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Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Missing Since: March 2000
Missing from: Whatcom County, Washington
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 07/23/76
Age at disappearance: 23
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Race: White
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Characteristics: Surgical scar on right hip.
Metal rod inside the entire length of one of her femurs as the
result of previous automobile accident injuries. Beauty mark
above the upper corner of right lip. Pierced ears. Vegetarian.
Smokes cigarettes. Speaks fluent Spanish. Strong southern
Jewelry: 14 karat white gold diamond ring with .45 carat
emerald cut diamond, two .07 carat baguettes on sides, pair
of 14 carat gold earrings with .3 carat ruby in each.
Leah’s hometown: Durham, NorthCarolina

Details of Disappearance
Leah left her hometown on March 9, 2000. She did not advise anyone of her destination. She left in a white 1993 Jeep Cherokee, North Carolina Lic# JVP-2881. The vehicle was found abandoned on a logging road in Whatcom County on Saturday, March 18, 2000. Receipts in the vehicle show gasoline was purchased in Brooks, Oregon in the early morning hours of Monday, March 13, 2000.

A ticket was purchased from the theater at Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham on March 13, 2000 at 2:10 PM for the movie, American Beauty. Cat food was found in the car which leads investigators to suspect that she may have taken her small kitten with her. Extensive searches of the area around her wreck provided few clues in her disappearance.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office
Det. Mark Joseph
(360) 676-6650
Whatcom County Dispatch Center
(360) 676-7722
(360) 676-6711


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot for Leah Roberts who disappeared March 9th 2000. Tarot may give glimpses of situations past present and future regarding Leah including some background however,Tarot is not considered by Law as 100 per cent accurate and for that reason please go to other factual sources of information.

If there are any objections raised by family to the posted Tarot it will be censored and snipped at their request.
The first thing that comes to mind here is to wonder when Leah is considered to be missing as if there are signs that she was alive after March 9th as per the above report I wonder whether to look at Tarot further on.
I think I will begin the Tarot from March 9th just to see what it advises and perhaps step it forward to 13th March when it appears there is a connect there.


With this card we have to bear in mind that Aces are often 'something new' new starts, or new beginnings and Leah did take off without even telling anybody she was going anywhere. Of course we dont know if it was a personal choice or forced. What this card might be telling us is that she had an argument with somebody where someone got the better in that argument. First the direction on this card is generally East but it could be North East.

The Ace may be showing us a Male personality here too but there is a 'plan' manifesting here. So where does the guy come in? he is here in this card, he is here arguing with this girl and it seems there is some kind of heartache here, maybe a three way relationship, or maybe someone saying they are going away.

Was that part of the argument? If so then it would suggest someone did know she was going away. If this is not past tense it still seems there is an argument here somehow. Three people are in these cards not one. Rocks stone and river type environments can be on these cards, but, they can also be names of places too. The number most significant here is ONE.

Notice there is a crown on the card and a sword piercing through, there might be drugs attached or someone who has 'had enough of something' - but equally there is the cutting element of the swords and swords are sharp instruments. Much to think about here.
Theres a very strong colour of Yellow and it should be borne in mind that the Fool card is arguing a North West direction, but it is most definite that Swords cards are East.

It would insinuate Leah leaving North West initially to go on a journey. At first glance we are to feel Leah is all packed to go because this little man on the Fool card is telling us that she is a 'tourist' therefore her bags are packed or she has some belongings with her. There is the thought that somebody did not want her to go. In the card there is a little dog that is warning her, whether a dog is a reality is beside the point, it just does suggest that something was getting in the way. As she has a cat, a dog would not be that welcome would it?

However, she sets off in this card and I see a lot of innocence in her about this and rocks and cliffs/stones come up here which again could be a name of a place or actuality. There is purpose to her movement so I do feel there is a plan in place here even though I have not quite established how the male comes into the picture right now.

It seems to me that the garage could come up on the Magician card because of the tools on the Table so yes perhaps it signifies she did go to one. But we have a B and J here which relates to a female and someone also either dressed in blue or wears something on their head . The B and J could loosely connect to a D or R but are thought of as initials to people or places.

Was she involved with a married man who she felt would leave his partner for her? I seem to think that there was a plan here either by Leah or a male but whatever it was I think an argument has erupted and 'gone wrong'. It could even show someones lover going off and abandoning them.

It is possible she or someone was pregnant with the Empress arriving in the scenery here so, I am feeling that her disapperance could be locked to a relationship she was pursuing or part of as it does seem she was going to see someone she might not have seen for a while?

This could have been a case of 'love is blind'.
I just see struggle and animosity creeping in to the cards but not sure of the time scale whether past tense or not with the information already given. Someone could have taken advantage of her. Leah might have wanted to put the past behind her and start anew but there is an indication that this has not worked out as planned. Swords are really not the kindest of cards by any means.

Im just feeling that Leah is being 'blind' about something or she was hoodwinked in some way? The ace vegetation can carry drugs but it is not necessarily so.
It just could be after so many difficult factors in her life she wanted to get out and get away cut ties.


I have not read deeply into this case to know the details but there is mention of her car being abandoned and found on 13 March. I do not know if it was in an accident but what I can see from this card the reason it was abandoned is because whoever was driving could not afford to run it? That seems fairly reasonable an explanation but from this card it shows unemployment and lack of finances so I would have thought that could be the reason for finding her car without her in it.

The people on this card are walking East but the card is North. There does seem to be more then one person there too. A person with something on their head which is something I saw in the other card and a younger person and a man with a limp. Were they passengers? I cannot be sure maybe someone got injured on the ride? I seem to see a need to get hold of some more money here but for some reason nobody is asking for help in these cards even though they can? if something had happened to this vehicle then perhaps the finance was not there to fix it.


This card comes to us to represent some kind of location for LEAH. The first thing you see here is what resembles either two towers/ two apartment blocks or perhaps a stone bridge. They might form a name of a place. The water is strong here so water places appear to be here also. There are two dogs in this picture so I would expect animals to be around. Usually this card is about being disorientated as though a person is on drugs or they are confused mentally. The moon is the classic card of illusions and smokescreen information. It sits upside down in this reading.

It suggests some kind of blow to the back of the head but it also is trying to tell us about some falsehoods, either lies or lying or something that is not true? It is clear there is an accident because of the Tower card which is reversed here, the Tower card is number 16 perhaps this happened on the 16th? The star card seems to see draining of water or pools of water here? I can only write what I have and not form a story to put it all together so I will just give what there is here.

All of this is very curious when you consider that the family home or home is reversed. Does that make this trip viable? Was she really seen on this trip or was there NO TRIP AT ALL. If there was no trip at all then there is something else here that is hidden.
Was this made to look as though Leah had gone somewhere? possibly.

If we thought about that premise then it would suggest that Leah was somewhere that the sun 'does not shine in' so that rather looks like she was tied up and put somewhere like a basement. The writing is on the wall apparently in this situation, what writing on the Wall ? Though it all appears to be a trip Leah has taken, this card is telling me - wait a minute - there are falsities here? The Moon is linked to Cancer, Cancer is a place of water or it is the home. Pisces is also attached here which gives us fish for ' fishy' and fishy could be fishy as in ' dubious information'.

I am seeing threats and dangers in this card and a very unprotected situation. I cannot decide whether Leah was driving her car or whether the entire journey is false because there are many deceptions on this. I feel all the stress and disorientation of this card very strongly and I feel there are more people involved here then appears to be the case of her just being on her own.

At least three come to mind.
I am not sure Leah was in that car because of the link to where she lived. There seems to be something wrong here with her trip or no trip? I am seeing her located in the Past. If her vehicle has moved elsewhere ie been driven somewhere that suggests forward movement, so how can she be in the past somewhere? so this is putting a problem on this story about trying to locate her where her vehicle might be.

B and a J might be initials of where she might be? The High Priestess holds secrets the number is 2 and the 2 links to someone Leah has had an altercation or argument with and seems that the other person has won so Im not sure quite whether things are as they seem.
I might have to look at a map and see what to think of where she might be.

There is no travel on the world card. This world card shows someone under the earth or it shows they are underground. Yes one can go underground if they want to hide from something or they are being hidden perhaps. Again I need to think it all through a little more.

There are church names tombstones and cemetaries in the Four of Swords which link to vacation. It may all sound like intrigue but it seems to me that someone from the past 'caught up with Leah' at some point - was she forced off the road and returned to the place where she lived if she was on a trip?
Someone might have been drinking - ? So someone has a reason to hide evidence in these cards. This situation may have been to do with revenge from the past.

I may have things slightly out of kilter but they are all possibilities to consider. Someone or something from the past might have come up and this has affected the situation for this woman because its about her past squaring up to her in the future. I am seeing a total mental breakdown in this card. I dont think she escaped her past. Im seeing agrophobic conditions here. The numbers here are 81 or 8 and 1 or 9 or 6. Was there a lover who she would not go of or the other way around?


A very awkward find card to receive . Here is the number 11 and reversed we still have 11. We are in 2012 so assuming Leah was not found in 2011 then its still open ended and this 11 must be a route or road or it may just be 11 for something else?
Here there does not seem to be any balance or justice in finding Leah. Notice how this comes just after a vehicle card the Wheel is derailed?

Interesting. I dont know if I am being told in these cards that she did not go anywhere long distance. I might be so very wrong but I have to just put forward the advices of Tarot and then they have to work themselves out. Am I being told that there will be no justice here if everything links to her vehicle? thats what I wonder. Perhaps too much emphasis is on that and it is a good decoy from the truth?

This case seems to hang in suspension with the hanged man but the hanged man has a number 4 on it and the number 4 is the card of the Emperor. Not only does the Emperor stand for authority and law as does the justice card, it also stands for a vehicle and the vehicle is also right next to this justice card. So what it makes me feel is that the answer is the Vehicle could be swaying judgement?? Its just something to consider as after all when was Tarot ever considered to have a note of truth in it from those who feel it offers nothing?

If Leah was in the vehicle and she had died she would have been found by SOMEONE. Clearly the hanged man reversed shows that someone could free themselves but that their leg has been hurt. Now maybe Leah is telling us something because in the 5 of pentacles we have a person whose leg has been hurt as they are limping.

They also wear a bell so they could TELL US SOMETHING but has anything been heard? I dont know.
So did a man get out of the car limping? or was it leah, Im not sure because there are three people in the five of pentacles and Im not sure if she was one of them or not because of the strange illusions on the trip factor.

Maybe we are being asked logically to see that if Leah was in the vehicle when she left the vehicle she must have taken some of her belongings with her, if the belongings were not taken there must be a reason for that. If a person was driving a car and it was NOT Leah if they took something from the car it could eventually be traceable so it makes sense to leave them behind. So I feel the answer is logical around the vehicle and must be reconsidered.

If everywhere was searched and no doubt since 2000 it would have been around the vehicle then she would have been found surely? The death card reversed shows a mocking of death. A vehicle may have developed a flat tire? Temperence reversed might show people that do not get on in two sides of a family?

This looks like a scene made to look like an accident - but when there is no body there is a problem. However, maybe a body should be looked for in buildings because a building is in the Tower card and it seems to me that a person is inside and not outside. So I think Leah is in a building . It could be abandoned, maybe nobody else lives there maybe it is a basement. It might be a building in ruins. But a building is what I see. Rocks and stone and water? maybe a bridge but I am not sure about that either but perhaps the word HILL might help or high rise? . Agricultural building or work building/farm building all could figure.The number 8 might be important along with 2 and 11 and to look at relationships?

There is every possibility that I am completely wrong, but I feel this woman was locked in somewhere and I cant shake that feeling when I sense some kind of Tunnel and the dark.

This is a brief overview of the Tarot for Leah. I would definitely need to come back and tidy it up and re-think a couple of issues but I write what I have and hopefully it might help in some way. Did Leah owe any debt? if she owed debt then this might contribute somehow to the situation perhaps she could not repay somebody and the debt grew bigger. I see in the five of pentacles that this could lead to vets - if this cat was not found it might have found a home with a female who is all alone in a building. Tarot cannot decide which event is in which period nor can it guarantee every detail as being 100 per cent accurate but something here might stick? I will be posting another full reading very shortly.

Tarot is written unbiased and without prejudice.




I wanted to look at this situation again. Sometimes I feel that I need to double check. The three cards that I have link to what I have more or less seen. This first card can give a West direction. My original card had North West. In this card are many options. It seems to stem from an A or a W.

Some kind of invitation appears to be here or a new beginning or some kind of proposal appears . There is a possible link to romance - as there is a union in the next card so I do feel there is a person here alongside Leah. Altogether the word 'friends' may appear but three people which is just what I seemed to see in the first card. This situation seems to have an OCTOBER month on it, I have no idea why but Im just going to say it because something might have stemmed from that period. I note that the hometown comes into this card.

There is a lover or a romance or something linked to the past here with somebody. I am getting a flowers/pots - there may be a drug link but I am still seeing someone from the past in these cards in a vicinity that is familiar to this girl. A 7 seems to come up here. Water/rivers all figure in these cards so does a bridge a fast flowing river and a small building. I can see a tree name or a pine tree and a sense of rejection in a romance or some kind of disappointment in a romance. I am seeing some kind of tempation in this card the 7 of cups.


This card is thought of as location although all three cards can contribute to it. Here I have dogs or two dogs which have been seen in the first reading as in the first reading they are barking at the moon.

The dogs here are linked somehow to a person or a place. There is a great deal of insecurity on this card. The Knight is reversed which shows vehicle at a halt. There is a loss of possessions here. There is a deep concern for health and welfare but there does seem to be a building and these buildings in pentacles are colleges/schools or places with that name on the roads or vicinity. It seems to be near somewhere rural? I had problems with the notion of a holiday with this girl.

The Ace of pentacles reversed actually can show a 'vacation' or going away but this card is telling me that is delayed or postponed. I see situations but I cannot say who the situations are linked to but there is a man woman and a younger person in these cards. I saw them before and they are here again. I dont know why or why they would be linked to location perhaps they are linked to the vehicle as I saw before. I am seeing some kind of problem here as this King of Pentacles is showing either a person or a place.

The King is a North Card but note that is reversed its very difficult to decide whether its North West or North East but, in this card we have a link to the pope/heirophant which brings up the church names once again and a priest type of feeling or perhaps a batchelor. I cannot decide if its a person or location or both. The number here is 14 or reversed 41 or 4 and 1 making 5. The Heirophant reversed shows a breaking with tradition or conventionalism - it may show someone who is corrupt and who can be bribed.

The King of Pentacles also shows a chariot therefore this could link to the vehicle. The corresponding card also can link to the vehicle through the Emperor.
This Emperor is like an ex partner boss or someone that is an EX situation. They no longer hold their position in a relationship or job or whatever vocation they are attached to. This card is near the Teacher cards in the Queen of Pentacles. This card appears to be an ex mentor?

This card seems to place us not far from places familiar to Leah for location and again this is reminding me of the first reading. I needed to check because I was a bit unsure of some things there. This person connects directly to Leah, it may be a male or a female but I often think of Kings as male. This card seems to show me that an associate of Leahs is linked to her location? This card shows jealousy and someone who is corrupt?

When we link the King to the ten we can automatically see that there was problems regarding an 'inheritance' now what that means I really dont know. It seems to suggest that something was not passed down to someone and it has caused problems? - There is a queen here who is or may have been a dark haired woman, she has secrets as she holds a hooded falcon. This shows me a rural house or place where Leah may be alone.

I could be wrong of course. Farming buildings/schools colleges all these kind of names and places can come up its all very scrambled but it does come to the picture here. This 10 of pentacles can be a bridge or a building that is an 'ancestral home' or an old building sometimes even thought of as a manor or the name manor. Again not always the case that it would apply here but it is bringing buildings to me and some kind of rurality. I am seeing the word GARDEN or PARK.

I see a sense of peril or fear regarding an older man? Land and lots of flowers? Its not her domain? is it somewhere else she is familiar with? This could be a dark haired man. He might have been married with children. Someone bitter who might cause harm. She should not have put her faith and trust in this man as this is a gambler and speculator. Are there horses nearby? I am sensing that someone close must know something and also I am linking this girl to home ground and there were problems with money, debt, inheritances or to someone she might have known. The only numbers I have are as above but also these might help. 65 / 11 or 59 11.

Did she go for an interview for a new job? Its not really that strong but I will mention that there are certain problems and I dont think she is in unfamiliar territory.


This last card the 10 of wands can show agriculture, tarmac, concrete, dusty roads, near airports, industrial elements - somewhere outside of the town but going towards buildings. The direction may be South East. Thats something I did not get in the last section of cards and wondered about.

This card can show the HILL that I saw such as a cliff edge - I do not see a woman in an accident here in any of these cards because if I did then it would be on a reversed knight of wands even though other travel cards are linked in Pentacles - ie Knight - but that just shows car TROUBLE quite a different matter? - This card can show fences/walls/palisades. Injury to head/or headache or problems neck and above.

There is a sense of heat on this card such as fire - which may show a fire station or somewhere you would link to fire even in a place. There is a masculine energy, someone who is strong, keeps fit may work out could be a hunter? may be an ex uniform person and uniforms can be any kind of uniform suggesting they belonged to an organisation? - This card is a 10. It also relates to the King of Wands.

This card asks when Leah Roberts might be found. We have the 10 and south or south East we can also break the numbers this way 10 ,1 0 36/9 they may be significant to time or distance or route numbers. Possible dates but not sure of any year 13th of December to 23rd of December and there may be a lawsuit?
Other numbers 23 / 5 21st of July to the 24th of August - I am seeing someone attached to their home? Wands can still depict areas that are linked to water either in the distance or name. It is very tricky as this card can change from direct water locations and beaches to dusty roads and industrial working places or places where work is carried out. There is also that agricultural feel about the cards too. So even outbuildings can come up cabins/sheds etc.

I am seeing quite a bit of similarity with the first reading.
A reminder that this is a non biased reading and without prejudice.




I will need to try to sort out a map for this lady. Please bear with me. Meanwhile below is the latest report I can find.

Missing persons' tour visits Bellingham - The Bellingham Herald - United States
Sep 24, 2012 – Family members of Leah Roberts visited Bellingham Monday, Sept. 24, as part of the CUE Center for Missing Persons' national tour to revive interest in cases of missing children and ... 2013 Grammy Awards: Red Carpet ...


  1. Hi Empathy, I just wanted to comment on something you picked up. You mention a possible leg injury and person walking with a limp. I don't know if you read this but Leah had a metal rod that had been placed in the entire length of her femur from a previous car accident years earlier. Not sure if she walked with a limp but I found that very interesting. Just thought I'd mention it.

    1. Brandi, thank you very much for commenting and for your information.

    2. Dear "Empathys Insights"...I have a possible theory, just wanted to run it by you, as the siblings and the Canada guy, called #2 guy aquantis, she had, according to inquiries/theories/investigation, I am sure, just want closure, if not more. Anyhow, this is not what people want to here, so prepare yourselves, but it would be closure and it would be truthful, if evidence comes out soon enough in our life times, if they do a correct investigation ( in my opinion, to the truth, they would find what I am talking about. My theory: Their is reported, alleged, Reptilian underground bases in that area, I think. See Youtubes on this and for that area, they are heavy around the NW USA in underground bases. They are shape shifters, even "The Queen" is admitting she is a Reptialian Shapeshifter, so humans should prepare themselves for this disclosure if truth, of truth!! We are NOT alone and the raining spices on this Earth. See Youtube videos on InterEarth humans too, they know and can tell the truth on this story, you can enter at Mount Shasta, they may help us get truth. See YT's on the Good InterEarth People, they only let few humans in, who are of high frequency and "good natured" and in right frame of mind. Only, as far as I have researched, are the Reptialns who are bad and eat humans. I was wondering if the guy #3, could reportedly be a Shapeshifting reptilian, who was "Barry", they are intelligent in some ways too, and strong and powerful, they like to do their "killings" on "special" nights if they worship on Satin "Speical nights of worship or sacrifice"...Also, because nothing was taken for evidence to lead to her, (someone was very cautious and tidy/neat" even leaving her special ring under a mat..If she was in a bar or went to these "bars" as it said and/or restaurant: she could have been drinking to ease pain of loosing both parents, or one of the "guys" could have slipped a drug in her drink waiting or following her, as the galoline attendant said, "she kept looking out the window of the gas station as she was gasing her SUV and attendant said she looked "groggy", please be open minded to find the truth, and tell the siblings my is "look for underground Reptilian Bases in the area, and the X Vet. names Barry could be a Shapeshifter too!! (See Billie Woodard interviews on Youtubes about InterEarth people and his visits their with the Air Forces of USA..Peace and love, to find the TRUTH!!

  2. They re-examined the vehicle and found that the vehicle had been altered where as it was possible for the jeep to accelerate without a driver. In addition the were able to lift finger prints and male DNA from a piece of paper in the truck. The finger prints did not match the primary suspect, but they were still waiting for the blood results to come back.

    1. Thank you so much for posting Mark, very interesting news.

  3. Empathy, you mentioned a uniform person, and one of the suspects is indeed a ex military, so you really got it there... I personally think that man is somehow involved, is one of the guys sitting next to her at the bar... I think one of the two guys may have killed her or something, it is sad to think that but at this point chances are she is not on this Earth anymore... anyway I hope she is in a better place now, because this Earth full of psychos is not worth it.... also you got the Park (National Park) and a place full of buildings or towers, maybe she is buried in a place like that and you mentioned fire so maybe that is the way she died.... horrible... anyways I really hope the guy who did this pays his Karma soon.... peace

  4. I believe Leah Roberts is no longer around if she was I believe she would of contacted her brother and sister she was close to them she has been gone too long plus she left all that money behind and her mothers ring I don't think she would have done that. Hopefully a brake will come through one day. Suzan

  5. Has there been any new updates? Tarot, or otherwise?

  6. Has any new news surfaced tarot or otherwise?

    1. No!! It does not appear there is any new news, see my new "theory" it must be taken and checked, stay with an open heart and mind, the Police and Military know of these "Reptilian/Shapeshifters" in the area, and refuse to tell folks about them..see my theory, if "Empathy" posts it, it is awaiting approval. See you tubes on heavy underground bases of Reptilian/shapeshifters of the NW USA and the Billie Woodard YT videos of InterEarth People and Reptilans, the Reptilinas eat humans, especial young ones, older or toxic they feel...sorry, but if you want the truth, take it where it leads us!! Humans better get use to these as we have "never been alone!!" The Military and police know of this and won't tell anyone!! It is rumored if they don't feed them, they will come up more often for humans...Also, I said, maybe the Barry guy, is a Shapeshifter, and that is why know one can find him..he might live in the caves of Reptilians...just my open for Truth, it could mean closure at least!!!

    2. Please keep in touch, lets get this case solved one way or the others...respond in private message center of my FB..if anything new must be armed correctly to go to Reptilian bases as they are 10 tall and very strong when in their original form...even The Queen admits to being one and the other bloodline of the is time for Humans to "wake up" for they will continue to die...young ones, females and such of human breed should never, never travel alone or unarmed for Reptiles survive!! Educate yourselves...with knowledge first...see Youtubes on them...knowone was smart enough to suggest the "alien" agenda here ever, she has been missing way too long!! Some "Thing" knows where she went!!!???!!!


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