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Friday, 29 April 2011




Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 29 April 2011 at 21:50 »

I have said that I would look at tarot for this young girl. Tarot is may be able to throw some light on the situation but results will be from the past present and future and this must be borne in mind . Some events may have played out. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I would recommend always following other sources for concrete information.


Tarot is giving me the Knight of Cups. This tells me that she has left home in the 10 of cups as this would be her original home and it is reported that she had arrived home off the school bus and left home to collect a cheque. Note there is no money in the cups card but it is a card for WEST and the direction seems to be someone going East.

This also by passes the Page of Cups and that in itself represents an unexpected happening and may mean she met up with someone who is young under 35 going towards 'lake, river and earth terrain' Often the Knight of cups can be an area where there is a river and boats. We know she certainly had not planned to go anywhere like that but Knight of cups seems to show this terrain on her journey. This Knight of cups can be a male who makes an offer even flirtatiously and appears to be a Ladies man. This girl is seen on a bus yet I am seeing someone who is offering her a lift somewhere. West appears to be here predominantly. This could be someone on motorbike or other vehicle. The Knight of Cups is linked to the Moon and because of this there appears to be hidden factors involved here. The Moon can show water environments but also tall buildings/apartments which may or may not have been part of the scenery at some point but certainly by a body of water it seems. Im seeing some kind of flirtatious situation, social invitation here and I think I will stick to the thought that this person has or may offered her a lift.


This card is showing me a home - building, it could be a motel with gates at the front of it. The direction of this is SOUTH. There are garlands on this gate. It may be suggesting that she is not far from a building that is of this nature I also think there is a sports facility not far away or in the vicinity. I also think this is going towards a town or Market. Bear in mind tarot is past present or future and Im not sure where this card falls.


Water again in the final card and number 6. This girl is leaving a bad situation and reaching a better situation on the other side. Six Months is what I have here, whether or not that is going to be helpful or a realism for her to be found I am not quite sure because six of swords does tell us theoretically that there is 'no forwarding address' for this person. But the next card does show them coming back and even maybe apologising or someone else because it seems to me that there has been deceit from this 'lover/friend' who might have thrown some light on this case quite a long time ago???? You will see that the FIND card is going EAST. Strange but would,nt you know there is a boat in this card too which I could see in the Knight of cups who also appeared to be going East. Then it seems someone comes back West. Notice that other people have gone on the same journey. In that boat there is a rower a woman and a small person. I cannot say quite why that is but I would like to suggest that more information may appear in the next 6 to 7 months and I would consider East as the Find area.

At some point I am feeling that she has had some very strong words with someone near a water location and 'two islands' comes to mind though I have no idea what its significant for but a bit of a stand off and impasse creating a separation. It is possible this girl is connected to CHURCH words - that would come up not only in the King of Cups end of cups Journey but also it would come up in four of Swords which can show a cemetary/church/stone area, areas where there are stones yet at the same time a rivulet of water and three people perhaps where one thieves something from this girl and walks off with it. So she may have been robbed.

This is a really very brief Synopsis for Alexandria, but just a little bit of information to put out the fact that she needs to be found. I will however be writing more on her very soon to break down the detail of these cards and to expose more information if thats possible.

PS. The six of swords could be deep water going into 'SHALLOW' water. There seems to be 'people in the same situation' going together ( that comes with the six of swords as you see companionship in the boat) the Queen can be a relation of some kind and the King is someone you would never expect. He wears a ring and a necklace with a fish on it suggesting he does have that church element. I will break down the tarot shortly and post it through here.



I did write another post for Alexandria which I left on my forum. Sometimes I try to work out names of places but because I am 'unsure' I have doubts and do not post them but here is a post I wrote on the same day as the original reading outlining 'thoughts'. I cannot guarantee they are correct. I also have written an update giving more information in a reading today.

The problem with directions is often they can be connected to 'other people' in the mix or connected in some other way. Therefore finding the location of the person can be mixed up with the information but I just give what I get and hope something helps out somehow.

I would suggest reading the entire contents of the readings and combining and linking the information together to try to get a better view of the situation.

As for location I will ask Dee if she can construct a map of some of the outlines.

First below is the reading I have as a follow on which is posted on my forum.

« Reply #2 on Apr 30, 2011, 5:06pm »
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Theoretically 7 of Swords which follows the 6 (when I showed deceit, thief and someone sneaking back) can actually be a CAMP of sorts. of course there are many other meanings, fairgrounds, strings of shops, row of buildings/tents that kind of thing but ultimately it does involve the word Camp. Sometimes because there are 'soldiers' in the background part of the original meaning of the card does suggest 'two soldiers look on' as someone 'steals away in plain view'.

Maybe Plainview itself is a name? so even though there are many references if all are explored then it can pad out and fill in quite a bit of detail. Then its down to choice. Thats the hard part. But there is an inlet of water and someone IS walking away from there.

Another scene that comes to mind is ending up at the BOSS/FATHER. I think its important to explore this further because tarot has its own way of throwing up information and I do mean 'everywhere' which means we have to tidy it up.

I will come back with more ideas and thoughts as soon as I can get down to examining this a bit better.

I think the area where this girl went to work should be looked at as I sense a red flag there. I might have a 'bedroom scene' that I cant place and perhaps a blanket reference that is linked into ONE YEAR 12 signs of the zodiac give me that. So this girl could be wrapped up or concealed for at least a year before her case can be broken and truth starts to come out.

Queen of swords can reference one person 'dying before another' and again this is a very strange reference. Im getting something to do with someone who really loves music here - even dancing - and someone on their own. Someone may have been concerned about a divorce of possible break up of relationship. The Knight of Swords seems to be connected to a 'military link'. This person does,nt stick around for long, comes in likely on a car and goes off in a car but also there is an airport/railway link here too. Travel makes me think she went off somewhere with someone hence the 'lift' in a vehicle.

I need to sit down and sort this all out as I only gave a brief synopsis initially. But looking at the cups and the wands which show her workplace and the music/art/poetry in King of Cups and again showing up further in the swords through the Queen and even possibly in the Queen of Wands we seem to have an 'entertainment' factor here.

So is she linked to somewhere that has that kind of significance?? somewhere that might even be a red light district ( land estate red tape) in King of Wands??

Six of Swords represents EAST definately moving East - Wands without doubt are South especially upright. Cups are West. So that might show a zig zag journey.

First West to East
Second South
Third East to find her.

One quite strange thing is that if Six of SWORDS is to 'find' Ali, we have to remember swords are MONTHS. So it could be six months from the writing of my tarot OR - there might be a deceitful element here whereby she WAS ALREADY FOUND after six months and then returned in a very sneaky way??? so again more things to consider and it seems she would have been returned from an area where there was water present and where the Knight of Cups took her.

I have a feeling in my stomach here but I will let anyone else try to decipher what I am thinking.

King of WANDS is construction. She might have been brought back from wherever she was placed and put in an area where there was construction wrapped up in a blanket from a bedroom or even carpet or just wrapped and hidden for a further year. If that was the case then she would not likely be discovered before 18 months is up. I hope it is,nt that and that my imagination has taken over rather than rationality. I am not feeling good for Ali at the current time on health levels. There are no pentacles to support health in this reading at all.
Nothing physical at the current time. Does,nt make it a bad thing but is it a good thing? It does,nt seem to be about Money now that I look at this, not directly, its about EMOTIONS and its emotions or someones emotions that has been at the bottom of this girl disappearing. Whose emotions are they though?

The SEVEN OF SWORDS acts like a FOX - Fox's are sneaky according to Tarot, they will come in and pinch things and stealth out again.

There is an area called Fox Hollow I dont know if this in any way is significant but it does,nt appear to be East, unless the person brought this girl back from the East and went West with her which is what the fox is doing on the seven of swords.

I am not quite clear at the moment will think about it.

Did she have any connection to TOMBAL (I think theres an area called that)


This reading below is a more detailed reading to be combined with the intial findings. I am thinking about SUGAR LAND with the five lakes and area 6 as some kind of connection to the sweet Smell but I cannot be sure how it relates in connection to finding Alexandria. Also North West takes us to the 69 route.
I will just leave everything here and hope something somewhere is going to make sense or be useful.

« Reply #3 23RD AUGUST 2012 at 1:45pm »

I have been asked to update for Alexandria by a colleague of mine. I did give a brief overview some time ago but unfortunately as with many other cases I do not always have the time to come back and analyse the reading in depth due to an overload of pending requests.

Where Alexandria is concerned, we are given an indication of a motorcycle or a vehicle or some form of travel element in our first card. Sometimes this can be a lift but at the same time we are looking at a person who may come over as charming, friendly and at first glance it does appear to be someone we know or some flirtatious invitation and often this is a social invitation. Perhaps someone advanced her.

Our cards can give directions but it is difficult to always ascertain whether it is connected to the person or someone around them and the starting and ending points of a journey but generally a map of what tarot has given can show all the possible areas that could connect. Number 13 or number 4 could come up here. It is possible there is a red car or something red? The numbers might show routes or distance also .

Water is generally always prevalent in the cups cards so water elements whether in a place name or actual can show up here. Also emotional matters can be at stake. It seems to me that West is strong in the first card and I would like to suggest NORTH WEST as a strong element. Going to a lake, travel, boats and anything to do with water or linked could come up here. Tarot being past present and future can reveal information in any order so please take note.

Here we seem to have the sea, the ocean and fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, and all places near to water this can include around her home too or the town she lives in. I feel from this card that we are talking about someones home town at first. Church links do come up here, so do places that are secluded .
There are links to a lack of vitality here and water retention.

Someone who is plump and fleshy. There may be 'drugs' in these cards or drinking. Perhaps she was invited for a drink? There does seem to be a signal that one is easily influenced. Something 'sweet' can come up even a sweet smell? A person description could come up also as straight and tall with brown, ruddy complexion, oval or long face, full and flesh with a high forehead; large grey eyes, hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; perhaps a beard if male a large, deep belly: strong thighs and legs, and long feet. There may be a problem with the feet.

To me if there was invitation or some kind of proposal or offer it seems to me to be unexpected.

The fish that comes up in this card can suggest the word 'Fisherman'. Its not always correct but it can show up so can a 'ring' or a 'ruby'. This card suggests some kind of advancement or romance but I rather put it down to a flirtatious advancement and/or even a temptation or male admirer, the only thing about this is that it makes me feel she knew the person?

There may be connections to an M or W somewhere in the journey and a White Bridge. This seems to show her meeting up with someone and someone I would have thought she would class as a friend or friendly and a journey near or to water/lake etc. The church elements may be names of places or a spiritual connection. Tree names and the word Fair could show themselves.

There are sometimes conflicts with the Tarot cards as to direction and South may also come up here but all directions can relate in some way or other. Horse names can come up as can stables fields, open land, hills and places up high. In houses it can also suggest upper rooms. Again we have a connection to someone who is tall and large,ruddy, dark or tanned. The hair light-chestnut in colour so I feel the characteristics do tend to be similar. This may describe another person and not Alexandria but I just have to leave it as it is. Generally fair people or people with fair hair can be included with Cups cards also and can signify university students with this particular card or students or young people. The emphasis is on travelling so would show someone on the move.

The word Bell might show or 5 streams?

One needs to combine all this update and indepth information with what is already written and as you can see the next card is indeed South with the four of wands. Generally this card would signify our home and I did seem to have someones home town in the first card whether going towards or coming from. Sports elements come up on this card but injuries burns/heat to hips and thighs can show in the previous card so I would bear that in mind. Water elements also can be seen with a bridge in this card as a white bridge sits near this building. Sometimes this is symbolic but I give what I get.

This is also a work card so perhaps it doe show Alexandria going towards her work or home or being between. There are often two female figures linked to the four of wands. There is a number 4 here which also can show up in the first card. This four can be a BOSS or someone who attempts some kind of authority over us it can also links to father figures or someone who has an air of authority over us whether that means they are pushy in attitude or represents someone who can push their will on us if it is a person.

This card is connecting East which was also seen in the first card. Here we have a description of someone who may have red in their hair or or they are red faced or get red in the face but are well tanned. Lean type of body, long neck, large bones, not overtall but strong limbs. There may be indications of thinness of hair or balding of hair. Again we are being shown Hills and Sandy and hilly ground, perhaps a link to newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Land where you might find sheep / cattle feed or stables for small animals. Sometimes this is thought to be lonely places where criminals might hide out. The ceiling, plastering or covering of houses can be seen here, perhaps to link to construction because bricks can come up but also links to fire or sources of heat.

Lastly we do need to look at the six of swords and the thought that six months might come up to find/search Alexandria. Timing is not always accurate on all cases but I can only give what I have. Again this is a water/rocks/stone/concrete element. Boats are shown in this card which can show a journey by water which it seems water has come up in every card here in one way or other.

All the information on the six of swords should be taken into account that is already written. Though there is anxiety in finding Alexandria this card does seem to promise she will be found. It is thought of as safety and protection so to me that would be an assurance and affirmation that Alexandria would be found. I see shops and and market stalls here and/or camps could come up? or that they have played a part somehow.

Someone connected regarding the search/find could be medium height, strong, sturdy , with a fair complexion (already mentioned this person type earlier). Face long and possible prominent bone
structure, hazel eyes sandy or fair coloured hair linked North West even though we have the East links.

So the directions and those connected appear to be North West, South and East as main links.

Church elements also show up in the mix in more then one card. Cutting sensations, arguments and standoffs and a link involving three people can come up with our last card. Bones teeth and skelatal structures also. Sprains and fractures of joints. Significant places or links whether by name or actual could be deep wells, quarries, mines and or land that has recently been dug. Somewhere high seems to mention HILLS or uneven land, aviation can suggest airports being in the vicinity but also simply being up high.

For example in a house the roof, the attic or places that might show the bedroom. Computers might show up here also and possibly railways or railway tracks. These may be markers in the area. One cannot be absolutely sure as we have descriptions that can apply to names of places or just somehow linked.

Prison, or prison links MIGHT show up in the last card but certainly legal matters or police matters could come up in some way. Being stuck seems to come to mind here and perhaps contained or restricted but there does seem to be a house/building that shows up also. It is possible that Alexandria was abducted when looking at the swords cards it cannot be ruled out but it does seem that if that were the case that there was some kind of pre meditated plan. Of course what I have seen may not be wholly correct but I can only put forward my thoughts on what I receive and respect that they are only glimpses.

I was given a 6 with this last card and one would have felt that this number would be useful in some way. Generally swords are winter months representing cold and ice but as a rule they do signify months and clearly this girl was not found within six months as suggested. Therefore perhaps it gives us that for another purpose. However, the other slant is that there is no forwarding address on this card. I keep feeling that as Alexandrias home town was strong that maybe her own home, around her home or work or something connected in some way to either of them might be significant. The colour yellow does seem to come up.

If I think of anything else or have left something out I will certainly come back and add and meanwhile will try to sort out a map to post for any helpful pointers. It could also be that with the seven of swords that Alexandria was moved or moved from where she was. It is never wise to assume the worst in every occasion that a person is missing even if the cards can throw out negative vibrations.

Therefore I do not talk about life and death all I can do is show what I have and if that is helpful then I am hopeful about finding the person.

In this case it may be as simple as Alexandria meeting or being with someone and moving but not leaving a forwarding address, it certainly could read that way, or just not going out of her home town but one has to take everything into account. I am not the decider only the recanter of what I personally receive. Directions can be names of places as well as wind directions and I do have to stress that.



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Maps

I wonder if she had any connections in Conroe?


No further news for Ali that I can find but have posted her 'FIND' Facebook. If anyone has news please let me know.

Hope for Ali; Alexandria Joy Lowitzer | Facebook
Hope for Ali; Alexandria Joy Lowitzer. 5707 likes · 920 talking about this. Alexandria Joy Lowitzer "Ali", Missing Teen from Spring, Texas...


No current news Im afraid but I wanted to post the last article that I could find which was last year.

Mother keeps hope alive for missing daughter

Houston Chronicle-2 Feb 2015



  2. could Plainview.. be Plainview Jail/Prison in Texas?
    thank you for continuing to help with Ali.


  4. There is new speculation the man accused of killing two women in Louisiana may be connected to a missing Texas teenager.

    KLFY in Lafayette, LA reports a private investigator in the Lone Star state now seems to think Brandon Scott Lavergne may have ties to Ali Lowitzer, 15, who vanished near her home in Spring, TX on April 26, 2010. It is located just north of Houston

  5. Empathy- If you read your tarot for Alexandria with Brandon Scott Lavergne as her abductor, it is chillingly spot on!! If he is her abductor, which I believe he is, this is one of your best readings...Your reading leans strongly to his profile. Alexandria's spirit is very empathic I think, and she gave you much to work with.

  6. Last month, September, I saw her twice in San Antonio. She is with a wetback cowboy type. He was the troll under the Cypress creek bridge. He is probably a gang member. She and he were on Goliad Road near SW Military Drive on the 34/36 bus to Walmart. I made eye contact with her. The guy is rough with her. He spooked and they got off the bus between stops. A couple weeks later I saw them walking on EAST COMMERCE STREET BETWEEN THE ICE CREAM PARLOR AND THE RIVERWALK. They appear to be living under bridges and washing in rain water. She is down to a pair of short jeans shorts and a faded shirt with the tails out. She walks slowly like she is trying to hide a split in her seat under the tail of the shirt. He was wearing a plaid shirt with the cowboy style line across the shoulders on the back. That was reported to SAPD ASAP. The previous sighting was reported to Agent Santos at Missing Persons Unit at SAPD


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