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Sunday, 18 March 2012



Noah Pippin was a U.S. Marine who served three tours of duty in Iraq. After his stint in the Marines, he joined the California National Guard and was to be deployed to Afghanistan. He left Michigan on August 25th to report back for duty and never arrived. He was last seen in Montana. Please see this article for the details.


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



18 MARCH 2012

I have been asked to look at Tarot in respect of Noah Pippin. As usual I try to avoid picking any links that give away too much info that can cloud the TAROT so the less info the better! However, Tarot is past present and future and can pick up some of the information already known at least we will know we are on the right track when it does that.

Please note that this Tarot can be requested by family to be censored and snipped if they do not wish it on a public blogger. Remember it is here to raise awareness that Noah is missing and keep his face/profile in the general public but I will always honour family wishes.

Tarot does not have ALL the answers in any missing case but it can often pick out subtle hints and clues that have often been of great use. Tarot can show us anything it chooses and not always stay with the question but I just write what I have and hope that something comes up that might link in or assist in some way.


First thing I seem to have hear is wanting the 'nightmare to be over' and that is in the run up to the King of Swords reversed which is a mentality and intellectual card. It may be that some things just scar the soul and form those nightmares that we want to get rid of so bad. As far as I know Noah is linked to the Military, this first card is a Military card as well as a judge or doctor or anyone in authority. Reversing this is going to show a negative impact regarding it. If Noah has seen people wounded or someone was wounded in the back and spine and even the head it is going to be something that cant be forgotten here.

Perhaps he just wanted to survive very difficult situations of warfare? I dont think this man wanted to die as a soldier or allow his occupation to be the death of him. There is the dark night of the soul on the 10 of swords and I just feel that he is very much affected by events regarding his work. It might be all in the mind, but that is all it takes to want to not have to face possibilities. This is definitely one scenario that could throw up truth.

The other scenario is that something is covered up here and perhaps someone has sneaked away but there are two guards or two people in the background in a camp that may have been there but not seen Noah. I see airports/hills and travel/railways here. I also seem to see other things like a 'rival' here someone who is a bit of a difficult person who might spy on him. Even though these cards are suggesting he could have just walked away from things there is still a tricky element here that can suggest another person somewhere linked in.

I dont know what this darkness is here but by nature Noah seemed to be active, competitive, go-getting and an achiever, and award winner but somehow he just did not want to be a hero . Now these cards represent the East as a rule whether this will end up as a name of place or direction I cannot be sure. It is reversed so it could take us in a different direction such as South East.

Whether anything here is linked or not I dont know but I want to point out that this card is giving me a 'detached viewpoint' which rather makes me feel that there is some negativity in respect of military matters here. Whether that is Noahs feelings or not who can be sure I just see it here. I also see some kind of concern about a lawsuit or getting into trouble here and there not being a forwarding address.

So perhaps he had some severe issues with his occupation? I sort of feel that some things are covered up here -is this a moral thing? These are water /stone and rock type landscapes and we do have butterflies in this card which can have spiritual elements but as it is a thinking card I wonder if Noah decided to change plans and brainstorm about what to do as he is affected by something here.

I am just not sure if the bad side of the card is actually to do with Noah or whether it is to do with the Military because there is a lot of cruelty on this card and in some way or other it seems to affect this missing man as I see worry, grief and fear on this card and maybe he just flipped and decided to get out? This would support going A.W.0.L but I do think we have to look at other cards too and this is just a brief overview of what I have right now.

Was he injured himself in the back or had a blow to the head causing possible confusion? it could be physical but also the other thoughts that came to mind about thinking its all a nightmare?
This man believes that parents should not bury their young dont ask me why that comes up.

Please note that there is something about a year in the swords cards because of the zodiacal blanket in the 9 run up to the King/ten. I feel as though he did not plan to do something 'for more then a year'. I might be wrong and writing more then necessary or over analysing. 9 of swords can show someone who refused to be dragged down by the dishonour (in their eyes) of others. He sounds like he had some real issue about something.

Im seeing a vision of rocks mountains and barren type of landscape and I am still not sure whether reversed it is showing us just that, a vision which was anaethma to him? (forgive the spelling there if thats not correct). Is it possible two people died one before the other?

Taurus and Libra are linked to this card first of all showing unbalance and indecision and Taurus showing us the heirophant linked to the number 5 showing someone who is going to go against what is conventional or traditional requirements. Just anti establishment perhaps even going against ones own true knowledge and wisdom. The card itself is number 14 and this reversed is number 4 and 1 add together and you will get 5. So 5 months is here representing some kind of negative factor. I also seem to think there is a negative 'mentor' here not sure how that fits in.

Other numbers 51 and 6 and they can also read as 15 and 9. I wonder if there was an authority that was abrasive with Noah. I just see a negative influence here of another man perhaps someone who is a bully and an intimidator. Indications are that perhaps he did not feel right about something or someone? I feel as though Noah feels an injustice has been done to him or generally. However, I wont wring this out except to put forward all the influences that might be here.

I also see something about infections or possible other slight illness problems but not sure how that is attached. With Yellow in the cards it may show not wanting to face up to something.
There is some kind of deception going on and something regarding complicated legal issues.
offside - Did Noah not like flying?


Current location request to Tarot has produced this eight of Wands which rather seems to suggest near an airport. The directon on this Card is South or South East so that has rather linked in with the first card. Some kind of rural or empty type of landscape with a stream and somewhere in the background a house on a hill. On the outskirts of town or city not far from buildings? There is a number 8 on this card so I will offer that also a 34 and 7. He might have been 'on the border' of two places , the names cliff or hill or even being near them could be here so could palisades, walls , fences but still seeing a bit of a rural aspect/agricultural landscapes perhaps and also dusty roads possible and tarmac. It really does seem to point to airports more then anything but I could be wrong.

Travel in connection to business comes up here and also a possible vehicle or trip. So Im thinking Travel again and all modes of it. The fastest travel seems to be the aeroplane and I keep thinking thats the direction to look in. I might be wrong but I give what I have. May be a water named vicinity but I just want to link that in to the King of Swords and the terrain in that card as a possibility.


Ah well this has not happened very often but we have the same card in relation to when Noah will be found. Again read the information on the card above. Wands are weeks normally and it seems that 8 weeks is here but I really do not know whether I should be declaring that Noah would be found in that time.

I would like to suggest that when he is found it will be really like a bolt out of the blue, so fast that it surprises. I feel like protection should be given to this man but I dont know why Im saying it, he comes across to me as a good heart, a really interesting character with double side to him perhaps what you see on the outside is not what is in the inside and even though he may seem a tough guy maybe he is inwardly very concientious about certain morals and principles that he has?

Again we are drifting towards the ideas in the card above which describes the 8 of wands and also that there could be a vehicle attached to him. Thats possible but I cant say for sure. I feel that we have to be careful that the cards are not reflecting the past as Tarot is past present and future, but this card can show someone who changes residences and goes on a journey.

I feel as though there is 'red tape' in this matter and also that there will be some kind of announcement made by a spokesman or someone in authority. I get the information in jumbled heaps which can be annoying to seperate it but its all in here somewhere and just needs filtering.

So I think the confusion about Noah will end but very quickly so may be we should expect the unexpected here? and perhaps some information that has not been said?

I would like to think positively about the outcome of this last card and say yes this man will be found we do have an 8 and normally it is weeks but we must be sensible and just say he will be found as this card is 'swift'. I am praying for Noah - please be ok and turn up safely. I will just say Orange world and West is also on this card. So I will leave that. I do have South remember and East can be the direction of the Arrows but the word West is here too.

I would have thought he would be found in the Summer months or in the fall but November and December months are here too. How that all goes together only the lord above knows. I think there will be a message or letter or some kind of communication regarding finding him and out of nowhere . I have hope he will be found direction is primarily SOUTH.

I will come back after July to look again if Noah is not found. I cannot comment on health matters I can only comment on this find card and what it gives to me. Please consider all details of the reading and bear in mind Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I can only do my best with what I am given.


Footnote: This card can represent Summer but also the Fall ie - August..

There is an airport near Augusta and a place called Sun (summer?) canyon (Swords?) Road thought I would mention it though I cannot claim this is Noah's location. It is merely googling and considering aspects of Tarot.


Locations near natural or manmade sources of water supply, fountains or springs. Possibly vineyards 'or places near a little spring or conduit head'.

Inside the house this would include taps, showers and may extend to places where all power supplies emerge.

North West Origin - to South - South East.
Heat or fire. Horses/ stables, military stables or commerical stables for important horses.
Upper areas of landscape, open fields, hills and land that rises higher than the rest.
Inside places - upper rooms, or near hearth or fireplace, where there is an expansive feeling of space.

Airports, roof, attic rooms, eaves, or places towards the upper part of the house or a specific room.


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.





Noah Pippin: Remains found in Montana wilderness believed to be ...

Daily Mail - 22 hours ago
Human remains have been found in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in ... The parents of Noah Pippin released a statement Friday saying Lewis .

Parents thankful that Noah Pippin's remains found, offer gratitude to searchers

Search crews, including one of Noah's brothers, left the Bench Mark Trailhead in Augusta on Wednesday and headed for the deep wilderness.

Searchers found a firearm with matching serial numbers to Pippin's pistol, a Pippin family photo, a card, and clothing in the area.

Human remains found in Bob Marshall believed to be Noah Pippin ...

News broke early today that a search crew of Lewis and Clark County sheriff's personnel and border patrol agents discovered human remains at the head of Burnt Creek, near the Chinese Wall, on Friday and that circumstantial evidence indicates they belong to Pippin

Pippin had driven his rental car to the Kalispell area, then proceeded on foot along Hungry Horse Reservoir and into the Bob


The body has not yet been identified as Noah though it is thought to be him. Tarot gave a 5 (5 months from date of Tarot) AND an 8 and August to be found. Noah was found in this time. I believe the location is near Seeley Lake (water components).

I will update news accordingly but at this time my thoughts go to the family.




Search yields new clues in death of Noah Pippin | | Great ...
27 Aug 2013 - HELENA - A week-long horseback expedition into the Bob Marshall Wilderness has recovered more evidence in the Noah Pippin case.


  1. i hope and pray he is found safe.

  2. Something is just not right.I think he was sick and tired of deployement.And did not want to face up to it or to his loved
    ones for not going.What a rotten thing for them to send him overthere four times..!! There should be a limit.They brought him dishonor.! He simply wanted his life back. The military destroyed his life as surly as if they had killed him.!

    1. You and I have synchronised at this moment in time because I am looking over Noahs reading and he has been on my mind. I feel he has a very strong pull tonight.


  3. I am very interested in your reading. My family and I are (as far as we know) the last people to see Noah alive. We are returning to the area we last saw him to look for him, and hopefully put some kind of closure to this. I am very interested to see your revised reading before we return. We are planning our trip for mid August

    1. when i put a link on noah's page so the family could read i was told on there the family didnt believe in psychics,or want there imput,has the family changed there mind?and as far as i know the last place he was seen was the family home,getting into a taxi. so i dont understand what area of return you are referring the comment the last person to see noah alive,its never been confirmed that noah pippin is dead but it has been confirmed there was several sightings of him in the bob marshall wilderness.i am sorry but i dont understand what your saying at all.

    2. My family and I, were oneyl of those (and presumably the last ) sightings in the Bob Marshall. I do not know, nor can I speak for the family's stance on the involvement of psychic help in this search. But I do have some personal experiences with psychic abilities. I do not know for certain where, or what had happened to Noah, but from firsts hand knowledge of the conditions of his "last sighting", I have a strong belief that he didn't make it out of the wilderness. Therefore I am very interested in your insight and abilities. Thank you, and I look forward to your assistance.

    3. I have removed your email address to protect your privacy.

  4. Why Noah Went to the Woods

    He was a proud Marine who survived three ­brutal tours in Iraq and had plans to redeploy with the ­national guard. But when 30-year-old Noah ­Pippin ­vanished inside Montana’s remote Bob ­Marshall ­Wilderness, he left behind a trail of haunting secrets—and a mystery that may never be solved. there are 23 pages i believe to this.


  6. Sadly, Noah was found.


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