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Wednesday, 16 March 2011



Derrick has not been seen since August 4, 2008, when he went missing in the Newberry area in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

At the time of his disappearance—which is considered suspicious—he was living in a residence along North Manistique Lake Road, south of the village of McMillan and just west of East Lake.

According to witness accounts, he was last seen walking into the bush across from a neighbor's house.

He was reportedly planning on meeting a female friend at a prearranged location in the woods.

Troopers and Detectives from the Michigan State Police post in Newberry and elsewhere are investigating the disappearance of Derrick Henagan.

A reward of up to $2,000—$1,000 from Crime Stoppers and $1,000 from Quick Bail Bonds of Jackson, Michigan—is being offered for information regarding this case.

If you have any information about what transpired during the August 4, 2008 period when Derrick went missing, have any knowledge of his current whereabouts, or have any information relevant to this investigation, please contact the Michigan State Police in Newberry at 1-906-293-5152, the toll-free and anonymous Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-465-7867, or your nearest law enforcement agency at 9-1-1.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread Started 16 MARCH 2011 at 2:26 »


I have been asked if I would look at Tarot for Derrick Henegan who disappeared in 2008. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate but attempts to produce glimpses of possible events that may be past present or future. Please look to official facts and sources for accurate information.

The first card I have actually confirms and agrees with some of the background information. The Two of swords shows that an argument has been in place and that one partner was hopelessly in love with the other but it seems a bit one sided to me. The Ace of Swords does bother me because it is all about plans or planning but something happened that perhaps was not quite the plan.

The Ace of Swords can be drug related or it can be someone who has a blow to the head or fuzzy thinking. It can be a lot of hot air or it can affect the respiration but it was the two of swords that comes to us first. This card is directly linked to the High Priestess on whom the two initials B and J are significant.
There is a feeling that one should not 'rock the boat' in this matter and Im not quite sure why that is, whether its an instruction to me or something that Derrick should have bourne in mind.

Part of me feels that Derrick might have organised a meeting with the woman and then not turn up really to make her more concerned about him it could have been done for reaction. The Three of Swords always shows someone who is 'mislaid for a time' and thats what makes me think that he just intended to stand her up basically to make a point, at least, that is a possible scenario or maybe its the female that did,nt show up -

The Ace is often a problem because it can be something that has affected the person in question sometimes it can be drugs or even injections.. What I note from the Four of Swords is some form of 'going away - holiday - vacation- ' more then anything else but the Five would worry me a little bit because though it shows sorrow and mourning, it also is suggesting that something is yet to turn up.

Now the High Priestess when she is reversed makes me feel that there is more to the story then has been given. The Moon involves a clandestine meeting of sorts but then it would slide into the Empress and then the Emperor. Both of these cards are generally Parents or Step- parents or someone that is connected as a 'guardian' of sorts. If I follow the cards all the way we would hit the fact that someone has given out some bad or wrong advice and following that we have interference by in laws or someone of the same nature of the Empress and Emperor and then we go into the Chariot reversed and Strength card.

When Chariot and Strength are reversed it is sometimes not good news. I have somewhere with water in these cards that kind of water could be emotional but that aside could also be canal, river, pond or somewhere of that ilk. If anything happened to Derrick by the water then someone else knows because they were there. I see three people on the cards and not TWO.


I am seeing Derrick near a church or not far from one. I also believe that the first card leads to this area also because you can see in this picture that Snow was falling but it is cleared or has stopped. In the picture you can quite clearly see a church or a big building of some sorts with a stain glassed window and it makes me feel that he would be near somewhere like that. It does,nt make me right but the pictures have to guide me also.

The Four of pentacles previously shows me a 'bank' which could be a river bank or an actual financial bank - but I am also feeling that tarot gives us all information at once and we must try to understand that it can still be past present and future events throwing themselves forward. This man has a problem with employment or there was some threat on financial matters which he would have needed to resolve. In the picture you can see that he did not want a family to be destitute so it was important for him to figure out financial matters as they were causing him some worry or some amount of stress. Also it can show that he felt destitute and was not sure where he was going to go. Money was coming and going very quickly with him and he knew the future would be some kind of risk.

But without rushing forward too much we have to look at this five of pentacles because to me it looked like he had some kind of brainwave which might have made things better for him. This card normally tells us that Derrick should have been NORTH but the reversed card leads me to believe that he is actually SOUTH at the current time.

Again this is a guide but that is what I have. The three of pentacles can show an arch, a bridge or a work building or abandoned buildings of some kind and again seems to earmark where he should be. He COULD even be in the basement of a building although is not a positive card for it, it can actually show that. It seems to indicate he is beneath something rather than above it. This man was,nt sure how he was going to juggle home and finance matters because the whole situation was getting turned on his head. He was actually afraid of not being able to cope on a financial level and I dont see that he was able to figure out how to juggle things to please everybody.

He knew he was going to be out of the family home in some way and it was a problem for him. I dont know if anyone took advantage of that or not.

Im not seeing any terrible cards in particular but I rather think this is outlining the background information and whether it is adding to it or not I cannot be sure as only those that are aware of the situation can tell and not myself. I am also seeing prison or being imprisoned so I dont know if this was something he worried about or whether it was feeling imprisoned by a situation or an entanglement that he could not feel he could get free of. I think there was a rival in his love relationship and a very vindictive dark haired woman who it seems was caught up in a situation of jealousy. I think most people would find it very difficult to argue with the Queen of Swords as she can be very cruel and cutting with her tongue and she is also extremely capable of physical injury given the wrong circumstances.


Regarding when Derrick can be found we have a FIVE in this card. The five of Swords is usually always five MONTHS as swords are months so it could suggest five months from the current time. It could also just be representing a period of time that is a FIVE period or even a distance of FIVE. I seem to see Derrick being found near water and there may be a little ledge/smal cliff/ or canal side in the location of where he is. I really feel that three people are particularly strong around Derrick in this card as I have already seen this in the Two Swords connection. I think there are TWO people who could be responsible and knowledgeable about where Derrick is. He could be found in the North East or NORTH or EAST I have to give both of these.

There are two scenarios here - one is that Derrick has fallen victim to a male and a female who have committed a crime against him - or he has taken off and does,nt want to be found to limit the gossip and embarrassment that he has felt. Its only a two way street here and I would rather just say either/or.

The timing is often very good with tarot - so if Derrick is not found before five months - there will be a FIVE in the timing.


The card that I have as a silent message from Derrick is that he was quite capable of sporty competition - but there are sometimes competitions that are just not worth fighting for. Sometimes stress brings out the worst in everyone and petty quarrelling and arguing are just not worth the fight. He did,nt think it was worth it.I am also linking a HILL and a possible railway to this man though sometimes this can be somewhere a little more distant than I hope in the picture. But often it is on the Map in the vicinity of where that person may be. He had a rival and sometimes theres not a lot you can do about it. I sense frustration from him and even a feeling of cruelty and violence in a way and a feeling generally that this is not something he wanted. The disputes became 'major' and he seems to give me the idea that the situation got 'nasty'.

I think this case very much depends upon who he had disputes with. There may have been some threat of litigation or legal matters so I think to understand that is to know the full case detail. Im not seeing him want to stand up to provocation. There seem to be legal problems and some kind of tribunal here so I dont know whether that is to come or has passed. The five of wands is a very sporty card and when that is reversed makes me feel that he seemed to lose out in that connection he could have lost money there or something of that nature and that would have been a big problem to him.

I think Derrick needed a doctor following the course of the 2 of Swords and it may or may not have had some implication on him he may even have some kind of problem that is not public. Derrick is the sort of person that if he has a problem he wants to resolve it but often he liked to spend time alone in order to do that and think it out.

Tarot is not 100 per cent guaranteed and there may be details I might have missed and will have to look again a little more deeply, however, this is a very BRIEF reading of what I can see on the surface of the matter. The main priority is finding someone and bringing them home therefore I feel sure the Five of Swords will be very helpful in that matter at least as always I HOPE so.






17th JUNE 2012

In recent times, I have been putting Tarot maps with new cases because my good friend Dee has an interest in maps which I very rarely understand. Dee takes the directional and other information described by tarot and then she compiles a map which takes into account what Tarot has said. I really am going to try and get around all the cases one by one to see if the maps can be put on each. This does take a lot of time and we can only work as fast as we are able to. It means I need to re-look at Tarot also to look at all the cards once more.

In Derricks case I have written more information below and have passed it to Dee to see if she can compile the map that takes into account what I have been given by the Tarot.

Please understand that maps cannot NAME areas/locations, what they do is provide information that DESCRIBES places. It takes quite a bit of doing to know what they are saying but Dee has a good command of maps and she knows 'what Im talking about'.
So first of all I want to try to do something for Derrick as his case was a reminder to me recently by one of our Facebook friends. Let me just say that Tarot is generally always brief for each case as there are far too many requests to go in depth with all, that will be remedied over time as and when time is available.

I have mentioned the High Priestess and the duality of this card can give us FOUR initials and not two as this card is reversed. This tells us that there is a B, J, D and R which can be names of people or PLACES. Water rocks and stone do appear in two of our cards. For me, Derrick wanted to resolve issues but I am getting a malicious troublemaker in the cards. It is true that that both wands and swords can bring up weapons but swords can be weapons in the mind so it is twisting people and situations out of proportion or playing mind games you will note that there is a 5 of wands reversed and that itself tells us about 'mind games' often it is hard to make head or tail when that occurs.

However going back to our first card we do have East as a rule and if we were describing places we are to at least consider the Water Rock and stone element.

Clearly there is water there and clearly a woman has possibly 'hoodwinked' us or hoodwinked someone as there are two other people here. So perhaps two other people were at the scene? with swords being reversed as they are they can tamper with witness statements and evidence thus known as a 'cover up' but its whether one is covered up themselves or whether that is the situation. Well we have to think of both perhaps because we do have mud. Lots of mud so somewhere muddy would come to mind or that one makes a situation like black sludge to try to confuse others.

There is a bedroom argument in these cards and also a female who refuses to tell the truth about things. In fact if we look at the queen of swords a woman defends a child but when it is reversed that child is not defended so it rather makes a mockery of the issue, but our queen also links up with background information of two men who are lost to a female, either via divorce or seperation. So it is quite plain that some background information has come up in the Tarot as I have now read a link that Dee sent to me.

Meanwhile I have places that are exposed to light and air or those that are high off the ground. Outside this would be Mountains and hillsides.

Even windmills (place names?) and anything to do with windpower can show here also hunting and hawking. Airports, air force bases and high communication towers can come in here. Sandy gravely ground, ,saw pits anywhere wood is cut or even stored and perhaps or out-houses that lie away from other houses or buildings. If we have connections inside a building we might be looking up to the upper rooms, even wardrobes or spaces within the walls, chambers or ventilation ducts these can come up here. We must also consider WEST whether in direction or place name.

Looking at the situation I am seeing a lameness or someone who might have hurt their shins or legs or been injured in the leg. I have a bell here and I have North but going towards the South East. There appears to be actual or place names like Stables, or tack barns where you keep horse equipment, farmland and pasture land but again this appears to be away from other houses and I am seeing single storey buildings, might be barns, cottages, bungalows that kind of thing and perhaps cellars which I did clearly see before.
Perhaps names like 'Blacksmith' might come up? as I see East again with North West here too so the directions are not that difficult around Derrick. Snow may have to thaw?

Other connections to deep wells, quarries, mines and places that could signify land that has recently been dug. A feeling of something being 'buried'. Again the hills come up and uneven land that is up high perhaps and that reference to airports etc comes up here. But again in houses we are still looking at roofs, attick rooms, eaves or someone up in a high room. So all these things may suggest names of places or actual physical places. The water feeling can bring up fountains and springs .

One would assume that Derrick has 'passed on' but it is not always the case and Tarot does not go into it but what you have to consider is the five of wands which shows that there has been some kind of fight or quarrel that has obviously created a situation where legalities could arise over it. Matters such as 'assault' or GBH if anyone was involved in that then they are going to try and avoid it being a police matter as of course there would be a court trial. I feel that because someone wanted to move these problems might have been brought to a head. The airport also comes up in this card so we cant ignore all the references to that.

South shows up and so does the North east and a feeling that there has been cruelty and violence this last card is all about Sex and weapons so you can be sure that it is a most unpleasant situation. It would not allow Derrick to be found for some time because it offers too much delay on it and does not give a time. but we do have a number 5 here in fact we have two fives in our reading which can show new experiences ahead. But searching must continue if Derrick is to be found.

He may be between two towns or two places but I see him near a building or even in one at some point. Royal type of names seem to come up oddly so do theatres, lavish public buildings and monuments, public halls, auditoriums, parks; places palaces, castles, forts. But we have the rurality here of forests and desolate places like deserts but where you would find animals running freely.
Heat, hot,fire chimneys come up and so does the palm of ones hand? and colours like yellow and red and even perhaps orange.
All these significances may be able to be mapped from the Tarot and if a map is possible I would ask that you check back to look at it to see if it helps in any way.

There may also be school/names/university names or college names come up. I see being near a garden at some point and a bird name like falcon or hawk or even the word HOOD comes up here. I feel as though there have been some very deceitful 'goings on' and I think that is always difficult to feel that and know that revenge is not a great thing but it could play a part here.
Hopefully the extra findings will help but I always look to improve as much as possible the location areas as it is important. The letter G comes up and so does BANK so I will mention that also as well as parks, arches, bridges and even landscape gardening? Lets hope for the best and that eventually something will form a breakthrough.

Please remember Tarot is past present and future and that will apply to all the information given.



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey MAPS LINK BELOW)

Show on Google Maps


  1. Thank you so much Empathy...I will keep reading it over and over and it should all fall together for us.....

    Thank you

  2. I will do an update on this case soon.


  3. Derrick is there somewhere he just needs to be found i hope this will help to find him

  4. McMiillan Road north of McMillan across the railroad tracks to the bridge. I found a maroon bedsheet there the next spring. Also found a pink crack pipe there that year. No one throws a deer away in a bedsheet in the north county. Meets your water and rocks part of your reading. This will be 5 years since he was last seen.Lots of animals running around up there. And by finding that pipe could be a spot locals go as to not be found when doing illicit things. Don't know.. wish I would have looked around at that time... Good luck


  6. Was just wondering if you have any updates.. it's been a few years.


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