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Friday, 27 April 2012



Missing since April 29, 1986 from Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, New York.

Tammie McCormick, of 5 Deerleap Place, was last seen was last seen by family members the morning of April 29, 1986 before she attempted to catch the bus to the Saratoga Springs Junior High School, where she was a student. She missed the bus, and she never made it to the junior high school. She may have tried to hitchhike. She has not been seen, heard from or spotted by anyone since then.

Police were concerned early on, as she did not leave a note and did not take a change of clothing with her.

Her mother waited until two days later to report her daughter missing to the police because she thought Tammie may have stayed at a friend's. She said Tammie often stayed overnight with her friends, but would call the next morning to say she was OK.
Foul play is suspected.

If you have any information concerning McCormick's whereabouts, please contact:
Saratoga Springs Police Department


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.



27TH APRIL 2012

I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot to see if anything might come up for Tammie who has been missing a very long time. As always all I can do is write what Tarot gives to me and most of the details are past present and future and combined - meaning - no particular order.

Tarot is not considered to be 100 per cent accurate by law so I recommend you always check factual sources.

The first thing that is so striking about Tammie is that glorious red hair! and she also looks quite a bit older for her age giving a very mature appearance. Back in 86, this was the fashion for our hair I remember it well!
I am looking now at the first card Tarot has given to us.


From this card it seems to indicate a feeling of pleasant memories of someone she likes and the cards seem to indicate invitations from friends or even from someone that she liked in particular. This card seems to show us a boy and a girl and that they may have got together, or it could alternatively be a friend that she knew for some time and enjoyed their company they might even have known each other as younger children. This card can portray that but it can also portray a change of residence so it is possible that Tammy met up with old friends or someone in particular to reminisce or just chat and may have planned a trip/journey to do just that. That is what it seems to be here on first glance but is certainly pointing to old friends and acquaintances. It could signify some fantasy love affair but she seems so young for that. We really can be infatuated in the Ace of cups. I am feeling that she met someone familiar and an invitation was there.

Love affairs can be budding in this card too its not out of the question so it might not necessarily be a female to meet up with here but possibly even a male. I think that someone might have given a lift to Tammy going towards a lake area. It is a West card primarily with a 6 number here.

Its just an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia for an old friend and a reunion so linking up with them again. Thats really the main feature that comes across to me here. The only thing that would puzzle me here is that there is a lot of home environment and it does not really indicate her going out of her home town which is a bit puzzling. Here we have a garden and a house in the background and everything looking quite familiar. If this card was reversed this entire situation could read very negative whereby people familiar to her have turned deceitful and not giving correct information about her. It could signify that someone she trusted was a liar and conniving and out to do her harm.

However, though that can appear , it was not the first thing that came to mind as I am trackingn her on that day. Other things that could come up are the intials M or W, a water area, vicinity, a bridge and even a castle showing her looking back at that. The castle is often significant of the home so as said before Im not sure that she went a long way from the place she knew? The only cards that are a bit problematic would be the four of cups whereby she could have been offered to do something and refused and this has led to some deep disappointment and a feeling of sorrow. That would come up in the Bridge elements.

I am wondering if something was said that threw her off course in her thinking?

This card can really represent how she was feeling at the time. It is an emotional card and full of flowers and the idea that someone taller or older then her is making her feel appreciated in some way. There are 'people' in these cards, someone young, and mother and father are here but also there could be a batchelor link. Someone older and kind like a father figure to her. On the surface and taken at face value these could be her thoughts on the day. A dreamlike quality , fantasy does come to mind if I was truthful. Did she fantasise?


Sometimes regardless of what I ask Tarot it can throw up other circumstances but here I have asked where Tammy might be. This card gives me the Chariot which is reversed. Everything that is reversed is not going to give us the situation in the most positive light

This card can actually describe vehicles, car crashes, cars going off the road and even scrap metal dealers because we have 'broken cars' here. But what I seem to feel is that there is some kind of interference and contrarities here. For one thing there is the promise of the lovers and this is reversed because it shows that someone would not approve of a relationship and on the other hand it can suggest that there is a stalker, or being watched by somebody.

Now that does not exactly speak about location does it? so looking at this card again, we have North and North East, I would need to check that but this card is giving us something about vehicles , and if Tammy is never found this card might suggest that her health was affected because in the strength card we have respiration problems here. We are being shown a fork in the road but also I get that 'garden ' word come up again that we have in the six of cups. Pots are also in the six of cups.

There is a feeling of being hidden and concealed and a HILL or a place near a HILL. Having said that it could even be mountains or mountains are nearby. So maybe this is somewhere near mountains. Roses can show up and small animals that might roam wild.

The strength card is showing us a rural area and that water appears again there running alongside the land. If anything did happen to Tammie this card might indicate being found by dental records but I dont dwell on that side of the matter because right now the question is about Location even though other messages will pop up here. I am seeing a blue tarpaulin that you might put over a car . Maybe its just something that is blue.

The Chariot is a card that links to all the sevens and reversed sevens are not great cards. They can show trickery, lies, cunning , deceit, fields, farmers, farming land, disembodiment, disorientation, being attacked near or by a Hill and in general throw up a true can of worms.

This set of cards and particularly the Chariot reversed can show senseless violence and attacking someone weaker then us. So its all turned a it sour in these cards. Security is threatened and protection is removed . Again though with cancerian elements it does not seem to be far from the home or home town. There ia fence here or an enclosure and a field.

I do see her 'journey' postponed so wherever she was going something got in the way and it could be that she was attacked. There is a quarrel here because she did not get on her bus. So who quarrelled with her because it seems to be here. First we have all the dreamy notions and now we have some stark reality . This appears to have all happened before May. It seems to show that two people here have fallen out or even a connection to the family or someone known by family is appearing here.

It might be wrong and I have to say that its possible Tarot is wrong but, I think Tarot is right and if its wrong in any way it would be my interpretation. It is quite clear to me that Tarot is saying that someone from the family or known or connected to the family either via Tammie or in some way might have stalked her and then some kind of quarrel has issued here and a problem with transport because the Twins reversed are distinctly showing that there are three people here. One person is very authoritarian and Tammi is getting shouted at or abused or talked down to here. In fact the person that is in this card is abusive and in ways that I think are not appropriate. But is it a stranger or not?

Well I am not sure if it is a complete stranger. It could be a person that appears nice but they change tack and fast. The Hermit reversed can also show sexual things and often an older man.
The Hill or cliff, or mountains that is not far away seems to be a marker and the number 7.

Just because this all looks really bad does not always result in someone being killed. However, these are cards that rank abuse so therefore its realistic to say its possible but the most prominent factor is that this is all about Transport at this point. So, its a matter of trying to pinpoint directions. The Twins normally would look West but this is reversed and Im wondering if we are having to think of WEST as in the first card and also North East? a sort of sandwich of places?

Home seems to be in the West direction on the first card but so could a place that is very familiar to this girl. We have lost our strength and might in the Chariot, we are disarmed and we have lost our protection somehow. How did we get to that? well, someone made us disappear . There is a negative will here, so Im not feeling that its voluntary despite all the dreamy antics in the first card. We have no nurturing here and no protection, harsh words and abuse or quarrels levelled at us.

It could be from someone who acts in a strong role in our eyes but they turn against us. Some pick this card for non biological fathers or father type figures or someone we think we should look up to. We seem to have lost something, we have lost our belongings , our bag or purse or whatever we have on us.

Rocks and Cliffs come up but I seem to feel they are covered in the mention of a Hill. If there is transport here something has gone terribly wrong with that.

The Hermit can even show us a hole in the ground , its also a card that conceals facts and information, hides things away, its secretive because it does not shine light on anything and it also gives the impression that someone sticks their head in the sand. I dont quite know how to take that personally.

Maybe there are trailers and caravans or places like that in the area? The feeling is of being overthrown at the last minute and all our thoughts and plans are broken. One other thing is the feeling of a SMELL and the image of Gardens. The twins give us two Hills and often relates to the word EDEN. Above all we might have a runaway car here and it might be crashed transport? or some kind of significance here to a vehicle.

Here we are looking at the sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, etc. or if inside a house it represents cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water but overall I am still seeing the home town and the home itself. It just depends whether home means family home or whether it is just a home? I keep thinking its within Tammies own community . I will look at a map.

Meanwhile we have a description of a vagabond and a drunk. Someone that has grey eyes and is fairly plump and moon looking in their features.

Looking at the cards I would have considered that somewhere dark could be a basement of a building/house but certainly out of sight OR that we are kept in the dark!! Is there not an older person here that should have the answer? possibly so.


Asking when Tammie will be found this is a rather difficult card. It does give us number 18 reversed, which can be 81, or 1 and 8 or added can be a 9 or 6. There may be a watery/damp place here and there may also be a bridge. But I still feel she is somewhere familiar.

This card is showing us many illusions and may link in the past to some area in her own vicinity. I cant see her out of there because I dont see her moving on but maybe Im having a bad day?
Here we see there is little hope because there are too many illusions and deceptions. The moon reversed is not going to give you the truth, it takes the whole situation and puts it under 'queer light' so that what you think you see or feel is far from that in the clear light of day.

I dont see the clear light of day, I see scary things, monster things and things you cant make out properly like when you stare into the dark and think a shape is something it is not, or when you look into water and its too murky to make anything out. Thats how this card feels. It is also one of those cards that if someone was drugged up and asked a simple question nothing they said would make any sense and therefore asking when this girl will be found will come back right at you with a quizzical look.

There are problems to finding Tammy but even with all this strangeness this card can tell us that problems can be overcome. So though we have a no hope signal in the star, this card tells us that perhaps if we look it all square in the eye, we might be able to find a way to solve the problem. It depends how good you are at getting out of a maze or being able to pick up a marble with no hands. No one said it would be easy!

This card is directly linked to Cancer the home but also water - but also a North direction. This is reversed and may include South .

Sometimes the directions are names of streets and its very hard to decide when they are reversed in this way. It can even suggest in this card that mysteries are already solved but there is still this illusion there that mars the picture and muddies everything so final conclusions are hanging but not firmly slapped on the table. The North West can come up here to split the difference . Water retention is often on this card and it can suggest being under water equally it can show that emotionally the situation is suppressed and one has to be aware and careful regarding false accusations and assumptions.

Overall, I think this is a nightmare card because its so difficult to define a time to be found within it when it is so unclear. The Star does not really give much hope at card 17 and the Moon is not behaving very well either the next card relates to travel . So perhaps if the travel situation could be clarified, we might find this girl as its due to travel or something with that which has created a big problem here.

I will consider these cards and add a little more once I have digested what Tarot has given. I think Tarot can be a little TMI sometimes and then just make it even more difficult to work things out, but you know it really does try to explain things to us. Its up to us to have the knowledge to be able to nod at what makes sense. Something will, but as the reader I do not know what will ring bells here and what remains to be seen.

Remember Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and it is wise to consider very carefully all the facts that are already known.


When I looked at the Map for the area Tammie lived I saw that thre is a road with the name wheel nearby her home street. Also noted the Lake to the East called Saratoga lake and a boating place by a bridge. It may be environmental but that road is a 9 Road which I though was interesting and wondered if she might have gone that way or someone she knew?


  1. Psychic Readings. The content was really very interesting. I am really thankful to you for providing this unique information. Please keep sharing more and more information.

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  3. This is all very interesting. Some details I know that relate to the '06 the local police received a tip. A local corrections officer, had died a few years prior and he was always a person of interest. Older than her she was headed to his place on Saratoga Lake that day. The officer and someone from a missing persons organization searched the area in 06. There was never any follow up in the news after this.

  4. 2017, they are digging up a backyard of a home were she may have been burried in a field. Home is next to a dinner. There used to be a blue tarp on the home. Basement leaks during rain and winter. Junk car lot just down the road. There is the lake way back, mountains in the distance across the road.

  5. Tammie, 2017, Mayfield NY digging up backyard of a house. Believed to be burried here. House is next to a dinner. Mountains in the distance across the road. Basement leaks. Bunch of junk in back. Cars, boats, metal, etc. Was a tarp on side of house.


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