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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Lateesha Nolan

Nolan, Lateesha
Personal Details

* Last seen: Tuesday, 4 January 2005
* Year of birth: 1980
* Height: 165cm
* Build: Medium
* Eyes: Green/Hazel
* Hair: Brown
* Complexion: Medium
* Gender: Female
* Distinguishing Feature:


Lateesha was last seen on the 4th of January 2005 in Dubbo NSW.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


« Thread Started Today at 17:02 » 7 September 2010

I have been asked on the blogger to have a look at tarot for Lateesha Nolan. I will include a Missing Persons link.

I have only looked at Lateeshas face and not any details to allow tarot to go its own way and see what comes up.

I liked this picture of Lateesha because I see the bright optimist in her face and its a picture where she can allow you to look directly in her eyes.

Lateesha was last seen on the 4th of January 2005 in Dubbo New South Wales.


Here is a sword card, the Knight. We have seen this character before in some of the other missing cases so everytime I see it I know that something has happened verbally and quickly. The Swords are communication cards and if they are not actual words they are transmitted words because of the air element.
Therefore that is how we can connect computers, mobile texts and letters/messages and basically the spoken word to the swords.

We can also get a person out of these cards too, there is such a lot of information with the cards on their own to explore.

First of all, we have to look at the way that knight is charging over the land. He is going pretty quickly hence the quick messages or spoken word and he is quite aggressive in this really brusque so nothing much pleasant in this approach.

If its not a person then its a situation as before mentioned where something happened pretty quick. I will come back to this as I want to mention that previous to this card is a Page of swords which again represents much of the same thing in so much that it is telling us that there was a message here but it seems to me that there is a kind of agenda behind it. Sometimes this can be a love rival who wants to stir things up and again it can represent train travel or just someone making an adventurous offer. There is a devil may care type of element to it though as there does,nt seem to be a true destination. It just seems that the offer is open ended and you would,nt know how it would end up

The Page of Swords is an 11 card - 11 - 11 moments are often those weird little deja vu times that you get in a fleeting thought but you just hold it. Some of you will understand what I mean by that. Its like Lateesha might have had some kind of momentary inkling or revelation that she had to think about this, but these thoughts are just so quick and temporary that it flashes in her head and flashes out again. So if she did pre warn herself she did,nt hang on to that.

When I saw that Knight of Swords I thought about a 'dark' person or someone with a foreign element, it could be foreign travel even - might even be a one way ticket and when I see the Page of swords you get a dark haired person in that so I dont think we can ignore that bit really.

If it is to do with travel its fast travel - trains, bikes, planes as opposed to running or walking. Though I post a few numbers here and there I cant always give a direct significance for them.

For example this Knight has a 12 on it so it could be about a period of 12 months or a year or just some link to that 12 and the circumstances on it. Maybe she corresponded for a year with somebody - but anyway I leave the 12 to its own devices for the moment.

When you look at the knight of swords you can see somebody with a really overpowering nature and they are really trying to get the better someone else - it can be someone who wants to draw you in but you just know you should,nt, you know you should refuse and walk away, but maybe that contact came from a message in the card before the Page of Swords which precedes this Knight. So this is what we have, so what would come next? Its a Queen of swords who all of a sudden gets absolute clarity about whats going on - the penny drops so to speak. The woman is on her own.

The Queen of swords can be a widow or an older woman who never marries, or just a woman on her own or left on her own.
The woman has a kind of nature where she gets gut feelings about things and she speaks her mind. When she does that its sometimes pretty much to the point. So no flies on her but that might get someones back up.

Its also seems from this Queen that she is a very creative person and likes music and dancing and she can be so lively. She speaks well and communicates well and is liked because of her nature.
I see there is a child on her seat and a big sword in her hand, so she rules with an iron rod and suppresses the feelings of the child.

It could be a mothers attitude towards her child or it could be any gender but someone perhaps older but with the same qualities I have mentioned.

I think there is a male involved in Lateeshas cards through the Knight of Swords because it is attached to the Lovers Cards. I think it is possibly someone she might have had an attachment to but probably someone that was not particularly good for her. I see the same kind of thing here that I did with Claudia Lawrence.

So a dark man - possibly foreign with a very brusque attitude and maybe likely to be aggressive.

The Knight of swords and the Page of Swords have a 'spy' element on them so this guy could likely have been watching lateesha. He could also be attached to military or some form of uniform where he would have some kind of logo or badge on his shoulder or somewhere. A very domineering person and someone who might have a weapon or is skilled with some kind of weapon or even tool.


When I asked tarot where Lateesha is Im given the Sun card which is pretty ambiguous because it either means shes at home or she is on holiday or is to be found 'abroad'. Its somewhere warm. I have to be careful that the picture is not taken at home that I am studying because if I say where are you and shes at home, then thats what Im going to get!!

Lets look at the sun card anyway and I will rephrase that question just in case Tarot is being sarcastic with me.


Basically the Sun sits in between the Moon and Judgement.

It can say someone went on a trip and never came back.

The Moon gives the illusion of someone who has died but then we get the sun and then judgement.

This could mean, passed over in foreign country and will eventually be found.

Or it could be illusion of someone who has died but has gone to foreign country and WILL return. Judgement always throws everyone back from the past and you meet up with them again as a rule. But the Red cross is on the breast of the angel so you cant always guarantee they will turn up healthy and well, only that it could happen eventually with the number 20.

Right now though the card we have is the Sun so Judgement has definately not happened. Looking at this with no details to guide me it just seems like this girl is in another country and it could be a country like the middle east or somewhere that would link up to a dark man.

I keep wondering if this girl is a dancer..there is dancing on this card and it looks like some kind of family atmosphere. ? I see a place with a wall along it and some kind of allotment or garden.

Funnily enough this card although number 19 is also known as a YEAR card so a 12 month card and I did see that earlier with the Knight.

If I was honest, it looks like a girl who met someone and fell in love with them and moved to a foreign country against the wishes of those around her and the sun is somewhere she has been happy and may even have a family - theres a child on that horse or it can be representing her freedom.

I was,nt sure about the Knight of sword because I just get that really strict feel from the person on there but they breeze in and breeze out so they would not have come into the country for long before leaving again, perhaps there was an ultimatum.

I am thinking that this girl has eloped she absolutely so fresh and beautiful - her eyes are so bright and so full of something lovely in there I think I used the word Optimism and I can see now why I chose that word without realising it.

She might have become part of someone elses family perhaps the guy was in the forces or something which means she has to follow him around abroad?


I have wondered if Lateesha is still healthy and I received this 3 of Pentacles. Often this shows somebody who is working for a living to make a name for themselves and to break into a career.

I dont particularly see anything unhealthy about this card as this is someone who is prepared to put a lot of work in.

There is a notice on the door /plaque that says something - say for example you went abroad got a hotel restaurant or public house and you are the owner or proprieter then you get your name over the door, its that kind of thing that comes to mind.

I think though it means starting small, just like if you have to be a teaboy to end up running the company, so its basically someone using their skills to make a better future for themselves.

I cannot confirm obviously that my examples are correct in Lateeshas case, only that those are the kind of ways I can explain the card to people.

The three shows more then one person working and in employment.

The only way I have got that wrong is if her name is on a building of a church but I cannot really see how skills and pentacles would really bounce of that to make any sense really.

This to me is someone working likely with two others, one smaller or younger. Definately seems to be someone in paid employment and doing well for themselves.

Now the crunch is, that tarot is past present and future and all this reading can fall into ANY ONE of those categories. It can be talking about male or female or just situations. 

Meanwhile, Im going to have a look at what the story is with Lateesha and also Im going to say that Lateesha will be found - SOMETIME - but I dont know honestly right now what her health is - and I cant confirm  any more detail about health. or not because  I may write further on this.I have a link about Lateeshas story now here it is.

It is really quite shocking, could relate to the Knight of Swords and foreign element.
I do feel some of the details of tarot do fit and will link in somewhere here with this story.

As always I cannot guarantee the word of tarot being 100 per cent. I can only give what I have seen and I do ask that the IMPORTANT NOTICE is read and understood by any who seek help for missing people. I genuinely wish always to assist but there is nothing concrete to suggest this is the absolute truth so we just have to try to pick out the puzzles and put them together.




A few reports but no real news since.

Missing daughter
Apr 26, 2012 – Naden was also wanted over the disappearance of his cousin, Lateesha Nolan, who went missing months before Naden disappeared in 2005.
  1. Nolan children watch grim hunt for mum Lateesha's body | News ...
    Apr 14, 2012 – Kids watch police dig site which may contain mum's remains; Lateesha Nolan has not been seen since going missing in 2005; Police confident ...
  2. No clues on young woman's fate › NSW
    Mar 23, 2012 – Lateesha Nolanmissing from Dubbo since January 2005. A mother of four, Ms Nolan was last seen leaving the home Mr Naden shared with ...
  3. Lateesha Nolan's family speaks | Malcolm Naden | SBS World News
    Apr 16, 2012 – As the search for the remains of missing Aboriginal woman Lateesha Nolan continues near Dubbo in NSW, SBS' Living Black spoke to her ...


    Lateesha Nolan's murderer gets life in jail | Bundaberg NewsMail
    15 Jun 2013 - Mick Peet's daughter, Lateesha Nolan, disappeared in Dubbo in January 2005 and her cousin, Malcolm Naden, had been wanted for her ..


    I had a comment today to tell me the very sad news about Lateesha. I am very sorry to all friends and family who have had to suffer not just for Lateesha but for Kirsty also. 

    I look back at the Tarot from 2010 which was a time that I did not employ the same methods of reading that I do today. I certainly do not talk about health matters at the current time but note a mention or two here.   It is time that hones skills of location thoughts from Tarot which is more prevalent in cases written later than Lateeshas but I note there were elements that I would have written now had the same skills applied then.

    Note that the Knight is a brusque card - it is without mercy and the rider carries a sword. Swords are cutting instruments but it depends very much on the other cards how this would be applied in terms of a reading.  I note that the three of pentacles is a three year card and we are three years forward from this reading. The last card is now my search and find card and it seems that much information has come to light including the latest news report which was in June of this year.   

    It is imperative that I get time to go back over all older cases to make sure that current methods of location are applied and I will try to do this. I always wish I had more time and it becomes very difficult to pick up every case and those that come in daily. However, reading this Tarot I do see important elements that I have overlooked.  The Knight would have given me a water/rock stone vicinity and news would certainly have been correct on the 3 of pentacles for an outcome this year.  Tarot is past present and future and there were two women who were struck down by the one man. The information could very well have linked both situations with these women into this one reading. However, the main point being is the importance to try to go over OLDER readings and update them as quickly as I can.  It is my intention and I will do my best to bring more information to light.  

    I am sorry I could not do more for Lateesha or get back to her at a more speedier time with new methods.



  1. I have sent this link to her father ,Im sure he will comment on what you have written , thankyou for your reading

  2. Can you please have another look ? will the police locate her cousin Malcolm Naden who is wanted in relation to her dissapearance , we feel they are very close can you see anything that relates to him ?

  3. I just wanted to add that Lateesha is deceased her cousin Malcolm Naden admitted to murdering her and burying her on the river bank unfortunatley floods in that time appear to have taken her remians so she has not been found, Malcom has been sentenced to life for the murders of Lateesha and her cousins wife Kristie Scholes

  4. i have only just found this link will share this on lateesha,s page ,,,, I love my daughter so much we are still hoping lateesha will be found and laid to rest


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