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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


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Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.
It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


« Thread Started Today at 19:52 » 15 Sept 2010

I dont know about anyone else, but I have an enormous amount of respect for George Michael.

It is very sad that George is continually in problems with the Law and smoking cannabis and other minor incidents over the last few years.
I ask tarot about him for the long term future after having first received the current situation which was the moon reversed. The moon reversed does show the current drug related problems.

Whilst smoking cannabis is against the law - it is a medicinal plant from eons gone by and because there are those that smoke it and act irresponsibly it has unfortunately brought a lot of bad press. I dont advocate Cannabis but I do believe in old fashioned remedies and in the right hands Cannabis can be an amazing cure for many ailments. Make sure you look it up (meaning the medicinal values online information) but keep it away from your children.

Meanwhile getting back to George, his abilities and fantastic talent is not diminished in my eyes despite the terrible troubles he has placed himself in. Many years ago I predicted the demise of Wham and knew categorically that George would go on his own. I dont have proof of that but it does,nt matter anyway.

In the longterm I do see George going over to a hot country for a holiday at some point, he might consider living abroad if things work out that way.

But just for the moment, I want to say that George has incredible insecurities and emotional baggage that he has not been able to get rid of. I think he 'contemplates' too much and I do sympathise with him.


Here we have George when he is released from Prison. Its a chance to begin again and put the problems behind him.

This is generally linked to 8 and George was jailed for 8 weeks, I see him released before then we shall have to see if that occurs.


This card, the King of Pentacles shows George in two modes.

One that he was a good and successful businessman in the past using all his gifts and powers in life and also it is considered a card of his future and I would like to see this as a projection of the future with George. He needs to re-create his greatness in some practical way in order to regain his brilliant past career reputation and not allow it to be tarnished with all these blemishes of late.

He may in fact meet up with someone who might want to help get him kick started back into the fast lane and get him re-focused so this could very well be on the cards, it all depends on George emotionally and whether he is prepared to take a good look at the long term future and commit to a steady rise of getting business back on track or not.


The problem I see with George is his 'clarity' on matters. The fact that he sees both sides of arguments and if someone tells him that something is bad for him or something is wrong, George always seems to see the other side of the wall. Because of that his own clarity gets him into trouble. He really does speak his mind and this is something that to succeed again, he has to learn to temper because even though what he says is fairly reasonable if people were absolutely honest, it is still not acceptable in the face of the law or on practical levels. I really want George to not talk to much about his beliefs, though I know he would find that very hard to do.


Here I see a lot of people are actually on Georges side. When he is released from prison, I can actually see quite a few people around him and if they are not cheering him they are very supportive of him so I do not see that George loses all his popularity even though it has seriously been in the balance.

I wish I could convince George of that because he really needs a confidence kick. It sounds a bit patronising talking about a 'celebrity' in that way, but I mean it well intentioned and he needs to 'get it together' and understand that once you are a great man and an excellent artiste, you ALWAYS WILL BE - despite the fact that 'newbies' come along are in the limelight more. George can make use of his talents and it does,nt have to be under the intense spotlight of a stage if he does,nt want it to be.


Here the LAW is quite clearly not on Georges side and I still wonder sometimes whether there are a few little traitors about in his life that quite enjoy having a 'go' about him behind his back. It seems to me that George may have a lot of debt, if not now then maybe in the future and because of this he may have to do a lot of paying back. It could simply represent some kind of 'pay back' of some other kind.

I think the 'friends' he has should actually pay George back to be honest with you because some of them have not treated his friendship in the best way. Maybe George trusts people too much or maybe there is some problem with being truthful here, whatever the case, George always has to watch for the fact that someone is ready to dish him in all the time.


George needs to do more with the internet and aggressively push his work on there if he can. He can achieve a lot if he puts his mind to it, however I do see people who might try to steal his work and I see that he gets very annoyed about that.

I just feel that George needs to get a good break/holiday away from everything because a fresh new start would be the best thing that can happen for him. If he has family and they are close he should take his family to his heart because they show up very strongly in his future as does the sunshine states and travel abroad.

I dont think there is any reason for George to go downhill if he just keeps some of his views to himself. If anyone steals off George they will get their Karma and George has to believe that.

It is the wrong thing to wallow in our problems, and it is wrong to allow feelings of 'being past it' creep in. George is NOT past it by any means but he has to get some belief codes programmed into his head.

I think every artiste can resurrect themselves and George can do this if he gets harder about his sensitive side. He must push past that and take on the blustery aggression of the knight but apply it to himself in a form of self belief.

I wish George well and I for one am really sorry to see what has been happening to him. George though, has to face up to what is wrong in his life and I hope that it is a wake up call to him.

Everything from the past will come back to hit him in the ear and I know this, but he cannot drown himself out of this, he has to take everything on the chin and look forward to the future.

I will always be supportive of him and his music. He is a great artiste, he helped to mould the last three decades of music and has been an enormous influence on songwriting and passionate musical lyrics.

Good Luck George and make it right.



George has been released now and his first sentence was that he wants to 'begin again'. Im wishing him luck.

From the report below it looks like George has been 'inspired to write new songs'...and they will be good without a doubt.

revealed his ordeal had inspired him to write new songs.

The singer said he was ready for a “new start” and hinted he will relaunch his stalled pop career. 6538

January 04, 2011 12:00AM

POP star George Michael is out of jail and back Down Under.

The flamboyant Faith singer is believed to be playing house in the $6 million Sydney pad he bought in June.

The ex-Wham singer's reps are yet to confirm his arrival, but a spokesman for his label, Sony, said: "I wouldn't be surprised. But if he is here, he is definitely not here for business reasons."

George, known for his love of a good party, was meant to spend a few days in Sydney in February last year and ended up staying two months.

The singer, 47, was released from a British prison two months ago after a four-week stint behind bars for driving under the influence of drugs.

Here’s the news you’ve all eagerly been awaiting! We’re very excited to confirm that the new release date for Faith remastered is January 31, 2011 (February 1, 2011 in the US).


George Michael on beating drugs, depression and his outing in LA ...
The former Wham! singer George Michael, who has died in London aged 53, talks to GQ about beating drugs, depression and that infamous ...

Very sad news on Christmas Day last. I knew I had written about George Michael as one of my celebrity Tarots but I knew many people were so shocked to hear the proclamation that he had passed away. I think the public were not expecting that despite all the terrible deaths in 2016 of well known people. 

There were pointers in Tarot that the past might catch up. Of course it is still a mystery what really happened to George and speculation has been rife. I certainly do not want to be party to that. George did go abroad and bought a place there as Tarot suggested and he had planned new music after quite a period of time out.
He got out a box set of Faith as seen above in 2011 but there were other plans for further music which sadly did not come into being. 

I am very sorry to learn that George also has had his funeral held up due to various reasons which makes the pain even greater for those close to him. It is all very sad and he truly was a genius musically.

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