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Thursday, 6 September 2012



On June 30, 2011 Steven Moline, Jr. was last seen on foot with a backpack near Bagby Hot Springs east Estacada.
The search began Saturday at 7 a.m. on the Pansy Lake Trailhead in Clackamas County.

According to the sheriff's office, the missing man is believed to be suffering from severe depression and may have suicidal thoughts. Moline also suffers from a seizure disorder and may be without his prescribed medication.

Moline is 6' 8" tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on Moline or his current location is asked to call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office at (503) 655-8211


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




I have been asked to look at Tarot for Steven Moline Jr. Tarot generally gives glimpses of past present and future which sometimes can provide a few clues. It cannot promise to solve an issue or be able to give exact locations but I write what I get and always hope something might help. Please read all the notes here on the blogger so that you understand how Tarot is written and please accept that Tarot is not considered to be 100 per cent accurate by law. It is wise always to read other factual sources of information.


I really like this photo of Steven it almost seems as though he is 'in the room' looking at it and after meditating with this very nice picture I wanted to know what happened. The problem is whether I am going to be given that or whether it is just what is felt by him. What I received was this two of pentacles reversed which is telling me that Steven had trouble with committments to family and to various areas of his life . Often they can be financial or work problems here and just feeling he cant get on top of it all. So I do feel stress and distress and an inability to juggle all his priorities. I could very well see him on the Trailhead because this line of cards could take us to a trailhead but the direction I am being given initially is North.

I note that Steven has been reported as having medical problems. I dont know if this affected work issues but I feel as though he had a list of things he wanted to do he might even have written them down because this card can even represent a message or some kind of list. I am not sure how that would figure but that 'it is what it is'.

I just feel that he was overwhelmed in some way by everything though and I can understand why the report is suggesting that he could have some form of depression. Its almost as though he feels he has 'nowhere to go'. Was it like that in his life? or perhaps its just the way he viewed it. Those stormy waters in the card show someone who walks a step forward and takes two steps back so its just like he might feel unbalanced in some way. Did he lose his balance perhaps?

I think he was always putting on a brave face and feigning to be ok or happy because that way he could mask his own thoughts and feelings but really perhaps he felt he could not live up to other peoples expectations.

Im not sure whether this is a good reflection of matters but only what I have. I do see financial worries here or some concern over finances. Perhaps he was asked for money and did not have any which would mean that someone might have tried to get money from him? I say this because someone might have wanted to get some quick cash and sometimes robbery can appear in this type of reading. Either way, lack of money or not being able to produce it?

These cards are always 'earth' cards as a rule so they tend to bring up rural places but initially as already said I am given North and the number 2 but South can come up here too whether in routes, directions or names of places. Im seeing a problem with knees? or lameness?

The descriptions given which may be landscape or attempting to name 'places' are pointing to farms, farming equipment, wood stores and farm animals roaming. Fallow or bare land, barren fields, land that is bushy and thorny, earth.
A feeling of being on or near the ground perhaps low dark places and there is some indication of water somewhere in the picture and even possibly boat names or a boatyard or just boats? There may be a 'barrier' such as , garden fences, gateposts and international borders.

Again maybe in a name or actuality. But there is also a link to church yards and ruins. Im feeling that closed in or confined spaces might come up and if he was inside a building I would think of on or near the floor or doors. Other descriptions could incorporate deserts, woods, valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, , coal-mines, sinks, possibly muddy places, wells and at some point possibly houses of offices. Again this could represent the name of somewhere.

Physically there could be health problems here. A feeling of being cold.


I seem to have a leaning towards the North West and a feeling of being stuck. This card can describe 'watery places' - maybe the name of a place? or actual water. But the feeling is of hanging around and not being able to go backwards or forwards just being stuck or suspended.

I have something about 'feet' here - and watery places seem to be described whether actual or named as fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, the ocean, and all places near to water inside or around the house.

This card also links us to holy places, or places of seclusion (might be churches or links to this in some way) but I feel somewhere that it is quiet? The colour white might come up again Im not too sure about this young man's health because there seems a lack of vitality here. Of course it just could mean that he is stuck in one place or it could have other connotations where by he has suffered illhealth. I do not dwell on this issue but try instead to describe location as best as I can.

I will need to look at a map to see what might figure here.
I see 'crouching' I dont know if he crouched down or whether there is another reason for this to come up. This card is a number 12 card, it could relate to the number 3 also. They might be numbers for route or direction. However, I am concerned about the number 4 - was he employed by someone who was pretty harsh or abusive? or perhaps there is an abusive man here ? also there might be a car involved

There is a description of a possible person here that could be described as straight and tall brown, ruddy oval or long face, full or fleshy, high forehead, large grey eyes, soft hair, auburn, perhaps a beard, large deep belly, strong looking big feet?


Asking when Steven might be found I receive the Queen of Wands reversed. There might be a delay in finding him and we have the number 13 here. Wands are weeks as a rule but it might even be anything up to 2013. I cant be completely accurate with timing but also this comes down to the figure 4. Maybe these are routes or numbers pertaining to them. There is not a lot to say about this Queen except a delay possibility and that generally it is South being given here - it might be March or April that comes up here possibly the 'fourth month'.

I do have a link back to the Emperor card which can bring into question a male or person who is dominant?
Im getting a red colour. Im not sure if this is anger from someone? I see a red complexion? direction is East - someone here who might have a red face? perhaps its not a person but if there is a person here then they are tanned with a lean body, long neck, large bones, not that tall but strong might have baldness or thinning of the hair. Im seeing heat and fire so burns and scars? or perhaps describing someplace hot? A construction worker?

Landscape is possibly described as actual or by name as sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Land where sheep/cattle or horses might be or names and also the same linking to small animals. Places where criminals might hide out?

Anything to do with fires, heat, chimneys or even bricks and mortar, ceilings, plastering or coverings of buildings. Attics might come up. Someone who flies off the handle or is unreasonable or angry comes up here. I might have to look at the map to see if there is anything that might make sense to this.

Im seeing red tape and someone who might know something and says nothing. The colour white shows up again and spring. Dental, bones might need to be checked. Im still seeing a delay in finding Steven so Im not sure it is yet for a while. I might be wrong, Im not sure if something has been reported or written down and its not true which might not help with the search. Again I might be wrong about that but I mention it just in case.

I cannot guarantee that everything I have seen will be absolutely correct but hopefully something here might assist. Is there someone called Michael? also a problem with medication comes up but that has already been reported already but just to let you know that this does come in.

I think there was a need to escape from unhealthy relationships or situations. There is a possible B and a J and something about a written message. Im not sure what? sex and weapons can come up on these cards not always the case but I always point it out as a possibility. I get the feeling there was a journey planned or something like a trip but did he go on it? I am seeing a B and a J or perhaps a D and an R might be initials of people or places.

If I think of anything else I will post it meanwhile this is a brief overview. Please combine all the information and please remember Tarot is past present and future and may incoporate all these influences.

I wonder if there are links to Redmond or Bend? I see a 20 route (2) and Bagby Springs is south of the 30 Route (3) Hood River? 12 Route appears to be Richland perhaps our reversed Hanged man might give us North East. Other thoughts - or possible links - Caldera Springs? - I think I will leave it to Dee to map things out as I am 'all over the map' otherwise and she has a better feel of maps then I do but I thought I would pick out those areas as possibilities knowing full well I might be way off course!!




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps


  1. In reflecting on Steven's tarot several things you reference do jump out at me....
    Trouble or issues w/ finances- as he was known/reported to have last been staying @the Martha Washington-housing for very low income and/or recently homeless //Had CASH ONLY tattooed on fingers (dont'know the significance of that, but it seems relevant)
    Medical issues/lack of vitality- as he was known/reported to suffer from epilepsy,hepatitis,to be HIV+,and
    also have joint/skeletal problems/issues(dislocations)
    I am sure these conditions contributed to his stress/distress, depression etc.and required many medications.He was also known to be a substance abuser. Maybe he made a list of things he would like to do in life...knowing he was incurably ill? He was also a gay man and maybe had some issues or felings relating to that?

    #2 and #4...From Portland Hwy224 East is the route to Bagby Hot Springs along the way you parralell the clackamas river w/ many boats and launches...
    Letters B./D./R.and J.- He was last with 4 people on this trip to the hot springs.Their names...Brian D./ Ruth / Jon / and Tom B.
    Ruth would be the owner/driver of the vehicle and the only (older)woman in the group(the queen of wands reversed?)Your physical description matches B.D. very closely
    Someone who knows something and says nothing-Tom B. does not want to give statements regarding Steven or what occurred 6-30-11
    Landmarks- We are a very rural , mountain area,there are many farms,fields,lakes,creeks,streams,ponds all around...also wild blackberries growing everywhere. When you say there is a possibility that a trip was planned but did he go? That makes me think if you head East on 224 towards Bagby---and you veered off and changed direction-you would be headed South/ OR-22

  2. (continued)South to OR-22 puts you headed towards Breitenbush Hot Springs and also Bend/Redmond.Off of 22 is an ABANDONED MINING/GHOST TOWN CALLED JAWBONE FLATS...(oral,dental,bone reference?)there are abandoned cabins,mine shafts, furnaces(fire/heat?)&equipment out there-
    If you were lost on Pansy trail and accidently walked south instead of towards Bagby---Jawbone Flats is where you would be directly headed...Also, while looking to see if any remains have been found in that area in the past year- I see human remains were found @ Niagara Park only two days ago.Niagara Park is directly across OR-22 from Jawbone Flats....


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