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Tuesday, 26 April 2011



Two teen brothers, 13, vanish: piece of clothing just found

Clothing of one of two missing 13-year-old brothers is recovered while both boys are still nowhere in sight. They were last seen going to walk a neighbor’s dogs on Easter

NB. I do not have further details at this stage, but will find and post as soon as possible.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 26 APRIL 2011 at 21:39

This is an urgent request and some details have not been printed or published regarding these two boys so I will have to rename the thread. Meanwhile tarot is past present and future. Tarot can give glimpses into a situation but does not guarantee 100 per cent accuracy and therefore it is wise to seek other sources for factual information.


On the little information there is, looking at the picture of these two brothers with Tarot, it seems that they were making a bit of quick money but something has got out of hand here because they are not being paid for what they did or alternatively they could have demanded more. They may have decided to do the dog walking for a cash payment. Whether or not that is the case that happened with their neighbour or whether they went on to others thinking it was a good way to get a bit of money I am not sure but that is what I have. Running through the Pentacles dog/pet lovers can show up in Queen of Pentacles. I am not quite sure whether the boys were fond of dogs or whether it was just a good idea to get paid but the six of pentacles does seem to show someone who decided to be greedy or hang onto money and I am not sure whether there was a fair exchange.

There might be CTTV pics of these boys somewhere because that can come up on the Page of Pentacles reversed the 10 of pentacles shows them with one dog or two dogs and not returning to the family home. The lack of security on the issue is being brought out in the 9 reversed. I would have said at the first card that the direction I get is giving North or North East, however this is reversed and for the sake of mentioning it one might also consider South West or between those two points. It could even be that the brothers might have not wanted to SHARE either money or animal because the scale is out of balance with Libra here and one child might not give to the other or agree. However thats a quick idea of what might have occurred.

The Knight of Pentacles is generally someone who is reliable and would keep his promises, could be someone under the age of 35 but as this card is reversed it seems to me that someone has been most unreliable in a financial matter here and it cannot be overlooked that someone may have appeared on the scene. We have someone here who was walking or riding a bicycle slow movement and has come to this stop. This card most certainly shows also some concern over money. Sometimes muddy trails can be seen on this card. Again with the Queen Im seeing a gold digging attitude and with the King a bit of bad business but I will try to elaborate on finer details later when i have the boys names.


Asking where the boys might be, this card is Wands and it indicates they are South. It also shows you a garden gate or a building with a gate and often indicates 'home' or in a building. It often is a building that is associated with Family, so this card has indicated them at home or near home OR in a building in their home town possibly. It seems that way to me on first glance .


I dont know if these boys are still missing but when asking when they will be found I am given the number 18 and possible apartment blocks. This card is a card of illusion to do with the home, so either they have been found and there is no need to worry or there are some kind of illusions regarding the case in the first place. The moon card generally points to the Mother of the Family so one might be wondering why to find these children one would go to the mother of the family?

I will leave it here for the moment but once it is confirmed that the case is still active for these boys I will go back to do a more indepth reading.

I know what the Moon could insinuate but I dont want to speculate without feeling there is proper contact with these lads by at least knowing their names. I hope we can know at least where they come from, went missing and what they are called. Fingers crossed we dont have to go down that 'moon road'...theres a crayfish in there and a waterside, so I prefer to think positive and stay cool until we know more.

The Star card also shows a pond/pool of water and mother/female prior to the Moon.


I now have the location information and the boys names via this report. I will have another look at the tarot in light of the link below.

The boys’ father thought he found the shorts one of them was wearing and the dog collar from a dog they were walking, but the police said they had little confidence in those clues.

Think Moon, two dogs on their own water scene, and a home card? The Moon card is linked to Cancer that is the home and water card. Im wondering whether to comment further on this case or not. I need to think about how to put the tarot as to make the reading of it not sound suspicious as it might not be, but I was bit alarmed to read that link.
I will think this through.

Looking on the tarot information I have been given, it does appear that The Star and the Sun sandwich the FIND CARD of the Moon.

In the area where the boys were last seen there is a Sun Street and Star street and not that far away from the water. However, that could be completely coincidence at this stage. The Sun card always links to homes/travel and holiday or places like motels which could also link in with the Four of Wands which is also a house with gated garden and can often be used in tarot as a hotel/motel description, but it is also a HOME description and so is the Sun.

The Sun is showing a boy on the horse with a piece of Red Material which in the Sun card is thought of as a Banner. It usually shows happiness and innocence in the family and lots of sunshine and good times. The sun is also a twin card, so it may show the two brothers here as two children and somewhere there is a Wall or even a break in a wall. The Moon is number 18 the sun is number 19 these may have some significance in terms of distance or days. The moon can show someone getting hurt on the back of the head or it can show someone in what appears to be a sleep state.

The Judgement card that follows the Sun distinctly shows two children and a third seemingly 'resurrected' so will they be found? Yes they will and they might be linked to someone 'in the past'. There is also a Red Cross signal on the Judgement card, so Im not sure if they have been hurt or not because there can also be reference to animals/pets/vets on this card also. It may signify a vetrinary or Hospital in this card.

These thoughts are mostly on the find card. Overall I do feel these boys will be found but I would be concerned about the 'illusion' that is standing out in the Moon card as it seemed to link to a mother figure.

I will post back in a few days if these boys are not found. I would have thought that they were local and in the directions described. We shall have to see. However, Im concerned of the four of Wands being the Home card and then the Moon? The moon can often mean (because of the mother) I am not quite sure why that is. So looking at those cards and the illusion on the Moon, I am obviously a bit concerned. The Star comes out showing a water scene before the Moon, but the Tower which is a bit previous to all of this happening would show two kids thrown out of a building or even falling off one. The moon can also mean 'passes over'. But, remember that could also be PASSOVER as in Easter. Sun is the family card primarily and the Moon this could also indicate - deceit and lies?

The Moon card also links to the High Priestess. Its not an obvious thing but actually it does. The moon is at the feet of what could be a female. Laying the moon at her feet means that a person creates illusions. As always the High Priestess has Two Pillars either side of her, you can also see that in the Moon card. The High Priestess also can have water on her card and she is withholding secrets. Two initials B and J always show up with this card and so does some kind of message that appears to be written but not completed, so uncompleted story. Not the full story which tarot seemed to indicate. Even next to the High Priestess we go directly back to the Mother figure with the Empress but the interesting addition is the number THREE.

Tarot saw three people coming back in the Judgement card. The Magician is the disappearance card and who does it sit next to? The High Priestess. So its all linked. The next card would be the Emperor which is Biological father to who I dont know but he has number four on him sometimes known as 'fourth door' or door with a four. We only need to move through that tarot Journey to get to the Moon, and theres plenty of stuff on the way. The High Priestess tells us that we are going to learn a lot of weird things or odd things over 28 days. So thought I would put this forward also wish to mention that B and J are often initials of people OR places.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and that is a reminder that though this is tarots view it cannot guarantee all the details so asks you to look to other sources for facts and events.



I am sorry to report that one of the two boys found deceased is Aaronne Russel. The other child has not yet been identified but is considered to be Aaronne Mitchell. I am so sorry to hear this news.

Tarot showed North East initially then South and I think the second boy was South of the first found at Bayou the first at Rigolets. Home card must simply have meant home (near home) and the Moon = in water. Not sure yet why the mother was very strong in the cards or why three people seen or what the financial aspect might have been referring to. Sometimes we dont know all the events and sometimes we pick up 'background noise'. The Moon is a Passing Over card - I am really sorry there are another two lives taken with Water. Again, this seems to be a recurrent ending for many lately. I am very sorry for all concerned and even more so that these children were so young.


Missing Boys' Aunt: Not Enough Being Done
UPDATED: 11:32 am CDT April 26, 2011

Video at

The disappearance of two 13-year-old boys from eastern New Orleans remained a mystery Tuesday even though the second day of searching came with more resources, including dozens of volunteers


To read news coverage of this story, see links below.
Updated April 30, 2011 Article Info from

Despite Recovery of Two Bodies From Lake, Family Continues Search for Missing Boys

NEW ORLEANS -- Even though two bodies have been recovered from Lake Pontchartrain, the family of Aaronne Russell and Aaronne Mitchell, two 13-year-old brothers missing since Easter Sunday, said their search continues this weekend.

The above Map shows where the children were last seen.

Below Map showing (Blue) where Aarronne Russell found

Aaronne Simmons, 30, known as DJ Seven, later presided with a confident voice over the commemorative gathering at Hunter's Field.

Later, though, he spoke quietly as he described how he, his wife and two children have been sleeping here and there, with whatever relative has space for them on any given night.

They moved back from Georgia earlier this year after being informed that federal disaster assistance was running out, he said. They never learned it had been extended.

Search Parties Continue Looking for Missing Teen Brothers

Search parties of friends, neighbors and family continued their search
for two missing 13-year-old brothers who haven't been seen since Easter
when acquaintances say they were walking some dogs near the lakefront.

Aaronne Mitchell and Aaronne Russel spent a short time in the water near
Lincoln Beach near Hayne Blvd. and Paris Road, but were allegedly seen
by some getting out of the water.

The father of the half-brothers, Aaronne Simmons, says he no longer
believes the boys are in the water
. He said both were excellent
The NOPD and a private water search team have not resumed looking in the lake because of the high winds, but anticipate resuming the search

Fisherman Discovers Body in Lake Pontchartrain

The discovery was made Thusday around 11:30 a.m. in the Rigolets near Chef Menteur Hwy.


Officials identify body found in Lake as N.O. East teen

Using dental records, the coroner's office positively identified one of the bodies recovered from the lake as Russell. Now, officials are waiting on dental records for Mitchell before identifying the body found Friday.


  1. hmmmm dad said that both boys were excellent swimmers but not one of them drowned but both of them,something doesnt sound right to me. DEE HITT



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