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Thursday, 9 December 2010



Case Type: Missing From Home
Missing Date: Wednesday 10th November 2010
Missing From: Redding California
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Female
DOB: 01/May/1995
Age Now: 15 Jean Berlinghoff
Specific Details:
Hair: Black Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'3" (160 cm) Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Race: n/a language: n/a

Special Facts:

HFMC International Searching
Known Circumstances:

A 15-year-old girl is missing from her south Redding home and may be traveling with an uncle.

Jacob Berlinghoff said his daughter, Jean Marie Berlinghoff, has not been seen since about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

He said another brother last saw Jean at her home near Shasta College. Visiting the home was Charles Berlinghoff, 44, who lives in Los Angeles, his brother said.

Jacob Berlinghoff said he called Shasta County Sheriff's deputies Wednesday night after his daughter failed to return home. No one has been able to contact her or his brother, he said.

"Everything is like they fell off the planet," he said.

Charles Berlinghoff drives a gray 1987 Oldsmobile Cutless, license number 2DNX546. He is 5 feet, 11 inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and has black hair.

Jean Berlinghoff, a 15-year-old sophomore at Enterprise High School, has black hair and blue eyes. She is about five feet, 2 inches tall.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts should call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office at 245-6540.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 9 Dec 2010 at 13:43 »


Asking about Jean on the day she disappeared, I received TEMPERENCE reversed which basically shows a real problem where things just get out of control. This card is about balance and 'mixing' ingredients in peoples lives. This card could show that there is a problem where two sides of the family are warring together or just that two sides of the family dont get on. Whatever the situation is about, it is about something like this where there are conflicts within someones life, it can be about personal matters or business matters - so perhaps on this day something may have come to a head.

This card is between death and the devil so it really does seem to indicate that something changed so rapidly that Jean would not have had time to think about it. The death card shows no mercy when it wants to change things in your life. Something might have broken down with the family in the past and this card seems to bring it to the surface. The devil card following seems to show a bonding of two people where there is a call to release that relationship.

This is almost like 'someone coming back from the dead between these three cards. Theres an overindulgence of drugs on this card or some kind of addiction or vice I dont know who that is aimed at. Maybe someone is on drugs, is an alchoholic or something of that nature. It seems to me that she might have had to take sides about an issue or problem or even somebody but maybe Jean should,nt try to sort things out but she seems to have reacted badly to a situation or something here and its thrown everything up in the air and out of control.

The timing is perfect for the day she disappeared as Temperence is Dates & Timing: November 22 to December 21 - the basic element of this card is you cant mix oil and water because it wont work.

The 'problem' may have manifested itself in October as there is a build up of 'clashing interests' on this card.


The Tower card tells me there was a huge shock here about something a real bolt from the blue. This card has 16 on it and might be of numeric value. This card shows a total change in someones life and this was created by the circumstances we saw in temperence.The Tower definately indicates possible broken relationship in some area of her life and abrupt changes. This card appears to involve two people and there are no directions on this card all I can do is move to the Star card which can indicate a scene by river and pool of water and the number 17. It seems that hope and inspiration do return in the Star card but it looks like a total breakdown of life has to begin first in order to start to optimise on a better and clearer view of life.

The thought here is that everything happens for the best - so I have not particularly seen a death here but just a complete change of situation in everyway along with clearing the past away but it does indicate a severe change so you never know. Some kind of bizarre encounter and a dose of huge truth that this girl was not expecting perhaps even revelations she would never have expected and just completely altered the course of her life.


Im being given West for where Jean might be found but she has connections East as this card is reversed. I see this also as a 'place of Origin' so it seems she could be found somewhere that is linked to her 'originally'. Im not even sure if she wants to be found because there seems to be little emotion in this or perhaps its some kind of non event at the end of the day. Not sure what I mean yet by that but there are a lot of unstable desires in this card and unhappiness when mentioning about being found. Its an odd one for me.

I have just put a 'fast brief' on this case and need to work on it more but this girl is in the headlines and I have not yet looked at her case. Tarot is not 100 per cent nor is it foolproof in accuracy so other sources will have to be taken into consideration that are more reliable.

I will look again.


Apparently this is the guy that Jean was last seen with, its not the best photo of him and so wont show any warmer sides of his nature.

Turns out he is a family member called Charles Berlinghoff.

This guy is born 20th July so hes cancer on the cusp of Leo which actually makes him funny, vibrant, proud, caring, loving, home oriented, very emotional at times and a spark of aggression there.

He wants the best for people and as a rule he should be protective of anyone linked to family but his views are very direct and straightforward and things might have to go his way.

He also does stupid things but he has a hell of a sense of humour so sees the funny side of things even small amounts of crime. He does things on the spur of the moment and thinks after. Very few people could fail to like this guy which is a fact, hes just likeable and pretty intense with conversation. Yes he can be controlling though but he does in 'such a way' that you cant be sure what to think. Its not menacing though its just that he has that intensity and strength of character, but his soft side can be reached if 'ya know how'.


I wanted to ask tarot if Charles would attempt to hurt Jean but this card comes up again and it just seems to be an indication of a release of temptation. I would have taken that as a NO would,nt you ? even though he clearly likes Jean. Theres a 'higher voice' in this so Im hoping that he does not have bad intention to her.

It seems to me that he has had a lot of emotional problems and I see him pouring out his concerns to Jean to be honest with you as it is in this card that a person releases their bondage to fears and money, power and luxury Leo traits are famous for their love of these things ar,nt they.

Freedom from bondage on this card just seems to make me think that she could be free to go so I dont think the intention is to hurt her...(lordy hope I am right here).

If he hurt her it would be accidental as I dont see it as an intention to be truthful but this guy is in denial and I see she could escape from him if there were intentions to harm her.

He has a lot of issues. He knows the situation is not healthy and he should not have been with this girl. I think this is a reasonably good sign. He wants to clean his life up I think. Hes done stupid stuff. He cant change how things are overnight but I think he would like to put the past away from himself. I really dont see he intends to hurt her and might release her thats if she is even enslaved as I dont see that either.


Heres the tower again, these cards are repeating themselves when I ask where he has taken her. He is bothered about the break up of relationships etc and it comes up again here.

Well theres no direction again with this card but it can show a building that has subsided - fat lot of help that is, so maybe an 'old building'? - This card can also keep a secret for the common good which I dont like much so Im going to try again.

Its an 'agrophobic' card so it might show someone hiding out in a building. They might be struggling to survive if theres no money I dont know but they are at
a 'fork in the road'.

There is a kind of 'imprisonment' on this card - so have they actually got trapped somewhere?

Maybe police are onto them now as I speak?


This card shows going to lake/river type of surroundings so not sure about why I had the tower card there but this card is definately WEST cups are always west.

The Queen of Cups is next so intention to move towards a cousin, aunt or nice sympathetic woman with blonde hair maybe. Someone who is understanding and sympathetic. She lives by the water and he knows she will be supportive. Maybe the Tower card are his feelings coming through that he feels he has truly made a stupid error.

We better cut him some slack for the minute and see what shows up.

This Knight of Cups is not far away from his original town the only thing that seperates him is the page of cups which is an unexpected immaturity so maybe someone can make something of this about where he might be. I see a message coming to a blonde woman here who might be a relative.
I think I can see a motorbike???

I think someone might be giving him some money or travelling to someone who will give some money.


I see military in this card so wonder if thats a young policeman? OR officer, Charles will be found when he gets money by this Policeman probably going across country. Having said that he might try and earn some money or get some money and could even be caught on camera. Im not sure if he is caught on his own or whether he is caught later say a year. I cant be clear on this or how soon it is. It might be reflecting a past event. I will look again later when my heads fresh.
It could be Im not getting so much timing as How.


Again another 'WEST' card I seem to feel this card offers an M or a W for where Jean will be found.

Also, this card shows contentment and a new relationship.
Maybe she really likes this guy though I cant be sure because it is not a great thing to say if its wrong.

This card seems to say she should be found safe and sound and that there are messages coming imminent to that and people cannot see all the information at present.

The next card shows a unity of two people so a love affair?

I could be wrong of course and prepared to be.

Ive got three bells - water and a hill on the horizon. Cancer Scorpio and Pisces. Secrets, home by the water. New relationship.

Also Ace of Cups is linked to the Hanged man so there is a 'voluntary self sacrifice' type of vibe to this card which tends to give the impression that when this girl wants to be found she will be and this reflects off something I said earlier about her being found. It will be when she wants it to be?

Queen of WANDS comes up so am thinking about Westhaven Moonstone because the Queen is linked to 'africa' and just above Westhaven Moonstone is 'Trinidad' thats an african name. Just a suggestion but I probably have this wrong or even Trinidad theres a lighthouse there - just thinking about the tower card.



« Reply #11 11 December 2010 at 5:18 »


Im attempting to see what Charles might have done with
Jean. As you can see the seven of swords is a foxy little card
and can often amount to deceptions which upright is sneaking
away in full view so anyone who might have seen them
together would not have thought there was anything
untoward about it.

Having asked though what Charles might have done
with Jean Im feeling that this card still shows 'return'
and the next card 8 of swords would show someone
who may appear to be bound up but in fact they can
get free. This does,nt seem to give me the impression
that he is holding Jean against her will. This shows
me that she is free to return so when asking him what
he has done with her it is almost as though he is saying
he has,nt done anything because she can go if she
wants to.

I have had this kind of feeling all along but of course
it is just too distressing for the family who are terribly
concerned with the whereabouts of their daughter.
Obviously the situation is now a bit out of control as
people are looking for both Charlie and for Jean and
so the situation from his point of view would be a bit
hopeless. Im really not getting any vibe that he has
done 'anything to Jean' at all as this card seems to
negatise that.

Quite honestly this card is giving me an apology and I
think an apology is forthcoming. He wants to make
restitution as far as I can see. I dont know if the tarot
is saying that he wanted to apologise to Jean herself
or apologise for the situation as I asked what he had
'done' to Jean.This card shows moving away from a
'camp' or some buildings even a string of shops in full
so perhaps he is telling me that if he had done
anything to her then other people would not have
seen them would they?


I asked if Charles was going to bring Jean home himself,
but I have an Empress card here which might indicate
that might not be his personal intention because obviously
there has been disruption and tension in the family so
am thinking that he is likely to avoid getting caught up
in that certainly I do see a big indecision on that question
and as the Empress is a mother and next to that is a
Father, it rather gives me the impression that it is unlikely
he will want to get in the middle of it all as Im not seeing
the initiative there.

Im not feeling he had any intention to hurt Jean I just
see that the two is representing some misunderstandings
here about his 'relationship' with Jean almost like hes
rolling his eyes up at the suggestion that he would do
anything to her.


Im getting a very strong connection East here with
Charles himself and what is being described to me as
'two islands'. Sometimes tarot gets location description
correct and when that happens its wonderful but other
times it is representative of thoughts and feelings.
However I shall just mention 'two islands' here and
a possible reference to a Quayside that ships may go
through or where you might see boats
. Oddly enough
that might even translate itself into the name of a place
that I would,nt even know. I do think there is a 'between
places'. The blindfold gives me a bit of a hoodwinked
feeling about it and not sure at the moment how that
might translate if it were to a location. Im sure Charles
would know where he was going on a map unless its
dark and he is,nt quite sure.

Obviously this card leads into the three of swords which
still represents being seperated. There is a 'rose' in this
card but it may be insignificant.

I am receiving the Ace of Pentacles for Jean so Im imagining
that she is alive as this card is generally very physical.

I am seeing Jean in a music card outside a town. I have
a number 8 here. This card can sometimes show us a
'blacksmith' it does,nt always have significance but
sometimes it does so Im going to mention it. I am somehow
seeing her wanting to build a relationship with music
and even considering working towards that. Sometimes
pentacles are years cards so may show an interest in
music over a period of that time. Its possible it could
point to a venue but I cannot be absolutely certain so
I wish to just leave what I have and hope it all works
out for the best.

Asking when Jean will be found once more I am getting
the tower card so I am just feeling the number 16 and
possibly by accident or news comes like a bolt out of
the blue
. I hope there is no accident on either Jean or
Charles by seeing this card and I am interpreting this
as to a When rather then a How so 'by accident' and
possibly coming out of a building
might be what this
refers to.

This card can suggest a release from a building and can
also be a shocking revelation before Christmastime as
the next card is the Star so it does seem to show that .
Maybe we should add 17 to the equation. I am seeing
somewhere again near water and land somehow I think
two pools of water I have seen 'two islands'
but cannot
seem to understand what that means in terms of a place
or location but I do wish for a good outcome and my
thoughts are with Jean and her family.

I am feeling that the father of Jean is 'blaming himself'
deep down because of arguments and tensions I have
seen this but he was not happy about the 'new
acquaintance' whatsoever referring obviously
to Charles. The other
thing I want to mention is the Page of Pentacles once
more and Filmaking, Cameras I feel that there may be
a film made about this young girl Jean.

I cannot guarantee any of the information but
I am just trying to put over what I see. But I am
seeing some 'changes' on the tarot in some respects.

This is all I have for now.

As always I cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy
ask you to consider this and mention once more
tarot is past present AND future and I do not
know where
to place the insights in the passage of time only
that they
have been received.

Please seek other sources for concrete information.



Great News for everyone - Jean has been found and
though not 100 per cent accurate,many points in tarot
have been validated. Good luck to Jean for the future
and her family who are very relieved. Two Islands
could very well have been Yreba Island and Treasure
Island to the East of San Fransiscos Mission District.


Jacob Berlinghoff, center, and Heather Vega, right, talk with friends and family at the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Saturday evening.

Thirty-one days after she went missing from her east Redding home, Jean Marie BerlinghoffCharles Berlinghoff. was found alive and safe Saturday in San Francisco with her uncle,

San Francisco police arrested Charles Berlinghoff, 44, on two felony warrants on charges connected to Jean’s disappearance from her home Nov. 10. He is being held in lieu of $1,000,000 bail, said Sgt. John Hubbard of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.

Jean Berlinghoff, 15, was taken into protective custody in San Francisco, authorities there said.

“This is a great day to find out she is alive,” Jacob Berlinghoff, her father, said at a news conference Saturday evening at the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re waiting patiently for her to come home. We’re going to greet her with big hugs.”

Jean’s mother, Heather Vega, was also at the sheriff’s office Saturday. “This is better than the day she was born,” Vega told the Record Searchlight.

San Francisco police make arrest

According to San Francisco police Officer Albie Esparza and Shasta County sheriff’s officials, Jennifer Berlinghoff, a cousin of Jean’s, called 911 in San Francisco at 1:44 p.m. Saturday saying she had seen Jean and Charles at a Best Buy in the 400 block of Division Street in the Mission District. Police arrived five minutes later and detained three people without incident: Jean Berlinghoff, Charles Berlinghoff and an unidentified man. The three were found near a red Ford Explorer with Oregon license plates.

All three initially gave false names to police, Esparza said. The cousin provided police officers with Jean’s and Charles’ real names, and police ran a warrant check. They found that Charles Berlinghoff had a warrant issued out of Shasta County for keeping his niece away from her parents. Officers also visited the website to verify that two of the people they had in custody matched pictures on the site.

Charles Berlinghoff was taken into custody and detained at the Mission District police station. Jean was taken into protective custody at the same station, Esparza said.

San Francisco police were trying to figure out the role of the man found with Jean and Charles. He was detained but not under arrest as of Saturday evening. They were also trying to determine who owns the car, Esparza said.

“We’re waiting the arrival of Shasta County detectives to take over the investigation,” Esparza said Saturday night.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Beaupre said in a 5:30 p.m. news conference Saturday that the California Highway Patrol was working with the sheriff’s office to fly a detective to San Francisco to conduct interviews.

“This is a welcome break in this case,” Beaupre said. “I’d like to thank the CHP, the media and the law enforcement around the state and nation who assisted us.”

Jacob Berlinghoff said he was at the search by Castella being conducted by dozens of volunteers today when he got word that his daughter had been found in San Francisco. He rushed to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, where he was joined by Vega.

Finding Jean

Jennifer Berlinghoff said she was shopping with her boyfriend, Michael Jigalin, 30, of San Francisco, when Jigalin saw a man with a shaved head and braided ponytail — the signature look of Charles Berlinghoff.

“You don’t see many of those haircuts,” Jigalin told the Record Searchlight.

Jennifer Berlinghoff, 25, quickly dialed 911. She told police she saw Charles Berlinghoff, Jean and another man get out of a red Ford Explorer with Oregon plates and start walking down the street. They were at Bryant and Division streets, right off Highway 101 near a Best Buy in a busy shopping section of the Mission District.

On the phone with police, Jennifer Berlinghoff said she followed Charles Berlinghoff and Jean in her car — hanging about a block back in an effort not to be noticed.

“They were just kind of wandering up the street,” Jennifer Berlinghoff said.

By time police got there, Jigalin said the three had gone four or five city blocks from where they first were spotted.

When police talked with Jean, Charles and the unidentified man, “I heard Jean say she was from Oregon,” Jigalin said.

Jennifer Berlinghoff said she took a closer look at the SUV after finding Jean.

“It looked like they were living out of the car,” she said. She said the Ford had food and blankets in the back.

‘Very relieved that Jean ... is safe’

Soon police were in touch with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, which has had eight detectives working on the case during the past month. Sheriff Tom Bosenko said Jean was in good health and was expected to be reunited with her family in Redding late Saturday night.

“I’m very happy and very relieved that Jean was located and that she’s safe,” Bosenko said.

Some of Jean’s friends also showed up at the sheriff’s office Saturday afternoon to see whether she was there yet. They gave hugs to her parents after learning they’d have to wait to see their friend.

Morgan Ostergran, 15, who said she’s been friends with Jean since third grade, said Jean hadn’t talked about San Francisco much before and was surprised that her friend was found there.

“I had no clue,” Ostergran said.

Charles Berlinghoff was wanted on $200,000 of warrants. The original $100,000 warrant was issued Nov. 16 for detainment or concealment of a child from the legal custodian. A second warrant was issued Dec. 5. Authorities would not say what charges that warrant included.

Bosenko said detectives contacted a judge Saturday, and he raised Charles Berlinghoff’s bail to $1 million.

“He’s been very difficult to locate,” Bosenko said. “We want him to stay in custody.”

On Nov. 26 — 16 days after she was last seen — a tip by someone who saw a description of the car the two were believed to be traveling in led detectives to a forest road off Interstate 5 about 40 miles north of Redding. A half-mile from the freeway on Mears Ridge Road, which splits from Sims Road, they found Charles Berlinghoff’s 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Second case in two days

Jean Berlinghoff was the second missing girl found in San Francisco in two days, Esparza said. “We want to, first of all, acknowledge these callers — because without them we wouldn’t have been able to find these missing people,” he told the Record Searchlight on Saturday evening. “And we also want to acknowledge San Francisco Police Department officers’ rapid response and taking them into custody without incident. Resolving two cases like this in 24 hours is great.”

A 12-year-old girl missing for a week from Roanoke County in Virginia was found Friday in San Francisco with her abductor, 32-year-old Jeffrey Scott Easley. Brittany May Smith had been missing since Dec. 3, when she and Easley were captured on store surveillance video at a Walmart in Virginia. The girl’s mother and Easley’s girlfriend, Tina Smith, was found dead on Monday at their home in southwestern Virginia. The cause of death has not been released but police consider it a homicide.

Missing teen found safe in San Francisco


  1. Empathy, I'm Jean's Aunt, Charlie's sister. I saw your post on the psychic crime fighter's site, so I came here to see the entire reading. Thank you so much for posting it.

    There's one part of your reading that you may be able to clarify for me. You said, "This card shows going to lake/river type of surroundings so not sure about why I had the tower card there but this card is definately WEST cups are always west.

    The Queen of Cups is next so intention to move towards a cousin, aunt or nice sympathetic woman with blonde hair maybe. Someone who is understanding and sympathetic. She lives by the water and he knows she will be supportive. Maybe the Tower card are his feelings coming through that he feels he has truly made a stupid error."

    Charlie has a TWIN sister who lives in South Florida. She lives about 25 minutes from the beach. She has beautiful long blond hair, (an asset people use to describe her). I also have blond hair, and live right ON the beach, and I'm 25 minutes from my sister, his twin. Obviously, I'm not as close to Charlie as his twin, but I'm wondering if you think Charlie may be headed this way? I know you said 'West' and we're East, but I'm wondering if your cards can tell you anything more based on this information.

    Again, thank you for the reading, and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


    I'm Jean's Aunt.


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