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Sunday, 19 February 2012



Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Age: 29
Race: White
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Birth: 1972
Patti has a blue and green flower design tattoo in the middle of her back.
Patti was last seen leaving her job at Honda of America MFG auto assembly plant in Marysville, Ohio Friday 6-29-2001. We are looking for anyone who may have seen her or has info regarding her Disappearance. Patti has a 7yr old little girl who needs her mommy. Patti was to leave on a week long vacation with a male coworker. Patti never returned and the co-worker never left.
Law Enforcement Agencies to contact with information are as follows:
Marysville Police Department: 937-642-3900
Union County Sheriff Department: 937-644-5010

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started FEBRUARY 19TH 2012 at 3:32am »

I have been asked if I would look at Tarot for Patti Adkins who went missing on 29th June 2001.
Tarot might be able to throw up information that might help. There is no guarantee to what I receive but I will just write down the advice I am given in the hope that something resonates.

Meanwhile I have to remind you that Tarot will pick up the past as well as present and future glimpses, how that all ties in with the time epochs I am not sure but hopefully will make sense to someone. Tarot cannot be considered 100 per cent accurate via the Law and for that reason you are advised to go to factual sources of information.


Strangely, this lady is giving me 'what is going to happen' something going to happen in the future'. She is showing me a garden with flowers and two people but she is showing me that this is an unrealistic view of the situation? She is saying an 'inheritance will fall in quickly' I feel as though what is past is 'coming up'. This card talks about family and friends or someone she knows in the past. When it reverses itself like this it raises a question because it talks about unhappy memories to do with any of the people circle mentioned.

Im sort of left a bit speechless because I dont want to put the wrong interpretation on this but I feel like she is saying she did not have a choice in things. Now cups are generally West in direction but we are also being given the Sun card linking to the East and Travel also. The sun is a travel card but its also a family card and holidays. I am not sure what to make of it because Patti was going on a vacation and it is assumed thats what she did.

This card is somehow contradicting something about that. The journey seems to be that she was given an invitation but I am not sure that the invitation has gone ahead or if it is an emotional love affair that it spun out right because the Two shows me that she has fallen out with someone here and also that there is a either a group of girls or a celebration that ended with gossip and bitchiness or indeed that she was opposed with gossip and possibly even slander from others? maybe not her but thats what I am seeing.

There is something about October here also and Halloween but that might not be significant. I am seeing her being unsure about accepting an offer and then deciding to go with an opportunity but there is just a feeling that she felt unappreciated whether at home or in some way.

I dont know if she was married or her background but I see the return of a loved one here. Did she patch up a relationship with someone? perhaps someone who disappointed her a lot? Im getting a return of a relative here that has not been seen for a while? I dont know why Tarot is telling me that or what time epoch it is referring to. I feel like Im just being told she met up with someone who she was not always happy with? I am not seeing a happy homelife.

I am seeing troubles in childhood?
There are children here in this card.
Im seeing a lot of deceit and lies.

I dont know who is telling them but somebody is - shes talking about 'going back' but I feel a bit torn over this and what she is saying. I am getting a suicidal feeling here. I might be seeing drugs and drink a very insensitive woman here and a man who is a liar. He is not trustworthy because he is not telling it like it is. He comes across 'holier than thou' she said but dont you believe him. He seems to be an older man hes not a younger man at all.

He might work in an office but I dont see him in it. I see someone who likes to be lazy and self indulgent and do what he likes. Someone likes little children here and maybe even in the wrong way? I dont know shes telling me about someone with tendencies towards children that are not acceptable? I dont know if I have this wrong but she keeps saying about childhood I dont know whose childhood shes talking about.

Shes beautiful but two men want to hit her. There might be two men here one younger and one older? Someone is accused of being immature? Someone 'returned by surprise'? I see all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources. She said its a 'false project' huh, not a lot of truth being told here!!
I cant see this holiday. What I can see is lakes/boats/bridges/water and a suicidal element here. I dont know that she committed suicide but its a suicidal risk she might have taken? perhaps that is it? a lover/friend who is very bad, someone she thought she could talk to, who is far from that.

Violence linked to the North and still seeing West here. This woman was hit by someone and treated badly. The Knight of Cups shows me a motorcycle but its not going anywhere its stationary. Is there a lie on this? Im concerned that something here is not adding up. Theres no widow here? a bad marriage or association is depicted here. She tells me that there is guilt and that past issues have not been dealt with. I feel that she broke with past ties and associations or wanted to? Tried to break free from unwanted obligations but this might have met with trouble?
Was she opposed in her plans? I am seeing a container here or self containment?

Patti shows me she is living in the 'past'. I will need to look at the other cards to try to figure out what she means by that. There is a lot of water in these cups. Im also seeing a lot of 'yellow'.
There may be child abuse or sexual abuse or a threat of this but again Im not sure whether it refers to Patti herself. There does seem to be a big problem that I am supposed to be seeing here. It might be someone else with those problems?

Maybe Patti just had children when she was too young and wanted to fulfill some dreams? Theres an auful lot of emotion here. She might have been very unrealistic at the time and not given everything proper thought?
I am seeing a jealous situation here possibly from a man but a lot of dissapointment with Patti.

I think she should have been careful regarding any new deal she was offered. Theres something here that tells me that someone is deceitful and that something has created some kind of conflict or disagreement.

Someone also seems to have had a lack of committment either it is Patti or someone around her. If it was romantic or otherwise it was not going to come off because something went wrong. Someone might have tried to influence her about a new offer or deal or tried to put her off? I see a broken partnership here and relationship and home possibly people not talking to each other and Im being given a SIX so we must take not of it.

A relationship is definitely lacking in dynamics here - and there may even be a female who is very gossipy and insensitive about what she says, does she drink too much or can she not hold her tongue? the jealousy comes back up here. Im seeing some kind of co dependency here and really it seems to me Patti needed to question her relationships. Someone could not keep a secret.

Theres a controlling older male here, he might take a lot of drink or drugs. A manipulative character who smothers people. I am linking deception to him and narcissism he wants to control, he is very controlling a person who is dishonest and who is hiding something. This person is NOT authentic in anyway. It appears to be possibly an older man -? if he is married he is all out for himself. I am not seeing this as Patti even though the gender may not always be male, I think it is in this case. This is the holier than thou person who is far from that. Who would ever guess?


Patti has a strong will. She is not going to give up to tell us and she gives me this motorcycle/travel card and tells me she is in her home town. She is showing me a water vicinity and something about this older man. This man is a father. There is a link to water boats and lakes here. and it is West but also I have the word East and the number 12. Something might happen in 2012. Maybe she is telling me that on the first card that the past is going to break into the future? I cant be sure but we must take those numbers 1 and 2 make THREE and also number 12.

I see her home town here so she did not go far and that is what she is saying to me I think . That the past where she is will come up because people will realise this.
I might be wrong and always worry terribly in case I say the wrong thing but this woman cant be stopped, she is going to come through and she will not care who gets hurt over that. She wants to tell us she is in her home town. I see her home here. She is just two cards away from that so whether that is within three miles of her home I cannot be sure but I feel she is located in her own 'back yard'.

I sometimes see church signs in these cards so I dont know if there is a church road or a church somewhere in the district of her home. I also am not sure why a red ship might mean something either. I am getting the word unexpected, she is surprisingly unexpected but she is there?

I have a fish here or fisherman - lots of water here so there must be water in the vicinity or name or road or district. I see a priest here or maybe its just a way of describing a church? I can see someone coming with some news or a gift? something unexpected? She knows about 'intuition' is she psychic? February 9 to March 10 comes up but I am not sure why.
She is saying - follow your hunches? wants the boat/water lake to be considered? also Motorcyle with a lover? a desert? cliffs and a stream are here.

A visit from a friend? I really dont quite understand but I do feel as though something might come up perhaps even a breakthrough of some kind? I cant promise this of course. Im getting an arrival and Im also getting something about music too I dont know how this is making sense but there might be a cousin or an aunty or someone here that might say something?


The Lovers is normally a Summer Card, it might point North in direction but it is not a strong clue what I see here is a family and the family is the clue of Patti being found, either that or a lover. I see three people in this card. Two adults and a child. I have the number six once again and often this card does point to June. I did mention two children but this could be Patti in her childhood?

It is distinctly linked to the six of cups which we had first of all and this card tells me that Patti is definitely thought to be in a familiar territory and I feel it is near her family home or in her home town. This tells me that. It also seems to indicate transport and the army or cavalry or might meaning that something may occur in the Summer months though I dont know for sure if its this year.

I am being given the word FORK or it could be a fork in the road. I see a mountain here somewhere in the background and I see roses but they are distant and also animals/zoo? or Lion in this card. It could be to do with courage or strength but it could also be bones or dental significances. I am seeing a garden and for some reason I see flowers and I am linking her there. It is somewhere she knows. The Lovers card nearly always shows a three way relationship or involves three people.

I feel she will be found regardless of the time span. I see her linked to her children - I see two children only and an adult. That is what I am getting. I can see flower pots and a garden of a home that she knew? I dont quite know what this means but I see a choice here - theres a choice - I cant explain that right now. There is a bridge it is not far and a big river and a little building there? I do see a tree name OR maybe it is an actual Tree and its possible an island? or just that its figurative in some way.

Nothing is ever black and white she says. I see a movement linking West and one possibly moving South. Under the stars is a canopy and it links to a vehicle? I also see a Hill and a bright light is turned on to look where it was dark, where she could not be seen. She will be seen? I see faith and optimism here I see a pool being emptied and I see a xmas Star too. I feel she is telling us to 'follow the smell'??

I cannot guarantee that everything I have seen is how Tarot wanted me to portray its information but I have tried to put forward its advice. I will come back here in July to look again if Patti is not found. This is a beautiful woman make no mistake, she is strong and she is courageous and she is determined to get through her own message.

Please remember Tarot is past present and future, sometimes what appears to be a MALE gender CAN be female and there may even be someone who is Gay in these cards.



Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case

Dee has provided a map which she feels MIGHT be the area that Tarot is describing. I have not got a single clue with maps. I just post what I find, but see what you think of Dees Map. I have left the link below the Icon. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.




Help Find Patricia(Patti)Adkins | Facebook
Patricia "Patti" Adkins' young daughter has not seen her mother since she was 7 years old. ... 442 Missing Since: June 29, 2001 Missing from: Union County, Ohio ... person show with Adam Walshs' dad that could air or re-air now in 2014?


  1. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Patti's story has stayed with me ever since seeing it on the show Disappeared. I've watched just about every real life murder, vanished, mystery etc on tv and I think this one was the most disturbing ever. I emailed the FBI and asked them to help solve her case. I've never done anything like that. I hope her family finally gets closure soon.

    This is nice you did this tarot reading. I hope the "2012" means the case will be solved this year.

  3. Spotlight back on Patricia Adkins case dee hitt direct link on fb.

  4. Why didnt they search the lake the suspect went fishing at the day after she was found missing?????? Cmon police.

  5. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

  6. Please look again!

  7. Wow that's a crazy story

  8. I follow everything I can find on Patty.She is from my hometown and her family still lives here.

  9. Could the north west reference be Northwest parkway rd..... also flowers reference be to Brian Flowers.......

  10. oh also the reference to motorbike could mean her workplace being HONDA, where she was last seen at

  11. Today is Patt's birthday... Could that aid in a reading? Any new information?

  12. It's ironic that I started looking for updates on Patti this afternoon without even realizing that today is the anniversary of what is most likely, and sadly, her death. Most everyone has a strong connection with Patti. I pray her family is given answers soon! I pray we all are given answers soon.

  13. Any idea what lake he allegedly fished at? I just saw the ID episode and then came across the tarot reading...I know you mention past, present and future and it can all be jumbled - I also could be trying to hard to tie all of it together...and I also recognize that the current map may be way off from what was relevant circa 2001 but...When I look at the map, and in light of your tarot reading, I can't help but observe and keep coming back to the McCarthy Park area of Marysville. Not sure if this was around and/or may have been a popular hangout or well-known area for the suspect and not sure if this area has already been thoroughly searched but this has what appears on the map to be a body of water surrounded by several trees/wooded area and off to lower left it appears at least to have some kind of "cliff" looking topography. In addition, is bordered at the north by "Redwood Drive" (tree), which is part of a development connected to other streets named after trees that "flower", and bordered on the north by "Tulip Drive". Further past Tulip Drive are a series of street names reminiscent of Christmas - "Spruce", "Holly", "Pine". The other bordering street is "Cherry" street from which "Lakeview" street runs perpendicular. In summary, the area has a lake and is wooded (primary spots for someone looking to hide something) and it is all surrounded/bordered by trees including tree-named streets, flowers (flower-named streets), lake and water ("Lakeview street"), as well as Christmas-themed street names. If I were in the Ohio area that's where I would search.... Perhaps it is all very convenient/coincidental but I can't help but focus on that area... I pray for Patti, her daughter and her family/friends that this is solved and the person responsible for her disappearance pays for what he has done to her and for the pain caused to all of her loved ones over all of these years... I imagine he must be a very unsettled person living with, and carrying, this kind of guilt. Hopefully he will come to his senses and realize that he needs to come clean and take responsibility for what he's done in every effort to ensure God eventually take mercy on his soul...

  14. Just watched this again on ID - and found myself on this page viewing the tarot reading for her. Understanding what the report says that tarot is essentially a jumble of past-present-future and can mean many things - Has anyone ever thoroughly searched the areas in and around McCarthy Park? Although it may be completely coincidental/convenient and/or grasping at straws, I can't help but focus on that area when viewing the google map link of Marysville anyway, due to the multi-purpose trails in and around a body of water/many trees (perfect hiding spot for someone looking to hide something) etc....but after viewing the map in light of the tarot, the area is also surrounded/bordered by (at least what looks like on google maps) as: Trees, flowers, cliffs, "Christmas" and a "lake" by way of tree- and flower-named streets (redwood drive bordering street connects to other tree and flowering tree named streets as well as "Tulip Drive") which further connects to Christmas-theme named streets (Spruce/Pine/Holly); Cherry Street on another side that connects to a perpendicular street named Lakeview Drive (lake/water references), and what appears to be cliff-like topography in another bordering area. I'm not from Ohio nor do I know the area but that is what jumps out at me when looking at the map as well as after reading the tarot. I pray for Patti, her daughter and her family that they all find peace...and I also pray for the person responsible -- that they do the right and just thing and come forward to police to give Patti's family the chance to give her a proper burial so that perhaps he too may finally get some aspect of peace from the demons that he must be living with for all these years....

  15. Dangerous and horrible to have an affair with a married man. She was asking for trouble.

    1. No one asks for this, come on now!! She was so naïve, not understanding when she was being played! Personally I think the wife knows something about this. I think there is more the police can do regarding talking to this guy his wife and the friend. I doubt this was the last time this guy did this..... maybe not the first either.

  16. so a body was recently found in April in Parma Ohio behind a toy r us..maybe what the animals or zoo means..body identified as a girl in her 20's with Victoria Secrets under clothes..

  17. this case haunts me so much. i know that the guy did it and they need to test that drop of blood. i think his wife knows about it too. i pray that they get him and fry his ass.

  18. Who boy-friend si stilo free?? I've senza this case from Italian TV, why police didn't male a bluff saying to have the proof, just ti see the married boy-friend reaction? She was there, they found her blood God! I suppose eh didn' want to get back money!!! What da hell police!!!

  19. Can you do another reading for Patti please!! Maybe we will get more information

  20. I just watched the ID episode feb 22 2018. The guy killed her and set it up where she would do anything to leave with him. He had her do everything other than knock her out,put her in tha trunk. He planned well and can't be brought to justice ccuz little to no proof. Cops threw that spot of blood out there cuz they had nothing. Now so much times gone by. PLEASE SOLVE THIS

  21. Just saw this case on ID today for the 1st time. As the end of the show neared I was waiting for the finale update that generally says so and so was arrested, charged and sentenced. When it was over with no update and another show came on my mouth just dropped. Did a search of her name thinking maybe since the show was filmed in 2011 maybe they just hadn't included any recent updates. It's just unfathomable. Pretty obvious her married boyfriend is responsible and even without the blood evidence they have her cats hair on the tonneau cover which places her in the back of the truck. Since the courts have declared her legally deceased they don't need a body and doubtful there would be any usable forensic evidence after all this time anyway. I think they need to roll the dice on this case and try it even if just seek a lesser charge of 2nd degree, voluntary manslaughter or even criminal negligent homicide. Something needs to happen to give her family closure and especially for her daughter.

  22. Could the numbers be coordinates? Possible hint at location in the lake? Geographical coordinates makes sense.

  23. Honda has it's own park for the staff it has a pond my church used to go there for our picnics I believe there is a little bridge on that pond and concrete wonder if it would be worth checking out

  24. This should have been Solved , The Boyfriend Is a VERY EVIL PERSON.


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