problem BY accident.

What I want to do is take another look at where they may be. The direction I have initially would be North West. There is a possibility that one of the women might have not wanted any more children? and did not wish to be pregnant. Therefore, the secret might have been an unwanted pregnancy as there is true paranoia on the female part of Motherhood. I might be getting a combination of factors of both of these women's lives.


The nine of pentacles reversed seems to indicate complete insecurity for both of these ladies. They appear to be in a wood, park, vegetation, forest, green area. It might somewhere you walk the dogs. There is a feeling of being 'evicted from the family' so whether this a rejection I can't be sure. Pentacles are always cards that represent NORTH but it is turned on its head and this might indicate that they are 'under' something or that they are on a North South 'line'.

I see them away from the biological home and I also think there might be some financial dishonesty involved somewhere in the big picture. I really cannot look at the map and understand the name places as its Dutch so even pronunciation would be a problem for me, but I see that they might have needed to make some quick cash, if not them, someone else and this could be done by getting rid of them? Whether that is an actual thing or not I cant be sure. They might be a TEN from their home. That could be 10 miles or some relation to distance or route. It is possible that they were ran off the road and I do see 'animals' here and I also see a possible male figure maybe between 35 and 60. They might have had some car trouble.

As to where they are, pentacles tells us North or North South Line in a leafy green area that may or may not be signposted. There is a little water that I can detect in the hanged man card. I do feel strong woods around the area .
They may still be in Amsterdam and they might have been linked to the Red Light District there at some point. There are financial matters here so that has to be taken into consideration that there is something not right about the finances.


The Ace of pentacles indicates years and in this case being a number one suggests it is possible find them in a year. We know already that these women have been gone for more then that, at least 6 but what the Ace of Pentacles can tell us is that there might be something that comes to light within the year. Either the year they went missing, or a year from writing tarot. This card shows us documents and contracts and bits of important paper and if it had anything to with the fact that they did not take ID or anything with them, perhaps its telling us to consider those documents and why they might not have taken anything with them. It was reported as a 'drive around the neighbourhood' - very odd that two women would just leave their children to 'drive around the neighbourhood' isn't it? So it seems to me that they might have gone off for another reason which might be pointed out in the tarot already written.

I feel with the 'bike element' in the Two of Pentacles that they might still be in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for its bikes. There is a strong water element in that card and I have 'arches' and 'bridges' as well as the water. So I am thinking with a possible bad side of the Devil card that it could be the Red Light District. It may not agree with the vegetation but I am getting isolation and a sense of seperateness. I am not sure but if there are wooded areas around that district that I would look there and also near the water, arches, bridges. As for being found, Tarot mentions the possibility of a year and being NORTH where they would be found.

They might have been in or near a basement of a building or someone underneath a building but I am dealing with the vibrations of two women here rather then separately so the tarot information might have things back to front. One way or the other, it might have enlightened a few things too. It may also have got some information askew. But, I offer what I have here and one can only hope that it might serve a purpose and be useful. The Emperor and the Hanged man always go together. It sits next to the Empress and suggests a situation where these two women got into a situation that they couldn't get out of. So they might have been forced into a situation incorporating the Emperor or as people with faces, maybe three people. One a younger man, one a slightly older man and one older than that. I see irresponsible actions and something negative about money.

The Ace gives us the 'money tree'. The money tree sometimes can describe 'hoods', drugs, dreams of big money, or a place where big money could be made and also points me to the Red Light District once more and woods/gardens etc. Again I could be wrong, please do not think that Tarot can give us all the answers, it can show us GLIMPSES and I have to try to get those as accurate as I can. That doesn't always happen to the 'ninth degree' so we have to make of it what we can.

There is a possibility of artful deception in these cards and possibly some indication that some information should come forward and did not but yet might have been withheld. It might have been withheld as a deliberate measure but I certainly could not say that is a certainty. I have also picked up a possible dominant female/male. Areas around where they lived should also be checked though it is reported that this was done.

I hope this helps in some way.



  1. Hello Empathy,
    thank you so much of your time to make a review about this 2 women. A lot of work.

    It is understand Samina did give drivers lessons to Maryri that evening. Therefor they left the children athome.(understandable because of their age)
    The police did say 1 of them did have matrimonialproblems or problems of relationship, but didn't say who.
    The day after I have seen the fire-brigade did search at the canal from Naarden to Muiden.
    All those years there is no further information.

    I will forward this information, maybe it will help to find them.
    I will let you know if there is progress.
    Againa thank you,

    Have a nice weekend..
    the Netherlands

  2. Hello Empathy,
    today I got some more information.
    At the time the ladies vanished, Maryri had 3 children.. The oldest a daugther (now 18 yrs.) second a boy (don't know his age) and the youngest at that time was 6 months old. Now nearly 7 yr.
    It is odd, but the husband of Maryri did take an new wife, they do have 1 child together who is born 1 month ago. (Maybe he did take his 2nd wife for to take care for the kids.., don't know) I do find it odd because he even doesn't know his wife is alive or death.
    The new wife also is from Afganistan, as told
    by an informant.
    Maybe you can do use the info..
    Sleep well for tonight...

    the Netherlands

  3. Hello to you all,

    Would let you know still nothing happend at this case.
    So sad nobody knows where they are.


  4. They found the car in a canal in Muiden, there were two bodies inside. Probably the two women that were missing. So they drove off the road and drowned. Most likely an accident. It is sad but it is good they are found

  5. While doing dredging work in a canal in Muiden (North of Naarden) the car of the women was found. There were two bodies inside. It was probably an accident. They drove off the road. Sad but it is good that after all this time the family knows what has happened.

    1. Im very sorry to hear this. Has there been any confirmation that it is the two ladies in question? I did wonder if the car went off the road or whether there was an accident, but I also saw many other things about them as you can see in the Tarot. Water was in the card and the direction of North . I am just sad for this news but it is true that if these two bodies are identified as the two ladies then they are found and that is what the most important issue is. Nobody wants to be lost forever. Alas it is a shame.

      Thank you for letting me know and if you have other details please do come back and tell me.

      Yours Empathy.

    2. Hello Empathy,

      Just a hour ago I did read at the newspaper what happened with the ladies. Sad, ver sad.
      The car is the car of Samina, so the remains of 2 people inside of the car.. I think must be of the 2 ladies.

      When you will park near the Canal of Muiden there is no railing. So if you are not a good driver it could be you drive into the Canal. I mean, when one of the ladies would drive away from the parkingplace and did forward the gear instead of backward an accident is there immediately. I'm so happy and also I'm so sorry they found the car, because of the families they now do know what happend with there wifes/mothers.

      Thanks Aadiahh you also did write about the final story and yes it is good they are found (by accident, I think, because of the dredging work).7 years new notthing is a long time for the families.

      Empathy thanks for your work/time.
      the Netherlands

    3. Glad to help Katherine. Im sorry too about the outcome and its been a long time for this situation to be resolved.

      Thank you for your updates and send you my regards as always.


  6. Empathy,
    When I do reed the newspaper further... instead of the car is of Samina, the remains will be subject to further investigation if they are of the missing ladies.
    Will let you know.


    1. Thank you for this update on the situation and will keep an eye out for you posting further news. x

  7. Hi Empathy,

    Dental information have shown the remains are from Maryri and Samina.
    Still it is odd nobody have seen or felt the accident, because there are a lot of house-boats and ship motion. (but the disapearance have been at the end of March in the early evening)

    When I do reread the review I see you have been right at some points.

    quote: As for being found, Tarot mentions the possibility of a year and being NORTH where they would be found.

    1. the ladies are found North-West 8,5/9 km from home
    2. they are found within a year after writing this review
    3. water and bridge, the highway A1 does have a bridge over the Vecht (the canal)
    4. the ladies are of the maybe they would like be more Western (???) and did have some problems with that...

    quote:: They might have had some car trouble. ..

    Maybe could be they did have trouble with brake-circuit or driving-wheel?? So they drove into the water instead of go to the right??

    I know again a question, but when you look at Google maps I think they came from direction North to South at the A 1 highway, did take the exit Muiderberg (on top of a bridge) at the end of the exit you have to go to the right and after 10 mtr again to the right (all near the Canal) to take the country way home. An unexepted accident (????)
    Btw also a road where you can do take your dog out for a small walk if you live at one of the house-boats. ("animals")

    You mentioned bikes... Well, in Holland everyone does have a bike, sometimes 2. At villages and cities it is easier to use a bike then a car.

    This is all what we know and think at this moment, there is further investigation to the accident but not easy after 7 years.
    Empathy, thank you so much for your time and work at this case...

    kind regards,

    1. Hi Cath,

      Thank you for all this extra information from your local papers I do appreciate it.



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