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Friday, 13 August 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

whether it be



« Thread Started Today at 5:53 »13 August 2010

I have had a request to look at Suzanne Pilley's case again.

Generally I take a brief synopsis and post that simply because tarot is not an accepted form of information. Secondly because I cannot be 100 per cent accurate and therefore it could lead Police and Investigators astray. Having said that, I have had some success with the tarot with some details in various cases.

Looking at Suzanne's case and doing a full spread I am seeing a situation of someone who is an out and out Liar here. There seems to be evidence that is tampered with and it seems also that witness accounts whoever is giving them may not be accurate or at least those who have been interviewed may not be giving accurate accounts.

It appears to me that there is definitely something about Finances here. I recall mentioning something about 'cooking the books' and I do feel somehow that there is something about accounts or some kind of insurance/financial issues perhaps to benefit someone else? Perhaps there was even a disagreement here. I see the broken romance one more time here also. The cards record events which may already have been brought up, but I see that Suzanne seems to be in a peaceful place. It seems to be described by nature, but by the same token I keep seeing a house/building - part of me looks at the four of wands reversed and feels that she is in fact in a lower room of a house. The other very odd thing I noticed about this particular card is that I get the word ASHES. When I looked on Google I linked Ashes to a festival and the Merchant Hall in Hannover Street. The Four of Wands can suggest festivals - its also a fire card and it was reversed . I also noted that the Merchant Hall was the same name as a Golf Course in the area of where Suzanne lived which I believe was in Stenford?

Of course tarot might be ignoring my pleas of location, but is telling me where she comes from or where she has lived. I did note that the Merchant Hall in Hannover street has an exact doorway that represents the four of wands with the four columns and the four staves on the card. However, wands can be sticks and they can also often be attached to Golf courses.

For some reason this area has come up and I also have SOUTH - so I dont know why I have been given this.

I also have a family here. I am not sure if its Suzannes family or that of her relationship that she had. However, I have a family home and its very strong in the cards. I just am not quite sure if that is where she is or whether she is in the open connected to a place that may have been considered to be a holiday home which is also very possible.

I feel somehow that she could have been surprised, she could have been asked to meet up with someone and possibly unexpectedly.

I feel she may have been asked to go somewhere spur of the moment. I feel the tarot has told me that the crime has been overlooked in so much that vital clues have been simply gazed at or right 'there' and somehow it just did,nt click. I see the seperation in the cards and the 'threesome' situation where one person had to 'go'. I also see that the two of wands reversed shows me that someone wanted to cash in somewhere and this might have been through dubious means. But it is the end card the four of wands reversed that is attempting to tell me where Suzanne is.

I do have the Seven of Cups. This is a very psychic card showing my choices and I know the ingredients are there but they are mixed up. It is also possible that I have seen an axe. Someone with an Axe.

But if we are to go back to LOCATION - this Four of wands reversed should be the answer. If I were investigating this case, I would be looking for clues at the basement of either where Suzanne worked, or the Gilroy home, or the parents home, or the home where Suzanne actually lived herself. The four of wands reversed can represent a basement and foundations - it can represent unstable foundations therefore, we could be looking at a home which is NOT permanent, ie, a holiday home or somewhere she stayed briefly. We also have to take into account concrete that is not set, or sand mounds which of course can bring us away from buildings to somewhere there is sand.
That is where we might even consider the Golf course. We may also consider names that have STONE or SAND in them? - it is all worth writing down just in case.

I am not 100 per cent with regard to locations, although on direction I can often get this right. I have been given SOUTH or some connection to that direction - now SOUTH must be important for a reason.
It must link somewhere. The two of wands reversed that I have seen is someone who has lost control of their dominion. Therefore I am seeing domination by someone else on this woman. That sun card which I have seen is travel - therefore I feel she was asked to go somewhere.

There are several choices here and I realise that, but I have to give what I have been given and it may form a pattern of sorts. I do think that someone who held a responsibility is 'bent' and they were prepared to hide behind authority even if it was their own authority. A professional boss, perhaps or someone with some kind of authority is involved here regarding Suzanne. Whether that is someone 'over her' or to do with her work Im not sure. But, I did see a TEACHER and this was reversed.
So therefore Im feeling that it is not a teacher but someone who was connected to a school. We already know this, but Im stating that I have seen it in this full spread. The other possibility here is that advice regarding a teacher or teacher environment is not quite accurate?

I have not asked the auful question yet about whether Suzanne is alive or not. I shall do this of course but I do not feel very nice asking these questions if they have not shown themselves to me immediately.

I do hope this all helps but I am concerned about the lies and false witness accounts or tampering of evidence that seems to have have arrived here in this spread.

I see a couple who did not live together here, someone truly frowned on that.

Second sitting.

The seven of cups can show a disembodiment. I have the Ace of Swords which cuts through a crown and this card is reversed. If anything has happened to Suzanne it is possible that it could be unpleasant but for some reason it seems to suggest she has been the Master of her own Destiny. It seems that hopeless love is almost a victimization whether or not that is self induced or inflicted upon her I still cannot say. I do see that this card tells us that clarity on matters would definitely be delayed for the moment. Often the swords suggest a month if it is an Ace. It could suggest that more was known after a month of Suzanne's disappearance the has been reported, or indeed it could suggest that clarity may be forthcoming within a month.

I just see this woman as wanting to do the right thing but really making wrong choices. I do think that her 'relationship' is the foundation of why she disappeared however that may have occurred.

I do believe that Suzanne will be found as I have the Ace of Wands and there is no mistake about this as this card is full of activity and full of forward movement.
Sometimes it can represent weeks so I do feel hopeful about this. We also have SOUTH with this card and its also linked to the card of Judgement therefore I do see that Suzanne will surface somewhere. The card when you look at it can represent land and estates. It can also represent a Tool with a Handle. In this card we see a castle in the distance and land around in the foreground. This Castle could be Edinburgh Castle but what I will say that it gives us a thumbs up for Suzanne being found and I am always glad when we find people whether adults or children who disappear. Its a relief for friends and family REGARDLESS of what the human condition is when found and I know you will all understand me on this. We always have to bring our children home to us no matter what.

I still am not sure why the family come up so strongly in Suzannes cards but having said that whatever has occurred will all come out in the wash I am sure.

I wish Suzannes Family, relatives and friends good wishes and I also ask that it be borne in mind that tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate and it is always wise to simply consider what has appeared with the cards and ponder but not to consider it as factual evidence as I cannot guarantee this.

I do wish to mention that as the location card was the four of wands reversed we need to consider the number FOUR. Suzanne disappeared on 4th of May - this is reversed as I have said and this can also be linked to Four the Emperor and the Four on the hanged man. (leg formation)

It can suggest a willing sacrifice to a male figure and it can also show someone being relieved of finances. All these things appear to tie in and are worth bringing to attention. The Four of wands can also show a holiday that was postponed or 'did,nt come off' - or somewhere that was pre visited.

There is also an indication that perhaps someone may have wished to invest in a building?

I am marking this reading WITHOUT PREJUDICE and suggest it is read in CONJUNCTION with the first reading. I realize that some events are already 'past' and we have to consider this in light of the IMPORTANT NOTICE I place at the front of each tarot.

Regarding Suzanne possibly being in the lower room of a building - it has to be considered that it could be a PAST tense and not a current tense. Please try to understand how the readings cover past present and future.

One other important thing to mention is three days search in water that may have occurred and a further three days to search in water. This comes from I ching and to 'cross to the far shore'. I leave it with you and we shall have to see what transpires. A can 0 worms comes out with this I ching I still think of fishing?


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