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Saturday, 7 January 2012



Robyn Gardner has been missing in Aruba since August 2, 2011. There has been no contact from the missing woman since the missing American tourist in America was reported missing. According to her travel companion Gary Giordano she vanished while the two were snorkeling at the Nanki Country Club in southern Aruba. However, Aruba LE have stated that his stories have been inconsistent.

We had an opportunity to get the scoop from Jossy Mansur, the Managing Editor of Diario – Aruba with regards to the case of missing Robyn Gardner. Jossy took the time to share the following information that he learned after discussing the missing persons case with Aruba AG Taco Stein.

He explained that the American Tourist, Robeyn Gardner, disappeared between Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach, which is the part behind Nanki Club.

According to Stein, the detention of Gary Giordano ends Monday and after that he will have to present himself before the Judge of Instructions, where it will be determined whether he will have to stay 8 more days in preventive detention.

Stein could not give more details of the case so as not to obstruct the investigation going on, but until he spoke to the DIARIO he indicated that no new evidence has come forward. If and when that happens, it will be given out in a press release by the Prosecution.

As for the way Giordano was detained at the airport, he explained that since he offered to stay voluntarily in Aruba, the authorities did not tell him to stay. He explained that when the call came in that the woman was missing they saw no need to treat him as a suspect. It was afterwards, when they evaluated the case better, that they decided it was best to detain him as a suspect. By then, Giordano had gone to the airport to abandon Aruba and was arrested before he could leave.

Stein as asked by the DIARIO if the possibility existed that the body could have been dragged far away from the place by the currents, but experts indicated that on the day of the incident, the current was not strong.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Dec 3, 2011, 3:34am »

I am catching up with cases in the requests section on the blogger and I have been asked about Robyn Gardner who is a lovely fresh faced woman who is missing. I was not aware of all the internet activity on this particular case but realise that there have been many things happening, photographs found etc.

I have decided not to read every detail on this and give a reading which is as 'cold' as possible, meaning, without reading the background. I have posted above certain amount of information and realise this is going to be a complicated issue. However, I will just do what I always do and set my questions for tarot to see what it may bring.

Tarot is usually a brief outline of past present and future and I never guarantee 100 per cent accuracy as mistakes can be made. I would be responsible for that of course but try my best to put forward the situation I am given and the findings that I am offered by the cards drawn.

Please understand tarot does pick up past information so some information will relate to what is known. I personally can truly say I know nothing about this case. So let us just first look at the first card but also remind you to seek out factual information and not rely solely on Tarot.


My first card makes me draw breath a little as of course its not the best card in the pack. It is the 10 of swords reversed. I am not one to indicate or validate whether a person is deceased or not but what I do is write what I have and let it speak for itself. I am pro life and of course use positive energy. Looking at this card Im afraid it is very disastrous or could amount to be that way. I am seeing that computers are used in respect of this girl - as the 9 of swords will give that and unfortunately the Knight of swords will post some very bad stuff on the internet or in photographic ways and that is already known so I am not telling you anything new regarding that.

But, I will say to you that this girl has been overpowered by somebody . By that it means that someone got the 'better of her' perhaps in an argument or just a stronger personality that overshadows hers and we do have an island, in fact not one but possibly even two? I dont know Aruba so no idea what the structure of this place is.

Looking at the Swords, it seems to me that this girl may have had a respiration problem at some point. This can be caused by medicine or drugs - Im looking back over the swords journey to see how we ended up with this 10. There is let me tell you, a very bad man here.

This man is dark skinned as a rule, the colouring of people is very prominent usually on the cards in each suit or he could just have dark hair. Or alternatively it could show an extreme dark nature of a man. I am seeing a lot of things in these cards so I will just reel it off though have absolutely no idea how the information will fall in place whether its occurred or whether its happening or whether its for the future. So bear with me.

It seems that the cards say that this girl is mislaid for a time and that she was/is withheld somewhere. The three can show seperation between THREE people - not two and one may later come forward to talk about it. Heart problems can also show here but not necessarily.
Now often it can be East of where she is/was and near or by a building at some point or reversed South East.

Often I associate a church or some kind of place like that with cemetaries with the four of swords but basically it is just a way of saying the person is at 'rest'. Now some might say, ah, somethings happened and Robyn is deceased. Well rest can mean many things, it can just mean the vacation. So lets just say that she was overpowered on vacation and that there are possibly three people here. It seems to me that water/rocks etc are going to be part of the landscape.
Might be obvious seeing as she is on an island.

I feel there is a lot of deceit in these cards so a lot of lies will manifest because its quite possible that two people know what happened . I feel she could have been taken somewhere and then 'brought back' however odd that sounds. I feel that she was stuck and then 'released'.

I am seeing nightmares almost - like living your worst nightmare and worrying that something auful will happen and how to avert or avoid that. There are bedroom scenes here and I dont want to go into that at all. I feel that someone could have been tied up or some kind of bondage has been afoot. I could even stretch that to SM type bondage and as I said I wont go further here.

The 10 of swords is mostly an East card -but reversed we have to be careful so I wont suggest directions in this card lets look at others first. I am seeing some kind of 'rival' situation here so it makes me feel that there is another person involved somewhere. The Knight upside down is the negative side of someone who is really a hacker of computers or someone who will post horrible things on the internet.

Already I see how this card can be taking its place from the 10 of swords having glimpsed the links to find a picture of this girl to work with on the internet already.
The real truth is that this may turn out very difficult since we have this 10 of swords. Originally it is showing someone by rocks/water. This card tells me 'there is an end to suffering'.

Well, if something bad has happened to this lovely girl this will be blessing if her journey has been reversed swords. It can also show someone who was in terrible terrible situations who might have manage to avert further distress so right now I need to look at the other cards.


When I ask where this girl is , I am given this King of Pentacles. this card to me is NORTH. It also shows me agricultural surroundings. I see in this picture that somewhere there is a building that might have an arch to it or on it but appears to have two dogs. Whether that is two dogs that reside there or whether two dogs are going to appear in this 'story' I am not sure. But I see them.

I am feeling that with the Queen of Pentacles Robyn might be 'alone'. I think she is all alone in this section of cards. Even as I say that I am looking at a businessman here. This may fall in somewhere but I am given something about a businessman who makes his money by identifying opportunities and then basically milking them.

So it makes me wonder if she has been involved with a situation where there is a man 'at the top' ? When I see the King of Pentacles I see a wealthy kind of guy almost like someone who is quite rich and might have property even the penthouse kind. I could be wrong because of course not everything will apply on this card but I do give this in case it is useful .

I feel like I am seeing 'gold' in this picture, is it someone who wears gold or is there somewhere North with a name like ' Gold'. If this King of Pentacles is a person, he is the type to have people emotionally dependent on him - he is a 'provider' and somehow I am linking properties to him and big business. This seems to indicate that there is a link to someone perhaps like this in order to understand where Robyn might be? This could just be a business building.

I do see landscape here though as we do have to remember that pentacles are generally agricultural woody and bushy landscape type themes or great connection to nature. Water is prominent in the Swords card and this must be remembered. Back to this card, If this is a man he is wealthy and prominent in his 'kind of business' and a relationship might be linked here to Robyn in some way? Again North is what I see on this card and generally that is often the correct direction with Tarot when upright.

Maybe he is the third person that was involved - the King of Pentacles is not what I would consider a BAD MAN on the surface, this is a man who just runs a big business, he might be married, or he might be a serious suitor. Therefore wondering if he is that 'third person'. He is meant to be dependable - so it just depends what 'type of dependable' this means. Dependable for Robyn or dependable in his business pursuits?

There may be ' new construction' perhaps buildings that being built so that is the picture I am getting and I am wondering if that is where Robyn is near or by or even in a property that appears to be quite large, but perhaps due to the nature of this card it is not finnished yet or there is something about it that shows us that it is not complete in entirety? Perhaps this figures somewhere? I feel that perhaps business is carried out in this property or not this one another but I do seem to see a building which might have a couple of dogs attached in some way.

I feel that it is a kind of 'business building' in so much that something to do with work might be carried out there. I also feel that if there is a man here involved that his business is 'solid'.
Because it is a king card we can have the word 'crown' given to us and if a person it can be someone who is 'close to us' so clearly someone that gravitated around Robyn.

I see the Heirophant is linked to this card and I wonder if in the area there is a church or some kind of 'traditional type' of building? A spiritual building or a place that might have some spiritual elements within it - often you get that on visits to these kind of places in the tropics. I feel the key is linked to a man as to where she is.

I think three people are involved here. I also feel that someone wanted a marriage and if not has wanted a business contract and Robyn would be part of that, I dont know if that is as a chattel or whether personal. I also seem to see a car which could be black and shiny. Not very helpful but its there all the same.
I cant place who, but someone thought they could make 'a lot of money'?


Asking when this girl is going to be found, Tarot gives a ONE which is an ace generally this indicates months but rather than say that Robyn will found within the month, I would say that this card suggests there will be clarifying information over the next month and more information that comes to hand in order to find her.

It seems to me that she is by water and I have something about two islands here. I keep seeing her blindfolded. Either that or someone has been hoodwinking people about the seperation factors of how she has come to be on her own and 'has disappeared'. I think that there will be some drugs situations uncovered as the Ace of Swords can indicate that and also show that there are 'many headaches involved' trying to find this girl. I am not going to make a health indication here because from what I have seen this can be tricky.

I think she has suffered in some way or we would not have the swords present. However, I think its finding her that is important. I have a Swedish Link here for some reason and feel something to do with 'sweden' might come up. I feel that as this is Aruba and remembering the last young lady that was out there then we have a link up in the result of finding this girl as it links to the other girl I think.

I remember writing the other Tarot for Natalie Holloway and seeing one girl who did not get away. I dont know how this will play itself out but the Ace of Swords is a RING. Its the head of the CROWN and that seems to say to me that there might be a business organisation here a 'ring' of people. This card promises to cut through that ring and it may therefore suggest that when Robyn is found it could lead to further information regarding other incidences or problems with missing people in/on Aruba.

I might be wrong. I am prepared to be wrong - but I do think over the next month more will come to light. I would love to say that Robyn will be found over the next month the direction is EAST or a name which has EAST in it - I cannot promise that though. I can only suggest that is what tarot tells us but on the safe side I would simply say that information will come to light over the next month and if there is a ring I feel this is going to be 'penetrated' .

There is a drugs connection here because of the vegetation I can see which looks to be something like marijuana but you know, I know very little about drugs - I dont take them!! However not to say they wont come up because they might.
Though I have an East link here I also have North West and we must consider that the King of Pentacles was North. There may be 'cliffs, rock , stone' or those kind of elements in surroundings or even something that is named in that way.

The fool is a 'zero' number - meaning no number, nothing, zilch - linking that to the Ace of swords it seems that much information WILL come to light but is the reason why I cannot promise that Robyn will definitely be found within the next month despite other truths coming to the surface. One has to remember something important also. When we look at the 10 of swords reversed as a first card, we must also remember that King will make sure that 'evidence is cleared up - witness statements may be false - evidence may be tampered with' all these things will be there to deal with and also the possibility that situation might reveal the same fate of two people with that Queen reversed.

I also think that some revelations might be rather mind blowing. I also feel that here will be events the public wont be aware of as I see 'hidden intelligence' here. It might even show private investigators undercover. The timing appears to be good to put new ideas into action and to brainstorm so hopefully a lot is being done behind the scenes.

Its even possible with this card that people are drugged for various purposes though again this is not an area I want to get into. I dont deal with crime I deal with assisting to find missing people. The crime can stay with the crimebusters and not me! Lastly I have to be honest and tell you that what the Ace of Swords finds is not necesarily all that pleasant, not only does it cut through the truth it can show very upsetting things and unfortunately this could be the case in respect of this lovely girl. The ace of swords can represent 'cutting'.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate, but as always I hope that it can help.




NBC4 Washington‎ - 22 hours ago





Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of Robyn's disappearance.

Tik-Tok of Oz by L. Frank Baum:

if I could. The Sor-cer-ess, Glin-da the Good, trans-port-ed me to this place in the wink of an eye; but here I met the Nome King him-self--old Rug-ge-do, who is called in these parts the Met-al Mon-arch. Rug-ge-do knew what I had come for, and he was so an-gry that he threw me down the well. Af-ter my works ran down I was help-less un-til you came a-long and pulled me out a-gain. Ma-ny thanks."

"This is, indeed, good news," said Shaggy. "I suspected that my brother was the prisoner of

Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of finding Robyn

Captain Stormfield by Mark Twain:

looking mighty quiet, I tell you. We laid for the new-comers, and pretty soon I'd got them to hold all my things a minute, and then I was a free man again and most outrageously happy. Just then I ran across old Sam Bartlett, who had been dead a long time, and stopped to have a talk with him. Says I -

"Now tell me - is this to go on forever? Ain't there anything else for a change?"

Says he -

"I'll set you right on that point very quick. People take the figurative language of the Bible and the allegories for literal, and the first thing they ask for when they get here is a halo and a


  1. Hello Empathy.
    Enjoying your reading here. For some reason I was receiving information about Robyn Gardner last night.
    Gemstone Tarot

  2. Yes I got that Robyn Gardner was alive. The whole thing was a plan to escape everything her fiancee. Everything.
    And thus the million dollar insurance policy don't think either one of them were banking on an arrest...
    She is live
    Aruba, Jamaica Bermuda Bahamas come on pretty Mama
    Key Largo amigo baby we'll go down to Kokomo


  4. Hi Empathy,

    Reading your visiones about Robin and the details about 'NORTH, GOLD and BUILDINGS' that at the time weren't finished....i immediately thought on this place! As you've said its large, there are agricultural grounds in its surroundings. A few miles back is a church and it's also close to water(the sea).

    Take e look for yourself , is this what you've visioned?


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