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Saturday, 28 April 2012



The 43-year-old was last seen walking down Brookfield Rd, in Brisbane's west, on the evening of April 19th 2012

Police are seeking public assistance to help locate missing 43-year-old woman, Allison Baden-Clay.

Ms Baden-Clay was last seen at a residence on Brookfield Road at Brookfield around 10pm last night.

She is described being Caucasian, has blonde hair and is around 165cm tall with an average build. She was last seen wearing grey track suit pants and a grey/black top with white running shoes.

Police are urging anyone who may have seen Ms Baden-Clay last night or today to contact Crime Stoppers.

Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.



28 APRIL 2012

I have been asked on the Blogger if I would look at Tarot for Alison to see what advice can be given. Tarot can often give glimpses into mysterious situations but nothing I see can be guaranteed as Tarot is not 100 per cent guaranteed by Law. I simply write down what I get and I have to hope that something will resonate and be useful in some way or that some pattern can be picked up and applied in a way that assists. Tarot seems to give information that is past present and future so will cover or adhere to facts known if it picks it up and refer to other issues that it wants to put forward.

I have asked tarot what may have occurred on the day in question and will write now what I have been given.


Tarot has given to me the Sun card which seems to indicate that this lady was travelling and the first thing I think here is happiness and joy and family elements are here.

There does not seem to be anything untoward on this card does there? or is there? This card is 19th card and it is directly giving me the day and I have only just realised it as Im pondering why its such a nice card and feeling surprised really as I had no idea it would be this card that would pop out. This card is the family home. There are children here and it just paints the rosy picture of somebodys home and travelling because this is a travelling card .
So on the surface it would not really make you bat an eyelid but, there are other factors here.

I get a sense of business achievement and faithfulness in a relationship and theres a nice feel about this card in relation to this lady. It may be her personality here very bright and even her picture seems to bring forward a person who is involved in family life and children and this card can even represent going on holiday or for a visit somewhere too. Tarot is past present and future and I have not looked at any details regarding this lady because I need a fresh canvas to work with .

So lets just explore a moment here. This card is telling us about contentment and freedom from restraints so was she on holiday or thinking about it because it just seems to be in this card. There is something here about a YEAR on this card and right now I am failing to see the connection but I will try to figure that. I just seem to see some good opportunities for her, perhaps new ventures and a general feeling of well being, things falling into place for her, was everything just too good ? or was she just such an inspirational or creative person that was good at things? good at business and able to see the light and joy in everything because there is so much positive energy in this card.

As an upright card you really could not get anything better, its the kind of card that if you wished for things or were hoping for things to go right its a yes all the way. Its that positive. But if this card is reversed it would show a terrible marriage, problems with connecting with children and very negative aspects unhappiness .

This card also can show the head of a person which brings about that creativity as its all brainwork but again healthwise it can show someone who has hurt their head and in this card we can also get an axe. However, lets not dwell there because the upshot of everything is the homelife, vacation feeling good.
All fine then?

No not quite, there are some kind of illusions here, because though the sun can radiate such a wonderful array of good feelings, we have the moon sitting next door which is almost laughing at that - and saying, well, you didnt feel that yesterday.

The moon is an odd card it can bring up problems with mothers or motherhood, it can throw a lot of deception on the situation, so is someone here giving off the idea that everything in the garden is rosy when actually its not like that at all? after the Sun we have Judgement, and this card is putting the past behind us and accepting whats wrong or what not right and coming to terms with things but overall it is suggesting that we move on and travel. So this card is showing that this lady must have been travelling as we have it here. In what way or where at first the Sun would give me the East and West which is showing going to and from a destination either East the startpoint and going West or have some other significance here in names of places perhaps. Number 19 on the card.

The sun card points out two children in particular but in general we have positive thoughts or a project in mind . Perhaps upgrading something in her life. This could include moving to a better paying and more satisfying job, updating or remodelling hte home or even moving to a warmer or sunnier climate. The whole vision I have is of here seems to be forward thinking but there is a dominating factor here because we have Leo so strong which shows there might be somebody who is rather dominating about events and issues or maybe has too much to say in it all?

I hoped this card would tell us what happened but as you can see Im getting this big picture here and I cant see anything negative in it.
If someone is missing the immediate reaction is that something is wrong and I am looking at the Sun card and scratching my head.


I thought I would push the time on instead to 10 pm and see if we can get anything around then and all I see here again is a trip, an adventure, something exciting. Someone contacts us or we ring them and off we go. The whole emphasis is on entertainment and being with someone who is sporty, friendly, warm, lots of fun and possibly being in a car.

This page is possibly to do with work or some social element sometimes depicted as a younger relative or friend, an apprentice, student, or assistant if its a person its someone in the life of this woman I would have thought. Sex and weapons/lust can come up on this card its not all hunky dory if you look over your shoulder, wands can be very contraversial cards. But for some reason we have been given this card having asked about this time of day.

The negative side is that a car crashes or comes to a halt - and there is some arguing, quarrels and bad behaviour going on here about this 'trip'. It can turn nasty but the overall opinion is showing what was occurring or that somehow this is a possible look in to events that are something like this as an upright situation its just whether it has turned sour or not.

Someone really could turn bossy here and demanding, oh goodness why dont they just shut up!


Well, this card can imply that someone has chosen self concealment and isolation. The area here is often thought of as hillsides or high landscape or uneven ground, being hidden, left in the dark, holes in the ground , mountains, just somewhere dark . Trailers and caravans and off the beaten track are often associated with this card but so is being under a roof so perhaps attics or if underground - cellars/basements. But I can only give what the cards tell me and I cannot say if it will turn out to be the case or not until the answers come in.

On the surface of it this is self imposed isolation away from family and friends. That does not seem that anyone is responsible except this lady. Did she choose to go off on her own, well yes if the hermit was upright, but how it would transpire she chose herself to be hidden or concealed is a direct contradiction.

This card reversed to me, shows that she could have wanted to have time to think things through perhaps there was a lot going on her life and it was time to evaluate things to put things into prospective perhaps and decide what she wanted to do next. So Im wondering if Im looking at 'going underground' as being something that allowed her to consider many things.

This card can show fear too, and a bad feeling here. I am not sure if Im getting her thoughts and the situation all rolled into one. Nothing would surprise me with Tarot, perhaps she wanted to have some time out and it was opposed. Perhaps she thought if she put her feelings out that they would not be accepted and something has gone terribly wrong here because there is such a contradiction on this card.

As for where she is we have a 9 or a 6 on this card and to my mind it seems to give a familiar place that she re visits. So either Im going up with egg on my face with this Tarot and have completely read this wrong, but she might not have disappeared as such in the true sense of the word because for some reason I see her back in her familiar surroundings???? or returning to a place that is familiar.

Again this could be past present or future and I cannot decide that time element but I see a trip postponed here so she must be near her vehicle if she was driving one? I think she is alone but I also feel that there is a man here and there is some kind of family interference, there might even be some kind of abuse that has gone on at some point.

South does come up here , south by west in particular but this is a reversed card so that could bring in the East factor that I saw in the first card. I am not sure what to think if I was honest because the Moon card can show being disorientated and it just seems like there is some deceptions here, perhaps everything does look ok on the surface but it is not and there are underlying factors.
Hermits reversed never make me feel good .

They might show someone hiding through fear and they also show a vehicle with problems or that has had damage or dents in the next card.

Theres something about a debt to pay or perhaps some form of possible vengeance. Im not sure how this is presenting itself its rather unclear. There is a lot of water associated with the moon card but that can be emotions drugs drink anything of that nature but I dont see that immediately in location unless there is water or water names near the home.

The home is in Brookfield so I think that would explain that but a hole? or a basement , hidden or concealed in some respect either self imposed or not. Thats what i have and its dark, somewhere that you need to shine a light. Agricultural land can come up here besides the other descriptions and also somewhere constricted or confined.

This lady could have been stalked. Stalked is not just when someone follows you, its being harranged too.


Again another reversed card and it could seriously bring up some very negative things and as for finding this lady reversed cards bring delays even when the truth is known it is not often announced right away so it gives indications that its possible that some things are known but not said. I might be wrong but thats how this seem to come across to me.

There is a 1 and 4 on this card or it could be 41 or number 5 all numbers which could represent timing or even routes or have other significances. Im sorry its not any clearer then that. Wands are weeks though and sometimes it genuinely works out as weeks but otherwise we are given numbers only that refer to other elements. I see some red tape attached here somewhere and Im getting a really strict and strong almost hitler type feeling here . Negative attitude. Im seeing some kind of construction here. Perhaps there has to be a re construction of events to work things out in this case. I think if this female is not found with 14 weeks I should look again. It may represent two weeks. I just see delays here or some kind of difficulty in finding her. This card can be a fireman card too maybe they will have a purpose in the finding of her.

I just seem to have looked at a lovely woman and somehow the cards have gone from looking at the situation maybe one that was painted as fine and normal and happy and there are other elements here that have negatised it . I dont have an absolute time period for her being found I keep thinking there is some kind of obstacle to that because perhaps some wrong advice has been given and that can hold things up.
Being as the 5 is the card of the Pope we often have church names come up on that card, also 'keys' and sometimes even 'quay side' whether that is a location I cannot be sure but though water did show up I was not pulled so strongly to that. I might be wrong of course.

I think the best thing for me is to look again at the situation for Alison over the next month to see if I can get something clearer as there is a feeling that unconventional methods have to be employed in order to find her.

At the moment delays seem to be the strongest factor. Maybe because of the Knight cars are linked considering that there seems to be a problem with one here. Maybe forensics have to check everything? Expect a delay.


Earlier yesterday, police searched his parents' property in nearby Kenmore and his office at Taringa, taking away several bags of items and a computer.

A TIRED and drawn Gerard Baden-Clay yesterday returned to the Brisbane home he s...See More

Today’s search includes resources from Metro South and Metro North police regions, Police Divers, the Police Mounted Unit and the State Emergency Service

Police investigating the disappearance of Allison Baden-Clay have renewed their appeal for anyone that might have seen either of two vehicles (pictured) on the night Ms Baden-Clay went missing (last Thursday evening or early Friday morning), to contact them. Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth,


BROOKFIELD residents have told of hearing a woman's screams that became muffled ...

Body found as search for missing woman Allison Baden-Clay enters 11th day

  • Body discovered - identity not confirmed

Ambulance arrives to retrieve the body. Picture: AAP
Detective Superintendent Mark Ainsworth told reporters the clothes on the woman’s body appeared to be similar to those reported to be worn by Mrs Baden-Clay when she was last seen.
The 43-year-old was last seen in grey tracksuit pants and a dark top on April 19.
"At this stage we haven't made an examination of the body," Supt Ainsworth said.
"The clothing is of similar appearance.''
At 1.15pm, police were seen arriving at the offices of Century 21 Real Estate at Taringa where Mrs Baden-Clay's husband, Gerard, works, and left soon after.
Mr Baden-Clay had earlier arrived at the offices with his father.
About 1pm, police divers arrived at the site, which is about a 20-minute drive from the Baden-Clay family home in Brookfield.
Mt Crosby Road has been closed to all traffic from Hawkesbury Road to Tandera Roads at Anstead.
A body wearing "similar" cothes to those Alsion Baden-Clay was last seen wearing has been found near a weir today by a person canoeing. Picture: Glenn Barnes

Police road block on Mt Crosby Road after discovery of body in Baden-Clay case.

Ms Baden-Clay's family have been advised that the body, which was discovered by a passing canoeist at Kholo Creek in Mt Crosby about 11am today, "may be her''.
"Families of Allison Baden-Clay, including the husband's family and Allison's parents Mr and Mrs Dickie, have been advised,'' he said.
"We're treating it very seriously that it may be her.''
The woman's body was found under the Kholo bridge on the banks of the creek in an area which is not easily accessible, according to police.
Ms Baden-Clay was last seen in grey tracksuit pants and a dark top 11 days ago.

treasure map icon

Dee has provided a Map for where Allison went missing and where a body has been found. Body has not yet been ID'd


Police confirm body as Allison Baden-Clay

Read more:

Police today confirmed the body found on the bank of a creek in Brisbane's west yesterday was that of Mrs Baden-Clay, who has been missing since April 19.

The body was found more than 13km, or a 20-minute drive, from the Baden-Clay family home.

  1. Police step up hunt for answers over Allison Baden-Clay; husband adds barrister to team‎ - 9 minutes ago
    A "DEVASTATED'' Gerard Baden-Clay has hired a second lawyer on the same day police confirmed that his wife Allison had been murdered.
Mr Baden-Clay is the great grandson of scouting founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and has been an active member of the local scouting community.


Allison Baden-Clay's parents tell of their grief for murdered daughter

Allison Baden-Clay's parents tell of their grief for murdered daughter ...

Mrs Baden-Clay's best friend, Kerry-Anne Walker, has helped the Dickies in their ordeal and was at the search site every day. She was one of the last to have contact with Mrs Baden-Clay, texting her on the night she disappeared about her plans for the following day.
"That Friday was a busy day for her. She had a full-day conference in town and the kids were having a sleepover that night, so she would have got all her stuff ready," Mrs Walker said.
"I had texted her that day, the Thursday, and she texted me back that night saying she'd drop around on her way home from this conference .
"She arranged to drop some stuff off for me on the way home. So it was all a bit of a shock."

  1. Gerard Baden-Clay retrieves photos of murdered wife Allison for her funeral
    Herald Sun‎ - 59 minutes ago
    GERARD Baden-Clay returned to Indooroopilly police station yesterday as council workers cleared thick scrub from the creek where his wife's ...

Husband's ex-colleague quizzed in Allison Baden-Clay murder case ...
1 day ago – POLICE investigating the death of Allison Baden-Clay have interviewed a female former colleague of her husband, Gerard, for the third time, ...
Police yesterday remained near the scene where they found the body.
Crime scene tape cordoned off one of the gates off Bunya Rd to the nearby Tyamolum Scout Grounds as well as a segment of bushland on Wirrabara Rd near to Kholo Creek, where Mrs Baden-Clay's body was found under a Mt Crosby Rd bridge.
It is understood the bushland nearby has previously been used by people playing games including laser skirmish on weekends but was otherwise relatively isolated, although it was used by local Scouting associations.
The 15ha Scouting grounds are intersected by several waterways that spill into Kholo Creek.
They are usually bounded with signs to warn trespassers the area is private property, belonging to the Scout Association of Australia.
The landscape of the grounds, which contain several shelters and some cleared roadways, is typical of the bushland of the area, with thick, tall gum trees and deep gullies.


Sydney Morning Herald
Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation hinges on results of two key forensic tests
Courier Mail‎ - 3 hours ago
POLICE are awaiting the results of two key tests which will allow them to step up their investigation into the murder of Brisbane mother Allison .

Allison Baden-Clay murder hunt cops focus on road clue | News ...
1 hour ago – THE hunt for the killer of Brookfield mum Allison Baden-Clay continues, with investigators tight-lipped about whether their recent focus on a ...


Police ask: Did two people kill mum Allison Baden-Clay?

Read more:


Allison Baden-Clay's loved ones pledge justice for murdered mum ...
1 hour ago – POLICE have visited Gerard Baden-Clay at his parent's house this morning, as they continue to search for the killer of his wife Allison.



    1. Facts on Allison Baden-Clay's murder to be revealed by pathology tests, says expert
      Herald Sun‎ - 1 day ago
      THE man whose expert evidence freed Lindy Chamberlain says Allison Baden-Clay's body would be telling the story of her death to detectives ...
  1. Baden-Clay tests may lead to killer's arrest
    9 hours ago – Allison Baden-Clay : Police believe attack was not random and ... of Brookfield mum-of-three Allison Baden-Clay as early as this week with key ...
  2. Allison Baden-Clay's parents say they are staying strong for their ...
    3 hours ago THE parents of Allison Baden-Clay say they're staying strong for their granddaughters and have asked the community to keep praying for a ...
  3. Facts on Allison Baden-Clay's murder to be revealed by pathology ...
    1 day ago – A SCIENTIST who gave forensic evidence in the defence of Lindy Chamberlain says Allison Baden-Clay's body would be telling the story of her ...
  4. Allison Baden-Clay knew her killer, police say, confident of arrest ...
    2 days ago – POLICE believe Allison Baden-Clay knew her killer, and are confident they will make an arrest soon.


  1. No rest in hunt for Allison Baden-Clay's killer as police await ...
    8 hours ago – TOMORROW marks four weeks of heartache since mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay disappeared but the floral tributes being laid at her ...
  2. Witness tells Allison Baden-Clay murder probe of two four-wheel ...
    2 days ago – A WITNESS has told police of seeing two four-wheel-drives near Kholo Creek crossing early on the day Allison Baden-Clay was reported ...
  3. Allison Baden-Clay's tragic murder captured our hearts, police ...
    29 minutes ago – ALLISON Baden-Clay was an innocent whose tragic story captured the hearts of the public, Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson ...

BigPond News
Police continue inquiry into Allison Baden-Clay's murder despite having suspect
Courier Mail‎ - 2 hours ago
POLICE are still interviewing friends and family of Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay in their quest to solve the murder of the Brookfield mother of


BigPond News

BigPond News
  1. Allison Baden-Clay toxicology tests reveal nothing as murder probe continues
    Herald Sun‎ - 1 day ago
    TOXICOLOGY results from the investigation into murdered mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay have failed to provide any answers.


BigPond News
  1. Baden-Clay's cause of death may remain secret‎ - 26 minutes ago
    ALLISON Baden-Clay's cause of death may remain a closely guarded secret until her killer is charged after investigating officers yesterday ...

  1. Herald Sun‎ - 11 hours ago


  1. Allison Baden-Clay's husband charged with murder

    Brisbane Times‎ - 28 minutes ago
    After almost two months of meticulous investigation, homicide police called a halt to endless public speculation yesterday and charged ...
  1. The Daily Telegraph (blog)‎ - 24 minutes ago

  1. Gerard Baden-Clay's first night in jail after being charged with the murder of his wife Allison

    The Daily Telegraph‎ - 10 hours ago
    IT lasted about a minute - and he had his back to the public gallery the whole time - but the husband of murdered Brisbane mother Allison ...
  1. The Australian‎ - 10 hours ago
  2. ABC Online‎ - 3 hours ago


  1. Police want accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay's beard for forensic testing‎ - 1 hour ago
    ACCUSED wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay will remain in Arthur Gorrie Correctional ... To donate to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children Appeal.



Brisbane Times
  1. by: Alison Sandy, Kate Kyriacou
    Herald Sun‎ - 20 hours ago
    DRAMATIC details have emerged in the murder case against Gerard Baden-Clay from affidavits relied on for his Supreme Court bail ...
  1. Brisbane Times‎ - 1 day ago


News for allison baden clay

Sky News Australia
  1. Parents of accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay empty rented Brookfield house
    Herald Sun‎ - 14 hours ago
    GERARD Baden-Clay is giving up the lease on the Brookfield family home where his wife, Allison, was last seen alive.

  1. Baden-Clay's parents 'refused police requests'
    Herald Sun‎ - 3 days ago
    THE parents of Gerard Baden-Clay refused requests for further information and interviews during the massive effort to solve the death of his wife, Allison, police claim in court documents. ... Last Updated: July 02, 2012 ...


  1. Gerard Baden-Clay's midnight call to father discovered at last minute ...
    24 Jun 2012 – ... Gerard Baden-Clay and his father, Nigel, on the night his wife Allison went missing was discovered only at the ... Last updated: July 28, 2012 ...
  2. Allison Baden-Clay murder: Rumour of indemnity application for ...
    12 Jun 2012 – Baden-Clay update Rumours. THE LUNCH ... Allison Baden-Clay. REMEMBERING: Allison Baden-Clay was a loving mother and a dear friend.
  3. Allison Baden-Clay Murder: Documents Show Case Against Husband
    27 Jun 2012 – Police photos allegedly show Allison Baden-Clay's blood in her husband Gerard's car Click to ... Please Log in to update your video settings ...
  4. Allison Baden-Clay murder case: Gerard Baden-Clay vows to fight ...
    14 Jun 2012 – UPDATE: GERARD Baden-Clay has appeared before a packed court to face a charge of murdering his wife Allison in their QLD home.
  5. Allison Baden-Clay: Her Life Before and After Marriage to Gerard ... - Australia
    15 Jun 2012 – Allison Baden-Clay, 41, left three young girls behind when she was ... Verizon Strike Update: More Acts of Vandalism Reported in Virginia ...
  6. Allison Baden-Clay: Top 5 Questions on Murder Case Investigation ... - Australia
    1 Jun 2012 – Allison Baden-Clay, mother of three young girls from Queensland, was ... Verizon Strike Update: More Acts of Vandalism Reported in Virginia ...
  7. Baden-Clay charged with murder, lawyers seek bail |
    14 Jun 2012 – ACCUSED murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will remain in custody for at least a week until his bail application is heard. ... Last updated: July 28, 2012 ... Gerard Baden-Clay has been charged with the murder of his wife, Allison.
  8. Gerard Baden-Clay's father Nigel denied close contact with son ...
    7 Jul 2012 – THE father of Gerard Baden-Clay has been banned from having a contact visit with ... Last updated: July 28, 2012 ... agent, 41, who last month was charged with murdering his wife Allison, but has been denied it by authorities.
  9. Parents barred from seeing accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay ...
    16 Jun 2012 – Last updated: July 20, 2012 ... BADEN-CLAY: Alison Sandy reports on the charges against Gerard Baden- ... The murder of Allison Baden-Clay ...


Baden-Clay faces three-year wait in custody | The Australian
23 Jun 2012 – POLICE believe Brisbane mother of three Allison Baden-Clay was ... when she was last seen at their home in Brisbane's dress-circle suburb of ...


Diary reveals betrayal of Allison Baden-Clay

Brisbane Times ‎- 2 days ago
Within the last entry of a journal belonging to slain Brookfield mother Allison Baden-Clay was a drawing penned by her husband Gerard ...

  1. Sky News Australia‎ - 4 days ago


    Court to hear case involving Allison Baden-Clay's insurance policy ...
    Jan 23, 2013 – THE company holding Allison Baden-Clay's second life insurance policy will head to court next month to determine who should get the money.

    Public donates $140000 to Allison's kids - The Courier-Mail
    Jan 13, 2013 – GENEROUS members of the public have donated about $140,000 to help the three young children of alleged murder victim Allison Baden-Clay ...

    previous news:

    Family can't stop Allison Baden-Clay's secret property sale deal from ...
    Sep 7, 2012 – THE secret sale of an investment property bought for Allison Baden-Clay and her brother cannot be stopped by her family despite father Geoff ...

    Investment property bought for Allison Baden-Clay secretly sold by ...
    Sep 6, 2012 – AN investment property bought for murdered Brookfield mother Allison Baden-Clay and her brother Ashley has been secretly sold by her ...


    Suggestion of suicide adds twist to Baden-Clay case › Queensland

    Amy Remeikis
    by Amy Remeikis - in 22 Google+ circles
    Dec 16, 2012 – While the cause of Allison Baden-Clay's death remains unknown, her husband, Gerard Baden-Clay, has been charged with her murder.

    Suggestion of suicide adds twist to Baden-Clay case › Queensland

    Amy Remeikis
    by Amy Remeikis - in 22 Google+ circles
    Dec 16, 2012 – While the cause of Allison Baden-Clay's death remains unknown, her husband, Gerard Baden-Clay, has been charged with her murder.

    LATEST NEWS 2013

      1. Baden-Clay charged phone after time he claimed to be asleep: court
        Brisbane Times ‎- 6 days ago
        Moggill MP Bruce Flegg tells a Brisbane court Tuesday that he heard two female screams on the night Allison Baden-Clay went missing.
      1. Yahoo!7 News‎ - 7 hours ago
    1. Gerard Baden-Clay Murder Committal | Day Four | March 2013 › Queensland
      2 days ago – Mr Baden-Clay broke off the affair on September 14, 2011 when his wife Allison became aware of the relationship. Ms McHugh told the court ...
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      ... Recreation Health. Gerard Baden Clay articles over last 30 days ... 2013/03/18 09:52 ... Gerard Baden-Clay, husband of missing woman Allison Baden-Clay.
    4. Murder accused Baden-Clay told former mistress to 'lay low' - ABC ...
      2 days ago – Updated March 19, 2013 07:18:01 ... Baden-Clay has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Allison and interfering with her body, which was ...
    5. Forensic expert testifies at Baden-Clay murder committal hearing ...
      7 days ago – Updated March 14, 2013 07:08:58. Forensic ... Baden-Clay has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife Allison and interfering with her corpse.
    6. Baden-Clay murder committal hearing resumes - ABC News ...
      16 hours ago – The committal hearing for accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay ... Updated March 19, 2013 11:07:56 ... The court has heard blood found in the back of the family car matched the DNA profile of his wife, Allison Baden-Clay.


  1. ty very much for taking the time to do allisons tarot ty i really appreciate it ty

    1. Your Welcome, I hope something there is useful.

  2. Today’s search includes resources from Metro South and Metro North police regions, Police Divers, the Police Mounted Unit and the State Emergency Service DEE HITT

  3. Empathy
    Thank you for this reading. I hope she is reuinted with her family soon. The news tonight said they are searching old mines in an area not far from her home, your reading mentioned "underground". Her family are obviously devastated.
    Kate, NSW.

  4. They confirmed that Gerard Baden-Clay, the husband of the missing woman and the father of her three girls, was a person of interest in the investigation along with a number of people close to the couple. dee hitt

  5. Empathy,

    Her body may have been found.In water.

    1. I think the body they found was on the riverbank near water?

  6. They found a female body wearing the same clothes as Alison today under a bridge several kilometers from the family home. Spotted by a kayaker, the body was on the riverbank. Could have been washed up from any where as the creeks swelled with the recent rain. Just thought you would like an update.

  7. Read this with interest this morning - as I have been following this closely - sadly a woman's body was found in the area this afternoon believed to be Allison and the matter is being treated as a homicide - clm brisbane

  8. Homicide police investigating after woman's body is found in the hunt for missing mum Allison Baden-Clay not been id yet so this is not for sure dee hitt

  9. BROOKFIELD residents have told of hearing a woman's screams that became muffled as if a hand was placed over her mouth the night Allison Baden-Clay vanished.

    Residents revealed for the first time how the screams brought them out of their homes - and their regret at not contacting police at the time.

    Businessman Will Truter was watching television with his family when he heard two screams, then went out into the dark to investigate when he heard an even more worrying sound.

    "It was like if someone was screaming and someone kept a hand over their mouth," he told The Sunday Mail, in an account being treated seriously by police as they probe the mum-of-three's disappearance. dee hitt

  10. Thank you all for the updates. I think now everyone has to wait to see if this is Alison while they deal with forensics.

  11. Police strongly suspect the body found this morning is missing Brookfield woman Allison Baden-Clay and are treating the case as a homicide investigation. dee hitt

  12.,+Queensland,+Australia&daddr=Kholo+Creek,+Queensland,+Australia&hl=en&sll=-27.509642,152.973547&sspn=0.03479,0.082998&geocode=FavTXP4dDvQeCSm7IPZcBFqRazHAhN7zWqMCBQ%3BFZAmXP4d_QQcCSn1KbRtqrKWazHQWZFKXKMCKw&oq=kho&t=h&doflg=ptk&mra=ls&z=12 dee hitt

  13. THE elements that finally gave up the location of Allison Baden-Clay will now act as vital clues in solving her murder.

    Read more: dee hitt

  14. Police launch 'unlawful homicide' investigation after woman's body found

    Read more: dee hitt

  15. Hi Empathy,
    The police have announced on the news here confirmation that the body they recovered from under a bridge in the river underneath was indeed Allison
    Baden Clays body. Youre reading said "There is a 1 and 4 on this card" today is the 1st day of May. Poor lady. Thoughts with her husband and precious children.
    Thanks for doing this. Kate
    PS They are investigating the husband, but i beleive that is pretty standard detective work in Australia (start questioning ones closest to victim) Kate xx

  16. Body found in creek is Allison Baden-Clay dee hitt

  17. Police are interviewing a number of witnesses and are confident they can catch the person who killed mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay. dee hitt

  18. POLICE are waiting for the results of two key tests which will allow them to step up their investigation into the murder of Brisbane mother Allison Baden-Clay. direct link on fb dee hitt

  19. Thanks for this, Empathy. Seems the evidence is matching up with your reading more each day.

    "It is understood police are looking at whether a second person may have assisted with the murder or have helped to cover it up."

    "It is understood a former colleague of Mr Baden-Clay's has also hired a lawyer after being interviewed three times by police.The woman, a real estate agent, worked closely with Mr Baden-Clay at his Century 21 office and the pair were listed as joint selling agents on various properties."

    1. Thank you for commenting. I have updated the news with your report. I expect this will all get unravelled eventually.


  20. Empathy,
    Could you please do an update reading

    1. I only write the Tarot when a person is missing. Alison has now been found and it is a criminal investigation. I have updated news here to reflect that. I hope this helps.


  21. Empathy hi again,
    Allisons husband has just been formally charged with her murder at the Indoorpilly Police Station, Qld. Super sad for their children :( (the maternal grandparents are caring for them)
    Kate xx

    1. Yes thank you for letting me know Kate. I have updated the news section with this.


  22. Wow! I first read your posting about Allison when she went missing. I was intrigued at your insights... Yet re-reading now in light of husband being charged yesterday makes your insights just extraordinary! Thank you for sharing your gift. Much appreciated.

  23. I have just read for the third time since allison vanished and WOW it is all fitting together.You are amazing :)

  24. The numbers 1 and 4 mentioned earlier by Empathy could relate to Gerard Beden Clay's age. He is 41 years old.

  25. Gerard Baden-Clay breaks silence for second time since wife Allison's murder to quash rumours his business has closed

  26. Empathy and Dee,
    Gerard Baden Clays trial is due to start shortly here in Australia.
    I snipped this from the Brisbane Times, thought you may be interested.

    Baden-Clay case has 473 witnesses
    Up to 473 witnesses could be called to testify against accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay but the defence will only cross examine at least 35 of those.

    Kate xx

  27. Hello,

    On 15th July, Gerard Baden-Clay was convicted of the murder of Allison Baden-Clay. May she now finally rest in peace. I think the Tarot (and your interpretation Empathy) picked up a lot - she was "hidden", there was much illusion and deception. Things were certainly not as they seemed.


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