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Sunday, 23 December 2012


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Amy Bradley was reported missing in the early morning hours of March 24, 1998. She was last seen by family members sitting on the balcony outside their cabin aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas cruise ship. The ship was en route to Curacao, Antilles at the time Amy was last seen. The ship docked in Curacao shortly after Amy was discovered missing. Extensive searches on the ship and at sea have produced no signs of Amy's whereabouts.

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Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.





I have been asked to look at the Tarot for Amy Bradley who went missing March 24th 1998.

I am sure I have worked on Amy's case before but it would have been quite a long time ago before I started to publish the tarot findings in a regular fashion and it might have been an 'email' case. I certainly cannot find anything I might have had to say about the situation now so I am prepared to look at the tarot once more. While I am prepared to look at Tarot I would like you to read the Tarot notes and understand that Tarot does not claim to solve a case, it can only offer glimpses that are past present and future and the hope is it might turn something up that will help. Please always go to factual sources.


Though it may not appear to be visible on this card there is water in this journey of the Wands. Also note our card is upside down and this woman has been in a fight or quarrel. There are people here in a group. I dont know whether they are an actual group or that it involves different people numbering up to 4 or 5. This card can represent cruelty and violence. Its not a friendly card by any means. I do feel this card is also questioning or outlining contradictions. Please bear in mind that this card can be in past present or future mode and that will apply to all three that I post.

I would usual suggest some kind of sports field being around in this card but its a non agricultural element and that would perfectly suit being on a ship with water not far away in this card. This is also a card that would turn up before we arrived somewhere. But the problem is why are there arguments here and who or what is the cause of this?

Well I would suggest possibly being grabbed by a male by surprise more likely and having very little choice in that. Maybe going 'underground' to a cabin? or perhaps that has happened at another point of time but I do seem to see something like that. Not being able to defend herself because the opposition is too strong putting up with some kind of vindictive slander or people who are being slanderous or negative and not being able to stand up for herself due to it. This can also mean being pushed over from a height too or being thrown over but these are also cards that can stand for 'rubbish' or places where there is rubbish.

Theres definitely some feeling of intimidation here or a fear of confrontation. Wands can also be lust or sex cards and weapons .

They can show someone who might be interested in you but that you might not be quite so interested in them and the sports element might be a little avante guard which means personal attention or even rape. It could really go so far as to say that, as its possible with these cards. It could just be that Amy is/was attractive and others did not like the attention she received because jealousy, hot headed arguments and revenge and spite can show up. It makes me feel as though she was being pressurised into something and maybe not wanting to go along with that. There are a few possibilities but I have to give them all as they are all here as options.

Someone here could have been looking for a fight or trying to lure Amy with a false sense of security before pouncing. Where there any football fanatics on this boat? There is a sense of sport but I am hard to pin that down right now. Unless of course it was something amusing that went very wrong.

There certainly seems to be a very negative situation here.
Someone really could come up from behind you when you were not looking and drag you into an alley.

These cards though can show being high up and then being 'below' so either thats overboard perhaps or it means she was taken from above to a lower deck. I have no idea how the boat was laid out and whether it was all searched, all I can give is the possibilities of this card.

However, somebody has been very bold here and got others to take risks and do things without thinking.
This card is generally a South card, of course the route may not amount to anything as being on a boat I do not feel that 5 is going to help that way.

There is a person description with this card that gives someone with a large round head and prominent eyes. Very strong and active, I think they are sports orientated, large and tall, broad, fair or sandy hair maybe with a little red and possibly a curl. They are inclined to go bald so whether that makes sense or not I have no idea but thats what the person description would be . Maybe someone who wears a wig??

There does seem to be some treachery or deceit in these cards or some falsifying, not sure if that is to do with documents passport or something to do with an actual person but I just want to write it down and leave it.

North East can come up on this card so when reversed perhaps it is South East or South West.

Throat and stomach problems are here. Also being pushed backwards or something to do with the back maybe lying down or being forced down. This card is going to describe 'royal names' like King or Princess but a place of fair opulence and lots of dramatic colours which could be the inside of this ship. I can only guess at that Im afraid. There is a very odd thing about this set of cards and that is someone who is 'looking out for the boat to come in' but as that is reversed Im feeling that she is away from the shore so yes I would feel that this card might be talking about the inside of the boat.

I am seeing a chimney or heat spot.

I am also seeing the dining area or a dining room or hallways or alleys and possibly an area that is linked to 'sport'.
The name Michael might come up not sure if it will be applicable but it does attach to this card.

Im seeing some really arrogant type of male here maybe someone who has lavished attention or gone out of his way to be 'nice' expensive and foolish type, but then again it could be someone who has taken all that and enjoyed the perks of that person and willing to spend their money as though it is ok to be spoiled and not give anything back so that could sound a bit awkward.

Perhaps if there was anyone spoiling Amy they might have felt a little repayment would be 'nice'. I cant really make suggestions on actuality, only what 'might' have been the scene at some point.
I assume that Amy's trip was for a holiday? I have not refreshed myself with the background of the situation but if it was a holiday there is a negative on this and a suggestion that 'it wouldnt work' I really dont know what that would be suggesting unless Amy was hoping to 'work'?

I feel that there were some 'false promises' that seemed to be metered out and maybe that caused an eruption of temper or very quick repercussion.

I do not see suicide or anything of that nature here, what I see is bad temper, violence and being overpowered in some way by someone much stronger whether verbally or otherwise. These cards can lead to a serious argument but I think the cards suggest that Amy or someone else?  might have had to wear a wig and therefore was not recognised because of possible false documents or passport. The wands can suggest anything in the form of weapons too such as a gun as they these sticks can be firearms as they are full of heat/fire.

I see excitement in some elements and intimidations in other elements but altogether it does not look very good because someone forces us to do something and it is risky or there is something risky or alluding to some kind of trickery here. These cards can take us on a travel route but not the route that we intended to go upon.

I do not think this lady went overboard as I read this back to myself, I think she walked off the ship like everyone else but in a disguise OR someone else did?  I may very well be wrong but it is coming across like that. I do not know how the elements fit together here I can just gives bits and pieces and perhaps surmise a little but it does not make it absolute or accurate detail only validations can do that.


This card might describe somewhere that is near water but has two islands in the background if one was standing on a promenade or walkway or a road. There are three people and one has broken away. This card seems to show a church. It might be a church name but otherwise it is as you see it. There is a river water or ocean nearby. There are boats.

This is East and it is a number 4. This can stand for a male or a vehicle too. There has been a huge argument between two people there may be drugs involved, not always, but it may be here. Her location is one where you need to put everything you thought aside and brainstorm once again.

It may be four from the shore to the East.
Are there any islands?

I still have a sports link and also drinking or wine? and the word BOW and Victory or a V name.
Maybe a vineyard?
But still this card would represent water rocks stone and canyons.

There are cutting elements in this card but it could just be loss separation or the severing of ties.
Im seeing someone with dimples and fair hair and likely tall and slender.
Direction is West
Alchohol is here. Somewhere linked to alchohol?

Im seeing music elements here. Descriptions of places are very difficult to name and the descriptions I have might be actual landmarks or that there are keywords in this description that might help. What I have connected here is mountains and hillsides, windmills and wind power, hunting and hawking, air force bases, airports, high communication towers. Sandy gravely ground, saw pits, wood and places its cut like sawmills and storage barns or outhouses but away from other buildings. If inside a place ventilation ducts and upper rooms might come up or wardrobes.
Other descriptions or keywords are gardens, fountains, bride or bridle, bed and breakfast beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes.

Copper colour or copper?
This card has a peaceful element to it so it could show illness and /or recouperation or some kind of confinement or even being withheld but coming to terms with that.

There is some kind of spiritual building or maybe thats in a name of a place. This card can show that one is safe from attack but it can also show them not being here anymore too but being at peace. This tarot does not discuss life or death but it is showing that Amy is somewhere that it is peaceful or taking time out but that time out can be permanent so there is a big question mark here on Amy's well being.

This is the sword suit and the sword suit in this card makes us lie down, so it will lead to a room where we lay down or somewhere we are resting. It may be that she is asleep when I ask where she is or what her surroundings are. The answer is 'resting somewhere peaceful'. It does not necessarily mean the person has 'gone' or that they wont get up again it just suggests that for now they rest or that they may be ill or under a doctor. So I have to just put these things and leave them there with the descriptions that I have. But, I do have the word Black, Silver, Jewel and possible Rose. There may be an airport, railway or golf course nearby.

Maybe the four is a route but I cannot be sure. I just give it for now.
Tarot is past present and future and we could be looking at a scene that has been and gone please bear this in mind. There is some kind of boat that arrives and takes us somewhere too where the water is 'calm' so Im feeling we do have the overseas element and the foreign element is very strong in these cards. There is possible abduction or kidnap in these cards unless it is escape and only those close to Amy would know if she wanted to escape something, so if that is not an option then it is likely one of the other two scenarios. The one odd thing is that I see a boat that might have 'turned around' I really cant explain that.
What was the next port of destination ?

If Amy did not get off then she may still have been on the ship to its next port of call. Of course the ship would have been searched so that is probably sounding very unlikely but I will just put what the Tarot advises as it might make more sense to others then it does to me at the current time.

The feeling of being 'stuck' tied up or even blindfolded does seem to come up so I it is likely Am was abducted - but I still think that there are two people that know more.

This card can be a feeling of being imprisoned or incarcerated but it does not necessarily mean that the person has 'gone' completely. That is not to give false hope it really does just depend where in the time epoch this card wants to give this information and I cannot pin it down. It might be April as it is a fourth month card. Amy disappeared in March. I just feel something is wrong with her head. It can also be a card of a coma - so you see there are quite a few things this card can tell us as options but as for location, I think I have made a few suggestions but I am not able to name 'the place' in words.


Here I am getting 14 or 1 and 4 or 41 for numbers that might be important or for routes. They may even represent time. But, there is a link to drugs or food or restaurants or cooking or that these words might come up as well as the name Michael.

This card can give us a golden triangle and can represent places like Egypt but thats only a possibility as often Egypt can come up with this card but equally Africa can come up with the Queen of wands or Trinidad or hot places. They may not be destination points but they might come up linked to others or connected in a different way. All the cards link to the person and persons that are linked to them. Complex I agree!

Because this is the search and find card and this card is reversed, it can tell us that finding Amy can be out of our control or out of control which means that there are various difficulties attached to this. Obviously it has not been an easy task so far because she has not been found. Amy has also disappeared abroad which also makes it incredibly difficult in many ways. There is only a chance of finding her by accident as I feel that if she is found it really would be by accident or just out of the blue as it were. There is water and land attached to this card and it might be wise to consider that would represent the landscape in some way but I will look into this in a moment.

This card seems to show us the 'center' of somewhere - but timing is 'off' and therefore will not give us a time when Amy can be found because its telling us that something is out of sync. That there are errors in this search so Im wondering if people are looking in the right place?

This card can stand for Oil and Water - Oil and water could represent a place that deals with oil or that there is oil in the place or the name of a place. The word BOW comes up and Archer, or Arch or maybe it just means a bridge? South East is showing on this card but again we have to be careful as it also shows the reversed direction so it will give the place and then show the opposite direction to that place. Im sorry that sounds confusing but Dee will map things out if she is able to follow Tarots thoughts. If we have South East it could very well be showing us North West so it could be between points North West and South East.

The keywords are stables, stallions, landscape open fields, hills and high land. If inside it will be upper rooms. There are links to heat/fire. I am seeing 'university and school and college names' some link to wool and church links. I am also seeing Tin and a Thursday.

Someone with auburn hair or brownish hair with possibly a beard. Brown complexion or maybe its tanned, plump with grey eyes seems fine on the surface but might be immoral.
Freestone and marble.

I am seeing films I dont like the nature of the films that might be attached. Maybe Im wrong about the films and its just a cinema but Im seeing something about films. Im still seeing some kind of travel elements but I feel as though there is little purpose to them. On the one hand Im seeing some kind of scrapyard and metal - or something to do with metal maybe mechanics? Im not sure and on the other hand the land and water and oil and then Im seeing possible musical elements

The last time I had this card it turned out that Texas was the place but there are plenty of places linked to Oil so I really would hate to hazard and guesses. All I can do is write the details of past present and future and hope that something might come up that is useful. Not all the details will be recorded completely accurately, there are many options here and will need to be pondered on.

I cannot promise at this time that Amy will be found due to this reversed card - it does not mean to give up and Tarot does not wish to express a life or death judgement it would rather not ponder too much there, but I feel that Amy could be somewhere linked to the past. It may take time but maybe that is the case. I wish I could help more but at the moment I cannot name a place as this is all very experimental with maps and even the slightest suggestion therefore

I never like to send people on wild goose chases by saying that I know for sure - I do not know for sure and I feel it is unfair for anyone to say they know where somebody is UNLESS THEY REALLY DO KNOW. My thoughts are with the family and the stress they have had to undergo therefore one cannot really promise anything. I feel as though there is a place where it is 'bright' or the word gold is maybe attached but it is not shining forth for some reason and I am seeing a mountain too. Perhaps there is that old saying about if we cant get to the mountain, we bring it to us??.

I hope something will help please remember Tarot is about POSSIBILITIES and NOT FACT. I am always prepared to accept that I could be wrong on any point.

All the information would include anything that is picked up in media and advice outside of that as well as being in past present and future epochs of time.

Just one more thought I have to put over, I can see metal and steel, has the ship been checked out thoroughly?  for example in the engine room or in areas like that where there is grease and oil because if Amy did not get off the boat and Tarot is just picking up all the 'surmised' theories, then all areas including difficult areas of the vessel should have been looked over and checked for DNA.I have no idea exactly what searching was done but just write this as it came into my mind.  Perhaps there are other strange reasons for mentioning it maybe linked to someone else. Anyway at least I have written it down.




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

Please note that maps in other countries can prove difficult and for that reason this map is one with a question mark.


 Show on  Maps

Show on  Maps 


The disappearance of Amy Bradley Was she sold into sex ...
3 May 2014 - Amy Lynn Bradley is an Virginian American citizen who went missing on board a Caribbean cruise ship in March 1998. She was last seen ...


  1. Hey! I simply wanted to point out, in your post you mentioned the name Trinidad. I live on the island of Trinidad (which is part of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago) which is to the south west the very last island in the chain of Caribbean islands. It is 40 km's off the coast of Venezuela (you can see it on your maps). Our country is known for it's Oil industry (oil is another thing you mentioned) and it's mountainous (as you also mentioned). When Trinidad was first discovered by Christopher Columbus, it was called La Trinity after the mountains he saw as he approached. Because of it's proximity to South America, there's a rumor that unfortunately it may be a main connection between South America & the rest of the world when it comes to drugs & human trafficking (I do not know much about that though).

    I just thought it's worthy of a mention as many of the characteristics mentioned in the tarot cards can apply to this country, yet it was not tagged in the maps (although the island is shown).

  2. Call me what you want,but I feel and see things and When I was reading everything you posted I had the same vision again,because I had several times in the past two years.I can see she is alive, and you described everything that happened with her. I can feel she is being kept against her will, she is always wearing a wig, she is very mentally ill, I would say " mentally broke." due the abuse suffered, she isnot herself anymore.Yes there are a group of people keeping her, they use guns,they travel from one place to another with her,they are using her for porn movies too. People have to check clubs/casinos with the name Princess and Queen.Try to see if you can pick it up something with this name Trinidad Club Princess- 44 Independence Square
    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

    I believe someone will rescue her,soon or later, but her family will see her again.

    1. After I saw her story on Vanished, I had a few dreams about Amy that involved a casino. So ironic that you mentioned a casino. I too sense things that for some reason have become true. Case and point, I knew that it was a matter of time with the World Trade Center. I was in high school during the first attack and I always said thereafter as time progressed that "they are not done with that building. I also questioned hoe people felt safe working in World Trade Center. I hope Amy is found and I very much dislike this delay with information and get safe return.

    2. A really weird and upsetting story. Sounds like some sort of low-life-organized sex ring..right,white slavery. I wish they did a better search for her; perhaps someone on staff was involved. I wish they would find her but it just seems unlikely she would endure without coming forward to her sad. Her family went through a nightmare.

  3. Amy Bradley and Madeleine Arison are one and the same. This is not an abduction off a ship, but rather a well planned operation to replace the original Madeleine. Question is, where is the 1st Mrs Arison?

    1. Can you please tell me who Madeleine Arison is and what she has to do with Amy I looked her up on google and can't find no connection between her and Amy

    2. Arison family founded Carnival Cruise Lines

    3. Anonymous I would really like to speak to you further about this. Can you please contact me on

    4. Hi Ziggie88, not sure which anon you would like to speak to. I am anon of 27 March 2014 @ 07:18. Just confirm if it is me you want contact with and I will pop a mail to you. As our posts need approval (and rightfully so), I will wait to see if Empathy or Dee allows this through. Kindest regards

    5. Isn't she the wife of Micky Alison (Miami Heat owner) that could be the sports element the cards pick up.

  4. I think that if they want Amy found they should send in someone they now like Amy's uncle or brother posing as a man wanting sex with her.maybe then she would be found.

    1. Yes, I am surprised more undercover work of this nature wasn't done. I know it can be expensive to hire people, but the family at the time had a lot of support. However, I know they have done their best. And they have also been cheated by people who pretended to help and took their money. Why would Amy be so important that an armed gang would use her for porno? There are many beautiful women in the world, some who are willing to do that. Why all this effort for one particular person? Perhaps she was taken for something else? What I wonder? Any ideas?

    2. Same thoughts!

    3. Yes, pretty senseless.

  5. I had the same idea going in and pretending to want someone to sleep with..

  6. I've seen that girl in Texas but very alias name and she had a child

    1. Would you be able to give any more information about your sighting?

  7. the word trinidad is mentioned could it be rrinidad and tobago an island close to where she disapaeard and also thw island next to grenada whis is where alister douglass lives now!


      He is involved in music and the chrurch

  8. Ron Bradley's Boss' name is Michael.

  9. Very interesting. Wonder if he matches the description on the cards? If he was involved? How was the employee/employer relationship? Maybe he knows something.

  10. I think she was gay and suppressed by her family (mother). She was expected to marry her boyfriend. New job. Finished school. New home. New puppy. Major life changes. Expectations of family more important than celebrating her true nature. I think she killed herself by jumping off the balcony.

  11. I have seen that Jas woman at Carlos and Charlie's while I was in a cruise and I'm pretty sure it was between 2005 2006. She looked like someone out of the 80's and she was very obvious an escort. This woman was with 2 men that looked like bodyguards. I just recently heard of this story and was shocked that Jas girl was exactly the woman we seen. I am not sure if it is Amy or not but it was embarassing to see her after men there. We felt very unsafe there.


    It's been 20 years since Amy went missing. Can you do an updated reading?

  13. interesting read. I just happened upon this on Facebook. More interesting is the reference to BOW. There was a BOW BOW bar in Aruba on Ponton 14 (references the number 14). however it just recently closed. only a few reviews one was underground bar for locals with girls.


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