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Thursday, 10 March 2011



KINGSTON, N.Y. (CBS/WRGB) It has been over a week and authorities are no closer to solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of 33-year-old Zachary Green.
Kingston police were joined Thursday by Ulster County sheriff's deputies, state police, as well as relatives and co-workers of Green, as they scoured the area near where he was last seen, in southeast New York.

Detective Lt. Timothy Matthews of the Kingston Police Dept. told The Daily Freeman that although the investigation remains active and they will continue to do everything in their power to find Green, the outdoor search for Green was called off at nightfall Thursday.

Authorities say Green, who lives with his mother and father in Saugerties and works as a chef, was last seen late Sunday evening, Jan. 2, by an employee at a restaurant in Kingston which is two hours north of New York City.

According to The Daily Freeman, the employee told police that she informed Green the restaurant was closed and he went back toward his car and then walked down the street.

Kingston police located Green's car on the same street as the restaurant where he was last seen. Both his wallet and cell phone were inside the vehicle and there appeared to be no signs of a struggle, reports The Daily Freeman.

Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller said authorities do not suspect foul play, says CBS affiliate WRGB.

Det. Matthews said police have now turned their search efforts to vacant apartments in Kingston and are talking to businesses in the area to obtain security footage.

According to Green's father William, he had been in touch with his son twice the day he disappeared and is at a loss as to what could have happened.
To the best of William Green's knowledge, his son had no known enemies and showed no signs of being suicidal or depressed.

William Green reported his son's disappearance to the Saugerties Police Department on Wednesday which was later turned over to Kingston police later that day because it is the city where Green was last seen.

The Daily Freeman reports that the reward for locating Zachary Green was raised from $2,000 to $10,000 on Friday.

Anyone with information about Zachary Green's whereabouts is asked to call the Kingston Police Department at (845) 331-1671.

last picture as he was seen walking quickly through the parking lot, across from the Fair Street restaurant Le Canard.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



ZACHARY GREEN« Thread Started MARCH 10TH 2011 at 4:00 »


I have seen a request for information on the case of Zachary Green and his picture was very compelling and drew me in. Tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate and always seems to bring information forward from past present and future therefore one has to remember that whilst reading. Factual information should be sought elsewhere.

Looking at Zachary's picture I felt I had to see what the situation was for him. What I am getting is the world card and I asked what happened late Sunday evening 2nd January 2010. All I seem to have is that he faced regret and disappointment but I also sense a great deal of insecurity on this card which appears to be quite strong along with the fact that his evening was incomplete. If he did go to the restaurant and it was closed these feelings would seem to link in as perhaps that was how he felt about it.

The world card does stand for Travel and the report tells us that Zachary went back towards his car and then walked off. The travel card always suggests movement in a direction but as you can see the world card is showing us that this travel has obstacles to it. Therefore Im wondering if for some reason that Zachary could not get into the door of his car - I feel with this card that there was something he wanted to do and for some reason he was blocked from doing it so its a bit of unfinnished business.

I am not sure why there is FEAR of change on this card however and that amount of insecurity unless he was sacked on the spot?? If someone went into work and found the workplace closed Im not sure it would warrant that amount of fear so I will have to ask another question on this. It does seem that his goals were incomplete so it is a PAST card that we are looking at here showing something similar to what has been suggested.

You see there must be more to this because the previous card is Judgement. When Judgement is reversed it is about things that may have already happened and he may be forced to deal with the consequences of the decisions he made. We dont know what they were but it seems he has to learn a lesson by them. Now that sort of implies that something must have occurred maybe a few days before or just before that night? this reversal of judgement is when you dont want to let go of something and it seems to me that he was forced to let go of this job and he didnt want to because it would affect his security and what he had worked for .

Therefore looking at the Judgement card has answered my question in a way as its quite clear that not having that job was a big worry for him and he did not like change particularly or did,nt want it. It was not a choice of his. He was definately unwilling to accept the fact that he could not go to work that night. So it all depends now on whether he did go away from there or whether there is something else here.

From the world card we would just nip back to the Fool and you can see him beginning to walk in a direction. The fool always appears to be someone setting out somewhere with a packed hanky/belongings so that rather makes me feel that he had actually lost his job or he would not be pictorially starting anew which this card would appear to indicate. The next card would then show the magician and the disappearance.

I dont know if he was able to collect belongings or not but if the World is reversed then it seems the Fool would be also.

So I would like to go back on myself here and suggest to you that he could not collect his belongings maybe from the travel card which is his car. He left things in there as reported his wallet and phone and the reversed fool tells us that a wallet is seperated from its owner. But the disappearance is hinky reason why? because it is even more deceptive then when it is upright. If we pop back one more we are looking at the Sun reversed and that to me is a BASEMENT. So I see him in a basement. That does not make me right but thats where he could be. The World card does not have a direction on it which is difficult but I will look at other cards in order to find some feedback in that area.

Meanwhile the Sun card reversed can seem to show 'a hole in the wall' because the sun always has a WALL and if you reverse it we can think of a wall that has been parted. That could be an entrance or something like that. Its not a card I would give for a bridge but I suppose a very long shot it could be. I think Id stick to Basement as that is what it tells me. The card previous to that would not be good as it is the Moon and that can be highly contraversial card. It shows New York quite clearly on it as there are twin towers there in the distance.

So are we looking at Basements? I will just have to leave those ideas though I do not insist I am correct. There will be a river not that far away and there may also be some high apartments or at least two blocks. I also see a red banner or something red on the ground. That could be material or something of that nature I am not sure where that comes in if its at all significant. I just seem to see somewhere that the light does,nt get in.


All I can see here when I ask where he is - is that he has lost his job its so strong and he lost his chance for promotion. I keep thinking perhaps he is close to this workplace I dont know why but if this card is where he has lost his job and its location - then surely he cant be far can he? I also see some camera or cctv possible being wiped or something about a cctv.

I am seeing a property where the business has gone down. Page of Pentacles reversed will show us that finances have depleted either for a business or for a person. If we go to the previous card we have an indication of a family home whether his or someone elses but family is generally connected to the person I ask about that is reversed. Therefore Im feeling again he is in the basement of a building? or near a building but because it is pentacles it makes me think its a business building. However, I am also getting 'poor student' or someone who was not learning the ropes or just not applying themselves enough . These messages will be jumbled rather a bit because they all come at once but in here are the thoughts and conditions of the situation coming forward.

Zachary is a very self critical person and he doesnt like to be disappointed and I see that he really is upset about the situation. Im wondering if he was learning new skills there perhaps even to be promoted or that was on the cards or a hope of his ? Im seeing someone here like a dark haired youth. It may just be nothing but I see some kind of pillage here and prodigality. Financial matters are very high here so there is a problem about money wasting it. If I link to the 10 of pentacles I have a NORTH direction but this is reversed so Im wondering if he is SOUTH.

(NOTE:13th June - I feel tarot has linked with Zachary BEFORE he was in the water here - I hope somehow we have some confirmation or some kind of information comes forward as to what happened as I feel we are getting circumstances here and things about him before he went North or we have a mix of information to help us.)

I feel that Zachary did have some kind of family responsibility financially and without a job he would feel incredibly burdened by that. There may be a B and a J connected somewhere along the line but Im not sure how closely - that could be initials of people or places.

I also note that the Queen of Pentacles sits next to the Page (Im seeing an officer/soldier} at some point again I dont know why this is. The Queen is reversed so instead of being a really kind generous and helpful person she is quite the opposite she does appear to be in her thirties or could be either side of that. She has very dark skin and hair or she is just sporting a very good suntan. She has big money problems on her plate. She is a total spendthrift and how she fits into this I have no idea except I see this here. Theres a lot of money loss here and its very problematic.


Asking when Zachary will be found the first thing I saw in my head was a CAR. Have they checked Zacharys car for clues? I expect they have checked the trunk.

This King of Wands shows Weeks he has number 14 on him so Zachary could be found with a 14 number. That can be distance or number of a place or number of weeks.

I am seeing something about a Man who will talk. So news will be coming from a male as to finding Zachary as I see some kind of Spokesman here. This card can often show bold new ideas and someone making new plans to try something new. Its possible Zachary just decided to take off but there is water in this card and Fire so whatever the situation here I would just like to say he will be found within the next 14 weeks or that 14 will figure in some respect to when he will be found.

The FOOL CARD always walks NORTH WEST but if that came reversed which it would be it may suggest South East or South West and I have seen SOUTH.

I cannot guarantee I have these details completely correct but I give what I have and hope it is of some help. I will just say this is a BRIEF reading so I will look at it again.


After working on this reading I was informed of other information.

I see that he did not work at that restaurant? but I seemed to think that he did and linked the financial situation into that. Now that I have read the information below, I can say that the unfinnished business that I saw was a serious MONEY problem and it has created fear and insecurity with him . I did not see an attack in the cards but its clear money is the reason behind what has occurred with him. I did see was somewhere dark like a basement but there is definately a wall or a break in a wall and possibly there could be a Bridge but am not quite sure what I am seeing only that I seem to see this darkness like a basement where no light gets in, so somewhere dark and with wall/bricks.

Incidently the King of Wands is CONSTRUCTION /planning - So however that would fit I will mention that also. I did not see Zachary in water but I did see the water in the cards and it seems that it is by a building perhaps a business or a home.

Here is the additional information.

Zach started off working out at the gym in the afternoon. Then headed over to the Holiday Inn where friends where staying. It is said that they went for a swim and had a few beers. Later he headed over to Chic's Sports Bar located in the same strip mall as the gym (Kingston Plaza). He met up with some friends there to catch the Football game, which at that time was Seattle vs. St Louis. He left Chic's at between 9:30 to 9:45 pm and mentioned that he would be right back. It is said that he went to a freind's appartment on John St. It was at app. 10:45pm when he knocked on the restaurant's (Le Canard Enchaine) front door where the waitress said they were closed. He then proceeded to walk to his vehicle and then down the street.

He his caught on security camera directly across the street from the restaurant on Fair St. and walking by the drive thru in the rear of the Ulster Bank at around 10:49pm. He then turns around back through and is seen again walking past the front of the Ulster Bank. This is the last time we see Zach. His car was found unlocked with his wallet, jacket and cell phone, some reports mentioned that it was an older cell phone that he no longer used. His Facebook mentioned he recently got an I-Phone. His car was parked the wrong way on the oneway in front of the restaurant on Fair St. A ticket was issued and dated 3:00am the following morning, January 3rd, 2011.

Zach is a chef and he knows a couple of people who work at the restaurant.

The cards leading up to the FIND CARD (King of Wands) which was South primarily - first giving me cash point - in the vicinity of beehive/gatesway Industrial/Michael Gabriel Lawyers/ Catskill art and craft.
From there, young man shaking a stick might be dressed in uniform? - car/transport - linked to Temperance (OIL AND WATER) water/countryside - GABRIEL - MICHAEL - to Queen of Wands Going on a trip? - black cat hidden - catskill?? The boss or father - Door 4 -
dates and timings March 11 to April 10 - Pisces and Aries - fire and water?
out of control/anger. Two sides of a family do not mix? " Im no angel"

I also note that Temperence has come up with my cards and if you look backwards at card 13 it is the Death CARD. The Death card can mean carparks/breakyards for metal/something metal in the area/scrapyards/stone/cement/quarrys or pits like landfills where lots of rubbish is. There is a Bishop in that card and it can mean somewhere near a church. There is the River Styx (symbolic) in the Death card and it can represent places nearby water. Any of these descriptions may be helpful. I did not do a full intense reading initially just a brief so I did,nt go through each card to pick up the corresponding trumps which I am now doing.

The Death card is number 13 and you will note the King of Wands the ''find'' card is number 14 so it must mean something. The Death Card can mean death or total transition or transportation. It can also mean 'flatlining'.


we also have a rose on this card and there is a black flag. Sometimes black flags can give off warnings I always think something like Toxic fumes but its not necessarily so and its just a possible connecting thing.

Im getting here 'nun fish 50' which is a hebrew connection - "Her husband is known in the gates." Colours Blue and Green and being 'mowed down'. Either cycle of life is over or it has been divested and reborn. The Death card faces towards the East going towards the two Towers (New York) But this can Link to the fool and North West or West comes back in here. A little confusing but generally it makes sense in the end.

Hasten to add with the death card it does,nt always mean that someone has passed away. It can mean someone is just changing their lifestyle because something came along and that was that. However, it is 50/50 on lifecycle with this card in other words - no guarantees either way whether this person is with us or not.

Another thought is that Zachary's dad said that Zachary had a bad accident in the past. The Judgement card came up in tarot about some 'past unfinnished business'. Nothing is said about this 'accident' but Judgement can also represent health/red cross which is hospitals etc. Again I did,nt have time to go into all the cards but it is linked to the world card which was the first to come out on this case and was reversed. So whether it was just a clue to some of Zachary's background or whether it is indicating that there is something here connected to the past I am not sure. Just thought I would throw it forward as there has to be reasons why he disappeared .

Please remember tarot tries to give many details but often can 'mix' them up. The messages are here for us to consider as they came out.


Tarot was a little confused on directions seeing North and then South , Zachary disappeared South and was FOUND North.
Tarot seemed to see a soldier/uniform connection and Zachary was found on the bank of the Esopus Creek in Kingston behind the New York state ARMOURY - Tarot did not see Zachary in water yet also picked up the water connection a few times. As he was found alongside the creek this seems to make sense although he was clearly in the water for some time before being washed up. Other reports say he was pulled from the creek so I cannot confirm either way and tarot is not 100 per cent accurate. However , Zachary was found within the tarots prescribed time level - 14 weeks from the time I wrote the Tarot and it seems he was found amongst logs and debris and the Death Card give water and landfill (debris/rubbish) but I did,nt pick up the logs.

Tarot felt that Zachary was in a basement or near buildings which I think he would have been not that far away. Right now nobody knows what happened to Zachary to be able to fill in some of the tarot detail but I am feeling that tarot has picked up a few things with him. The Death Card was walking North East and I did make a mistake with the Fool card suggesting North West and then feeling reversed it was South EAST I should have stuck to the North which I was given originally.

Meanwhile, another young man has his lost his life and nobody knows why. I hope the reasons come forward and I think tarot did did try to show us where he was. It did tell us correctly when he would be found. We were also told we would have someone say that they had found him and a Boater brought forward the message.

I will post further any information that comes to light. Tarot tries its best , is not 100 per cent but has come through here in places. There are contradictive news reports about where Zachary was found. Either way he has met his end via Water. I am so sorry for this young man. Some news reports say that Zachary was found not that far away from where his car was parked. I cannot validate any of that until there is a newstream that can say for sure. I will post further once I have a clearer understanding and also update reports as necessary as unless we do know what Zacharys movements were, we cannot rule out what tarot has suggested. He had to get to the North East from the South and whatever happened in between is what remains untold.

Decomposed body washes up by Espous Creek in Kingston

Published: 6:54 AM - 06/13/11
Last updated: 6:58 AM - 06/13/11

KINGSTON - City police say a decomposed body was found Sunday afternoon alongside the Esopus Creek in Kingston.

Detective Lt. Egidio Tinti said the body was found about 2:45 p.m. by a boater, who immediately contacted police. The body was on the bank of the creek behind the state armoury on Kiersted Avenue.

Tinti said in a statement Sunday night that the body was decomposed and appeared to have been in the water for some time.

Police could not immediately say whether the body was that of 33-year-old Zach Green, the Saugerties man who went missing Jan. 2 after bar hopping in Uptown Kingston. Family and friends had been searching for Green ever since and they plastered the city with fliers.

Tinti said an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Police try to ID body found in upstate NY creek
Wall Street Journal - ‎13 hours ago‎
Police in Kingston says a boater found the body Sunday afternoon along debris in Esopus Creek. Authorities say the decomposed body had been in the water for an extended period. Officials couldn't say whether the body was that of 33-year-old Zach Green ...
Decomposed body washes up by Espous Creek in Kingston
Times Herald-Record - ‎16 hours ago‎
Police could not immediately say whether the body was that of 33-year-old Zach Green, the Saugerties man who went missing Jan. 2 after bar hopping in Uptown Kingston. Family and friends had been searching for Green ever since and they plastered the ..
KINGSTON – A boater on Sunday afternoon found a body among some logs and debris on the Esopus Creek in Kingston, but city police detectives say it is impossible to say right now whether it is that of Zachary Green of Saugerties, who was last last seen Uptown on Jan. 2.

Kingston police Detective Lt. Egidio Tinti said Sunday evening that the body had been in the water for some time and it could not immediately be confirmed as male or female. He said an autopsy would be conducted early this morning.

Tinti said at about 2:45 p.m. Sunday, detectives were notified about a possible body found in the Esopus Creek behind the New York State Armory off Manor Avenue.

“The boater thought it looked like a body, but wasn’t sure,” Tinti said. “It was lodged among some logs.”

Tinti said the Ulster County Sheriff’s dive team was called in, as well as Kingston Fire Department and state police to assist with the retrieval of the body.

“The body was in a location difficult to get to,” he said. It was taken to the city morgue pending the autopsy.

Asked if it’s possible the body is that of Green, Tinti said, “I really wish I could say, but I can’t. We have to wait for identification through dental records and other means.”

He said police were checking files for reports of other missing persons.

Contacted by phone Sunday evening, William Green, Zachary’s father, said simply, “We just don’t know.” He wouldn’t comment further.

Members of the Kingston Police Department were assisted by the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office, Kingston Fire Department, New York State Police and the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office

UPDATE TAROT VALIDATIONS 14 JUNE 2011I just had a comment placed on my blogger today for Zachary (Scroll down)

You spoke of a basement...there is a bar....a "hole in the wall" sort of place not far from where Zach's body was windows...the sign is red...the name of the place is "the Basement". curious.
14 June 2011 20:21
Its so difficult when getting descriptions with tarot when I have no idea of the area . This validation gives me hope that Tarot does really supply us with the information we need on many occasions. It just takes someone to recognise what those descriptions are in the area and then chances are we get closer. I am extremely grateful to this reader for validating the Tarot descriptions - it gives me hope that if others can 'see' what Tarot is trying to describe then perhaps other of the missing can be found quicker.
Please always read tarots descriptions and if you live in an area where someone has gone missing and recognise anything do let me know by leaving a comment. Missing people NEED YOU.
Regards to this poster and again many thanks indeed.

Yet another News report showing Zachary was NOT FOUND IN WATER.

June 15, 8:52 am

Published: 2:00 AM - 06/14/11

KINGSTON — In the end, the thousands of fliers, the memorial ribbons, the police and K-9 searches, the psychic readings, all came to naught.

The body of Zachary Green
was found washed up on the banks of Esopus Creek by a boater Sunday afternoon.

The discovery brought an end to six months of anguish for Green's friends and family. The 33-year-old Saugerties resident had worked as a chef at the Wiltwyck Golf Club.

He disappeared Jan. 2 after a night of post-New Year's bar-hopping in Uptown Kingston.

His disappearance launched extensive searches; images of the burly Green are still displayed in the windows and on counters of some Kingston businesses.

The badly decomposed body
was discovered along a heavily wooded bank behind the New York State Armory on North Manor Street, according to Kingston police Lt. Edigio Tinti.

It was recovered by members of the Ulster County Sheriff's Office dive team, Tinti said.

Green was identified through dental records collected as part of the missing-person investigation, police said.

An autopsy was conducted Monday. It was inconclusive as to the exact cause of Green's death.


KINGSTON, N.Y. — A year ago this weekend, a boater discovered a body among some logs and debris in the Esopus Creek behind the Kingston Armory on North Manor Avenue. The body discovered on June 12, 2011, turned out to be that of Zach Green, a 32-year-old Saugerties man whose disappearance five months earlier gripped the community, prompting searches, a green-ribbon campaign, press conferences and pleas from his family. The discovery in the creek confirmed the family’s worst fears, and their pain still lingers. “I don’t know if it’s anything you ever get over, but we still have a lot of unanswered questions,” said Bill Green, Zach’s father. The most apparent one is what caused his son’s death.

Kingston police still are unsure, though that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking into it. Lt. Patrick Scanlon said authorities still are awaiting toxicology reports. “The toxicology report is something we don’t want rushed,” he said. “It’s important that it comes back properly. We’d rather have it right than right now.” As of now, Green’s death remains an open investigation, the lieutenant said. “The investigation is going to be continued as if it were a murder until we find something definitive that proves otherwise,” he said. Initially, after DNA tests confirmed the body was Green’s, police said they didn’t believe foul play was a factor. Nor did they consider it a suicide, Scanlon said.

Family speaks out after body of Zachary Green found - YNN, Your ... - United States
Zachary Green's body has been found. Our Elaina Athans spoke with Green's family about the news. ... Police say the autopsy finds there was no foul play.
 Green was found not far from the Ulster County Savings Bank, the last place he was seen on surveillance video. The Esopus Creek runs behind the bank and his body was about a mile down the waterway.


  1. Possible sad news on this case:

    Decomposed body washes up by Espous Creek in Kingston
    Published: 6:54 AM - 06/13/11
    Last updated: 6:58 AM - 06/13/11

    KINGSTON - City police say a decomposed body was found Sunday afternoon alongside the Esopus Creek in Kingston.

    Detective Lt. Egidio Tinti said the body was found about 2:45 p.m. by a boater, who immediately contacted police. The body was on the bank of the creek behind the state armory on Kiersted Avenue.

    Tinti said in a statement Sunday night that the body was decomposed and appeared to have been in the water for some time.

    Police could not immediately say whether the body was that of 33-year-old Zach Green, the Saugerties man who went missing Jan. 2 after bar hopping in Uptown Kingston. Family and friends had been searching for Green ever since and they plastered the city with fliers.

    Tinti said an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

  2. Thank you for posting. Thats the report I also saw though other reports are suggesting Zachary was pulled out of the water. Very confusing. If there is other information I will try to post it.


  3. You spoke of a basement...there is a bar....a "hole in the wall" sort of place not far from where Zach's body was windows...the sign is red...the name of the place is "the Basement". curious.

  4. Thank you so much for this information. It does seem to me if your information is correct that tarot really did describe where Zach was. So again thank you for this verification and validation of tarots descriptions.


  5. Basement could have been the name of the bar...

  6. Zachary was shot dead by unknown. about a half a dozen people crowded around him,several shots fired, he put his hands to his upper chest.

    1. Thank you for commenting. It is always important for family to gain answers.


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