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Monday, 20 February 2012


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Age at disappearance: 19
Height: 5’ 10”
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Brown, wavy
Build: Slim
Luke went out with friends in Ipswich, Suffolk on the evening of the 11th May 2006, one of Luke’s friends decided to go home not long after arriving in Ipswich. Luke and his other friend went to the Zest Nightclub in Princes Street, Ipswich.

The friend Luke was in Zest with went to the bar to get drinks, when he went to bring Luke his drink he could not find him. After looking for Luke in the club he thought that Luke had perhaps met a girl and left.

Luke was seen at Ipswich train station, 5 minutes walk from Zest Nightclub, at approximately 2.30 - 3am on 12th May 2006, he was asked to leave the train station as there were no trains running at that time of night.

Luke was next seen in Hawk Express, a taxi rank the other side of town at 3.45am, he was trying to get home but had no money on him. He was caught on the taxi rank’s CCTV, he seemed relaxed and in good spirits. After speaking to the staff at the taxi rank they said he was good mannered and perhaps a little tipsy but not drunk.

At 4am Luke was captured on CCTV in Dog’s Head Street crossing the zebra crossing towards the bus station.

This was the last positive sighting of Luke.
There has been no positive sighting of Luke since the sighting of him on CCTV at 4am on the 12th May 2006.

If you have any information about Luke’s disappearance or know of Luke’s whereabouts now, please
contact the Major Investigation Team on 01473 782059.


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


This Tarot may be subject to censoring if the family wish it to be removed.


20 February 2012

I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot for Luke Durbin who disappeared and there is a website above with information regarding Luke and the time he was last seen. I have printed the link to the site in order to bring awareness to the plight of his family.
Tarot can give glimpses of past present future but it is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law, please go to other sources for factual information.


The first card I have for Luke is the Emperor which when it appeared I was wondering whether this was correct as it is a card for a primary male influence, such as authority, the law, a boss, father or someone that is strong in Lukes life or at the time of disappearance. I almost feel like this person was someone who was a mentor to Luke and to him they offered good advice. Now how this fits into matters I cannot say but I am giving what I have when I meditate on Luke and ask about the day he disappeared.

The Emperor can be a four door car and we know a car has been seen. It is possible that this car is linked to Luke as it does seem to be the first card we have. However, it is the Emperor himself that arrives as a first card and I have given thoughts as to how it relates as a person. This is also a number 4 and Luke was seen at 4am which however 'fluke' that might seem it must be telling us something.

The Heirophant can also be connected to 'church' names or church, maps, keys or Quay, three people, colleges, schools, teachers, mentors, good advice. Therefore it seems to me that if this car is linked then it would be linked to somebody either to do with the persona of the Emperor or linked to the Heirophant. Therefore perhaps the Car is a link in the chain of events? I also need to point out that the EAGLE is a strong reference to the Emperor card and I understand that the car passed this place.

I am seeing as a person a older man? who appeared? did Luke have any thoughts about leaving his Job or have some indecision over that, I am concerned about mixing business with pleasure here and I am wondering if there is a connection to his workplace? or someone working here at time of disappearance. Might be a dominating character.

Other pointers, walking North West, a feeling of intent,
Will/intent or name Will, snake/salesman,father figure - a possible connection to two buildings or between two buildings possibly high rise - person with hat, or hood - colour Blue - letters B, J or D and R as initials of places or people all come up. Secrets that were kept for 28 days? a possible female with secrets with Dark hair? or someone with Dark hair. something written on a piece of paper but not complete? A note? A ticket? A link to mother and father.


The Strength card is number 8 which is a music number but apart from that it is showing us landscape with a stream, the word WHITE and may link to 'animals' as there is a Lion in the picture. This card also makes me feel there is a lot of rurality around Luke. It is also linked to the Hermit who is 'off the beaten track' and near a Hill. So an actual Hill or Hill name could come into this card as could camping/cabins/mobile homes - any type of temporary type building .

The Hermit is a landscape card. It can also point to a roof or even being under a roof but feeling up high comes in. There is a character in this card. An older man who might have a beard I seem to link this person to a vehicle or a trip. Feeling sick or being sick and recovering from that. Was he sick in someones car? This is an 'oral card' which shows the mouth - it can be dental/teeth, bones and sometimes can show respiration problems. I am also seeing a blonde female but I dont know how this links right now. There is a strong colour of 'yellow' here.


This card is usually EAST in direction but it is reversed. Is there a prison in the vicinity? rocks and stone or those kind of names come up as does a river/riverbank in the vicinity. I am seeing many things but I cant place how they work together. There may be railways/hills or an airport in the vicinity. Tarot cannot name things. I have a 10 here for when Luke would be found and unless anything significant happened in 2010 they may have overlooked where Luke was possibly in a search.

I have the word Victory come up. I also feel there are two people here I dont know if they are seperated or divorced or two people that pass away. I see jewelry, roses something shiny even Black. I may be seeing something foreign or someone foreign with foreign speech. Evidence has been cleared away, there are documents or something on paper, but it has been altered or some witness statements have been tampered with or someone not telling the truth here.

The sword card represents October. This could still be to come to find Luke or has other significances. The swords reversed show that a third person does not tell what they know but they may come forward at a later date? Is there an area that is called Church? like a Street name.

There is something to do with the Law that was not only in the past but comes up in the future. Was there a court order for someone, or has someone been in prison? I am giving all these things but they are glimpses of things that pop up in these cards.Someone had a head injury or something was wrong with their back. Someone also was linked to drugs . Luke might have needed to get away from a person with unhealthy associations.

Boss, Father Figure, Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Government Official all come up here. Malicious plans and untrustworthy feelings come up which makes me feel that they are anti police and evidence and therefore lied or covered up something. There is a lawsuit here. Luke may have got into the hands of a very bad man who is dominating and might have had bad connections but is dominant.
I can see Butterflys here?

The ultimate number is 4. 4 of wands is a hotel/or business - or a home - somewhere near or connected to water. 4 of swords church name - taking time out and being defeated by two other people near water. 4 cups is being offered something and refusing it . Tree names and possible bridge in vicinity. 4 Pentacles shows someone trying to hold on to money and possessions.

Perhaps burglary, robbery and theft can be seen here.The hermit associations show Luke concealed or hidden near a Hill or name Hill. There is a third person stalker here. Possibility of wall/basement at some point . Something may have gone wrong where Luke himself imposed his own self concealment?

Because the 10 of swords is reversed we must think of East as primary but near a river. Reversed cards can show East West or South East.

I will look again if Luke is not found by the Summer.
These are all thoughts that can materialise with the Tarot given some may not apply.



  1. Luke Durbin disappearance: Extra time to quiz suspect
    BBC News‎ - 2 hours ago
    Luke Durbin, then 19, was reported missing on 13 May 2006 after he failed to return from a night out with friends in Ipswich. Police now have ...
July 2, 2012 10:03 AM
Mum of missing teen Luke Durbin speaks of the ‘very dark days’ following two arrests in connection to his disappearance

A 40-year-old man arrested in connection with the disappearance of Suffolk teenager Luke Durbin, has had his bail extended.
Luke Durbin, then 19, was reported missing on 13 May 2006 after he failed to return from a night out with friends in Ipswich.


BBC News - Luke Durbin: Two arrested over suspected online fraud
24 Dec 2013 - Two people were arrested on suspicion of attempting to use the identity of a man missing since 2006 to buy goods online, police reveal.


I notice that there is not a map in place for location possibilities regarding Luke so Im just updating and maintaining this page and no doubt there are other cases where links also need to be inserted. 

Going back to Luke's case. I have some more notes .These are for Map link purposes so please do not worry if you dont understand them.

Emperor card arrived as the situation regarding Luke it is a number 4 card and it bears to the East and note there is North West also in the card which can indicate either going backwards and forwards or another character coming from a different direction.  

Description possible person/place .

Colour red might be in the face ie angry or skin tone or red in name. If person red hair, complexion, tanned, lean body long neck large bones, strong but not that tall.  Bald, baldness or possible thinning of hair.

Actual or names of : Sandy/ hilly ground, newly built land or  construction work. Land that might have sheep /small cattle feed or stables for small animals. Places unfrequented where criminals find refuge. Names or something in relation to plastering.building materials. Heat/fire/burns/scars chimneys, smiths, bakers. 

Second description someone of Middle stature, strong bodied, brown ruddy complexion hazel eyes, bold hair red or sandy. Could be one or two person description.

Our strength card is number 8.

north east
stomach throat
Rural land with a a stream. 


Theatres, public buildings public halls, auditoriums, parks; places connected with royalty (ie Princes St)  palaces, castles, forts.Difficult places to access such as  deserts, forests and areas where you find wild animals roam freely. If in a home heat fire elements. Grand or rich elements Gold/Golden. Halls dining rooms Michael.

Our last card 10 of swords reversed. Directions East AND West. Links to number 5, church, two people, keys, quay, lock, container. Asking for advice map directions?? Schools colleges in name places perhaps. Two keys.

Someone possibly with /without glasses, tall straight body, thin, long arms, dark hair. Hazel or Hazel eyes. quick reflexes.

Place names.  Hills and mountains, high places, barns and storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries/ studies, pieces of paper, writing, tickets, documents. Walls , hall, places where money can be kept. ie Bank Treasury, purse, wallet.  High. Light. Bedrooms, high rooms, windows. this is next to the card of the grandparent it is not necessarily pointing to that but I write it anyway.  Communication problems can show up here. This last card is the search and find card where all kinds of this card element can appear during the search /find of Luke.  There appears to be much perjury, tricks and possible lies and deception during all the time there is a search to find. 

These extra elements are for map purposes only
Also had Gray and Wool, Water. 


Maps are compiled following Tarot suggestions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. They may touch upon areas connected to other people linked to the case. Please bear in mind that maps cannot be guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.


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