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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

MIRCO SCHLITTER (updated January 28th 2011)

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.

This case was posted on my missing childrens forum for a tarot analysis. Here are the findings I have at the moment. I only have Mircos first name and the only detail is the link below from press.


Hunt for missing boy stepped up as trousers and bike found

Published: 12 Sep 10 09:37 CET


« Thread Started Today at 20:05 » 22 Sept 2010

There is no date on the link to say when this boy went missing or what his full name is but I am using his picture and first name for a tarot meditation.


The very first card to appear for Mirco regarding what may have happened to him is the Four of Cups, this card is reversed.

This card shows new and unusual relationships and opportunities.

If this card were the right way up you can see he is stubbornly refusing them, so it might possibly be a mixture of upright and reversed trends here meaning he is approached but he 'doesn't want this'? But that may not be the case.

Jupiter points South and the card is reversed therefore we may have a North direction here though both can apply.
Moon in Cancer is on this card which can show a passing away of someone or just that the person is 'away' or that there is some illusion to this. Reversing this card can show us that away from home there is either possible death or some kind of illusion or unknown factor that occurs. The West and Autumn and in the early evening seems to have some factor though we can also link all this to spring and East, there are obviously some directional links that come from all sides regarding this child or other factors that are around the issue.

I see this boy is sitting on the grass. Something is being presented to him which perhaps at first he is not sure of but then for some reason may be persuaded differently. This child might have been thirsty and was offered a drink. There is definitely a new acquaintance on the scene here. That would suggest that he did not know the person that approached him.

There is a possibility of someone walking a dog or who was out with their dogs. I see the sign of a 'hunter' in these cards. This seems to me that there is a man in the picture 'pursuing' Mirco in some fashion. It really does seem to me that something was 'offered' to Mirco and whether he had second thoughts or not he 'went with it'. As mentioned before, it might be something simple like he was offered or given a drink or perhaps a thought, or a suggestion. This card does to show that Mirco sees something and is ready to take whatever it is or was.

The four shows us someone who is away from the city but when we reverse this it makes me feel that Mirco was fairly close to home but possibly in an area where he should,nt go or where he would,nt normally go .

The three of cups prior to the four suggests some kind of celebration like a birthday or some cause to be joyful at a party or gathering of people, upright we could assume that as that proceeds the four of cups he might have been given a gift which he was quite pleased with but there seems to be others, perhaps sisters or someone else who might have been a bit jealous?

These are all trends that could have been in and around the issue and tarot is not 100 per cent accurate. The card following the four of cups is not a goo one because it indicates sorrow and that would seem to show some concern for Mircos health.

The four of cups can show discontent when someone is unseated too therefore it could be that Mirco actually fell off his bike.

He does seem to be away from others in this card - so Im wondering if he might have been a bit more isolated at that point.
Quarrelling with others and separation can all form part of this card also so I take it that the Four of Cups is trying to give us at least some indications of events for Mirco.

It does not say who the 'hunter' is in the tarot but it might not necessarily means one person, it could even be a group of people maybe even jealous boys, I cannot say as yet.


As we have the three of Swords arrive on the scene to show the seperation of Mirco, we must note that the two of swords preceeded it which definately suggest to me that he had some kind of heated debate or quarrel with some person or persons.

Three of Swords gives us East direction but reversed we have to think of West which can indicate directions he came and went.

I think it would be right to say that there is some kind of triangle relationship here where someone knows something and they break away and 'tell' later on. Mirco could have hurt himself because the three of swords can sometimes imply surgery. I dont know when this boy went missing but he might have hurt his leg.

Im a bit puzzled here because though communication is not apparent from Mirco, it seems to me that if he fell and hurt himself that he did recover because the 'loss' element on this card when its reversed does,nt seem to be so strong. So I dont think he fell off his bike and it was a fatality.

I think he will be found hopefully within three months because this is a recovery card and seems to imply a person is simply 'mislaid'. I dont know really if thats a useful statement or not however, I also have NUN attached to it so someone will be kind and say something about this situation as one person breaks away and speaks eventually. So clearly someone has kept quiet about something. Before the years end I hope Mirco will be found. Tarot can never guarantee anything but I just give what it gives to me though time factors can sometimes be unreliable when it comes to complete precision.

The Two of Swords though it has not shown itself personally is connected to the three of Swords and I keep wondering if there is any connection to Sweden or someone Swedish. That is not a guarantee either but I have seen this before on the two of swords and it did come up. However, take that lightly just in case Im off the mark.

I think someone was pretty jealous about Mirco's Bike, there might have been three of them altogether though I don't know if that includes Mirco. I have mentioned a hunter and 'dogs'. Its quite possible that the hunter and dogs are an indication of a PACK meaning group of others who were pursuing Mirco therefore I say this as I read back and unravel the tarot indications.

Perhaps someone wanted to swap something with Mirco or bribe him for a 'ride' on his bike - there does seem to be some contention around this bike and him. If this turns out to be the case and there are other children involved here, someone will speak up in the end because they dont want to be part of something that involves lies they want to get their reputation back and get rid of the guilt.

That five of cups though is not a great card - and often can give unwelcome news and that follows the four of cups.


Regarding health matters, this card normally again suggests some kind of recovery when someone is sick or hurt they generally get back into shape but it can also suggest injuries to the mouth.

However this is a card of great force and even when there is recovery there can still be relapse.

I am feeling that three people or two at least know where Mirco is. One will come forward.


I asked tarot why Mircos trousers were removed, looks to me the reason for that is because he had something in his pocket perhaps money or something someone wanted and thats how they got it? because this is a 'greedy' card where someone wants material possessions. If the trousers were found then I assume it must have been either money or something he had in his pockets that was valuable?

I will need to do further readings on this case but this is a preliminary tarot and of course I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this until we have reports to confirm any of the details.



The three of Swords may indicate a CHURCH or Church settings or somewhere like that for location ( or names of places that might link to that )as there is a NUN attached to this card and that gives a possible religious overtone. It may suggest also because of the four of swords that comes next that its possible he was with held, ie bondage or hostage or something of that nature or put somewhere out the way so he cant be seen. However, those are the indications and I cannot promise this is the case or make guarantees.

I just want to add a note about the Four of Cups and the fact that it is related to MOON IN CANCER. I saw that and perhaps did not pay it enough attention. However, the Moon is a very elusive card in the Tarot. It can mean death and passing over, or it could give illusions of the same but not be a reality. The moon is a very deceptive card in very many ways.

There is also the fact that Cancer appears. Cancer is a very emotional sign lilnked to Water and above all it is the card of the HOME.

The Four of cups is reversed which tends to make me feel that Mirco is away from home, but there is something here that I am not quite sure of. First of all the Moon in Cancer reversed shows a clingy nature, possessiveness, and manipulative ways. The Sign of Cancer generally always speaks of mother and child. This card was reversed and when its reversed it can suggest away from Mother and Home, but it can also be illusive too as the Moon is sitting there. I am expecting that the mother is questioned a little more in this case and that is not a negative thing towards her but the tarot has been quite confusing.

It has talked about a group of boys but also there is something in the cards about a three way relationship. I just try to record everything tarot tells us and sometimes it tries to tell us too much at once and confuses the issue. What I need to point out is that there could be on the very outside of all of this someone connected to the mother - it may be someone from the past or somewhere she frequents that might come up. I could be terribly wrong but I just put forward the thoughts that tarot gives to me. I assume nothing at this point of course but I will just leave that here for the moment until I have asked tarot further questions in a little while.

There is a possibility of two blocks of apartments or a bridge or water - I do not see any vehicles in the tarot at this point though the Strength card does have the Chariot card beforehand, which could suggest a vehicle to 'recover' the child - then we follow through with the HERMIT.

The Hermit is full of completions and secrets. It is a Virgo card and completes the picture of health. Health is NOT guaranteed in the Hermit card, but it does suggest someone perhaps older ( hermit sometimes is thought of as an older man with a beard but thats not a guaranteed thing) and they leave the person somewhere it is DARK. It could be somewhere where it is quite rural/rustic - you could link anywhere like that to the Hermit and you could possibly even link Hills or high places - sometimes it can be a flat or apartment as thats a high building, and the area could be fairly rural or rustic in some way.

I thought this might be useful as I did forget to post the information either side of the STRENGH card. The strength card is definately linked to health - I dont like discussing health of missing children but rather focus on their recovery and whether they will be found.

A missing child found is a blessing for the child regardless of their circumstances.

Sometimes the Hermit is just a high up place that OVERLOOKS a town so I need to mention that as well but that is likely where this child is because the Hermit has a star in his lantern and the star is the sign for hope and inspiration.

If the Hermit is a man there could be secret sexuality/touch sensations involved and again if it is a man he lives ALONE. The Hermit card has todays date on it 22 September therefore could confirm the findings of Mircos Trousers. Very possible as it is the card that follows Strength and its a seeking card. So I am inclined to follow the Hermit card through for the answers to this case and the descriptions that are attached to it.

In the case of Daniel Morcombe which you can read on the right hand links in the blogger or on the missing children forum under Missing Children cases, it is worth reading up about the Hermit there as it will again outline information that could also apply to Mirco.

This is Daniel Morcombes case who also has the strength card applied to him and links to the Hermit. One has to be careful here though because the Hermit is reversed for Daniel and unfortunately it is UPRIGHT in the case of Mirco.

Therefore in Daniels case it appears that we cannot speak to the older person whether it be man or woman according to the reversed card, but in the case of Mirco, this person can be sought, therefore I leave these thoughts.



BIBI has kindly left information below (I have printed the picture) in the comments section which also holds this story. Thank you BIBI for keeping us updated.


Mirco screams heard
Police sure: We have the crime scene!
MARC Herriger


The search for the missing Mirco from Grefrath continues. 400 police now search an area around the monastery Mariendonk. After evaluation of the testimonies, the police are now certain: There is the scene!
Photo: DAPD

If the picture doesn't show up: there is a Policeman with a NUN!!! in it.

Link to the newsstory: /index.html


« Reply #3 on Sept 27, 2010, 16:16

Im hoping this case has nothing to do with HOME. The Star card is a Christmas card normally December to January, so hopefully he will be found before then, but I cant say that I have the best of hopes either in this case. I know you all feel like I do about the missing cases, they all leave a horrible pit in my stomach. All we can do is wait - but the main thing is that he is found we cant have these children out there regardless of their fate.



According to daily Rheinische Post the suspect is a 46-year-old father of two from Schwalmtal. He came into police sights through their search for a Volkswagen Passat wagon, a vehicle witnesses reported seeing near where Mirco was abducted.

Police spokesman Willy Theveßen said the suspect had attempted to sell the vehicle abroad.

Sadly this little boy has been found dead. Tarot has pointed out a few things that appear to be correct but not all the details are to hand at the moment but I will post up anything that is significant. I am so sorry for this child, words just fail me.

You will note that tarot was written on 22nd September and it is from that date as well as from September 27th that tarot indicated when Mirco would be found with firstly was within three months and on the update January was included almost on cue to the day.

Here are the validations currently on the forum from members.

From Empathy's tarot on 22/09/2010 - the timing of when Mirco was found was not far off

I think he will be found hopefully within three months because this is a recovery card and seems to imply a person is simply 'mislaid'. I dont know really if thats a useful statement or not...Before the years end I hope Mirco will be found. Tarot can never guarantee anything but I just give what it gives to me though time factors can sometimes be unreliable when it comes to complete precision.

Also further down in the tarot thread (updated reading September 27th 2010) the Star Card pointed to December and January.

also ::: tarot sept 22 8.20..

Tarot did talk about a Nun... well, there is a witness who heared a scream.... she is a Nun..

Tarot does seem to mention a vehicle to 'recover' a child.
I do not see any vehicles in the tarot at this point though the Strength card does have the Chariot card beforehand, which could suggest a vehicle to 'recover' the child - then we follow through with the HERMIT.

It was through the perpetrator wanting to sell his vehicle that this case has been solved and Mirco was recovered.

God bless this little boy.

Bunch of 3 Roses

1 comment:


    Mirco screams heard
    Police sure: We have the crime scene!
    MARC Herriger


    The search for the missing Mirco from Grefrath continues. 400 police now search an area around the monastery Mariendonk. After evaluation of the testimonies, the police are now certain: There is the scene!
    Photo: DAPD

    If the picture doesn't show up: there is a Policeman with a NUN!!! in it.

    Link to the newsstory:

    Story: A horse possessor, in a nearby shed caring for her animal just heard a sudden scream or cry of a child, on the evening of 3 September 2010, coming from the vicinity of the Abbey Mariendonk in Grehfrath.

    "It went through my marrow," the woman explained to the police. Because they do not have the opportunity to respond directly, she forgot all about it and therefore did no related this to the disappereance of Mirco.

    "Because at the time the scream occured the woman sent an sms text message with her mobile, we could determine exactly the time" police spokesman Willy Theveßen told. "It was exactly 10.30pm on the night Mirco disappeared. "Fits the time, the culprit may have reached the place by car. We assume that the environment of the monastery is the crime scene".

    I think Police have found Mirco, but it is not yet known to the public. If Mirco is not found why would a police officer point to the crime scene??

    Very good Tarot for Mirco, Empathy.


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