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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.

Organisations - General

The parents of a 17-year-old Toronto girl have made a heartfelt appeal for their daughter, whom they haven't seen for three days, to get in touch with them.

Mariam Makhniashvili was last seen by her family when she left for school with her brother on Monday morning (near Bathurst Street and Eglinton Avenue West).

The girl is 5-foot-3 with light-brown, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black pants, a light blue shirt, v-necked and a dark blue jean jacket. She was carrying a large black slightly worn-out backpack with a painted green stripe.

The possibility is Mariam might have walked off the school property on her own and there are no evidence of foul play, or abduction. We are hoping to fit in any small bits of the puzzle left. PLEASE HELP!!!

Please HELP to locate one of our FHCI student!

1)Call Toronto Police @ 416-808-5300
2) Submit tips to Crime Stoppers Talk: 1-800-222-TIPS(8477)
3)Type:, online
4)Text: TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637)


I have been asked about this child Mariam who is 17 and been missing for a year already.


« Thread Started Today at 4:28 »21 September 2010

The first card that comes here is the Magician and we see here a 'man' who is seemingly representing things that appear and disappear. So Im imagining that this card probably suggests a Male responsible for the disappearance of this girl.

The card is a Number one so therefore perhaps it could be assumed that this male was a 'number one' in the life of this girl.
Whether that indicates a stranger or not it seems that if someone is looming large in the picture then perhaps she knows of this man?

It is also a card of vulgar trickery. We must note that the card previously is the FOOL which shows someone setting out on a journey perhaps even with a 'nagging sensation' that it may not be a wise one - the card following the Magician is the High priestess which is a number 2 card. The High Priestess shows us a scroll and on that scroll some writing. Therefore something significant may be found in this girls text books, or perhaps even some kind of indication of what might have been going on in her life.

This all seems somehow to mix together and may be part of the reason for the disappearance.

I have a ''house' and the colour yellow.

That may mean nothing in itself other than 'cowardice at home' perhaps I cannot be quite sure.

Meanwhile, looking at the Male who has 'life and death' on them it seems the Male or the 'person' responsible regarding the disappearance feels that they are doing the 'right thing' for whatever reason and feel justified in what they did.

There is a 'fresh start' indication on that person so whether its because they themselves wanted a fresh start or whether in fact it is this girl I am not quite sure, except that the person is very direct about what their intentions are.

Some say the Magician is a youthful figure rather than an older person but that can be debateable they often have a lot of desires and they always get their own way no point in arguing with them.

Asking where this girl is currently located I receive this card


At first glance this card makes most people faint. But it is not necessarily a death card - anyway there is no place called DEATH on the Map that I know of - it is in fact a transformation card and it is often linked to Metal - I have sometimes had car break yards linked to this card and quarries - also the horse is moving towards Two Towers there, so who knows maybe New York might have popped up somewhere.

I also have linked this card to Greece. So there is unfortunately a little choice here which does,nt particularly narrow things down but there might be a reason to have to say the options.

The card of Death is almost like a flat lining experience where basically the old life is closed down completely and a new one begins on a different level.

It is a traumatic card though because it is UNEXPECTED and I would have thought that this was unexpected to happen to Mariam. Whether by people around her or her herself.

I dont know if there is any place that could be symbolised by 'three mothers' but I seem to have that attachment here.
This is a number 13 card and this number may have some significance in some way. I also should mention that Scorpio is heavily attached and with the High Priestess being a number 2 card it looks like a female is in on some secret here at least thats the way I would interpret it.

Places with a B name or a J or even persons with those intials could be worth considering.

I am never particularly worried personally about the death card because it comes up quite often and it does,nt always refer to actual demise, that wasn't the question anyway, it was where Mariam was located.

There is no churchyard in this picture, but there is some kind of religious angle here. You can definitely see a bishop there with a child and I wonder if this child is,nt involved in some kind of religious dispute or some disagreement . I also have NUN FISH 50 which is a hebrew connection to these tarot cards which also seems to pull out some kind of religious connection too. Fish is religion as is a Nun and what the 50 is I really cannot say.

What might be the problem here is that this girl had an idea how she wanted to live her life and possibly someone else wanted something else. Perhaps it clashed with religious values?


Asking if this girl will be found we have Chariot in reverse.

We have a 'car crash element here'. Thinking about when cars crash and where they go brings me back to the metal element on the death card. Check all places that are car scrapyards or to do with cars or places that have that kind of name in them.

I see that the cavalry is not exactly rushing to find this girl so I wonder if there are some false feeds into this for some reason?

The Chariot is number 7 in reverse, all sevens can be very deceptive. I think if people are looking for this girl they ought to be very 'considerate' about it, as for some reason advancing is to be done in a very delicate way?

I seem to feel that the situation can get out of control very quickly so therefore a more focused view must be taken, probably checking all the facts again about what happened might be a good idea.

I feel as though there is something 'unhealthy' about this situation I feel cars or car are involved here. The Chariot card is a cancer card which is a card of the home - reversed it tells us to look for clues near to home to discover more details of her whereabouts.


Toronto police probing reported Mariam Makhniashvili sighting
Toronto— The Canadian Press
Last updated Thursday, Dec. 08, 2011 10:25AM EST

Was Miriam Makhniashvili seen in Toronto?

Published Thursday, Dec. 08, 2011 10:19AM EST
Last updated Thursday, Dec. 08, 2011 12:11PM EST
A local man is convinced he saw the mising teen in Scarborough.

Father of missing Mariam Makhniashvili sentenced to six years in prison for knife attacks

Dec 8, 2011 – 11:24 AM ET | Last Updated: Dec 8, 2011 6:19 PM



Fri Mar 09, 05:02 PM

Mariam Makhniashvili likely alive at time of fall: police

When Mariam Makhniashvili disappeared more than two years ago, Toronto police launched the largest missing person search in the city's history.

They scoured the area where she lived with her family, deployed an OPP helicopter in the search, interviewed every student at her school and followed up on nearly 500 tips and possible sightings.

But they missed a spot in a ravine under Highway 401 near Yonge Street, where they now believe Makhniashvili's body lay for a long time.

The teen's remains were found on the grounds of a golf course under a bridge last week. She likely died after a "fall from a significant height," police said Friday, adding that the findings of the post-mortem exam are not consistent with a homicide or suspicious death.

"Our search grid came close to that area but did not include that specific area," Staff Insp. Greg McLane said of the grisly discovery at a news conference.

"In my experience in 36 years it's not unusual for remains to be in a particular location for long periods of time before they're discovered."

McLane said forensic tests show Makhniashvili was likely alive at time of the fall. He said they do not show whether she died the day of her disappearance or some time later, although last week police said they believed the remains were two to three years old.

Makhniashvili disappeared Sept. 14, 2009, sparking an international investigation and several rumours of sightings.

Originally from the Republic of Georgia, she had only been living in Toronto for three months, joining her parents after five years of living apart. Det. Sgt. Dan Nealon said her family painted a picture of a content, happy girl, but said it's possible she felt isolated and depressed as she adapted to a new country and culture. During Friday's news conference, Nealon described her as a "bookworm" and an "introvert."

The only clue Makhniashvili left behind was her backpack and books, found in an alley near her school -- Forest Hill Collegiate -- the following month.

The school is near Bathurst Street and Eglinton Avenue West, about six kilometres southwest of the Don Valley Golf Course, where the remains were found. Located in a ravine under Highway 401 near Yonge Street, they were eerily close to the high-rise building where the Makhniashvili family lives.

Makhniashvili's body was eventually discovered by two men who were walking in the wooded area, near the south side of an eastbound Highway 401 off-ramp. It was beside an overpass, and was so decomposed that police could not immediately identify its age or sex.

However, CP24 sources said the jean jacket the girl was wearing when she went missing was found at the scene, immediately tipping them off as to whose body they had likely discovered.


Footnote - Empathy.

Sadly it has been confirmed that Mariam has been found. I have looked back over the Tarot and do not see any signs of a 'golf course' in this reading whatsoever which left me feeling very puzzled as if Mariam was 'put there'. That is peculiar because it has been said that she feel from a height. True enough that could show on the Fool card prior to the Magicians which can show someone falling from a height but the main card that came out was the Magician card which follows the fool. True to say that Scorpio is a water card so near/by ravine would be a reasonable suggestion but it was not prominent in my first reading.

In this case 1 and 3 on death card is 4 and that is the number of the route but again I am seeing metal and a vehicle so Im left a bit stumped here. Moreover death has meant death in this case as to finding her which would touch on the sensitive matters mentioned in the Chariot. I am just so sorry this case has this kind of ending but it was not exactly looking good. Im sure that one has to follow the conclusions given as to how/why Mariam died but I am left with a bit of a question mark on this .

It would almost suggest that Mariam committed suicide and there is no sign of that either in these cards yet there is a high rise building in the High Priestess card. So figure that!

I will look at other reports when they come in but meanwhile I am just very sorry to learn of this and once again will say that it does not feel that cut and dried from what Tarot gave us but who can argue?

Tarot did say that she would be found close to her home I think that was right but other points are debatable. Tarot is based on when Mariam disappeared and it seems to me that the report is suggesting that they do not know if she died day of disappearance. I do believe that there is more to this .

Here is another report.


  1. You may be interested to know that her father was recently arrested for a double stabbing.

    He brother also disappeared, running away from home for a couple of days, apparently because of differences of opinion with his dad about the way he wanted to lead his life.

    His father was arrested in the past, when living in LA, for lewd conduct, allegedly masturbating in his parked car. He was later found not guilty.

    I also have a strange feeling about this whole story. I am not psychic, but have been known to get "feelings" which sometimes were true.

    I read in another forum that she was spotted (or someone thought to be her) a few times in the Calgary area selling dream catchers, which brings up the religious element you mentioned.

    I would encourage you to do another reading if you can.


  2. Thank you for posting this Nathalie. Yes I think tarot is outlining someone who might not want to be found or is best not to be found due to the deceptive elements here and also because of the NEW LIFE/NEW BEGINNINGS/REBIRTH gestures in the death card. That could imply this child wanted her own life and why it might be cautious to advance in the respect of 'finding her'.

    I will give this some more consideration.


  3. Respect in finding Miriam, as in respect for the indecencies committed against her. A horrific experience. Thank-you for this insight, we must be very careful when searching.
    You mention NUN FISH 50.
    On May 12, 2010
    She says, The fish was Duna.
    The fish helped her.
    Dragon boat races, maybe.?

    Cavalry is not exactly rushing to find this girl. You are very correct, as I am trying to change that. Seems it's been a very slow process.
    Female in on some secret, could be her mother.
    The Death card, linked to Metal, car breakyards and quarries, scrapyards, yes. Traintracks and an industrial area, she sees her there. In a boxcar perhaps or abandonded vehicles.???

  4. First of all I look at some of the words I am not familiar with and that seem to stand out. I also look up the page the excerpt is taken from. I cannot find it in this case.
    The first excerpt represents the past.
    Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates.
    I found a book description,

    But with "Blackbeard" it is different, for in him we have a real, ranting, raging, roaring pirate per se..... one who really did bury treasure, who made more than one captain walk the plank, and who has commited more private murders than he could number on the fingers of both hands,....
    - Who could this possibly remind us of.?

    pirate sloop, SLOOP- a type of small sailing -vessels which have one mast rigged fore and aft, carrying a mainsail gaff-topsail, jib and fore stay sail.
    Other entymologists distinguish the Dutch and French words and refer SLOEP to the Teutonic root, meaning to glide, to creep, seen in slip.

    boatswain- also bos'n bosun. A warrant officer or petty officer in charge of a ship's rigging, anchors, cables, crew deck.
    I have to question who authorized Miriam's reconnection with her family after Mr. Makhniashvili's lewd conduct in L.A.?

    -first word
    -be brought -to believe
    - "to believe" Miriam will "be brought" to the USA.

    -"The two vessels" - Miriam and her brother George.
    -"had reached perhaps within a mile of the pirate sloop" -close to being reunited with their parents.
    - "before they found the water too shoal to venture any further with the sail."- the trip was stalled.
    - "It was then that the boat was lowered"
    - charges dropped.?
    -"as the lieutenant had planned, and the boatswain went ahead to sound,"
    -All went ahead and allowed into Canada. A sound plan.
    "the two vessels, with their sails still hoisted but empty of wind, pulling in after with sweeps."
    -Miriam and George tired of the stalling to come overseas, but so excited.

    "The pirate had also hoisted sail, but lay as though waiting for the approach of the schooner and the sloop."
    The move to Canada, and the wait for Miriam and George to arrive.

    I read this a couple of weeks ago and had to leave it and come back to it on occasion, but once I started to look up the words it started to come together. It helps to know a bit of the background of the situation.

  5. I just want to go back to tarot,(Nun fish 50).
    Tarot also talks about religious connection.
    It was bugging me for some time, so I did a bit of research. Google: Nun fish 50.

    Nuns: A wisdom Archive on Nuns.
    Nun: The fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, N. Represents the number 50 (or, as a final letter, 700). The eighth of the twelve "single letters", A Hebrew word meaning "fish".
    Corresponds to Scorpio, the 24th Path (between Tiphareth and Netzach) and Tarot trump XIII Death.

    There were Nuns in ancient Egypt as well as Peru and old pagan Rome. They were "virgin brides" of their respectful (solar) gods.

    Could Tarot be telling us Miriam was looked upon as a "virgin bride".?

    Tarot also tells of "the bishop and the child."

    1. 2nd excerpt,"the present".
      Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard:

      first word- extent - contiguous region of storage
      - the period during
      - range, magnitude, or distance over
      which a thing extends
      - span
      - also map extent
      So this is showing a region, range, period of time.
      The distance or area or volume over which something spreads.
      Could this excerpt be a map.?

      -search "dry reeds" -extent of dry reeds.
      So dry reeds could be an arrangement,
      wikipedia- reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. ect.... So magnetic field.?

      Also: Welcome to the dry-reeds website of Comus technology ect.... R1-80 SMD Series Dry Reed Switch Ultra-micro dry-reed switch hermetically sealed in a gas filled envelope.

      wet season - search gives me, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Wet-Season 12, Episode 5. TV.
      -When a straight laced woman is found dead in a fountain after a night on the town.

      -"swamp"- sunk in, shallow body of water.

      - "small river"- bing
      -small river cemetary No. 5
      -lies near a dried up river bed....ect.
      -Host of Mummies, a Forest of Secrets (just as it says).
      -interesting read.

      I searched "our camp". Crestwood Valley Day Camp
      Interestingly enough it is in Toronto, and is a Private wooded valley site in the heart of Toronto at Lawrence and Bayview. "our camp" This is her stomping grounds.?
      Very strange indeed.

  6. If you look at Crestwood Valley Day Camp on Google Streets, there is a vehicle on the road. It has been blurred out, but it appears to be driving fast on the wrong side of the road in the left lane. The road is a two-way street. Children are crossing.

  7. By cavalry, do you mean chevalier?

  8. About a car, and missing evidence:

    "Later the documents state Makhniashvili went to a towing pound where it "appears the defendant removed and has concealed or destroyed the two pieces of inculpatory evidence that are subject to this motion.""


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