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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


 The globular cluster NGC 6397 contains around 400,000 stars and is located about 7,200 light years away in the southern constellation Ara. With an estimated age of 13.5 billion years, it is likely among the first objects of the Galaxy to form after the Bi

Every now and then I write Tarot regarding other mysteries and long unanswered questions about the universe. Nothing I write can ever be validated unless there are proofs and writing about alternative subjects that involve our planet or UFO conspiracies often brings critiscism. Even so, curiosity is always prevalent regardless of what an individual might believe.

Every new year we enter enthusiasts debate about the possibility of UFO disclosure, but in 2012 there have been interesting reports about earth like planets and the question of whether there is life 'out there' in the big space.

I put a few questions to Tarot to see what we might be advised. I was actually unsure and a little disappointed that when I asked Tarot if there was life on any other planet in our own solar system it rather seemed to me that the answer was 'unlikely' and showing me the classic Devil card.


From this card is the suggestion of self delusion anger and bondage which rather says it all in some ways. Seeing the couple chained up to the Devil made me feel that perhaps we were being represented here as bonded to the earth meaning it is just our human race in our solar system.

I was prepared to just think that but of course the thing to remember about Tarot is what it offers and that is actually so much more if you can catch the reasoning. I will go on to explain this as only after I asked more questions did I realise that Tarot was offering me a NO but at the same time was showing me something else. Always wanting to provide a solution Tarot has thrown me a curve ball. I will show you how I realised this.


I asked Tarot if there was life on other planets in the universe and I received a resounding YES with a beautiful Ace of Wands jumping out of the deck. Oh yes small beginnings, little leaves of possibilities that perhaps eventually we might come to realise or even discover and then....well, who knows what then. This Ace is very specific about 'hidden intelligence'. Again another curious factor is the direct link to Judgement number 20 in the Major Arcana journey breaking down to the number 2 - (2 planets?). The next card being a 'world' the travel card. Our Ace is also a card that expresses the conception of life.

It might be worth considering that one might still be trying to go and live on Mars when you get a card like this!! I say that as an 'aside' perhaps futuristically considering this is a fire card. (red planet) but the other alternatives and thoughts are in the following text.

Having received that card and knowing that Tarot cannot really give me names I still ventured to ask what other planet might hold life and that is when I found something very surprising and something I really did not know.

This is the card that Tarot gave to me.

The five of Pentacles.


Of course it is completely speculation as I can assure you that much as I spend time looking at the wonders of the night sky I am not conversant with picking out various stars or planets apart from the North Star and the Moon!

My first thought was to look very carefully at this card and note that in the stained glass window are in fact five globes. Yet, we are given Taurus. It does actually transpire that Taurus holds the Star Aldebaran, 

( info from wikipedia) Taurus itself is one of the oldest constellations and is actually considered to date back to the early bronze age when it marked the location of the Sun during the spring equinox. Taurus came to symbolize the bull in the mythologies of Ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece. Taurus hosts two of the nearest open clusters to Earth, the Pleiades and the Hyades, both of which are visible to the naked eye.

When I noted this, I remembered my first question receiving the Devil card. When we think of the Devil we always think of the 'underworld' otherwise thought of as 'Hades'. Very interesting when Taurus has a cluster near to Earth called Hyades. Similar? So it did occur to me that perhaps whilst Tarot was giving me a negative response about our own solar system and life on the planets within it, perhaps it was pointing out Hades ie, Hyades? (Note also that the Devil card is number 15 which also holds a 5 number) keep reading!

These are quite silly journeys of research in many respects as after all, who can prove anything and after all isnt coincidence going to be what most people would think here? even I have to remain on the fence. But, interestingly, I then found an article regarding Aldebaran and whether or not it is nonsense or has some grounding in credibility, I leave this link.

According to the legend of the German Vril society, a fateful meeting was held in 1919 at an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden, where Maria Orsic presented to a small group assembled from the Thule, Vril and Black Sun Societies, telepathic messages she claimed to have received from an extraterrestrial civilization existing in the distant Aldebaran solar system, sixty-eight light years away, in the Constellation of Taurus.

The link below discusses some rather interesting aspects of Aldebaran.

Should that all appear to be 'whoopla' here is another link that does confirm some actual facts of the system summary. A planet is specifically mentioned though of course the conclusion is that any earth like planets would have imploded or been burnt to a cinder .

Planet b appears to move around Aldebaran A with an average separation of 1.35 AUs with a period of almost 654 days, or about 1.8 years. Its orbit is eccentric (e= 0.182 +/- 0.065). The object has at least 11 times the mass of Jupiter, with a similar diameter (about 11 times that of Earth). However, because the method of detection relies on radial velocities using the Doppler technique only determines the object's minimum mass, companion b may actually be a brown dwarf. Indeed, Aldebaran A was once suspected as being a spectrocopic binary star. (See an animation of the orbit of this substellar object around Aldebaran A, with a table of basic orbital and physical characteristics.)

Star "B" is a red red sequence dwarf star of spectral and luminosity type M2 V. It may have 15 percent of Sol's mass, 36 percent of its diameter, and 14/10,000th of its luminosity. The orbit of an Earth-like planet (with liquid water) around Star B would be centered around 0.036AU -- well inside the orbit of Mercury in the Solar System -- with an orbital period of 6.5 days.

However, I have to come back to the five of pentacles which although has mentioned TAURUS as a key point for life on possible other planets and drawing me to look up the Taurus constellation, I still look at the five globes in my lighted window on the Tarot and wonder what significance they can have. Then, I found this.

Five faint stars appear close enough to Aldebaran in its visual field for astronomers to consider it a double star association.
Now that really is quite an eye opener. FIVE STARS?

So we are given Taurus, and we have the five bright globes in our window - could this be showing us the Taurus constellation with the five globes pointing out those five faint stars near Aldebaran as a pointer?

There are two planets thought to surround Aldebaran and many interesting sites that have talked about this particular Star with speculation and here again is another link that talks about it, but of course remember, this IS the internet and we cannot always believe all we read.

However, I have found this curious. It is very unlikely that Taurus would show like this and Hades in the Devil card and that I should look up and find aspects of possible connection. Quite incredible!

Are we being told that there is life out there and perhaps connected to this constellation? It certainly seems that there are many reports whether fiction or fact that have actually questioned this.
What one has also to remember is that Pentacles are North and our Wiki Link tells us that Taurus is a large and prominent constellation in the northern hemisphere's winter sky.

The other thing to consider with Pentacles cards is that fact that they are linked to 'physicality' or 'manifestation'. Therefore is this a suggestion of life on a named planet or as good as suggesting a near as dammit?

In past Tarot I have always had the impression that when asking question about 'aliens' or 'ufo' in general that Earth was the originating planet for anything that is considered to be a Ufo.

Quite coincidentally (if the information could be considered to be reasonable) if we revisit this link
we actually read the following : -

After that, Mars, of which the great pyramid cities and the well-known Martian face, photographed in 1976 by the Viking probe, bear witness to the high level of development of its inhabitants. From there, in that era, it was assumed that the God-like people of Sumeran Aldebaran came to Earth for the first time.


the Aldebaranians landed later on, when the Earth became slowly habitable, in Mesopotamia, and that they formed the dominant caste of the Sumerians.

Mars also has an astrological link to the five of pentacles - very curious!

The alleged information also seems to suggest earth being inhabited by the races from Aldebaran. That certainly would support
Tarot's information that anything out there came from Earth.

Overall it is simply curiosity to ask Tarot any questions regarding mystery matters but I have found this particularly intriguing. What does the five of pentacles tell us in general? it tells us about worry and strife regarding physicality. Suggestions are according to the last link that there were problems in survival - but of course this is just conjecture and these kind of internet links can be construed as fantasy but even so, still fascinating that Tarot gave us this card and did feel that there is life out there even though it is small beginnings in the Ace of Wands.

That Ace is the acorn that begets the oak tree so perhaps it is suggesting that in time when the tree grows symbolically we will get to know more? The ace is an action card and suggests a most positive yes. Should we look further on the Wands journey our very next card two of wands depicts a man standing high on a platform looking out across land with a globe in his hand. He is looking very far ahead and 'waiting'.

Not only then perhaps are we 'waiting' for life to be confirmed on other planets we are being told that indeed there is and of course this link to Taurus and to Mars which has led me to look up the Taurus constellation to find there is a star Aldebaran with two planets and a cluster of five small nearby stars.

The five of pentacles is a distinct 'clarification' card pointing our interest to Taurus the Bull. What is also very interesting about this card is the fact that the man is wearing a bell which symbolically is someone who is 'trying to get a message out there'.
If you read the links you will also notice there are references to the Moon and whether we are stretching imagination here, it was recorded that the Moon 'rang like a bell'.

Worry and strife stand out from the five of pentacles, one wonders sometimes whether some information is more factual then fantasy, because if it were fact it seems a lot of thought has gone into our star systems by various 'investigators' be they Nazis as suggested or otherwise. Would WE need to worry thats the question? BECAUSE this card is all about trying to solve survival issues.

Tarot seems to recognise that the search for life or questions in that respect on other planets is because we are concerned about our own.

Though many scientists will continue to look for life elsewhere I have to say I have NEVER understood this need. We HAVE a planet which has been brutalised and mistreated for a very long time. Almost everything good has been sucked out of the earth to provide us all with better living but at the same time  greed took over a long time ago - perhaps thats why earth creaks and groans - maybe we should have stopped taking the oil out! 

Seriously though the pentacles ends with a King in a 'rooftop garden'. Well a roof is 'overhead' so perhaps there is another garden out there like earth and who knows maybe it is in the Taurus constellation but whatever the case - perhaps one day we will really get to know?

Perhaps Tarot is telling us something to really think about but nothing can be claimed by Tarot unless something can support its advice - it always leaves me with food for thought if nothing else.

I have pretty much 'briefed' over the cards but with a deeper examination (and more time and research) there might be other information to add so perhaps I may get back here again.


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