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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Shannon Gilbert Missing from Long Island, New York
The 24-year-old Jersey City prostitute went missing in May, and police suspected she may have become a victim of a serial killer on Long Island.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Jul 28, 2011, 2:36am »


From what I can see from the above information Shannon went missing 1st May 2010. Asking Tarot what may have happened Tarot gives to us the King of Cups reversed. This tells me that Shannon left her home or place she was associated with within a distance of TEN. This could be 10 miles or some marker of some kind. The King of Cups reversed is often an older man with light grey hair or light hair. This person in this reversed position is 'smothering' and also as it is a liquid card/water it can represent alcohol or drugs. As a person the King of cups will seem to be a personality that is very cunning, very deceptive and a manipulator. The cards suggest that this person would be a 'father' figure and I note that Shannon was an Escort therefore this could be a pimp.

The run of cups do show intoxicating substances either drugs/alcohol or both and this seems to be in place BEFORE this girl has left a building/place/home. Sometimes the the ten can tells us that the person cannot live with or without another person or situation. It can suggest a person who is hooked on something and they are therefore really stuck in the middle of it to such a degree that there is no way to turn. They are stuck. Fullstop. I am also feeling something about '10 days' of difficulty perhaps. There is a lot of water in these cards and of course we have to take that into account. The Page and Knight and Queen all reversed are not the best signs. There is a landscape in the 10 of cups of greenery, a building and people but I see her away from that - I have to take note of the 'vessels' ie boats that are mentioned in this run of cards, but that does not mean actual boats all the time, it could really be the name of a place or street or location where water is prominent in the name. I think Shannon might have been in jeopardy through an older man as described in the Tarot here. I also see an 'office' that might be linked to this person but it is not a business kind of card as such thought it is somewhere one would spend a fair amount of time.

The King of Cups is about luxuriating and indulging. Cups are expressive of that. I also see young people, but they are very young and could be in their teens. The run of cups would produce a great deal of disunity, debauchery and 'parties'. This could be a party that has gone wrong as someone is not going to forgive another for a misdemeanour and something that could come to light in the future. Cups are generally always a WEST direction, when they are reversed I have a haphazard time in making the right decision as to whether this changes things. Sometimes it can be South West or South East so I always suggest the first direction and this will be West which could be a starting out point or ending up point. I cannot be clear on this exactly.


The three of cups is showing here for where Shannon might be. I cannot give names of places in Tarot as Tarot does not have the ability to do that but can describe fairly well. This card is showing us the same direction as the above card , the King. This shows a party or celebration of women and in the picture you can see three of them, this card is reversed and this seperates Shannon from a group of other women. This card links to OCTOBER as October is 'Halloween' and there is a pumpkin in the picture, it might be before Halloween actually but it is a kind of clue to something.

The card reversed can show iness and gossiping and problems created with other women.
So if Shannon was part of a group then she seems to be divorced/separated from group when asking where she is. Women who may wear wigs perhaps but here we see a redhead, a blonde and a darker haired girl all very similarly joining in some kind of party sharing intoxicating, but this has gone wrong somehow its all I can seem to say. There must have been some discussion about these women but whether or not its going to apply I do not know. What I feel is that Shannon is not found and she is 'seperated' from the 'others'. The feeling of these women is 'nobody really cares about us'. Im sure that is not true but I get that from this card. West again primarily - as said before, all applies in direction as said before. I know West must stand for a start out or end point or indeed might even be a name of a street? West....SOMETHING?

Note again a very watery card so I would imagine she is still in Long Island and close to Water vicinity. A place that might sound like the name of a Tree might be useful but Im not sure if that is going to be past tense. There is possibly also a bridge in this picture and it might be nearby? and I feel as though Im being shown that something will show up about this matter. Tarot is recognizing that it has not been successful or fulfilling trying to find Shannon at the moment but it is telling us about 'sexual pleasures' and involves others. This may all be part of all that is known but it seems to tell us that something will show up. Fountains/Waterfalls names like this or even objects themselves can come up. An event that occurred inside three days perhaps?


The Emperor does not really give a direction but it is a card of Authority and the number FOUR. Sometimes we call this door four which can suggest a door with a four on it or even a four door vehicle.

This card could represent the Law itself, indeed it is simply a card of authority that comes in with the FIND card. It could represent an actual father figure or Boss. In the first Card there are very outside links to ecclesiastical matters such as ex priests, churches, places of worship , it does not always apply but always worth mentioning thought not guaranteed. It can also represent a holier than thou attitude something here that you might not expect perhaps in a person or even a place?
But going back to the Emperor the reason I brought in that other possibility with the King of Cups is that the Emperor sits next to the Pope. The pope always gives good advice a map and a key. It might even say, there is a four door vehicle with a key in there. Unfortunately there are a couple of possibilities here and difficult to pin down exactly to the nail. It represents legal matters and police matters those likely even ongoing and seems to link itself in there. But I feel as though some things will link up . It might be that Two people link together somehow to the same place and this is somehow when Shannon will be found. I do see a vehicle that might have been an escape unit. There is also terrain that has a brook/water which again was seen originally in the first card links.

The Emperor gives a FOUR - so I link Shannon to being found with that Number in mind. It could be a distance a date or some other significance but that is all I have and a forward motion here. There appears to be a combination of factors on the Emperor.
This is a very brief overview of Tarot and I will probably need to work with these cards a little longer. However I leave this for the time being. Tarot is NOT 100 per cent accurate please bear that in mind as I cannot guarantee all information written here.


Reading back Tarot I realised I have cast for the 1st of May from the picture I had posted with Shannon's details I have since realised it is the FOURTH of May and not the lst. So, I have to recast to make sure that the detail is still on par.

Now the first card I have recasting for the fourth of May is the Empress reversed. This card is not a good card as it also gives me that 'smothering effect' from the King of Cups. This could of course suggest actually being smothered or some form of suffocation. It could mean suffocation in the way of a mother figure who just seems to cramp our style, but we have to think it both ways. Also of course it brings in the Emperor again and this time it is suggesting that there is a non biological factor here. So once more the King of Cups is showing up but in the form of the reversed Emperor as both of them are very deceitful types of character and each also has the 'father link' which means that it is not an actual father but someone who seems to link that way which in my first reading I described as a possible pimp.

Of course I could be wrong on this. However, it is clear to me that evidence and anything that pertains to what happened is neatly cleared up. In other words evidence is tampered with. Witness statements might not be correct or false or missing vital information. When this card is reversed it shows that the Law is misinformed. I now see a route here which again is very similar to what I had in the first card and being reversed all the way is showing a possibly unfortunate situation. The empress is upside down with her B and J and these names are coming up but when reversed it has put some kind of distance on these initials of possible people and places. It seems that the 'call girl' element is very strong in the High Priestess.

There seems to me to be something STONE or CONCRETE. I dont know why but it seems to me also that an older woman might be shielding a man though I cannot be positive about that only that it can show in these cards.

Also, we do have a vehicle here but it is stationary. I also feel with that Empress Card that this girl is closer to home then might be expected so yes, I do see her in the same vicinity. In the Magician we have a 'table' and we also have a bench or seat in the Empress. I really wish I could say whether this is significant in terms of a name of a place. Something that should have been written down I feel has falsities about it and that could link to evidence as mentioned in the Emperor card. There is great upset in the family.

I do not know for sure whether this family is a family of people that Shannon gravitated towards or whether it is her own. However, there are strange things here and I just sort of feel that there was upsets and worry and concerns for Shannon herself. I also see that could link to the 10 of cups whereby she could not get along with either family members or some people and she was estranged as such.

I see with this run of cards it links to things that are possibly upsetting as we do end up looking ahead at the possibility of the Hermit which upright would have given me the idea that Shannon had just gone off alone but thats not the case, the King of Cups is back here as the Hermit reversed and its an older man with I think grey hair. He might have had facial hair that is now removed or possibly removed. There is a Hill on this card because the Hermit stands high and looks over it, but reversed it gives me the impression of her hidden and concealed near a Hill. Now also the Hermit can give camps or campus or trailers but a great feeling of isolation as a rule but strangely still attached to a man with grey hair who seems older. I see belt with this reversed Hermit and that can indicate the use of a belt for something.

The Hermit can also produce sexuality but Im not sure that sexuality is his goal for some reason. I cant be sure, though when the Hermit is reversed can show someone who is not fussy or not 'fussed' so perhaps she has not been abused by this person themselves. I cant be absolutely sure Im right about this but there is a completion on this card it is a 9 card and sexuality is not completed it seems whatever that means.

The High Priestess could show us two apartment blocks or two big pillars and I would have thought that Shannon might be 3 or 4 away from there. When I look at the cards reversed it could be pointing more to South West/East as the Empress looks that way but I will check with another card first.

With that reversed empress comes paranoia and rage this is a big rage and it seems to come from a female but maybe an effeminate male???


Here is an EAST card. East or West is where Shannon may be. Here is a vehicle that comes from the East and could run someone over this is not a nice card at all. I am getting Music here maybe having to face the music is the message? someone who is a nihilist so this is not looking good for this girl at all. A 'bad man' it seems is in these cards. Page of Swords reversed, airports, hills, railways, vehicles, around and about the vicinity even the possibility of a golf course. Swords men often have a war like strategy, someone is being called a '' someone really angry here and not prepared to protect . Three people in a 'relationship' perhaps and even a stalking element, so much resentment here its rather overpowering.

The King of Swords is a doctor and reversed might have lost some kind of drugs which could make someone very angry indeed. Im seeing water and riverbank but strangely I am not sure that Shannon is there I seem to think that is a bit away from her. I think these cards are very similar to my first set of cards so though Tarot did not have the date right or I did not personally see it correctly, it is in fact very closely linked to the first reading.

Do I feel good about this girl, at the moment I am not sure it is good.
Someone here wants to inflict pain. I keep getting it in my head about church/pastor or goodly type attitude someone maybe unexpected an innocent type of attitude but it is a cover up really of what they are hiding maybe?

Also here I see the bedroom scene and I see this girl on the floor for some reason and I feel that something went wrong there. I see someone who stutters or stumbles over their words. I see shiny things and a black bag here and I also see somewhere underground like a basement. I dont know why but I keep getting concrete/ stone bench or something stone. I dont know if its the name of a place or landmark or even a building????


Tarot says she is in her hometown, town of origin. Maybe not far from her own home? There is a rainbow here so the water/rainbow might be a name of a place. I really cant put it any clearer. She is linked to TEN in this card - ten minutes away? I really should only offer ten and to take into account the rest of the Tarot but I did see TEN DAYS DIFFICULTIES in the original Tarot so that must mean something because look at this card coming up here.

She is linked to Home BUT it just depends how one defines the word home.
She will be found UNEXPECTEDLY. I keep thinking she is in something or that fisherman/water or something connected here. REEL THEM IN is what I am hearing. I see her near her mother and father is it their home I m seeing or the home town they live in? Near to the party in the three of cups that I saw earlier. I also see a Kitchen scene.

I still see the grey haired man who likes the young people and prefers to be with them instead of 'working at the office' . This is a WEST CARD and I do think I had West to begin with I think thats where it will end too.
There is someone making mountains out of molehills in a drug issue.



I have only just found this article online quite by accident. It seems that Police feel they have found Shannon. Looking for her linked to other bodies which they have discovered.

It seems to me reading back the Tarot that it has quite a few points correct. Obviously at this stage nobody knows exactly what happened. Police believe there to have been an accident but time will tell. I think Tarot has definitely identified a few things as clearly Shannon was found not far away at all. What a shame to find young women in this way. I am so sorry to hear it.
I will update on recent news as it comes in.

Peace to Shannon, to have her 'home' is a comfort in its own way despite the circumstances, she is likely found.


Last Updated: 3:35 PM, December 13, 2011

Posted: 11:34 AM, December 13, 2011

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The skeletal remains of missing hooker Shannan Gilbert were found this morning on Long Island following an exhaustive, weeklong search spanning a 100-acre swamp along Gilgo Beach, authorities said.

"We believe at this time that they belong to the missing Shannan Gilbert," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

Long Island Beach Remains Identified as Shannan Gilbert

Skeletal remains found in an impassable tangle of swamp and thick brush on a Long Island, N.Y., barrier beach have been identified as Shannan Gilbert, the woman whose disappearance led to the discovery of what police say is a serial killer's burial ground.

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