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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Below are the only details that have been provided about this missing girl.

Missing since october 10, 2010

14 years old Kelly Shank

height 1,62 m

weight 69 k

On the night of her disappearance she was wearing a dark blue jean a black jacket and black shoes
Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


KELLY SHANKS« Thread Started Today at 15:01 pm. 26 OCTOBER 2010


This young girl is only 14 and she has recently gone Missing. I have seen this case posted up and have had a brief look at tarot. I cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy on the insights so please always seek second opinions. Tarot gives information that includes past present and future trends so all I can do is write down the information and within it hopefully there will be some markers or some glimpses as to what may have occurred.

I will simply write down the trends that generally come to me and this first card shows that there could have been a change of plan or direction as it often suggests travel to lake, river or sea maybe a day on a boat.,(that might not be an actuality but the limited travel or cancellation of an appointment or meeting may be and its that which forms the general message of this card.) What it might be suggesting is that some arrangements could have been changed to an outing and it did,nt happen or what she thought she was going to do or offered to do was not the case. The reason I say this is because the Knight of Cups is an offer to go somewhere like an invitation and this has been interfered with in some way. It could be that someone was going to come to Kelly but for some reason they did,nt turn up either way, there seems to be some kind of change in 'journey proposals or invitations'.

The Knight of cups is water/emotion so it would have suggested something emotional about that cancelled journey.

The Knights are Air cards overall and it could be that Kelly received a Message considering that the Messenger Page is the card previous to the Knight and that could have changed plans. The change of plan might have been last minute or unexpected.
(like when someone gets emotionally 'dumped'.

This Knight could be a person or an event. I have described the event but if its a person its a 'ladies man type' and being cups it would be an emotional connection so someone connected to Kelly in that way. Friend, boyfriend etc but this card is reversed and because of this there is a kind of concern if it was a person we are talking about here. If its Kelly herself then it could be that she may have suggested a change of plans for a reason that suited her or the other person. The Knight of cups is someone under 35 so anything I would have thought from late teens up. All these thoughts should be taken into consideration.

Young-Adult-wise they might suffer from problems common to teens, hormonal imbalances, moodiness, being rude and bitter and rebellious. Therefore it could suggest this change of plans could have reflected on Kelly that way or someone else.
It would create a depressed and very low or fed up attitude.

From what I see here Kelly does,nt have a bad bone in her body, she is a lovely girl and I think she would react to situations or even people quite sensitively so whether she reacted to any of the above situations it would have brought her in the dumps.
Some say there is a suicidal link with this card even news about someone feeling this way would affect Kelly if it was someone she knew. That may all sound very melodramatic so it is best to not take it all literally but to just basically bear in mind a change of plans that was unexpected and a reaction to that which was either Kellys or someone else and definate messages to this effect.

Asking where Kelly is on the disappearing date I have the Ace of Pentacles


It seems to me that she took an opportunity to go somewhere which in this card shows that it is agricultural in landscape.
For some reason there are 'money matters' in this card so I am seeing her without money but going to get money. I may have that wrong but that is how I would perceive it and she is walking the path towards that with that in mind hence the cloud with the coin which is a thought in her head.

In this card the direction is generally NORTH - winter and midnight seem to be linked here though I am not sure whether or not the time of day is correct though I feel it is correctly being given as a winter month as we are drawing near to that.
Taurus is verbal communication, Virgo is considered an innocence as a rule and Capricorn is a 'work' element. I cant imagine this child going to work for some cash but perhaps she has to work to get it by going to where it is to obtain it?

This is also a health card so it shows her in physical body. It really does seem like a financial undertaking and prospects in that way but there is help involved here so it makes you feel that someone else is around the issue. Maybe the change of plans was through not having enough money as seen in the other card and someone offered some to her and she went to get it.

This is really just a brief thought over what may have occurred and could sit around the issue in some way.

For some reason though someone needed to feel protected, nurtured and secure??? either Kelly felt like this or someone she knows? If someone was feeling really bad then it does seem there was someone else on the scene somewhere. I really feel she was invited to go somewhere and it was to make someone feel better.


I dont know if Kelly was pulled into someones sob story but asking where she is today I am getting strength reversed. This card is an 8 and it follows the Chariot. The Chariot is often transport. The transport could be a car and if we have reversed strength we might have to consider that the car is stationary or linked in some way. I dont have an absolute aspect on whether the car has been involved in an accident or not all I can see is that there is one and its not moving at the current time but may have been involved around Kelly.

The card of Strength reversed is often dominant behaviour from somebody which is not always great to receive but it does seem to make you feel that.There seems to be some actual feeling of confusion in this card and an inability to defend oneself.

The next card is the hermit. Hermits are rustic places or apartments whatever the situation it is somewhere up high. Hills, apartment blocks or nearby these places, caravans, mobile homes, shacks, barns anything that is slightly rural or out of the way. I dont have any direction on the Strength card except a number 8 and that it is attached to a Lion/Leo ? Because there is a chariot card before hand there could have been a car park connected at some point. I would need to ask further questions to try to ascertain better information.

The Strength card can sometimes represent something oral, like a dentist or something of that nature or putting something in the mouth - reversed it could be someone trying to expel that. I do not wish to go into these kind of details just give a general synopsis and see what can be done to find Kelly. I just feel there is a place or perhaps an actuality of illhealth.

Normally I would consider a Dentist practice carpark possibility. However, I will have to come back on all of this because of the Hermit that is there. The Hermit can be an older person then Kelly and they may have sexual elements on them. Im wondering if someone threatened to do something bad to themselves and took something like tablets. It can also represent areas of the neck and incidents like whiplash or pressure to the neck area.

There seems to be something about putting something in the mouth and it makes someone feel ill.

Asking when Kelly will be found.


Asking when Kelly will be found I have the Page of Swords. I often think of this as either number 11 as in 11 months or within the number 11 that a message will be received. For some reason I see some false information given about Kelly not quite sure what that is but either she is okay and people have worried for nothing or someone is giving out some information with relation to her that is not quite correct. Please check all leads and information thoroughly about location with this child in case someone tries to throw others off the scent.

Often hills railways can come up in this card - but so can messages that are not great to hear and that is why its worth making sure that anyone who offers any information is 'right on'. For some reason also it seems to say that the situation could already be solved. I dont know why that is but I will give it anyway.

The Page is often linked with the FOOL who can encapsulate arts/music and recreation areas or open spaces with landscape.
Winter or Spring connect to when Kelly will be found so that is this year in the next short while or before spring 2011. It could be anytime within that period.

I will come back here to this case if nothing has come to light. I have really only given an extreme short synopsis of possibilities always be careful how you read it and note that I try to cover all elements of tarot to give us some kind of clue remembering always the notes on my blogger that tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate.

The last time a hermit card arrived in this situation was with another missing girl who just wanted to take time out and come home. However, the Strength card reversed might have stood in the way of her coming home at that time. We must look to the Page of Swords to bring news within the time span given and trust that we pick the information through carefully .


Though I am aware that I may not have the complete story with Kelly I have at least asked why she has not contacted her parents/guardians to let them know she is ok.

What I seem to have is the Sun reversed showing me itself as a family card being shunned. Basically this card just seems to show that Kelly can be stubborn and might even be angry about something. She does,nt seem to feel well in this card or there is some sickness or illness on it that maybe she feels they don't recognize. This just might be temporary and because of the Page of Swords its quite possible that Kelly has not come to serious harm and its even possible that the situation will be resolved.

I am an optimistic person with missing children and provided that Kelly has,nt gone too overboard Im hoping that she will be ok and be found. Time will tell and I apologise if tarot is wrong but its what I have felt whilst writing. Tarot never gives real timing so I just do not know when or how any of these situations fall whether its what she already felt or will feel etc, but we just have to try to help if we can with the information we are given and hope its pieces of a puzzle that somehow slot together one way or the other.




I could never find any information relating to Kelly or whether she was found but today have stumbled upon a note to say that she was and that note was posted long ago. I have removed Kelly's picture. I will update if I find any details that validate here.

According to missing children's network Kelly was found.

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