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Sunday, 1 May 2011



D.O.B 20/03/82
Bowen, North Queensland
Date last seen: 25 April 1998
Description: Rachel is described as 165cm tall, slim athletic build, hazel eyes, fair complexion with sun-bleached brown shoulder length hair. When last sighted she was wearing a short sleeved, collarless T-shirt with horizontal blue and white stripes, a green skirt above the knee with large brass buttons down the front and black dress sandals.

Rachel was to attend a film screening at the local picture theatre at around 7pm. She did not attend the screening after being dropped off by her parents earlier. and has not been seen since. Many people strongly believe at Rachel is still alive somewhere in Australia.

Rachel's 1998 disappearance sparked one of the biggest searches in Queensland history, but her body was never found. Robert Hytch was found guilty of manslaughter, but the decision was overturned on appeal and he was found not guilty at a retrial in 2001.

Any member of the public with information which could assist Police is asked to contact the Homicide Investigation Squad, Brisbane, Phone (07) 3364 6122 their nearest Police Station; or Crimestoppers, Phone 1800 333 000


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 1 MAY 2011 at 19:41 »

I have a request here on blogger to look at tarot for Rachel Antonio. This case is from 1998 and bear in mind Tarot may pick up on past present and future therefore some details will likely come through that are already known. Tarot cannot be guaranteed as 100 per cent but has often brought to light various situations that have linked to the cases in a very uncanny way.

Please look to other sources for factual information.


Im looking at Rachels picture and have drawn the 9 of wands. This gives me a South Direction but looking West, therefore possibly South or Southwest. What I am seeing is a picture of her taking the opportunity to go somewhere (her outing) leaving home in order to do this and then it seems some form of sports complex where perhaps 5 people are 'messing around'. The six shows me that she is nearing the town and wondering if she is going to be attacked. I see a hasty communication to someone who might be a married man and also see her standing by a wall with her head injured. The 10 seems to tell me that she is near some buildings on the edge of a town. I then see someone again giving out messages and these messages seem to from a friend or someone that she knows but I notice that there are intrigues and hidden information/dialogue in these cards therefore would involve someone that is not showing up yet as the person she has spoken to. There seems to be an older woman here and an older male. Both of these people own their own business and are quite successful. The Male might be to do with construction or planning or land and estates , certainly agriculture appears to be strong but also Im seeing him as a figure of authority at the same time.

It feels to me that she was attacked or she was being teased but managed to get away from that . The link there is SAND and concrete so maybe a sidewalk near the beach and possibly a wall. It seems to me that she was trying to get a message to someone and did make contact with someone with red/blonde or very light brown hair. This person would be around 35 years of age and would have had a vehicle. This person is friendly nice and well disposed towards Rachel that I can see at first glance.

He is also connected to sporty elements and might even work agriculturally or again in mechanics. Maybe the reference is simply that a vehicle appears to be here. Im not sure if he would be known to Rachels parents or not it depends if they are the King and Queen of wands owning the kind of business that I am seeing. However, there is entertainment in this Queen of Wands so it seems to be all linked to the night she was due to see the film that is being spoken of.

I am seeing bad thoughts around the car and travel aspects with this girl but generally if she was afraid of something or attacked the card is showing that she made a recovery from attack but the strength is going to the opposition and I am feeling as though she might have been overwhelmed by them. I also seem to feel that Rachel has had to fight for her opinion on things and has stood her ground about what she wants. That brings a lot of stress to her in general but I can see that she is quite a strong character.

I am not sure 100 per cent how the information above plays out but I just feel that somehow it can come together to show us glimpses of what might have been the case. I dont know if Rachel was the sort of girl to make decisions and stick to them and I also do not know how she and her parents interacted together as a unit. However, I do see that if she is opposed for her opinion she will stubbornly cling to her own feelings of what she thinks and if she wants to do something does not see why someone else should interfere and tell her otherwise.

I seem to think she had a meeting of minds with a Male that she possibly knew and took an opportunity with him. I dont know whether this would have been an approved relationship or not or friendship, only that there might have been an ulterior plan to visit somewhere else, maybe even a motel. Again I cannot be sure - but there seems to be a lot of messages pouring out and Im trying to figure which bit comes first.


I would hope that tarot could give me an idea where Rachel might be at the current time. As you can see the wands card has appeared for me again and this one is the seven of Wands which seems to indicate a HILL in the picture. She may be on the border of two places so, between two places and again this is a SOUTH card. What I am inclined to think is that she is somewhere between where she lives and the destination she was approaching on the day she disappeared. This could be linked to somewhere with a sports type of name or something sporty. It is really indicating a town or going towards a town and hence Im feeling the 'in between state'. This card gives us the word VALOR and shows us someone on the top of a HILL.

This is somewhere there is landscape, countryside and if you look closely you will see the river is running through that landscape. The next card shows me a house on a Hill that is not that far away so I do not know if any of these descriptions mean very much or not but SOUTH is what I have. There is a Laurel attached to the six of wands and again some hidden elements . Laurels can often presage sad endings but if this is the case I still see this girl between two places, not far from a town and in Landscape. On the brink of a town would be a good description. The words Laurel - Valor - Hill may apply as should South or even possibly at some point South West.

Arrows can be made into BOWS and this young girl comes from BOWEN so I would have thought she is still within that vicinity.


All I have in reference to finding Rachel is the fact that we have to link back to someone in the past. There is a Red Cross sign on this card and the Angel Gabriel is here. Sometimes Gabriel is a word to take note of but not in every single case.

The number on this card is 20 and that could mean 20 in distance or in timing. As this card represents the final balancing of Karma, she will actually be found despite the time that has gone by looking for her.

This card is also linked to her family. I see a walled area here. Perhaps it could be a cemetary or near a hospital or some area like that, or maybe it is just suggesting that Rachel will be found near to her family roots therefore in her own home town.

I seem to see the restoration of this family so I do see Rachel being linked to them. The card seems to signify the summer months again its not always the case but we can always hope. I have seen quarrels and strife and much stress on the cards and a lot of stubborn opposition but Im not sure that I have seen a murder here. Perhaps this could have happened to her but if it did I still seem to see her linked to her home town.

I hope very much that Rachel is found. This is only a very brief synopsis of events and I don't doubt it will not be fully accurate. Sometimes you have to read between the lines with Tarot as often it is not easy to decide in what order the events are showing themselves. However, I hope that the mystery will be lifted . I seem to feel that there was an accident around Rachel at some point but not quite sure when or why that wants to pop out of the cards and there is also some kind of reference of illusions or perhaps even something that might be hidden or just something that might not have been known all this time.

However, the colour RED is extremely strong and may have significance in this reading for Rachel and I hope it is useful in some way. I also am being given ' there is no smoke without fire'. Phoenix and Eagles and a vehicle that has not been checked.

Though I give this brief detail, I am sure that there are some factors I have missed. If I find this to be the case I shall add them as I see them.I think it might be worth looking near the AERODROME south of Beach Avenue as 8 of wands can mean FLIGHT. The walled area on the Sun card can show a garden with flowers . This is always near the family home. There is a wall in both the sun and the 9 of wands, a kind of palisade, fence or wall. I also notice there is a Soldiers Road crossing with Hillview road when looking at the Map. There are several orange poles sticking out of the ground at Hillview.

Again these are things that could just 'fit' but it is very easy to do and be wrong.



Please read the following:




« Thread Started 1 MAY 2011 at 19:41 »


I last looked at Rachel's Tarot in May 2011. Since then I have been working on 'locational factors' and hoping to update as many cases as possible with other information and a Map of areas that Tarot might be linking to.

This update is based on the original reading therefore all information must be taken into account. Re-looking at Rachel's first card there does not seem to be a great deal to add . South is the location that is linked to her at the time. The number 9 strong and bear in mind that 9's are the ends of a cycle of events or action. Therefore it would seem to tell me that there must have been some kind of altercation or 'set to'. Like when you wait for someone because you want to tell them something once and for all, or when you have a point to make or need to stand up for yourself. In this case whatever scenario that could arise in that particular instance may be underestimating the person the quarrel is with or whoever the face off was going to be with.

Though there is a great deal of valor surrounding this card the person standing there does not look completely sure that they are going to overcome the problems without getting a backlash and that is exactly what this picture depicts to us. We are getting ready for some kind of confrontation win or lose regardless of whether the other person or situation is far more weightier then we are!!

There is a general feeling of 'mind games' here but clearly a lot of stress worry and burden seems to be hanging around but who for?

We might be 'being antagonized' or is it just people's opinions that have got on our nerves? and who is giving that opinion anyway? this to me looks like a risk taking situation and as a 9 we are going to 'see it through' come hell or high water regardless of whether we get hurt or not. Someone here has acted rashly disregarding the consequences it seems. Heated blood figures in this card so we do know that there is something passionate on someones mind here.

Sex and weapons are very much part of wands cards. So too is the very sporty link or sports minded person here and a very virile man who is strong and robust. Burns and injuries through sport can be on this card or perhaps someone has scars on their buttocks legs and thighs? Someone here (not sure who) might be described as with a well proportioned body and face, inclined to be tall and large. The complexion is often ruddy, dark or tanned. The hair is often light-chestnut in colour, someone known for having a strong and able body.

Though Tarot cannot name places or people it gives us very odd descriptions which though seem strange can often link and here in this card we are being told to think about clues such as places that are exposed to heat or fire. Stables or Horses can come up and this can link to place names or people or have some other significance. Open landscape fields and hills and land that rises higher than the rest is shown here and already pointed out in the original reading. Other descriptive names are upper rooms such as attics, or eaves or roofs. But the idea of 'space' comes in here.

There may be 'coarseness' in a person or a lack of manners coming up here. perhaps a sense of provocation? perhaps even sexual in nature? these are just a few extras that I would link to the first card.

Going to uncultivated territory may very well figure here.

The initial Y may come up but there really is a feeling of confronting ones fears here and even though this card is upright it is still rather menacing as it shows one has to defend oneself and they will do that whether or not they are the stronger opponent. Perhaps there is too much idealism in a relationship here? only to find out that it is quite the opposite. I link the arrow or Bow here not just to the first card but the second also and Bowen is linked to Rachel therefore I do feel that what happened to her is still strongly linked to that area and perhaps even for future location the possibility is there.

Perhaps there is a white vehicle here.

Meanwhile let us move to this next card the 7 of Wands which is giving us the word HILL quite loudly in respect of location. First there is the 7 and the direction of South coming up quite strongly and we are fearing some kind of attack in safe circumstances here which is very contradictory but there does seem to be total anxiety in these cards which could give us the bravado to stand up to issues or person/people which has been already covered in this tarot.

But this card is trying to 'tell us' clues to location. Again we have the BOW here, there may be an 'airport' in the vicinity because we must think of the flight of the arrows and if not a real airport perhaps names that might be similar for roads etc. For example here one looks as though they are 'battling' but we still have a Hill here and as this person seems to have the advantage then perhaps its the name of a place showing us that is where the person is connected at some stage?

Here we seem to be connecting to the North East and if there is a person involved we are being descriptions of a large, round head and prominent eyes. Strong and active body, generally larger and taller than average, broad shoulders, narrow sides. Fair or sandy hair, or a glint of red, often with a natural curl. Hair can be thick and quick to grow but a person might be bald so does someone wear a wig or is there a loss of hair here? Trickery and changing ones image can come up in these cards There is sunburn or redness in complexion.
Perhaps it is just showing someone who is angered?

Stomach, throat and ribs can be hurt here.

Descriptions can be linked to royal names such as palaces, forts, castles etc. but also theatres, grand publi buildings, public halls auditoriums parks but also inaccessible places such as deserts, forests and areas where you might find wild animals roam. Again the sense of heat and fire chimneys and fireplaces can come up.

This can all represent names of places or linking factors. It is the only way Tarot can describe.

Perhaps gyms, football fields or something athletic can be linked in here. Some place of work maybe?

A River can be linked but much earlier in the cards where 'water' might be concerned in landscape. Even boats can come up but again feel it could be part of landscape.

Lastly our Judgement card simply gives us a number 20 or a number 2. In this card we are asking about whether Rachel can be found and this card looks at the past and seems to accept all that has happened there. The next card is the world card at 21 but seems to link to a 3 or a 30.

It often depicts the season of summer. Maybe because we have Judgement here it is linked to someone who is 'judged' certainly if it is reversed a person might have lost a lawsuit but clearly that has not occurred here at least not what is represented by our upright card. The previous card represents the Sun and Travelling and that would link to perhaps our own family and might indicate it is through the family that this girl can be found. Im sure much searching has been done.

But to find Rachel we are told that we have to 'understand the past' in order to embark on wonderful new things so perhaps the past is a good link to finding her? Judgement can give us tombstones and churchyards, it tends to unearth and open up all that was buried or suppressed or hidden through a trumpet call. The trumpet call to us is actually a 'wake up' calll and therefore perhaps we are being asked to look to the past and 'wake up' to facts back then?

We are being given a direction of North East and this card describes people in this vein. A well built body with a strong constitution, solid, robust and active, and generally quite hairy. The complexion, hair or features tend towards darkness, and the eyes are often dark and penetrating. The face is characteristically square or broad with a short neck, often giving a squat appearance.

This card is linking us to 'fear or threat' being in confined places. Prisons come up here so do underground places. Untenanted buildings, cellars, basements, ruined buildings by water, damp and decay all come up here. A hostile enviroment with lack of light or restricted movement, black muddy ground, boggy swampy ground.
Deserted places, churches perhaps or prisons of some kind. Smelly lakes, sewers, drains, vermin can all show up in this last card. North facing walls where no sun can pentrate, inaccessible areas, pot holes, puddles and stagnant ponds all are descriptive thoughts when asking when Rachel will be found.

The question is whether this is a fear that someone has themselves or whether it describes some kind of link to where Rachel will be found?

Its possible Rachel will be found when this card appears as Karma is fulfilled here and is an indication of work well done. So I would have leant to a positive reaction to her being found with Number 2 here being strong. Of course we are in 'twos' in our current year as we are in 2012. That does not mean she will be found this year, only that a 2 does show up here and worth noting as it could even be in a route that this number appears.

We are told its time to reach conclusions by judging the past so it does seem to me that finding Rachel is linked to a situation that needed a little more enlightening. That is going to happen to get this situation nailed.

Where there is 'grey area' there will be new possibilities to come. It may be a mother figure that is linked to finding Rachel and we must remember that water can come in whether in emotions or otherwise because the angel of water comes forward in this card.

According to my cards its only a matter of time before Rachel is found and of course this is very important for her family therefore I hope somehow this will turn out to be the case. Oddly enough Gardens can come up here and 'sunflowers' though it may mean very little in the scheme of things but perhaps some red cloth that might be found or something red might show up?

Has someone changed their home address/residence or career?
This card may be implying that someone may be called upon as a witness; maybe jury duty or a situation involving police and/or the courts. Whatever the case its a very positive sign that something may unfold.

Meanwhile, I will be asking Dee if she can look at a map, so please check back to see if that has been posted as I must give her a chance to read this through.

Please read all information together as 'one' read as it is important that everything is taken into account with the original reading. This is an in depth expansion of Rachels reading dated above from 2011, nothing can be guaranteed as 100 per cent accurate but something may be useful.



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps


News articles and some links which I recommend reading. I dont intend to comment at the current time.

Rachel Antonio: Coroner should find alleged boyfriend killed ...

ABC Online-15 Jun 2015


  1. thankyou empathy, i was wondering the description of older couple, successful, the king and queen, that struck me as fitting the parents of robert, he was 26 at the time and captain of the surf life saveing club that rachel was a member off, she visited the club area at queens beach between 6 an 7 pm, she also told someone who spoke to her she was waiting for her boyfriend, the relationship had been going for 11 months it was a secret. robert was originally charged with evidence being as well as going missing through a family party at 7pm that night and returning without a shirt, he claimed his car broke down and he used his to wipe grease, his shirt was never found , he could not produce it and his car showed no signs of repairs he claimed, they also found a spot of blood on his sandle wich was a 900,000-1 chance of matching rachels dna, he was found giulty. then in the apeal his team claimed that the dna was inabmisable because the finding had not been read out by the expert who performed the tests, but rather someone eles, this apparently was enough for the second jury to not hear the dna evidence. the most recent event in this case is the mother of robert was charged with perjury as she told a differant story on why he left the party at the hearing, this was dismissed, however it did make me think of is parent in the king and queen roll as they are the succesful ones, rachels dad is a councel worker, they are battelers and she was in fact droped of that night early only because the car headlights where not working and she was to get a cab home from the pictures. also there is a lookout area to the south of queens beach where rachel last was seen that is called flagstaff hill, it looks over the ocean to the east the town to the north west and south and you can see the river running through the town from here, looking fromhere to the south west is rose bay, the area where the man origanally charged lives. i dont know if this helps you any. i thank you sincerly for your time effort, love and light, and hope that we can help rachels parents put her to rest soon thankyou xoxo

  2. hi empathy, we where wondering if there have been any more insight on rachel, the area you mentioned the soldiers rd and hillview, this corners a lrg park and area called mullers lagoon that is an oasis for many birdlife, re flight, police have recently done another search with dogs of the beach areas,with no luck, also any chance of more insight on the second vehicle involved, we know u are busy and are very gratefull for all your help this far thankyou god bless

  3. Hi No I have no update right now but try to get around to doing these where necessary. Please check back?


  4. after meeting with the parents of danial morcombe, rachels parent are trying to have the case re-examined. i pray they get an answere soon

  5. I have not done an update here have I? I have another four cases to look at but I will try to remember to get an update if I can. Im glad Rachels parents are behind getting the case re-examined.


    1. hi empathy i do know how busy you are helping everyone, but just wondering if you could see if there is anythin at all new to add for rachel. thankyou for all you do xo

    2. An update posted today 3rd July 2012

  6. Im a close freind of Rachels Family. Robert should not be Free.. Thinking of you alway

  7. I also helped Ian Rachels Father fix those headlight.He was so stresssd he could not do it him self.

  8. hi neil, i lived in bowen at the time and my daughter same age, my family are still there and this case haunts me, i lost a young family memeber at the same time and have always been grateful that we could bury our girl and knew what happened, this is why this has bugged me and i have done a great deal of research, as a friend of rachels family have you been able to pass on any of the information that empathay has given in her tarot. karen


  10. Bowen Arrow motel is on the southern outskirts of Bowen, very close to the airport and has a wall with a garden at the front; is surrounded by bushland and salt flats. I wonder if that is what is coming up


  12. anon I do hope you are right, so did the police feel they were human bones?

  13. hello empathy an update for you. Today the inquest findings have been handed down, rachels case remains open however the coroner has found that the original person charged Robert is guilty of rachels murder and that Rachel is in fact deceased. This is something we all knew however hoping that now they can find what they need to put him away for good. Now we are still just praying for Rachel to be found so her family can put her to rest properly and have some form of closure. Just wondering as it has been a long time if anything new could come up that could help find Rachel. thankyou and god bless for all the wonderful work you do in this world.


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