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Tuesday, 31 August 2010



Fears grow for missing six-year-old girl Keisha Abraham

Keisha Abrahams vanished from her home after being tucked into bed, and may have been abducted.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Reply #30 Today at 4:38 » 16 Sept 2010

Ive been asked to look for Keisha again in the tarot. I really did feel that I have posted all that needs to be said for the time being, but I really do see how many people are still desperate for this little girls welfare.

The card I have on Keisha is a completion card.

This is a 9 and all completions are number 9. That should normally give me the HALT sign that I have already felt and confirms it.

However, this 9 tells me that whatever happens in this case, this girl is in someones house or on their property. Look at this woman here - where is she? shes in a garden and she has a secret because her Falcon is hooded.

Does that mean that Keisha is in a garden? What it does mean is that she has some rurality around her but it seems to show me someone that is 'kept in' they are not solitary - so there must be someone around her. Even if Keisha was a child who had passed over, there is someone still 'watching' over her because she is in a place of 'security'.

Now you know that I am going to say the optimistic thing here and say that the situation is ok, its stable and Keisha is being looked after even though we cannot see her - but on the other hand we have to bear in mind the FALCON is hooded.

Someone knows who is the culprit here and its cat and mouse right now. I really dont want to say anymore about this case - but whether alive or at peace, this child is definately secure either way. It is exactly what I have said in the first tarot.

I have to tell you that this little girl reminds me of a proper little Shirley Temple, so sweet and everything a little girl should be. It shows to you all who care very much about missing children, how you really end up seriously worrying for them as though they are your own. You are the true mothers of the universe - the more your loving ways increase, the more security it will breed, and the more strength will be found in protecting children in the future.

The only way to protect children is to fight against the injustice that they suffer.

As for Keisha, I know she is 'safe' where she is.

Dates & Timing: September 2 to September 11


original and older postings are BELOW.

six-year-old girl was absent from school for a week before she
disappeared, police say, as they began searching drains.

Fears grow for missing six-year-old girl Keisha Abraham

Kiesha Abrahams vanished from her home after being tucked into bed, and may have been abducted.
Authorities continue to search for the girl who has not been seen since Saturday night.
Police and emergency service workers are searching stormwater drains in the western Sydney suburb where she went missing.
The little girl was last seen at 9.30pm on Saturday when her mother, Kristy, put her to bed in their Mount Druitt home.
was reported missing 12 hours later, sparking a large search involving
up to 100 police, police dogs and State Emergency Service volunteers of
areas close to Kiesha's home.
The extensive search covered rear yards, homes, parks, stormwater drains, bushland and nearby shopping centres.
Mount Druitt local area commander Superintendent Wayne Cox said today
searches were continuing to be made of stormwater drainage systems in
the area, as well as bushland in nearby Bidwill.
A stormwater
drain was wide enough for someone to walk into and there was one in a
recreational area that Kiesha and her family visit regularly, Supt Cox
told reporters .It is unclear when Kiesha was last seen by anyone other than an immediate family member.
Her step-uncle Jason Smith said her disappearance had left "a hole" in her family's heart.
“We're missing her dearly and we just want her home,'' said Mr Smith, who is the brother of Kiesha's stepfather Robert Smith.
Police do not know whether Kiesha wandered off or was snatched.
Her mother has told police the front door of their home was ajar in the morning and possibly unlocked the night before.
Police have been told there was no sign of a forced entry.
had been reported absent from school for the last week and Supt Cox
said police were speaking with school authorities in relation to her
“We are speaking to all family members and relatives to confirm the last sighting of Kiesha,'' he said.
Jason Smith, who last saw Kiesha three weeks ago at a birthday party,
said her absence from school was due to the birth of her new brother.
Her parents were “distraught'', he told reporters.

“They'd like to be able to talk to you but at the moment they can't find the words. They're in too much grief.''
Earlier on Monday, friend Kylie Wakeling, a family friend, said Kiesha was not given to wandering off on her own.
“She's like any other six-year-old who loves to play and muck around,'' Ms Wakeling said outside Kiesha's unit.
“She's definitely not a wanderer. She's very quiet and sticks to herself.“I never thought this would happen to them.''
Kiesha lives with her mother, stepfather Robert Smith, three-year-old sister and newborn baby brother.
Supt Cox said Kiesha's biological father had been notified of her disappearance and was not a suspect.
is described as being of 140cm tall, of slim build, with blonde hair
and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing pink pyjamas and a purple
Pumpkin Patch jacket.
Anyone who has seen the girl or knows of her whereabouts should phone Mt Druitt police on 9675 0000 or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Keisha's parents being interviewed.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.

I have had a brief look at tarot for Keisha and I felt somehow the mother is going to be the pinnacle of the story. In what way, I cannot be sure but please make a note that my Tarot gives 'trends' past present and future and it will show what people think, what may be the case and connecting factors all I do is write it down. Therefore, tarot is not accusing anyone - but simply gives me its influences. I hope Keisha will be found soon. Tarot reflects and confirms some of the police searches regarding 'water'.

Tarot below is uploaded from my forum with accurate date and time of posting.


Re: Keisha Abraham
« Reply #12 on Aug 20, 2010, 5:11 »



I cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy with the tarot but I will write exactly what I have in the tarot. The tarot may give past present and future impressions and I leave what has come up for you to consider.

I am getting a kind of watering hole - somewhere that you have to fill up with water and sometimes a bath comes to mind, or someplace where water goes in to fill the space. This card is reversed so it is not a nice card at all and this does not show this child in good health.

We could be looking at a reservoir or something of that nature as some part of a location where this child might be. I am not feeling that she is that far away and I also see some loss of hope here but not quite sure why that would be.

There seems to be a lack of inspiration going on regarding this child and there is also some false situation attached to it all too. Whether that puts into question the story of what happened to this child or not I only write what the tarot gives to me.

She may be connected to someones workplace so I will mention that here.

Even asking tarot what happened to her, we are receiving the seven of cups which is telling us about false choices.

So did anything happen to her? Was the initial story true? Two cards are pointing out that there is something that does not add up.

I will look at this again tomorrow but there is a Resovoir Road at Blacktown and a 'workers' club there. Maybe someone connected in some way?

May mean nothing at all but Im just mentioning it anyway.

I seem to see someone with physical or mental illness and a sense of despair. The number 17 may be significant. There also may have been an accident out of the blue as this is also significant in the reversed star card. Wednesday is a day of significance with relation to this child - broken partnership and false words and speech are being spoken.

The time period January 20 to February 18 may be significant for an illness connected to someone or this child?

With the seven of cups comes illusions and there is violence attached to this card and people who drink or who are connected to somewhere where people drink OR again it could be connected to a container where water is collected.

I also feel something happened in the home at some point.

Asking if this child will be found, we have the Star card yet again but this time we have it the right way up


Again the number 17 will apply and it does seem that there is definate hope and inspiration so we do know this child will be found and that much is a blessing more for her than anything else.

This card is the dweller between the waters, so this is highly emotional when this child is found or she will be somewhere connected to liquid/water either by place name or actual water.

There seems to be a very strange encounter or bizarreness attached to this case and let me say that if this child is found alive it seems there is a 'safety' placed on her because of health reasons. The situation is going to change very rapidly once she is found that much is clear. This is a case of things not being able to continue as they were before and changes are going to be made for this girls future if she is found alive. I personally hope that she will be but I am looking for indications of that and need to look at the cards asking that singular question before I can say yes or no.

There will be some unexpected help to finding this child and it does seem to me that if little Keisha is found deceased that it is actually a release. That sounds very bad I know but if she is found deceased there is going to be some flash insights going on with the authorities.

If Keisha was drowned - looking at the water elements, then she was drowned by a woman and not a male that I can see as the EMPRESS is often considered to be the mother or a female figure.

None of this case has told the entire truth Im afraid and there are elements here that perhaps even I should not be talking about in tarot as they could be construed as libelous. However, I do cover myself for that and write all my tarot WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The mere fact is that this child was caught up in a situation that likely was overlooked. Someone needs to go to the doctor for counselling I think.


I think the mother is the key figure in this child's disappearance. To be able to decide whether this is the case or not it seems that a 'wall of silence' needs to be broken.

I did see a connecting Empress which as everyone should know know is often a 'mother figure' and she is on her knees by the Pool in the Star card so Im not feeling that wonderful. I believe there was a link to CANCER which is the home environment also and why I said I did not think this girl was 'far away'.

I dont particularly like the feelings that come to me with Keisha because I can see some 'mental illness' with someone and I dont know if thats someone around her or not but it was there without a doubt.
I dont feel good about Keisha because she does,nt feel that wanted to me.

You will note that the sun card came up in upright format which is pointing to 'family'. Sometimes the sun card can allude to 'travelling on holiday to the sun'. I have to include this for whatever it may suggest. Perhaps the problem regarding to Keisha does lie in the immediate family but I will be looking at this case later today hopefully and try to see what else can be found.


ninemsn news


« Reply #24 Today at 12:49 » 7 September 2010


Ive been asked about Keisha and a further reading. I did look a few things today but I felt like I just shouldn't write anymore on this case as I feel everything I have written needs nothing more attached or added.

This card today is a 'suspension' card. I asked when Keisha would be found. The Hanged man has the number 12 on it but it is renowned as a card of the 'fall' namely September.

When you consider a suspension, it makes me feel that the search has either stopped or is about to be stopped unless I have misinterpreted this but the key phrase for the hanged man is ' Now he has found her'

There was also something given to me in I CHING about three years separation or the number three - someone has hidden something in the 'thicket' on a mount.

I think we are still talking about Mount Druitt here.

I dont know if this is past present or future but I have an impasse here for the moment.




  1. wow, yes. i seem to agree with you here. i have unbelievable ''visions'' that i need to work on but i had seen her upside down in a lake and i have a strong sense her mother has something to do with it i dont know why, but just going with my feelings

  2. After reading this I pulled out my tarot and did a reading too, however mine was a lot less focussed and a lot more negative... Starting out with the page of wands reversed to straight off the bat tell us that everything is based on deception and lies, moving on to the 4 of pentacles to suggest that her disappearance had some monetary benefit, followed by the 10 of swords stating that it was inevitable; albeit dramatic... the two of cups to say that people seem to think it was all planned out perfectly, the 5 of swords that just tells us to give up the search, the 5 of cups reversed that tells us that worry and stress seems to be the main issue we're facing and finally ending with the 3 of wands to say that there'll be a fresh start in the end...

    Confusing and muddled and either saying that she's safely with someone else of that she's dead.
    Hard to read... Going to try again with only the major arcana

  3. Got to say that the major arcana was only a little more concise; the sun, the tower reversed, justice, the chariot, the lovers reversed, the star, the high priestess...

    Seems to echo yours with the addition of the suggestion that if we crack kristy and her partners relationship we could learn something more... and that the police should continue searching the rivers and/or reservoirs...

  4. Thank you for your visions and tarot input. Its great to hear what your views are and very interesting that they seem to pick up on elements of the tarot for Keisha.

    We shall have to see what turns out in this case - but I have to say how sad I feel that there are more cases every day and it just never seems to end. Thank you for your supportive insightful input x

  5. Hi,

    Thankyou this is awesome i was wondering are you going to do regular reads for Kiesha and also is it possible for you to do a reading for the missing child Daniel Morcombe.

    Your time is mostly appreciated by all of us.



  6. I have psychic powers and visions however i do not know how to use it and also believe in it hmmmmmmmm after reading this makes me feel sick, i have my own sceptical ideas which i think i will keep to myself, fascinating thou?


  8. Yes more information on Kiesha Please Please Please xxxx


  10. I am fairly new to Tarot, so not sure if it will work, but perhaps you could do a reading on/including her sister Brianna as per this article:

    Thanks, Love your work, what an amazing gift you are giving to people :)

  11. Tarot gives me 10 of Swords for the afterevent of a situation and this is also the card for Ruin.

    In other words the answer as to whether sister Brianna can give information according to THIS card - is NO and NO HOPE of doing so.

    Thats what it says.

  12. You are truely a very amazing and gifted person. I have been going through your other readings and I find them astonishing. With this gift comes the burden and as a reader myself (no where near as good as yourself) I know what that burden would be. You never cross the line (and there is one in this line) and I adore you for that. Even though I am marked as an Anon poster, I will say thank you again and with much love and light....Mairwyn

  13. Hello Mairwyn, what a truly lovely compliment to receive. I thank you x

  14. Wow. This is amazing I also have visions and don't always completely trust them. I also saw a backhand and the little girl hitting the wall. I get a strong feeling of sadness, I feel for someone so young she has had a very hard life.I also feel she was gone up to a week before this was reported.The truth will come out very soon. xx Karen.

  15. she came to me in my dream 3 times when they were searching for her at "DOONSIDE Nurragingy"... she was pointing to her right shoulder or her right side not to clear on that one but she was shacking her head as to say 'No not there' when I woke up the 3 times I for some reason kept holding the top left side of my head???

  16. i dreamt of her the other night i saw her close to water in shallow grave very erky dirt the no 3 is very important ???this poor darling suffered behond imagination she kept repeating rob rob rob ?????????strong aboriginal connection???????????

  17. I also feel that sadly no good ending is going to happen in the story of little Kiesha. I feel the Mother and the Stepfather are guilty and will be found out soon! I also had a vision of her in a shallow grave and I wish I knew where the spot was that I saw but unfortunately I don't, I just see it near some big trees. I even went to Mt Druitt with a Psychic friend of mine who was also 'picking' up on Kiesha and we had a look at the area close to the flats where she lived and the park next door - Whalen Park and didn't see anything that triggered her whereabouts with us. We are still working on it daily as our main concern is the priority of the children still with the parents and their wellfare should come first. We feel there must be some other folk out there who saw, heard or even witnessed something and have not come forward yet. Let's hope and pray that they find it in their hearts to do the right thing and speak to the Authorities soon.....

  18. Hi I did a mediation with some friends, and I saw Kiesha near a dam in a cabin which felt strange as she was alone alot of the time, she has asthma or some kind of bronchilitis I felt that she may end up in the dam and get to the er, I was also told the grandmother knows something, and that a woman is responsible and that when Kiesha answered the door (something I was given) that it was a woman. I think she is in a cabin I was given Georgia or possibly georgetown and also Mt Isa and Glass Mountains, I googled glass mountains and there is a Glass House Mountain in QLD I felt that she or the woman involved has a connection to a the work place. And some form or religion and perhaps there is a coupld as I was given some other stuff too. I was blown away when I read what was posted. I wanted to share what I was given so it may help somehow. Thanks for having such an awesome website.

  19. i had a dream last night and i was being lead to a water tank ???

  20. I am wondering if another reading would show anything more. I know that things can change, but I wonder if they have in a reading :( I am almost too scared to get my cards out tbh...

  21. Hi EMpathy,

    AFter reading your last post, i was wondering if it is possible to do another read for Kiesha as the 12th has now past and was thinking maybe there might be a change in the cards, i have been out searching for her but stillno avail is ther somethingmore maybe that can be a bit more defined, i know you can only give us what the cards give you, we appreciate that.

    Just a thought.


  22. Dear Empathy, not sure how to contact you. Another 10 year old boy is missing, his name is Jaymie Leonard Fisher. Is it possible for you to do a reading on him? What information do you need?

  23. I really dont know if this means anything or is relevant in any way, but 9 years ago I believe Kiesha came to me. I know it sounds rediculous as she was not even born. It was late in the night around 11.30pm In Brisbane. I saw her on the bus that was aproaching me. She was wearing a blue dress and skipping down the isle holding to the head rests as she skipped. I borded the bus. 5 minutes into my trip I realised that she was gone. She did not get off the bus where I had got on. Simply just vanished. There was noone else on the bus besides an old man who was asleep at the rear of the bus. Several weeks later I had a dream, when I looked down I saw what I thought was myself, heavily pregnant. I was led to a cubicle by an asian man, possibly a doctor or a lover of some sort and I was dressed in a hospital gown. In this cubicle was a mirror. I was alone but I could see Kiesha behind me stretching out her arms and I felt and feared as though she was going to choke me. I have not seen her since. Do you think It could be related?


    Jamie Fisher was found safe today.

    Please could everyone post requests for Missing Children in the relevant link which is on the right hand side of the blogger. It is called
    PLEASE POST REQUESTS FOR MISSING CHILDREN HERE or I do not get the requests immediately without searching the comments section.

    Thank you everyone.


  25. Hi Empathy,

    Thanks for your insights. I want to commend you not only on your skill but also your sensitivity and care in wording. I think everyone needs to remember that no one has been charged as yet and the parents are people too who have lost their little child. People should not be making comments about how they are guilty as we live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. I agree with how it looks. But lets just wait and see how it pans out, and if we receive insights, just be sensitive how we communicate them.

  26. Thank you for your kind comments.

    I have posted further on Keisha today 16 sept 2010.

    Empathy x

  27. for weeks i see some connection with kiesha being in the boot of a car

  28. Whoa...whoever said that Kiesha was repaeting the words 'Rob, Rob, Rob." in their vision: you do know that the stepfather is Robert Smith? Soemone else said in their vision that she was backhanded and there was an eye witness who saw the stepfather hitting Kiesha in a car weeks before she was reported sad.. :( peopel are sick

  29. To the person that said water tank I get the weirdest feelking on the way to the college at Quakers hill there is a huge water tank there. After reading in the paper about her I drove my usual route saw a missing persons pick of her got out my car when I arrived at the college dropped my daughter at daycare the lady there opened a file cabinet pulled out a form for me on a yellow post it note it said kiesha? With the question mark I went cold all over left the wind outside blew me to get my hair out my face I turn to the water tank and then looked at the huge bushland behind this daycare centre I thought I don't know why but if I climb it a looked at this bushland I would see something

  30. I feel the stepfather should take a lie detectors test......

  31. can u do an update tarot as its half way thru oct i know ur readings aint accurat but maybe it could shed some light.thankyou your readings are very clever

  32. Hi Empathy and friends ,

    I visited Keisha's shrine a few days ago. I am not psychic infact I would not know the first thing about it. I did however have an overwhelming feeling for the letters POL , and for some reason I see the letter P written the wrong way like a 9. I dont know what this means but everytime my train of thought wandered , it kept coming back to this. Maybe this is nothing. I just feel so sad for this poor little girl.

  33. Symbolically, a number 9 in tarot is 'completion'.

    If you scroll up on these insights you will see that the last entry for Keisha actually shows a 9 of pentacles (security and completion).

    Empathy x.

  34. Keisha has come to me in my dreams. She told me 'he did it', he abused me often and he struck my head / thrown me, and i was knocked out, than i was put into a bit plastic bag and put in a bin,I felt a hugh sence of being crushed and than everything went black. I feel Keisha's remains are within 30mins from Mt.Druitt, Eastern Creek keeps coming to me. Keisha also took me into her home where she shown me her room and the kitchen and the drawer the plastib bag was taken out of.If only i could 'hold' her belongings, i believe i could find Keisha. I think about Keisha daily. xx You will be found darling.

  35. A friend claimed Keisha came to her in a vivid dream as a ghost for help. She said she showed her how she originally looked - blonde hair/blue eyes, but said she now had brown hair. She claimed she was put in the roof with illegal goods/explosives when the police visited. The neighbours were paid by "who she called dad" to help conspire/kidnap. They have a child/children aswell which they are not nice to. The dad has bad connections, Keisha was surrounded by bad people. There is a white car with a green number 3 on it. Keisha is upset and doesnt know why they did this to her. There is a bit more, but that is the gist of it.

  36. kiesha took me in2 the unit and showed me she got a backhand and fell back hit her head on a table there was swearing and screaming i saw a male and a female was the 1 who hit her i saw the female scream i f kill her and i heard a male say il fix it i see a creek and going north i hear shallow and see tree and hear below the male is the weaker 1 but he has some bad protection ?but not 4 long im feeling she will be found soon shehas no remorse of what she has done

  37. Mother and stepfather have been charged with her murder today. Police have announced on breakfast news this morning 6.30 am, Good Friday that they're expecting to find her body later today.

  38. Good Friday heheh we all no now whos doing there job up stairs "rest baby girl so many Angels & Fairys up their to look after u now"

  39. Just wanted to let you know that it is alleged via the police in todays media that the body of Keisha has been found in rural property. THey won't confirm, but it's pretty obvious that it's her. Her parents have been charged.

    So, the last tarot card depicting ground, rural, etc, is correct.


    On her Birthday, God bless you Keisha!

  41. Are you in the northern hemisphere, Empathy? You mentioned fall and September for finding her. But it's autumn here in Sydney.

    Also, the bushland Keisha was found in connects to Stony Creek Road.

    But the incredible thing is the parents visited the site where she was buried with a bunch of flowers (22nd was the girl's birthday) and the police were watching them. Your comments referred to her being kept secure or watched - apparently by the couple that buried her.

    And police think she died at home after physical abuse a few days before she was reported missing. Very sad, but your insights intrigue me. Thanks.

  42. Empathy, when I heard the news yesterday I remembered reading your page months ago & was astouned by the accuracy of the reading for Kiesha. Also, anonymous that posted on 6 September 2010 was so accurate. Just before coming to this page tonight I was explaining to my daughter where Stoney Creek road is & said to her "it's the road that we cross over a creek on to get to Riverstone" Gave me a cold shivver when I read that. And another anonymous posted pn 16th November 2010 about a white car & a green number 3....Taxi maybe as apparently that is how Kiesha was taken to her grave site.
    Such a sad ending. RIP little girl.

  43. Hi Empathy
    I have just come across your webpage via google search and for some reason feel very attached to kiesha..I found your insights about the case very interesting..And wanted to say your doing a excellent job doing your free tarot readings keep up the great work cheers nikki

    RIP Kiesha you beautiful angel you will now be reunited with your little brother up in heaven xo

  44. i found your reading to have so many accurate details as the facts now are comeing out, we can see why kiesha was not found earlier, we see so many cases where police are certian they know, who did what, however in so many cases without correct evedence they are unable to charge them, in this case they followed the guilty to kiesha and no arguments can be made to suggest otherwise, the ploice have done a great job and likewise the community who wouldnt let this little girl just disapear, and your readings empathy where so correct and your knowledge, love and light that allowed you to read so well that you knew when to not go any further, thankyou from every loveing parent for what you do xo karen

  45. Hello Karen, thank you for your nice comments. I was asked many times to read for Keisha but tarot just seemed adamant that 'all that needed to be said - had been'. I know it was very frustrating for many people but I knew there was no more to add to it.

    Keisha is safe now and she was at the time of enquiry.


  46. Hi I'm just wanting to share the experience and maybe get some understanding from some other of you amazing psychics please? A couple of months ago whilst looking at Kiesha's photo I suddenly felt like someone had hit me on the Left side of the head I then felt numbness, dizziness & felt sick.. The feeling scared me a little it then led me to a google search and find this sight.. Can anyone help explain this please?

  47. This is from a Sydney newspaper 10 June 2011:

    Today, in a brief of evidence to be handed to lawyers defending her mother and stepfather on murder charges, investigators will allege Kiesha was put in a bath after she sustained a head injury during the assault some time between July 12 and July 14 last year.

    Very interesting, Empathy. Freaky!!

  48. hi empathy, i herd last night on the news that police claim after being hit and knocked out, little kiesha was put under a shower and when didnt awake was put to bed wet, it made me think of your i sight of water and a women submergeing her, just more confirmation of how precise your readings and insights are, as always thankyou and god bless karen

  49. Many of the comments seem to have validated some of Tarots findings. I would like to thank all those that have posted and updated news for Keisha in this comment thread.


  50. Its all too amazing but sad that it is how it was.


  51. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!


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