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Thursday, 29 March 2018


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Hello All!

I hope you have been enjoying my personal thoughts on the Major Arcana from a psychological point of view. That view, being that each card fits The Journey of our Lives and how I perceive this to be.

We are now up to the 10th Major Arcana card which is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Its an interesting card. At first glance its almost like looking at a map. We have the huge circle (wheel) and in each corner we have Winged icons representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water  for Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups. The Lion, the Ox, the Man and the Eagle.   A Sphinx sits at the top and on the side we have a very devilish figure in red almost glued to the perimeter.  There is even a little snake on the left hand side. I dont want to get into all the text book meanings but all the symbols on this card represent THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE.  Basically...its a ' Thats life' card!

Sounds pretty flippant of me? not really!   We have been through all the stages from the Fool (who I explained can appear at the beginning of this journey or the end depending of course how cards tumble out. However, we can begin life as a Fool and end it as a Fool too! hence he can show quite rightly at either stage.  We truly 'begin' with the Magician and as a Number 1 card we should take note that the Wheel is number 10. Most of the symbols in this card do tend to show themselves within the Magician card too. Not on every deck but theoretically we should at least remember that. The Magician has all the tools of the trade and its all there for him on his table to use/work out etc what about the Wheel?   The Wheel is reminding you that you have all the building blocks already to your life .  One, you are a person, a being, a body, and two you evolve via all that is in the atmosphere and the events that happen around you.   For example, you must have heard of the saying 'what goes around comes around' ?    Yes?  exactly!  So what is the card for and what does it mean in our Journey?   To me its simply KARMA.     

When a wheel goes around it suggests rotation so moving forward or even backwards is its purpose. We know what we have done and where we have been and what we have given out....we move forward not knowing what is ahead, so we move as in the sense of the Magician who has the tools to be able to do many things.   Perhaps you are ambitious, maybe you have plans or goals or have certain routes in life you want to take.   Nobody would ever really look at this card and think ah, yes this is a CHOICE card.  Im not sure I have ever seen that description.  However, think about this.

A Wheel gathers RESIDUE.   If you took your car into a country lane after the rain had bogged it up you will likely come out the other side with far dirtier tyres then when you first took that turning. My that is really you have to get them all washed off.  If you had kept on the main road and not taken that short cut I guess they would have been a lot cleaner??

This card represents CAUSE and EFFECT.   Can you see? What goes around comes around'. Did you do the right thing?  did you have to be so awkward or negative?  do you think you should have paid more attention to details?  because if you didnt then you will REAP the Karma of that. If you go through life not caring and just blustering your way along there might come a time when that wheel might break down?  is anyone going to be keen to help you then? What if you were a kind person, thoughtful, helpful, loving, giving, sharing?   giving out these good vibes endears others to assist you more perhaps?   you really COULD have been on a trip and stuck at the roadside needing some assistance to fix the fault.   If you didnt pay for your roadside breakdown.....or, you were never very friendly to that mechanic who lives down the road...maybe you wont get as much help as you might like when you need it. 

Im sure you understand the track of where Im going with this.   CHOICE is not really the word for The Wheel, but theoretically, it is the CHOICES YOU MAKE...THE ROADS YOU get to this particular card in life that counts.      Karma. What goes around comes around.   But theres another side to this.   You might think that being good and kind means that Karma visits you and just makes things right for you. Well it doesnt.   This card does not promise that. There is a devil figure on the side (Set - the Egyptian God).  He actually doesnt care whether your good or bad here...what he is doing is saying to you...Hey, tough things happen, get over it. Roll with it. Take it on the Chin. Grow up. Deal with it....because 'THATS LIFE'!!      

At this point in life,  you have to remember that old saying ' your big enough and ugly enough to deal with it' ...anyone else heard of that one before?  hardly flattering is it? but unfortunately this is a 'your on your own kid' element.  Life is not easy. Its as simple as that. The road is full of potholes, bumps and turnings and if you have never driven a specific road before you have no idea whats up ahead.   Even if you have driven a road before who is to say that there is not an obstacle on it around 'that' bend??  never be too sure of yourself with this card.   Utilise all your common sense. Utilise all your values in life because Life is WHAT YOU MAKE IT.   Yes its THAT SIMPLE.   If you dont accept that life has its ups and downs then you will have a harder time dealing with it. 

Set who sits on the side of that wheel is not going to make it easy either.  He will weight things down a bit and then you can feel as though everything is going to pot and then on the other hand as the Wheel goes up again life starts to get easier.   We all experience these kinds of emotions. The ups and downs of life can happen mentally or physically or in the world around us that can affect our best laid out plans but the bottom line is also Karma.  There are times when you can AVOID the irritations and annoyances that have become a nuisance to you if you took things on board earlier on in your Life Journey.  Its all a learning experience. Did you learn?    Even with the best learning, we still have to accept that 's*** happens' the THATS LIFE! element. 

This point of life is getting to a mature junction - acceptance that nothing is smooth, NOT even a wheel because even in a car with suspension we can still feel the bumps even if we have the best upholstery and suspension!  When we get to the Pip cards the Pentacles, Swords, Cups and Wands in the Minor Arcana we know they are just the 'little details' the fill in details and we have symbols on this card showing them.   Life HAS a lot of little detail.  Its not straight forward and everyones 'detail' is different. You have to kind of expect 'whatever'.   If you have prepared yourself and taken on board all the areas of life well to this juncture, then you will readily accept KARMA can produce excellent luck and forward motion. Links in the chain to your success as much as it can have the negative . It is up to you to decide whether you are mature enough to realise that Life simply has its ups and downs and that you are mature enough to accept and deal with those as/when the occasions arise.  Things can get bad in life...absolutely...but the Wheel always turns...things can also get better! 

As for Choice?  well, its up to you to do all YOU CAN to make your own fortune however you regard the word Fortune in your life, whether physical Fortune or mental fortune (everyone has their own view of that ) but your CHOICEs will of course play a part.  The Wheel is not about CHOICE it is about how those choices play out and also about the things you can do nothing about regardless.  After all, you could have been driving along that easy clean road to save your tyres instead of that muddy country lane and then one of them decides to pop and you need to make a hard shoulder stop.  Tyres are clean but.........??   Yes...THATS LIFE!  oh dont forget the Breakdown cover...Karma remember? Perhaps the moral to this card is BE PREPARED! in any circumstance. If you have done everything you can the right way , done what you feel you could, then there was not much else to do except realise that not everything goes according to plan. 9 times out of 10 however, if you did all that was necessary theres only a 1% chance of problems can deal with it right?

I hope this brief outline helps to explain my thoughts on how The Wheel fits into your Journey of Life. 

Join me again next time for the JUSTICE card! You can catch up on previous cards on this link below.


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