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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



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I have been asked to look separately at tarot for the little girl Madyson Jamieson.

I have received the Ace of Swords reversed. Communications are generally always related to swords amonst other things and tarot does seem to confirm that there has been no news of her.

However, this Ace of Swords is giving me a bit of a 'masculine' obsession around this girl. So I don't know if there was a Male around that was particularly interested in her. Im not sure if there were quarrels about this child because this card is 'stirring up conflict at the wrong time' and the next card is the two of swords which is often indicating a lot of arguments and quarrels or at least communication that seems to 'disagree' over her. Perhaps people were disagreeing over something to do with this child?

Someone might even have been 'pleading' about her and the other person not willing to listen. I have 'East, Spring and sunrise' on this card so to me I am getting something around the early morning. This card can also stand for ONE MONTH so maybe someone did not have any communication with this child for one month. I cannot be quite sure if this is a past reference, current or a future reference.

The card also seems to show some kind of breakdown possibly between two people and this card can indicate something about the mother of this child. Relationships are falling apart in this card and communication has gone very wrong.

I notice that the Ace of Swords also has the Fool card connected to it which often means open wide landscapes and tourist attractions or being attracted to these kind of areas. Certainly open landscape but the Ace of Swords is reversed and I feel I need to read the Fool the same way. I dont know if this girl was actually in the open landscape or whether someone did,nt want her taken there.

The Ace of Swords tells us about Marriage being broken off by a woman through her own imprudence. That does seem to indicate there is a problem here perhaps with the mother or a mother figure that might be at the bottom of what has occurred to this child. There is certainly a lot of misery here. I feel like the girl was an instrument of punnishment for someone - so maybe she was in the middle of conflict and a male person has taken a situation in his own hands. It is a sword so it really can represent great difficulties as Justice can be linked in here and whatever happened with regards to this child is someones 'form of justice'.

Sometimes when the Ace is reversed it represents a situation of 'nothing' whereby this girl should have been somewhere but she isn't. The fool card reversed also makes me wonder if she was actually with the family when they assumedly were out in the country looking for a property. I need to look further on this.

If you consider the arguments and the stalemate of two people who have quarreled in the two of swords, the following card of the three of swords represents separation. That is why I wonder if this girl was separated from her parents at some point or someone threatened to separate. The next card would lead us to the Four of Swords where someone would be holding on to her and treating her as a possible 'hostage' for their principles.

Again I cant be sure on that. But, swords cards are not at all nice and they often bring a lot of upset and despair. Someone wanted this child under a seperation principle and the other person was,nt having any of it perhaps.

There is a possibility that this child was separated from her parents in open space but I just need to put all the possibilities here.


The card above can have various meanings one of them showing that this child could not defend itself and strangulation or some kind of pressure to the neck here.

Anything done to this child could be an act of vengeance.
There are no indications on the strength card for direction but there does seem to be a vehicle (chariot) linked as it is the card prior to the Strength card - following the strength card we have the Hermit which normally shows rustic places.

Again we are looking at this all reversed which shows a journey postponed which seems to indicate some kind of stop or blockage with the journey. I also see a law trial here so I am again wondering whether this child was ever out in the country and whether in fact she has been seperated from her parents as an act of revenge. The only other thing I could think is that she was taken from a vehicle and that in itself 'hijacks' the journey she was on.
This also indicates that the vehicle is by a fence. So this child was taken from the vehicle by a fence which I believe is where the vehicle of these people was found.

Theres a lot of quarrel on this card too so I think there was some almighty dispute going on here or some kind of forced action and someone grabbing this child. We have not been given a direction but I think we have that clarified to where the family truck is.
The date and timing seems to tally also August 23 to September 22 to when the family disappeared so I do believe we have a landmark with this child and where she was.

I see a man who lives alone here somewhere or a man on his own. I link the girl to him. Sometimes these kind of men linked to the hermit card are a bit peadophillic though that is not always the case but they would be interested in the child.

Im not sure what I'm thinking here but it could be that an old man has got her or knows where she is or she could have been attacked by an animal she was definitely separated from the vehicle . I don't know if he is right in the head or not. I do think there is fear in this card and I have to be truthful, I am not feeling that all is well with this girl. The strength card has an animal on it when it is reversed an animal can consume you even if it seemed friendly. But with the hermit we can also think of an older man who lives on there own so I'm pretty much pulled in two directions here because Im seeing desperate action needed for a desperate situation.

An animal behaviour can be from human beings and we call horrible people 'animals' and also this card could even indicate domestic abuse (i.e., spousal or child abuse). It could indicate a rape or physical assault so you see its not looking good as we have all the pointers here that this is not nice as it is violent and uncontrolled action.

This card is connected next to the hermit card which reversed shows something or someone from the past and might be an old man.

It might be connected to someone with altzeimers disease.

Im sorry I am a bit disjointed because it is really difficult to see what might be happening here and whether this describes an event that has occurred to the girl or describing a person who is just actually nuts but if this girl was not out in the wilds she could be under a roof like in an attic because the Hermit can connect to an attic but the actual surroundings would be like very much tucked away perhaps landscape thats how Im seeing it and the girl is hidden.

Its possible she was taken from the vehicle and taken BACK to someones place where they live. That's what I would also think is worth checking.

I think this case is a very complicated family issue and there are reports that the mother might have wished a separation from the father but I get the feeling that someone else is involved here that is a bit crazy and they might have more to do with this then at first seen.

I may not be accurate on all the events and because of this I will always say tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and cannot be taken as solid evidence until we get some validations to try to illuminate what tarot could tell us.

It could be that this girl is still alive and not dead but that is slim but the next card shows three of wands and just tends to say there are opportunities perhaps to think its possible.


The other reason might be because the next card is the four of wands which definitely gives us a building/home with big gates.

So , its 50/50 but the cards do show the fear of this child and what appears to be a lot of quarreling, disagreement, separation and indicates that someone who has problems about sexuality and that might not be them as a peadophile exactly but has a problem with relationships with either themselves or others might be in the picture somewhere.


The Emperor reversed gives us a number 4 - 4 WHAT? I cant say, whether its a door with a four on it or whether its a passage of time I cant decide.

I asked when she will be found and this is a runaround card for me its linked to the Pope which somehow does,nt offer any good advice on this question and the Emperor himself is very weak when reversed too. If she is linked to a person then they would not be able to have the character to say but there are dates and timings on this card though not always accurate Im afraid but they are Dates & Timing: March 21 to April 19 and if she were hidden then I don't see her coming to light until around these dates but what year I don't know.

I know this is strange but I see that this Emperor is connected to the 'Law' and I see some abuse of authority for some unknown reason here, there are some indications of problems with a father and battles with authority and problems with enemies. Its a whole wash of negative stuff. I would always feel that in cases like this all the family members are instigated fully and houses searched and places in connection to them.

That is not meant to signify they have done anything wrong but whenever children or parents or anyone goes missing it has to start from the family outwards. Process of elimination is what is called for.

Thats all I can find to suggest at the moment and I apologise for anything here that is not accurate but it is impressions and may take into account much of the situation around this child.

Please note that I did see Madyson's situation unstable and insecure and mentioned this in my first tarot along with a possible connection to Gardens. It could be the gardens of a home or something to do with the word Gardens. I just feel that there is some kind of hidden secret around the child and she might be connected to someones home. So I will leave this thought here. Again no guarantees or promises as I can only write what I get from tarot and hope the interpretation is correct.

I also feel that I should add that whatever Law Enforcement was called to the scene of the car should also be asked for their accounts of when they arrived and what they found etc. or anyone that was at the scene when the situation was first reported.
Considering our first card is the Ace of swords Reversed when the Ace of Swords tarot card is reversed we find the opposite to integrity and honesty. Here we find lies, dishonesty and deceit. If we bear that in mind we might consider that we have not received the truth about this child as yet.



  1. When time has passed, do you ever do updated readings or reread on a child? If so, I was wondering if you would mind looking at this one again to see if you get anything new or different.
    Thank you.

  2. There are many new cases at the moment that I have to look at but I am also trying to go back to each case to put in a bit more about possible location. I will try to do that here too.



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