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Thursday, 16 September 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


Claudia Elizabeth Lawrence, 35, has been missing from her home in York since March 18th 2009. The last confirmed sighting of her that day was at about 3 pm .




« Thread Started Today at 3:19 »

I get asked to update cases from time to time and thought that as some time had passed I would look at Claudia again to see where she might be. Here we have the 7 of pentacles.

Im starting to get a bit moody about receiving 'sevens' as they are so deceptive at times and leave you meandering which is not what I really want at this point.

This card reminds me of misery and slavery - working hard, so hard and then having a bit of an assessment to see how we are doing.

Well, frankly I could apply that to this case and working on it, but there are other elements to this seven which makes me feel it does connect with Claudia. You see this situation here that you see in this card is connected to 'finance' - and possibly somewhere where a person works. I have seen something like this before if you remember thinking Claudia was connected to her work.

Tarot could have given us swords which can be dark and stormy and even brash and violent, it could have given us cups which are emotional or it could have given us some action which would have been wands, but NO, we have been given pentacles.

Interesting really because why would pentacles have anything to do with where Claudia could be? - UNLESS the 'slavery' comes into it perhaps? would it suggest that she is locked into a situation where she has to work and work and not get out of it?

The previous card is the six of pentacles and shows charity being given - it is,nt given to the most neediest person, its given to the person who has money already, and thats a peculiar card to come up as a precursor card to the question. Then we have the eight of pentacles directly afterwards and that shows someone working very diligently on the outside of a town perfecting their work/crafting away there and being some kind of apprentice in a way to get to better things.

I think I saw this card for Ani Ashekian recently and she went to Hong Kong.

I know what I thought there!!

Eight of Pentacles is sometimes connected to Music. Now the seven of Pentacles is connected to Taurus and Taurus is the card for the throat and often the card chosen for singers. I am not quite sure whether we are looking to find her in a place with a 'musical name' ?? for example - 'the singing supper' etc...I made that up, but Im sure you get the gist. We also have VENUS back in the card which I have seen before and connected with the word LOVE, so I feel a bit of a deja vu type experience with this card asking where Claudia is.

Most people now believe Claudia is a murder victim, I certainly dont want to be writing promising words here because tarot gives information that is past present as well as future. If it fell into the the former two categories then I would be just raising up hope and that is plainly not fair at all to anyone.

But what a puzzle!!

As a general guide The Suit of Pentacles (also known as Coins or Disks) is representative of the element of Earth. Earth covers the more mundane material things of life, including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. The positive aspects of the Suit of Pentacles include manifestation, realisation, proof and prosperity.

We ARE asking where Claudia is and Pentacles are clearly to do with manifestation so they are trying to point out the answer to our question with the seven of pentacles. Also notice that money and business premises are included here.

Therefore I am definately inclined to think of Claudia on some business premises, something else I believe echos from past readings at least, in one or two of them. The seven of pentacles describes the card as having 7 yellow discs. I think of discs as WHEELS - or something ROUND not necessarily money - so perhaps we are looking at the name of a place to do with WHEELS or even Music somehow incorporated in that name.

I really wish I could be more specific here. Pentacles are also usually very PHYSICAL cards - EARTHY - I suppose if we wanted to be morbid we could say that Claudia is connected to the earth in or by some business premises taking into account the other descriptions. Even as far as suggesting 'under the car park' of a premises.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all Pentacle orientated signs.

You have EARTH, MUSIC, SINGING, THROAT, WORK BUT HARD WORK NOTHING EASY HERE, and VIRGO very interesting. Virgo rules all health matters and it is the sign for YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT therefore could easily represent anything medical or indeed anything FOODY - RESTAURANTS, KITCHENS etc because Virgo is a fussy pernickety and picky sign when it comes to cleanliness and germ free establishments.

Usually the Pentacles represent YEARS in terms of timing so 7 years might be applicable somehow here. Maybe this 'place' has been established for that amount of time? Just a throwaway guess there. At the same time this card also represents the AUTUMN months. I think of August, September and October as being the Autumn months ( though judging by the summers we have been having lately, I think we will all have to do a 'Julius Ceasar' and rethink the calendar !!

I just see this card as someone who earns money and work work works and really is so focused that the wages dont seem to really stand out. If someone was part of slave labour for example they would just be sweating it out and never even get paid their worth. I could be wrong about this completely but it really is what I seem to feel here.

If we were to go back to 'morbidness' we can imagine a nice garden somewhere that might have been really barren looking but today is blooming and full of bushes/ shrubs and just plentiful green, but if someone was standing there with a hoe, I think I would be frantic thinking of Claudia as being in 'that place' I hope that is,nt the vision for this card.

Perhaps the 'harvest' is in for this PLACE - perhaps all the HARD WORK is done and maybe that is telling us that it was a small business or small concern that really needed to work to build the profit and perhaps the man on the card is standing back now wiping his sweated brow thinking , thank goodness the 'place' can do just fine now.

Im not sure what this 'place' is by name - but it could be somewhere just as I have described where a lot of hard work has had to be put in to make it justifiable as a going concern.

Surely it cannot be a city name but it is the name of a building?

If it was a building, maybe its been refurbished - that could be a good sign to look for?

Or if its a place name perhaps it might jog someone ?

I see that the only descriptive direction elements on this card is North Winter - Midnight.

So - lets think back - Claudia did meet up with a 'mystery friend' could this be at this place? Was it at Midnight? The North would be right too but WINTER? Spring does,nt normally begin until April so I guess as Claudia had disappeared previous to that then I guess Winter could be a good 'okee'.

But then that would take the place where she currently is to somewhere in the past?

Lets take a look at TAURUS again in this card. Its the sign of the BULL. So Bulls are meat - butchers? - FOOD? Taurus is all about good food, good wine, restaurants, eating, sensuous tastes, luxury comfort. And Taurus also are 'chef type people', Hoteliers, restauranters etc.

The colour Green is very important too on the Seven of Pentacles in fact Emeralds are an Egyptian stone. Therefore we could have a foreign element here also described in the tarot in the early days.

So we have to associate Claudia with her business as a CHEF. There is no movement on this fact or thought as we had this much earlier in tarot telling us that Claudia was linked to her workplace - which as we all know was as a chef.

We cannot rule out Public houses or drinking places either it is all part of this card.

The other possibility talking about this 'place' is that it could be set on rural ground because the next card is the eight of pentacles and you see someone outside the city. On the seven of pentacles you have that earthly garden quality so the feeling of rurality is here somehow. Maybe Im wrong but thats how I seem to perceive this but on the scenery in this card of pentacles one of the mans boots is dirty and the other one is clean so that seems to suggest on the periphery of town/country???? or is it premises built on land that used to be just a stretch of field/land -?

I think we have to show a huge amount of patience in Claudias case because I dont think to coin a pun ' the pennies dropped yet' to place all the puzzles in this case together. I do hope it happens and I hope we all witness it.

Meanwhile, it will always be 'back to the grindstone' until the solution is found and Claudia with it and with my hope forever optimistic I would like her to be healthy and well.



Its such a horrible thing to have to do, but with so much time having passed by I had to ask the dreaded question whether Claudia had died.

You might all realize that I stay optimistic when the eyes of the missing stare back at me. I feel compassionate kinship for all these people because I want to have them found and I want everyone to be happy and I try not to write negative things if Im not sure, even if it nags me.

I have asked if Claudia died and I received the Sun reversed.

When the Sun card comes out in a reading and its upright the answer is definItely YES.

Now, this card is inverted. It shows us an uncertainty. It might be telling us she has 'gone' but we are unsure, but then again it could be telling us that she is alive, but she has her peace without vigilance.

What that would mean is that she can live her life the way she wants and nobody can bother her if she cant be found.

However, the card of the sun reversed can tell us other things too. It can tell us about 'underground places' - I had thought of this before when I posted about 'foundations' some long time back now - foundations of anywhere are underground, such as basements, cellars that kind of thing.

So this card has left me right in the middle yet again, because officially the inverted sun would recommend that the answer is yes but.....

Now yes ...but....can mean that someone is 'dead' as far as the world is concerned because that is what we are to believe, it does not make it fact though.

The problem is, supposing that were the case, should we be looking for her and does she want to be found. Read back my tarot journal and you will see there are definately some odd and tricky elements to this entire case.

If it transpires that Claudia has passed on and the Sun is telling us that with a YES ...but, I cant see how there is a but????

If you are 'gone' then you are 'gone' and surely we should have just had the SUN card upright.

So ...thats thrown a spanner in the works for me as Im slightly non plussed about this.

The sun card tells us about a loss, disappointment, illness, illhealth even with the YES...but, and it points to February.

It shows someone disconnected from family. It also shows us a place with a wall and a garden of lovely flowers and I did say there was some kind of garden as such in the last card.

It may be daydreaming to expect Claudia to be alive - Im going to hold on for her even now - Im hanging in there until that Sun card goes upright.

Meanwhile - I hate the fact that I am left with that dithery perspective because its just so unsettling. The thing about this card shows great heat - it can suggest being burnt.

I am not feeling very good with this card because if we were to take the very worst case scenario it can suggest someone who has been incinerated.

I am never negative with any case I am positive - like I said, until Claudia is found - I will breath life into her picture and keep her freshly there as she is vibrant and carefree as I view her and she must remain this way until proof is found that she is not with us anymore.

Keep looking thats all anyone can do.


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