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Sunday, 22 January 2012


Jeramy Burt

Missing since February 11, 2007
If you have information about Jeramy Burt, contact Boise Police Department, (208)570-6290.
Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt, a roofer and avid hunter, is heading over to his friend's house on Sunday night, February 11th to discuss plans for the upcoming hunting season. He leaves his three year-old daughter in the care of his father while his ex-wife is away at a conference in Las Vegas. Jeramy is never seen or heard from again — except for text messages sent to his ex-wife.

When Kim George, Jeramy's ex-wife receives multiple text messages from Jeramy's phone saying he's leaving her and their daughter to start a new life, she is hurt, livid and perplexed. The couple had recently reunited and had been living together for months.

How could he do this to her when she was under the impression that everything was going so well? Her anger multiplies when she gets home to Boise to find Jeramy has left her in her car. Along with a missing person's report, Kim also files a stolen vehicle complaint.

Several months later, Kim's car is found — torched in a remote desert, miles away from home. Could she have been wrong about the text messages? Maybe, Jeramy didn't write them at all ... but then, who did?


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Jan 22, 2012, 4:54am »I have had a request here on the blogger to see if Tarot might be able to throw a little light on the situation with Jeramy who has been missing since 2007. I have found a picture I think I can work with which shows Jeramy looking very amiable and it felt like the right one.

I also noticed there is some information that came with that photograph and I have printed it. Tarot gives glimpses of past present and future but it is not guaranteed to be 100 per cent accurate so I would always suggest you check other factual sources. Tarot will pick up the past and some details that are known are likely to come out in the reading.


First card for Jeramy and I thought 'ouch' I was not sure what to think of this one. Clearly you can see there is a vehicle in this card which if we were to go by what we see was travelling North West not always the case but as it stands thats what it appears. The Chariot is also another card which is very similar in meaning when reversed as it shows a car crash/wreck. We know about this as it is in the above report, but notice that it is the first card to come out when asking what happened.

Does it suggest though that Jeramy came to a bad end with this card or does it just look like that? that actually is quite a question. I dont talk about life and death very much in Tarot as a rule and a good reader knows that the Death card does not necessarily mean that. What the death card is telling us is that some point or chapter in a persons life is OVER and they are moving away from it into a rebirth - ie, new existance. It can mean other problems such as vehicles and there are many variances but I wont go into them here because I want to understand why this card has come up first.

For one thing this card is number 13 or 31 or a 3 and 1 - any switching of the numbers can mean something here. Direction I have mentioned as possibility. This card is what is known as a 'mockery of death'. For example if someone had died then people mock it and dont have any sympathy for the loss of the person. It can also bring up gory films and throw up all sorts of nasty notions.

But its whether this car was burnt to make it look like Jeramy had passed but he actually went on to a new life or....the unthinkable.
So the best thing for me to do is look more at this and around it to make some kind of synopsis.

When Temperance is reversed it shows a lack of self control. It shows two sides of a family or two people who dont get on and that no amount of trying balance things up is ever going to make it work.

When we look at the other side of the Death card we are seeing the Hanged Man reversed which shows that it was not really a secret that things were not going so well, but at the same time this card is linked to an 'illusion' Neptune and Scorpio with the Death card. Temperance can tell us that TIMING IS OFF - so that is something to think about.

With every major card reversed this car could have had mechanical trouble and gone off the road but the oddest thing is the Fool card suggests that a person goes on foot not car and leaves belongings or possessions or loses them.

There is also family interference of some kind and what can only be described as a stalking element. So was he followed? With the High Priestess reversed normally it might suggest that a note or message was left but not clarified, but in the reversed card it can suggest that no message was left. Its almost like the original truths are turned inside out.
I just want to draw the next card


This card could be describing a South East direction. The number is 14 split that anyway you want for road or route or for other significance 41 4 and 1 14 etc. This card is showing a car crash happened in the Knight of Wands and it shows the fire as these are fire cards.

But, where the car was found it is suggesting that Jeramy is South East of that. Wands are normally South. Sometimes they do keep their normal direction which would make it NORTH EAST but, they are predominantly south and that is why I would say South East and I have to hope Im right about that. Anyway North or South - its EAST. East could be a place name.

I see Jeramy outside of a town not in the town itself but out. I am seeing a very ruthless person here or a short lived romance where one is very ruthless and determined to get their own way regardless of everything, they want to win. They wont take no for answer they are demanding and aggressive and that is who has set fire to this car.

Maybe Jeramy did it to just walk away, maybe he did but there are three people here not two and its a big question mark whether a third person is involved here and we dont know anything about that person. Maybe it was a means to an end to free Jeramy? I would have thought that if Jeramy died in that car that forensics would have been over it and nothing is mentioned above so they did not find a body . Only the car. So it might be a LOOKS LIKE but not an actual here.

Really its uncovering the third person who is supposed to be older so that would indicate between 30 and I would have said up to 50 or just a maturer man? and there is something about 'red tape' which to me means non disclosure - I also get a 'no hunting' being said to me. I cant decide if this is a plan or it was impulsive and unplanned. The cards I have are so close together and throwing up a double scenario. Its almost like its a LOOK LIKE but not an actual. I hope you understand what I mean.

Im not sure that Jeramy was burnt alive in the car I think that is what I am saying. I do think that someone was behind a person to commit a very impulsive act in other words a third person did this. Who they were acting behalf of or whether they are attached to either Jeramy or his partner I cant be sure - but they interfered in matters Was anyone having an affair here? Is there some smell of jealousy in the air?

I can see someone really trashing things and I only have three people on the table One a female who is going balistic, One an older male and one a younger male. Those are the three that I can see. But three there is.

Im thinking that the High Priestess showing the B and J could be Jeramy and Boise which is the place he was. But I dont know the D and the R right now but I will look at a map.
I dont think Jeramy made text messages. The page of wands is reversed and a trip is cancelled.

Theres a few lies going on here but not sure what direction they are coming from but I think Jeramy is not far away from cabins or somewhere there is a lot of wood or sawmills or construction.

These wands show that there were a lot of quarrels or the atmosphere was like that and there was no choice for 'somone'. I wonder if Jeramy was threatened.

I wonder if everything is staged? I hope he did not have an accident hunting and its been covered up?

Im also seeing a get rich quick scheme? not sure how that applies right now. This is a situation that is driven by desire and haste and bad temper. Cars that fast can knock people down.
In the vicinity I can see what is a 'brown mountain' ? He could be 14 in distance from the home or those numbers.


All I have regarding when Jeramy might be found is his vehicle, or the vehicle and we are to take it that the vehicle is all that will be found. I assume of course that was all found before 2010 and this card is a 10.

This card also shows a lack of success in finding him - He is well hidden and concealed by a HIll or a mountain and which a reversed card on the Hermit card it can show that the situation is a cycle that is left incomplete. This could continue for some time in this mode.

The clue to Jeramy is that when you look at these cards and move along there is no justice in the matter and someone goes free knowing what happened and they know where he is but like I said they are not telling. I also see that with the hanged man reversed it lets someone off the hook.
They are not hanging they can walk free - and there is a link here to a person connected to Jeramy.

I have also seen a dog near Jeramy.

Sex guns and weapons are always in the wands cards but I felt that just could be the connection to the hunting. I think if and when Jeramy is found it could even be as late as 2016 where he could be found by accident very possibly near a building or outside a building or near buildings or a home that is vacated or some kind of connection that leads to him and that could be quite shocking actually .

Maybe some answers will come up in the future but right now I have not got anything here. Part of me thinks he was driven off the road and the other part of me thinks he was not in the car but there is something so clever here that even I am not a good enough detective to see exactly what it is, its really really clever but not amusing.

Im not sure how Tarot has helped in this case, its almost like a sherlock holmes episode. Personally looking at Jeramy hes a nice guy I like him a lot, he has a smiley eye look and I feel that he would always try to be honest if he could. I might be wrong of course but I see something there that is warm and kind.

Maybe I might go away and think about this I dont think that little extract of information that came with Jeramy's photo has been good to sit in front of me I really dont like any details at all about any case. Just a photo a date a name and thats it. They always produce the best results.
If Jeramy is alive the reason he would not have contacted family is because it would ruin him and there would be too many legalities and it would become a police matter. Right now Im not sure.

Tarot is not 100 per cent and because of that you are asked to allow for a bit of movement in the synopsis but I hope something helps.



 Some of my earlier 'cases' here on the blog do not have detailed 'areas' that you may find on more updated ones. I have not always had the time to go back and update or pick up where I left off. I have noticed a bit of interest recently in Jeramy's case and decided to come and look in case there was any more news. I couldn't find any but if there is some please let me know.

Meanwhile, I have to say I do not know this case very well and at the time of Tarot I simply wrote down what I was given.  I will look into the cards that I drew and see if there is more I can place here but one thing I picked up today is that Jeramy's car was allegedly found 45 miles North of the Nevada stateline. Now this information might be wrong in a link I found just now but if that is the case, I looked at the map to see where that might be and guessed it to be around Pyramid Lake? I do need to check that out to make sure it was at least somewhere around that area.  However, when I looked at the Nevada stateline itself I notice that the main route there is Number 5.  I also notice that there is a place called Round Hill Village and also a 'steel way' which for some reason I found interesting as well as all the area around Pallisades Drive North East from there ie Edgewood Creek.  I want to hold that thought and investigate a little more and I will try to return with a few more ideas as I am sure I might be able to find a few more pointers.

Once I have that information written down then I will ask Dee if we can pull up a map so do please come back and check as I feel that the number 5 could be important. Leave it here for now and I will be back.



 Death reversed 13 - 4 - 31
I was thinking that this particular card can speak of a 'death of Political figure' and looking on the map I see LIncoln Highway. A Lincoln is also a car. So that did rather stick out to me. Remember all I can do is put what I feel not guarantee a place or why it might show that. It could just be pulling out areas for a reason that Im not aware of.  The Primitive Hieroglyph in this card points at - ' The Woman'.  Now we do have certain 'water elements' to this card also which could point out water or even places where there could be water or names that include water in some way or can be a resource of water.

There are certain factors of this card that represent sex or lust - but then this card is reversed and could reflect the nature of the person so 'cooled ardour' might be possible here but it does represent as a rule North East. We do have to bear in mind that this card is reversed but this is what I have and I already thought that in my small updating thoughts.   All three cards are going to 'produce' some kind of 'clues' as to environment. It is just a matter of working out whether the directions are starting or ending points that is why a map is put up to consider all the areas that Tarot is picking out.

In the case of this first card the environmental clues are considered to be a hostile environment, which might give off fear or threat, perhaps a lack of light or confined or restricted movement. Deserted places, prisons or feelings of that, churches perhaps.  Locations where there may be water (and remember all these descriptions could be trying to describe the name of a place) but muddy or swampy grounds, bogs, marshes,  ice or snow, stagnant lakes and ruinous houses / buildings near water can come up as can  sewers, drains  (note there is a Sewer Plant Road off the 5 route there under Round Hill Village for example.  Black Mud comes up as does the word Clay.

The feeling of cold and dark cellars or basements, or even being 'under somewhere' damp or decay in old buildings can certainly also come up here. North facing walls, renovation or demolition sites, puddles potholes all just associated things that can show up. I can see areas on the 207 and 50 route here that could fit this cards descriptions though there might be nothing in this area. However we do get smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses,  bricks or charcoal is burnt, chimneys, forges.  We get a Chimney Rock Road right there on the map below Burke Creek and a place called the 'Burn' a little further South so areas are being pointed out which could simply be showing us outside environment. Metal can come up in this card as can quarries or scrapheaps but could even be referring to Jeramy's car as a seperate issue. Something to at least consider I suppose.

There could be a 'highway thief' on this card. Words: Smith Baker Tailor Cook.   - centerville.

It would be interesting to know exactly where this mans car was found so I will look for that information as it might help and then recap on that once I have that information or try to see if it makes sense with what I have here.  Descriptions can include other connecting people.

My next card King of Wands (note all the areas mentioned above are all around the word/place Kingsbury. This card does actually have elemental factors that picks out royal or majestic names which is pretty much a coincidence but..... the words , monument or actual monument, (IE Monument Peak?  Note Mud Lake Road further SE from this point)  theatres, parks, valleys can all come up here so can the colour White. A mountain?  perhaps summit or peak somewhere in the background.   Here you get the number 5 and of course number 14, 41 which could be distance, routes or timing or have other significance.  Construction does seem to come up here - again though this card is South IT ALSO can point out the North East.

There would I feel be opposition for this man to try to start a new life particularly with the amount of oppression that is involved. However, perjury is involved in these cards as well as tricks intrigue and disguise. There are buildings trees and rolling hills here and could suggest 'away from those' though still being in the picture or a description of  a place and why I looked at Zephyr Round Hill, one also being a car name and also the hill element. Might be far too coincidental, or linked in some way or a pass through point?  Stomach and throat problems come up here.

Gardenerville Ranchos, Palomino Lane, Arabian Lane hit me as the 'horse names' that show up in the cards and schools nr long valley. Thats on the 395 route. In this card someone approaches a town but when its reversed makes me wonder if between two places of course I might be wrong about that.
There could be something about a roof or attic or decking?
The number 10 or 12 or 1.

The Fort Churchil State Historic Park can also be seen. But, what you must note about our last card the Wheel of Fortune is that it is a trip that ended in some kind of stagnation. It is also out of synch with events and our wheel can be a vehicle so it is suggesting that you would be unlikely to find this man with his card.  

Maybe some of the other suggestions are just areas that could be eclipsing as environmental factors but it depends exactly where this car was found.  Im feeling that perhaps there were more than one person in the car? thats a possibility but this card does not signify exactly when this man can be found. Holds no ultimate timing or promise except to say that unless events can be pinpointed or 'sorted out' in respect to the vehicle, the mystery is intact for the time being.  I still feel water might link in personally but thats just my view on it. Not sure if this extra will help but Tarot is showing me areas that surround and I can see those quite clearly on a map myself its just whether or not Jeramy is in any of them or whether they connect for another reason if at all.  Of course the one last thing to mention is our 14 card King of Wands could point to 2014 where we might get some news?  only time is going to tell on that one.




Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.


Special interest around Baker City.


If you are making a comment below PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT.  Comments must consider OTHER members of family and if they are not doing so I shall remove them.  Thank you.



  1. When I first looked at Jeramy's photo tonight I envisioned what I have read in your reading, before I even searched and found your reading on him I felt what you have written. I see a familiar place in the woods in the hills maybe a cabin or an old run down building of some kind a once upon a time vacation/hunting spot. It is not what it is. Text were from his phone by someone else possible a female. Another male I felt took him to the place he is, burned the car. I was elated in a sad way to read your blog and it being so similar to what I was already thinking.

  2. I immediately got the sense that there was a female involved and that he has passed over. And that was before I knew about the girlfriend on the side. I think there was an altercation and she shot him in the back/chest. I think all of those odd texts were from her which would make sense as some of the texts used personal information indicative of someone he knew and had intimate knowledge of his life. I also think she couldn't help but text the wife out of jealousy and a way to take a jab at her. I also get a brother and also a father type of feeling that helped her hide the body and burn the car. I believe she was stalking him. I get the overwhelming sense of obsessiveness and control. I don't think his body is out there where the car is though... I get the sense it is on some property belonging to one of the males. Pretty spot on reading. I like your site :)

  3. Really interesting read. I knew Jeramy well and I have a fair amount of knowledge of the case. THe witch who is responsible is still out there living large! SHe is exactly as you describe her. eeery! Today is his missing anniversary. God Bless you Jeramy and my love to your family.

  4. I think I have some information on Jeramy Burt. I dont want to tell his name that he uses now but his first name is still Jeramy. He lives in David City NE, 68632. Now i have no facts that this guy is Jeramy Burt but i was watching Dissapeared and he looks like the same guy. If you want to help out call the police i dont want to because im just a kid and dont want to be getting into trouble if it isnt the same guy. But im not playing a joke this guy might be the same guy.

    1. Do youtalk to him or have you ever said anything to him? Cou you take a picture??please help his family.

  5. if you know anthing then telll the family

  6. I had a huge sense the ex- wife had something to so with it!!

    1. The female that's mentioned in the reading is likely the girl he got in jail for a year. That's a big motive for something like this.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I am a young girl myself from Arkansas. Early this morning i was watching the show disappeared. Which i watch every morning and Mr. Jeramy Burt was the man on the show. I couldnt help but take interest in this story. I have a feeling that this man is still alive. And i believe his tarot and i think that someone needs to look further into this. I do think that that woman he was seeing aside of his wife has some involvement. Look into a psychic maybe with some of his belongings and i think that might give you some answers. I get really interested in things like this i watch these kind of tv shows all the time. But this one took some of my personal interest. I really wish that i could help. If it was me there would be more searching and investigating. More like a search party. Maybe this man is still alive. And noone will know unless you look more into the disappearance and think about more you can do. Or maybe he did want to get away. And he is somewhere with a new name and identification. I send my prayers to the family and i hope he is found.

  10. Now you guys need to stop this, You guys know this man loved his daughter Mckenzie very much and would not have left that little girl for nothing. Sorry to say you know this man is dead now lets just stop all this nonsense. May he RIP and I pray they catch the perpetrators

    1. Well said. I am going to remove some of these comments. I do not believe in using comment boxes for speculation. It can be difficult at times to keep up with the comments and moderate sensibly as I am extremely busy. I generally make sure that no comments pass that use rude words but I see I am going to have to make sure that no body is offended by what passes in moderation.

      Please let me know if there are comments here you wish removed as I will do that for you as soon as possible.

      Regarding comments in general if anyone wishes to comment here please do it respectfully. Thank you.

  11. dont know if this will help at all, i put in few words together and came up with a couple things maybe worth finding out about the places, any water or mountains near by. 25 mound park, springboro, OH, 45066 united states is that far from where jeramy's wife car was found, as wasn't his car. and 7990 baker avenue cleveland OH, 44102 please keep me updated

    1. This happened in Idaho where his car was found.

  12. Please look into these places mound steel corp- 25 Mound Park Dr, springboro, OH, 45066 and 7990 Baker Avenue, cleveland OH, 44102 and keep me updated if the authorities find him there, thanks


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