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Friday, 3 September 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up whether it be anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Please bear that in mind and note that all insights are dated accurately and correctly from my missing childrens forum and uploaded here. Please ask for a link if you wish to validate.

Please also note tarot is not 100 per cent accurate but can help to throw light on situations and circumstances in certain cases.





 « Thread Started Today at 3:58 » 3RD SEPTEMBER 2010
I have been left a message on the blogger to look at Tarot for this boy - Daniel Morcombe.

I am going to give first impressions whether or not they tally with what is known, this is what Tarot has given to me.

The first card I have is STRENGTH

The Strength Tarot Card  

This card sits between the Chariot and the Hermit. I would feel immediately that this child was approached by a vehicle or a vehicle is involved and he is connected with a man maybe someone oldish who is a loner or lives on their own. Strength is often thought of as a woman, or effeminate tendencies, we also have the Hermit which can represent someone of a homosexual nature.

The Strength card often shows someone who could be in a sporting situation - that could mean at play - but at the same time could be in a situation where physical strength is necessary to overcome a difficulty.

The Strength card always seems to give physical concerns and I have asked what happened to this child in order to receive this card. There is an 8 connected here.

This card can represent 'trust and allowing' therefore he may not have felt he was in any danger at the time.

This card can be someone who is in a stranglehold. The Strength card is all about control so it would seem that Daniel could have been with someone perhaps that he trusted or shared some conversation with but that they took advantage and control of him.

Because the figures on the strength card show a woman opening a lions mouth, it can suggest someone who is forcing their will but doing it in a way that cannot be refused.

I am feeling therefore that Daniel was 'forced' into a situation.


The 10 wands has come up with regards to Daniels status regarding health, it suggests that there was a lot of oppression. This does not bode particularly well as it is really not the best of cards. Sometimes the opposition can be too great and therefore it would be wise to not pin hopes on finding Daniel healthy and well although I dont like to say these things.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate therefore I cannot confirm categorically that Daniel is deceased. I can only go by the trends of 10 wands and that is not an encouraging card but it is simply an impression.

Thought it isnt the question asked, it looks from this card that someone could have picked Daniel up and put him somewhere near the outside of a town or buildings.


I wanted to know where Daniel might be and received the Hermit reversed. Location is always extremely difficult and mostly I am given descriptions and have to hope others can pinpoint from there.

Again we have the Hermit which followed the Strength card at the beginning of our reading. I feel there is someone who either is detached from society - reclusive out of choice who is responsible for hiding Daniel. Again the hermit is preceded by the chariot which is a vehicle and it is followed by the Wheel of fortune which could also represent Karma and Travel.

I think Travel/vehicle is elemental to Daniels disappearance and also he may be concealed near one, in one, or connected to one in some way.

The Hermit card is linked to sexuality (Touch) immediate thoughts are always of a paedophilic nature involved and I understand that this is part of the thinking of Daniels case.

Either this card is telling us that a man or person who lives on their own of this nature has hidden Daniel, or it may be that Daniel was caught up in a situation which he is still in, and if alive cant tell anybody or it may refer to the person who knows where he is.

I want to mention that the hermit has a ROOF linked to it. Often that can be thought of as high rise places like flats, or attics or somewhere high and a name place with a HILL or simply references of being high up come to mind. This card is reversed which could suggest hidden facts about this building or place or simply that he is below roof level . Decking has also come up under this card before as it is a ROOF but it is a low roof. Mobile Homes/caravans can sometimes come under this description.

I also have the Month of July on this card and an animalistic reference.

There may be a long pole such as a telegraph pole nearby or otherwise a streetlamp. If there are any place names that could reflect from this description its worth following them up.

If this child is still alive - he is being 'used' and controlled and unable to communicate with anyone he knows.

As tarot is past present and future any of the information tarot has given could have already occurred or may occur. This must be borne in mind.

I Ching tells us about not reaching the other side of a river or ford and although I have not received a cups card it may be that a river or stream may be part of the landscape in which to find this child or near the bank of a river. Possibly that could be a place name.

There is a possibility he will be found in the summer and again it could be in the month of July. I also seem to have EVENING time given to me but Im not quite sure whether this is to do with when this child is found but I will leave this open to thought.

Asking who is responsible for the disappearance of Daniel, Iching appears to be telling me it could be someone who is helping with enquiries of the search. This person lives in isolation or has their own little sanctuary and again Im seeing somewhere 'high up'.


I want to put this card forward.

I have read a little now about Daniel and I understand he had a watch which has never been found.

I sometimes ask tarot questions and it can give me advice about something else that it feels is more important. Because I am not quite sure exactly where Tarot is 'going with this' I want to mention that I do have someone here who might have something to do with the Christian Center. I felt that this 'watch' may have ended up in the hands of 'someone else' that someone else is an adult. I also see a 'wagon' - vehicle and felt it was in a vehicle with this person at some point.

I am concerned about receiving this Heirophant reversed because it is linking to someone with weird tendencies. Again Im thinking on a 'sexual' level here - it may be that Im just getting environmental factors of where Daniel last was and perhaps the last trace of this watch. However, Im still being told about something to do with the Christian Centre which is not far from where Daniel originally went for the bus.

Daniel Morcombe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I feel there is a link with someone who either left the Christian Center on that day and came Daniels way or indeed that the person was perhaps a member of the center and was not welcome there anymore or was 'expelled' from there. I cant quite put my finger on that. However, when the Heirophant comes up it does suggest someone linked to religious institutions but that they are somehow 'anti-social' towards it.

Im not really liking the person but I am feeling there might be a link somehow to that place?

One other thing I want to add to this reading for Daniel is a period of '3 years' I do not know whether this is a time period for something or someone but I need to mention it.

Taking into account some of the detail in the insights - I notice on a Map that there is the Thrill HILL Water Slides. I also saw PLAY in the insights and HILL is mentioned in the tarot. I certainly would,nt want to set this as a location for Daniel but it could be something connected in some way?

Thrill Hill Family Fun and Waterslide Park, Sunshine Coast ..




When I pulled out the card of the Hermit reversed hoping it might give me an indication of location or at least WHERE Daniel could be found - I felt that the initial tarot linking Daniel to an Oldish man comes into play here. The Hermit card is a completion card but when its reversed it seems to suggest something incomplete or at a stretch information that cannot for some reason be given.

The Hermit card often shows an older man who lives quite isolated - the description would be in a rustic type of environment - this card reversed can also show someone who can be foolish, give away their money or have chaotic memory lapses - and it also shows a lantern that lights up very dark places underground like a hole. Homes/environments and places linked to an older man could be considered as potential help and perhaps should be searched.

The Hermit is a card of Virgo which is primarily a health card. When this card is reversed it can show the illhealth of someone. Therefore we could feel that someones health and well being was in question or that there is an unhealthy environment.

The Hermit normal can shine a light on things that were previously mysterious and confusing but with this card reversed I see a problem with that and therefore information has been left incomplete or unobtainable therefore it may be too late to do anything about that situation.

It is possible that why Daniel has not been found despite all the answers laying in the past and likely connected to this older person, is that its possible the wrong combinations to accurate information have confused things.

If there was any possibility of Daniel Morcombe still being alive - this card would link him to the environment of an older man but also would tell us that he either has/had a memory loss and became lost - possibly running away from a situation. If Daniel was in a situation like that where he was currently alive he would be unlikely to either remember detail and tell someone or he unfortunately foolishly not wish to discuss this with anyone for many reasons or because of a mental impairment. I would stress that this card may not refer to Daniel but I can only give the fragments that I am getting.

These are all possibilities given via the Hermits upright and reversed but this card links twice in the tarot, once following the first card Strength and secondly linked to possible location.

Therefore the answer to Daniels whereabouts is most certainly linked to an older man.

This card is not answering the question as to whether Daniel is alive or deceased - it deals mainly with circumstance and environment factors of where Daniel may be or how the location is linked.



I think more about the Heirophant should be taken into account in the case of Daniel as it has shown itself. There is a person that I see that could have been linked to the Christian centre as mentioned in tarot here but it could be that they are someone to trust on the surface but actually they are quite the opposite. I do feel this has been pointed out in tarot.

An example of an individual Heirophant would be one of those preachers who extols the virtues of the perfect family, screaming abuse at prostitutes and other sinners, for they are destined for Hell... and the money rolls in. Later, he is found in a seedy hotel smoking crack with several hookers, one of whom with apparent trans gender issues. Suitably chastened, tears rolling down his cheek, he implores his flock to forgive him for his singular indiscretion.

It does rather describe someone who was around Daniel and appears to be the person RESPONSIBLE.

Another point to make is that tarot picks up everything and I dont like to make story out of it, I just like post what I see and it is for those with more information to be able to put it together.

The Heirophant can also represent some form of problems at school - even strength card can have a 'school' flavour on it - therefore lessons and learning can be attached. If this reversed, one could imagine someone who did not 'learn their lesson' about something and at a far stretch could possibly be an ex- teacher,lecturer, or someone linked with a high principle attitude but in fact are quite the opposite. All these things need to be considered but exactly how they fall into place I am not quite sure.

I will mention that I do see some facts mixed up as pointed out before and I give my advice to the Police which is to go BACK to the beginning on this matter and dismiss definite statements but bear in mind there are some accuracies been told. Its difficult but it might be the only way to solve this case.
Tarot cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy but perhaps may cast some light on events.



 19:56 » 3RD SEPTEMBER 2010
I very rarely ever wish to get involved with the 'whodunnit' in tarot. My desire is only ever to help the child and locate the child.

I am not a judge and tarot is not 100 per cent accurate but there is some discussion regarding this man.


Tarot seems to think it could be an error of judgement believing that this man had anything to do with Daniel. There will be an outright denial in any case.

I see from this card that this man has been linked to two other children but there is a healing on the third. Therefore it puts a kind of obstacle in the way of him doing anything to Daniel.

That does,nt make me right just because I can turn over a card but this does tell us that this man had trouble with finances and also very likely some trouble in an emotional relationship.

This card also tells us that someone might be likely to make suggestions about him. However, I do have some kind of disruption and error and obstacle as to whether he is linked to Daniel.

The crimes of the past have been 'done' as it were and he seems to be moving away from them - so couple it all up with the 3 of swords also denying communication it is a tricky path to pursue.

Therefore, at this moment in time - I think there has to be more facts on the table before anyone is accused of being involved regardless of past crimes, one has to bear this in mind and once again I only give the trends of what tarot has expressed on this matter. It is only for the wise to decide what the truth is.



Morcombe inquest targets 'should be nervous'

Courtney Trenwith
September 6, 2010 - 9:38AM

Missing Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe.
Never found ... Sunshine Coast boy Daniel Morcombe disappeared in 2003.
The father of missing Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe is "quietly confident" a coronial inquest will make significant inroads to solving the seven-year-old mystery.
New information into the disappearance of the 13-year-old is expected to be made public when the inquest starts on October 11.


The latest news regarding Daniel has been given to me via the comments section. I have now posted an update from the News. It appears a 41 year old man has been arrested in connection to Daniel's murder. We may have to see how events unfold and will keep this section updated for news and confirmation of events.

Tarot did seem to point out an EIGHT and we are in the EIGHTH MONTH - August. It is also Eight years since Daniel disappeared that we have this breakthrough.

At this time family and friends of Daniel are going through distress and I want to extend deep sympathy to them and peace for their hearts.

I will post further updates as they come in.



POLICE will scour rugged Sunshine Coast bushland for the remains of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe after a former truck driver was charged with his murder yesterday.
The surprise arrest of the 41-year-old man after eight harrowing years for the Morcombe family came after police lured him back to Queensland from Perth under a covert and complex strategy.

Read more:

Hunt for body after man charged with murder of missing schoolboy Daniel Morcombe

* By Renee Viellaris and Peter Hall
* From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)
* August 14, 2011 1:06AM

Read more:

POLICE will scour rugged Sunshine Coast bushland for the remains of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe after a former truck driver was charged with his murder yesterday.

The surprise arrest of the 41-year-old man after eight harrowing years for the Morcombe family came after police lured him back to Queensland from Perth under a covert and complex strategy.

He was arrested at 4pm and charged three hours later with murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse.

At his home on the Sunshine Coast last night, an emotional Bruce Morcombe spoke of the moment he learnt police had charged a man with murdering his son.

Mr Morcombe told how despite the days dragging into months and almost eight years with no arrests, he and wife Denise never gave up hope of a breakthrough in the search for Daniel, who was only 13 when he vanished while waiting for a bus at a Woombye overpass in 2003.

"We always had the resolve," he said. "We have never once given up. We knew this day would come."

Mr Morcombe said senior police officers had been in constant communication with the family throughout yesterday about developments in the case.

He said that just after 5pm, he received a call from Commissioner Bob Atkinson and, almost simultaneously, Assistant Commissioner Mick Condon arrived at the door of his Palmwoods home.

"The Commissioner told me police were about to charge someone in relation to Daniel's abduction," he said.

Mr Morcombe said it brought mixed emotions and a "reality check" with fresh thoughts about what had happened to their boy.

"It's very difficult ... Denise is crushed by it all," he said. "We don't really know what to say. We're not in the right frame of mind. We need to gather our thoughts."

Mr Morcombe said there was no guilty verdict yet and "plenty of work ahead".

He said the family's position had always been "step one: find Daniel; step two: find who's responsible".

"An area has been identified and is being searched and this is our drive, to find Daniel."

Mrs Morcombe wept as she told of how difficult this task would be.

"During the floods, this spot had 10m of water through it,"
she said.

Mr Morcombe said they had been told specialist excavation equipment would be brought in today.

He spoke of how vital the coronial inquest into Daniel's disappearance had been and how, without the resurgence of interest and fresh leads generated, the investigation could have been a cold case.

"The coronial process in layman's terms is a review process and (State Coroner Michael Barnes) saw something we didn't see. There's no doubt police have done an enormous amount of work but the inquest was crucial," Mr Morcombe said.

The inquest has now been suspended. Brisbane Magistrates Court will be under tight security tomorrow when the man, who was a person of interest at the inquest, will answer the charges.

The man - who cannot be named - was subpoenaed to provide further evidence to the inquiry later this year but it is understood police did not want to wait and used a covert strategy to lure him into their hands.

Commissioner Atkinson, who signalled he wanted the case solved before he retired, praised the work of detectives last night.

"Despite this breakthrough today, a significant amount of work remains to be done. That includes the search of an area of bushland on the Sunshine Coast," he said.

Man charged

On 13 August 2011 a 41-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with Morcombe's murder and other offences including child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse. The man, a convicted pedophile from Perth, had admitted to police in 2006 that he used the road where Daniel disappeared, on the day of his disappearance, to purchase marijuana from a drug dealer.

THE father-of-three charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe will face a packed courtroom in Brisbane this morning.

While he cannot be identified, the 41-year-old was one of the central figures in the recent inquest into the disappearance of Daniel.

Known as P7, he has always denied any involvement.

He will appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court today charged with one count each of murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse.

Two weeks after Daniel disappeared, the accused was one of the first suspects police zeroed-in on during their marathon investigation, seizing his car for forensic examination.

He also had lived with relatives at Bli Bli in 1998 and was believed to be a member of the Christian Outreach Centre at Woombye at that time.

But last year members of that church told The Courier-Mail they had no recollection of him.

Acquaintances yesterday described him as "quiet".

Updated August 17, 2011 20:26:49

Shoe found in search for Daniel Morcombe


Two shoes matching what Daniel was wearing has been found at the search site as have human bones.


I want to thank everyone who has posted updates with respect to Daniel who has at last been found 8 years on. I did feel that an 8 would be significant in the tarot and there are other points which have appeared to be validated in this reading. As always it is very sad when the outcome brings us a deceased child and I cannot express enough sympathy to all those close to him. The only consolation is that he is not lost in the wilderness forever. A sad ending for all.

There is a 'story' behind all that has happened to Daniel which we are not aware of at the current time until conviction is made and details are revealed therefore I cannot verify certain pointers in the tarot until that time. Until then, a synopsis cannot be concluded.


POLICE are refusing to comment about a white four-wheel drive seized from Russell Island two weeks ago and its link with the abduction and murder of Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe.

It is believed the white Mitsubishi Pajero was taken off Russell Island on a police barge about two weeks ago.

A Sunday Mail story on the weekend claimed the car was impounded after being taken to the island about five years ago.

A police spokesman said, however, he could not comment on the car or operational matters as the Morcombe case was still before the courts.

At the inquest into Daniel's disappearance in April, a witness told of seeing a white Pajero with a vehicle snorkel near the Sunshine Coast bus stop where the 13-year-old was last seen.

The announcement of the car being impounded came on the same day police confirmed three bones found at a Beerwah macadamia nut farm were Daniel's.

Two shoes that match the brand Daniel was wearing when he was last seen alive in 2003, were also found at the site.

Daniel's parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe said finding the bones was the "expected shock we have all been waiting for". The search for Daniel's remains was called off due to heavy rain last week.

The family plans to hold a funeral once all of Daniel's remains are found. The man accused of Daniel's murder is due back in court on September 26.

Queensland Police have confirmed that bones found at a crime scene in bushland on the Sunshine Coast belong to missing teenager Daniel Morcombe.

But the search for more evidence is expected to continue for weeks and police have vowed to continue until every area is exhausted.

"We're hopeful that more remains and other forensic evidence will be found," Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said on Sunday.

"As long as it takes, we're not going to walk away from that search until we have exhausted absolutely every area.

"It will be at least several weeks."

A week ago, three bones and a pair of shoes were found in Beerburrum State Forest near Beerwah, the site police have been searching since the arrest of a suspect in Daniel's murder case.


Daniel Morcombe Photo: Supplied

Sydney Morning Herald-4 hours ago
A wave of sympathy from the crowd gathered to farewell Daniel Morcombe on the Sunshine Coast today was palpable as it washed over his ...


  • Daniel Morcombe's remorseless killer Brett Peter Cowan was given ...
    2 days ago - HE was already given two chances for separate child sex attacks but yesterday Daniel Morcombe's remorseless killer Brett Peter Cowan was ...
    1. Sydney Morning Herald ‎- 5 hours ago
      Cowan was sentenced on Friday to life in prison for the abduction and murder of Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe, 13, in 2003.

      1. Brett Peter Cowan found guilty of murdering Daniel Morcombe ... › NewsWorld newsQueensland
        4 days ago - Repeat child sex offender Brett Peter Cowan has been found guilty of murdering Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003. Jurors in ...
      2. Daniel Morcombe's killer sentenced to life, with no parole for 20 ... › NewsWorld newsAustralia
        3 days ago - Serial paedophile Brett Peter Cowan has been sentenced to life in prison, with a non-parole period of 20 years, for murdering Sunshine Coast ...

        Daniel Morcombe murder: Jurors hear covert recording of Brett ...
        27 Feb 2014 - The Supreme Court in Brisbane has been played a recording of an accused killer confessing to the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Brett Peter ...
      3. Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc
        DATE CLAIMER. The 10th annual Day for Daniel 2014 will be held on Friday the 31st October. The Daniel Morcombe Foundation held the first Day for Daniel in ...
    God Bless you Daniel x


    1. Hi,

      I would just like to say thankyou for your ever so fast response wiht Daniels reading. I appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

      Kind regards


    2. You are welcome Kylie. I believe tarot has outlined many facts that have been brought up to date. I am quite certain that the answers lie in the past from information given already. However, tarot sees that the 'combination of events' given is clearly wrong even though accurate information has been supplied. Therefore, what the police need to do is go over the information that they have and all the people that have come forward and see how they have missed certain links because someones got something mixed up in the timetable of events.

      That is my advice.


    3. Hi Empathy Insights. I have been posting your Insights on facebook page called Australian Missing and Endangered children. We would love you to come have a look at the comments on your readings.

    4. Hello Mary, I have paid a visit to your page. I am always REALLY happy when Facebook/bloggers/myspace, websites and forums promote missing children. It shows an awareness for those disadvantaged or in terrible situations. Unless cases are highlighted which they sometimes are not in the press, then these children and in some cases adults just seem to fade away from peoples memory.

      To everyone on your facebook page - you are doing a wonderful job. Any ideas, impulses, thoughts or metaphysical work that can help or throw light on these cases is a bonus to the missing.

      Metaphysical work cannot be guaranteed and this is stressed on all my readings as not every detail comes to light. It is truly up to the reader to discern what is written. However, the mere fact that anyone whether a 'seer' or general member of the public giving their time to help others is in itself a true gift of humanity.

      Well done to everyone.x


    5. have you ever done a reading on the murder of Mandy (Amanda) Carter the Wyong high school teacher and soccer player who was found murdered in May this year. Her young daughter found her body, no arrest has been made & the family needs some closure very much. I am friends with the family as are many from the Central Coast of NSW - and all around NSW and interstate too. Mandy touched many hearts! Any help would be appreciated

    6. hi can empathy please do a reading for missing girl krystal fraser she has a face book page dedicated to finding her its called help us find krystal fraser

    7. Please could I ask that all requests are left in the comments section of the link on the right hand side titled ' PLEASE POST TAROT REQUESTS FOR MISSING CHILDREN' then I can find these requests more easily.

      I have completed all of the requests in that section and I have looked at Mandy Carters case.
      I do not normally post CRIME investigations as I concentrate on Missing Children cases. I have looked at this however and posted my findings.
      Please can it be noted that I prefer tarot to be posted for the Missing only.



    8. i just read your reading towards that, i am phycic myself, and have just reciently had a dream about daniel. i believe your reading is quite accurate. i also see the name christian linked in a strong way, very strong way. not sure if its a name, place or religion. i also see daniel feeling safe, for a long period of time. i see water, also with a hill nearby... this could be your thrill hill. i definately see a car, but not much travel. maybe just to a desired destination of daniels. i see a younger person maybe 18 - 25.

    9. I live within kms from where this beautiful boy was taken, and i want to say your reading gave me chills. Locals talk, as they do. But thrill hill has never been a topic of discussion that i am aware of. I also think you are correct with your comment that the information given to the police is a little mixed up. i personally know someone who stopped and spoke to daniel whilst he was waiting for that bus...and he had no intention of taking their offer of help(their being a man, woman and child)Significantly, i recall my friend describing a white van being parked there...yet the focus is only on looking for a blue sedan.this may not be too significant, but it has left a nagging feeling in me for years as to why no one ever mentions this white commercial van (like a tarago with the sliding side door) which was noticed by my friend as this door was open.Whilst my friend did tell the police what they saw that day , i dont think this information was seen significant. and lastly the caravans: across the road from where he was taken is a caravan sale yard, but there also is a seedy caravan park nearby that was a focus for police. i think it was found to house a paedophile, believed to be unrelated to daniel. hope this information helps someone piece a little more of this tragic puzzle

    10. Tarot is past present and future it incorporates all aspects of what may be connected and it can even pick up media reports which may or may not be true - ultimately, it explains things to me in its 'own way' I just write it down. Im sure people will read your comment and take it into context so thank you for posting.


    11. Thank you :)
      i have never been able to get Daniel out of my mind. I must think bout him weekly.
      I have always had a strong feeling about him still being alive.
      I just hope he is found soon.
      If you'd like to help the family distribute posters or get your school involved with A Day for Danile go to

    12. Dear Empathy,

      I have just read this story about Daniel with a friend of mine. We are both psychics, and before reading Daniel's story both of us asked for information from the Akasha.

      Both of us say that Daniel is still alive. He was 'captured' when he disappeared, but he was not forced to do anything. He was not hurt but 'used' as a sexual toy. He was treated is a way to think it is good.

      We see more people involved in this abuse, more children, too, but only boys.

      I could see him in a well-enlightened room which is in an attic or just under the roof. It is clear and bright, the most frequent colour is white.

      I know he is an adult know, I think he is not in the U.S. but somewhere in Europe, Belgium or the Netherlands. He has a new identity, too. He tells nothing about his childhood and does not remember his family, either.

      Best wishes and thak you for reading!

    13. Dear Empathy, thank you for trying to shed some light into what has happened to this dear boy.
      When you have time would you be able to please do another reading on him as I have never been able to get him out of mind all these years.
      Thanking you.

    14. Dear Empathy, I have just been reading info you have provided for the other missing persons - thank you. I understand you may be bogged under with requests but would LOVE to have an update from you regarding Daniel Morcombe as I have been following this case from the word go.
      Thank you.
      2nd August, 2011.

    15. Hello Lisa, I have noted your requests for an update. It is true I have not had much chance to update on all the cases and sometimes not very much changes when I look again but leave it with me and I will try to look again.



      Police have arrested a 41 year old man in relation to the murder of Daniel..

    17. Dear Empathy, I am both relieved and with heavy heart tonight as I have just heard about a person that has been taken into custody and charged with the murder of this lovely boy Daniel.I am too upset as I have always hoped that he would be found alive. May his soul rest in peace and comfort be given to his family.
      Thank you also Empathy for all your help.

    18. Thank you for your work for the missing Empathy. I was reading your work on Daniel just a day or two ago. Today, a 41 year old man has been charged with Daniel's murder. However, I have not yet read anything about his body being found.


    19. Thank you for posting the latest situation in regard to Daniel. I have updated Daniel's case with this News.
      My thoughts are currently with the family.


    20. A 41 year old former truck driver has been arrested. I found it interesting that your reading showed a person linked to a 'christian centre' as an article I have read about this evil person stated:

      A ‘religious’ man with a new family P7 was locked up until 1998.

      When he was freed he moved in with relatives on the Sunshine Coast where he wanted to start a fresh life.

      He joined a Christian church where he later met his wife.

      P7 would go to pray three times a week until he cut ties with the religious group suddenly.

      He accused the pastor of false preaching after he told the assembly there was no such thing as an unforgivable sin.

    21. Thank you for this current information, I have now included a news report about the christian connection. I really appreciate the update.


    22. The search is now in its fourth day and is proving difficult due to recent floods.

    23. Empathy, could you please do another reading for this poor boy - your prior reading to the christian centre association has since been proven correct. They have released the suspects name to the public, remanded until September court case, can you please do another reading to help with the search- the terrain is difficult and they are saying it may go on for months. I dont want this family to be tormented anylonger. Thank you so much

    24. Mr "C" moved to the Sunshine Coast to live with relatives more than 10 years ago.

      He met his wife while a member of the Christian Outreach Centre on the Sunshine Coast

      Reports say Mr "C" would pray three times a week until he cut his ties with the centre suddenly, accusing the pastor of false preaching.

      The cause of his anger was the preacher telling the assembly there was no such thing as an unforgivable sin.

      In December 2003, the time of Daniel's disappearance, Mr "C" was living at Nambour with his wife and young son.

      He left the Sunshine Coast to go to Central Queensland but in the past 18 months had been living with a woman in Perth.

    25. Police and SES volunteers scour bushland in the Glass House Mountains Tuesday...Police and search crews have been scouring swampland on the Sunshine Coast since Sunday after a man was arrested in connection with the schoolboy’s 2003 disappearance...

      A mini-excavator has arrived at the Beerwah search site today, where about 60 SES volunteers have joined police and forensic officers.

    26. All I can offer regarding where Daniel might be located is already in the Tarot. Tarot finds it hard to name locations but the 10 of Wands is normally a South Direction (as a rule) and the Hermit describes places that are 'rustic environments'. There are other descriptions in the Tarot. I did think I saw a Hill and Thrill Hill (because of the name) came to mind but of course I have stressed that could be wrong as Tarot can only really give descriptions.
      I wish I could be more help but feel that Tarot will 'describe' a few things that might come up.

      This is a difficult time for the family and even more so as I believe they have now found a shoe which they believe to be Daniels.

      Sad time all round.


    27. Does anyone have a link to a map for an outline of the area that is being searched?


    28. Updated August 18, 2011

      Morcombe search moves to nearby creek

      Police divers are searching a creek north of Brisbane as they continue to look for the remains of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe.

      Search teams are entering a fifth day of searching for Daniel's remains in a swampy area of state forest near Beerwah on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

      Divers are now looking in Coochin Creek, about one kilometre from the primary search site, where a shoe police believe could have belonged to Daniel was found yesterday afternoon.

      (see map below)

    29. @Empathy - use google maps and search Kings Rd. Beerwah Qld Australia

    30. Thank you for the additional information. I spent a couple of hours studying the Map using Tarot as a guide and I will have another look regarding Coochin Creek as I am sure I spotted that. If I have any more thoughts I will be sure to post them.


    31. Hi All,

      I am Belinda and a Psychic Medium based in Brisbane. For days now, I have been told by my Spirit Guide Mary that they need to search for Daniel's body 1km north of where they are currently searching.

      I wasn't sure who to talk to about this or post but I just felt that I needed to put it somewhere, I am hoping someone out there reads this and the family can be put at rest when they finally get to bury their loving son with dignity.

      Love and Blessings XXX

    32. Missing teenager's parents hopeful after human bones discovered
      (Update August 22, 2011)
      "The parents of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe say they have fresh hope this morning after human bones were discovered at a search site on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
      After years of waiting, there've been three major discoveries in the swampy bushland in the past five days including what may be Daniel's shoes.
      Police are cautioning the discoveries might not be linked to the investigation but the Morcombe's lawyers say they're the most significant to date.
      Stephanie Smail reports..."

    33. UPDATE 2.36pm: "TWO shoes found at the search site where police allege Daniel Morcombe was murdered match the brand the Sunshine Coast teen was wearing when he went missing.

      Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett confirmed this afternoon the shoes were Globe skate shoes.

      They will be DNA tested to determine if they belonged to Daniel..."

    34. Thank you for updating the situation regarding Daniel I have made a note of this.


    35. thankyou for your commitment to this sad case, empathy! you are amazing & the first reading i have ever read that is so accurate...ive read many that were radical and full of nonsense, not to mention complete lies.... thankyou for sharing your talent x

    36. DNA confirms it's Daniel Morcombe

      Queensland police have confirmed the bones found at a seach site at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast belong to missing teenager Daniel Morcombe.

      Eight years after Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe disappeared, DNA testing has confirmed that the three bones found at a crime scene in Beerburrum State Forest near Beerwah are those of the missing teenager.

      The bones, uncovered last Sunday near where two matching shoes were found, were just 40km from where the 13-year-old went missing - Daniel was last seen waiting for a bus on the Nambour Connection Road under the Kiel Mountain Overpass, near the Bruce Highway on December 7, 2003.

      In a press conference, Queensland Police confirmed that a forensic lab conducting DNA testing in Adelaide confirmed the bones were Daniel's late last night, and the Morcombe family was notified.

      Addressing the media, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson speaking on behalf of Bruce and Denise Morcombe said it was the "expected shock" the family had been anticipating.

      "Today's news is extremely sad for us all and although we knew in our hearts the search area was Daniel's final resting place, the news of the scientific confirmation is still enormously difficult to comprehend," Bruce and Denise Morcombe said in the statement, read by Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson.

      "Denise, Bruce, Dean and Bradley would like to thank the QPS and SES volunteers for their ongoing commitment to maintain the search for Daniel's remains," the statement read.

      The family plans to address the media tomorrow afternoon at the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

      A 41-year-old Western Australian man has been arrested and charged with a number of offences related to the case including murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing and interfering with a corpse.

      Commissioner Atkinson says the identification is a vital part of the investigation.

      "There has always been two concurrent aspects to this investigation, and they have been firstly to determine if there was sufficient evidence to support charges against any person - that has occurred," he said.

      "The other concurrent aspect of this has always been to find Daniel, and that has now occurred.

      "Obviously Bruce and Denise have been advised and our thoughts and condolences are with them at this time."


    38. Dear Empathy, I think of you often and refer to your updates on the missing/endangered as i know how very accurate you were with your readings on poor Daniel. Thank you for your committment - i cant imagine how draining it must be for you at times. FYI - the accused is in remand but i beleive the court date is coming up in the next couple of months. I will link you any outcomes. The public were extremely upset to learn of the details, particularly the christian centre connection - all were clearly described in your early tarots.PS it is very sad to read how often children are going missing in the USA - i know there are problems world wide however and realise it is a much bigger country with a higher population, however i think here in Australia we feel protected and fairly safe, and parents allow their children a lot more freedom here - for the time being anyway!! Kate - NSW

      1. Hello Kate, yes it was very sad about Daniel and I know his family will take time to heal as will his community as this was a tragic situation. But community and awareness pulling together as well as police forces put the pieces of the puzzle together in the end. When we all come together to raise awareness, thoughts, information and insights it keeps the light burning for all those who are missing and goes a long way to helping them. Thank you for coming back to comment and for your kind support of Tarot.


    39. Daniel Morcombe's parents will wake on Friday with bittersweet relief, knowing their long wait to lay their son to rest is finally over.

      It will be nine years to the day since the 13-year-old failed to return from a solo shopping trip, catapulting Bruce and Denise Morcombe into a nightmare of grief.

      Up to 3000 people are expected to attend Daniel's public funeral on the Sunshine Coast on Friday.

      The 90-minute service will be held at Daniel's old school church at Sippy Downs and is expected to include a mass, speeches, a pictorial tribute and a procession with a guard of honour as long as 150 metres.

      The Morcombes have asked mourners to wear a hint of red - the colour of the T-shirt Daniel was wearing when he disappeared.

      Instead of flowers, they have requested donations to the child safety foundation that bears his name.

      "Things just seem to be lining up," Mr Morcombe told reporters this week.

      "And that's all because so many people are offering their assistance, from media, to car parking, to traffic management issues.

      "Certainly, we are catering for well over a thousand."

      A private funeral will follow the public service and will be held at Woombye, a few hundred metres from Daniel's childhood home.

      The family has had just a week to plan the services, after Daniel's remains were unexpectedly released to them by the state coroner last Friday.

      They had resigned themselves to wait many months longer, but lawyers for the man accused of Daniel's murder indicated last week the defence no longer required Daniel's bones.

      Mr Morcombe and wife Denise have said they want the public funeral to be a positive tribute to their son's short life, and not a sad or angry affair.

      It will be attended by Queensland Police Minister Jack Dempsey and opposition police spokesman Bill Byrne.

      It's understood former prime minister and Daniel Morcombe Foundation supporter Kevin Rudd will attend.

      Queensland Labor Senator Claire Moore will attend on behalf of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

      The level of public support for the Morcombes reveals how they captured the hearts of their Sunshine Coast community - and the nation - with their stoicism in the wake of tragedy.

      Rather than retreat into a life of private grieving, they threw themselves into a tireless campaign for child safety, launching the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, touring schools and creating educational resources.
      Their hard work was rewarded when they were named Queensland's Australians of the Year in 2011 and the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum was launched in state schools this year.

    40. Brett Peter Cowan found guilty of murdering Daniel Morcombe

      Daniel Morcombe’s accused killer Brett Peter Cowan has been found guilty of all three charges against him.

      The six men and six women on the Supreme Court jury took seven and a half hours to reach verdicts on counts of murder, indecent treatment of a child, interfering with a corpse..


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