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Sunday, 5 August 2018


Hello Everyone!

Im here again to continue my Tarot Series and this time  to talk about the TOWER card from the Major 22 Trumps  If you have been following my series you will know that I am writing from my own prospective of each card and applying them to the Journey of our Lives, what we go through and how we emerge through each card.   The cards are on this link below if you wish to back check what has already been posted.

Most people generally 'fear' the Devil or the Death card in Tarot and view them as 'impending disaster' - the Tower is also one of 'those cards' people dread to see coming up in their reading.  I try never to gloss over readings or meanings - but sometimes you do have to have more than one card to precipitate TRUE disasters.  What is a 'true disaster' ? I guess even small mishaps can seem like a major disaster to some depending on sensitivity?   The Tower card is not a particularly pleasant experience but in my view can be 'over egged' as something absolutely monumentally devastating.  The Tsunami a few years back in Indonesia was what I would call a dreadful disaster, as was the Aberfan disaster in Wales - and the Twin Towers event in the  USA - we can add to this kind of list easily cant we? 

The Tower card is not welcome though.  We all can at least say that right?  we know the minute it appears its an 'uh oh' moment!  With all the awful imagery in this card I wonder if anyone has spotted the little beacon of positivity in the picture?   have a VERY GOOD LOOK...seen it yet? ...ok you have not because I know you cant see it.  I CAN THOUGH!  Look at the card again and look on the left hand side of the Tower towards the bottom of the card. What can you see ???  I will tell you, you will see an almost full silhouette image of a HEART! and its sitting in a little puff of cloud.

Do you see it now?   Most people are going to be looking at the FIERCE elements of this card. The fact that it is ARIES driven - Aries does stand for War - so we know that something really negative is written all over the place here.  That Building might be unstable??  those people - they have been thrown from it - and look at that huge lightening crack over the top and those dark skies....and maybe thats rain in the picture too so we know there has been thunder. Imagine BIG BOLTS OF LIGHTENING AND THUNDER...the NOISE!  CRACKING THROUGH THE SKY....the heavens are wreaking havoc!!   theres a man and a woman flying through the air  - I can see FIRE at the top of the building, did they have to throw themselves out or was there an explosion that took them by surprise and hurtled them mercilessly through the air.   The building could be damaged at the top by the seems of it - the foundations are badly shaken. We dont even know if the building is going to stay up do we?   its all very tense indeed!  The people are falling head first and who knows if they will survive this fall?  were they prepared?  we dont know - perhaps not!! But its dark in this picture so maybe its night - maybe the dark is implying that WE CANT SEE EVERYTHING - we dont KNOW everything about what has happened here?   does this Tower look to you as though its on a Cliff ? how do we know that was a good idea to build it on a Cliff ??? What kind of Tower is this ? a lighthouse? its a tall building - at least we are given to believe that.   This card is not really about WHAT KIND OF BUILDING however, it is about what we FEEL when we look at this image.  How does it make you feel?   

The first thing would be that the whole of the card looks UNSAFE.   If its unsafe it is going to be telling us that nothing in that picture is stable.  Nothing is showing you the aftermath of this situation only the action of the moment of something that is breaking down in a very serious manner. It HAS affected those people, they are no longer in the building, they are no longer stable, they no longer have a roof over their heads and they even have NO ELECTRIC because that lightening has taken it out and created a fire as well. Its also very dark and the whole scene is deadly miserable.  Woe is betiding!

So why did I point out the Heart?   Doesnt this picture tell us that this could be a relationship breakdown, or career breakdown, or life breakdown or just some really life changing experience of what might be a MAJOR kind in someones world?   YES...but you can put a fire out.  Night soon becomes day to assess damage, people didnt hit the ground in this picture so they might be there the next day, you can rebuild a building, you can re wire a building, you can clean up after ANY DISASTER - even if its LIFE CHANGING.    Yes but NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO BE THE SAME?   Ok, well maybe things might never be exactly the same because you just went through something there right?  you are not going to forget whatever it was in a hurry are you....?   but that HEART tells you that you should 'TAKE HEART' because even in the face of horrible upsetting things in your life - even when you face some kind of bottomless empty dark scenario, even if you LOSE someone you love, even if you lose EVERYTHING YOU HAVE - you can still ......rebuild if you are breathing.  

The Heart is so subtle but it is there.  The Heart will tell you that 'for all you know - things actually might have been a change for the better'....sometimes people/things cannot go on as they did. Sometimes changes happen because it is either a natural order of things or because it doesnt work the way it is at the current time. 

This card along with Judgement are the WAKE UP CALLS - they make you sit up and in this one in particular you really have NO CHOICE about that.    You HAVE to look at things a DIFFERENT WAY.    Sometimes this card can represent an 'accident' though I think of that in the reversed sense because its no accident what is going on here - this card is showing 'distress' - the heavens were distressed perhaps hence the thunder and lightening, the building was maybe crumbling or not that great a build, maybe there were fractures in it... 

Maybe there are/were FRACTURES IN YOUR LIFE ????? - SOMETIMES unfortunate - SOMETIMES not of your doing - but where there are any signs of wear or distress or elements that come into play to STRIKE YOUR LIFE causing such a HUGE desolation or rift - .........the Heart tells you -  maybe these things were needed - because in this picture you may be able to get up and WALK AWAY into the future.  You will be wiser.  Dont leave all the electric on in a thunderstorm!!!  Know that your relationship has hit rock bottom - accept that your pet is old and it may not be able to go on and on, accept that maybe your relatives too all have so many heartbeats ,  KNOW that whatever has happened in this card - LIFE.....GOES.......ON.   We can rebuild.  NO IT WONT BE THE SAME.  It COULD be BETTER - it could be a GODSEND we survived? it could be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE that we were not left in that building as it fell around us and crushed us to death. 

Do you now understand this card?   Life - situations - they just sometimes arrive as a bolt from the blue - shaking us up - wrecking what we thought was 'normal everyday' - we dont think we will EVER EVER recover from this card - .....but we can.   This is the Tower - its is Number 16 in the Major Arcana - it is a devastating card on sight - if you add the two numbers you arrive at 7 which is the CHARIOT -  represents MOVEMENT - Chariots MOVE.   Upright - the Chariot moves FORWARD to the next card as does this Tower and the next card is ?????     HEALING...The STAR card...makes sense doesnt it ??

Join me for the next card THE STAR - check back on my link as I will post it there!

Meanwhile, remember, some things happen for the might not think so at the time - it could seem the end of the world - for some it might be....but this card THE TOWER offers you a Heart - Take Heart.....until next time....


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