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Friday, 5 November 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


Case Type: Missing From Home
Missing Date: Wednesday 13th October 2010
Missing From: Prague
Missing Country: Czech_Republic
Sex: Female
DOB: Currently unknown Anna Janatkova
Specific Details:
Hair: Long light blonde Eye Color: Blue
Height: 3ft 9 inch Weight: n/a
Race: n/a language: n/a

Special Facts: Last seen wearing a grey winter jacket, purple-black scarf (palestina) and dark blue jeans with a red and white belt. Black shoes and a purple baseball cap.

HFMC International Searching
Known Circumstances:

Nine-year-old Anna never made it back home from school on October 13. Her abandoned schoolbag and her bottle of water were found lying close to where she was last seen.


« Thread Started 5 November 2010 at 21:09 »

I have been asked if I have any information about this little girl and I have written a brief synopsis of what Tarot has given to me.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and all information is in time elements of past present and future.

I have to tell you that the first card I got for this girl is not great.


as soon as I saw this card the entire scenario matches what reports are saying. This girl was attacked on the side of a river and left on the ground. There are indications of head or back trauma here. For some reason this girl was going to go back to school because someone made her feel uncomfortable and she did,nt know whether to walk forwards or go back to the safety of the school.

This person is very young looking for their age that approached this girl - it is the next card along which is the Page of Swords and he is waving something in his hand. It could be something Metal.


The person could be clean shaven but they give me the impression of late teenager to late twenties but they are just so young looking themselves that its hard to tell the age.

I feel that they said something to Anna - this person is a spy and they could have been hanging around. I also think as the next card is the Knight of Swords they might have had a car to disappear quickly . This person is very overpowering - it may be that he has done this before and if he has taken the life of this girl he has more likely done it before.

I generally link the Page of Swords to railways, hills, open ground and always with something in their hand.

I am a bit puzzled about the 9 of swords that preceeds the 10 of swords because it seems to show a great deal of worry on it and somebody that has nightmares and concerns. There is something about a grandmother that I just cannot place or understand maybe its an outside thought straying into Annas reading.

There is a Blanket in the 9 of swords and I have to mention that.

This girl could have been bundled up in something and taken elsewhere - I have recently seen this in the Kathy Adams case and I hope that in the case of Anna I am totally wrong.

I see some kind of argument or altercation going on here. I dont know if this little girl was sticking up for someone else but its possible so that means that there is another person or child that actually might know something and has not come forward.

The person in the page of swords could have very dark eyes and dark hair.

The page of swords is always thought of as a messenger and I just feel that a message was given that created part of this situation.

I dont know who Im seeing but I see a house move was made at some time I dont know who it applies to but someone left a place they lived and moved to the place that Anna lived. Not sure if it was annas family not long in the area or the person that I see in these cards.

I think they had to move because they might have been involved in deceptions or even burglarys or took a car. So there might be a car thief. I cannot be clear because I am just trying to present these images.


There is some ecclesiastical elements that I also cannot place like priest bishop someone who acts holier then thou - maybe its another word for butter would,nt melt in their mouth Im not sure but when I ask where this girl is I get the Four of Swords.

The Ten of Swords is not necessarily a 'deceased' card but it can turn out that way and thats why I just want to say its not great because it can go either way.

The Four of Swords for location shows tombs - church - chapel - or somewhere that a person can be held hostage against their will or taken out of the public eye - You can see in the picture above the little girl is sitting below the earth level so she wont automatically be seen there.

I see someone ill or sick or some illness in the cards and dont know if someone has been suffering from an illness of some kind.

I have south or East or SOUTHEAST for the childs location.
Whether it turns out to accurate I cannot be sure. Maybe she is first East then found South. I have to leave both options

I have SPRING with this card and we are in Winter therefore Spring and the number 4 may be of use for people places or indications to help in location. 4 can be a door, a road or part of a number for something.

I think she could be on her own at the moment. I see rustic places here could be outside in open space near a hill I can see a belt and it might hers. Something may be found of hers in this type of location.

At this moment I cannot comment on her health but as with all children I am always hopeful that what we see in the tarot is not as bad as it looks but one has to be prepared because clearly the first card shows us that something pretty unfortunate has stepped in the way of this child.

This card can suggest recouperation - but its whether or not thats positive.

The five of Swords shows three people. I can see an Older man as well but dont know how that comes into play. Maybe he tried to help the girl.


According to this card Anna will be found within 4 days and there is a TREE on this card so I am not sure what the significance is. Perhaps she is near a tree? I cannot guarantee that time scale but maybe something will show up soon within a four?

I hope this works out positively because I dont want any children to be hurt I just want them to come home so I pray to God she will be alright but if not my thoughts are right with her.

Tarot cannot give absolute accuracy and I am quite sure some details may not be the case but I have tried to give what tarot has explained to me.

Four of cups has West and South upon it and passing by water.

If there is no news about Anna soon I will have another look.



Everyone - this beautiful child has been found dead. Im so sorry to tell you all this but I have been informed by the blogger comments and I have searched and found this item below on google.

All details of what happened are not in the news at the current time and background validation cannot be printed right now to see what tarot may have revealed. However I have highlighted some outlines and will have to wait for confirmation on what has transpired. I think this is a horrible outcome and I still feel so bad because I did,nt think it would be 'good' but in every case we all hold out hope. I thought this girl would be found 4 days or the number 4 and she has been found approximately four months after tarot was written . I saw her attacked by the River and left though that is probably the case from the news report I have no indication of directions at the current time. I only have the details below for the story but maybe there will be more to to explain things a bit better. Bless this lovely girl, she did,nt deserve this at all say a silent prayer for her and her family. So tragic.



The corpse of a young girl has been found near Pod Havránkou street in the Troje area of Prague 8. Several media outlets have reported that it was the body of 9-year-old Anna Janatková, who went missing on her way home from school in the Troje district in October 2010, but as of 8:00 p.m. Wednesday an official announcement had yet to be made.

News portal Aktualně.cz reported earlier this afternoon that Anna’s parents had been called by police, presumably to identify if the body is that of their daughter. This evening, forensic experts said they are convinced it is Anna, whose disappearance in October set off Fingerprints of the chief suspect in the Anna Janatková case were found on tools nearby the spot where the corpse found today was buried. the largest police manhunt in recent Czech history; many members of the public also volunteered to help.

Police had started searching the Troje area again after fingerprints of the chief suspect in Anna’s disappearance — identified as 41-year-old Otakar T., an “outsider” with above-average intelligence who experts say has schizophrenic tendencies — were found on tools nearby the spot where the corpse was buried, Aktualně.cz reported.

Otakar T.’s DNA was earlier found on Anna’s schoolbag, and though he said he recalled seeing the girl on the day she disappeared, he has denied any involvement in her disappearance.

Police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulová told public broadcaster Czech Television that the human remains were found buried on land where police had searched for Anna “several times” following her disappearance in October 2010.

Explaining why the girl’s corpse had been discovered only now, she said the human remains had been buried relatively deep underground, meaning that police sniffer dogs were unable to pick up the scent, especially given the frosty conditions. Zoulová added that the corpse had been partly dug up by a foraging wild boar. Police testing new 3D equipment in the area later noticed the dug up earth.

Anna’s father had gone on national television to offer а reward of Kč 3.5 million who could provide information leading to the whereabouts of his daughter. Several fraudsters then called Anna’s parents demanding money in exchange for bogus information: Jan Zita, 24, from Plzeň, West Bohemia, was handed down a suspended prison sentence of 2.5 years with a five-year probation period.

This beautiful video below is supplied by 'Radek' as his tribute to her.


  1. Thank you!For now,nothing new about girl's disappearance in local news.Police gave an information embargo for this case.
    Thank you once again for your tarot reading.
    M.from Prague.

  2. Do you have any new readings for January 2011, about Anna Janatkova ?

    Please as me know.

    Thank you so much !

  3. Please, do you have any new readings for February 2011 about this missing girl Anna Janatkova ?

    Thank you so much !

  4. Hello Eursweet7, no I have not looked again yet. I am so sorry but updates have been difficult when new cases have been coming in. I will try to look to see if theres anything else.


  5. Dear Empathy's Insights and Others,

    let me share may insights with you. I am also a Tarot Reader and a Psychic. I first read about Anna at the end of October 2010, I must say I was very shocked.

    The images I got from the Akasha show that Anna was walking home when two or three men came there in a reddish car, its colour is like rust. The car is rather old. They took Anna in the car and went away. As I see the car's number plate it is Slovakian. Anna was taken to a city which lies by a river. I have the information that it is Bratislava.

    These men have a flat there in a huge building. No one lives there but they use it for criminal purposes. Anna is not the first little child they captured. I could see Anna lying there with her mouth tied, she was feeling ill.

    What happened then... Well, what I see is not good. I can see a village where the grandmother or an older female relative of one of the criminals live. The old lady goes somewhere for a few days and this young man takes care of the house. He goes there with the same car Anna was kidnapped with.

    The lady goes away, then someone comes for the car, takes it away and then goes back late in the evening. Anna is there rolled in a blanket. She is taken in this rustic house.

    For the future I have no more information yet, this is the last picture I get.

    I also see spring when something will come out about Anna's case. I hope she is all right and holds on till she is found.

  6. The similarities to my reading are very striking I have to say. Lets hope that tarot is right for this little girl and she will be found soon.

  7. Today, Anna was found dead.

  8. :( That's very sad. Really sad. I also felt what you felt, Empathy. But it is hard to believe people are so cruel...

    God bless little Anna and all her family... :(

    Love, Tarot Bella

  9. Since last year I had this bad feelings about it already. But couldn't admit any bad for her. I tried to find Anna as I could, but I just couldn't handle it so well like before and I don't know why. First time what I saw was last year some article about other case, but at the same area and street place they found Anna's body this month ! I post this article last year on facebook and spoke about it with my friend also and who is in Czech Republic in Prague, but no one would think of that's the place where Anna is or will be. My post was just like any other posts and lately erased from the Anna Janatkova forum page on facebook. Now I know I should looked more deeply into this special vision, because it was a message I got from Anna that time. I know now :(

    I am so sorry for her lost and I know she must be fine now, she is in heaven with God.
    I know that because that's what my feelings are and my wishes and pray for her.

    We miss you so much Anna ! :(

    ~ God bless you little girl Anna and all your family ~

    Your forever friend,


  10. Radek, I really felt for you when I read your comment because you hurt a lot over Anna. Radek, sometimes we have visions and clarifications and we are not sure whether to follow up on them but it is NOT your fault that Anna was not found. Please dont blame yourself for not following through. I know myself how much I have kicked myself on occasion knowing that I was so close and for some reason lacked that extra push to believe in what I had.

    The plan of destiny just runs its own way and there is little we can do. Anna is found now and she is at peace and can have a burial surrounded by family and people who love her. It is such a small compensation when we cannot get these lost children back alive - but it is a very humbling and grateful feeling to have them back to send them off with love.

    You did your best, we all do our best and as long as you are always giving your best you must not punnish your mind over it.

    Im thinking of you.


  11. Thank you Empathy.

    I am not giving up yet. I have still work to do. Wish me a good luck.

    Your forever friend,


  12. My last farewell to Anna

    Video :

    Too bad that Anna ( Anička ) didn't returned home.
    You do not know how much it hurts me to say it. Although I am a guy and ordinary men usually do not cry, but Anna just made me cry. She was like my daughter to me, or sister.
    " Indigenous people say that our Creator gave us tears to heal our pain," But the loss of hope is so great pain that there it probably will be for ever, until I die.

    " I wish that Anna was born again, but healthy and lived for ever "


  13. Radek, I have posted your video above as a tribute to Anna - its very fitting and beautiful.

    One other thing I want to mention is the beautiful videos you have uploaded on your site, not only are they thought provoking but they are the message that many people need to digest. Thank you for bringing awareness not only to the missing but to the missing link of spirituality that has eluded most.

    But it has,nt eluded me.

    God bless you.


  14. Dear Empathy,

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your kindness !

    Everything good in my life I learned, I owe to people who had a patience with me and taught me to be more human. Everything in our life happens for a reason. Including you being here with me today. I am very happy that I meet you and that you are keeping me strong ! I know that everything all around us is spiritual and nothing and nobody is really lost if we believe in it.

    I am also happy that you like my videos :-)

    Thank you again.

    ~ God bless you and all your loved ones ~

    Your forever friend,


  15. You are welcome Radek. You also possess a lot of wisdom.



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