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Sunday, 23 January 2011



MISSING teenager Amy Fitzpatrick's family has been hit by a second tragedy, with the death of Amy's first cousin, John Kenny, in his Finglas apartment at the age of just 24.

He was found dead in his home in Charlestown on Monday morning after suffering a suspected brain haemorrhage during the night.

His devastated mother Christine learned of his death just hours before she was to meet former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to talk about niece Amy's case.


John had been suffering headaches for a number of weeks but never told his parents, only his flatmate.

John had a couple of drinks on Sunday night and was talking on the phone with a friend till about 3.30am.

His flatmate found him dead in his bed the next morning. John was described by his dad Billy as "one of the best of them".

Christine has been at the forefront of efforts to locate Amy (15) since she went missing in Spain last year.

The teenager has not been seen since she left her friend's house on New Year's Day to walk to her home just outside Fuengirola.

Along with other family members, Christine presented a petition of 20,000 signatures to the EU Commission office in Dublin in July last year.

The petition called for the introduction of a system that would alert all EU States when children go missing.

- Cormac Murphy


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues.
All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




« Mar 3, 2009, 15:52 »



This card is a 15 number, this child is 15 curious and this card is reversed not 15 anymore.

I am as honest as I can be when I do the tarot and all the pictures I see of this girl are pouting in a sexy way its only fun is,nt it, but not everyone would think so, because it shows that Amy is in that age where she is aware of herself and probably was a show off in a very subtle or even not so subtle way this can cause girls of this age LOTS of trouble because they grow up too quickly.

Now I have had this card reversed and believe me when I say, Amy will NEVER put on that kind of personality again.
This card seems to insinuate that she rejects that this card can suggest a fatality...because there is a weapon in the upright card. The weapon can be an actual weapon or a males 'you know what' so we are talking sex here. Its the very first thing I saw as soon as I saw this picture and others.
I had better add that fatality can mean death, but it does,nt have to be, what it can suggest is a fatal situation that can make a person think and change their ways.

This is not a great card because it is all about chance for good or for evil...who got the chance? Thats the question.

This card can suggest being reeled in by someone dangerous and against the odds perhaps being able to get out of it. So some kind of trap initially that the person fell into.
This card should give Amy a sense of change and liberation, should have allowed her to see where those changes needed to be made in order to overcome them. So she may have been involved in something but was in denial about it or someone is anyway.

This girl got very drunk as far as I can see its like she was led down a road and might have been violently ill through it. There may have been attempted rape in this case and this girl might have escaped from it. The man involved thinks he wont get caught.


 This card is the four of wands - weeks - I asked if Amy was still with us and I was given a homecard and perhaps a baby as well.

We shall see how this transpires.


Someone may not be  reporting that Amy could have been found. According to this card Amy has other plans for her security and basically is unready to let anyone know, or SOMEONE is,nt ready which creates an inaction for any link to the home which you can see above is upside down.

I am therefore assuming she could be alive? but not wishing to come clean about it. Something about shaky relationships here.



There could be a tribunal/lawsuits here,situation might get a bit nasty...I think there needs to be some kind of change of plan about looking for her I have a card with a 5 on it a very tricky situation here that I can see in 5 perhaps 5 weeks?

Im wondering if she is found through a quarrel or a dispute because some kind of argument/quarrel appears here and it seems to be an advantage to her being found...we shall see.
Just looking at this picture..I can see that not enough searching is being done for this girl, people have not tried hard enough to find her for what reason I am not sure...but when it comes to being found, she wont stand more effort needs to be applied in order to find her.

This girl may have been held in a building. The tower has given me this.

Im getting a lot of thoughts coming through so I think you had better read these cards as past present and future theres too much here girl is left in a building by someone ? because the other person was afraid they dont want to tell the truth about it worried what might happen to them theres a few lies here somehow, I even see some idea of scam but dont know why yet someone hoping to have got some money here or some kind of a ransom not sure but this is getting a bit murkier I see this girl perhaps on a fork in the road I dont know what point this is at I think she had a threatening situation but I still think she managed to get away from that and use a calm head.

The five of wands that I received could upright, pictorial represent five youths but they were reversed so perhaps tarot tried to tell us about this idea, but as they are reversed I cant see that they were successful which seems to void them as people  very interesting the thing is, the fighting people gave up so Im not sure if this occurred if the five indeed is a gang of youths because they dont appear to 'be there' what appears to be there is a fight given up for something as in a situation and perhaps not people being described.

In my tarot the question I asked to raise the five of wands reversed was whether she will be found and it indicated that searching was not enough right now, that a search would have to be made with more determination and effort in order to succeed
I have just looked at a report from Amy which suggests that she was bullied at school, did not like spain and spent days at her friends house.

It seems odd to me that this girl would just leave home for a couple of days randomly to just go and stay at a friends didnt she let her mother know beforehand, no it does not seem so. Therefore her whole life there would have been based on shaky relationships - now, this might indicate there is more to this case then we are seeing here that fighting could have been the bullying at school too and nobody looked into it properly or they did,nt do enough about it.

this girl may have made some decisions I dont know where the drinking has come into it, but maybe it was someone else who was drunk and not her tarot is notorious for giving information but not confirming who is who but someone was drunk that night if it was not Amy - it was a man.
The tower can also represent a broken relationship, so can the devil reversed show that someone walked away here.


When asking if Amy is no longer with us , this card tells us that it is shallow minded to think this and to think it would be a deception.
It could also mean that a woman is telling us this.

This card tells me it is ignorance to accept superficial knowledge.
However, one thing I do see in this card is a ruthless woman. Im not quite sure how to link that in right now. Perhaps the tarot thinks I am callous to ask this question - therefore on the strength of this card I cannot confirm at the current time that Amy has passed. The moon also is connected to this card which is in reverse which seems to imply that to assume Amy was dead is a falsehood and a false accusation but this is linked to the High Priestess as the Moon connects with that card.

I have a number 2 with the High Priestess and as she is a lady of secrets which are not so secret in reverse I would imagine that two people might know a bit more about Amy then we are aware as to them she does not appear to be hidden?

We also have the number 18 with the moon which relates to the card upright and might point to an end, reversed of course seems to contradict that. We do have to take quite seriously receiving the Moon/death/Scorpio etc because they are all not particularly good signs.

I think I should say that regarding whether Amy is dead or alive one should look to the person we see in the high priestess and the king of cups as I feel that between those two cards may lie an answer.


I see that Amy is going to be found in this card. Note the number on this CUP is a five. This card represents the return of someone not seen for quite a while. Im confident this will be so.

This five because it is reversed can mean anything outside of 5 days either side or simply connected to 5 in terms of time and of todays posting.

She WILL be found - regardless.


Tarot for Amy was featured on the blogspot last year and I have put this case up again as we still need to draw attention to Amy. If you have seen Amy or remember any details please use the contact numbers so that her family can be relieved of their concerns.
Thank you.

Please note that Tarot never really likes to discuss whether someone is alive or deceased.
This is a very delicate matter. I was asked this question and Tarot has more or less refused to really discuss it. For that reason asking those questions is not a good idea for most of the cases on the blogger. There will be updates for this case in the future based mostly on circumstances only and location pointers.


I want to re-visit Amy's case. I have spoken to Amy's mother in the past and tried to put forward as much as I could see at the time. I note there was a 'ransom' situation came up as pointed out in tarot which was a cruel hoax. I would like to try to look again now that some time has passed but I cannot guarantee what I will get or whether or not what I see will be significant. At best, I may just get repeat information but I will try all the same.


This may be background, general or in the epochs of past present and future, but looking at Amy again to try to pick up any vibes about her I am just going to write it down whether it is relevant or not.
Im being given 'dropped out of school'. I see a 'youth' here.

This card seems to tell us that Amy was Self-Critical, considered herself a poor Student, and this made her stubborn, rebellious and insecure about her chances in life, this card leaves her 'prodigal so on school and career or even financial matters it seems that there is a 'lack of money' here or that she might have wanted a job and not go to school which really is just outlining a little of her background. There is a feeling that someone needed to make 'fast cash' here. A 'G' initial could come up here. This could refer to money and work suggesting that she might have wanted to go to work or that there is something or someone even to do with work coming up here. Someone has embezzled some money or someone has stolen something here . Remember when I say someone, I do not know exactly who that is. But, we could have a twisted person here and it could be a male.

If she worked, where did she work?

I will try to look that up.
It may be that she wanted to do other things and could not do them but that still involves a male here . I do not see 'home security' for Amy. This is so unfortunate because I just see dysfunctional home life around her. That is not to blame anyone as of course I have Amy's mothers interests at heart but to know your child is to know what is in their head and this card is telling me that Amy was strong minded. If she was not allowed to do something, she would do it and that seems to be the impressions I had initially. However, Tarot has to HELP and I would do anything I could to help if it were within me to be able to.

A feeling of being thrown out or not feeling part of the family home is strong. But there is someone here that meets up with her 'walking'. I dont think she is alone at one point. The Knight is travelling but he comes to a stop. There may be a foreign link here, perhaps someone 'ethnic' or of another nationality. There is a lot of insecurity in these cards, roguery, thieves, and someone up to no good. I also see some kind of burglary to a property here. Taking things that do not belong to them.

This may also be past tense because I remember there was something about items taken from the family home. Its all snatches of information but I will try to write what I have. I see some form of bribery here too. Feelings of debt or some deep financial trouble seems to come up or fees or bills that cant be paid being a problem and spiraling into more debt. Now this may have nothing personally to do with Amy but it could be around her somehow or attached to people around her. Tarot thrusts all the information together and we have to be careful not to attach it as a story of events but just instead pick up what is given and hope it connects somehow.

I feel like the past held her back and she just could not see her way forward. There are so many thoughts that come up here but I just cant see in this card where she went as this card links into her 'travels' and the fact that she could not go where she wanted maybe 'generally in life' so this could be tapping into Amys mind. Let me go to another card for location and see if I can get anything new there or try to pick up what the situation was rather then what seems to be known information as Im getting negative attitudes and confrontations about what she wants in this card more then anything else.


I see we are back to the wands for location for Amy. Here we have the Queen. Her number is 13 so we can add those two together 1 and 3 to make 4 or use the numbers seperately or again use it as 13 for route or for other purposes. What this 4 does is to tell us that the Emperor can come up on this card . The Emperor has something to do with authority. It can represent a Boss, someone we know at work, or a father, or someone who is an authority over 'us' or head of something. That is the only way to describe this card. I will come back to it, lets first go to this Queen as she is the location card. So first we have SOUTH and we have the numbers given. This card is a fire card symbolizing sex and weapons. One can use sex AS a weapon.

This card can also link in the same way as the High Priestess showing us that a woman is hiding information or secrets hence the black cat. However, even though it shows a woman, it can be a man who is at the foundation of things but a woman is still here on this card. Redness is apparent in the complexion or hair or the complexion is well tanned. Lean body, long neck, large bones, not overly tall but strong limbs. A male often suffers from baldness or thinning of the hair. The direction that is most prominent is between South and EAST or East comes up here. Burns or 'scars' can come up. Perhaps someone involved in 'construction' or even making plans or initiated a plan?

Are there any construction sites in the area?

Sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Land where sheep and small cattle feed or stables for small animals. Unfrequented places where criminals find refuge. Also places of 'entertainment' or some issue linking entertainment here. A feeling of heat like chimneys or fires and seeing new houses, bricks and mortar or cladding. Perhaps might just be referring to the heat of a country. Even people who are military related, ie soldiers or someone like that can come up here. Smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, places where bricks or charcoal is burnt, chimneys, forges are all trying to describe possible things to 'name a place'.

Going back to the Emperor we may also have a vehicle here. There is also a North West direction attached. Again that could be starting point and other directions we just have to follow I may have to ask Dee to see if she can pull up a map for Amy so we can see what we might be looking at.

Anything relating to CATS or LIONS could come up here. I am trying to provide all I can to narrow all of this down but looking at the Emperor, we first have cliffs, rocks or names like that North West and then we have a B or a J or possibly a D or R come up and a person who makes 'another disappear'. There is some kind of connection to do with a mentor or school or work. So we could include University/college or school names in place names. Also the word 'manor' ? There are two buildings which MIGHT be apartments they are grey. So between properties perhaps? or two homes as Hebrew may give us two homes or two roofs that are connected to one person.

There are buildings going towards a town >>>>> and a feeling of oppression. This is 'out of town' but on the outskirts of another town. I am seeing the 'planning of a trip' here and someone who just loves the challenge of being in the limelight. I am seeing charity measures here so either giving or receiving of charity. But I do see 'entertainment' which I cannot seem to place. Unless of course there is an entertainment establishment run by a woman. I am seeing two people who are KEY to where Amy is, because they know. I also have 'church references here' which can signify that good advice could be got through two people who have answers on a map.

That means they are the KEY to where she is. Church references can be an actual church, or name that represents it or one nearby or it could mean spiritual references. The word POPE might come up. I am also seeing a 'bird' which can mean an aeroplane, or it can be the name of a place, or establishment. I also note that someone has shielded someone else or that there is a SHIELD here. The word Spring comes up and Roses. Also is an enclosure, ditch, canal or something else in the area.

Moving forward I see barren land and again I see this canal or some strip of water, could be a river or a creek name or place but roses and something white or someone wearing white or name White come up here. I also see the word Lion and small animals or animals that roam wild. Zoo comes to mind but I suppose that is ridiculous. I also see something dental or bones or something oral here.

This card can show being strangled too which is not very nice but it is a respiration card and can sometimes show some kind of throat or neck problem or that someone stifles another from speaking or suppresses them from talking about something.

I see a card that gives me a garden, flowers come up here. Two people and a younger person. This is a family card so it must be linking to Amy being connected to a family with only one child present? or even Amy herself. But Im getting a sense of the word EDEN here and there is a mountain or something to do with a mountain maybe in the landscape?

There is a link here back to the past a family home with a garden, a familiar vicinity or even a friend or boyfriend from the past. There is a river and a white bridge and a building near the water. This water is the other side of her 'home' or where she lives or its somewhere Amy is connected to and she feels far away from home. There is also a Tree here or a tree name. I can see three people here who celebrated something in Halloween or October time or that time was important. A link to an M or W and bells comes up. A place near water or not far. West comes up.

What I see in these linking cards is a proposed Trip, getting a lift,or hitchhiking comes up so I do think that Amy was picked up on the road possibly. I do see a man who is sporty and very highly sexed. He is strong looking and he might not have nice hands. I feel there is a 'grab' mentality here or grasping. There seems to be 'choices' here that someone can make and they took the opportunity. I see the water and I see the Bridge and looking West of the Bridge here. Standing near Cliffs or overlooking somewhere there might be boats. I do not feel it is that far from home or it could be near a building like a motel or some kind of entertainment place. I see moving and packing because boxes and storage are here somehow. I also see five people going out of town towards the south east. I do not know how this all comes into play but there is someone who is linked to gyms sports, sex , football fields or something sporty. They might have a fast car and it might be red they drive VERY VERY fast as a rule in their nature.

I see a Hill and losing a shoe. Feeling attacked or oppressed by others and something about an airport in the distance because there is tarmac, sandy gravelly roads here, but also that construction.

There are many things I can see but its how they can all fall into place.
But the main thing I do see is this girl went with or to a MAN who could be connected to trailers, camping,mobile homes. Sometimes caravans or scouts places somewhere 'off the beaten track' but near a Hill.

I think that Amy could have been injured or that she just had a big 'headache' in life. I see that there are walls/fences here or something of that nature and that brings me back to construction?

There may be someone with 'dark skin' but that could be a tan and I do see 'co -operation' here so teamwork?

Blowing raspberries? someone with a sense of 'business' here and very career orientated and something to do with 'music'? Friday and the links to family come up again and the past?

I also see that there could be links to restaurants/food/a care provider/or agricultural landscaper.
I do think Agricultural aspects come in.
This is all I can see that might tie in to all aspects of location or those connected.


Very difficult to say when Amy will be found, here we have a card that shows finances running out. Therefore could be referring to all the money spent in trying to find Amy but we have a number 6 or a number 9 here. I do think our first find card in original Tarot should have been read as linking to someone in the past and the figure 5.

I would have said under 9 years. If anything has happened to Amy and she was killed which I really hope is not the case, I am linking her to a property that has been abandoned. Yes it could be a farm property, or a property that was rented or a property that was sold it does have the rural aspects on it. Also are the school names coming up again here. The property could also be a shop so not necessarily a house in the traditional sense. I see woods and trees are sparse but that a tree could come up in a name.

I also feel working environments, businesses come up here so I really would take everything as a 'whole' and combine it as best as possible. Tarot cannot name places it can only tell us almost everything else!! I do see a lot of deception regarding finding Amy or that there are some deceptions in the matter so someone is not saying something obviously. I do see the making of quick cash and I do see the possibility of the 'ransom' still in this card and also once again the 'G' name and also the word BANK.

Here we still have that North reference, the word GREEN. Someone who wants a 'debt' paid or someone looking for repay. Jealousy and anger are here as well as Bribes and extortion.

The South East comes up so East comes up again. Hopefully Dee can do a map I will ask her if its possible to make some sense of all this. Farm Land, pasture, buildings like sheds, barns or someplace away from main buildings is here, Rurality is here. Single storey buildings, like cottages, bungalows or as mentioned sheds barns. Names that might link to horses, stables or there might even be some. Cellars and basements can come up here. Someone with black rugged hair, gross hands comes up - A full, strong and well-set stature, inclining to shortness. Broad forehead, large head - the eyes, mouth and lips are usually prominent. How that figures I dont know. But someone tanned or dark .

Maybe this is in reflection of the hoax ransom, I cant be sure I can only give what I get past present or future that is what it is.

But farm or working land comes up and someone who needs to make money. A debt needs to be repaid - ? I dont know if any of this will help at all but who knows it might. Please be careful how you read as when it comes to family sounding themes people can jump to conclusions. Please DONT do that, take it all into account as obviously there are family members that are connected to Amy but it must not be taken out of context.

With this 9 reversed we can only assume a route 9 or a 9 or under 9 will be the time limit Pentacles are years so would suggest under 9 years or year 9 or perhaps something about 2009?

Going backwards the Emperor can be a Car and Calahonda is an area connected to Amy therefore perhaps looking around at the direction on the Queen of wands and highlighting those?

If I think of anything else I will give it. This tarot will incoporate 'everything' in so much that it is trying to reflect ALL it sees. Please read the Tarot notes so that it is understood what Tarot reflects.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: It is my policy NOT to discuss Life/death matters for some time. This Tarot has touched upon it in 2009. This is no longer something that Tarot involves itself in. Therefore this case is a very rare exception from the early days.



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16 December 2012 - Ireland
TRAGIC: Amy in school uniform MISSING Irish schoolgirl Amy Fitzpatrick's troubled lifestyle is documented in her diary, published for the first time today.

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Paedophile theory by pal who saw missing teen last.(News)
TEENAGER Amy Fitzpatrick could have been abducted by sex traffickers, it was claimed yesterday.




This reading relates to SEARCH/FIND and elements of that.

I very rarely get a chance to update some cases but I do if I feel 'CALLED' to it. I am called to Amy and I have been 'with her' since 2009 hoping that what I have been given has or will bring something forward. I have posted some news today in respect of Amy's diary and in my heart I feel as though I have sensed a few things that have been written there.

Regarding when Amy will be found I am being given the Lovers card. This card is a 6 and can refer to a 12 figure, ie 2012 or a 12 for other purposes. It would seem unlikely that 2012 will figure of course because we are almost at the end of this but 'never say never' is my motto though there are no guarantees. What we have to concentrate on is the card and the Lovers and the number 6 which may be a route or a road and I want to link this card to the past. Now the past would be a place familiar to this girl or somewhere that she frequented or is known to her and possibly EVEN family.

In this card we have to bear in mind that there might be a River or a stream link. Whether that is actual or the name of a place I cannot say. There are certain elements in this card that can be trying to tell us names or descriptions of roads or routes but in this card we have a 'mountain'. We also have the word 'smell'. We are given a garden ( like Garden of Eden) and a 'fork in the road'. Again these could be linking to names of places. We also have to remember that we link automatically to the cups cards here and this will show us initials M or W - the word Bell or (3 bells) and a bridge over a river. This could be a white bridge. We also have a link to 5 pools of water.

There is some link to 'home' here. It just depends what 'home' means. We need to also consider something White, or the word White. There may be a link to a vehicle, father figure or boss OR even a partner/spouse OR it could just be linking to a Car.. That does not implicate anyone it just might mean there may be a link in some way, all elements of the cards have to be produced. There is an animal link also.

Again I always think of June or Dune when it comes to the Lovers card thinking about it as the sixth month, but it may not always apply. Perhaps it is just a route 6 or something being marked out about a six month period? The word Union?

There are some kind of spiritual links or church names. Church names could be bishop/priest maybe in the name of a road or have some other significance. The letter K or the word Key or Quay might come up here. There are two people who may be able to offer advice . Our card can represent the word Twin or some kind of duality.

One would have thought that this card could represent North being an air card. There may have been some sexual elements as this card is greatly reminding me of some of the earlier Tarot and what I did see there.

This card would make me feel that this girl was hidden and concealed. There may be a hill, or even scouting, camping or other elements may have come up at some point. There is a xmas element here also. I feel as though it is dark and a man is responsible for hiding us. Tarot cannot tell us names very well but tries so very hard to explain things, it just depends if something can trigger a clue.

There just seems to be two choices here of places that Amy could be because of the Unity on this card. This card can also show a person has been found which is what I thought before, or that they will be found. That is a puzzle if Amy is considered missing and might not make sense right now, but maybe it will in the future. I also have the number 3 here which tends to link also to road or route or three people maybe one is Amy?
Though Amy is purported to be 'hidden' in my cards this card can say hidden in plain sight?

I have West here which might mean NORTH WEST taking into account the other card. Remember this card is about finding Amy. In this card we might have a person description linked or it could also represent keywords for where Amy is but that description gives us someone with a tall straight body, thin in body, dark hair, good eyesight or a piercing Hazel eyes.

Other descriptions which may seem odd when I print them but can be picked out for KEYWORDS are hills and mountains, high places, barns /Storage places, corn and grain. Libraries and studies, the walls of houses, the hall, playrooms, chests, drawers, treasuries, money names, such as BANK.

There is also some link to perjury or some kind of trickery?
There are also links 'somehow' to tradesmen's shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts. Some kind of milestone - a mile ?

A Wednesday comes up for some reason.
This card gives the impression of 'choosing' whether a person is to be found or not. I really do not know why I should be given that except either someone knows and they choose when Amy can be found by saying something or that if Amy is ok somewhere that perhaps she chooses. One way or the other someone must know something as that has been pretty much obvious from the start.

Unfortunately, there could be repercussions in this case because of the link to the 5 of wands which shows that though issues are delayed there could be some serious court issues/legal tangles to come which might be unpleasant.

I hope something helps and that Amy can be recovered. Of course I cannot promise that anything I have received will produce results. All one can do is hope that it might help as nothing is guaranteed unless it is validated. I really think this card is reflecting some of Tarot that has already been discussed and that is the reason why I do not always do updates as the readings will mostly pick out what has already been posted. I hope it serves as some form of assistance.   Also please remember how 'tarot works' it can talk about anything or anyone connected to Amy in past present or future trends and this must be pointed out.


Below are three maps. All possibilities  (ONLY) two for Spain and one connected to Dublin .

Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps


 Show on Google Maps


Show on Google Maps



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Irish Times-4 hours ago
The funeral of Dubliner Dean Fitzpatrick, who was killed last Saturday in a stabbing incident, has been delayed because a dispute over the ...

Dean's mum 'comforted by self-confessed killer'

Irish Independent-29 May 2013
Mr Mahon's father Mike yesterday told the Irish Independent that his son was comforting Dean's mother Audrey Fitzpatrick. The couple have ...

Amy stepdad arrested for murder

Olive Press-29 May 2013
Dean and Amy's father Christopher Fitzpatrick, who had been with his son at a communion on the day of the incident said he was 'shattered' by ...


I am a little astonished to read the above link and note a place called 'Coolock' - because to the East of this a place is called EDENMORE  - I want to point out that the Lovers card is connected to the word EDEN. I would not have known this because I do not get location names from Tarot that I can always recognise, but oddly, the information relating to K also reveals the word Lock (take my word for that - The Hierophant number 5) and Lock and Eden are most definitely in this Tarot. A strange coincidence.


Missing Amy's secret diaries / Sunday World

Amy's diaries reveal hatred for stepdad Dave Mahon
4 hours ago - SPANISH police are being urged to formally interview the self-confessed killer of Dean Fitzpatrick about the disappearance of his sister Amy...
  1. Five-year hunt for Irish teen Amy Fitzpatrick called off - distraught ... › News
    Jun 6, 2013 - Five-year hunt for Irish teen Amy Fitzpatrick called off - distraught mother pledges to bury her with brother: The search for missing Dublin teen ...

  2. Official Missing Amy Fitzpatrick Website
    Please Help us find Amy Fitzpatrick She went missing in Spain but she is originally from Dublin Ireland. Help Find Amy Bebo Webpage. Amy Fitzpatrick went ...

  3. Letter warned Amy Fitzpatrick would 'disappear' three years before ...
    Jun 20, 2013 - A letter sent to the Irish embassy in 2005 predicted that the teenager would go missing.

  4. Dean Fitzpatrick may have had information on missing sister Amy




    Missing Amy's secret diaries / Sunday World



    I am pleased to see more searching for Amy. I have just spotted this report below I will have to keep an eye on the press to see if there is an update since this one below. Quite interesting how information has related to the case throughout the Tarot. We shall see how everything transpires.

    Missing Amy Fitzpatrick's mum flees Costa del Sol hospital



    October 18th, 2013. Today's Paper ... Amy Fitzpatrick ... “Our investigation into Amy
    Looking for news on Amy I have posted the reports I have found.

    Court allows missing Amy Fitzpatrick's stepdad to visit Spain ...


    Amy Fitzpatrick's disappearance was predicted in a chilling ..




    Audrey Fitzpatrick to wed Dave Mahon before his trial for her son's ...

    Olive Press-28 Jan 2015


    So much time has passed and now it is May 2016 and I have been trawling the missing cases to try to update News. I certainly have many cases that I have to catch up with regarding fresh reports.

    Amy's case was written in 2009. At the time I was working very hard to establish the best way to produce Tarot and I have made many changes since that time. These days, I give more information with Location so that is an ongoing experiment but I do not discuss health issues. I should have considered that a few years ago. Experience makes you wiser. I have found a couple of new reports and I did get contacted by Amy's mother over the period since Amy disappeared and I simply gave the information that Tarot has given to me. I have updated the case also I see on a couple of occasions.

    The updates brought in fresh insights. You can read them above. The current news reports I have put below. 

    Missing Amy Fitzpatrick's stepfather found guilty of her brother's ...


    The Garden of Hope

    remony at the Garden of ...

    Emotional: Amy Fitzpatrick's father appeals for help to find his ...



    It is some time since I visited Amy's page. She is not forgotten any more than the other cases here on this site. There are many cases now however, and it can get more difficult to keep up with news. However, over the time I see more and more how Tarot has looked into the future. Here are some reports from last year to compare with Tarot findings. 

    Aunt of missing Dubliner Amy Fitzpatrick furious at Irish Government ...

     People urged to speak out over missing Amy Fitzpatrick 


    This report below suggests that Amy was spotted in a bar after her last sighting. .

     Amy Fitzpatrick missing: The burning questions which remain ...

    Dublin Live-27 Jan 2017
    Was Amy spotted after she set out from home? Unconfirmed reports claimed that Spanish police believe Amy was spotted in a local bar an hour and a half after her last known sighting. It was New Year's Day and the bars would have been packed, and it's possible Amy didn't want to go home so decided to ..




    Irish Times-7 Feb 2017




  1. I hope she is found very soon safe and sound. Good Luck.

  2. That Diary says a lot!

  3. omg this girl's life sounds horrible i hope she is safe out there some where.

  4. Any more updates ?

  5. Was she found?

  6. Was she found?

    1. Not as far as I know and unable to find current news about this case at the moment. Let me know if you hear of anything.

  7. Suspect identified in missing Amy Fitzpatrick case
    Dec 07, 2014 07:00 By Adelina Campos
    Young teen Amy went missing in Spain in 2008 and detectives say they are closing in on a chief suspect but it could be months before an arrest takes place

  8. Mum of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick to marry the man accused of murdering her son
    Jan 22, 2015 08:01

  9. Dubliner David Mahon has been found guilty of killing Dean Fitzpatrick, the son of his partner and the older brother of missing teenager Amy.
    The case has been adjourned until May 30th and David Mahon has been remanded in custody.


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Below are 'resolved' Missing Persons cases detailing news events after the person was found. Sadly some did not survive. On many, Tarot has described accurately either events, landscape or named Locations or suggested when the person would be found. The details of the validations differ on each case. This section will help assess Tarot's ability to assist in its ongoing experiment.






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