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Monday, 6 December 2010



Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilynn, and their 6-year-old daughter Madyson have gone missing. They haven't been seen since October 8 near Red Oak, Oklahoma, and police now fear the worst...

The Eufaula family was looking to buy 40 acres of land near Red Oak when they promptly disappeared. Their abandoned truck was found by hunters last weekend, but this doesn't look like a case where they vanished on their own accord. Their dog was found in the truck malnourished after days of going without food or water. Police also discovered their IDs, wallets and a substantial amount of cash.


6-year-old Madyson Jamison is also missing

​ Nothing in their past says the family was experiencing any trouble or wanted to disappear and start a new life. "It didn't look like to me that they got out and walked, it just looked like they got out and that was it," Sheriff Isreal Beauchamp told NewsOn6-TV. "They didn't take their coats, it was kind of cold that day, they didn't take their cell phones, of course they didn't take their dog."

Searches have spent days going over the countryside, but dense trees and the hilly area are making for slow going.

Bobby Jamison is 44, 6-foot-3, and has a back problem that causes him to slouch. Wife Sherilynn Jamison is 40, stands 5-foot-7, and weighs 105 pounds. Daughter Madyson is blond and 6-year-old, and is said to be missing her baby teeth in the front of her mouth.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 6 December 2010 at 16:23 »

I have had a request on the blogger to look at tarot for this family who appear to have gone missing. since 8th October 2009.


When I get a card like this I often feel a bit stumped because this is a justice card and its reversed. In normal readings this card would show that there is a some kind of legal matter that has to be settled possibly in a court or that there is some matter that requires justice, fairness attached to it. It might have come from the past as a situation. However, this card is reversed and it seems to me that someone here is being taken advantage of. and past situations still seem to effect the current situation. So clearly, something was going on with this family whether on the surface or not. Somebody here and I dont know who seems to have 'looked down' on this family unless it was themselves looking down on others and it appears to me that somebody lost their temper.

You will note that the Wheel Fortune comes before this Justice card and automatically shows us that this family was on a trip. That much is noted anyway. The Justice card includes home and field. That seems to sum things up considering they were looking for property. There might be a touch of revenge in the Justice card. There is a number 11 on this card which I will leave as number in case that is significant.

If there was a court case in the past and someone did not get any justice they might have taken things into their own hands. I do seem to see some kind of dishonesty surrounding this case though Im not quite sure to who it is pointed out and if there was a court case or anything legal or complications with legalities the impression Im getting is that something was unfair as well as sense of bigotry.

There might have been something 'odd' or unacceptable about a marriage which could also form part of a legal contract.
It feels to me like they were 'grabbed' and possibly by people who they might have considered were friends. I have not read any real depth of information about this case so have not a lot of background. I dont know if people were aware they were going on this trip or whether they met up with someone - this 'grab' was not the grip of friendship however.

If this family were involved in any legal proceedings or court case in the past - this is why they have gone missing.

There is something very corrupt about the story according to this card. It might simply be REVENGE and Im wondering if that is the case and for some reason the word 'theft' is being given. I just feel that there was a 'debt' to be paid. I feel like these people were persecuted because of the past and whatever happened at that time. I feel like theres something quite wrong here - I seem to see 'jailhouse bars' or imprisonment of some kind and a guilty concience. So I would need to research back into the family to truly understand the nature of this.

The hanged man which sits next to this card seems to show that these people have just succombed to whatever was thrown at them. The hanged man is a worrying card in many ways. This might not have turned out very well at all because there are some 'self righteous individuals' in this card of the reversed Justice and those sort of people can do almost anything. So it seems that they must have come up against some issue that they might have been aware of. If someone felt cheated at any time they have sought their revenge for this its a bit like, you do this to me and I will do it back so it sounds very ominous.


Asking where these people are I have automatically been given the next card after the Justice card which I have briefly mentioned so it does seem to tie together.

This card empties their pockets. I understand that they left their cash behind - so this seems to be about right. The card seems to suggest some kind of self sacrifice. I feel that somehow these people have been punnished. because it seems in someones eyes they violated a 'law' that was to be paid for. I may be completely wrong but one look at this card could suggest what might have occurred to these people.
This card also can suggest water/Liquid of some form- the main feeling from this card is trees in an area and some form of liquid or water perhaps even submerging oneself? . there could be the number 40 attached this card.and also the number 12 which may help in location.

The card following this is the Death card which does,nt show a lot of mercy and will bring a huge transition to someones life wiping out every single thing in their past. However, going back to the Wheel of Fortune and then seeing the Death card as a moving object I am wondering if these people were knocked down. They may have decided to sit out at the side of the road and this could have been a hit and run because the Death card is like a 'mower' it mows things down in its path and as it is a horse it can represent a vehicle. Again this is just conjecture as its very difficult to 'call' this.

I dont like to talk about ugly possibilities because there really are two here, one is that they just left the past behind and went off into a new existance - Im not sure about that though or they could have had a vehicle come towards them.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate so therefore I cannot say for sure that I am correct here because these cards really are quite difficult to make an ultimate decision but they could alternatively have been 'run off the road'. So the two scenarios are that they had to make an involuntary change - forced to do something - or they may have met a difficult end.

There is so much deception with money it has affected the little girl too as I dont see security around her and when I ask where she is Im being given a lot of vain hope. She could be connected to gardens but her situation does not seem stable or guaranteed to be so that I can see at the moment as this nine of pentacles reversed places a question mark on physicality..

It would be pretty wonderful for the rest of the family if Bobby Sherilyn and the little girl had decided to just begin anew, well there is always a possibility, but I just see something there that does,nt look good - theft and deception.

When I think of the liquid in the hanged man and the vehicles it does make me wonder if these people were immersed in it. I am not feeling so good for these people right now.

Tarot can pinpoint some things and miss details out or not quite get them accurately but The hanged man seems to show some kind of 'giving up' and some kind of Voluntary effort and then Death card shows that whether involuntary or not there is a total change put on these peoples lives which could signify bad things. I dont know why theft has come up here or revenge all I can do is write down what I believe is a rough indication of what some of the factors might be.

I feel this case is very depressing because it has involved a little girl and the children always upset me the most when they go missing. I will re- consider what I have written once I have a look at the case in more detail . Some details are available but not with any depth and then I might be able to see a little further as to what makes sense here and what else I might need to ask so i will come back to this case as I cannot decide if these people were a victim of a crime or whether it is something else.

Please bear in mind that tarot might be referring to 'people' but does not know who these people might be, it might be the family themselves therefore I cannot be 100 per cent accurate in this reading and suggest that another source of concrete evidence is sought.

« Reply #1 on Dec 8, 2010, 1:25pm » [image]

I have been asked to look seperately at tarot for the little girl Madyson Jamieson.

I have received the Ace of Swords reversed. Communications are generally always related to swords amonst other things and tarot does seem to confirm that there has been no news of her.

However, this Ace of Swords is giving me a bit of a 'masculine' obsession around this girl. So I dont know if there was a Male around that was particularly interested in her. Im not sure if there were quarrels about this child because this card is 'stirring up conflict at the wrong time' and the next card is the two of swords which is often indicating a lot of arguments and quarrels or at least communication that seems to 'disagree' over her. Perhaps people were disagreeing over something to do with this child?

Someone might even have been 'pleading' about her and the other person not willing to listen. I have 'East, Spring and sunrise' on this card so to me I am getting something around the early morning. This card can also stand for ONE MONTH so maybe someone did not have any communication with this child for one month. I cannot be quite sure if this is a past reference, current or a future reference.

The card also seems to show some kind of breakdown possibly between two people and this card can indicate something about the mother of this child. Relationships are falling apart in this card and communication has gone very wrong.

I notice that the Ace of Swords also has the Fool card connected to it which often means open wide landscapes and tourist attractions or being attracted to these kind of areas. Certainly open landscape but the Ace of Swords is reversed and I feel I need to read the Fool the same way. I dont know if this girl was actually in the open landscape or whether someone did,nt want her taken there.

The Ace of Swords tells us about Marriage being broken off by a woman through her own imprudence. That does seem to indicate there is a problem here perhaps with the mother or a mother figure that might be at the bottom of what has occurred to this child. There is certainly a lot of misery here. I feel like the girl was an instrument of punnishment for someone - so maybe she was in the middle of conflict and a male person has taken a situation in his own hands. It is a sword so it really can represent great difficulties as Justice can be linked in here and whatever happened with regards to this child is someones 'form of justice'.

Sometimes when the Ace is reversed it represents a situation of 'nothing' whereby this girl should have been somewhere but she is,nt. The fool card reversed also makes me wonder if she was actually with the family when they assumedly were out in the country looking for a property. I need to look further on this.

If you consider the arguments and the stalemate of two people who have quarrelled in the two of swords, the following card of the three of swords represents seperation. That is why I wonder if this girl was seperated from her parents at some point or someone threatened to seperate. The next card would lead us to the Four of Swords where someone would be holding on to her and treating her as a possible 'hostage' for their principles.

Again I cant be sure on that. But, swords cards are not at all nice and they often bring a lot of upset and despair. Someone wanted this child under a seperation principle and the other person was,nt having any of it perhaps.

There is a possibility that this child was seperated from her parents in open space but I just need to put all the possibilities here.


The card above can have various meanings one of them showing that this child could not defend itself and strangulation or some kind of pressure to the neck here.

Anything done to this child could be an act of vengeance.
There are no indications on the strength card for direction but there does seem to be a vehicle (chariot) linked as it is the card prior to the Strength card - following the strength card we have the Hermit which normally shows rustic places.

Again we are looking at this all reversed which shows a journey postponed which seems to indicate some kind of stop or blockage with the journey. I also see a law trial here so I am again wondering whether this child was ever out in the country and whether in fact she has been seperated from her parents as an act of revenge. The only other thing I could think is that she was taken from a vehicle and that in itself 'hijacks' the journey she was on.
This also indicates that the vehicle is by a fence. So this child was taken from the vehicle by a fence which I believe is where the vehicle of these people was found.

Theres a lot of quarrel on this card too so I think there was some almighty dispute going on here or some kind of forced action and someone grabbing this child. We have not been given a direction but I think we have that clarified to where the family truck is.
The date and timing seems to tally also August 23 to September 22 to when the family disappeared so I do believe we have a landmark with this child and where she was.

I see a man who lives alone here somewhere or a man on his own. I link the girl to him. Sometimes these kind of men linked to the hermit card are a bit paedophillic though that is not always the case but they would be interested in the child.

Im not sure what Im thinking here but it could be that an old man has got her or knows where she is or she could have been attacked by an animal she was definately seperated from the vehicle . I dont know if he is right in the head or not. I do think there is fear in this card and I have to be truthful, I am not feeling that all is well with this girl. The strength card has an animal on it when it is reversed an animal can consume you even if it seemed friendly. But with the hermit we can also think of an older man who lives on there own so Im pretty much pulled in two directions here because Im seeing desperate action needed for a desperate situation.

An animal behaviour can be from human beings and we call horrible people 'animals' and also this card could even indicate domestic abuse (i.e., spousal or child abuse). It could indicate a rape or physical assault so you see its not looking good as we have all the pointers here that this is not nice as it is violent and uncontrolled action.

This card is connected next to the hermit card which reversed shows something or someone from the past and might be an old man.

It might be connected to someone with alzeimers disease.

Im sorry I am a bit disjointed because it is really difficult to see what might be happening here and whether this describes an event that has occurred to the girl or describing a person who is just actually nuts but if this girl was not out in the wilds she could be under a roof like in an attic because the Hermit can connect to an attic but the actual surroundings would be like very much tucked away perhaps landscape thats how Im seeing it and the girl is hidden.

Its possible she was taken from the vehicle and taken BACK to someones place where they live. Thats what I would also think is worth checking.

I think this case is a very complicated family issue and there are reports that the mother might have wished a seperation from the father but I get the feeling that someone else is involved here that is a bit crazy and they might have more to do with this then at first seen.

I may not be accurate on all the events and because of this I will always say tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and cannot be taken as solid evidence until we get some validations to try to illuminate what tarot could tell us.

It could be that this girl is still alive and not dead but that is slim but the next card shows three of wands and just tends to say there is opportunities perhaps to think its possible.


The other reason might be because the next card is the four of wands which definately gives us a building/home with big gates.

So , its 50/50 but the cards do show the fear of this child and what appears to be a lot of quarrelling, disagreement, seperation and indicates that someone who has problems about sexuality and that might not be them as a paedophile exactly but has a problem with relationships with either themselves or others might be in the picture somewhere.


The Emperor reversed gives us a number 4 - 4 WHAT? I cant say, whether its a door with a four on it or whether its a passage of time I cant decide.

I asked when she will be found and this is a runaround card for me its linked to the Pope which somehow does,nt offer any good advice on this question and the Emperor himself is very weak when reversed too. If she is linked to a person then they would not be able to have the character to say but there are dates and timings on this card though not always accurate Im afraid but they are Dates & Timing: March 21 to April 19 and if she were hidden then I dont see her coming to light until around these dates but what year I dont know.

I know this is strange but I see that this Emperor is connected to the 'Law' and I see some abuse of authority for some unknown reason here, there are some indications of problems with a father and battles with authority and problems with enemies. Its a whole wash of negative stuff. I would always feel that in cases like this all the family members are instigated fully and houses searched and places in connection to them.

That is not meant to signify they have done anything wrong but whenever children or parents or anyone goes missing it has to start from the family outwards. Process of elimination is what is called for.

Thats all I can find to suggest at the moment and I apologise for anything here that is not accurate but it is impressions and may take into account much of the situation around this child.

Considering our first card is the Ace of swords Reversed when the Ace of Swords tarot card is reversed we find the opposite to integrity and honesty. Here we find lies, dishonesty and deceit. If we bear that in mind we might consider that we have not received the truth about this child as yet.






Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of the Jamieson family disappearance

The Street of Seven Stars
by Mary Roberts Rinehart:
him drowsy, he put his head in her lap and slept.
When he awakened they were still higher. The snow-peak towered above and the valleys were dizzying! Semmering was getting near. They were frequently in darkness; and between the tunnels were long lines of granite avalanche sheds. The little passage of the car was full of tourists looking down.
"We are very close, I am sure," an American girl was saying just outside the doorway. "See, isn't that the Kurhaus? There, it is lost again."
The tourists in the passage were Americans and the girl who had spoken was young and attractive. Stewart noticed them for the

Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of finding the Jamieson family.

The Case of The Lamp That Went Out by Grace Isabel Colbron and Augusta Groner:

But as Mrs. Klingmayer thought, everything has to happen the first time sometime. "It's not likely to be the last time," the worthy woman thought.
At all events she was rather glad of it to-day, for she suffered from rheumatism and it was difficult for her to get about. The young man's absence saved her the work of fixing up his room that morning and allowed her to get to her reading earlier than usual. When she had put the pot of soup on the fire, she sat down by the window, adjusted her big spectacles and began to read. To her great delight she discovered that the paper she held in her hand bore the date of the previous afternoon. In spite of the good 



KOKH FOX 25 :: Top Stories - Missing Family Mystery Gets New ...
Feb 18, 2013 – Missing Family Mystery Gets New Twist Thanks to Video and Anonymous Tip. It was October of 2009 when Bobby Jamison and his wife ...


I am going to update this case with more detail and a Map hopefully later today so please check back .
Meanwhile at the moment there is a 'RUMOUR' and it is likely JUST a rumour but if you look at the following link and go down the comments it has been suggested that bodies have been found
at a camp on Panola Mountain.  



I have long ago written for the Jamison family the details I found have been printed on this blog since 6th December 2010.  As time has gone by, I have employed different methods of reading in order to try to hone down more on location.  It is still very much an experiment but in the last two years I have written Tarot and then given those directions to Dee who has then researched the directions I have to find possible location spots. This has worked in quite a few cases.

In light of the Mcstay Family now being found I think attention should come back to the Jamisons as a 'whole family' that went missing and see if there is anything more I can pick up. Certainly at least try to see if a map of movement can be shown. There are no promises of course.
I would like you to COMBINE this update with the ALREADY POSTED tarot in order to try to form some kind of opinion. So these are just ADDITIONAL POINTS:

The Justice card is going to point out some form of Debt and its the kind of debt that will need quite a lot of mercy involved. Our card being number 11 which also breaks down to number 2. These could be routes, distances, timings or have another significance. The one thing that this card is going to pick up is that there have been problems since October they disappeared. Although November is clearly framed in this card as well as possibly February. Why cannot be construed at the moment. But I mention these factors. Tarot is past present and future and WILL bring up matters in all three epochs of time, so information known, current and unknown.

Matters of dishonesty can come up here, so can any matters of injustice from the past come up to meet this family. So if there are any involvements around them in this matter particularly with legalities, debt or just various complications concerning them it would all come to rest here.
Even if someone was unfairly judged, this also would be seen in this card.  Note that this is an Air card which generally points North but it is reversed in this instance. There are also problems in the home in the month of June - and there is a field indicated here, fence or enclosure. It has to have its own significance.

There is also some 'birthright' problems - we do have Mother and Father here and we also have to understand that this card can produce the approach of someone who is deceitful, malicious and with bad intent or a situation that pervades that indicating perhaps some manipulation for personal gain. That Cancerian factor is going to produce big problems with home/homelife and there is a sense of lack of protection through hasty decisions let alone the fact that any decisions attempted to resolve something actually bring more problems to boot so there is a sense of possible regret here.

There are nasty influences in this card that could presage to evils, demons and very bad energy and this was something that floated about this couple I believe in their practices or was rumoured to be so that all shows up here.

One 'mocks death' is a feeling that can aspire here which is rather unpleasant and a lot of instability is seen. Any excessive behaviour is going to create big problems or have repercussions. Seeing Metal, odd sexual things, quarrys, scrapheaps or rubbish dumps.

There is a sense of 'coldness' in perpetration and unfair actions. Now whether this is actual happenings thoughts feelings is all rather circumspect but I will be drawing a new card today once I get the additional points out the way.  These people may just have been 'who they are' and wanted a simpler kind of life to reflect their own beliefs thoughts etc. but they are up against problems here.
There is a complete lack of balance here and harmony and a feeling of an 'enemy in the camp'.
There is a kind of 'smiley sticker' feeling here - like doing something that is totally unjustified but leading others to believe that they are sincere. So its almost leading someone into something knowing full well that the intention is less then dishonourable.  We are given WEST here.

We are also given a description but it does not always have to be a person though I give all clues possible. Here for example we would have a good proportioned person, tall and slender, clear complexion likely fair, possibly dimples or spots if the perosn is older. The hair capable of growing long. (these can be clues for places too). I may be seeing 'antifreeze for some reason'

Place clues . The colour GREY comes up here as does any references to light and air and places high up. Mountains Hillsides, windmills, wind power, hunting, hawking, air force bases, airports and communication towers all come up as clues for names of places or actual. Sandy gravely ground, saw pits or wood pits or storage of it ie saw mills, barns/outhouses buildings like this away from other places.Gardens, fountains, bride/bridle ,  lodgings, beds, hangings, dancing schools, wardrobes.
If in houses, you would think of windows or ceiling, attic etc. 

Now sometimes Tarot can have the name of a road in these clues so be aware of that. It can refer to places these people were connected with at any time. The directions and numbers are there. Also someone who may be drunk or leering or someone with religious weirdness or atheism. I also sense darkness as opposed to light in respect of this card being completely reversed. So I did feel a kind of incarceration which could be mental feelings or actual. We could even be wanting to escape justice in some form.

If for example someone has lied or felt victimised this can come up and someone could have been exposed for being a liar or trying to twist the truth of something but we have to aware that evidence in this case can be 'cooked up' so it could be a situation where what you THINK you see here is not the case. The car would easily come up in this particular card run and we know that a car was left with cash. It is possible that was a set up to make something look a certain way. Not many people would leave cash in their car - but evidentially whatever the situation something here is not quite right as it has appeared.  Alternatively it could be accusations that cause arguments and they are unfounded through prejudice. The possibilities are rather endless but take into account everything on the first card please as you read this too. Corruption is high on the list but its WHO is behind that. Poetic Justice can easily be inflicted in this situation or any situation from the past.

Interestingly we have the Hanged man which is the natural follower card to the one above. Here we have a number 12 which we should consider but also take into account a number 3 and also a number 21. These could be roads routes, distance, timing or have other significance.

Nothing on this run of cards reversed is considered very aspiring because of course they promote the negative quality of very major events. This is a card that can actually suggest people are tied up and restricted. It is a hanging card so we could even suggest that but that is extreme of course but there is a tree in this card and that may have its own reasoning. Someone has something behind their back so may be concealing something or just mean simply that one feels as though their hands are tied in a situation and just have to hang on in there. There may be a kind of 'refusal' to do something here it could even be something to do with money. There could be an argument here. There is either a father figure or vehicle shown here. Perhaps there is some kind of sacrifice.

Here I have the direction NORTH WEST and clues seem to have 'water' which could be actual water or water names clues of which would be fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, wells, marshy  ground, moats, springs, the ocean, and anything pertaining to water regardless whether in/out houses. There is a church element here too so even churchyards, churchs could come up. There is a lack of vitality here.
Names that might come up are universitys/colleges or even a link to a youth attached to university and college such as a student or perhaps some connection by name or otherwise. I also sense of delusion.

I have put quite a few cards up for Madyson but I used another method of reading and it would extremely lengthy to point out the various aspects there so I feel that for the moment I should cast another reading. Please read the above in combination with the Original Tarot.

Please check back for this as it will be up today 17th November 2013

Note to say that North West could be as far as Stillwater or Sandy springs as there is a 412 route there but this is pure speculation as this may be just on the map as in a radius. Also Sallisaw and the 40 route and possibly Rock Jail Road/LCWells Rd.  112 is coincidentally, actually right by Panola Mountain. Note too, that Airport Road is just south of Poteau. Just interesting points.  All areas that I feel are 'within an area'. However, it may be pointing out the significance of the area they were thought to be. I will be looking at this please check back.

 Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




As always when I look at Tarot for UPDATES I am always aware that we are possibly getting aspects of repeated information. It is for that reason that sometimes updates offer little more in recognition but I try if I can to uncover more.


Here we have the Hermit and he is clearly reversed. Most of the cards for this family have given very major changes of life events whih is very poignant. This card is 9 or 6 which may represent the family as being hidden, lost, near a bridge, near a camp, down a hole, in the dark, restricted, confined or simply concealed either by their own hand or others. The actual Hermit himself is seemingly giving us a HILL or peak or summit. Which could form part of an address or be showing us a mountain. But when this is reversed could represent below a hill or under or near. This card is like someone 'who sticks their head in the sand' so it can show disguise or it can show being off the beaten track.

However it can show someone who can have a beard and shave it off also so there are personal appearance implications. Now how this card is places is between two others which are going to giev us the word GARLAND and flowers, but also WHITE and vehicles. So vehicles will be shown up in this card. But so is a lack of strength and respiration. There is a mountain but in my card it is in the distance I dont know whether it is suggesting the vehicle in distance to the mountain or this family either/or.

The original disappearance implied here is self imposed but perhaps that is just the suspicion that could arise rather than the case. It has to be said either way just in case.

Keywoods roof and Lion do come up on this card. Roof is meant to signify being high but note we have that already suggested not to be fooled, however, the card is reversed. So please think about this one. This card is representative of September. It is reversed so we can assume this card may relate to the 9th of OCTOBER again looking along routes and distances that are 9 or 6 which can also bring up June/July. So bear that in mind.
Here we are looking South West - and I believe the Car was found South West and I feel comfortable that Tarot identified the car but this card is also looking at this family. Here also I have the word SPRING.

Belly Bowels and small intestines come up, pregancies could come up as a long shot but basically this card is going to give stomach problems of some kind or a sense of having no guts.So a sense of fear could be here. Someone described here is slender with straight, angular features. The lips are thin and the forehead may be high, with the eyes small and piercing. The hair is typically dark.

There is a place called Wagoner on the 69 route and a Ferry/water area there. But its whether this entire family is together or not. When I look at the possibility of 6 and 9 for routes we have to consider everything. I feel that we also have to look at the surrounding cards. I would get FORT so perhaps near a FORT name. Perhaps North but look South of that too. Auto salvage could come up in the other cards seeing Metal. It is very difficult to pinpoint location but you can be sure we will get the surrounding area or at least some connections.

I think all the water names/elements should be taken into consideration but also these South East, names that sound like horses, stables (Saddle,bray,bridle) etc and also heat/hot factors open fields, hills and land, spiritual or church elements or holy places or names like that.
I will just look now to see when they might be found.


This card gives a 5 which is 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months 5 years or just a five in timing or distance or even a month ie MAY. It is a sorrowful card. You will find that on this card we have a river and bridge and in the distance a castle or home. There is a WEST direction on this card. The number 5 might also be a route also.

This card can actually suggest that this family might NOT be found but if they are there is some tragic aspects to it that we have to take into account. Tragic because of their circumstances or an ending? thats the thing we need to ask. This is specifically a water card.
West of Red Oak might be an interesting factor perhaps. There is a tree in this card after all but of course could still be pointing to other elements of this story. When I receive the six I see a garden and a fork in the road and a family. I sense a 'smell'.

I see two people and its good advice to suggest 'church/spiritual' elements or perhaps linked somehow to a bridge , bells and the colour silver and church. Be careful of some speculation that may be rife because it may not always be the case.

I feel Poteau comes up here in the next card ie pottery -usually recovery is on this card - it could be so but Im a bit skeptical as I write because the uprightness of our card does not show as a reunion. So I do not know that all three of this family would be found together anyway. I think there is something that might not return the little girl. I have to try to take everything into account and it would be a very long tarot to talk about each member. However, I will try to go back on the cards for Madyson as there is something about her.

River trees and green ground are also in this card and that bridge but it depends how that wants to present itself. The water element might be the name of a place you see. North East comes up here. What I also think is that this card is really pulling out some secretive factors. They could even be lust or sex matters or just a feeling of restriction, violence or something that is restrictive or confining. Crouching and or stooping is something I feel too. There is hope in this card though of being found its just whether its only Hope. Im not sure. I am seeing forgiveness being required here.

This card is going to give ruined buildings, or foundations, basements, cellars, the colour BLACK the word CLAY this comes up (perhaps Clayton or Clayton Lake Campground or the Clayton name near Poteau. It may be significant or it may not. All I can do is give guesses and leave it up to Dee to put in the confirguations on a map. We might get a kind of generalised area.

North facing walls, boggy ground, drains, ditches water supplies all come up on this card but the feeling is not good. It feels 'dark'. So thats all I can give for now. I have brought out every possibility because thats all I can do. So this card is not giving me a concise yes or no just lots of options seem to stand out or choices right now. Obviously Im hoping something can come up to help resolve the matter. I also hope as always that we will find these missing people alive. Stone and Cement can also come up in these cards. There are some very negative factors on the cards but you never know how things turn out. There are five ponds or lakes in this card so I still feel that a water name or something that way comes up in a name or has to have some significance. Time will tell.

Meanwhile I will try to see if I can find some condensed information about the little girl. I dont really think I have done anything more then what I first saw and recorded here. Its just taking into account slightly more acute detail but whether that is going to help or confuse matters remains to be seen.

Please try and TRUST THE FIRST TAROT THAT IS WRITTEN because really it might seem as though it does not cover everything, it actually picks out little elements that form a bigger picture then at first realised. However I do think a map of sorts was important so I have given over these details to Dee to construct a map of all this information and I will be back to post it.




Well here we are, this has come through in the last hour - see facebook. I was writing the update BEFORE this news came up and it seems bodies have been found. See post top left on link below.

My son Bill and I were down at the Myriad Gardens today, for the Jamison family memorial. There was something I had wanted to say, but didn't, as it does not ...
 Also looking around for some confirmation of this on GOOGLE I find this below. Not sure if there is ID yet though, but family has been informed.

Three Bodies Near Panola Mountain May Be That Of The Jamison Family

By keepthesearchalive Details have emerged in the case of the missing Jamison family of Eufaula that early Saturday hunters have come across three bodies in the Panola Mountain area. OSBI have contacted relatives of the Jamison family and forensic teams will … Continue reading
More news has come in no Id as yet.


Connie Kokotan said she believes that police know more about her daughter Sherilyn's disappearance than they are letting on - and that the only explanation can be that the three were killed by religious fanatics.

Read more:


  1. ‎- 1 day ago
    Less than six months before they vanished in southeastern Oklahoma, the Jamison family was threatened with violence by one of their closest ...

     In the petition, Bobby Jamison claimed his own father threatened “to kill” him and his family on at least two occasions, in November 2008 and in late April 2009.  Bobby Jamison does not say in the petition how his father threatened to kill him and his family, but he did write that his father “hit me with his vehicle” on Nov. 1, 2008.”  Bob Dean Jamison died in December 2009, about two months after the Jamison family went missing near Kinta


    I have posted the Facebook of a very close family friend who has kept it updated with bits and pieces of news that are not on google. The bodies are not yet Identified as far as I am aware but the facebook might help to read updated elements that have come to light.  A very sad situation all round. I will keep the news updated here as to the ID if/when it comes through.

    FIND THE JAMISONS | Facebook
    SHERILYN JAMISON, HER HUSBAND, BOBBY JAMISON AND THIER 6 YEAR OLD ... I'm sorry if I missed it, but can you tell me have they had positive identification? Thanks. .... Mojave Desert bodies reportedly linked to missing family case.


  1. wow! This reading is amazing and has touched on a lot of things that have run across my mind after following this case for so long. I so hope all of these people will one day be found-healthy and happy-but somehow I doubt it! ~~peace & comfort~~

  2. I have just completed viewing both readings. They have increased my personal distress. I have had persistent, overwhelming personal and intuitive flashes regarding this horrific event that are more detailed but in complete alignment with both readings. I call them flashes because to my knowledge, I have no psychic ability. They are more like a series of snapshot pictures that have detailed meaning that I seem to automatically know.

  3. Can you do a current Tarot card reading on Madyson?

    Please see the current picture of Madyson Jamison on the Investigative Discovery channel.

  4. Hello, on another website a psychic intuited that there was possible political corruption that i am seeing indicated in your reading as well...something about people not wanting the land sold and wanting the price of the land to go up. like i said...political. something to think about. -o.

    1. Can you please do another reading for this family?

  5. I believe this family was murdered and we will find out the killer or killers are in jail on another murder.. This person or persons will be connected to many other murders as well...

  6. This reading is crazy considering I'm from here & they just found. 2 bodies of bones lakeeufual on Jan 21. Were her parents killed and her held hostage on that mountain & cause of what goes on up there is why the investigation was so shady? Just wondering...

  7. I've read my runes over this case and I see similarities to your reading.

    I'd like to state that this is what I read from my runes, it is a very curious and weird case and I do not consider my reading fact but perhaps a nudge in the right direction.

    For what it's worth i'll share it;

    According to the Runes they have deceased, all three of them.
    On all three members of the family I got the reversed water stone which indicates 'unsafe water' and when I ask about their bodies I get the inverse fire rune, simply said it means burned. Assuming the unsafe water can be considered an accelerant(?)

    The man she had kicked out of their house has not killed them but according to the stones is responsible or linked to what happened. A hired person possibly someone he knew with a criminal record.

    The bag of money, perhaps unlikely, was there 'to improve their relationship'. According to the runes they had it on them for the journey, a holiday to maybe attempt to better their relationship.

  8. Both readings were very close to what i believe happened. I truly believe in these tarot readings.

  9. Looks like they may have been found....

  10. Three bodies have been found by hunters a few miles from where they were last seen. It is believed to be two adults and a child.

  11. Bodies were in fact them. Rip

  12. Medical examiner identifies remains found near Kinta as Jamison family The state Medical Examiner’s Office has identified three bodies found by hunters in Latimer County in late 2013 as two adults and a 6-year-old girl who had been missing since 2009, but the cause of their deaths has not yet been determined.
    A news release from the agency states the cause of death for Sherilyn Jamison, 40; Bobby Jamison, 44; and Madyson Jamison of Eufaula as unknown due to incomplete skeletal remains.


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