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Wednesday, 18 April 2012



Craig Matthews has been missing since Wednesday morning, March 7, 2012. His cell phone was pinged in Raton, NM that morning. He was headed back to Canon City, CO. No one has heard from him since. He may be disoriented. His Blue FJ Cruiser was found off 64 on a forest service road FR1950, near Valle Vidal. It appears he didn't walk more than a mile from the truck. But search and rescue have been looking for days - with dogs, helicopters and many volunteers.

If you live anywhere near here, please understand he could still be out there. He did have water, gatorade and snacks. He is 6'2" and weighs about 260 lbs. He is a big guy. He was last seen wearing camoflage pants and an olive green jacket. If you know anything that might be helpful, any possibilities anything, please contact Debra, his significant other at 719-431-1699.

Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



18TH APRIL 2012

I am assuming that Craig is still missing as I write this Tarot that has been requested from another forum. Tarot may give glimpses of past present and future that could provide clues. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and for that reason please go to other factual sources of information.


I love the picture of Craig with the little dog its a really wonderful photograph and draws me in immediately. Im really sorry to hear this man is missing but the latest news is that his vehicle has been found but so far there is no news of where Craig is. I will just look at Tarot and give what I see. I cannot promise that everything I see will be nail on, but I will just do my best. Please also bear in mind that when tarot gives us glimpses into situations it dumps a lot of information that may not be relevant but somehow figures in the life of the person. It is a matter of weeding it all out as to what is important and what is not.

My first card asking what happened to Craig is slightly offputting as I was talking about Craigs vehicle and his dog and both would certainly pop up in this card here so I do hope Tarot is not playing games with me! Let me explore this anyway. Firstly the King of Pentacles is linked to the Ten. This card is normally a North card but I can discuss directions later as that can change.

Meanwhile, here we seem to have a businessman, I cannot say yet if that means Craig or if it is referring to someone else so lets just say that this card is telling us that there are new plans here being drawn up for a business plan or some business idea because that is what we get here. It shows someone also who could take advantage of good ideas and turn them into profit. I see what might be construction, a building or house or even plans to build a new house.

This may configure in a different way, but thats what I have for the moment. We have essentially business, money and health on this card so that is the first impression. Perhaps he made a new and powerful business friend as this card can tell us that sound financial advice is being sought here. Now if this card was reversed, we would definately have to watch the temperament of anyone that wanted to do business with us. At the moment though Tarot is just giving us this situation without anything negative on it so it could be what ideas were going on with Craig on that day.

When we look at the ten of pentacles we are seeing 'ancestral property' so I wonder if he had any thoughts in mind to buy or sell property or whether anything like that was in the air. Bankers, accountants, real estate and all money matters can be in the ether with this card because professional advice is often sought here. That gives us a situation that either is Craig himself being described or perhaps someone that he met or wanted to speak too? remember that this card is 'identifying business opportunity ' too so we do have to wonder about that. With the Heirophant connected its difficult to determine whether Im getting situation or location, but Im really asking what happened, so I just have to note that.

The Heirophant is showing someone who gives advice so that would tie in with the King of Pentacles but there are two keys here, maybe a 'set of keys' and two other people, so is it showing us three people involved here and did he meet up with someone?

Keys can also be 'quays' as in waterside but I wont complicate issues for the moment.
It seems that the Heirophant is offering advice, and the King of Pentacles is riding in a chariot therefore perhaps the bottom line here too is that Craig could have stopped his vehicle to speak to somebody? perhaps also with the Map on the Heirophant they had lost their way, or he had lost his way. Either way, it seems there might be two other people around somewhere and good advice is being given because it is being sought.

The Heirophant can often give us the impression of a church or spiritual matters too though I would not be quite sure how that fits in. The general idea is of a mentor or someone who you would listen to their advice so Im torn between whether there is a business partner here or someone of that nature or whether the advice is being stopped on the road to ask something such as the way to somewhere.

Craig would have known his route if he was driving with a destiny in mind but all of a sudden I feel like there is a fork in the road and some kind of procrastination or decision to make, so was it to do with directions? Someone seems to want to create peace here in the middle of a crisis of some kind.

I do not know the background of Craig at times like this, it would help to know more but I give the fragmented pieces that I have. Sometimes the Heirophant is known as a mentor and this itself is thought of as a teacher too, now I would not really understand the connection of why a teacher or spiritual values is popping up here unless Craig was very religious or something strange happened here with someone to do with a school of thinking. Schools/farms/properties can all come up in these cards.

The King is number 14, and I am not sure if this is going to refer in an odd way to 14 years old (person/people) or a 14 year old relationship? perhaps I have got the wrong end of the stick.
Anyway, the one thing that is clear is that this King is also linked to valleys, trees, rurality and also his vehicle. Everything else might have just been 'on his mind'. The ten of pentacles is showing me a building of some description, again this is thought to be rural surroundings as we do have an earth card and plenty of green in this. This 'ancestral' place could be a working /business or somewhere like a farm somewhere around.

One of the features here is thought to be an 'arch' or even a porch? there are two dogs here in this card, I do know from the above report that dogs have been used. Was there a building somewhere in the area say a distance of 14? OR even 5, either route Miles etc or some marker? I seem to sense Judgement and fear in the Heirophant or is it a fear of being judged? The Heirophant seems to suggest devotion to a mentor or teacher so there seems to be a lot going on here from what I can see and might involve more then just one thing but Tarot does seem to throw up all sorts of information and often I have to wait like others to see how that is going to be significant. Meanwhile I write it down.

I am seeing a house and family and a homecoming which is obviously what Craig was setting out to do so let me take it a day later and see what happens then. Before I do I see someone walking at one point in rural surroundings but is there a school nearby or school name? I do seem to see this property here too.


Pushing Tarot forward, we have this two of wands reversed and I am seeing him being 'caught off guard' somehow. I am not sure that he has reached home here.

This card is where we cannot make decisions or we dont have a choice and the first card can show us someone who might have hitchhiked, so maybe he met with a hitchhiker. If nothing is wrong with his vehicle thats what I would feel, but otherwise he might have tried to hitch himself which seems rather strange. I have to say that these wands can often be weapon cards and also with the Ace reversed this could be domination by others, I would have thought about two people which would then link right back in with my first impressions.

I can see quick tempers here and maybe a refusal and stubborness not wanting to do something - so Im thinking he could have been coerced here somehow against his own will or come up against someone who he might have tried to help asking direction. Im not sure how the finance comes in unless someone intended to rob him but so far those money cards are not reversed and I can only take the tarot at the pace it wants to reveal things to me so we have to look at other cards to see what else crops up.

Meanwhile, theres a situation growing here. I am also getting 'sporty links' but that could just mean aggression or it could link to someone sporty, brash or brawling. I really feel there are many things going on at once which is giving a kind of disjointed feeling to these cards but thats how it is to this point of diagnosis. I feel as though his plans were upset in some way as Im seeing something about going in the wrong direction? was he on the border of towns? there may be a small stream not far away and perhaps a hill. With the cards reversed maybe he was at the bottom of a hill? Though why I am not sure.
Let me look further to see if I can try to make more sense of this.


When I ask where Craig is this is a number 7 card and you can see that it is a vehicle here that has come to a halt. The 7 itself might be a clue from the vehicle. This card is usually warmongering and violence when its reversed so it might seem that something has occurred here particularly as we saw the two of wands reversed. There seems to be a stalker element in the card previously too so it does make you feel as though he was not alone or someone else is or was around at the time.

This card could be 7 from home or from the vehicle as it does link Cancer in with this but cancer also pulls in water and fences and enclosures. Here I seem to have a runaway car and there is some illhealth attached here. Again, Im getting a fork in the road and maybe more then one hill as we have a twin peak here? Im being told about a smell, so whether that means that something smells or whether it is suggesting that there is foul play here I cannot be certain. The chariots colour is blue grey and I do believe Craigs vehicle is Blue with lighter elements on it. This card can represent a canopy under the stars too so can suggest someone with a tarpauline also.

HOD is Kabbalistic and attached to the Chariot which shows two feet or legs, when reversed it might suggest he could have hurt them or had them hurt but with the lovers card linked in I am also getting family interference. ? Was there another female in his his life? this certainly seems like a jumbled state of affairs here and as I first mentioned, quite a good deal going on and very difficult to actually follow. The Chariot is our location card though so I do need to explore this more.

I am getting a Saturday here for significance. Letters G,P and Y may come up. I feel this car could have broken down but I am still seeing a house and that is what is bothering me. I have the colour White and letter E. I am also getting lies, deceit and betrayal.

I have to apologise for jumping around but I have to give everything Im being told. It will all fit together in its own way and looking again Im seeing a sense of being confined against Craigs will. Either because he has hurt himself and cant move or because of something else. I am getting -family here and the letter M and Red as a colour of significance. The feeling of having mistepped somehow and isolation being attached to it with no support from others at this time. Perhaps this might be telling us that he is 7 away from home?
I am just not sure how manipulation comes into this or that sense of betrayal which to be truthful seems pretty odd when Im asking about location?

You see when the Chariot is reversed it suggests there may be backup to vehicles that come to a halt. So, is he out there or has someone picked him up? and somehow this story has got 'cocked' somehow? This Chariot reversed tells us about being blinded somehow and car going off the road but maybe suggests that there should have been that back up option or other arrangement to take him where he wanted to go. Im in two minds over this as the area where Craigs vehicle is has apparently been searched.

It also suggests that someone around him didnt care about his situation either as this card shows the onset of illness or some problem he has. What a strange set of cards? There are mountains in the Lovers card so I feel they are part of the picture but also land somewhere with a stream? Roses do come up on the next card and Penrose was where Craig was going.

Strength and Justice sit next door both reversed and would show him in a place rural but maybe water somewhere? or even in a name - but Im still sensing arguments and temper and not sure how to link this. A Lion Hummingbird and Horse are linked to the Chariot whether they mean anything regarding location I cannot be sure, but there is a female in these cards. I will try to look at the map.
There is a tree or a tree name here and Im getting the sense of 'hanging around'. I still dont think we have the true story of what the situation is here. I am seeing a female linked but in a negative way and I dont know why. Someone is lost and bemused here but someone else is deceitful?

I am wondering if someone was with him? if so Im not sure whether that has come to light? it seems to me that there are two vehicles here not one involved. I do get the sense of someone up to no good here. Just who is the question?

Because we can stumble into the Hermit, we do have to take into account all these cards which although appear to be scattered are showing us that Craig has had an accident with his vehicle, someone has taken advantage of this and finance has come into it though not sure how,there is a domination factor here and tempers so that would imply that if he has bumped into another vehicle that would have meant somehow had to be on foot. Talking about money could have been regarding an insurance claim but it seems to me that tempers have got out of control here. I am just concerned that putting all this together leaves Craig to try to find his own way home and he may have hurt or strained tendons.

The hermit can be near a hill and it can leave us either hanging around or stumbling around on our own. It can also affect the memory too. I also note the off the beaten track link to the Hermit but it should show also that not far away are buildings or campus or something of that nature. I also seem to feel that there is something else that is lingering in these cards.

Something about a debt? and also some association from the past coming into the equation somewhere almost like having to face the music or a problem and it going against you. Wands can indicate being near sandy dusty roads and even deserts but I dont know the terrain. I seem to see him concealed and hidden so he is not within easy sight. I wish I could be more help but seem to see a foundation of a building at some point???


Asking when Craig will be found we have the Knight reversed here. Generally this does represent delays when cards are reversed. The number of this card is a 12 which would indicate sometime this year at least I hope it does but generally this is giving us no real indication through its indecisive nature.

I still think there is someone else involved here somewhere and some kind of change of residence. In all one would think that Craig is harmed and hidden somewhere through being hurt but equally this could mean 'indifference' in the matter and that would worry me a little bit like does he want to be found because this card is one renowned for 'escape' and the travelling man, even though it appears that his travel at the time was halted.

I have just had a strange feeling doing this tarot that all is not quite what it looks but who knows maybe I am just reading too much into it or over analysing. I seem to see a quarrel here with a female which for whatever reason that has appeared has created a problem? Im just not getting good news about this or good vibes that he will be found as yet. For one thing, there is another driver out there or someone that might have helped create all this problem.

12 weeks is normally depicted by this card but reversed I might have to just say 2012 for the moment. There may be a business rival in the picture too as I did see business cards at the beginning but I really cannot say for sure when Craig will be found other then to present this very complicated set of cards which clearly seem to encompass quite a few things that at the moment are rather odd to say the least although October might be linked but I do hope its soon of course but timing seems to be 'put off' here. Wands are generally before the Summer but reversed I cant promise especially with an October link here unless we are given that for some other reason? Just one other thing is that the Lovers card can give us the word EDEN if that is useful?

Though principally I have a North East direction I am seeing SOUTH WEST so perhaps we should look at both? though I have seen a building he may be in uncultivated territory. I do hope he is ok.
Tarot is not 100 per cent but I have tried to get as much as I can out of it that might help in some way. I am quite sure not all will be completely correct but tarot has its way of telling us things and we then have to put the puzzle together. I forgot to mention in these cards I was given an 'arrow'.



I am very sorry to report that I have had word from a 'source' that Craig is deceased. Unfortunately there appears to be no links on the internet at the current time as to  what happened, only that he was found in July so until there is any news of any kind to corroborate any of the Tarot I just have to place this page into my 'Lost and found' section.

Its so sad when we dont get the missing back alive.  If anyone has any news or knows the situation of when Craig was found please let me know. Below is the only 'sentence' I have verifying he was found.

 "Craig's remains were found in July by his girlfriend and another friend"

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